Last time, on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
Three weeks ago, one of our most celebrated ambassadors
and adviser to Federation leaders for generations, disappeared.
I gave Spock the benefit of experience, of logic.
He never listened.
It's been suggested that he might have defected.
Who'd want a Vulcan shield array?
Beats me. Every question we answer brings up two more.
Be careful, Android.
Some Romulan beauty might take a liking to you.
Lick that paint right off your ears.
You! Do you know what the Romulans will do to you
if they discover who you are?
I have a good idea.
The ship is locking phasers.
Shields up. Red alert.
What do you know of this human?
Jean-Luc Picard, a Starfleet captain.
- You've made a mistake. - Quiet. Come with us.
I have come on an urgent mission from the Federation.
I'm looking for Ambassador Spock.
You have found him, Capt Picard.
And now, the conclusion.
What are you doing on Romulus?
That was to be my question of you.
It is no concern of Starfleet.
On the contrary, it is very much Starfleet's concern.
You're in a position to compromise Federation security.
You may assure your superiors I am on a personal mission of peace,
and I will advise Starfleet when appropriate.
That is not satisfactory.
You cannot remain here, Capt Picard.
And I will not return without a full explanation.
..with great respect for all you have achieved for the Federation,
this sort of... cowboy diplomacy will not easily be tolerated any more.
Cowboy diplomacy?
If you undertake a mission with repercussions for the Federation,
you should discuss it with the Federation.
I am here as their representative. You'll have to discuss it with me.
That is what I had hoped to avoid.
I also have the responsibility of being the bearer of unhappy news.
Sarek is dead?
Walk with me, Picard.
I know of your mind-meld with my father
which enabled him to complete his last mission.
It was an honour. He's a great man.
He was a great representative of the Vulcan people and of the Federation.
I was with him before coming here.
He expressed his pride in you.
His love.
Emotional disarray was a symptom
of the illness from which he suffered.
No. Those feelings came from his heart.
He shared them with me. I know.
Sarek would no more approve my coming here than you do, Picard.
For some time, I've been aware of a growing movement here
of people who seek the ideals of Vulcan philosophy.
They've been declared enemies of the State.
But a few in the Romulan hierarchy, like Pardek, are sympathetic.
He asked me to come now,
because he believes it is time for a first step toward reunification.
Reunification? After so many centuries,
after so many differences have evolved between your peoples?
It would seem unlikely to succeed
but I cannot ignore the rewards a union between our worlds would bring.
What is this first step Pardek suggests?
There is a new proconsul in the Romulan Senate.
He is young and idealistic. He has promised many reforms.
Pardek believes he may be receptive to discussing reunification.
Why not bring something so important to the attention of your own people?
- Or the Federation? - A personal decision, Captain.
You may be aware of the small role I played in peace with the Klingons.
History is aware of your role.
Not entirely. It was I who committed Capt Kirk to that peace mission
and I bore responsibility for the consequences to him and his crew.
Quite simply, I am unwilling to risk any life but my own on this occasion.
So I ask that you respect my wishes and leave.
Your logic escapes me. If I didn't know better,
I'd say that your judgement is influenced by your emotions.
You speak as my father would if he were here, Picard.
I speak as a Starfleet officer, and I cannot ignore the risks to you.
I was involved with cowboy diplomacy, as you describe it,
long before you were born.
Nevertheless, I'm not prepared to leave
until your affairs are complete.
In your own way, you are as stubborn
as another captain of the Enterprise I once knew.
Then I'm in good company, sir.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
We have more important things to do than acting as your nursemaids!
Capt Picard regrets detaining you, but it must be for a while longer.
In addition, I require access to your ship's computer.
Access to our computer? For what purpose?
I am going to attempt to penetrate the Romulan information net.
Don't bother. We've been trying for years.
My unique skills may allow me to succeed.
I cannot reveal Klingon entry codes to Starfleet!
Your entry codes can easily be reconfigured after we depart.
Capt Picard has authorized me
to share any information we obtain from the data banks.
Anything else?
We will need to communicate with the Enterprise in Sector 213.
If you do, the Romulans will know our coordinates.
Using conventional means, true.
I suggest we piggyback our signal on Romulan subspace transmission.
A human metaphor, pardon me. We would use a Romulan signal
as a carrier for our own, thus disguising its origin.
It won't work!
I believe it would. During the last hour,
I have reviewed the entire Romulan subspace grid.
I have compared my findings with your own transmission array.
They appear compatible.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Allow me to brighten your table. Jolan true.
The Senate has adjourned. Pardek will be here shortly.
How widespread is this movement?
There are groups in every populated area.
I've spoken to members from four provinces.
It is a serious concern for the leadership.
Serious enough for the leaders to suddenly embrace
a Vulcan peace initiative? l...
I have... I have some difficulty in accepting that.
I sense you have a closed mind.
Closed minds have kept these worlds apart for centuries.
In the Federation, we have learned from experience
to view Romulans with distrust.
We can choose to live with that enmity or seek a way to change it.
I choose the latter.
I will be first to cheer when the Neutral Zone is abolished.
But I wonder if this movement is strong enough
to reshape the entire Romulan political landscape.
One can begin to reshape the landscape with a single flower.
Jolan true, Mr. Spock.
Here. Look what I've brought you.
This is my friend, D'Tan. He's very curious about Vulcan.
Hello, D'Tan.
Where did you get this? It's very old.
They read to us from it at meetings.
It tells the story of the Vulcan separation.
Do not bring that out here. You've been told many times.
I just wanted to show it to Mr. Spock.
Off with you. We'll see you later tonight.
Will you tell us more stories about Vulcan?
Yes, I will.
Jolan true.
Perhaps this is not such a good place to talk.
So what do you think of your enemy, Capt Picard?
These people are no one's enemy, Senator.
Many of my colleagues fear what they have to say.
But I have learned to listen carefully.
Children like D'Tan are our future.
Old men like me will not be able to hold on
to ancient prejudice and hostility.
Young people won't allow it.
But now,
now that they've met their first real Vulcan,
it has only inspired them more. That must be evident to you.
I did not anticipate such a passionate response to my arrival.
Romulans are passionate.
The Vulcans will learn to appreciate that quality in us.
If we are successful.
We will know soon. The Proconsul has agreed to meet you.
First Officer's log, star date 45245. 8.
We remain at Qualor II, investigating the theft of a surplus Vulcan ship.
The trail has led us to the former wife of a deceased smuggler.
- A new face. - Same one I've always had.
And what would you like to hear?
Know some blues?
Look at me. What do you think?
Seven shades of them. How about some Andorian blues?
- Suck salt? - Never cared for it.
Good for you. Nasty habit.
- Who are you looking for? - Who says I'm looking for anybody?
Your face. Your uniform. In a place like this.
OK. I'm looking for you.
You just made my day.
- I have to ask about your husband. - Well, it was nice while it lasted.
- Which husband? - The dead one, I'm afraid.
You must be from the Enterprise. You destroyed his ship.
He was into some bad business. He took the evidence with him.
His one endearing quality, he always cleaned up after himself.
And what do you want from me?
- Do you know his business partners? - And why should I help you?
To be honest, I can't think of a good reason.
Well, you did kill my ex-husband, and that's not a bad start.
So why don't you drop a few coins in the jar and I'll see what I remember?
- I don't carry money. - Well, you don't offer much, do you?
Move over.
Just what I need, another set of hands!
Know this one? 20th century, Earth.
Maybe I can teach you a lick or two.
You already have.
So what do you say?
- You around for a couple of days? - I can be.
Sooner or later a man named Omag will want a song. Always the same thing,
Melor Famagal. He's an arms trader. A fat Ferengi.
Yes. Pardek, come in!
Ambassador Spock of Vulcan.
- Proconsul. - Please. I've never liked titles,
ever since I was a lowly Uhlan in the Romulan Guard. I'm Neral.
Well, how is it again? Pardek's tried to show me.
I am honoured.
- Good. - Permit me to withdraw.
Will you and your wife be at the State dinner?
We're looking forward to it.
It's years since old Pardek has been invited to an official function.
He's too attached to the common man for most people.
That is their loss. I find Pardek has unique insight into many issues.
Let me tell you, Spock, we're going to start something here,
that will redraw the face of the quadrant.
Are you prepared to support reunification?
I believe it must eventually come. Our two worlds need each other.
Forgive me, l...
I did not expect to hear a Romulan proconsul
speak like a member of your underground.
Well,... I want you to know exactly where I stand.
Do you believe you can gain the support of your full Senate?
Things are not as they were in the Senate.
The old leaders have lost the respect of the people.
Involvement in the Klingon war, confrontations with the Federation,
they're tired of it. Times are changing.
Leaders who refuse to change with them will no longer be leaders.
Spock,... I am prepared to publicly endorse talks between our peoples.
What will Vulcans think of that?
They'll be cautious. There are generations of distrust to overcome.
But with a man of your influence leading the way...
The Senate has been recalled into session.
Very well.
- Can we meet again tomorrow? - As you wish.
Good. Jolan true, Spock.
Live long and prosper.
- It's everything we could hope for. - More than we could hope for.
If Neral endorses reunification...
He could not become proconsul without support from the traditionalists.
True, but...
Then how can he endorse reunification when it's considered subversive?
Because he's not afraid. He knows we'll support him.
Capt Picard is correct.
It is not logical for the Proconsul to support reunification now.
Why would Neral lie?
To expose members of your movement.
No. This is our chance for acceptance. Finally to be heard.
I believe it's the Federation that fears an alliance.
That is not true!
I came here to determine the potential for reunification.
Despite what has occurred, I intend to continue.
I intend to meet with the Proconsul as planned.
- You let their emotion sway you. - No. It is the most logical course.
You're as sceptical as I am. Is it logic to ignore good sense?
I fear the influence of Sarek has coloured your attitudes
toward reunification and perhaps to me.
That's the second time you've said I speak with another man's voice.
It's true, he will always be a part of me.
His experience, his spirit.
But I speak with my own voice, not his.
Curious,... that I should hear him so clearly, now that he is dead.
I may have brought my argument with Sarek to you. If so, I apologize.
Is it so important you win one last argument?
No. But it is true that I will miss the arguments.
They were, finally, all that we had.
But your fight with Sarek is over, Spock.
You have none with me.
I always had a different vision than my father.
The ability to see beyond pure logic. He considered it weak.
But I have discovered it to be a source of extraordinary strength.
Sarek would have seen this mission of reunification
as a fool's errand. Somehow I think it is not.
Logic cannot explain why, but I know I must pursue this.
Even if it leads to a Romulan trap?
If the Romulans do have an ulterior motive,
it is in the best interests of all that we determine what it is.
So, I will play the role that they would have me play.
Any success, Mr. Data?
Negative, Captain. The Romulans use a progressive encryption lock.
I am unable to penetrate their security.
May I assist you, Commander? I have experience in these matters.
By all means, Ambassador.
They have incorporated a 43-part cipher key in their entry sequence.
Yes, sir. The 29th is the only one I cannot bypass.
I think I'll take this opportunity to remove my ears.
He intrigues me, this Picard.
In what manner, sir?
Remarkably analytical and dispassionate.
For a human. I understand why my father chose to mind-meld with him.
There's an almost Vulcan quality to the man.
Interesting. I had not considered that.
And he has been a role model in my quest to be more human.
More human?
Yes, Ambassador.
Fascinating. You have an efficient intellect,
superior physical skills, no emotional impediments.
Some Vulcans aspire all their lives to achieve what you have by design.
- You are half-human? - Yes.
Yet have chosen a Vulcan way of life.
I have.
In effect, you have abandoned what I have sought all my life.
I believe I have isolated the 29th-cipher access code.
I shall attempt to access the Proconsul's files.
Ambassador Spock, may I ask a personal question?
As you examine your life, do you find you have missed your humanity?
I have no regrets.
"No regrets." That is a human expression.
Do you know any Klingon opera?
I don't get a lot of requests for it.
Surely you must know at least one theme from Aktuh and Melota?
I may be a little rusty.
What is that dreadful noise?
It sounds like a Bardakian pronghorn moose!
You know what I wanna hear!
Yes, yes. I know.
- Worf to Enterprise. - Go ahead.
A fat Ferengi has just entered the establishment.
- Is that Melor Famagal I hear? - It is.
I'm on my way.
Where's the waiter? Is there a waiter in this sorry place?
- Is there a problem? - Yes. I need more napkins!
- Use your sleeve. - What did you say?!
- Or use theirs. I don't care. - Who are you?
Cmdr William Riker, USS Enterprise.
Am I supposed to stand up and salute?
We're investigating a missing Vulcan ship.
You've got the wrong Ferengi. I never trade in Vulcan ships.
We know you're involved.
Who'd want a Vulcan ship? Vulcans are pacifists! I deal in warships.
Can somebody get me a napkin?
Who would want a Vulcan ship?
- Hypothetically speaking? - Hypothetically speaking.
I never learned to speak hypothetical!
Are you crazy?
Here's what'll happen if you don't tell me about the Vulcan ship.
Your right of passage will be revoked.
More than that, I will be very unhappy.
- I took it to a Barolian freighter. - At what coordinates?
I don't remember. You're shrinking my neck!
Galorndon Core. Near the Neutral Zone.
That's all I know! I swear it.
Enjoy your dinner.
When I heard a Barolian ship was at Galorndon Core, I thought Romulans.
The Romulans are interested in bonding with the Vulcans.
Spock has met the new Senate proconsul about reunification.
The Proconsul says he is prepared to endorse peace talks.
And Spock?
The Ambassador is sceptical, but cares greatly about reunification.
If there's hope of success, he will pursue it.
I'm afraid I don't see how a stolen Vulcan ship fits in to all this.
Neither do l. How soon can you be at Galorndon Core?
A little over eight hours.
This may be a wild-goose chase, but I see no other choice.
We are losing our Romulan carrier wave, sir.
We'll advise you further when you reach your destination. Picard out.
Ensign, set a course for Galorndon Core, warp eight.
Aye, sir.
Romulan subspace logs identify a transmission
from the Romulan surface to a Barolian ship
near Galorndon Core 12 hours ago.
Galorndon Core is along the Barolian trade route.
They trade a great deal with the Romulans. It's probably routine.
This does not appear to be routine.
I traced the source of the transmission.
It incorporates the code prefix of Romulan intelligence.
Can you access it?
It is a short sequence of numbers. One, four, zero, zero.
- Nothing more? - No, sir.
- Spock! I've been looking for you. - I was with the Proconsul.
Does he still speak of reunification?
He speaks of nothing else.
Have you ever seen these?
The syllabic nucleus of the Vulcan language.
My toys from when I was small.
Your parents wanted you to understand Vulcan?
Yes. As did their parents,
to prepare for when we would live again with our Vulcan cousins.
Your friends from the Federation have returned. They need you.
I told Pardek. He'll meet you in the cave.
The only communication sent was the numbers one, four, zero, zero.
What does it mean?
It means the Proconsul has been attempting to deceive me.
Why, I cannot say. His conversations have been part of a greater plan
involving the stolen Vulcan ship.
How do you know?
The time the Proconsul set for announcing our peace initiative
is 1400 hours tomorrow. One, four, zero, zero.
Why would they need a Vulcan ship?
That will become clear very shortly.
Capt Picard. Welcome to Romulus.
I trust you've enjoyed your visit.
And this is the android I've come to respect in battle.
Lt Cmdr Data.
How could they know this location? Someone betrayed us!
Yes. You did.
We've been friends for 80 years.
It is the logical conclusion.
You asked me here, you set up meetings with the Proconsul.
You knew Picard and Data had returned to the surface with new information.
The great Spock.
Very well. Senator Pardek,
your service to the Romulan people is noted and appreciated.
Jolan true, Spock.
Do not be distressed. Your dream of reunification is not dead.
But it will take a different form. The Romulan conquest of Vulcan.
Bring them!
First Officer's log, supplemental.
We are at Galorndon Core, near the Neutral Zone.
- Any signs of life? - Negative, Commander.
- They may have a cloaked base. - Or anywhere in the Neutral Zone.
Sir. A coded subspace signal from Romulus. It's the Captain.
"Maintain position at Galorndon Core."
"Diplomatic initiative appears to be succeeding. Will advise."
The message employed the proper coded sequence.
Yeah, I'm sure it did.
Come in, gentlemen. Take a seat, please.
Excuse me, I'm finishing a speech.
For you, Mr. Spock. I enjoy writing. I don't do it often in this job.
Maybe you would be happier in another job.
Feel free to change any words. I've tried to make it sound Vulcan.
A lot of unnecessarily long words.
In a few hours, you will deliver this statement with our proconsul.
It will announce that a peace envoy is on its way from Romulus.
We will transmit it on all Federation frequencies.
Peace envoy. A stolen Vulcan ship.
Three Vulcan ships.
The Enterprise is only aware of the one we stole from Qualor II.
We followed their investigation. It has forced us to make changes.
One of them, a message from you ordering them to stay where they are.
If Vulcan ships enter the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise will intercept.
The Enterprise will be given more important matters.
Meanwhile, Spock will tell his people to welcome the peace envoy.
When they do, our forces will seize control before anyone realizes.
Do you seriously believe the Federation will not intervene?
Of course it will, and we're fully prepared.
But we will be there, entrenched.
And it will be very difficult to get us out once we are.
Reunification will become a fact of life.
I will not read this, or any other statement.
If you do not, you will die, all of you.
Since it is logical to conclude you will kill us in any event,
I choose not to cooperate.
I hate Vulcans. I hate the logic. I hate the arrogance.
Very well.
Computer, holographic program, Spock One.
By using holographic sampling, we have created a programmable Spock.
Run program.
This is Ambassador Spock of Vulcan.
By now, Federation sensors are tracking three Vulcan ships
crossing the Neutral Zone.
These ships carry the future of the Romulan and Vulcan people.
Our long conflict is finally over.
We would prefer an interactive Spock, who could take questions,
- but this will have to suffice. - This will not convince anyone.
I don't need to convince them,
just confuse them long enough to reach Vulcan. End program.
It's time to send our ships on their journey.
Cmdr Data, are they still unaware we have access to their computers?
I believe so.
Perhaps we can find a way to create a diversion.
Sensors are picking up three vessels crossing the Neutral Zone.
- Vulcan ships. - Vulcan?
What's the heading, Mr. Worf?
143, mark 012.
That would put them on a course to Vulcan.
They're in no hurry. They're only moving at warp one.
Worf, signal them on subspace. Request their status.
Geordi, see if it's one of the ships that we've been looking for.
They say they're escorting a peace envoy to Vulcan.
They request we monitor Federation channels.
Spock will make an announcement soon.
- Maybe the talks were successful. - Geordi?
None of the transponder signatures matches the missing ship.
They could have been altered. I'll keep checking.
- Set a course to intercept. - Sir, the Captain's orders...
I know his orders, Lieutenant.
Impossible! There's no way they could have gotten out!
That's far enough.
Stay where you are. Drop your weapons.
- How did you get in here? - Drop your weapons.
Drop your weapons.
Cease fire. Holograms.
I'm afraid I don't know too much about Romulan disruptor settings.
Cowboy diplomacy?
Well done, Mr. Data. Though...
..l don't think you got Cmdr Riker's hair quite right.
I will be more observant in future, sir.
Spock's announcement will be made in minutes.
Our forces will be on Vulcan before you can act.
We've had a priority-one distress call from the colony on Dulisian IV.
A failure of environmental support systems. They'll require evacuation.
Mr. Worf, any other ships in the vicinity of Dulisian IV?
One, sir. An archaeological vessel.
It's not equipped to handle something of this scale.
- Any update on the Vulcan ships? - I checked every sensor display.
If the Romulans altered them, they didn't leave fingerprints.
The ships have entered Federation space, at low warp.
Lay in a new course to Dulisian IV.
Incoming message from Romulus, on all channels.
On screen.
This is Ambassador Spock of Vulcan.
Federation sensors are tracking three Vulcan ships in the Neutral Zone.
These ships carry a Romulan invasion force and must be stopped.
I repeat, these ships carry a Romulan...
Contact Dulisian IV. Confirm the distress call.
I feel it may be a false alarm.
Mr. Worf, how long until we intercept the Vulcan ships?
14 minutes, sir.
Communication terminated, but I am certain the message was sent first.
- Well done, Mr. Data. - You won't get out of here!
I disagree. After studying the designs of this structure,
I determine our best escape route is the underground exit to the east.
I have disconnected certain security scanners to assist us.
We cannot allow you to warn your guards.
Not bad.
Vulcan defences are responding.
The Romulan force is retreating to the Neutral Zone.
They're not taking those ships home!
- Visual range, Commander. - On screen.
Romulan war bird decloaking alongside.
Red alert.
Tell the war bird to withdraw, leaving the Vulcan ships where they are.
The war bird is powering up its disruptor array.
Ready phasers.
There were 2,000 Romulan troops on board those ships.
They destroyed their own invasion force.
Rather than let them be taken prisoner.
Stand down red alert.
Mr. Worf, advise the Klingon ship to signal us
when Capt Picard and Data are on board.
Aye, sir.
This way. Pardek never saw these caves.
- It's safe. They won't find us. - What will you do now?
What we have always done. Continue to teach.
Pass on the ideals to a new generation.
Work for the day when new thoughts may be spoken aloud.
The Federation will welcome that day.
Captain, we must reach our transport site in 14 minutes.
I wish you well.
Thank you, Captain.
Captain, I will not be coming with you.
The reason for my coming here was never more clear.
The union of the Vulcan and Romulan people
will not be achieved by politics or diplomacy, but it will be achieved.
The answer has been here before us all along.
An inexorable evolution toward a Vulcan philosophy has begun.
Like the first Vulcans, these people are struggling toward enlightenment.
It may take decades, even centuries, for them to reach it,
but they will reach it.
And I must help.
I know it is useless to argue with you once your mind is set.
Not at all, Captain. I have found our arguments quite useful.
Almost as useful as those I had with my father.
Would it surprise you to learn that he found them equally valuable?
..you may know Sarek better than his own son does.
My father and I never chose to meld.
I offer you the chance to touch what he shared with me.

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