Worf, they're going to be here any minute.
I'm having problems.
If I didn't know you, I'd say you were procrastinating.
Klingons do not procrastinate.
It is a tactical delay.
You have to spend five minutes greeting the lyaarans
then make small talk for an hour.
I have to escort them around for three days!
I do not enjoy diplomatic situations.
It's all part of being in Starfleet. There.
I do not see why it is necessary to wear these ridiculous uniforms.
They look like dresses.
That is such an outmoded, sexist attitude. I'm surprised at you.
Besides, you look good in a dress.
What's keeping them?
You're just in time. They're about to disembark.
Ambassadors Loquel, Byleth. I'm Capt Picard.
- Welcome to the Enterprise. - It's a pleasure to be here.
It is an honour to host
the first cultural exchange between our peoples.
The next seven days should prove illuminating.
Let me introduce Voval. He will be taking you to our homeworld.
How do you do?
I'm looking forward to meeting the Premier of lyaar.
There will be a reception for you where you will meet my senior staff.
I, of course, shall be on my way to your homeworld,
but I'll leave you in the hands of my most experienced officers.
Lt Worf of the Klingon Empire is my head of security.
He'll be in charge of your safety.
Counsellor Deanna Troi of the planet Betazed
will be your personal liaison officer, Ambassador Loquel.
It's an honour to meet you. Would you like to see your quarters?
Ambassador Byleth,
this is Cmdr William Riker from Earth. He is assigned to you.
I want this one.
Cmdr Riker is a diplomat with experience in inter-species contact.
I'm sure.
But I have decided. I want this Lt Worf.
Well, that will be just fine.
Mr Worf?
Yes. Ambassador, it would be my pleasure...
Yes, yes. Enough of that. Show me to my quarters.
This way.
Good luck.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
Do you think there's enough food, Data?
- Good evening. - Good evening.
Tomorrow, I'll take you on a tour
of the operational centres and residential decks.
Then we can discuss the culture of your society.
- Are you eating? - Excuse me?
There's no food on your plate.
- I was waiting for the desserts. - Desserts? What is this?
It's something we eat after the main course.
It's usually very sweet.
It's usually very bad for you. We eat it for pleasure.
For me, it's the best part of any meal.
My people eat only for nourishment.
Well. Let me introduce you to some of my favourites.
This is peach cobbler with whipped cream.
Tarvokian powder cake. And this is my favourite.
Ktarian chocolate puff. I don't know exactly what's inside,
but I think it's made with 17 varieties of chocolate.
That is...
Ambassador, I think we're going to get along very well.
Shall we?
This is unacceptable.
- I am sorry you do not care for... - Bring me new food.
I require a higher protein and enzymatic content.
It's the custom, in a situation like this, for us to serve ourselves.
- It's called a buffet. - Bring me new food.
- Ambassador... - Doctor, it is alright.
I am happy to bring more food.
How is your diplomatic assignment?
I have heard that in moments of diplomatic tension,
it is often helpful to find elements of commonality.
Ambassador Byleth is demanding, temperamental and rude.
You share those qualities in abundance.
Perhaps you should build on your similarities.
So, I understand that your homeworld
has some of the most spectacular crystal formations in this sector.
Is there any place in particular you recommend I visit while I'm there?
Well, I... What's our ETA?
17 hours, 32 minutes.
I think I'll go update my itinerary.
What happened?
- It's a system-wide power failure. - What's the cause?
We are in an energy-disruption field. I do not recognise the configuration.
Attitude controls failing.
There's an M-Class planet nearby. Can we reach it?
I will try.
Inertial dampers are off line. Life support is failing.
Entering the planet's atmosphere.
- Velocity dropping. - Thermal shields at full power.
Prepare for impact!
Voval, try not to move. You may have a concussion.
Picard to Enterprise.
Picard to Enterprise, do you read me?
Too much interference.
There is a structure of some kind.
Some energy readings about two kilometres south of here.
Voval, I'm going to try and get help. Do you understand?
Now, try to stay conscious. And don't leave the shuttle.
There's some kind of plasma energy out on the surface.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
The Engineering section covers 12 decks of the secondary hull.
Deck 42 contains the antimatter-storage facility.
What is the rate of the antimatter replenishment stream?
The antimatter-replenishment rate. What is it?
I am not certain.
Perhaps there is someone who does know the answer.
Are you smarter than this one?
- Why do you ask? - Never mind.
Take me to the Bussard collectors.
This way.
This deck is devoted to stellar cartography,
biological research and astrophysics.
We have 1,000 people...
Are you sure you don't want some of this papalla juice?
No, thank you. I'm still recovering from all those desserts.
- Are you sure? It is delicious. - I'm sure.
Please, please. You've been so kind. Please.
Next, we're going to deck eight which is not finished.
It's a multipurpose deck.
Sometimes, when we need an extra lab or...
- What is this? - It's a child.
Children are our offspring. They're our young.
They grow into adults over a period of many years.
They grow into beings like us.
Ambassador, I'm curious. How does your species procreate?
Postcellular compounding. We emerge from the natal pod fully grown.
I see.
- Do you have a name? - Eric.
Do you like dessert?
May I give Eric some dessert?
That sounds like a wonderful idea. Come on, Eric.
Is someone there?
Who's there?
What do you want? Who are you?
Who are you?
No, wait! Stop!
There was someone else with me.
The pilot is injured. He needs your help.
He's dead.
Smells good.
Thank you.
This is a Terellian cargo freighter, isn't it?
Is this your ship?
- Are you one of the crew? - No.
I was a passenger.
We crashed.
How many people survived?
Were you the only one?
You're certainly not a Terellian,
unless you've lost two of your arms.
What's your name?
I'm Jean-Luc Picard. I'm a Starfleet officer.
Anna, are there other people on this planet?
How long have you been here?
I don't know.
You can't see the sun from here.
I've lost track of all time.
What was the date when you crashed?
Stardate 40812.
Seven years!
Anna, wait a minute.
Seven years?
I thought one, maybe two.
How could it be seven?
Anna, listen to me.
On the shuttle, there is equipment that will have survived the crash.
We can use it to contact Starfleet. They'll send a ship. We can leave.
- Leave? - Yes. Both of us.
Now, if you will help me get to the shuttle...
Don't move.
It's bad.
Don't worry. I won't move.
You have three broken ribs.
The restrictor device will hold the bones in place,
let them...
Let them knit?
It's been so long since I talked to anyone.
I used to talk to myself.
But then I thought that it might mean I was crazy.
So I stopped talking.
It'll be a while before you can walk.
Perhaps you could go to the shuttle and bring the equipment back.
- I can do that. - Good.
Go in the cockpit, look for a comm panel in the instrument array.
See if you can remove it. Bring it back here.
Don't move. I'll be back.
I am going to kill him with my bare hands.
I'll take his throat, rip out his oesophagus...
I have failed in my mission. I am clearly a bad diplomat.
For the sake of the ship and the Federation, I request reassignment.
Commander, these lyaarans are arrogant, irritating.
They cannot be reasoned with!
Ambassador Loquel's quite pleasant.
I will admit, he's a little unusual.
What have you found out so far?
He's preoccupied with recreation. I've spent more time in ten-forward
in the last two days than I have in the past two months.
He's obsessed with food. Especially chocolate.
You must be in heaven!
To be honest, he's testing even my limits.
- You see? They are insane! - Worf.
You've been very patient with Ambassador Byleth. That's good.
But maybe it's time to let him know that some behaviour is unacceptable.
It's alright to suggest limits for the Ambassador.
Perhaps we should loosen things up, meet in a less official capacity.
How about a friendly game of poker?
What are you doing? You should be in bed.
Anna, why was this door locked from outside?
- For your protection. - From what?
There are dangerous animals here. Come sit down.
- Look, I have the comm panel. - Good.
It wasn't easy. I had to force it out of the equipment bay.
If we can boost the out... the output field,
I might be able to send a distress signal.
Something seems to be wrong with it.
What's the matter?
Well, this transmitter module has been totally destroyed.
How could that happen? It's been hit by a phaser blast.
I used a phaser to cut it free.
Maybe I accidentally damaged it. You can fix it, can't you?
I'm sorry.
Anna, we will get out of here.
It's not going to be easy, but we must work together.
I can't believe I did that.
That I damaged our only chance.
I've waited for so long!
At first, I had hoped that I would be rescued.
I kept setting up microfusion flares
and looking up at the sky
and waiting for someone to come and take me away.
But it never happened.
There's a precipice near here.
I used to go there and I'd stare down at the gorge and I'd think...
..."I can just step over the edge. End it all."
Then I realised it was the hope that was driving me crazy,
that I had to accept I would never get out of here.
No matter how long it takes, we will get out of here.
I knew from the moment I saw you that you were here to save me.
I'll do anything you want.
Just don't leave me.
I don't ever want to be alone again.
I love you.
I've found some coltayin roots.
They're not much to look at but they taste good.
What are you doing? You'll hurt yourself.
No, no. It's alright. I'm just trying to dislodge this power cell.
Nearly got it. There.
No, no, it's alright.
The energy relays are corroded but it should hold one more charge.
If I can regenerate this,
I may be able to reactivate the shuttlecraft's engines.
Well, I'd say this is cause for a celebration.
I may still have some Terellian spices here
and I'll boil up these roots and make us a nice broth.
That sounds delightful.
If we ever do get out of here,
will you promise to show me this starship of yours?
This Enterprise?
Of course.
Anna, would you pass me that tricorder?
I'm going to try to repair these energy relays.
I meant what I said before. I do love you.
I'm very grateful to you for saving my life.
I think that you are a very warm, compassionate woman.
I feel a great sympathy for what you've been through,
alone here on this planet,
but I don't think that you can really be in love with me.
How can you say that? Of course I love you.
No. I'm the first person you've seen in seven years.
I'm bringing you the hope of leaving this place.
Don't you think that you could possibly be
just a little confused right now?
So, you're not attracted to me?
I think it's a little premature.
We hardly know anything about each other.
I understand.
And I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.
No harm done.
It's going to take at least a couple of hours to charge this cell.
When it's done, we should get it to the shuttlecraft immediately.
This cell casing is already beginning to break down.
We are going to get out of here.
The bet is ten.
That's to you, Ambassador.
I will see the bet
and raise ten.
I'm in for 20.
I'm in.
And I raise 20.
You are bluffing.
Excuse me, Ambassador. Those are my chips.
You are in error. They are mine.
I saw you take two chips from my pile.
You dare to accuse me of stealing?
You are lying because you are losing the game.
I am losing because you have been cheating all along!
Wait a minute! Calm down.
Even if I were cheating, how would a plodding animal like you know it?
You are an insulting, pompous fool!
If you were not an ambassador, I'd disembowel you here!
Do not let my title inhibit you, Klingon.
Stop! Mr Worf! That is an order.
Very good!
Thank you.
Lt Worf, I think I understand now.
That was a very effective demonstration.
If you'll excuse me, I would like to document this experience.
This power cell is ready.
- We should take it to the shuttle. - No!
- We can't leave right now. - Why not?
The plasma storms are too strong. It's dangerous.
Wait a few hours, then we can go.
We don't have a few hours.
I told you, this cell is beginning to degenerate.
Jean-Luc, it's a difficult journey.
The restriction field will make it hard for you to walk.
I'm feeling very much better.
In fact...
...I don't intend to go on using this any longer.
You can't remove it yet.
There's no pain.
- I have no broken ribs after all. - Jean-Luc...
What's going on? Why are you trying to keep me here?
Please! I love you.
Why are you keeping me locked in this freighter?
You say there are wild animals, but I haven't heard or seen any.
- Jean-Luc! - And the comm panel?
You said you damaged it cutting it from the shuttle.
I find it hard to believe that you would destroy the one thing
that could get you out of here.
And what was this really for? To keep me immobilised?
I was afraid! I didn't want you to leave me.
So it was necessary to keep me captive?
I was scared.
I wanted you to stay to love me.
- I'll look for the shuttle myself. - No!
- Anna! - Don't fight me!
Anna, no!
You should love me now!
We're together! We depend on each other.
I know more about you.
Love me!
Anna, stop!
I've failed. You don't love me.
It's over.
Anna, where are you going?
Hello! Is anyone in there?
Yes! Inside here.
- Hello! - Inside the freighter!
The door is on the opposite side!
Over here! The door's over here!
- I thought you were dead. - Dead?
Yes. There's a woman living here. She said that she saw you dead.
Yes. That is understandable.
When my species is injured, our metabolism slows until we heal.
This state could be mistaken for death.
I see.
When you did not return, I intended to track you.
Surface conditions made it very difficult.
So cold!
I saw someone running. Was it the woman?
- Why did she leave the shelter? - She was upset.
Do you think she may harm herself?
There's a precipice nearby. She was headed that way.
- It's possible. - We should find her.
You stay here. Keep warm. I'll look for her.
We will go together.
Captain, this ridge extends for a kilometre in either direction.
We can search it twice as fast if we separate.
Stay away from me!
You don't have to do this. Voval, the shuttle pilot, is still alive.
He can help us get away from here.
I don't care.
I'll jump unless you promise to love me.
No, I won't promise.
You have been manipulating me, haven't you?
- Jean-Luc, what are you saying? - The necklace.
It broke!
I saw it in the freighter on the floor by the fire. I left it there.
Now it's around your neck. It's whole. How?
Tell me you love me.
I must know.
Where's Voval?
Isn't it convenient that he arrived moments after you left?
That he insisted I come here to look for you?
That I find you, here on the ledge, ready to jump?
It's good timing, don't you think?
You and Voval are working together.
Only he could have brought you the necklace.
Tell me about your love or I'll jump!
Go ahead. Why don't you do it?
It's a long way down.
Must be 200 metres.
You'd die instantly, if that's what you want.
But I don't think that it really is.
- I have failed. - Failed?
Voval, what is going on?
My name is Ambassador Voval.
My mission was to study human intimacy,
specifically the concept you call love.
We did not understand certain of your concepts.
So we sent three representatives to study them, to experience them.
But why did you believe that bringing me here
would give you a better understanding of love?
Several years ago, we discovered the Terellian freighter.
It contained logs written by a single survivor, a human woman.
That was our first contact with human culture.
She lived alone here for seven years
until another human crashed, a human male.
And the man was injured and she nursed him back to health
and they fell in love.
In the logs, she described concepts we found difficult to understand.
Pleasure, antagonism, love. These were alien to us.
We wished to experience them ourselves.
Loquel was sent to experience pleasure.
Byleth was sent to experience antagonism.
And I was sent to experience love.
Was this wrong?
Let me just say that...
...we would not take such a direct approach.
Ambassador, I have to tell you that in my culture...
...what you have done would be considered a crime.
Well, we'll talk about it later.
For now, I think we should get off this planet.
Am I right in assuming that the damage to the shuttle
is not as bad as it seems?
Correct. We can leave at any time.
I think that now would be quite nice.
You look sore.
Lt Worf kindly engaged me in 11 hours of holodeck battle exercises.
11 hours!
Yes, I learnt a lot about the concept of antagonism.
It was excruciating.
These are bioenzymatic supplements we consume for food.
I'm afraid they're not as delicious as your chocolate.
After the past few days, I could use something a little bland.
Goodbye, Ambassador.
- Fascinating species! - Indeed.
Thank you, Captain. This has been an enlightening experience.
For me as well, Ambassador.
I'm sorry if our diplomatic methods offended you.
No, on the contrary, I found your approach intriguing.
We humans tend to take a rather balanced approach towards life.
Never too much, never too little.
And it's very nice to find a culture
that is willing to take an experience
to its furthest extreme.
- Goodbye, Captain. - Ambassador.

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