- Good evening. - Good morning, sir. Ship's status...
No need to report. I'm here to work on my own.
I'd like to speak to Professor Mowray at his archaeological site.
Stellar Cartography wants a communications blackout
while they run an experiment.
- How long will it be? - Three hours 22 minutes, sir.
- I can override it. - No, it's not important.
Computer, display excavation schematics on Landris II.
Library computer is temporarily off line.
Library systems have been allocated to Stellar Cartography.
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Replicator systems are off line at the request of...
Stellar Cartography!
What could they be doing down there?
In or out, just close that door!
And don't move.
It will take a second for our eyes to readjust.
- OK, elevate to 3.2, Marquez. - Now at 3.2, Commander.
Good. Good, we can do this.
No, we're losing vertical alignment. Compensate.
- Compensate! - Compensating.
Gently, Marquez. Don't bump it.
No. Hit the...
Forget it. Forget it!
Whoever you are, you ruined four hours of work.
- You might have locked the door. - It's three in the morning.
- Capt Picard. - You must be Lt Cmdr Daren.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry. We weren't expecting anybody to be up.
Well, you are new on the Enterprise.
You have to learn to expect the unexpected.
That's why I put in for this assignment.
Excellent. Now tell me why you needed to deprive the Captain
of his Earl Grey.
Earl Grey? No wonder you can't sleep.
Computer, bring replicators back on line
and give me a cup of herbal tea, blend number three, hot.
You shouldn't drink a stimulant at this time of night.
I think you'll like this.
I've programmed seven other blends into the replicator.
- You're bound to like one. - I look forward to sampling them.
I'm sorry if the system blackouts we requested inconvenienced you.
We're taking readings. It wouldn't take much to throw them off.
What were the readings for?
I'm trying to construct a model of an emerging star system.
If it works, we can predict the configuration of a star system
that won't be formed for two million years.
A long time to wait to see if you're right.
I have things to do between now and then!
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds,...
..to seek out new life and new civilizations,...
..to boldly go where no one has gone before.
Captain, we'll arrive at the Borgolis Nebula in three hours.
Yes. I understand it has unusual radioactive emissions.
I'm sure that Stellar Sciences will find it interesting.
Cmdr Daren has requested extra time on the main sensor array.
- Well, you have the bridge. - Captain.
I would like to remind you of our concert.
We will perform Chopin's Trio in G Minor.
I'll be there.
We'll be close enough so you can slip away and see Wesley.
That's wonderful. Thank you, Jean-Luc.
- This is delicious. What is it? - A herbal-tea blend.
I found it in the replicator files.
Have you met any of the crew who came aboard?
In fact, I have a new nurse, Beck. An obstetrics specialist.
I met the new head of Stellar Sciences last night. Lt Cmdr Daren.
Neela Daren. She came into sickbay for her physical.
I like her. Very... forthright.
Did you know that it is now possible
to predict the configuration of a star system
which won't be formed for two million years?
- Really? No, I didn't. - It's quite intriguing.
The whole thing is made possible by a complex mathematical construct
based on fractal particle-motion. That's only the foundation.
The modelling itself is done by gravimetric-wave input.
I see.
Well, I know this is all pretty dry stuff.
Stellar cartography isn't everybody's cup of tea.
I'm sure it's quite fascinating.
We should go to ten-forward. We'll be late for the concert.
Thank you.
Well done, Mr. Data. Well done.
That was remarkable.
- You are very talented. - Thank you.
I noticed that the applause exceeded average decibel levels.
- I guess they enjoyed it. - That was obvious.
I have not yet congratulated Ensign Cheney.
I'll go with you.
You must have been playing since you were young.
I played when I was small, but I didn't practise as much as you.
Practising was never my problem.
My parents had to make me go out.
I wanted to ask, during the second arpeggio of the first movement,
you played an F-minor chord, not a diminished D.
You're a musician. What's your instrument?
No, I'm an amateur.
But your choice was delightful, not at all what one would expect.
Now that I'm on your ship,
you should start expecting the unexpected.
Could Spectral Analysis have a few hours on the main sensor array?
Sorry, the array has been allocated to Engineering for tests.
If we go off line, we'll lose the pattern we've been tracking.
I understand, but other departments are waiting to use the array.
We're at a critical juncture, sir.
I'll see what I can do tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Tomorrow.
Thank you, sir.
Computer, pause playback. Come!
- Cmdr Daren. - You don't mind me dropping by?
No. Please come in. I'm delighted.
- What kind of flute is that? - It's Ressikan.
- I've never seen one before. - They're not made any more.
Have you been playing long?
- Yes, a long time. - I'd love to hear you play.
I'm not very good.
That doesn't matter, if you enjoy it.
Yes, but I wouldn't inflict it on someone else.
- May I try? - Yes, of course.
Yes, you're not holding it quite right. May I?
You're better than you think.
Really. We should play together.
- There isn't a piano. - But there is!
I picked it up on Mataline II. It's amazing.
That is remarkable. Why don't you play something?
You start. I'll jump in.
- What shall we play? - What were you working on?
- Bach, the Third Brandenburg. - Perfect. Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
It's alright. You're not used to playing with anyone.
Just the computer.
I may not be as precise as a computer, but you'll enjoy it more.
Why don't we start with something simpler? How about...?
Good. Very good. Now let's have a little fun with it.
You try it. Improvise around the melody. Anything you want.
That's wonderful. Keep going.
It's so good.
You're better than you think.
Number One, my fencing partner has cancelled for this afternoon.
- I wondered if you'd join me. - Fencing? I'm not very good.
It doesn't matter so long as you enjoy it.
- Why not? - Good! Excellent! 1400 hours.
You have a mild strain.
I've been playing the piano a lot.
I guess the Captain and I overdid it last night.
- The Captain? - Yes, he plays a flute.
A Ressikan, I think he said.
Yes. But I didn't know he played duets.
He never did before.
He seemed to enjoy it. He's quite promising.
I see.
Tell me, have you known him long?
Yes, a very long time.
He seems...
..somewhat isolated.
I'd say he's a private person, but not isolated.
There, that should help.
That feels much better. Thank you.
I was afraid I might have to cancel.
Another duet?
- Keep climbing. - Where are we going?
We're almost there.
I don't see why we couldn't practise in my quarters.
Do you know where we are?
Yes. The fourth intersect in Jefferies tube 25.
No, this is the most acoustically perfect spot on the ship.
The intersection acts as a resonance chamber.
- How did you find it? - Exploring.
You mean, you crawled through every tube on this ship?
Well, not every one.
Try it. See how it sounds.
That's beautiful. What is it?
It's an old folk melody.
I've never heard you play with such feeling.
- Is there a problem, Geordi? - I hear music.
- I do not hear anything. - You sure?
I know I heard something.
It's stopped.
I'd heard about Kerelian tenors all my life,
but nothing could have prepared me for this man's voice.
Soaring, incredible range. Wonderful.
There are nuances that only Kerelians can pick up.
We don't have the ears for it.
I should be finished with my survey by 1100 hours.
Very good, Commander.
Captain, the Federation outpost on Bersallis III
reports that they are entering a period of firestorm activity.
Firestorms operate on a seven-year cycle.
They're not expecting any for eight months.
We rendezvous with the Havana in two days.
That gives us an opportunity to study this.
- Set a course for Bersallis III. - Aye, sir.
Counsellor, could I speak with you?
You have the bridge, Number One.
Sit down, Counsellor.
I want to talk to you about a matter of protocol.
I know there are no regulations
about a captain becoming involved with a fellow officer. But...
You would like my opinion about you and Cmdr Daren.
It's that obvious?
In a way that pleases people who care about your happiness, yes.
But I am concerned about more than my own happiness.
You think your feelings could change the way you function as captain?
Yes. Relationships with co-workers can be fraught with consequences.
That's true.
But cutting yourself off from your feelings can be as serious.
You see, I've always believed that becoming involved
with someone under my command would compromise my objectivity.
And yet...
Are you asking my permission?
- If I were, would you give it? - Yes.
Come in.
Can I help you, sir?
I'm very sorry about what happened in the turbo lift.
When the crew member walked in, I felt self-conscious.
It will take time for me to get used to the idea
of crew seeing the two of us together.
I understand.
I'm glad you told me. I thought I'd misread you.
One kiss, and you're off to find somebody else.
I assure you, I am not given to casual relationships.
There is something that I want to tell you.
But not here.
Remember the folk melody I played to you?
I learned it on a planet called Kataan.
- Never heard of it. - I'm not surprised.
Its sun went nova more than 1,000 years ago.
I don't understand.
The Enterprise encountered a probe
that had been sent from the planet before it was destroyed.
It scanned me and I lost consciousness.
In the space of 25 minutes, ...
..I lived a lifetime on that planet.
I had a wife and children and a grandchild.
And it was absolutely real to me.
And when I awoke, all that I had left of that life...
...was the flute that I had taught myself to play.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I want you to understand what my music means to me.
And what it means for me to be able to share it with someone.
Thank you.
- Hello. - Sir.
I was hoping to talk to you about Ensign Cabot's transfer.
Quantum Mechanics won't give him up.
But he wants to come to my department.
- How do you know that? - I offered it to him.
Transfers are to be approved by me before any offers are made.
- I'm sorry. We were talking... - It's alright.
- Cabot should stay where he is. - Don't make that decision final.
I shouldn't have made the offer, but he's perfect.
Quantum Mechanics is overstaffed.
Do you realize the position you are putting me in?
I think I'm doing what any good department head would do.
Trying to build the best staff I can.
I'll review the situation and let you know.
- May I have a minute? - Of course.
It's Lt Cmdr Daren. As a department head, she comes to me
for systems allocation, personnel transfers, things like that.
I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable with her requests.
Because of her relationship with me?
Yes, sir.
- Are her requests unusual? - No.
Would you say she is just trying to do her job?
- Yes, sir. - Let her do it, and you do yours.
Ship's resources are your responsibility.
I've always had absolute confidence in your judgement.
Thank you, sir.
I can't believe I am going to study the firestorms on Bersallis.
They're generated by particle emissions from the Bersallin sun.
They cause a cascade effect in the atmosphere that...
Oh, I'm boring you!
No. No, you're not. Not at all.
It's just that Cmdr Riker came to see me this afternoon.
About you.
About the personnel transfer? I thought he looked uncomfortable.
He thought I wanted special treatment.
I was doing the best for my department.
That's what I told him. But we have to be careful.
It's easy for people to misunderstand.
I don't like having to second-guess people all the time.
If I have to worry about what people think,
I'll be concentrating on that and I won't be effective.
It's just something we have to be aware of.
But don't compromise yourself. Do what you have to do.
Because if my head of Stellar Sciences isn't being effective,
I shall do what I must do and I shall replace her.
Noted, sir.
Let's forget this and enjoy our evening.
What about that special dessert you promised me?
Right. This is something that I first tasted on Thelka IV.
- Bridge to Captain. - Go ahead, Mr. Worf.
Bersallis III reports that the storm has changed its speed and heading.
They predict it will hit within eight hours
and are requesting evacuation.
I'm on my way.
Captain's log, stardate 46693. 1.
We have entered the Bersallis System and are making preparations
to evacuate the outpost on the third planet.
A firestorm can kick up winds of 200 kilometres per hour
and temperatures of 300C.
Incredible. What causes them?
They form when solar-flare radiation reacts with high-energy plasma.
Wasn't the outpost constructed to withstand the conditions?
It was, but this is no ordinary storm.
It's twice as strong as anything they've seen.
The outpost won't withstand it.
We'll arrive an hour before the storm.
It will take two hours to evacuate the colonists.
I led a team of geologists to study the plasma geyser on Melnos IV.
We cross-connected thermal-deflector units to shield against the heat.
- A firewall? - Would that work here?
You know, it might.
The storm is approaching the outpost from this direction.
If we set up thermal-deflector units along the northern perimeter,
we could create a firewall to deflect the heat.
The insulation should handle the rest.
Thermal deflectors generate a field 400 meters wide.
We would need to cross-connect six units so that the fields overlap.
- How many people do we need? - 12. Two per team.
Cross-connecting that many units will be tricky.
Once they're set up, we have to transport our people out.
Nobody would survive very long outside that structure.
Let's do it.
The storm will disrupt communication. We'll coordinate from the surface.
Data, coordinate the evacuation.
Doctor, there are nine patients in the outpost infirmary.
Get them to sickbay, then be ready to receive casualties.
Marquez, take people down to track the storm.
All teams need to be kept apprised.
Commander, you are in charge of deploying the deflectors.
Let's go.
Cmdr Daren.
About those thermal deflectors...
You are one of many people who could coordinate their deployment.
I assume Riker chose me because I'm the best person for the job.
Didn't we agree not to let our relationship get in the way of work?
I'll be alright.
Lt Marquez has set up on the surface.
The storm is gaining speed. It will hit the colony in 50 minutes.
Ensign, maintain a transporter lock on all away-team personnel.
We may have to pull them out.
I won't take chances. If they get into trouble, beam them up.
Mr. Worf, how long until the storm reaches the outposts?
17 minutes.
- La Forge to bridge. - Go ahead.
The ionization from the storm is interfering with the transporters.
It's slowing things down a bit.
Keep at it, Mr. La Forge.
- Riker to Daren. - Daren here. Go ahead, Commander.
You've got nine minutes before the storm reaches the perimeter.
I'm with team six. We're about to bring the deflectors on line.
Whenever you're ready.
Daren to perimeter team, stand by to cross-connect deflectors.
- Standing by. - Activate.
Team three, increase your output by 0.2 percent.
- Yes, sir. - Good.
Deng, decrease nutation by 0.4 percent.
Good. We've almost got it.
- Crusher to bridge. - Go ahead.
We just brought back the last of the infirmary patients.
We still have over 100 colonists down there.
- Daren to Cmdr Riker. - Go ahead.
We've got a problem keeping the deflectors cross-connected.
The only way this will work is to calibrate them manually.
If you stay with the deflectors, will they protect you?
I don't know, sir. A few minutes, maybe.
Picard to Riker. How many more colonists do you have to transport?
- 73. - How long do you need?
At least ten more minutes.
Captain, the storm will reach the perimeter in four minutes.
Picard to perimeter teams.
It is imperative that you hold your position
until we finish evacuating the colony.
Picard out.
- Picard to Mr. La Forge. - La Forge here.
I want a signal lock on the perimeter teams.
The storm's interference...
As soon as the colony is evacuated, I want those teams out of there.
Yes, sir.
Daren to perimeter teams.
The interference will make our job harder than we thought.
We may lose communication.
It's up to each of you to keep your units operational.
A lot of people are depending on us.
Daren out.
Oh, my God!
The storm has reached the perimeter.
I got out with the last colonists.
Without the perimeter teams, none of us would have made it.
We cleared out four teams.
The interference stopped us getting two more.
I don't know how they could have survived.
- Which teams are missing? - Three and six.
The last I knew, Cmdr Daren was on team six.
Bridge to Captain.
Go ahead, Mr. Worf.
We have found survivors, sir. They are beaming up now.
I'm on my way.
That's it.
- Here, let me help you. - Thank you.
Captain's log, stardate 46697.2.
Although we succeeded in rescuing all 643 Bersallin colonists,
we lost eight crew members. Let the record show
they gave their lives in the performance of their duty.
When communications went out, we had to fend for ourselves.
We modified our phasers to create resonant disruptions.
The disruptions formed small pockets in the plane of the field
and we stood inside one to wait out the storm.
Richardson didn't make it.
All Deng and I could do was stand there... and watch.
- I'm so sorry. - Don't say you're sorry.
It must've been terrible.
At first, when you told us to hold our positions, I didn't question it.
That was our job.
But when I saw that storm coming toward us...
A part of you must have blamed me.
A small part, maybe.
In the end, I was more afraid that you'd blame yourself if I died.
Would you have?
I've lost people under my command.
People who were very dear to me.
But never someone I've been in love with.
And when I believed that you were dead, I shut down.
I didn't want to think or feel.
I was here in my quarters, ...
..and the only thing I could focus on was my music,
and how it would never again give me any joy.
Then I saw you standing on the transporter pad.
I knew that I could never again put your life in jeopardy.
If I stayed here, you might have to.
You could always resign your commission. Stay here with me.
And you could resign yours and come to a star base with me.
I'll apply for a transfer.
But we could still see each other. People do.
We could arrange shore leave together.
For the future, who knows?
Of course.
Promise me something.
Don't give up your music.

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