Captain's log, star date 45376.3.
We are approaching the planet Bilana III,
where a new method of propulsion, the soliton wave, is being developed.
The Enterprise has been asked to take part
in one of the first tests of this new technology.
Data! Data, isn't this exciting?
We are going to witness a moment in history.
Every nanosecond is a moment in history, once it has elapsed.
No, we're gonna see something that people will talk about for years.
Think about it. No more bulky warp engines or nacelles.
A ship just generates a soliton wave and rides it like a surfboard.
It will be like watching Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier,
or Zefram Cochrane engage the first warp drive!
- It should be interesting. - Very exciting.
I'm talking to the wrong crowd. Donaldson! You're an engineer...
Lt Worf, you have a subspace communication
from the transport ship Milan.
Transfer the signal to this station.
Hello, Worf.
I hope you don't mind us dropping in like this,
but when I heard the Enterprise was to be in this sector
we took the first transport and here we are.
Is Father with you?
No, but I brought Alexander with me.
I thought the two of you would like a chance to visit.
Very well, I will arrange for you to come aboard.
So good to see you. You look wonderful.
Is that a touch of grey in your beard?
Don't worry, Rozhenko men have always had beards of iron grey.
Hello, Alexander.
It's good to see you both. How long can you stay?
I'm not going back.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Did you see Alexander's face when he saw the play area?
He'll love it here.
Mother, why does Alexander believe he is remaining?
A Lapsang Souchong tea, please.
- Are you eating? You look thin. - Mother!
When your father was in Starfleet I made sure l...
Mother. We need to talk about Alexander.
Alexander is a fine boy, Worf.
He's smart and high-spirited. Like you were at that age.
Sometimes he runs through the house
and knocks over that green lamp, like you used to.
I don't remember you smiling when I knocked over that lamp.
Well, maybe once, when you weren't looking.
When we heard Alexander was to come to live with us, we were so happy.
The house had been so empty since you left,
we thought here is our chance to fill it with the sound of children again.
But the truth is, Worf,
your father and l, we're getting old.
Mother, you both have many years.
I don't mean we're ready for the grave. Not yet anyway. But...
..we're a little less active.
It's harder for us to keep up with Alexander.
We're ready to be just grandparents.
Alexander needs to be with his father, Worf.
Mother, that is not possible.
- We must find another option. - He needs his father, Worf.
Alexander is... He's having difficulties.
He's disobedient.
Mother, Klingon children are often difficult to control.
I do know something about how Klingon children behave!
It's not just his willful attitude.
He doesn't always tell the truth.
- My son is a liar? - He is a boy, Worf.
Boys sometimes take the wrong path.
They need guidance. He needs a father,
his father, to give him that guidance.
I have to leave soon.
The transport will be leaving for Earth.
You must do what you think is best for him.
That's all a parent can hope to do.
Did you enjoy going to school on Earth?
- Did you like your teachers? - Yes.
I understand you lived in my old room.
Come in.
Lt Worf. Very nice to see you again.
And you must be Alexander.
You'll be coming to school with us.
Well, we're very excited to have you with us.
The other boys and girls will be happy to have a new classmate.
First I need to get some information from you.
Let's start with... your name.
Alexander Rozhenko. That's a tough one.
Maybe you can help me with that. Can you spell your last name for me?
- The teacher asked you a question. - It doesn't matter.
I think I can figure it out. Date of birth?
The 43rd day of Maktag, star date 43205.
Yes. Yes, of course.
I'll get his personal records from the school on Earth.
One last question. How long will he be staying aboard ship?
It has not been decided.
I thought our meeting was scheduled for 1100 hours.
I apologize for being late, Captain, I was detained in school.
I was enrolling my son in class.
I see. Well, as you are aware,
several new security officers will transfer here next week...
Kyle to Lt Worf.
Worf here.
Sorry, but I forgot to mention that we need to arrange
placement examinations for Alexander. If you can...
This is not a good time. I will contact you shortly, Miss Kyle.
Sorry, Captain.
I would like to discuss the specific areas of security...
- Sickbay to Worf. - Yes, Doctor?
I need to schedule a physical examination for Alexander.
- I need his medical records and... - I would rather discuss this later.
- There's no rush. Crusher, out. - Mr. Worf.
You are not the first officer on this ship to have a new family member.
Take care of your son.
The security matters can wait.
Thank you, Captain.
23 field coils working in concert
will generate the soliton wave from this point on the planet's surface.
We will have our test ship towed to a position
approximately two million kilometres from Bilana III.
If our theories are correct,
the wave will envelop the ship and push it into warp.
Warp without warp drive.
- You'll be out of a job, Geordi. - I hope so, Commander.
How closely will we need to follow the test vehicle?
The soliton emits a great deal of subspace radio interference.
You need to be within 20 kilometres in order to receive telemetry.
How will you end the experiment?
The wave will be directed toward Lemma II,
about three light years' distance.
Our sister facility there will create a scattering field
to dissipate the wave and bring the ship out of warp.
I'll send you more detailed operational plans within the hour.
Very well. We'll contact you when we've studied the mission specs.
Worf. I was talking to Mrs. Kyle, the primary-school teacher.
She says you enrolled Alexander in her class.
- Yes. - I'm sure he'll do very well.
- She's a wonderful teacher. - Good.
You know about the father/son field trip?
- Yes. We cannot attend. - Why not?
I have a personnel review scheduled at 1300 hours.
This would be a good opportunity to meet the other students and parents.
I might be able to reschedule the review.
Good. I'll let them know you're coming.
As the value of their horns increased,
the number of white rhinos in the wild kept falling,
until they finally became extinct about two centuries ago.
Now I'll show you a pair of animals we're trying to save from extinction.
Would you follow me?
They're from Corvan II,
where their homes in the rainforests
are threatened by industrial pollutants.
They're called Corvan gilvos.
Well, they're a little shy.
The eating habits of the gilvos
are very similar to those of Earth's Draco lizards,
which died out over 300 years ago.
There are only 14 gilvos left on Corvan II.
We're taking these two to the protected planet Brentalia,
where they should thrive.
Well, why don't you all have a look around on your own for a while?
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Alexander, I'm sorry.
I forgot say the models on the tables were for everyone to play with.
So I guess you didn't know not to take them.
I saw you playing with the lizard model a while ago.
- Do you still have it? - Are you accusing him of stealing?
- Lt Worf I can only tell you... - Alexander.
Did you take the model from the table?
No, sir.
Lieutenant, I saw Alexander put the model inside his jacket.
Lt Worf, personal log, star date 45376. 8.
Alexander has acted shamefully. As his father I must deal with him.
But I find I would rather fight ten Balduk warriors than face one child.
A Klingon's honour is more important to him than his life.
A Klingon would gladly face the most horrible punishment
rather than bring shame or disgrace to his family name.
His word is his bond.
Without it, he is nothing.
Do you understand?
Why did you lie to me?
I don't know.
Did you fear the punishment you would receive?
I don't know.
You don't know why you lied, yet you did!
You don't know why you stole, yet you did!
Alexander, come here.
When I was a child, younger than you,
I lost my parents, my family, my people.
Everything I had was taken from me, except my sense of honour.
It was the one thing I had that was truly Klingon,
which no one could take away.
Do you know who they are?
- Kahless? - And his brother Morath.
They fought for 12 days and 12 nights,
because Morath had broken his word and brought shame to his family.
When you lie or steal, you not only dishonour yourself,
but your family.
You dishonour me.
I'm sorry, Father.
I won't do it ever again, I promise.
I accept your word.
We will not speak of this again.
- Worf! - Counsellor.
I wanted to know how the field trip went yesterday.
- You have not heard? - No. Why?
There was an... incident. Alexander stole a small model,
then told a falsehood. But I have remedied the situation.
May I ask how?
I pointed out his error, told him about Kahless and Morath,
and explained the value of honour. The boy understood.
I see.
Sometimes these things aren't over as quickly as they seem to be.
I can help if you have any more problems.
Thank you, that will not be necessary.
Alexander will not repeat this mistake.
The prototype is in position.
Initiate a radial link to the ship.
Link established. Receiving telemetry now.
Incoming message from Dr Ja'Dar.
On screen.
Captain, we're ready to begin launch sequence.
- Mr. Riker. - All science labs standing by.
- Course laid in, sir. - The Enterprise is ready.
This is Dr Ja'Dar to all stations.
You may begin the launch sequence.
And, Doctor...?
- Good luck. - Thank you, Captain.
Sensors indicate the field generators on the planet are charging.
Soliton wave has been initiated. It's heading for the test ship.
The test ship has successfully entered warp, sir.
Ensign, engage.
Bring us within 20 kilometers of the test ship.
Aye, sir.
Telemetry looks good. Soliton wave is steady.
The test ship is maintaining at warp 2.35, sir.
Faster than anticipated, but well within mission parameters.
We're at 20 kilometers.
Mr. Data, is the wave affecting our warp drive?
No, sir. The effect is localized to two kilometers of the wave front.
What's the power efficiency of the wave?
- Energy transfer is... 98 percent! - 98?
There's less than two-percent energy loss between the wave and the ship.
That is 450 percent more efficient than our warp drive.
Have science lab three begin a series of gamma-emission tests.
Sir, the wave's power signature is fluctuating.
Wave efficiency has dropped to 73 percent.
The test ship's warp field has multiple disruptions.
I'm reading a severe subspace distortion, sir.
It is expanding toward us and interfering with our engines.
I can't compensate for it.
Bring us out of warp. All stop.
Aye, sir. All stop.
Hold on!
Damage report?
Sensors and warp drive are off line. Deflectors down to 15 percent.
- Injuries on deck 27. No fatalities. - What happened?
Readings indicate the craft exploded due to extreme shearing stress.
Incoming message from Bilana III.
On screen.
Captain, are you alright? Was anyone hurt?
We sustained some minor damage. What happened?
The preliminary data indicate a transient power imbalance.
That matches our readings.
We detected a drop in transfer efficiency just before the explosion.
Are you still tracking the wave?
No, our sensor array was damaged. We'll repair it soon.
We'll contact you when the sensors are back on line.
You did it. Warp without warp drive. For a while it was something to see.
Well, I hope you're here to see it next time we try, Mr. La Forge.
So do l, Doctor.
I apologize. I was detained.
It's quite alright. Please, sit down.
Thank you.
Lieutenant, your son is a very bright,
very spirited young man.
From his test scores, I'm sure he'll be one of my best students.
However, from his behaviour in class so far,
I do have some concerns.
What sort of concerns?
Frankly, he's defiant,
he's overly aggressive toward the other students
and he has difficulty paying attention.
Perhaps you do not have experience dealing with Klingon children.
They require a firm hand.
And he seems to still have difficulty telling the truth.
He takes toys from other students and then denies taking them.
He acts like a bully and then says someone else started the fight.
And he's bluntly told me you said Klingons do not listen to teachers.
- I did not tell him that. - No, of course not.
He's acting on his internal feelings
and then making up stories to explain them.
It might be a good idea for you both to sit down with Counsellor Troi...
Computer, where is Alexander Rozhenko?
Alexander Rozhenko is on holodeck four.
- I think we should... - I will handle this.
Computer, what program is running?
Callisthenics program of Lt Worf. Difficulty level, novice.
Computer, freeze program.
Did you see it, Father? I won!
Yes, I saw. Why are you here?
I'm training.
You did not ask permission to take my bat'leth, or to use the holodeck.
But you wanted me to be a warrior.
I also said I wanted you to obey your teachers and keep your promise to me.
Ms Kyle told me about your behaviour, about your lies.
- I have not lied! - Do not continue...
She's lying. She hates me! She makes up stories about me!
I will not listen to more lies.
Return to our quarters.
You said we could go see the gilvos.
Not now. Not after you have broken your word.
- You promised. You said we could. - Enough!
It is now clear to me that I failed in my duties as your father.
You have no understanding about what it means to be Klingon.
I will arrange for you to attend a Klingon school,
to learn the lessons I failed to teach you.
No, I won't go!
Would you further dishonour our family with your disobedience?
No, sir.
You will go to our quarters and remain there until I return.
What's your estimate on the engines, Geordi?
I need another hour. I still have to replace three power couplings.
- Understood. - Sir, sensors are coming on line.
Good. Begin a sensor sweep for the soliton wave.
Aye, sir.
The wave is continuing on a course to the Lemma Il colony.
It is bearing 020, mark 329.
Open a channel back here to Dr Ja'Dar.
Sir, the wave has increased in velocity to warp 4.1.
Doctor, the soliton wave is still on course to Lemma II.
However, the velocity has increased to warp 4.1.
Have you checked the subspace... ?
Sir, the energy level of the wave has increased by a factor of 12.
It will increase by a factor of 200 by the time it reaches Lemma II.
- Can we still dissipate the wave? - At that energy level,
it will destroy the colony and take most of the planet with it.
Are you sure this is what you want?
It is not a question of what I want,
but of what is best for the boy. He will do better in Klingon school.
Did you discuss it with him?
He is a child. I informed him of my decision.
I see.
You disapprove?
I'm not here to approve or disapprove of the way you raise your son.
My concern is how this decision will affect you.
How will you feel when Alexander's gone?
I will be pleased that he is receiving the guidance he requires.
Is that how you felt when he left to live with your parents?
That was different.
At the time, I felt he needed a home, a family.
Things I could not provide for him.
I understand.
The idea of raising a child can seem a tremendous burden,
especially to a solitary parent.
He was no burden.
I simply knew that a Klingon child required
more... attention than I could provide.
I see.
Have you ever wondered how Alexander felt about being sent away?
He was... very young.
I am sure that he was confused.
Do you think he felt abandoned?
After all, he left very soon after K'Ehleyr's death.
In a way, he not only lost his mother,
he lost his father as well.
Are you saying that his misconduct is a result of feeling abandoned?
It's possible.
Children don't have the experience to handle emotional crises.
Instead of dealing with their feelings, they act on them.
Tell me about the last time you spoke with K'Ehleyr. The night she died.
- We argued. - About what?
Alexander. About how she did not tell me about him when he was born.
So you were angry with her?
- Yes. - Are you still angry with her?
Of course not.
It would be very normal to be angry with her.
Angry because she died and left you with a son you never knew you had.
Being angry doesn't mean you loved her any less, Worf.
But you can't hide from your feelings.
Just as Alexander can't hide from his.
You both have a lot of healing to do.
Perhaps you should think about doing it together.
- Alexander. - I'm almost done.
- Stop for a moment. Let us talk. - Why?
I want you to understand why you are going away.
I understand. You're ashamed of me.
You do not understand. I am concerned about your future.
A Klingon school will be a better environment.
You don't care about me!
- That is not true! - You only care about your honour.
Alex... !
If your mother were here, I doubt she would want us to fight.
My mother wouldn't send me away!
Lt Worf, please report to the observation lounge.
Acknowledged. Remain here. I will return shortly.
The soliton wave has continued to increase in...
Excuse me.
It is increasing in power. Its energy level has risen by a factor of 96.
At that rate, it should hit the planet in a couple of hours.
How do we stop it?
There are two possibilities.
We could use our own engines to generate an inverse-resonance wave.
If we match the frequency and amplitude of the soliton,
we should be able to neutralize it.
You don't sound very confident.
Because the soliton keeps changing frequency and amplitude,
it would be difficult to achieve an exact match.
Let's hear the second option.
It's more dangerous, but there's a better chance of success.
We could create a backfire,
an explosive force set off just in front of the wave.
A large enough explosion, say, five photon torpedoes,
should disrupt it and allow it to dissipate.
How fast is the wave travelling now?
Warp 6.37, sir.
We can catch it,
but to set up the backfire, we have to be in front of it.
Which means going through the wave.
Why not around it?
The wave has grown in size as well as power.
There is no time to circumvent it before it reaches Lemma II.
How much protection will the shields provide if we penetrate it?
The shields are not fully restored.
Shield strength is down to 33 percent.
- It's going to be quite a ride. - It's a better choice.
Lay in a course for the soliton wave.
After we pass through the wave, take us 23 kilometres in front of it.
Aye, sir.
Alert sickbay to possible casualties.
The wave has increased speed to warp 7.2.
Ensign, take us to warp 7.21.
We're approaching the wave. Distance 200 kilometres.
Let's see it.
Stand by to increase speed to warp 7.3. On my mark.
Red alert. Load torpedoes. Set warhead yield to level 16.
Aye, sir.
All decks, this is the bridge. Brace for impact.
Torpedoes loaded.
- Report. - We are through the wave, Captain.
We've dropped to warp 7.2. The wave is directly astern, 23 kilometres.
Deflector strength is down to 12 percent.
There are fluctuation in warp-transfer conduits.
Tractor beams and transporters off line.
We have some gaps in the aft shields.
When the torpedoes explode, ion radiation will flood these areas.
We need to evacuate sections 24 to 47, decks 35 to 38.
Make it so.
Sir, there's a fire in boilable four.
The fire-suppression apparatus is out.
- Seal off that compartment. - There are life forms in that lab.
We're transporting endangered animals.
Readings also indicate a humanoid.
Computer, identify humanoid life form in lab four.
Life form is identified as Alexander Rozhenko.
Bridge to biolab four. Alexander, can you hear us?
- He is alive. He may be injured. - Can we transport him out?
Transporters are still off line.
Power is dropping. We're losing speed.
Geordi, what's going on?
We lost four warp-transfer conduits.
The wave is gaining. We need more speed!
I can't keep this speed up.
Fire the torpedoes while we're still in front of the wave.
- When will the wave overtake us? - Four minutes, 30 seconds, sir.
- Permission to leave the bridge? - Granted. Commander, go with him.
Captain, biolab four will be flooded with ion radiation.
Commander. That wave can't hit the colony.
You have three minutes, not one second more.
Primary control's shorted out.
Stand clear!
- Alexander! - Alexander! Can you hear me?
The soliton wave has closed to ten kilometres.
Ready with torpedoes at my command.
Commander, I've found him!
- Where are you, Worf? - Over here.
Help me.
It's too heavy. I'll find something to help us.
Father... !
- Lie still. I am here. - My leg hurts. I'm scared.
- The gilvos! - There's no time.
Please, they'll die!
The wave is one kilometer, Captain.
Picard to Cmdr Riker.
Bridge to Lt Worf. Acknowledge.
The wave is about to overtake us.
Cmdr Riker, acknowledge!
Fire torpedoes.
The wave has been disrupted, sir.
Picard to Riker.
Riker here, Captain.
We made it, sir. The boy's gonna be alright.
You're a very lucky boy.
Some minor smoke inhalation and a hairline fracture of the tibia.
That's a bone in your leg.
I'll keep him here overnight, but he'll be fine by tomorrow.
Thank you, Doctor.
Are you going to get in trouble because of me?
Do not concern yourself with that.
Am I in trouble?
But we will discuss that later.
I'm sorry.
I promise I'll be good at the Klingon school. I'll make you proud of me.
Klingon schools are designed to be difficult.
The physical and mental hardships faced by the students
are meant to build character and strength.
..if you wish to face a greater challenge,
you may stay here with me.
It will not be easy...
..for either of us.
But perhaps we can face the challenge together.
I accept your challenge, Father. I will stay.
I believe your mother would be pleased.

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