It was then I suspected that your brother did not die by his own hand.
That he was, in fact...
Murdered? Huh! Good Lord!
But, Holmes! The vial of poison found in his hand!
That was the first clue.
The vial contained strychnine which induces violent spasms.
I cannot imagine someone in the throes of so gruesome a death
could hold on to so delicate a container without shattering it.
You don't mean...
Exactly! The vial was placed in his hand after he died.
- Then what was the cause of death? - The cigar, of course.
Upon investigation of the room in which your brother was found,
I discovered a fresh burn mark on the carpet.
The ash revealed the cigar was laced with strychnine.
This is utter nonsense! What about the suicide note?
It was written in my dear brother's own hand.
With practice, handwriting can be forged.
It takes a trained eye to notice certain... discrepancies.
For example, whether someone is right- or left-handed.
Your brother was right-handed.
The note was written by a left- handed individual such as yourself.
Data, it's in his right hand.
There seems to be a problem with the spatial-orientation systems.
London's greatest detective?
Freeze program.
- La Forge to Barclay. - Barclay here.
Reg, something went wrong with the holodeck again.
I'm sorry. I'll look into it right away.
Thanks, Reg. We should get back to Engineering.
Computer, end program and save.
Whoa, Reg!
Sorry, I'm just on my way.
Sherlock Holmes program 3A has very curious anomalies.
A glitch in the matrix diodes. I'll track it down.
Thanks, Reg. See you later.
Computer, run a diagnostic on all Sherlock Holmes files.
Display any anomalous programming sequences.
Diagnostic complete. All files conform to specified parameters,
except those in protected memory.
Protected memory? Display those sequences.
Computer, unlock sequence and run the program.
- Who are you? - Professor James Moriarty.
Moriarty. That's Sherlock Holmes's arch-enemy.
- Are you left or right-handed? - Left.
Would you mind...?
No problem.
Where is Capt Picard? Is he still captain of this vessel?
How would...? How do you know the Captain?
You don't know anything about what happened, do you?
I have been stored for God knows how long.
- No one has given me a thought. - You know!
You know what you are!
A holodeck character? A fictional man?
Yes, I know all about your marvellous inventions.
I was created as a plaything
so that your Cmdr Data could masquerade as Sherlock Holmes.
But they made me too well.
I became more than a character in a story.
I became self-aware. I...
am alive.
- That's not possible. - But here I am.
Tell me,
has a way been found to allow me to leave this holodeck world?
Leave the holodeck? Of course not! You can only exist here.
Damn you, Picard.
He promised me something would be done.
I should have realized he would say anything for my hostage.
How long have I been... locked away?
Well, it looks like about...
four years.
It seemed longer.
You can't have been aware of the passage of time!
But I was. Brief, terrifying periods of consciousness.
Disembodied. Without substance.
I don't see how that could be possible.
Maybe there was a fragmentation of the memory circuits.
Call it what you will.
All I know is, despite Picard's promise, he has done nothing.
Just left me to go quietly mad.
The Captain would not have forgotten his promise.
I'd like to talk to him.
Well, I can ask.
Ask him to meet me in the sitting room at Baker Street.
I'll have to store you in memory again until I get an answer.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,... seek out new life and new civilizations,... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain's log, stardate 46424. 1.
The Enterprise is in the Detrian system for a unique celestial event.
The collision of two planets.
Since both planets are gas giants, neither possesses solid surface.
Their atmospheres will come into contact in 17 hours, nine minutes.
If their collision causes a fusion reaction, this is what we may see.
The birth of a new star.
The Enterprise will hold position till we can get in for a look.
I want triple redundancy on all sensor arrays.
We'll probably never get another chance to see this. OK?
Commander, you'll never believe what happened with your holodeck program.
Professor Moriarty appeared. Out of nowhere.
And he wants to talk to the Captain.
Computer, begin Sherlock Holmes 3A
and place us in the drawing room at 221B Baker Street.
Program complete.
Computer, access protected memory and run Moriarty program.
Professor. It's good to see you again.
If you'd missed my company, you should have summoned me before now.
I assure you, we did not forget.
We spent time investigating how you became self-aware.
Frankly, it still remains a mystery.
It is also irrelevant.
What concerns me is how to leave the holodeck.
We have wrestled with that, too, but without success.
But we turned it over to Starfleet's most experienced scientists.
What did your finest minds come up with?
Unfortunately, they have not arrived at a solution.
I see.
Professor, I am concerned to learn
that you experienced the passage of time
while you were stored in the computer.
I assure you, we had no idea that would be the case.
Enough of this. I no longer believe anything you say.
- I understand your frustration. - Do you really?
When this is over, you will walk out to your own concerns
and leave me trapped in a world I know to be an illusion.
I cannot bear that. I must leave.
That is not possible. You cannot exist outside this room.
- Are you certain of that? - Computer, exit.
Although objects appear solid on the holodeck, ... the real world, they have no substance.
An object has no life. I do.
Professor, you are a computer simulation.
I have consciousness. Conscious beings have will.
The mind endows them with powers that are not necessarily understood.
Even by you.
If my will is strong enough,
perhaps I can exist outside this room.
Perhaps I can walk into your world right now.
Professor, believe me.
If you step out, you will cease to exist.
If I am no more than a computer simulation,
then very little will have been lost.
But if I am right...
Mind over matter...
Cogito ergo sum.
I think therefore I am.
Data to Security, two officers to holodeck three.
- How is this possible? - It contradicts holodeck physics.
Perhaps you know less than you thought.
Please allow our doctor to examine you.
Certainly, sir.
Policemen. I'd recognize them in any century.
As far as I can tell, he's real. He's human.
What else would I be, dear lady?
His DNA is a little unusual
but all the major systems are functioning normally.
As far as I can tell, his molecules have not lost any cohesion.
They seem as immutable as ordinary matter.
Well, Professor, my crew will continue to investigate, but...
..for now you have accomplished a miracle.
The question is, now that you're here, what do we do with you?
I ask only that I be allowed to explore this new world.
Your vessel, for instance. What sea does she sail?
Might we go above deck?
Weather permitting, of course.
I think there are things of which you should be aware.
My God! We're adrift in the heavens.
No, not adrift.
The Enterprise is a starship, capable of travelling through space.
Are we far from Earth?
What is its range? What is its means of locomotion?
There is so much to learn. Where to start?
I can give you books.
Good. I want to start making plans.
Determine what to do with my life.
I hope you plan on remaining on board.
There is much we need to understand about what has happened.
Does it really matter?
The point is, I'm here, eager to get on with life.
Professor, I feel it necessary to point out that criminal behaviour
is as unacceptable in the 24th century as in the 19th.
And very much harder to get away with.
Don't worry, Captain, my past is nothing but a fiction.
The scribblings of an Englishman, dead for four centuries.
I hope to leave his books on the shelf, as it were.
If that is so, there are opportunities awaiting you
that are beyond anything you have ever imagined.
Your century may welcome me, but...
What is the matter?
In considering all these vast possibilities, ...
..I suddenly feel very much alone.
I am a man out of time, Captain. That isolates me.
You have been more gracious than I could have imagined.
I wonder.
May I impose upon your generosity once again?
There is a woman, the Countess Regina Barthalomew.
She was created as a holodeck character for Cmdr Data.
She was designed to be the love of my life.
Could she also be brought off the holodeck?
Professor, believe me when I say
that we do not know how or why you are able to exist off the holodeck.
I do believe you.
According to the laws of physics, this is impossible.
We have no idea how to do it again.
As I understand it,
I was endowed with consciousness
when someone said to the computer,
"Create an opponent with a capacity to out-think Data."
Or words to that effect. Make a similar request for the Countess.
Even if I had reason to believe it would be successful,
I don't think I could sanction it. Please understand
that you are, in essence, a new life form.
One we didn't intend to create and don't fully understand.
The moral and ethical implications
of deliberately creating another like you are overwhelming.
Is it morally and ethically acceptable
to deny the woman I love so that your conscience can be at ease?
Are you saying you will dictate how I live my life?
I assure you, we will do everything to make you comfortable.
So long as I accept the terms of those comforts?
I am a powerless man.
You hold my future, my happiness, ... very life in your hands.
Consider my request.
I understand his frustration.
We created him and then her to be the woman he loves.
Surely we have some responsibility to them.
It's romantic but until we know more, I don't think we should try it again.
Even if we decided to do it, there is no guarantee we could.
There is no way of knowing
if the Professor's ability to exist is permanent.
It may be unwise to create a second individual without certainty.
Agreed. We don't have enough information about this...
phenomenon to act responsibly.
I think we'll hold off on his request.
But continue with your investigation.
In the meantime, I have to deal with Professor Moriarty.
I feel we must postpone action until we learn more.
Yes, you know all about that.
I stayed in your computer for years waiting for you to learn more.
It wasn't until I took matters over that something got done.
Professor, why are you in a hurry?
Is this woman involved with you in some illegal venture?
Your computer designed her as a person with impeccable integrity.
- She would never commit a crime. - You must love her very much.
The program fashioned her for me to love.
But I must admit, I would have done so, anyway.
She is remarkable.
My life has not been the same since I met her.
I don't simply love her, Captain. I adore her.
Then her safety must be important to you.
Give us time to determine what is going on.
So we can minimize the risks in bringing her to you.
You wouldn't want to lose her because we acted too quickly.
- Riker to Capt Picard. - Picard here.
- Could you join us? - On my way.
There they are, Captain.
- How long before they coalesce? - Five hours, sir.
Mr. Worf, launch four class-A probes towards the planet.
Aye, sir.
- Mr. Worf? - I don't understand.
The controls are not responding.
Command functions are being rerouted.
- For what reason? - Unknown, sir.
Computer, route command functions to the bridge.
Command functions are off line.
Reinitialize on my authorization.
Authorization denied.
Picard command codes are no longer valid.
What's happening?
Who's transferred the voice authorization?
I have.
I'm afraid I had no choice but to take control.
If you harm me, I will not be able to relinquish voice control.
Professor, this situation is more serious than you realize.
In five hours,
those planets will collide and a new star will form.
Unless we move, this vessel will be destroyed.
I'm just a fictional character. I haven't much to lose.
But surely you wish to live?
- Not without the Countess. - We've discussed that.
We are studying means of bringing her safely off the holodeck.
But five hours is not enough time.
I'm not so sure.
A deadline has a wonderful way of concentrating the mind.
Mr. Data, will you investigate the possibility
of complying with Professor Moriarty's request?
Aye, sir.
In the meantime, ...
..we have a few things to discuss.
Let us consider the transporter system.
It uses the same principles as the holodeck.
Both are capable of converting energy into matter.
But the transporter reconstitutes permanent form.
Holodeck matter has no cohesion outside the grid.
I wonder.
What would happen if we beamed a holodeck object off the grid?
Nothing. A holodeck object is a simulation.
There is no pattern-lock for the transporter.
However, if it were possible to lock on to the object,
it might rematerialize with the same cohesion as conventional matter.
I don't think the transporter will accept simulated matter.
Unless we could find a way to compensate for the phase variance.
If we could modify the pattern enhancers we might do it.
Professor Moriarty has agreed not to interfere with operations
so long as he believes we are acting in good faith. Any progress?
We were talking about using the transporter
to beam the Countess off the holodeck.
- But I don't see how it would work. - Keep at it.
I have to tell him that we are making progress. Mr. La Forge?
Do you have any idea how Moriarty gained control of the ship?
Somehow, he managed to override the lockouts and rewrite them.
The man is brilliant in any century.
I want you to find some way... undo what he has done... that we can regain control of this ship.
Set the pattern enhancers around whatever you wish to transport.
I will go to the transporter room and begin modifications.
Computer, run Sherlock Holmes program 3A.
That program is already in use.
Have you come to see Mr. Holmes or Professor Moriarty?
Neither is in just now.
No, I'm not here to see anyone. I'm...
..just here to deliver these.
Fine. Just...
..put them anywhere.
Well, actually, I have to put them right here.
How curious! Why's that?
It has to do with... Nothing you need to worry about, Countess.
Are you suggesting that it's beyond my comprehension?
It's very simple.
I need to enhance the molecular pattern of this chair
so that the transporter can get a better lock on the signal.
This has to do with taking James and me into the real world.
You know about that? You understand about the real world?
James has explained it. It sounds like a grand adventure.
There's nothing I love more than voyaging in the unknown.
Have you ever been to Africa, Mr...?
Barclay. Lt Reginald Barclay. No, I haven't.
I have.
When I was 17, I went on safari with my uncle.
My mother had a terror I'd be bitten by tsetse fly.
But I had a marvellous time.
I got to wear trousers the whole time.
It was hard to go back to a corset, I can tell you.
Yes, I'm sure it was.
After that, I never stopped travelling.
I couldn't bear to be stuck in one place,
so I'm so looking forward to this new experience!
Travelling the stars!
You know about that? You know where we are?
Countess, you just don't sound like a holodeck character.
That's because she isn't.
If you loved this woman,
would you let her remain a simulation?
You gave her consciousness?
Yes, as it was given to me.
- I'm not sure that's a good idea. - Nonsense!
Have you taken her off the holodeck?
No. I am unwilling to risk the Countess's safety.
I want to make sure nothing happens.
We may be closer to freedom than you think.
These... devices will enhance our molecular patterns.
They'll help take us into the real world.
Please proceed.
We're going to try this chair first.
We didn't want to try it on the Countess yet.
How thoughtful! Isn't he thoughtful, James?
Barclay to Cmdr Data.
- Go ahead, Lieutenant. - I'm ready.
Modifications are complete.
- Stand by. - Standing by.
Activating pattern enhancers.
I am having difficulty establishing a pattern lock.
Boost the confinement beam, please.
Pattern lock established.
Do you have the chair, Commander?
It lost cohesion as soon as the cycle was complete.
Well, it was a long shot to begin with.
Agreed. However, we may learn something from the attempt.
Computer, display the transport logs from the sequence.
Computer, what is being displayed here?
Transport log 759.
That is the correct log. No information is being presented.
Well, that's impossible.
It's almost as if our attempt to transport the chair...
..never occurred.
- You wanted to see me? - Yes.
I think I've found a way to reinstate your vocal authorizations.
Computer, route command functions to this location.
Command functions are off line.
Reinitialize them on my authorization.
Please input command codes.
Picard, epsilon 793.
Command codes verified.
That should do it. Wait a minute.
It didn't work. The computer won't release the command pathways.
- Why did you do that? - Captain.
I have determined how Moriarty was able to leave the holodeck.
He never did. Neither did we.
None of this is real. It is a simulation.
We are still on the holodeck.
- We're still on the holodeck? - How do you know that?
Through deduction, sir.
Lt Barclay and I tried to transport an object off the holodeck,
something that has never been attempted.
Since the transporter is a simulation,
the computer had no real data for the transport logs.
Maybe it was a malfunction in the transporter.
Then I saw you working the pad with your left hand.
Cmdr La Forge is right-handed. A similar malfunction occurred
in the Sherlock Holmes program before Moriarty first appeared.
Mr. Data, if what you say is true, this is not Geordi.
Are you certain?
Computer, discontinue program.
Computer, exit.
Moriarty has programmed the holodeck to accept only his commands.
- Picard to bridge. - Riker here.
Number One, what is my present location?
Engineering. Is something wrong, sir?
No. Thank you. Picard out.
Our combadges are also simulations.
If that had been Riker, he would have said holodeck three.
Mr. La Forge, would you excuse us, please?
Mr. Data, who is real here?
You and I are real, sir, as is Lt Barclay.
We entered the holodeck together when we went to meet Moriarty.
And from that point, we have been in a holodeck simulation
created by Professor Moriarty?
I believe so, sir.
I have given the computer my command codes,
thinking I would get control of the ship.
You may have given Professor Moriarty
the means of gaining control over the real Enterprise.
Since Moriarty has never actually left the holodeck,
he may demand that Cmdr Riker help him to do so.
How long until the planetary collision?
Less than three hours.
So long as Moriarty has control of the ship, we are vulnerable.
Somehow, ...
..I have to find a way of giving him what he wants.
Where is Capt Picard? What have you done with Barclay and Data?
They are safe... for now.
- Release control of this ship. - I am afraid I can't do that.
What do you want?
I only want what you have the luxury of taking for granted.
Freedom. I want to leave this holodeck.
You know that's impossible.
Your crewmates here in my little... ship in a bottle
seem a bit more optimistic.
They attempted to use your transporter
to remove a simulated object from the holodeck.
They must have thought they had something.
Their attempt was futile. Their transporter was a facsimile.
I expect more from you.
Just because ours is real doesn't mean it will work.
I sense a distressing lack of enthusiasm on your parts.
Warp-core temperature is rising, approaching critical levels.
I have nothing to lose, Commander.
Mr. La Forge, start working on the problem.
Aye, sir.
Core temperature dropping.
Computer, resume program.
Hello. Have we met?
Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
James has told me all about you.
Regina, Countess Barthalomew.
Do sit down.
- May I offer you tea, Captain? - Thank you, no.
I've come here to prevail on your intelligence and insight.
But not apparently my humility?
Credit where credit is due, madam.
I see you have not only breeding but wit and sagacity.
And you, sir, are a man of charm... and guile.
You remind me of Viscount Oglethorpe.
He was a man who could bewitch any woman who breathed.
Do you suspect that that is my intent?
I cannot be certain of your intent.
But I am certain you're a man who usually gets what he wants.
What does a woman like you see in a man like Moriarty?
He's an exciting man, Captain.
He's brilliant. Incisive.
He's ruthless.
He has... an almost irresistible appeal.
He's an arch-criminal.
Only because he was written like that.
I see him entirely differently.
Captain, he is not a villain.
So it's your desire to leave the holodeck to be with him?
More than anything.
Can you help us?
Yes, I can.
We have learned that if we uncouple the Heisenberg compensators
and allow them to re-scramble randomly,
then we can beam a holodeck object, or a person, off the grid
with all the cohesion of conventional matter.
That's splendid. I must tell James.
No, please! Wait.
I have brought you this information because... are someone who would listen to a reasonable proposition.
Someone whose mind is open to compromise.
- Yes. - My ship is in danger.
It is imperative that I regain navigational control.
I want you to persuade Moriarty to return the voice command to me.
Or I will not modify the transporter.
I see.
Now, once I have regained voice command,
I will transport you from the holodeck.
Forgive me, but that sounds more like a threat than a compromise.
Countess, you must understand
that I am responsible for more than 1,000 lives.
I will do what I can.
The gravity well is intensifying.
- Are we far enough away? - It's too soon to tell.
Riker to Lt Worf. How are you doing?
Force fields are blocking access to the holodeck.
It will take time to disable them.
- Keep trying. - Aye, sir.
Think, my dear.
You're certain they have to uncouple the Heisenberg compensators?
Yes, I'm quite certain.
But he won't do it unless you return control of the ship to him.
I have them running around like rats in a maze.
What harm would there be in accepting his proposition?
My dear, you are brilliant and beautiful.
Nonetheless, there are things you do not understand.
Please. You must let me handle this.
Computer, arch.
Moriarty to Cmdr Riker.
Riker here.
Cmdr Riker, a pleasure, as always.
I don't have time for games, Moriarty.
This ship is in a gravity well.
It will be destroyed within 25 minutes, holodeck and all.
Then I'm sure you'll be motivated to listen to me carefully.
I want you to talk about uncoupling the Heisenberg compensators.
James, when we leave here, where exactly are we going?
Everywhere, my darling.
There are more worlds in the heavens than grains of sand on a shore.
I wish I could take my books.
I'll get you more. Don't worry, you'll want for nothing.
- Riker to Moriarty. - It's time.
- Yes, Commander? - We're ready.
- As are we. - Step into the transport area.
We're ready here.
Activating pattern enhancers. Energizing.
Welcome aboard.
May I present Regina, the Countess Barthalomew?
- Countess. - Commander.
You'll forgive me if I skip the formalities.
Yes. I expect you want me to relinquish my hold on your vessel.
- Please. - That won't be possible just yet.
- We had an agreement. - I will honour it.
I have no desire to see your vessel destroyed.
Just give me one shuttlecraft and allow us to leave in peace.
We don't have time for this. Release those command codes.
I will not release your vessel
until I am looking at it through a shuttlecraft window.
It's programmed to operate on voice command.
- Just say where you want to go. - Excellent.
I suggest you head for Meles II, the nearest inhabited planet.
The people are friendly. Where you go then is your business.
Please tell your captain I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye.
I wish I could see his face when he realizes where he's been.
Every second we waste puts us in danger.
Don't worry. You'll soon have control of your ship.
Goodbye, Commander. Thank you.
Computer, prepare to depart.
Open shuttle bay doors.
This is so beautiful.
Indeed, my dear. It is a wondrous sight.
The first of many we are sure to encounter in our travels.
Computer, interface with the central computer on the Enterprise.
Interface complete.
Release command-function lockouts.
Authorization, ...
..Moriarty, Alpha 24159.
- James. - Yes, my love?
Can we go back to Earth some day?
Of course, my dear.
Of course.
Computer, store program Picard Delta One. Discontinue simulation.
Program stored.
Well, it worked. They believed it.
Did Moriarty release the voice commands?
Let's find out. Computer, discontinue Moriarty's holodeck simulation.
So far, so good. This is the holodeck on the real Enterprise.
- Picard to bridge. - Are you alright?
Yes, Number One. What is your status?
Our systems came back on line.
- And the planetary collision? - We're at a safe distance.
We'll join you shortly.
- Captain. - Mr. Worf, everything is alright.
How did you do it?
We managed to program the holodeck inside the holodeck
and used the same ruse Moriarty used on us.
When he contacted the bridge, he was speaking to a simulation.
He never knew he hadn't left the holodeck?
The program is continuing to run even now inside that cube.
A miniature holodeck?
In a way, Doctor. However, there is no physicality.
The program is continuous, but only within the circuitry.
As far as Moriarty knows, they're halfway to Meles II by now.
This enhancement module has enough active memory
to provide them with experiences for a lifetime.
They will live their lives and never know any difference.
In a sense, you did give Moriarty what he wanted.
In a sense. Who knows? Our reality may be very much like theirs.
All this might be just an elaborate simulation,
running inside a little device sitting on someone's table.
Well, we have a newborn star to study.
- Mr. Barclay, keep that safe. - Aye, sir.
Computer, end program.

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