Captain's log, star date 45429.3.
While on a mapping survey, we are conveying Ullians to Kaldra IV.
These telepathic historians
conduct their research by retrieving long-forgotten memories.
It's a chipped cup, off-white, with a crack in it.
I can see it, but I don't remember more about it.
When you see it, do you hear any sounds?
No, I don't think so.
- Someone's humming. - A woman?
Yes, but I don't know who it is.
Try to touch the cup.
It has a sharp edge where it's chipped.
Is there anything inside the cup?
A liquid, dark.
Like tea?
It's not hot.
- It's bitter. - There's something else in the cup.
- Yes! A wooden handle. - A spoon?
No, it's more delicate than that.
Reach out for it.
A brush!
An ink brush.
I hear that humming again.
Keep listening to it, and hold out the brush.
See if anyone takes it from you.
It's Obaachan!
My grandmother!
She's doing ink brush writing.
I can remember it now. She used that cup for cleaning the brushes.
It was my job to fill it with water and bring it to the table.
I'd sit and watch the most beautiful characters come from that brush.
The whole time she'd hum to herself.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
That is remarkable, you remembered such vivid details.
For years, I've seen that cup in my memory,
but I could never remember what it was or why it was important.
- Thank you. - You're welcome, young lady.
Perhaps someone else would care to try? You, madam?
You're thinking about that first childhood kiss.
Would you like to remember more about it?
Father, you mustn't probe someone's memory without permission.
You are right.
But sometimes, with a beautiful woman, I cannot help myself.
How about you? Any memories you feel like digging up?
- None I'd share with an audience. - It's late. I'd better go.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
to seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
It is perplexing that the Ullians' ability
to retrieve memory is highly prized.
If an event were important enough, why would it have been forgotten?
It's not the same for us as it is for you.
You record every second of your life.
That is correct.
If you want to recall any moment, you access the proper memory circuit.
My understanding suggests the process is the same for you.
Each memory is encoded in chains of molecules.
To retrieve it, you simply access the proper RNA sequence.
Yeah, that's true.
Then, in what way is it different?
Sometimes, there are memories we just can't access
at the spur of the moment.
For instance, I have no recollection of how I spent my last birthday.
Birthdays are important. I should remember how I spent the day.
But, right now, I can't even remember where I was.
Deck two.
On the other hand, I remember my first pet. A Circassian cat.
I was eight. I remember how funny-looking he was.
I remember how excited I was. It was as if it happened yesterday.
Perhaps you forget the unpleasant memories.
No, sometimes, bad memories are the most intense of all.
It would seem there is no predictable pattern to human memory.
It would seem.
This library of ours has been in the planning stages for years.
The retrieved memories of races from many different star systems.
What my son means to say
is we think of ourselves as archaeologists of the mind.
The history of a world is contained
in the personal experience of its people.
Like ancient oral historians on Earth.
Exactly. The library we propose
will be a vast storehouse of these individual memories.
That's quite a project.
How long will your Kaldra studies take?
Many months. We've been working for years.
We've surveyed only 11 planets in eight star systems.
It's our way of life. We wouldn't want to do anything else.
Captain, Mr. Tarmin gave a demonstration of his abilities today.
It's fascinating. Perhaps you would like to resurrect some memories.
I'd be happy to probe your recollections.
Most people find it an enjoyable experience.
I'm sure. However, I don't think I'd make a particularly good subject.
I'm sure you'd be ideal, and you must have some intriguing memories.
We won't be on your ship for long. This may be your last chance.
Tarmin, we mustn't influence people.
We must let them come to us willingly.
I have found over the years
there are many who want the experience of memory retrieval,
but lack encouragement to come forward.
You, Mr. Worf. I would love to explore Klingon memories.
Klingons do not allow themselves to be probed.
- There is nothing to fear. - Father.
I am not fearful.
- Cmdr La Forge, you? - I don't think so. Thanks, anyway.
I have rarely encountered such squeamish people.
Dr Crusher? Cmdr Riker?
Mr. Tarmin, are all Ullians able to read memories?
No, my dear. The technique requires special training.
- It is a serious commitment. - It takes years of study.
Tarmin is the most proficient of our group.
Once, Jev spent two days with a contingent of elderly Gentons.
He couldn't get anything from them. I spent an hour with them
and retrieved a fragment from the Gentonian trade wars.
Excuse me.
Exactly how long will it be before we get to Kaldra, Captain?
- Mr. Data? - Four days, 11 hours.
I'm sorry. I'm being rude.
No, not at all.
My father finds it amusing to demean me in public.
I reach the point where I don't want to hear any more.
It's not easy having an overbearing parent.
Believe me, I know how you feel.
- That's right, you're an empath. - I can't read Ullians.
But I do know a certain Betazoid mother
who is a great deal like your father.
- Deck eight. - Deck 16.
I've learned to remind myself that my mother and I
are two separate individuals.
And have you enjoyed much success with this approach, Counsellor?
No. But I do keep reminding myself.
- Goodnight. - Goodnight, Counsellor.
And thank you.
Have you stopped thinking about us?
Hot chocolate.
Imzadi, we can't.
Not when we're serving on the same ship.
Have you stopped thinking about us? Just answer that.
- I can't stop thinking about you. - Will, don't.
"Imzadi", we can't.
Not when we're serving on the same ship.
Have you stopped thinking about us?
We mustn't do this.
Will, don't!
Will! No!
Have you stopped thinking about us? Just answer that.
- Don't! - I can't stop thinking about you.
- Have you stopped thinking about us? - No!
Captain's log, star date 45430.9.
Counsellor Troi has fallen into a deep coma.
Dr Crusher has been unable to find signs of illness or infection.
- Any change, Dr Martin? - No.
I'm still getting unusual neural-transmitter readings,
but they might be a result of the coma.
- Can you bring her out? - I've tried revival techniques.
She doesn't respond.
Until I find the cause, I don't want to try anything extreme.
Do you know what she was doing?
No. She was found this morning when she missed an appointment.
She was dressed for bed, but it hadn't been slept in.
Who was the last person to see her?
She left the dinner with a Ullian. I'll talk to him.
Ask if they would consent to an examination, just to be certain.
I'll check the readings from the Ullian transporter log.
They could still be carrying a harmful organism.
- May I join you? - Commander.
- Of course. Something's wrong? - Counsellor Troi's ill.
- Sorry to hear it. - More than ill, she's in a coma.
Dr Crusher doesn't know how to treat her.
- When did this happen? - Apparently, some time last night.
That's why I wanted to talk to you. You were the last person to see her.
Did you go with her into her quarters?
Are you suggesting that I behaved improperly?
Not at all. I'm just trying to trace her steps.
We talked in a turbo lift briefly.
She got out at deck eight. I did not go with her.
Jev, I'm not accusing you of anything.
- Did she mention feeling ill? - She seemed fine.
She has a wonderful sense of humour.
If you have no objections, Dr Crusher wants to examine you and your group.
To what end?
To eliminate the possibility that you carry an organism
that was harmful to Deanna.
I'm not implying that you did anything intentional,
I'm just trying to solve the mystery.
We have nothing to hide. If you wish to examine us...
Fine. Thank you.
Deanna, I don't know if you can hear me.
I've heard doctors say that even when someone's in a coma,
they may be able to hear when people talk to them.
That it might help stimulate the brain, speed a healing.
I think you did that for me once, when I was in pretty bad shape.
I just thought it might help to hear a friendly voice,...
..even if you don't know you're hearing it.
We've been busy mapping the sector.
It's been pretty routine.
The most unusual thing we've seen is a binary star system.
Let's see, what else...?
We finished the personnel review that we were working on.
You can check it out when you wake up.
I miss you. Please don't stay away too long.
I promise I'll let you know the minute she regains consciousness.
I know.
There's nothing you can do here. You'll wear yourself out.
It's late. Go to bed.
That's an order.
Keller is still in there!
Let's move it!
Let's go!
Everybody move! Out!
Come on! Keep moving!
Commander! I need to bring that door down!
..breach. Evacuate immediately.
Keller, can you get to a Jefferies tube?
- Ensign Keller, answer me! - You killed her!
Keller is still in there!
Radiation levels are critical.
- We've got to seal it off. - She was right behind me.
Bring down the door.
- Keep moving. - Commander.
I need to bring that door down.
- Out! Let's go! - Keller is still in there!
Keller is still in there.
Riker to transporter room three.
Prepare to beam Ensign Keller out.
Keller is still in there!
You killed her!
Ensign Keller, answer me.
You killed her.
I've got to get that isolation door down.
Keller is still in there!
- Bring down the door! - You killed her.
- You killed her. - I need that door down.
- You killed her. - What's going on?
Bridge to Cmdr Riker.
Picard to Cmdr Riker. Answer, please.
- Computer, locate Cmdr Riker. - Cmdr Riker is in his quarters.
On my way, sir.
Medical log, star date 45431. 7.
Cmdr Riker is the second officer to fall into an unexplained coma.
I've ruled out the possibility that the Ullians carry an organism.
I compared Deanna's brain scan to her last physical. There is a difference.
This time there's a trace of electropathic activity.
- And Cmdr Riker? - The same pattern.
If I didn't know better, I'd say Iresine Syndrome.
That's the only thing that would produce that pattern.
What is Iresine Syndrome?
A rare neurological disorder first diagnosed in the 23rd century.
It's characterized by an electropathic residue.
Why discount the possibility that it's responsible?
It's always accompanied by a severely decreased histamine count.
Will and Deanna show normal levels.
I've asked Cmdr La Forge to conduct a diagnostic
to determine any other agent that might cause the same pattern.
Cmdr Riker and Counsellor Troi
were in perfect health until the Ullians arrived.
It would be wise to quarantine the aliens.
I believe it would be premature to take that action.
There's no real evidence linking these comas with the Ullians.
But there is something curious.
The residue I discovered is located in the thalamus,
the area of the cerebral cortex that involves memory function.
I've been accused of putting people to sleep with one too many stories.
But it's the first time it's been suggested that I caused a coma.
I mean no disrespect, but we are faced with an alarming situation.
Why do you suspect us, Captain?
Suspect is too strong a word.
I'm simply trying to determine what has caused my officers' comas.
But you've already examined us. We aren't carrying anything harmful.
Studying the victims, I detected abnormal patterns
in the area of the brain involving memory.
In the light of your telepathic abilities, it raises the question.
It is not our wish to obstruct you. What would you like?
If I could do some further examinations tomorrow,
perhaps monitor you during a memory probe.
Scrutiny does not frighten us.
We will be happy to cooperate, Doctor.
Thank you. I'll contact you in the morning.
You're the only person to undergo a memory probe by the Ullians,
I'd like to see if I can detect any residual effect.
Dr Martin will monitor your signs while I conduct the scan.
I'm happy to help.
Have you noticed any unusual symptoms since the probe?
Headaches? Dizziness?
No, nothing like that. It was a wonderful experience.
Electrical activity is normal.
CPK levels are normal. Hippocampus is stable.
And the thalamus...
The thalamus is normal.
There is no indication of any electropathic residual.
- Is that good? - You're fine, Keiko.
But I am no closer to solving this mystery.
Computer, locate the electropathic pattern
described in medical database four-delta-one.
Electropathic pattern located.
OK, we're going to track down
any possible cause of that brain pattern.
What medical conditions might account for it?
Iresine Syndrome is a cause of the electropathic pattern.
Right. Dr Crusher already eliminated that.
How many non-medical forces or substances might cause the pattern?
There are 22 non-medical agents.
OK. And how many of those are present on the Enterprise?
None are present on the Enterprise.
Are the sensors calibrated to detect all those agents?
All agents are scanned by the sensors.
Let's start with the chemical substances. Name them.
Ferrazene, hylanatine, dardilion, chrysimite and manzene.
Ferrazene has a complex structure.
It breaks down into bilenium and tarrisite.
- Do the sensors scan for those? - Sensors scan for both compounds.
And are they present on board?
Bilenium and tarrisite are not present.
Do any break down into by-products that are not scanned for?
Dardilion contains the by-product nilizene.
Sensors do not routinely scan for that substance.
Well, this isn't a routine situation. Scan for the nilizene.
There is no nilizene on the Enterprise.
How did I know you were gonna say that?
OK, let's move on to the non-chemical agents.
Anything more I can do for you?
No, thanks. I was just reading about the Iresine Syndrome.
A new strain might explain the normal histamine counts.
- Any luck? - Not so far.
OK. I'll see you tomorrow.
You shouldn't remember him like this.
You don't have to do this.
It's important to me. I have to see him.
- It's good of you to come. - It's the least I can do.
You shouldn't remember him like this.
I have to face the fact that he's gone.
You shouldn't remember him like this.
- It's good of you to come with me. - It's the least I can do.
You shouldn't remember him like this.
It's the least I can do.
I spent two hours chatting with the computer.
I've checked everything.
Anything that might cause that electropathic pattern.
- I assume you were unsuccessful? - Didn't find a thing.
Dr Crusher's not going to be too happy with...
Emergency Medical team to Dr Crusher's office immediately.
Dr Crusher had me working on a diagnostic.
I'd gone to give her the results.
- Did the scans provide any insights? - None.
I cross-checked, they're just dead ends.
We've eliminated all known factors
which may have caused the comas except for the Ullians.
Mr. Data, investigate those 11 planets that the Ullians visited.
See if there were any reports of comas.
Aye, sir.
In the meantime, we must consider restricting them to their quarters,
as a precautionary measure.
Will confining telepaths prevent it from happening again?
What else can we do? Station a guard? Set up a force field?
They won't be any more effective.
- Sickbay to Capt Picard. - Picard here.
Counsellor Troi has regained consciousness. She's asked for you.
I'm on my way.
It's like waking up from a nightmare and not remembering any of it.
What is the last thing you do remember?
My hair. I was brushing my hair.
And then?
I don't know. Just waking up here.
Why do I feel so frightened? What happened to me?
We were hoping that you could tell us.
- How long have I been here? - Three days.
Three days?
You were the first. The next day Cmdr Riker fell into a similar coma.
- Last night, Dr Crusher. - What is going on here?
We're not certain. It may be that there is some unusual effect
produced by the Ullians' telepathic activity.
I'm going to talk to them. You're to stay here and recuperate.
But if you remember anything about what happened,
I want you to tell me immediately.
What are you suggesting?
That you confine yourself to your quarters,
until we have unravelled this mystery.
- We're to be prisoners? - Father.
No, please, don't look on it like that.
We have done everything we can to explain these comas.
Physical examinations, neurological scans.
We have conducted a ship-wide diagnostic
looking for viruses, parasites, infestations.
We have investigated every cause we can imagine and found nothing,
nothing to explain these comas.
The only variable that we have not been able to eliminate
is your presence here on this ship.
Now, in the light of our actions,
we would ask you to understand my request and to agree to it.
Our history indicates
that we do not adversely affect the people we contact.
I know that.
Then, are you implying an intentional assault?
I'm simply considering all possibilities.
Surely you'd give us the chance to prove we're innocent?
If that's possible, of course.
Well, then I would propose doing a memory probe of Counsellor Troi.
You say she doesn't remember anything that happened
before she lapsed into unconsciousness.
I could retrieve that memory.
There is a possibility
that it could explain the coma and prove our innocence.
I'm sorry. I couldn't possibly subject Counsellor Troi
to a potentially dangerous procedure.
And I refuse to be a party to any of these proceedings.
Jev is making a reasonable request.
If we're to be accused, surely we're entitled to a defence?
Tarmin did a memory probe on another of your crew.
Has she suffered any ill effects?
- No. - And neither will Counsellor Troi.
Please, you may have as many people there
as you need to guarantee her safety.
But give us this chance to vindicate ourselves.
I will discuss the matter with Counsellor Troi.
Well, that's it for Melina II.
No unexplained comas during the time the Ullians were working there.
We have yet to receive word from two planets in the Nel system.
- They may have different results. - Maybe.
And maybe we're not checking for the right thing.
Please clarify.
We haven't looked at the comas that were explained.
Why would we do that?
Remember Dr Crusher saying, after Troi became unconscious,
that it looked like Iresine Syndrome except for the histamine count.
Maybe not every medical facility is as careful as Dr Crusher.
Maybe it's easier to just make a quick diagnosis
rather than keep hunting for the real cause.
You are searching for Iresine Syndrome?
Right. And correlating them with visits by the Ullians. And...
- And there we are. - Two cases on Hurada III
at exactly the time Tarmin and his group were there.
Check the other planets. We may have something here.
I want to reiterate, if you have any doubts at all,
you don't have to go through with it.
I want to do it, Captain.
Something awful happened to me and I don't even know what it was.
Very well.
What's the last thing you remember about the other night?
- Brushing my hair. - Would you get your hairbrush?
Brushing your hair, do you do it every night?
Yes, when I'm ready for bed.
What is it?
- Someone's touching my hair. - Someone's with you in the room?
No. No, I'm alone. There's no one there.
Go on.
I get some hot chocolate.
Something's happening.
I'm alone in my quarters.
I'm remembering something from a few years ago.
Go back into that memory.
You said someone was touching your hair?
Yes. And...
It's Will Riker. That's right, I was thinking of him.
Remembering a time when you were with him.
- Yes, after a poker game. - It's pleasant. Stay with it.
Now he's hurting me!
You're frightened.
I want him to stop!
It's not Will! Somebody's taken his place!
Someone else? Who is it?
He shouldn't be here! Why is he here?
- Stop! You're hurting me! - Can you see his face?
No! Stop!
- You're hurting me! - Who is it?
Who is doing this to you?
It's Tarmin.
It's your father.
Captain's log, star date 45433.2.
We have set a course for Star base 440,
where the Ullians will disembark and return home.
Inad and I have contacted our home planet.
If you want to prosecute my father, the authorities will support you.
I'm not sure we have any legal basis for such a prosecution.
Memory invasion is simply not a crime we've ever had to contend with.
I've learned it's a practice abolished on our world centuries ago.
What could motivate someone like your father to commit such an act?
I don't know. A perverse source of pleasure, perhaps?
A way to exercise control over another?
Your father claims, quite strenuously, that he's innocent.
My father has never been one to admit that he's wrong.
But it is difficult to believe he'd be capable of this.
I am told that the punishment for this crime is quite severe.
We are monitoring my father's telepathic activities.
You have my assurance he won't assault anyone else.
I am sorry for this, Captain.
- Picard to Cmdr Data. - Yes, Captain.
How's your search?
We have uncovered several cases, but the investigation is incomplete.
Inform the medics on those planets
that we have discovered the true nature of the comas.
They'll appreciate knowing what happened.
Yes, sir. We will keep searching.
We just got the transmission from the Nel system.
No Iresine Syndrome, but two unexplained comas on one planet,
- none on the other. - And were the Ullians present?
Checking the mission logs.
That's funny. On star dates 45321 and 45323, when the comas occurred,
Tarmin was on his home planet.
He wasn't anywhere near the Nel system.
Come in.
- Hello, Jev. - We'll reach star base soon.
I wanted to say goodbye and to apologize again for my father.
There's no need. You're not responsible for what he did.
Before all this happened, I had hoped we might become friends.
- We still can. - After what he's put you through?
Maybe you can forget. I'm not sure I can.
You're so lovely.
I have to go. Goodbye.
You're upset. Would you like to talk?
- No. - You'd feel better if you did.
Why do you have to be so nice?
So lovely?
What's happening?
It's happening again.
You're so beautiful.
So fragile.
It was you. It was always you.
- Have you stopped thinking about us? - No!
I won't let you!
- Are you alright? - Yes.
Why are you here? How did you know?
We discovered two unexplained comas on Nel Ill
while the Ullians were there, but Tarmin was not present.
Examination revealed that only one Ullian was present
for all incidents of coma. Jev.
Captain's log, star date 45435. 8. Dr Crusher and Cmdr Riker
regained consciousness en route to the Ullian Homeworld.
The slow process of their recovery has begun.
I have asked that our finest physicians
meet with you all upon our return to help you in your healing process.
They've been in contact with us already. Thank you.
It's three centuries since we treated anyone for this,...
..this form of rape.
But there are medical records from that era.
It was a time of great violence for my people.
A time we thought we had put far behind us.
That this could happen now, it's unimaginable.
Earth was once a violent planet, too.
At times, the chaos threatened the fabric of life,
but, like you, we evolved.
We found better ways to handle our conflicts.
But, I think no one can deny
that the seed of violence remains within each of us.
We must recognize that,
because that violence is capable of consuming each of us.
As it consumed your son.

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