Captain's log, stardate 43685.2.
As an exchange programme, we are taking aboard a Klingon officer
to return the recent visit of Cmdr Riker to the cruiser Pagh.
Cmdr Kurn must be accorded all the rights and responsibilities
due to a first officer on board this ship. If he feels patronized...
We'd know. One does not patronize a Klingon warrior.
Your experience on board the Pagh will be invaluable during his tour.
Be sure the crew are prepared for any unusual orders.
Klingons are thorough.
I'm sure he has studied for this, just as I did when I was with them.
I understand he requested the Enterprise specifically.
Cmdr Kurn is ready for transport, Captain.
Welcome aboard, Commander. I'm Capt Picard.
This is Cmdr William Riker.
He will yield the first officer's position to you during your tour.
You are relieved. May I take my station, sir?
I thought I might show you to your quarters first.
I am ready for duty, sir. I ask that I be allowed to take my station.
Very well. Accompany us to the bridge.
I am Kurn, commander rank, Klingon Defence Force.
You will address me as "Commander" or "sir" at all times.
I am fully aware of all Starfleet regulations
and they will be strictly adhered to by all while I am in command.
I will bring a sense of discipline that you may not be accustomed to.
With your permission, Captain.
By all means, Commander.
I have studied all of your Starfleet records.
Impressive. We shall see if you live up to your reputations.
Do you wish to speak, Acting Ensign Crusher?
No, sir, Commander, sir.
The crew awaits your orders, Captain.
Then take us to the outer cometary cloud, Commander.
Set course 114 mark 230. One-third impulse power.
- Aye, sir. - Execute!
Engaged. Increasing to one-third impulse power, sir!
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
- Mind if I join you? - No, sir.
Something wrong, Wes? Cmdr Kurn, perhaps?
He just doesn't seem to like me. I can't do anything right for him.
Every time I respond to an order, he jumps down my throat.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
- Problem, Geordi? - Yes, sir.
It's our new first officer.
- He found fault with Engineering? - Just the entire section!
He made a surprise inspection during maintenance. I tried to explain...
But he wouldn't listen.
We're on double shifts down there.
His style of command is just different.
Klingons believe in obedience and a strict formality of command.
Yeah, but this isn't a Klingon vessel.
- He'll have to loosen up. - And it's not just us.
He's been leaning into everybody, except...
Except the one guy who wouldn't mind it.
Sensors picking up asteroidal debris ahead.
Can you identify the coordinates, Mr. Worf?
Bearing: 001 mark .03. Range: 300,000 kilometres.
Please scan the asteroid field for me, Lieutenant, and report.
Approximately 2,000 small objects, none directly in our flight path.
So no course correction is necessary. Is that what you are saying?
- It should not be needed, sir. - Very good, Lieutenant!
You handled that well.
Captain's mess?
- Yes. - Resume.
Your knowledge of our systems and procedures is very impressive.
Sir. I would like to make one suggestion, sir.
A suggestion?
When I served aboard the Pagh, the hardest part for me was
recognizing and adapting to the demands of the crew.
They needed an iron hand.
It must be very difficult to work with a crew that is... so different.
I would be happy to guide you in that regard, if it would help.
No, Commander, it wouldn't.
This is not a Klingon ship, sir.
No, Commander, it is not.
If it were a Klingon ship,
I would have killed you for offering your suggestion.
How long has this bird been dead?
It appears to have been lying in the sun for some time.
It's not dead, it's been replicated.
You do understand that we cook most of our foods?
Ah, yes, I was told to prepare for that.
I shall try some of your burned replicated bird meat!
I have attempted to select a menu with a variety of dishes, Commander.
Try some caviar.
The odour is not palatable. What is it?
The unhatched eggs of a large, scaleless...
Later, Data. A fish, Commander.
A delicacy from the Caspian Sea on Earth. It's a favourite of mine.
Our replicator never does it justice, but I managed to store a few cases
for special occasions.
I am honoured, Captain.
Are you adjusting to your new environment?
I find the constraints a bit difficult to conform to.
A short while ago, I had to stop myself from killing Cmdr Riker.
He was trying to communicate the crew's discomfort
with my style of command. Normally, I would consider that
a challenge to my authority.
One of the aims of the exchange is for us all to learn tolerance.
As for my crew, it may be healthy to shake up the status quo at times.
The Commander certainly appears to have the crew on its toes.
And then some! No offence, sir.
None taken. I never kill anyone at the supper table, Mr. La Forge.
- Don't you like it, Commander? - Our food has much more taste to it.
While I am sure this is well-prepared,
it is much too bland for the stomach of a Klingon.
It seems to agree with Worf.
Permission to speak freely?
- For what purpose? - I have questions I wish to pose.
Are your quarters so comfortable?
They serve me.
This entire ship seems built on comfort,
relaxation, being at ease.
It is not the ship of a warrior,
not the ship of a Klingon.
You cannot ask these questions within the boundaries of protocol?
They are of a...
..personal nature, sir.
Permission granted. Pose your questions.
I wish to know if I have given you offence.
I am not human.
If you had given offence, you would not need to ask.
Perhaps I have not performed my duties to your satisfaction.
I find you to be a capable Starfleet officer, a credit to your ship.
Yet you dishonour me at every opportunity!
Have l?
I did not know that being polite to a Starfleet officer
would bring dishonour to him.
- I am a Klingon! - Really?
Perhaps your blood has thinned in this environment.
I simply didn't want to hurt you.
So your blood is not so thin after all!
I am a Klingon! lf you doubt it, a demonstration can be arranged!
That is the response of a Klingon, the response I would expect
from my older brother.
I was barely a year old when you left for the Khitomer outpost.
You, our mother and father were not going to stay long.
It was decided that I did not need to go.
I was left to stay with our father's friend Lorgh until you returned.
You never did.
The Starfleet officer that rescued me was told by Klingon High Command
that I had no living relatives.
They assumed I was killed with the family at Khitomer.
Lorgh had no sons. He took me into his family.
Not until I reached the age of ascension was I told the truth.
So you asked to serve aboard the Enterprise to watch me?
It was an excellent opportunity to see what kind of Klingon you were.
Or if you were a Klingon at all!
Your deception offends me, Brother.
It should. But it was required.
- To satisfy your curiosity. - No. Much more.
You are the eldest son. The challenge is yours to make.
The Klingon High Council has judged our father a traitor to the Empire.
What are the allegations, Worf?
My father is accused of aiding and abetting
the Romulan attack on the Khitomer outpost.
The attack in which he himself was killed?
- But why now, after 20 years? - I do not know, Captain.
I will hear the evidence when I arrive.
The charge has been made by Duras, son of my father's greatest rival.
Our family name will be disgraced for seven generations.
It is my responsibility to clear his name or answer for his crimes.
Answer for them?
The family of a Klingon warrior is responsible for his actions
and he is responsible for theirs.
If I fail in my challenge, I will be executed.
Will you grant my leave?
No. If I understand correctly,
a Starfleet officer, a respected member of my crew,
could be accused of a capital crime.
Your actions will reflect on this ship and on the Federation,
therefore it seems only appropriate that your captain be at your side
while you make your challenge.
I'm sure you would do no less for me.
Cmdr Kurn. We're changing course.
Set coordinates for the First City of the Klingon Imperial Empire.
- We arrive within the hour. - Yes.
The Council will receive you at high sun in the Great Hall of...
I know the procedure for the challenge.
You need a cha'Dlch to defend you.
While accused, you will not be allowed combat.
I would be honoured if you chose me.
I ask you to stand with me, to be my cha'Dlch.
The two sons of Mogh! Together, we will restore the family honour.
No. For the proceedings, you will not reveal your true father.
- I must. - You will not!
Because it would mean my death as well if you fail?
A Klingon's honour means more to him than life.
Perhaps your human values have clouded your judgement.
I insist.
On this ship, you are my commander and I obey.
In Council chambers, you are my cha'Dlch.
You do not insist. You obey.
Yes, Brother.
I am Worf, son of Mogh.
I have come to challenge
the lies that have been spoken of my father.
Worf, son of Mogh,
you have challenged the judgement of the Council.
Are you prepared to answer for this if you fail?
Yes! With my life.
Why do you come before us, Commander?
I am Kurn, son of... Lorgh.
I will stand by Worf's side. I am cha'Dlch.
You claim a birthright you have forsaken?
I have not forsaken my heritage!
I am Klingon!
My heart is of this world. My blood is as yours.
Yet you come to us wearing a child's uniform...
..and you bring outsiders to our Great Hall.
I am here at my own request.
I am Capt Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise!
Your words mean nothing here!
Duras! Let him speak.
Lt Worf has served under my command with distinction.
He has earned my admiration and my respect.
It is my greatest wish that this Council, in its wisdom,
will clear his family name and return him to duty.
The trust of a commanding officer is admirable. The Council notes it.
Speak the accusation!
For many turns, the truth about Khitomer has lain dormant, unknown.
Now the truth has been revealed.
The traitor Mogh sent the defence access codes to Romulan patrol ships,
allowing them to destroy the outpost.
Thousands died on Khitomer!
My father died on Khitomer!
Their deaths must be avenged.
Your father was a traitor!
By posing this challenge, you are a traitor!
You will not wear the emblems of our people.
You are a fool and your challenge can only result in a fool's death.
It is a good day to die, Duras. And the day is not yet over.
The Council stands in recess.
We will return for the Mek'ba. The evidence will be presented.
Mr. Data...
Find out all you can about the destruction of Khitomer outpost.
Cross-reference with Romulan tactics and information on the region
and request access to the Klingon information net.
Computer, overview of Klingon law concerning familial accountability.
- Accessing. - In my ready room.
I would speak with you. Alone.
You should not have brought the challenge.
There was no risk to you. What does it matter?
- I am Klingon. - Of that I have no question.
But your life in the Federation
would not be affected by this judgement.
- My father... - Is dead!
He died long ago.
I knew your father, served with him.
This is not how I wanted to remember him.
We must let the past be and protect what we have now.
If you leave before the Mek'ba, no shame will come upon you.
Return to your ship. Go back to your life.
The challenge will be forgotten.
Why would you ask me to lay aside the honour of my father,
my family?
Are these the words of the Council?
I will not be questioned by you!
Leave, now! Or you too will be condemned as a traitor.
What Federation ship was closest to Khitomer at the time of the attack?
The USS Intrepid was first on the scene.
Contact Starfleet. Request all logs of the Intrepid.
- Riker to Dr Crusher. - Crusher here.
Check medical records from all rescue vessels
that responded to the Khitomer massacre for information to help us.
I should have known.
Worf was right.
It is a good day to die.
The time has not yet come.
It does not have to come for many turns.
I know who you are, Kurn.
- Son of Mogh! - What?
It was a wise choice to hide your family name.
Do not err now by embracing it again or you only embrace death.
We shall see!
Worf has made a choice and he will die for it.
You can still be safe.
Let him stand alone.
He is my brother.
I will not betray him.
Then you will die for him.
What kind of a weapon makes a vicious wound like that?
It is a kut'luch. The ceremonial weapon of an assassin.
Fortunately, his metabolic recovery is phenomenal.
He will be alright.
It does not matter. We should have let him die.
Now that Duras knows his bloodlines,...
..we will both be executed.
You sound like you've already lost, Worf.
Commander, I have found the basis of the charges against Worf's father.
The Klingons recently captured a Romulan ship
with logs that provided new information on the attack.
They clearly indicate a transmission from the outpost to the Romulan ship
before the shields went down.
From Worf's father?
They do match Mogh's personal security code.
How can we be sure it wasn't falsified?
We can cross-check against the Intrepid logs.
I will try, but the Intrepid was at the edge of sensor range.
We cannot be certain if the scan was complete.
Looks like a good match-up.
Both Intrepid and Romulan logs show distress signals from Khitomer.
What's that?
Gaps in the Intrepid's logs. Missing information due to the range.
That is where Mogh's transmission should be.
- Right in the middle of the gap? - Wait a second, Data. Back up.
Just before the gap, the time-base on both files are in perfect sync.
But look.
What happens to the signal after the shields are dropped?
- They are no longer synchronous. - Somebody's been rewriting history.
I do not fully understand your world's law and culture, Lieutenant,
but I do understand when someone is trying to hide something.
K'mpec urged me to drop my challenge, abandon my family honour.
It was impossible to believe I was hearing a Klingon speak.
Obviously they did not expect and never wanted this challenge.
You're close to something they care a great deal about protecting.
If it is true, it is not just Duras,
but the High Council itself that is my enemy.
I must choose another cha'Dlch.
I would like your permission to ask one of the crew.
Of course, Lieutenant. Choose whomever you wish.
Then I ask you to stand with me.
You may refuse with no dishonour.
Thank you. I appreciate the gesture,
but I know there are stronger and younger men from whom to choose.
I can think of no one I would rather have at my side.
I accept.
My challenge will proceed.
No threats, no treachery, will stop it.
Not even a trap set for my cha'Dlch by a coward.
I will not hear lies from the son of a traitor!
- Keep your place, Picard! - This is my place.
He is now my cha'Dlch.
This is not your world, Human. You do not command here.
- I'm not here to command. - Then you must be ready to fight.
Something Starfleet does not teach you!
You may test that assumption at your convenience.
I've got something. Worf was not the only survivor at Khitomer.
- Another child? - No.
A Klingon woman was found with Worf.
Kahlest. Who was she?
I don't know. She was severely injured and treated at Starbase 24.
That was when she was separated from Worf. After that she returned home.
We've got to find her if she's still alive.
Data, scan the Klingon central net, see if there's any record of her.
The Romulans lowered the outpost shields themselves.
They were given the defence access code.
The record clearly shows the Romulan patrol ship
receiving a personal transmission from Mogh
seconds before the shields fell.
Riker to Capt Picard.
Stand by.
The Khitomer commander had noted that Mogh was acting suspiciously.
- Go ahead, Number One. - We've located another survivor.
A woman who was found with Worf. Her name is Kahlest.
She resides in the Old Quarter of the First City.
- Well done. Picard out. - Another witness testified
that Mogh often spoke of his admiration for the Romulans.
Their culture. Their women...
Mogh betrayed us
and 4,000 Klingons died on Khitomer.
Only the son of Mogh survived!
K'mpec, may we have a short recess?
Have you heard of a woman called Kahlest?
She was my ghojmok. My nurse.
She may be an eyewitness to your father's activities.
- But she died in the attack. - No. She survived.
She's in the Old Quarter. I'm going to find her.
It is too dangerous. You must not go alone.
Hey, I'm your cha'Dlch.
- What do you want? - Your help.
You don't even know what I want.
You are cha'Dlch. I know.
Then you also know that Worf's life is at stake.
I cannot help. I am dead. A long time dead.
Were you with Worf's father just before the Khitomer attack?
My life ended on Khitomer.
I served a proud family, a strong house.
All that is gone.
Worf is not gone. The family you served needs you again.
I cannot help!
Was his father a traitor?
Mogh was loyal to the Emperor.
Mogh suspected someone of plotting with the Romulans
and followed them to Khitomer.
Who? Who was the traitor?
I do not know.
Then we have no way to prove Mogh's innocence.
And Worf will die as the son of a traitor.
You must leave now, cha'Dlch.
I am dead.
- My appreciation, madam. - You are brave, cha'Dlch.
Worf chose well.
Kahlest, would they recognize you? Would they know who you are?
K'mpec would remember Kahlest. I caught his eye back then.
But he was too fat.
Come back with me. They won't know how much you know.
You may shake loose the truth.
I will come.
The evidence is clear. I would ask that the judgement stand.
That Worf be condemned as the son of a traitor to the Empire.
Worf, son of Mogh,
- the judgement of... - K'mpec!
The Mek'ba is not complete!
I bring an eyewitness to the Khitomer massacre,
one who has new evidence.
What is it you think you know, old woman?
Do not answer!
It is the rule that evidence be presented in open council.
She will die before she testifies!
Be silent, Duras!
Would you kill an old woman to cover your dishonour?
It is your dishonour we are protecting here, isn't it, Duras?
I have no reluctance to kill you, human!
Are you prepared to hear her evidence in open council?
Obviously, we would not.
Kahlest, you can go now.
It is... good to see you again.
You are still fat, K'mpec!
I asked you to leave, to let this challenge go unanswered,
but you did not hear my words.
And now it's come to this!
Why did you judge my father guilty when you knew he was not?
Someone had to be blamed.
Those who captured the Romulan ship had learned of the treachery,
but only the Council knew whose security code had been transmitted.
father of Duras.
This Ha'Dlbah should have been fed to the dogs!
His family is powerful.
If the truth were known, it would shatter the Council,
most certainly plunge us into civil war.
You were in Starfleet.
We did not expect you to challenge the judgement,
nor did we know there was another son of Mogh.
Worf's challenge is successful.
The honour of his family must be restored.
You do not understand.
His challenge was defeated before he ever made it.
You will not be allowed to present this evidence.
The judgement stands. You will be condemned.
So will your brother. There is no other way now.
You admit the truth, yet expect him to accept punishment?
What does this say of an Empire who holds honour so dear?
The Empire will not be destroyed
for one family's honour!
- Unacceptable, K'mpec! - You have no say in this!
I speak now as the Captain of the USS Enterprise and Lt Worf's Commander!
You will not execute a member of my crew,
nor will I turn his brother over to you!
This is not the Federation, Picard.
If you defy an order of the High Council,
the alliance with the Federation could fall to dust!
The alliance with the Federation is not based on lies, K'mpec!
Protect your secrets if you must, but you will not sacrifice these men.
I will die for the Empire.
- Lieutenant... - The cha'Dlch will be silent!
Allow my brother to return to his life.
Only you need know his true bloodline.
Not acceptable! His honour would demand revenge.
If you allow him to live, I will give you something
that will serve your purpose far more than my death.
I will accept... discommendation!
..would do this in open council?
It would be the same as admitting your father's guilt, Worf.
So be it.
Your heart is Klingon. It will be done.
What has been said here will never be spoken of again.
You are the son of a traitor.
Now I am ready.
Why is he doing this?
I was prepared to die.
Worf wants you to live.
The name of your father must some day be cleared.
He needs you alive with your honour intact.
- But to do this... - There will be another day.
Do not forget what he does here today.
Do not let your children forget.
You must also,...

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