Captain's log, stardate 46071.6.
We have been called to aid a transport ship
attacked near Rekag-Seronia.
Hostilities between two factions on that planet have intensified,
threatening an important Federation shipping route.
Captain, sensors have located the transport ship.
Two Rekag battle cruisers are flanking it.
Red alert. Shields up.
Phasers on line. Torpedoes ready.
Is the transport still under attack?
The cruisers' weapons are powered up.
The Rekag ships are heading out of range.
They won't take us on.
- We're within visual range. - On screen.
Sensors indicate damage to the Dorian subspace emitter.
- Audio communication only. - Open a channel, Mr. Worf.
Aye, sir.
This is Capt Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise.
Capt Talmadge of the Dorian. I'm glad you're here.
We took shield damage from the Rekag ships, but we're intact.
Do you have any injuries? Can we assist you in any way?
No injuries. I'd like to transport two passengers to your ship.
Of course.
We're conveying a mediator to Seronia.
He's the reason they fired on us.
Captain, I'm losing you.
Beam your passengers on board.
See to their needs then escort them to my ready room.
Yes, Captain.
Cancel red alert. Mr. Worf, take the weapons off line.
- I'm Counsellor Deanna Troi. - Ambassador Ves Alkar.
And my mother, Sev Maylor.
Counsellor, it's imperative that I speak to the Captain.
You think he's attracted to you.
But he isn't. You offer him nothing.
She hasn't been well. Could she be taken to quarters?
Of course. Chief. I'll take you to Capt Picard.
Mother, go with her.
Don't pursue him. I won't have it. I'll stop you.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
I am grateful for the Federation's offer to escort me.
But if I arrive on Rekag-Seronia on board the Enterprise,
the armed flagship of Starfleet,
my mission as negotiator of peace will be compromised.
There must be a Federation transport ship somewhere that could take me.
With all due respect.
Admiral, to put the Ambassador on another unarmed transport
would invite a second assault.
I believe the attack was an isolated incident, nothing more.
Ambassador Alkar.
The dispute has threatened Federation ships for many months.
We are grateful that you undertook this mission
and you have our support.
Thank you, sir.
However, we recognize that safety is an issue,
not just yours, but the crew that escorts you.
To send you on an unarmed transport puts everyone at risk.
I think it best to proceed to Rekag-Seronia on the Enterprise.
Then I have no choice.
Once you get there, you can conduct negotiations as you see fit.
Until then you'll be in good hands with Capt Picard.
I understand, sir.
Good luck and a successful journey.
- Picard to Riker. - Yes, sir.
- Set a course for Seronia. - Aye, sir.
That is all for today.
There will be another class tomorrow at 0700 hours.
The skills are demanding. You're very disciplined.
I believe in a strong connection between body and mind.
You share the same convictions.
Yes, I do, only sometimes my body has a problem
conforming to my mind's wishes.
I imagine that your self-discipline helps your work.
I don't know about that.
I think maybe my biggest asset is patience.
I let everyone talk until they're exhausted
and when I start, they're too tired to argue.
You'll need all your patience in Seronia.
I can't imagine how you'll get the sides talking.
Neither can I.
I won't know that until we get there.
I tend to feel my way through a situation.
Deck nine.
If I were empathic like you, I'd have a real advantage.
I thought Lumerians were empathic.
Only with each other, not other species.
So, I don't have any idea what you might be feeling just now.
Curiosity. What I sense from you is very unusual.
Calmness, serenity, tranquillity.
You embody the qualities that you hope to draw out in others.
Tell me, have you ever been involved in diplomatic negotiations?
Several times with Capt Picard.
There are instances when having an empath along is helpful.
I'm sure. I could use some of that help.
Would you come with me to Seronia?
If the Captain authorizes it, of course.
Good. I hope to see you again.
You're late.
Mother, I told you that I'd be gone for over an hour.
You're late because of her.
Have you mated with him yet?
- What? - That's what you want.
Mother. Please, come in.
I can always tell. The ones with a certain look in their eye.
- I'd better go. - I'll tell you this.
If you do, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
Mother, come in, please. You should lie down.
Come in.
Hi. It's that time again.
The dreaded crew-evaluation reports.
Does it have to be today?
It's not going to be any easier tomorrow.
It might.
What's wrong?
I've just had a disturbing encounter with Alkar's mother.
She frightens me.
The feelings I sense from her are malevolent.
They're out of proportion. They're evil.
I know she's been sick. She's very old. She's probably senile.
We could all end up that way.
You're right.
Let's get through these and when we're done,
I'm going to reward myself with two ice-cream sundaes.
First, molecular biology. Lt Jeffrey Fratis.
- Worf to Cmdr Riker. - Go ahead.
Can you report to Ambassador Alkar's quarters? There is an emergency.
We're on our way.
40cc inaprovaline.
I'm sorry, Ambassador.
She was ill. I never should have brought her along.
She was 93. She'd lived a long life.
I should be grateful for that.
Alkar, is there anything I can do?
Counsellor, there's a funeral meditation.
Part of our rituals.
As an empath, you're the only person who could perform it with me.
I'll be glad to help.
This meditation is one of our most sacred ceremonies.
Hold the stone like this.
Say after me.
- An end to grief. - An end to grief.
- An end to pain. - An end to pain.
- Strength comes from love. - Strength comes from love.
And courage from wisdom.
And courage from wisdom.
Thank you.
Computer, today's appointment calendar.
0900 hours, counselling session with Ensign Janeway.
1000 hours, counselling session...
Cancel them. Cancel everything till after lunch.
You wanted to see me?
Yes, Captain. Sorry, but I'm a little concerned.
I can't determine the cause of death.
She was elderly. Alkar said she had been ill.
But I found no evidence of any disease.
I did find abnormally high levels
of neurotransmitter residue in her cerebral cortex.
What are you suggesting?
I'd like to do an autopsy.
I've spoken to Alkar and he informs me that custom forbids it.
Could you speak with him?
You suspect that her death poses a threat to the Enterprise?
Then we have no alternative but to concur with his wishes.
Come in, please.
I thought you might like some company, if you're not too busy.
Nothing that can't wait.
Would you like something to drink?
I'd like you to talk to me.
About you.
I don't know anything about you.
And I'd like to.
There's very little to know. I lead a very simple life.
What kind of woman do you find attractive?
Do you find me attractive?
And when you find someone attractive, what do you usually do?
That depends on a lot of things.
Is it really so complicated?
It can be.
Well, perhaps you over think things.
I'm sorry.
If I led you to believe...
You are very beautiful.
But our relationship can't be like that.
Deck four.
We were supposed to finish the evaluation reports.
Of course. Come in.
- Sir. - As you were.
Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. I was just leaving.
If there's anything else I need, I know where to find you.
Yes, ma'am.
Are you bothered by his being here?
- Of course not. - Good. It's none of your business.
I know that.
I believe we were with Lt Fratis and molecular biology.
Why do I think you're upset?
I don't know. Could we just continue with the evaluation?
Will, remember who you're talking to.
You are bothered, I can tell.
Deanna, I'm sorry I intruded.
When you're ready to work, give me a call.
I will.
Captain's log, stardate 46073.6.
We have arrived without incident at Rekag-Seronia
where two members of Alkar's delegation have been waiting.
They have joined us to report on the situation in the capital city.
Things have deteriorated.
Rekag sympathizers in outlying districts have attacked towns.
I understood there was a ceasefire.
It was broken. A Rekag shuttle strayed into Seronian space
and was destroyed by fighter craft.
The Rekags retaliated. There's been fighting ever since.
If they would just sit down...
The Rekags won't go into Seronian territory for talks.
The Seronians won't go to Rekag. In the meantime, they fight.
Ambassador, it sounds so volatile.
Perhaps a cooling-off period?
These people need an end now.
To delay a week, even a few days, could cost thousands of lives.
Then I recommend that we ask both sides to meet in Darthen.
Why Darthen?
It is a coastal city that has been neutral throughout.
Both Seronian and Rekag loyalists live there. It's a compromise.
Contact their leaders.
If they'll meet me in Darthen, I'll join them there tomorrow.
I know it must be my imagination.
But it seems as though Lt Pinder doesn't want me in his section.
- What makes you think that? - He's so critical.
I can't ever please him,
and I try to make sure there's nothing he could find fault with.
Give me an example.
Well, yesterday, I ran routine diagnostics on the sensor pallets.
They checked out, but Lt Pinder questioned me
because I allowed a 0.023 variance.
That's well within specifications.
He goes out of his way to criticize me.
Do you know why he might do that?
No. That's why I'm here.
Well, maybe he's just tired of hearing you complain.
- Pardon me? - I know I'm certainly tired of it.
How do you think it feels to listen to someone whine all the time?
I didn't realize I was...
This isn't Starfleet Academy.
You're not going to be coddled.
If you can't take it here, think about a transport ship.
There's less pressure there.
But I love the Enterprise. I don't want to be anywhere else.
If you aren't up to it, you don't deserve to be here.
- Isn't that right? - I guess so.
You better take a hold of yourself or be prepared for transfer.
I will, Counsellor. Thank you.
Glad I could help.
Yeah, here we go. Biofilter log on Sev Maylor.
Geordi, could this log have been damaged?
I don't think so. Why?
There's a discrepancy between the log
and the tricorder readings I took three days later.
The tricorder shows massive physiological deterioration
compared with when she beamed aboard.
I can't believe that so much damage
could have occurred in such a short time.
I can run a diagnostic on the biofilter and your tricorder.
Thanks. The best way to get information
would be to do an autopsy.
We've received word from the delegates.
They'll meet you in Darthen tomorrow.
Thank you, Commander.
Counsellor Troi has altered her appearance.
Am I interrupting?
Hello, Counsellor.
You want him, I can tell, but you have nothing to give him.
- Could I talk to you in private? - You're envious of him!
You pretend to support him but you want him to fail.
- That's not so. - Please.
- Return to your quarters. - I want to be with you.
Ambassador, the Counsellor and I are needed on the bridge.
Of course, Commander.
I don't know what you were doing. You were way out of line.
Deck nine.
Alright, Deanna, just what the hell is all this?
Do you still care about me?
Of course I care about you. I'm worried about you.
What's all this?
Don't you think I'm attractive?
This just isn't you.
It is.
You want me, don't you?
I need you.
What is this?
Come in.
Deanna, I'm leaving for the surface.
- You said you'd take me with you. - I know.
But that's not possible now.
You said I'd be helpful. You needed me.
I still do. You've done so much.
Then take me. Don't leave me here.
Is Liva going with you?
She's been on Seronia for weeks. She knows the situation.
She wants to take you away from me.
Deanna, you are my anchor.
I need you more than you realize. Do you understand?
I need you here, making it possible for me to work.
I won't let her have you! I'll stop her.
I will go with you! Take me with you!
Please, Alkar. Don't leave me!
Don't do this!
You wouldn't have recognized her.
Her dress, her hair.
Everything about her was...
I'm closer to Deanna than I've ever been to anyone.
Last night, she was someone that I had never seen before.
You don't know what caused her to behave like that?
No. I've thought about it. I don't have an answer.
Computer? Location of Counsellor Troi.
- Deck six, corridor B. - Let's go.
I came to alert you that the Rekags and Seronians disagree about seating.
I'm not surprised.
The good news, however, is that the ceasefire is holding.
And that is by far the best news. Thank you, Captain.
Will you take me with you?
- Deanna, I already told you... - I won't let her have you.
Security to transporter room two.
Don't try and stop me!
Let go!
It's nothing. It's superficial. What happened to Deanna?
All her systems have elevated readings.
Take her to sickbay. I want to see you in sickbay, too.
Captain, perhaps we should delay transporting.
No. You should proceed with your mission.
- Very well. - Chief.
Transport them to the planet surface.
We'll have to sedate her. 20cc melorazine.
Yes, Doctor.
- How's it feeling? - A little stiff, but it'll be fine.
- It'll disappear in a day. - Dr Crusher.
I think you should see these readings.
Her neurotransmitter levels are 300 percent above normal.
If you remember, I found extremely high levels
of neurotransmitter residue in Alkar's mother.
Has Deanna picked up a disease from her?
I don't know. I need to do that autopsy.
I don't care about the customs of Alkar's people.
I need to find out if there's a connection between Maylor and Troi.
- Picard to Lt Worf. - Worf here.
Mr. Worf, contact Ambassador Alkar. I need to speak with him.
Doctor, neural energy is now 340 percent above normal.
Captain, Ambassador Alkar is in negotiation
and cannot be disturbed.
Proceed with the autopsy.
Medical log, stardate 46075. 1.
I have performed an autopsy on Alkar's mother.
Instead of answering our questions,
the results have created an even deeper mystery.
I don't have any explanation for this.
When I examined Maylor's body, her heart, her lungs, her skeleton,
most of the systems in her body, were 30 years old.
But how? We saw the woman.
That's not all. I compared Maylor and Alkar's DNA.
I don't know who that woman was, but she was not his mother.
Deanna's condition is deteriorating rapidly.
She could die. There are questions that only Alkar can answer.
- Picard to Lt Worf. - Worf here.
Meet me in transporter room two.
- We're going to the surface. - Aye, sir.
- No, she wasn't my mother. - She wasn't 93 years old.
Captain, did you perform an autopsy against my wishes?
Yes, for a very good reason.
Counsellor Deanna Troi is in sickbay, dying.
Dr Crusher doesn't know the cause.
I believe you do.
Alkar, we need you. The Rekags have withdrawn some of their concessions.
The Seronians are threatening to break off talks.
- I'll be right there. - But...
They've been arguing for hours. It seems hopeless.
But now, when expectations are lowest,
now is the moment I can be most effective.
If I'm focused, centred, free of disquieting thoughts,
I can turn these factions toward peace.
- Alkar. - Hear me out, Captain.
It's important you understand.
You see, I discovered long ago
I had the ability to channel my darker thoughts,
my unwanted emotions to others, leaving me unencumbered.
Is this what you've been doing to Counsellor Troi?
I hadn't planned it.
I'd expected Maylor to live through the negotiation.
Her death could not have been more untimely.
So then, you deliberately used Deanna.
She's an empath.
I was certain I could establish a link with her.
Frankly, I was amazed at how quickly she'd aged.
Usually, my receptacles survive for years.
Come, now, Captain.
Surely you can see there's a broader canvas here.
If I came to these peace talks hindered by unwanted emotions,
the Rekags and Seronians would be condemned to fight.
You cannot explain away a wantonly immoral act
because you think that it is connected to some higher purpose.
do you know how many have died on this planet in the last 48 hours?
Deanna Troi is just one individual.
That does not justify brutalizing her,
nor any others you have used.
Ask the Seronian and Rekag children in fear of their lives.
Captain, I get no payment. I have no power base, no agenda.
I am willing to risk my life simply to help others.
Do you think that makes you appear courageous?
Because you're mistaken. You're a coward, Alkar.
You exploit the innocent
because you're unwilling
to shoulder the burdens of unpleasant emotions.
Well, this time, you will be held accountable.
I'm taking you to the Enterprise to release Troi.
I have no intention of releasing her ever.
Alkar, everything is falling apart. You have to come now.
- If you'll excuse me, Captain. - Mr. Worf.
I'm needed.
You and your security chief will leave.
Lock on to Alkar's signal.
I am sure the Seronians have reactivated their security field.
Work with Mr. La Forge to break through it.
- Aye. - I'll be in sickbay.
If Alkar is flooding her with psychic waste,
that explains the high level of neurotransmitters.
All these negative emotions pouring into her
have caused a chemical response.
Can you counteract it?
Enzymic decontaminants can reduce neurotransmitters.
But I can't make any headway unless Alkar stops.
He has no intention of stopping.
He feels justified in using her until she dies.
Then Deanna has to die.
In order to save Deanna, Alkar has to break his link with her.
The only way he'll do that is if she's no longer adequate.
When Maylor died, Alkar turned immediately to Deanna.
If Deanna dies, and he breaks the link with her,
he will choose someone else, possibly from his delegation.
You're talking about killing Deanna!
I can resuscitate her if it's not more than 30 minutes.
The question is, is that enough time?
Alkar has to link with someone else before we revive Deanna,
or else he might turn back to her.
We must bear in mind that we'll be putting his next victim at risk.
I want every security measure taken to protect that person.
How will you?
I'll give her a hypospray of dylamadon. It's the gentlest way.
Proceed, Doctor.
Well, my friend,
the era of bloodshed and conflict appears to be over.
What is it?
I'm fine. Just a little light-headed.
- You're exhausted. - Do you want a doctor?
No, of course not.
Enterprise to Ambassador Alkar. Respond, sir.
I'm here, Captain.
You must return to the Enterprise immediately. Troi is dying.
We will transport you whether you come willingly or not.
Security force fields are protecting us.
They won't any longer.
Transporter room two, prepare to energize.
We're ready, Captain.
Computer, make a note.
Death occurred at 1430 hours from respiratory and renal failure.
- Wait for me in my quarters. - Of course.
It's tragic, but her death had a purpose.
I'll make certain you answer for what you have done.
Your own Federation Council promised me safe passage back to my planet.
I expect you to honour that.
- How long do we have? - Three minutes, 40 seconds.
Transporter room two. Lock on to the woman in Alkar's quarters.
We may have to transport her.
Mr. Worf, station yourself outside her quarters.
She helped me so much.
Without her, I couldn't have accomplished what I did.
I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?
There is something.
If we could share the funeral meditation.
We have a minute and a half. Prepare the cordrazine.
We'll use that with the cortical stimulators.
Yes, Doctor.
We can't wait any longer.
- Release the stasis field. - Doctor.
10cc cordrazine.
Cortical stimulators.
An end...
- An end to pain. - An end to pain.
She has a pulse. Blood pressure climbing.
90 over 40. Cortical activity approaching normal.
Neutralize the neurotransmitters.
Initiate decontamination sequence.
Levels are dropping. Down to 420 percent above normal.
390 percent.
Picard to transporter room three.
Not yet. We won't know if it's working
till the levels are below 300 percent.
Alkar, what's wrong?
Neurotransmitter levels are down to 310 percent.
- 290 percent. - Now.
Transporter room three, energize.
Let me go!
Neurotransmitter levels are down to 230 percent.
Worf to Capt Picard. Ambassador Alkar is dead.
Beverly thinks Alkar was at a susceptible point
in the ceremony.
He was vulnerable.
Then the flow of negative emotions was reversed back to him somehow?
That's our guess, like a man with no immune system.
- And Liva? - She seems fine.
He wasn't able to establish a link.
Looking back on the past few days
it's as though I'm looking at a holodeck projection of someone else.
That's how it seemed to us.
Thanks for sticking by me.
I always will.
Even when you're old and grey.

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