Captain's log, star date 44085. 7.
Due to a medical emergency, we cut short a two-day liberty on Ogus II
and set course for Starbase 416.
It seems a young man's practical joke
has come dangerously close to a lethal conclusion.
Well, Mr. Potts, why don't we start at the beginning?
We were at the arcade, sir.
I brought a balloon with me filled with red dye.
Willie makes fun of me. I had to get him back!
Slow down.
We programmed the game for an ordinary laser duel.
- 21 points. Four points... - I'm familiar with the game.
Go on.
We went to the forest behind the arcade.
I told Willie his laser pistol looked funny, almost like a real one.
When I went behind the trees, I put the balloon in my vest...
Then you made your nine-year-old brother believe he'd killed you.
- Yes, sir. - And then he ran away?
Yes, sir.
And he ate the fruit of a cove palm.
I didn't think this was gonna happen!
Are you aware of the infectious parasites in the cove palm?
I am now, sir.
You know the terms I agreed to keep you boys on the Enterprise
when your parents went on sabbatical?
That we'd stay out of trouble.
- Mr. Data? - On my way, sir.
Think about it, Mr. Potts.
And think about what may have happened
had we not been this close to a medical facility.
- Did you contact the boys' parents? - They know the situation.
Escort this young man to the quarantine anteroom.
Perhaps he can help us lift his brother's spirits.
Aye, sir.
He really could die!
Fortunately, we are only two days away from Starbase 416.
Their laboratory can isolate...
Can isolate what, sir?
Their laboratory can isolate what?
Sir, I know I made a mistake.
I can tell you're angry, but if you won't talk to me...
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
- Back so soon, Mr. Data? - La Forge to bridge.
Go ahead.
We completed our dilithium vector calibrations.
We are at warp 4.5. You are clear to increase to warp seven.
Very good. Let me know if...
Did you make a course correction?
I didn't say increase speed to warp 9. 1, sir.
New course set for heading 341, mark 221.
- Course set by whom? - Not by me, Commander.
What's going on?
Data, who programmed the new coordinates?
- Warp 9.3, Commander. - I don't advise this, Captain.
We shouldn't be pushing warp eight for at least an hour.
Evacuate bridge. Deck one life-support failure in 30 seconds.
Turbo lifts two, three, four.
- Transfer helm to Engineering. - Aye, sir.
La Forge, do a diagnostic sweep.
Evacuate bridge. Deck one life-support failure in 20 seconds.
Reassemble in Engineering.
Evacuate bridge. Deck one life-support failure in ten seconds.
Deck one life-support has been terminated.
Our velocity is steady at warp 9.3. Do you wish to override?
Not yet. Computer, isolate cause of life-support failure.
Atmosphere pumps on deck one are operating in negative mode.
There are seven independent interlocks to prevent that.
We've found the problem, but it doesn't make sense.
- Bring the ship to a full stop. - Aye, sir. Full stop.
It's not responding.
I'll have to do this at a manual-input level. Wes.
We're still at the altered heading at warp 9.3.
Force fields have been established on all turbo lifts and crawlways.
- Computer, locate Lt Cmdr Data. - Cmdr Data is on the main bridge.
- What is he up to? - Take a Security team to deck two.
Try and break through from below.
- Commander? - Everything's locked up.
We have no control of impulse or warp engines.
- Navigation's not responding. - Picard to bridge.
Cmdr Data, do you hear me?
I repeat, Mr. Data, do you hear...
Computer, recognize Data, Lieutenant Commander.
Alpha One clearance.
Priority clearance recognition, Alpha One.
Maintain minimum auxiliary power and disengage subspace communication.
- He is on the bridge, sir. - Mr. La Forge.
- Prepare for saucer separation. - At warp 9.3?
I am aware of the risks, Ensign.
When the umbilical splits, we should regain primary control. Agree?
Yes, sir.
The saucer should fall out of warp in two minutes.
Be prepared to sweep back.
- Pull it in with a tractor beam. - Aye, sir.
Initiate auto sequence.
Recognize Picard, Jean-Luc. Alpha Two clearance.
Priority clearance recognition, Alpha Two.
- Cancel separation sequence. - Sequence cancelled.
Isolate all remaining command functions
and accept related orders and inquiries from main bridge only.
The separation has been aborted.
Computer, recognize Picard. Re-establish separation immediately.
Orders no longer accepted from your present location.
- Where are they accepted from? - Terminals on main bridge only.
You're the only one with clearance to localize command functions.
It seems Cmdr Data has acquired it as well.
The isolinear subprocessor extends 3.5 metres.
I've got a clear path to panel J14. What's that gonna do for us?
J14 backs onto science station two, Commander.
Have they reinverted the environmental sequencer?
Yes. Life support has been re-established.
Then you and Casey get up here. Let's get to it.
Computer, configure a perimeter field charge,
sections 9K through 12T.
- What the hell was that? - He's activated a force field, sir.
Great. Just great.
- Chief O'Brien. - Yes, Captain.
Disable the transporter.
I don't want Mr. Data beaming off.
I'll get to it, sir.
Dr Crusher, is your quarantine intact?
Sickbay force fields haven't been affected.
- The boy? - He's alright.
But he's not going to stay alright.
We have to get this ship to a starbase medical facility.
It seems that Mr. Data has other plans for the Enterprise right now.
I can't believe that.
Everybody's played a practical joke on somebody.
Not me.
Not even a little one? How about April Fools'?
I can't believe you've never pulled something on April Fools' Day.
What for? It's never funny to the one getting fooled.
I'm sure your brother didn't intend for it to get this out of hand.
Certainly not to the degree it has. Take a deep breath.
What's funny about making someone think you killed them?
Take a deep breath.
- Have you been drinking your water? - Yes.
Well, keep it up. We might be slightly delayed and I want...
See? How can I tell him when he's not gonna listen to me.
Why don't you try, Jake?
It's just a waste of time. He won't listen.
prepare to transport me directly to the following coordinates.
Site-to-site transport interlocks have been manually deactivated.
- Can you override? - Negative.
Show me the shortest route to transporter room one.
activate cascade force-field sequence in the following progression.
The computer will only accept commands from the bridge.
He has blocked every channel. We cannot even call for help.
- You traced navigational inputs? - We don't know where we are.
We only knew we were out of warp by looking out of a window.
- O'Brien to Capt Picard. - Go ahead, Chief.
- He's up to something. - What now?
He discovered the site-to-site lockout.
He may try to make it to a transporter room now.
I want Security teams along the main passageways
and in every transporter room.
See if the computer will give us a stun setting to disable Mr. Data.
Yes, sir.
Computer, estimate the time to Starbase 416 at warp nine.
Inquiries regarding command functions
are no longer accepted from your present location.
Establish the security code for access
to all functions previously transferred to bridge.
- Enter code. - 1 7 3 4 6 7 3 2 1 4 7 6
Charlie 3 2 7 8 9 7 7 7
6 4 3 Tango 7 3 2 Victor 7 3 1 1 7 8 8 8
7 3 2 4 7 6 7 8 9 7 6 4 3 7 6. Lock.
Security code intact for all specified inquiries and orders.
Computer, initiate cascade sequence,
accepting instructions from Cmdr Data en route.
He's out! Security team approaching location.
Intersection 8J, aft port.
I order you to stop!
Computer, begin scan phase.
No! It's too close!
This has gone far enough, Data!
Computer, three-metre cross-seal.
I wouldn't, sir. Phase coils don't take well to ricochets.
What's he doing?
Reactivating the transport interlocks.
Does that mean he'll be able to...
You're right on time.
One of these.
And one of these.
There you are.
- I fail to recall how I got here. - I sent for you.
- In a manner of speaking. - And who are you, sir?
Data to Enterprise.
Enterprise, do you read me?
I always loved that face.
Please, sit down.
We were heading for a medical facility.
I was taking the boy's brother to sickbay...
I'm sure your starship will be back for you soon. Please, sit down.
I must try to contact the Enterprise.
Tell me, do I look somewhat familiar to you?
You do bear a resemblance to Dr Noonien Soong,
the cyberneticist who constructed me.
But Dr Soong was killed shortly afterward by the crystalline entity.
There we are.
This is your lucky day, Data.
You've found your long-lost father, and he's alive.
What do you think of that?
But the colony was destroyed. There were no survivors.
I never felt too comfortable
living anywhere without a prearranged route of escape.
I admit I wouldn't have guessed
I'd be running from a giant snowflake, but...
It is really you.
Captain, the quarantine field in sickbay.
- You have access to it? - When he transferred control,
he only specified the fields he planned to use.
The quarantine field was already operating.
We could divert that energy to cancel the force field on the bridge,
but we have to retain the quarantine.
Determine the minimum field energy Dr Crusher needs
and use the rest to get me onto my bridge.
How are you today?
Not so great. I'm having trouble standing up. I get sort of dizzy.
There's a story about a man who says to his doctor,
"Doctor, it hurts when I raise my arm like this."
The doctor says, "Then don't raise your arm like that."
So, if I get dizzy standing up...
Then don't stand up.
Doc, we're ready. If all goes well, you shouldn't notice a thing.
Make sure it goes well.
Your brother says that you won't speak to him.
- So? - It's hard on him, too.
He feels very guilty about what happened. He's your brother.
Why is everyone so worried about him?
I'm the one who's sick. I'm the one who's gonna die.
Nobody is going to die, Willie.
Do you hear me? Nobody.
- Captain, we are in. - We're on our way, Lieutenant.
Computer, restore tactical station.
Deactivation of command overrides requires Alpha Two clearance.
Beverly says it'll be tight. Let's hope we're not too far off course.
Let's hope.
It won't answer to my clearance.
This is Capt Picard. Return command to the stations.
Alpha Two clearance recognized. Please enter security code.
Security code?
Data! I was afraid of something like this.
Sensors are operative.
Well, at least that's something. What have you got?
No fix on Data, but I am picking up a single life form on the surface.
It appears human.
A human with the answers to a lot of questions.
Something else.
- What is it? - A small vessel, entering orbit.
I detect no life forms aboard, sir.
Keep it up.
Old Tom Handy swore you'd never master that.
Data, whistle for me.
Oh, well. Alright, that's enough. Sit down.
You know, I've been able to keep track of you from time to time.
You've become something of a celebrity in cybernetic circles.
Data, why Starfleet?
I gave you the ability to choose whatever you wanted.
To do whatever you wanted.
Why Starfleet?
It was Starfleet officers who rescued me.
So you decided to emulate your emancipators?
How disappointing.
What vocation would have met with your approval, sir?
Well, I often hoped you might...
..become a scientist.
Perhaps even a cyberneticist.
To follow in your footsteps, as it were?
I see nothing wrong with that.
May I ask you a question, sir?
Certainly. Anything you like.
Why did you create me?
Why does a painter paint?
Why does a boxer box?
You know what Michelangelo used to say?
That the sculptures he made
were already there, before he started,
hidden in the marble.
All he needed to do was...
..remove the unneeded bits.
It wasn't quite that easy with you.
But the need to do it, my need to do it,
was no different than Michelangelo's need.
Now let me ask you a question.
Why are humans so fascinated by old things?
- Old things? - Old buildings, churches, walls,
ancient things, antique things, tables, clocks, knick-knacks.
There are many possible explanations.
If you brought a Noophian to Earth, he'd probably look around and say,
"Tear that old village down, it's hanging in rags."
"Build me something new and efficient!"
But to a human, that old house, that ancient wall,
it's a shrine, something to be cherished.
Again, I ask you, why?
Perhaps, for humans, old things represent a tie to the past.
What's so important about the past?
People got sick, they needed money. Why tie yourself to that?
Humans are mortal. They seem to need a sense of continuity.
To give their lives meaning, a sense of purpose.
And this continuity,
does it only run one way, backwards, to the past?
I suppose it is a factor in the human desire to procreate.
So you believe
that having children gives humans a sense...
..of immortality. Do you?
It is a reasonable explanation to your query, sir.
And to yours as well, Data.
Looks like we have ourselves a family reunion.
I implore you, do not reactivate him.
Don't be ridiculous!
Lore is far from the maniacal android you've made him out to be.
In any case, he'll obey me. He always did.
But he had an alliance with the crystal entity.
To gain its favour, he betrayed the colonists,
and would have betrayed the Enterprise...
One more.
That should do it.
So, you're still alive.
I'm surprised you woke me.
Why didn't you just take me apart again and be done with it?
- That is why you two captured me. - Data had nothing to do with this.
And nobody captured you. Not exactly, that is.
You see, both of your brains contain a simple homing device.
Data's was activated purposely.
Yours... Well, until you walked through that door,
I had no idea you'd ever been reassembled.
No thanks to you.
But thanks to you, dear brother,
I spent nearly two years drifting in space.
If it hadn't been for an encounter with a Pakled ship,
I'd still be out there.
I had no alternative. You would have destroyed the Enterprise.
Since I seem to be an uninvited guest at your little party,
I'll leave you with your beloved son and be on my way.
Lore, wait! There are questions I can answer.
You'll have no chance to ask them later. I'm dying.
Yes, I'm dying.
Dying from what, sir?
Wait a minute.
What do you mean, you're dying?
You look fine.
You're not that old. You look fine.
Is this some kind of a trick?
I wish it were.
We have control of sensors, life-support and auxiliary power.
- The code, Mr. La Forge. - We can't locate the file address.
That would tell us how many digits. Not that it would help much.
- I want something that will help. - Quickly, too.
Willie Potts has 24 hours, 36 tops.
Any longer, the only thing left for Starbase 416
will be to do a postmortem.
If the computer's programmed to allow Data to transport down,
- it would allow him to beam back up? - It would figure.
Data would have left a trace imprint?
Everybody does.
What would be involved in pulling that trace
and making the computer think a few someone elses are Data?
We'd have to access the transport controller,
reset it to a testing mode,
and convince it to accept simulated inputs.
That's hard without the main computer.
But we could network a few tricorders together.
- Try, Mr. La Forge. - Yes, sir.
You did what you had to do? What kind of an answer is that?
The only one I can give you. You were not functioning properly.
Lore told me the colonists envied him
because you made him so completely human.
I wouldn't exactly have used the word "envious".
You disassembled me. You took me apart!
Lore said the colonists asked you
to replace him with a less perfect android.
The last thing you should think of yourself as, Data, is less perfect.
You two are virtually identical, except for a bit of programming.
It was a lie. Another lie.
I would have proven myself worthy, if you'd just given me a chance!
But it was easier just to build your precious Data!
You were the first.
You meant as much to me as Data ever did,
but you were unstable.
The colonists were not envious. They were afraid of you!
- You were unstable. - I am not less perfect than Lore.
Why didn't you just fix me?
It was within your power to fix me.
It wasn't as easy as that.
The next logical step was to construct Data.
Afterward, I planned to get back to you, to fix you.
"Next logical step"!
I am not less perfect than Lore.
"I am not less perfect than Lore."
Enough! Both of you! Sit down!
Sit down.
For all these years, I've been plagued by what went wrong.
With all of your complexities, Lore, your nuances,
basic emotions seemed almost simple by comparison.
But the emotion turned, it twisted,
became entangled with ambition.
Lore, if I had known you were no longer
sitting in pieces on some distant shelf,
if I had known that I could simply press a button and bring you here,
I would have spent those years
trying to make things right for you, as well.
But all I knew of was Data. So I worked long and hard.
Yes. And now I believe I have succeeded.
This is why I've brought you here, Data.
Basic emotions.
Simple feelings, Data.
Your feelings.
I've imagined how hard it's been for you,
living amongst beings so moved by emotion.
I don't have to imagine.
I know how hard it's been.
You'd be surprised, Data.
Feelings do funny things.
You may even learn to understand your evil brother.
To forgive him.
We will be more alike, Data, you and l, you'll see.
I'm happy for you.
I question your sincerity, Lore.
Perhaps with this, you'll learn to be more trusting.
Your brother has had good reason to be bitter.
But, sir, Lore was responsible for...
He wasn't given the chance that you and I were given, to live.
But now I'm sure he understands why I did what I had to do.
If there were only time, Lore. What a shame.
The procedure is quite simple.
I'm tired. I need to rest, first. I'm tired.
Are you sure this will work?
O'Brien and La Forge
managed a sleight of hand with the authorization codes.
They're in the recall loop?
The computer will think we're all Data.
I just hope we don't all beam back looking like Data.
Whenever you say, sir.
Bring him home, Number One. Energize.
The sons of the prophet Were valiant and bold
And quite unaccustomed to fear
But of all the most reckless, Or so I am told
Was Abdul Abulbul Amir
How do you feel?
I've always loved that ditty.
But I could never quite get the cadence right. Thank you, Father.
You called me Father.
What would you prefer I called you? Often Wrong?
What did Lore tell you about that?
That is what the colonists called you, isn't it? Often Wrong Soong.
It's a very sloppy rhyme. Wrong Soong. Wrong Soong.
- It just doesn't work. Let's see... - Data, how are you feeling?
Often Wrong's got a broken heart, Can't even tell his boys apart.
Well, well! You're not as feeble as I thought you were.
This won't work. Those circuits, they weren't designed for you.
- Where's Data? - "Where's Data?"
You didn't fill Data with substandard parts, did you?
No, that honour was bestowed upon me.
You owe me, old man.
Not him, me.
It wasn't meant for you. You're not listening to me. It must be removed.
Nice try, Often Wrong.
I don't know what it's doing, but it's doing something.
I didn't know you were alive. If I had...
There were brave men aplenty All well known to fame
Who served in the ranks of the Czar
- The human is here. - And Data?
No way of knowing.
Set them on stun.
Down here.
It's alright. Take it easy.
This is Dr Noonien Soong.
Impossible. Soong's dead.
Look at this stuff. It's Soong, alright.
Here, let me.
Would you tell me what's going on here?
- He surprised me. - Commander.
What has happened here?
Doctor. Dr Soong.
So alike...
He saw I couldn't tell you apart.
There was only one chip.
I tried to tell him, but I couldn't.
- I couldn't build another one. - Tried to tell who?
- Damn it, Data, what's going on? - Lore, sir.
He was summoned by the same signal which activated my homing circuitry.
After nearly two years in interstellar space...
There's a very sick boy on the Enterprise.
We're dead in the water until you get us out of here.
It's alright.
Access your third nested memory file
and execute instruction 5155.
That will clear your memory block.
I was unaware I had caused any inconvenience.
We'll discuss it later, Mr. Data.
Doctor, you need to get to sickbay.
Young man, I've lived here a long time.
I have no plans to die anywhere else.
- But, sir, our medical facility... - Go, Data.
Go with your friends.
May I say goodbye to Dr Soong, sir?
Alone, sir.
Everybody dies, Data.
Well, almost everybody.
Do you believe that we are in some way alike, sir?
Yeah. In many ways, I'd like to believe.
Then it is alright for you to die, because I will remain alive.
You know that I cannot grieve for you, sir.
You will.
In your own way.
Goodbye, Data.
Goodbye, Father.
Captain's log, star date 4409 1. 1.
We have been at Starbase 416 for three days.
Willie is responding well to treatment
and has returned to the Enterprise.
The transfer went well?
He'll be in quarantine for a week or two.
- But he's out of the woods. - Splendid.
Mr. Data, your gifts have been well received.
Yes, sir. The boys seem to have reconciled their differences.
They're brothers, Data. Brothers forgive.

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