I know you're back there. Don't make me come after you!
- Give me that! - You don't need that!
Yes, I do.
I need that communicator!
Cmdr Riker to Enterprise.
I have a terrible problem here on Risa!
- Give me that! - Go get it.
- I don't believe you did that. - Believe it.
- What is this? - It's a game.
Everyone here's playing it. It's fun.
- Do I keep my eyes open or closed? - Open.
What am I seeing?
The playing field.
Now what?
You see the disc and the cone?
Make the disc go into the cone.
How do I do that?
Just let go. Relax. You'll do it.
What was that?
Your reward
for clearing the first level.
How far does this game go?
As far as you can take it. Would you like to go for level two?
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, star date 45208.2.
Cmdr Riker has rejoined the Enterprise from Risa.
We're on our way to an uncharted area called the Phoenix Cluster.
We're all anticipating this historic first look at the region.
It's getting busy here.
Five new science teams beamed in. Quarters are filling up fast.
And there's a change. We've been given only two weeks to explore.
Two weeks? That's not enough. I thought we had five weeks.
Starfleet has added a diplomatic mission to Oceanus IV.
Will, ensure that each science department
has an equal chance to do their research.
That'll be quite a juggling act.
And some good news. We're to meet a shuttle carrying Wesley Crusher.
- He's on vacation from the Academy. - Good. We'll need an extra hand.
Geordi, how are the survey preparations?
I'm up to my neck in schedules now.
Our biggest hurdle is sensor availability.
Especially with two new exobiologists and three stellar cartographers.
15 teams, two weeks and one long-range array.
Not a great combination.
- Lateral sensors? - Booked solid.
Gamma-ray scanner?
Reprogramming them now. Lefler,
a moment, please.
- You know Robin? - Of course.
Her work's so sensational, I made her a mission specialist.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
- OK, what's our sensor status? - We're increasing bandwidth
so more science teams can use the sensors at once.
We're multiplexing the array.
- Will that be done before we arrive? - Yes, sir. Count on it.
Keep it up, Lefler.
I brought something from Risa that you have got to try.
I'd love to, but I'm running a full sensor recalibration in ten minutes.
- Can it wait? - Of course. I'll see you later.
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge and chocolate chips.
- You're not depressed, are you? - I'm fine, Commander.
- Shall I leave you two alone? - No, you can join us.
No, thanks. I don't like fudge.
Really? I never met a chocolate I didn't like.
Doesn't it taste good?
Of course it does, but... it's not just a matter of taste.
It's the whole experience.
First of all, you have to spoon the fudge
around the rim, leaving only the ice cream in the middle.
Then, you gently spoon the ice cream around the sides... you're sculpting it.
Relish every bite.
Make every one an event.
And then... with the last spoonful,
close your eyes.
I had no idea it was such a ritual.
Chocolate is a serious thing.
I brought something back from Risa. Better than chocolate.
- What is it? - Just a game.
Chief O'Brien.
- Welcome back, Wesley. - Congratulations on Molly.
Wait till you see her. She's the spitting image of her dad!
So, where is everybody?
Is my mom around?
In a meeting. You're to go to your mother's quarters.
Would it be alright if I dropped in to say hi?
I'll check. Chief O'Brien to bridge.
Bridge here.
Wesley Crusher has arrived and wants to know
if he can stop by the observation lounge to say hi.
I suppose that is acceptable.
- Mom! - Welcome home.
- Hi, Mom! - Wesley!
- Quomodo tua Latinitas est? - Praestat quam prius.
Oppido bonum. Your Latin has improved.
- You look handsome. - You do that cadet uniform justice.
- I bet you drive the girls wild. - Wesley, Tarvokian pound cake.
- I made it myself. - Thanks, Worf!
Was our attempt to make you uncomfortable effective?
You bet! For a second, I thought I was on the wrong ship.
- You found our deception pleasing? - Yeah. It's fun to be surprised.
Are you here to work or play?
- Sir. - I know you're on vacation
and probably want to go on the holodeck.
But if you want, we could use your help with the survey.
Sounds great, sir.
Excellent! Come to Engineering and we'll get you started.
So, what kind of game is this?
Come by my quarters and I'll show it to you.
- You found the Academy challenging? - Yeah.
I thought after the Enterprise it would be a breeze,
but there's a lot more to learn than starship operations.
- What was your first year like? - I did well scholastically,
but my lack of human understanding created social obstacles.
Like what?
I remember the phenomenon of practical jokes,
several of which I fell victim to.
Tell me about it!
My first week there, this guy named Adam Martoni
reprogrammed the sonic shower to cover me with mud.
It took me a while, but I got him back really good.
- Good for you. - Thanks.
I also found social gatherings difficult.
There was one event, an Academy tradition, the Sadie Hawkins Dance?
They still hold it, every year!
- A notably awkward experience. - I know. I can't even dance.
Really? Your mother is quite an expert. She recently taught me.
The Dancing Doctor? She tried to teach me, but I don't have the knack.
I would be happy to teach you dancing.
I have programmed a 17-part course
with some interesting holographic partners.
I'll let you know.
I'll modify the planetary scanners.
We need enough data lines open for the stellar physics.
I'll compress the signal flow.
- Why aren't these registering? - Try calibrating them manually.
- Excuse me? - The detectors get temperamental.
Try calibrating them by hand.
You're kidding? The computer has to do this.
No. Look. The subroutine lets you do it from the panel.
Law 17. When all else fails, do it yourself.
It's working!
- Thanks. - Sure.
By the way,... I'm Wesley.
- Wesley Crusher. - I know. Just back from the Academy.
That's right.
Robin Lefler.
- Hi. - Hi.
Your neutrinos are drifting.
They're what?
Geordi, a conflict has arisen
between the evolution team and the stellar physicists.
Each wishes to use the thermal imager first.
Tell them to flip a coin. We've got to work together on this mission.
A coin. Very good. I will replicate one immediately.
- Dr Crusher to Data. - Data here.
Can you join me for a minute in sickbay? I need your help.
Yes, Doctor, on my way.
- You wanted to see me? - Yes, I need you to do something.
I'm experimenting with bio-active silicon.
Would you reprogram this tricorder to these specifications?
Sorry to bother you, but I need it done quickly.
It does not bother me, Doctor. In fact, I am happy...
Computer, secure sickbay.
All entries to sickbay are secured.
Let's see, I have Novakovich for anthropology,
and Horne for creative writing.
- Walter Horne? Is he still teaching? - Yeah, he is. And he's good, too.
And you'll be pleased to know I took your advice.
The first week I was there, I went and met Boothby.
How is old Boothby?
I hope he didn't tell you a lot of stories about me.
He didn't remember you, sir.
At first. I found an old yearbook photo and he remembered right away.
He said he's very proud of you that you're Captain of the Enterprise.
Is he still tending grounds? Or have the years caught up with him?
Not that I can tell.
He took me on a grand tour, showed me every blade of grass, practically.
I had the very same tour.
Sir, what do the initials AF stand for?
Boothby said he caught you carving them into his prized elm tree.
Just an acquaintance of mine.
Wesley, if you meet someone
whose initials you want to carve into that elm tree,
don't let it interfere with your studies.
I failed organic chemistry because of AF.
- Crusher to Capt Picard. - Go ahead, Doctor.
I need you in sickbay immediately.
On my way.
He complained of a servo-malfunction but my scans were negative.
- Then he collapsed. - What have you found?
His biosystems and positronic functions check out.
His power cells are active.
His higher functions are intact but signals aren't getting from his brain
to the rest of his body. It's like a coma.
Data performs regular self-diagnostic routines.
We should check his logs.
I recommend going through his quarters, too.
Agreed. Continue the analysis. Keep me informed.
Standard security sweep shows nothing unusual.
Personal logs, diagnostics, duty logs,
they all appear normal. There's nothing to cause a shutdown.
We should ask his cat.
I'd better get back to sickbay, see if there's any change.
Dr Crusher has it under control.
If there's a change you'll be told.
I guess so.
Looks to me like you need a break. Unwind a little.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
I've got just the thing. Why don't you join me in ten-forward?
There's something I'd like you to try.
Conduits 12 and 22 are still down for testing.
We can re-route through junction 14B.
You have a funny way of looking at the configuration, but it works.
That's Law 36. You've gotta go with what works.
- What are these laws? - My personal laws.
When I learn something essential I make a law, so I don't forget.
- How many do you have? - 102, so far.
The starboard array needs another subprocessor.
It'll be on line. I'm ahead of you.
They said you were good.
Why do I get the feeling you already know me?
I have friends at the Academy. Your name's come up a couple of times.
That was some stunt you pulled on Adam Martoni in the lab.
How did you get the antimatter regulator to spray chilli sauce?
There is another side to that story.
Is it true what they say about your birthmark?
This isn't fair. I hardly know anything about you.
That's Law 46.
- Life isn't always fair. - Yeah, I know that law.
I still have to work on the sensor relays,
but I'd like a chance to even the score.
Ten-forward, 1900 hours. Join me for coffee?
But I'll meet you for dinner.
Captain's log, supplemental. We have reached the Phoenix Cluster.
But it will take time to find the best location
from which to conduct our survey.
Cmdr Data's condition remains unchanged
with no further indication as to the cause of his collapse.
What are you doing?
I'm embarrassed to say.
This was meant for you.
But it was so much fun, I couldn't resist.
- What is it? - It's a game.
Riker brought it back from Risa. Everybody's playing it.
- Want to try? - Maybe later. How's Data?
Geordi's still working on him. He'll be fine.
I should give him a hand.
No! Wesley, you are on vacation. You have done enough already.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
- Computer, increase light level. - Are you in a hurry?
- Yeah, I'm late for a dinner date. - Really? With who?
- Robin Lefler from Engineering. - Why don't you invite her here?
We can all play the game together. I can replicate a couple more.
- Mom! - Sorry.
It's just that I wanna spend some time together while you're here.
- We'll get time together, I promise. - OK.
- OK. - Just one game, come on.
Try it on.
Mom! I really need to get ready.
- Have a good time. - Thanks.
I will.
When your parents are the only plasma specialists in the sector,
you do a lot of travelling around from base to base.
I felt like a piece of luggage.
I spent all my time around equipment. My first friend was a tricorder.
Really? My very first friend was a warp coil.
My parents' work came first.
They didn't really have time for me, even when I needed them.
So that's how I learned my first law.
Law one. You can only count on yourself.
Sounds kind a lonely.
- Well, now you're here. - Now I'm here.
Well, I'm glad.
You wouldn't believe it in Engineering.
La Forge and the rest are crazy about a game.
What kind of game is it?
A Risian gadget that fits over your ear.
- Have you played it? - Not yet.
My mom has one. She keeps trying to get me to play it.
It's everywhere.
See what I mean?
Don't you think that's a little strange?
- Everybody playing it all the time? - It's a fad.
Next week, we won't know it existed.
I wonder how it works.
Why don't you try it and find out?
I'd like to know a little bit more about it first.
I bet if we worked together we could figure it out.
Yeah! We could hook it up to one of the computers.
The medical programs in the lab can emulate human responses.
It uses a visual interface. We could connect it through an optical sensor.
I've loaded the neurological behaviour program.
The sensor will allow the computer to process whatever the game sends.
- Let's see what happens. - OK.
It's activating the reticular formation.
There's heavy synaptic activity all over the place.
I wonder what happens after prolonged exposure.
Speed up the processor. We'll find out.
It seems centred around the frontal lobe.
Computer, enhance frontal lobe. Full spectrum.
It's stimulating the septal area.
That's the pleasure centre of the brain.
Whatever this does, it must feel pretty good.
No wonder it's so popular.
Look at this. Serotonin levels are way off.
Let's run a neurochemical analysis.
I'm seeing widespread bonding to neuro-receptors.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks like a psychotropic reaction.
Are you saying you think the game's addictive?
What's going on in the prefrontal cortex?
Doesn't that area control higher reasoning?
Yeah, it sure does.
I'd better go talk to the Captain.
Sorry to bother you, sir.
It's no bother. Please, sit down.
- How are the survey preparations? - Fine. But that's not why I'm here.
What then?
There's a game going around.
It's something Cmdr Riker brought from Risa.
It's a device that hooks around the ears.
Yes, I've seen it.
I did some preliminary tests on the game.
What I found leads me to believe it may have harmful side-effects.
Specifically, I think it's psychotropically addictive.
Addictive? What have you discovered?
It initiates a serotonin cascade in the frontal lobe.
I know that's nothing conclusive, but it could explain its attraction.
And at the same time it stimulates the brain's reasoning centre.
I don't know what that's about.
I'll start an investigation immediately. Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
It's good to have you back again.
Have you tried this?
I've tried it. Thanks. It's great.
Where have you been? Everybody's after me to try it.
I know. Me, too. I talked to the Captain. He's gonna look into it.
I hope he makes an announcement. This thing is giving me the creeps.
Did you forget your game?
- We left them in our quarters. - Well, use mine!
No, thanks.
- Try it! - She said, "No, thanks."
Know what else is weird? lf it's so addictive,
there's only one person who wouldn't be affected.
Right. And he got injured right when the game was brought on board.
We'd better take a look at him.
Maybe you should go check again.
The nurse is still playing the game.
I don't understand. There's brain activity. His systems are working.
How can that be? He's unconscious.
Maybe there's a signal breach between his brain and his body.
Let's map his neurosystem and see if we can isolate a weak link.
Patch the neural output through to that station.
The signal stops just below his cortex processor.
There's some kind of damage. It's almost unreadable.
Let's look at it on the viewer.
Wesley, look at that!
Some of his positronic links have been severed.
The cuts are precise. Look how clean the edges are.
Computer, increase magnification, factor four.
Only two people on board know enough about Data to do this.
Cmdr La Forge... and my mother.
Why would one of them do this to him?
Maybe there's more going on here than we thought.
What if someone is using the game for something other than pleasure?
Data would be a threat to that plan.
Only with Data out of the way would everyone become addicted.
And everyone has.
Except us.
We have reached the coordinates. A ship is on an intercept course.
Advise them of our status, Mr. Worf.
Go. Replicate what you need.
See that the devices are properly distributed.
Not forgetting Mr. Crusher.
In here, Mom.
It worked.
Keep these mock-ups with us. We can't trust anyone, not even the Captain.
I'm on duty. I've gotta go before Cmdr La Forge suspects.
When you get there, access the codes to the security tracking system.
There's something I want to try.
Wesley, don't forget Law 91. Always watch your back!
You, too.
The vessel is approaching, Captain.
Computer, all senior officers report to the bridge. On screen.
- Report. - Welcome, Etana.
The Enterprise has been secured.
We await your further instructions.
The expansion will proceed as follows.
Cmdr Riker, pilot a shuttlecraft to the Cleon system,
and rendezvous with the Endeavour.
Proceed to distribute the device to that vessel.
Cmdr La Forge, Counsellor Troi, take a shuttle to Star base 67.
Distribute the device to all starships currently docked there.
We have an opportunity to introduce the game to Starfleet Academy.
Excellent! See to it. The Ktarians commend your efforts, Picard.
Once the expansion is complete, you and your crew will be rewarded.
- Deck 36. - Wesley, at what level are you?
- I'm only level ten. - I'm at level 47!
That's great.
You know what the secret is, don't you?
Don't force it. If you just let the game happen,
it almost plays itself.
I'll try that.
I think we'll be OK. Just help me compile the force-field overrides.
What are you doing?
I created a transporter program.
If things get difficult, this'll keep us one step ahead.
Were you able to access the security tracking codes?
It's your turn.
Play the game, Wesley.
Get back here!
Computer, activate security containment. Deck 36, section 52!
Computer, transport program Crusher one.
We lost Crusher. It appears he rigged a site-to-site transport.
Alert condition three.
Computer, shut down all transporters and shuttle bays. Mr. La Forge?
I can't track him, sir. He's done something to the sensors.
I'll try bypassing his subcommands. Hold on.
I'm picking up his trail, sir.
Sensors show power activation in transporter room three, deck six.
Seal off deck six. Activate Security fields, sections 23 to 29.
Aye, sir.
Got him, Captain. Section 25. He's trying to cut through the field.
- Security to deck six, section 25. - On our way.
You check left.
Where the hell is he?
I am trying to isolate him with thermal sensors.
Narrow the scan field. Go deck by deck.
Unfortunately, he knows our procedures.
He will avoid all corridors and public areas.
An unidentified heat source. Deck seven, section 23. There!
Let go of me!
It's OK, Wesley.
You led us quite a chase, Mr. Crusher.
Dr Crusher.
- No! - Hold him steady.
It's OK, Wesley, it won't hurt.
- No! - You'll like it.
His eyes.
That's right, Wesley.
Just let it go. Yes.
Just let yourself go. Relax.
Computer, resume normal illumination.
Mr. Worf, you will find a small alien ship off the starboard bow.
- Secure it and raise our shields. - Engaging tractor beam.
- Are you alright, Captain? - I think so, Mr. Data.
Captain, we are being hailed by the alien vessel.
On screen.
Explain yourself, Picard!
The explanation is simple. You have failed to capture our ship.
Release us immediately or we will open fire!
Tactical analysis, Mr. Worf.
Their weapons systems are substantially inferior to ours.
- They are not a threat. - Get her off the screen.
I can't believe what we were about to do.
Data, we deactivated you.
I managed to reconnect his positronic matrix.
Wesley's diversions gave me time to modify the palm beacon.
The optical-burst patterns counteracted the game's effects.
The rest of the crew?
We programmed the computer to transmit the optical burst
to display screens throughout the ship.
That should reach most people. Take a medical team for the rest.
We'll take the alien ship to the nearest star base.
Ensign, lay in a course.
Captain's log, star date 45212. 1.
We delivered the Ktarian vessel to Star base 82
and will rendezvous with the Starship Merrimack
which will transport Wesley Crusher back to Starfleet Academy.
I never saw you wear these.
Afraid someone might see your birthmark?
Now, I wonder who started that birthmark rumour.
I wish you didn't have to go.
- Me, too. - You'll write, won't you?
Somebody has to kill all those rumours.
Mr. Crusher, we've rendezvoused with the Merrimack.
Please report to transporter room two.
On my way, sir.
I gotta go.
A gift, so you'll remember.
Robin's Laws, all 102 of them.
- Law 103? - Yes?
A couple of light years can't keep good friends apart.

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