Welcome to Risa. All that is ours is yours.
We are looking for the lodging chamber of Capt Jean-Luc Picard.
A file scan reveals no Capt Picard currently visiting Risa.
When is he expected to arrive?
There is no arrival date on file for any such individual.
Could we have been mistaken?
He will come.
First Officer's log, stardate 43745.2.
We have departed Gemaris V,
where for two weeks Capt Picard has been mediating a trade dispute
between the Gemarians and their nearest neighbour, the Dachlyds.
- Welcome back, Deanna. - It's good to be back.
The last two weeks have been gruelling.
I take it the Captain was able to negotiate an agreement.
He was. I don't know how he managed it.
The Gemarians and the Dachlyds are incredibly stubborn.
The more difficult the task, the sweeter the victory.
Go to warp four, Mr. Bennett. Set course for Starbase 1 2.
- Report. - Everything status quo, sir.
Very well.
..anyone needs me, I'll be in my ready room.
- Congratulations. - About what?
About the trade agreement.
Is it my imagination? Is something bothering him?
He's been under a great deal of strain lately.
While we were on Gemaris, he ate sparingly and slept even less.
Anything we can do?
I have a solution in mind, but I doubt he'll agree to it.
- What would that be? - Our captain needs a vacation.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Sir, one of the crew is neglecting his health again.
How so?
A classic case of stress-related ailments brought on by overwork.
Exhaustion, irritability.
Muscle spasms.
Yet he insists on ignoring it.
- Doesn't sound serious. - I plan on keeping it that way.
- What's the treatment? - A week's shore leave.
- Impossible. - I could make that an order.
But you won't. Beverly, you know I loathe vacations.
You loathe going on vacations.
Once you're there, you have a marvellous time.
You said your four days on Zytchin III were wonderful.
I lied.
The Enterprise is spending a week
undergoing a maintenance overhaul at Starbase 1 2.
While there, I promise that I'll make use
of available recreational activity.
Watching a technician fill deuterium tanks is not my idea of fun.
I could spend a few hours on the holodeck.
Forget the holodeck! Isn't there someplace special you want to go?
The Astrophysics Centre on Icor IX
is holding a symposium on rogue star clusters.
I had given serious thought to attending.
The last thing you need is serious thought.
Jean-Luc, go someplace beautiful,
where you can relax and be pampered.
You deserve it.
I'll give it serious thought.
- Captain! - Doctor, enough!
- Have you decided where to go? - Yes, the bridge.
- No, your leave. - Not you too!
Halt. I know a perfect vacation spot.
In fact, within the coordinates of this sector.
How convenient. Except I have no intention of taking a holiday.
- Clear? - Very clear.
Glad that's straight. Resume.
The place is called Risa. It is a paradise.
Warm, tropical breezes, exotic foods.
Nothing to do except enjoy the quiet.
- The women! - Of course...
Their sybaritic outlook is appealing.
I'm glad to hear you say so.
We're about to undergo extensive repairs,
requiring my personal supervision.
- What about Risa? - Some other time.
Will, I've just had some terrific news.
There's an excellent chance my mother may join us on Starbase 1 2.
- Your mother? - She is returning from a conference.
She is going to rearrange her schedule to visit with us.
That's wonderful.
She mentioned she is looking forward to seeing you, Captain.
Did she?
Commander, a word.
Is something wrong, Captain?
Tell me, Number One.
Is the entire crew aware of this scheme to send me off on holiday?
I believe there are two ensigns who know nothing about it.
So I'll get a week of continual harassment on this subject?
I admit... I've been feeling a little fatigued.
I'll see that these bags are beamed to your room.
You look very handsome if I might say so.
Are you taking all these books?
Some light reading in case I get bored.
Ulysses by James Joyce?
Ethics And Sophistry In The Alternate Universe? Light reading?
To each his own.
Have I mentioned how imaginative Risian women are?
Too often, Commander.
I do have one request, sir.
You want me to bring you a souvenir?
A Horga'hn. I don't think you'll have trouble finding one.
Consider it done.
Captain, allow me to assign a security officer to you.
We will be out of communication range.
I don't think that will be necessary.
Risa's reputation is of a peaceful planet.
Well, the ship is yours, Number One.
- Enjoy your trip, Captain. - I'll try, Counsellor.
He'll have a great time.
I beg your pardon.
God, it's so good to see you again!
I think you have mistaken me for someone else.
You know, I think you might be right.
Welcome to Risa.
A simple handshake would've sufficed.
My apologies. I've yet to master the art of hover ball.
So it would seem.
My name is Joval. I'm employed here.
Is there anything you require to make your stay more pleasant?
- You find me amusing? - No.
It's just that you are the fifth woman to ask me that.
All I require is to sit in the sun and read my book. Alone.
And afterward?
I really hadn't thought that far ahead.
Then may I suggest a swim and a massage?
Some other time perhaps.
I don't understand.
You wish to be alone, yet you carry the Horga'hn.
Well, I just purchased it.
Why? Are you implying this has some special meaning?
The Horga'hn is the Risian symbol of sexuality.
To own one is to call forth its powers.
To display it is to announce you are seeking jamaharon.
- Do you seek jamaharon? - I don't even know what it means.
The Horga'hn is for a friend.
- I see. Someone close to you? - Right.
- Someone you love? - I wouldn't go that far.
Your attitude is most puzzling.
I will leave you to your book.
That is all I ask.
You're blocking the suns.
I know you're working with her. I warn you, it's a mistake.
Are you addressing me?
Don't bother to deny it. I've seen you together.
I don't know what you are talking about. It's no concern of mine.
Tell her I want the disc returned to me immediately.
Perhaps I have not made myself clear. You have the wrong man.
I am rapidly losing patience with you.
I demand you talk business.
You'll find Ferengi demands carry little weight with me.
Obviously you've never dealt with my people before.
On the contrary, all too often.
Then you know we are not to be trifled with.
- Or trusted. - You dare to insult me?
I advise you to listen. I will not say this again.
I came for a holiday, nothing more.
I have no knowledge of this woman nor any disc.
You expect me to believe such feeble lies?
I don't care what you believe!
This is not over yet, human! The disc is mine!
And so is the woman. Remember that!
It's you.
That's not much of a greeting.
I don't wish to appear rude but I am not seeking jamaharon.
Alright, but you really should try it sometime.
If I try it, it will be at a time I choose.
That's fine with me. I wasn't offering to help you find it.
I assumed that because of the way you welcomed me...
I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.
I don't recall saying I was embarrassed.
It's just I prefer to be acquainted with the women I kiss.
That's understandable. The name's Vash.
Jean-Luc Picard.
Tell me about yourself, Jean-Luc.
Would you rather I guess?
I can be very persistent.
I'm the captain of a Federation starship.
That explains it.
I noticed you arguing with that Ferengi.
For a moment, it looked like it would come to blows.
You're the woman he mentioned.
I hope your disagreement wasn't over me.
For that information, you'll have to ask him.
- Where are you going? - To find privacy.
- Wait. What did he tell you? - You said you didn't know her.
I don't. I don't want to.
Return the disc and all will be forgiven.
The disc doesn't belong to you, Sovak.
It would seem you have a lot to discuss.
Jean-Luc, perhaps I could explain this to you later.
Perhaps you can.
I have a proposal I believe you'll find interesting.
Save your breath.
I'm willing to pay you your weight in gold
in exchange for the disc.
Is that not a generous offer?
I must have that woman.
What are you doing in my room?
We are Vorgons. I am Ajur. This is Boratus.
We come from the 27th century.
We travelled 300 years into the past to find you.
Alright, let's assume that I believe you,
that you are indeed from the future.
What is it you want from me?
Have you heard of the Tox Uthat?
I'm aware of the legend. It tells of a visitor...
from the future...
who left behind a mysterious device, the Tox Uthat.
Essentially that story is correct.
Then the Uthat actually exists?
It was invented by a scientist, Kal Dano, in the mid-27th Century.
The Uthat is a quantum-phase inhibitor,
capable of halting all nuclear reaction within a star.
But... why bring such a powerful weapon into the past?
Criminals attempted to steal it
so he fled back to the 22nd century.
Ajur and I were the security team assigned to retrieve it.
- I gather you were unsuccessful? - Yes.
When we returned, we searched historical records
for some clue to the Uthat's fate.
Your search led to me?
We came upon a brief account
stating that you discovered an object of unknown origin,
vacationing in Risa.
From its description, a crystal fitting into the hand,
we surmised it could be the Tox Uthat.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I haven't found anything.
Including peace, which is the only thing I'm looking for.
You will find such a device, Captain.
To us, it is already part of history.
And if I find it, what then?
You will give it to us so that we may return with it.
Well, the Uthat belongs to your time, not mine.
- May I come in? - Excuse the mess.
Sovak has taken to searching my room periodically.
Is this what he's looking for?
I'm sorry I had to hide it.
I was afraid he'd start searching me next.
This disc must contain some very valuable information.
- I doubt you would be interested. - Depends.
On what?
On whether or not it has something to do with the Tox Uthat.
Did Sovak tell you that?
Let's just say I've heard rumours...
that the Uthat is located somewhere on Risa.
Look, the last thing I need is a partner.
So, it's true.
Have a seat.
I don't suppose you ever heard of Professor Samuel Estragon.
Yes, I have. He spent half his life searching for the Uthat.
I served as his personal assistant for five years.
Shortly before he died, he uncovered data pinpointing its location.
And that disc contains his research notes and maps.
- And you're continuing his work? - Exactly.
With a Ferengi associate?
Sovak and I definitely are not working together.
But the two of you are... very well acquainted?
Well, at times he aided the professor in his explorations,
especially in situations that weren't quite ethical.
Now, with Ferengi logic,
he's convinced it belongs to him.
All he cares about is selling it.
Whereas you, of course, have a nobler purpose in mind.
I told the professor I'd present it to the Daystrom lnstitute.
First I have to find it.
That won't be easy with Sovak watching me.
- I'll go in your place. - What about me?
You'll remain here. It's safer.
- Is that an order? - Absolutely.
This isn't a starship, Jean-Luc. I don't follow orders.
I see.
And you won't find it without me. The professor's notes are in code.
From the moment I met you, I knew you were trouble.
You look like a man who could handle trouble.
So, where exactly is the location?
It's about 27 km due east. There are some subterranean caves.
That's where you'll find it.
I'll meet you in the lobby in 1 5 minutes. Be punctual.
I advise you change your clothing.
We're going to make a wonderful team.
I expected such treachery.
Did you think you could sneak away from me so easily?
The disc. Where is it?
Didn't anyone tell you? No weapons.
You're making a mistake putting your trust in this woman.
- It'd be worse to trust you. - Silence!
Do you know how she acquired the disc?
I paid her to steal it.
But she betrayed me and used my money to make her way here.
- It didn't happen that way. - She's greedy and unscrupulous.
A perfect mate for a Ferengi.
You're becoming quite annoying!
As are you, Human!
Perhaps I should kill you and take the disc.
No, wait. You can have it.
See, I told you we'd make a wonderful team.
We've got a long trip.
Have you calculated how much further we have to go?
Another 11 kilometres.
- We should stay here. - I was hoping you'd say that.
Actually, we've...
We've made better time than I expected.
- I'll take that as a compliment. - As it was intended.
I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest.
Forgive me if I don't act surprised.
Sovak did pay me to hand over the disc.
- So you did steal it? - It wasn't stealing.
The professor had died. I spent five years tracking down the Uthat.
You took Sovak's money.
It was the only way to get to Risa.
Sovak got exactly what he deserved.
Well, any woman who beats a Ferengi at his own game bears watching.
I'll take that as another compliment.
I'm flattered.
Well,... we should get some sleep.
You know, it's lucky for you we met.
If it wasn't for me...
If it wasn't for me, you'd be sitting in the sun, relaxing...
That is why I came to Risa.
I'm sure you hated it. That kind of vacation isn't for you.
- You need excitement. - Excitement?
Spending the night in a damp cave?
Chasing after something we shall probably never find?
You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?
- I just wanted to hear it. - Good. Let's get some sleep.
Your face, when you thought I was offering you jamaharon!
That was a simple misunderstanding.
You did seem a little disappointed when I turned you down.
You are outrageous!
Thank you.
You're pretty stimulating yourself.
Don't you see? We're a lot alike.
That's probably why we get along well.
Do you call this getting along?
Fine. We don't get along. We're not getting along.
I didn't say that.
If you want to believe that we're not getting along...
Still think I'm trouble?
I'm sure of it.
This is it. We've reached the end of our journey.
Do you have the exact location?
Seven metres from the opening along the wall.
That should make it about here.
What the...?
Something wrong?
I can't get a reading on this.
There must be starithium ore in these rocks.
That leaves us but one alternative.
Shall we?
A little premature.
We are to be witness to a great moment, Picard.
Who the hell are they?
They are security officers from the 27th century.
They're here to take back the Uthat.
You knew about this and didn't say anything?
I'm sorry. Would you have brought me if I had told you?
- Probably not. - My point exactly.
So... the betrayer is herself betrayed.
You've put together quite a team.
Do not interrupt the Captain.
How did you get here?
- I found the disc in her room. - That's impossible!
I made a copy but I burned it.
Only the outer casing was incinerated.
Now, I have no intention of interrupting you.
Please... continue digging!
No one told you to stop digging, Human.
- I see no reason to continue. - Do it!
Look about you, Sovak. By now it must be obvious, even to you.
The Uthat is not here.
Is this some pathetic attempt at trickery?
Of course it's here! We simply haven't found it yet.
Are you saying the professor's findings were wrong?
It would appear so.
But how? His evidence was overwhelming.
Enough with this foolishness!
Can't you see he's trying to deceive us?
Return to work!
I'm afraid he's right, Sovak.
According to the disc, we should've reached it.
Lies! Treachery!
This cannot be happening.
Not another failure. Not after having come so close.
It is most puzzling.
It's over, Sovak.
No! I will not be cheated out of my prize.
Tell him! Tell him the professor's research is irrefutable.
I don't know any more.
Then step aside.
The Uthat is here!
Somewhere. It's just waiting to be found.
It can't hide from me for ever!
Five years of my life...
There will be other treasures to be found, Vash.
Not like the Uthat.
I hope you won't mind but...
I need to be alone.
Enterprise to Capt Picard.
Picard here. Go ahead, Commander.
We hope we're not interrupting anything important.
We wanted to inform you we are orbiting Risa
and are ready to beam you aboard.
I'll be returning shortly.
In the interim,
stand ready to initiate transporter-code 1 4 at my signal.
Transporter-code 1 4?
- You heard me, Number One. - Sir.
Picard out.
Leaving so soon?
I was just about to come say goodbye.
Well, then... I've saved you the bother.
I want to put this behind me as soon as possible. Understand?
Of course. There's just one last thing you can do for me.
Tell me where you've hidden the Tox Uthat.
That's not funny.
You never intended to burn that second disc.
If you had, you wouldn't have allowed Sovak to salvage it.
You wanted him to follow us, so that he could see
that the Uthat wasn't at the cave site.
That would convince him that your quest had been futile.
But how could I know it wasn't there?
Because you'd already been there once,
probably the moment you arrived on the planet.
That's when you found it.
You're a man of many talents, Jean-Luc.
A piece of the future.
A very dangerous piece.
Were you really going to give this to the Daystrom lnstitute?
Maybe not... give it.
Five years is a huge investment, Jean-Luc.
I deserve to make a reasonable profit.
Congratulations, Picard.
We knew you would not fail us.
You're not going to hand it over?
You didn't trust me. Why trust them?
I assume the Vorgons can prove their claim.
Our being here is proof enough.
Wait a second. Vorgons?
The professor's notes said that it was two Vorgons
who attempted to steal the Uthat.
For all we know, them!
You're going to have to prove that you are who you say you are.
You yourself said the Uthat belongs to the future.
But not necessarily to you.
You will return what is ours!
Enterprise, code 1 4. Present coordinates. Two-second delay.
Are you alright?
Go. Return to your own time.
There's nothing for you here.
History recorded that you destroyed the Uthat.
You have fulfilled your destiny all too well, Picard.
Are there any openings for an archaeologist aboard the Enterprise?
Somehow, I doubt you'd find life aboard a starship
suitable to your taste.
Probably not.
I could never tolerate all that discipline.
What are your plans?
I thought I might explore the ruins on Sarthong V.
Unbelievable! You are out of your mind!
The Sarthongians are merciless to trespassers!
Why, Jean-Luc...
You really do care about me.
Promise me.
You will try and stay out of trouble.
I always try.
I wish we had more time together.
Perhaps we do.
The Vorgons are time-travellers.
Now they know where and when the Uthat can be found,...
..they may well come back and try for it again.
So we may be doing this all over again?
- Welcome aboard, Captain. - Status report, Number One.
All went well. You'll find the ship in splendid condition.
I'll present my compliments to the crew. Oh, yes, Number One,
about that Horga'hn you requested.
You and I need to have a chat.
Was it a relaxing trip, Captain?
I knew he'd have a great time.

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