Last time, on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
I'm told you know about the man we want.
There were some aliens. He was asking them questions.
One of them took out a weapon and fired. He was vaporised.
This is about justice.
The Captain died in a bar fight for nothing.
Those ruins have been studied for centuries.
- There's nothing new to learn. - Then why were you there?
Baran wouldn't last five minutes without his control device.
That sounds like a prelude to mutiny.
They captured me to find out how much I knew about them.
- Then you joined their crew? - I convinced them I was a smuggler.
Will, these are not common thieves.
They are stealing Romulan artefacts from sites throughout this sector.
Mr Worf, prepare to drop shields.
Sir, we would be totally defenceless.
I am aware of that.
And now, the conclusion.
Direct hit to the port nacelle. Only minimal damage.
Hit to starboard. No appreciable damage.
Will did something to their weapons.
I believe you are right. It is now up to us to play along.
Release inertial dampers and cut power to decks 31 through 37.
Set phasers to 25 percent. Return fire.
Aye, sir.
Continue firing.
I've lost three plasma relays. Auxiliary power is not available.
Transfer weapons control to my station. We can feed power...
The antimatter units are buckling.
The Enterprise is damaged, but they have superior firepower.
If we stay here, we'll be destroyed. The logical response is to withdraw.
We've done enough damage. Narik, set course. 180, mark 215.
Warp six. Initiate.
They're activating warp drive.
Sir, we cannot track them if they go to warp. I can disable them...
I am aware of the tactical situation. Let them go.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
I've gone over every word, every inflection, every facial response.
I still can't find a hidden message.
The existence of such a message is remote, but we should check.
I'll keep trying.
Two starships will intercept the mercenaries
at Yadalla Prime and Draken IV, in case they attack those planets.
Inform Starfleet Command that we will hold position.
So, we are just going to remain here?
Yes, but we will pursue all avenues of investigation.
If we had not let them escape, this would not be necessary.
Yes. But I believe Cmdr Riker wanted us to let them escape.
I've found something.
I've studied the commlink Riker used to transmit his codes.
I ran the transmission through a subharmonic analysis.
I found this. It was sent with the command codes.
The message we're looking for?
Possibly. I will attempt to resequence the signal.
Begin searching for a decryption key.
I'm taking the engines off line.
How long will the repairs take?
At least five hours to replace the antimatter-containment unit.
You have three hours, Narik.
One minute more and you'll answer with your life.
I suppose I should thank you.
None of us would be alive if it weren't for you.
- You're welcome. - What's wrong, Commander?
Having second thoughts about betraying your comrades?
Because that's what you've done. Betrayed them.
Betrayed them to save yourself.
You used to be just a second-rate officer.
Now you're a traitor and a coward! How does that feel?
- I don't know. How did that feel? - Enough!
Galen, go down to the cargo hold and check out those artefacts. Move!
You can tell Baran that I'm working as fast as I can.
I can't decide if you're incredibly stupid or incredibly smart.
Why didn't you fire on the Enterprise
- When their shields dropped? - The disruptors lost power.
Computer, reset for diagnostic of new sample. Begin scan.
I've watched you handle the weapons systems before.
You knew how to bypass that problem.
Why do you keep arguing with Riker?
It's obvious that by alienating Riker, you alienate Baran
and yet you continue to do so. Why?
Scan complete. Terikon profile negative.
Computer, reset diagnostic for new sample and begin scan.
This isn't a Romulan jail. I don't have to answer your questions.
And I don't give a damn what you think.
Scan complete. Terikon profile positive.
98 percent probability of match.
Well, whatever it is we're looking for, it seems that we've found it.
- Tallera to Captain. - What is it?
Galen's made a positive terikon match.
- On an artefact. - Good. Bring it to me immediately.
- Don't let anyone get near it. - Understood. Tallera out.
- That sounds like good news. - Very.
We've completed half of what should be a very profitable mission.
And better, I'm almost ready to get rid of your friend Galen.
- Really? - There's one more artefact to find.
Once Galen confirms that it's genuine,
his usefulness on this ship will come to a very sudden end.
I can't say I'm sorry to hear that.
Galen might be a loudmouthed fool, but sometimes he's perceptive.
His observations about you, for instance.
After what you did on Calder II,
I doubt you have much of a future in Starfleet.
Yes, I must say I've come to the same conclusion.
Well, assuming that you were not my prisoner, what would you do now?
I guess I'd start looking for a new career.
There must be a place where someone with 15 years
of Starfleet technical knowledge would be useful.
You wouldn't know a place like that?
Well, possibly. However, one thing I've learned on these ships
is to be cautious and never to blindly embrace
what might appear to be good fortune.
And right now, you're a rather large stroke of good luck.
I haven't exactly sworn undying allegiance to you, either.
For instance, I'd like to know more about this job.
- Such as? - Such as what you meant
by a "very profitable" mission.
It's enough to know that your share
will ensure you a very wealthy and long life
- Far from the Federation. - Sounds promising.
It is. But you'll have to earn it.
You can start by becoming Galen's friend.
- Why? - Galen has allies on this ship.
They could cause trouble if I decide to kill him.
I want you to find out from him who they are.
One more thing, Riker.
When the time comes, I want you to kill Galen.
I have analysed the signal from the mercenary ship.
I believe these groupings are bearings from the navigation system.
- This is their flight plan? - Yes. If I am correct,
the mercenary ship is headed to the Hyralan sector.
Their maximum speed is warp 8.7.
It would take them 14 hours to reach that position.
We could be there in five.
- Make it so. - Finally.
Set a course for the Hyralan sector. Warp nine.
Aye, sir.
Lieutenant, may I see you in the ready room?
Of course.
I am dissatisfied with your performance.
May I ask in what way?
You question my orders in front of the crew.
- This is not appropriate behaviour. - With all due respect,
I have always voiced my opinions,
even when they differ from Capt Picard's.
But in those situations, you were Head of Security, not First Officer.
The second-in-command carries out the decisions of the captain,
in this case, me.
But is it not my duty to offer you alternatives?
Yes. But once I have made a decision,
you must carry it out regardless of how you feel.
Any objections should be given to me in private.
I do not recall Cmdr Riker ever publicly showing irritation,
as you just did.
No, sir.
If you cannot carry out this role, I will assign it to La Forge
and return you to Tactical, recording it not as a reprimand,
but as a transfer.
I would prefer to remain at my current post.
Then I expect you to conform to my guidelines.
- Aye, sir. - Dismissed.
Mr Worf, I am sorry if I have ended our friendship.
Sir, it is I who has jeopardised our friendship, not you.
If you will overlook this,
I would like to continue to consider you my friend.
I would like that as well.
Thank you, sir.
Good to see you, too.
I've had some unpleasant surprises.
This isn't a good idea. Baran might grow suspicious.
It was Baran who sent me here.
He told me to pretend to be friendly with you and help organise a mutiny,
so he can determine who your supporters are and eliminate them.
What a tangled web we weave. I can't remember whose side I'm on.
What have you found out?
In the Hyralan sector, we're to rendezvous with a Klingon ship.
I think they're delivering another Romulan artefact to us.
A second artefact? By the way, that first artefact is not Romulan.
- It's Vulcan. - Vulcan?!
I have been looking over the glyphs from the Calder II artefact.
Although I don't have enough data to translate it all,
the alphabet and the symbology is much more consistent
with early Vulcan than Romulan.
Do the artefacts have a religious or cultural significance
which makes them valuable enough to kill for?
I don't know.
If I could access the Enterprise computer for a few moments...
So, what will Baran do once he's obtained the second artefact?
After you verify its authenticity, I kill you and take your place.
You always seem to be after my job.
As soon as Baran feels I'm no more use,
he can kill me with the neural-servo.
So, we'd better start planning a mutiny.
We need a new captain and I've come to one conclusion...
I agree. But I don't think that's you.
I don't trust you. Nor does the rest of the crew.
They won't follow you.
Then who will they follow? You?
No, but they will follow Tallera, and so will I.
- Who are you? - What?
You're no smuggler and your name's not Galen.
Tell me who you are and what you're doing on this ship
or I will kill you right here.
- What are you talking about? - I will not play games with you.
I found the message you sent to the Enterprise.
When Riker used his command codes,
you sent a transmission with them. You're a Starfleet officer.
Do not deny it. It is the only logical conclusion.
My name is actually T'Paal. I am a member of the V'Shar.
- Vulcan Security? - That is correct.
I infiltrated this ship a year ago posing as a Romulan mercenary.
I'm here to investigate a possible threat to Vulcan.
- What sort of threat? - First things first, Galen.
Who are you?
I'm Capt Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise.
Very well. To answer your question,
there is a small but growing movement of extreme isolationists on Vulcan.
A group that believes contact with alien races has polluted our culture
and is destroying Vulcan purity.
This group advocates isolation from the rest of the galaxy
and the eradication of all alien influences from our planet.
That sounds like an illogical philosophy.
Agreed. But extremists often have a logic all their own.
Tell me, what are these artefacts we've been collecting?
I know they are Vulcan in origin.
You are familiar with the ancient history of my people
before we found logic, before we found peace.
You were much as my people once were. Savage, warlike.
There was even a time when we used our telepathic abilities as a weapon,
a time when we learned to kill with a thought.
- The Stone of Gol! - You know of it?
I know the story from Vulcan mythology.
The Stone of Gol is real, but there is nothing magical about it.
It is a psionic resonator,
a device which focuses and amplifies telepathic energy.
It is one of the most devastating weapons ever conceived.
But according to the legend, the stone was destroyed by the gods.
The resonator was thought destroyed during the Time of the Awakening.
Only one piece survived.
It was placed in a museum under heavy guard.
A year ago, that piece was stolen from the museum.
Soon after, mercenary ships began raiding archaeological sites
across the quadrant. A member of the isolationist movement
is attempting to reassemble the resonator.
A telepathic weapon!
My orders are to find that assassin and stop him.
It would seem that Baran
has to deliver these artefacts to the assassin in order to get paid.
Therefore, you and I should continue our masquerade.
But, Captain, I cannot allow the resonator to be assembled.
If necessary, I will destroy this ship, its crew,
all of us, to prevent that from happening.
Acting Captain's log, stardate 47160. 1.
We are entering the Hyralan sector, which I believe
to be the next destination of the mercenary ship.
I am picking up a small vessel bearing 127, mark 335.
- Is it the mercenary ship? - No, sir. It's a Klingon ship.
A Toron-class shuttlecraft. One person.
Open a channel.
This is Lt Cmdr Data of the Enterprise.
I take it that is your name?
May I enquire as to your destination?
May I ask the purpose of your journey?
Perhaps I have not made our intentions clear...
He seems most uncooperative.
He may have been curt but he was also worried and a little scared.
Sir, may I recommend that we bring the shuttlecraft aboard
with our tractor beam, search it and interrogate Koral?
According to the Klingon-Federation treaty,
Koral has every right to free transit.
We cannot search his vessel without cause.
Yes, sir. However, the treaty does give us the right
to conduct health and safety inspections on any ship.
Health and safety inspections?!
I am not certain that using this clause to conduct a search
would be consistent with the spirit of the treaty.
Yes, sir.
However, if Koral wishes to contest our actions,
he can file a protest with the Advocate General's office.
Bring the shuttle aboard. Then you and Dr Crusher begin inspection.
Aye, sir.
Hello. I'm Dr Crusher and this is Lt Worf.
We're here to conduct a health and safety inspection of your ship.
Health and safety inspection?!
That's right.
You know, radiation leaks, biochemical contamination,
other health hazards.
Excuse me.
No radiation so far. I'm sure you're glad to hear that!
There's an incoming message from the Klingon shuttle.
It was sent 15 minutes ago. He's at the rendezvous coordinates.
He's been detained by the Enterprise. He's stopped transmitting.
The Enterprise!
How did they find out about the rendezvous, Commander?
Quiet! All that matters is that the Enterprise has the second artefact.
We have no choice. We'll have to board the Enterprise.
Do you have any idea how many security officers there are
on board a ship like that?
No, I don't. But he does.
I could get us on the Enterprise. I can find the artefact.
Very convenient. We beam you back aboard your old ship
and then you change your mind and betray us.
I have saved your life twice already, Galen!
I thought you'd begin to show some gratitude by now!
Galen, if you're so worried about Riker,
you can go on the raid and watch him.
Draw weapons and equipment for a raiding party of five.
If you're thinking of betraying us to your friends on the Enterprise,
you might remember that I still have the ability to kill you.
I haven't forgotten.
I have an additional task, one that will prove your loyalty.
This raid is an opportunity to get rid of Galen.
Once you've found that artefact, kill him.
I'm sure the inspection won't last much longer.
I'm really glad we've had this opportunity to get to know you.
May I ask what business you're in?
Lt Worf has programmed our replicators
to make a very good approximation of Klingon bloodwine.
I believe you will find it to your liking.
That's my third scan and I haven't found anything.
He must be hiding something.
We should analyse his computer memory.
I can't defend that as part of a safety inspection.
We could claim that the computer was generating abnormal radiation.
We're on shaky ground as it is. We can't just...
- Don't! - Watch that door!
- What is going on? - Shut your mouth, Klingon!
- Surprised to see me? - You could say that.
I've had a change of profession.
It's not in here. You!
- Where's the artefact? - What are you talking about?
They wouldn't be searching the shuttle if they had it.
Koral must have it. Where is that Klingon pilot?
In the observation lounge, with Data and Troi.
- How far? - 12 decks away.
Security will not allow you to get that far.
They won't get the chance. The shuttle transporter will beam us in.
Sorry about this.
Let's go!
If you could tell us something about the nature of your mission...
- What is this? - Quiet!
Does he have it?
- This is it! - Are you sure, Galen?
Yes, I recognise the inscription pattern from the first artefact.
Cmdr Riker, by taking this action,
you risk charges of assault, theft, piracy and treason.
Really? Then I guess one more charge wouldn't hurt.
Is he dead?
- Yes. - Good.
Activate the transporter.
Security alert. Medical team to the observation lounge.
Bridge, raise shields. Begin sensor sweeps for the mercenary ship.
He's alright. He's only stunned.
I must admit, I am experiencing a similar sensation.
This is gonna take a little time to explain.
Set course, 310, mark 215.
Warp six.
Where is it?
I have something else for you.
- Tell him what happened, Narik. - Riker turned on us.
He tried to kill Galen before we beamed back.
He might have killed all of us. He was acting under your orders, Baran.
You betrayed us. This has gone far enough.
I think it is time that we had a new commander,
who'll lead us to those profits we've been promised.
Really? And who would that be, Galen? You?
He's plotted this all along, opposed me at every turn...
...endangered all of us by refusing to follow his orders.
Follow your orders?
The orders of a small man trying to fill a role too big for him.
I say it's time for a change!
Who's with me?
It's over.
Not quite. As long as I have this, I'm still Captain of this ship.
You can't kill all of us. You need us to run the ship
more than we need you to command it.
I don't have to kill you all. Just you, Galen.
- What happened? - I switched the transponder codes.
Given his feelings about me, it seemed a sensible thing to do.
Baran was nothing.
We have a mission to complete and the crew needs a leader.
There will be no more punishment on board this ship. Do your duties,
and I'll see to it that we complete our mission and get our payment.
- Remove that. - Orders?
Maintain our present course and speed for now.
I'll find out when and where we're supposed to deliver our cargo.
Aye, Captain.
Worf to Cmdr Riker. Minister Satok of Vulcan Security
is standing by on a secure channel.
Put it through in here.
Greetings, Commander. How may I be of service?
The mercenary ship that has been raiding planets
in the Taugan system is headed for Vulcan right now.
I do not understand.
I'm sorry. It's been a difficult few days.
One of your operatives is on a mercenary ship
investigating the reassembly of a psionic resonator.
I didn't want anyone firing at them.
Commander, I believe there is a problem.
We have no operative aboard a mercenary ship.
We are to deliver the pieces to the T'Karath Sanctuary on Vulcan.
I know that place. It was an underground stronghold
for a faction in the last civil war. It's been abandoned for centuries.
Galen to bridge. Alter course for Vulcan.
Could you help me with something?
I have translated most of the writings on these two pieces.
Mostly, they're warnings of death and destruction
to anyone who opposes the resonator, but I am not able to determine
what appears on the anterior side. For example,
this symbol represents the god of war, and this, the god of death,
but if you look really carefully,
you can see a third symbol is missing.
Now, that obviously should belong to the final piece.
What's odd is that the god of death and war
would typically always stand alone on an artefact,
not be combined with a third glyph.
Fascinating. But I am not an archaeological expert.
I'm anxious to see the final artefact.
It might provide a valuable insight into Vulcan mythology.
When we arrive at Vulcan, I will take the pieces to a secure holding area
before going on to the sanctuary.
I prefer to go alone.
It will arouse less suspicion on the part of the isolationists.
There should be no problem entering orbit.
I asked Cmdr Riker to contact the Vulcan authorities
and let them know that we were approaching.
Why did you do that?
I didn't want to risk a misunderstanding.
Someone might have mistaken this for an actual raid.
It was a wise precaution.
Perhaps I should contact the Enterprise,
have them meet us at Vulcan in case these isolationists try to escape.
Your offer is appreciated. But our security forces are adequate.
I see. Do you think it's wise for you to go there alone?
After all, they were expecting Baran.
If I were to accompany you, it might seem more plausible.
Captain, I do understand your human emotional need
to be there at the final moment. But this is a Vulcan matter.
Of course.
Thank you.
We have entered the orbit of Vulcan.
Tallera, I've decided on a change of plan.
Leave one of the artefacts here.
When we're paid in full, we'll complete the delivery.
- That was not the agreement. - I realise that.
But it's safer for us all to leave one behind.
They will not pay us until they get both pieces.
They've been waiting too long to take any risks.
Take one artefact and beam down.
That is all I was waiting for.
Go to the navigational computer and check file 137/Omega.
There's a message secretly transmitted to the Enterprise
containing our flight plan.
She's right.
The message was sent by Galen. He's a Starfleet officer.
Tallera is right.
But what she's not telling you is that those artefacts she's holding
are part of an incredibly powerful weapon.
There's no reward waiting for you on the surface.
As soon as she's got those artefacts,
she'll leave you behind to be captured.
I don't care what you want, Tallera.
I don't care if that's a weapon for your personal use
or if you're really just making a delivery. I want my money.
So I propose a compromise. Narik and I will go with you
to guarantee that we're paid.
After that, you can go anywhere you want.
Agreed. Bring him as well.
He'll be our hostage if Starfleet arrives. If not, we'll kill him.
There. Your reward, as promised.
Is it all there?
No, it's less than half what we were promised. Where's the rest of it?
That is all I could manage. Take it and leave.
I did not come this far to be cheated. I want it all now!
Very well. You will get what you deserve.
Go ahead, Captain. Pick up the phaser.
See what good it will do.
You won't get away with this.
Starfleet won't let you tear apart a founding world of the Federation.
How little you understand what you're facing.
You're used to enemies like yourself.
People on ships with defence shields, energy weapons, warp drives.
But this is unlike anything you've ever faced.
This is the power of the mind.
Pick up the phaser, Captain.
Listen to me, all of you. Drop your weapons. Do it!
Don't make any aggressive movements.
The resonator amplifies violent feelings and emotions.
That's why you wanted me to pick up the phaser.
That's how you killed Narik and Vekor.
But I can see the symbol on that third artefact.
And it is the Vulcan symbol for peace,
standing between the symbols for war and death.
It's a warning that the resonator can be overcome by peace.
You are about to see how wrong you are.
Empty your minds of violent thoughts.
Think. 2,000 years ago, your people were consumed by war.
But when peace came to Vulcan, the resonator became useless.
That's why it was dismantled.
You were right.
The resonator cannot be stopped by phasers and shields,
but it can be defeated by peace.
Captain's log, stardate 47169.2.
Security Minister Satok has taken Tallera into custody
and begun a search for the other isolationists.
Once we realised that you were not on the ship,
we scanned the surface for your neural implant.
We tracked you into the caverns.
What will become of the resonator?
Satok said all three pieces will be destroyed.
It is unfortunate it cannot be studied.
It is a key artefact from a remarkable period.
Normally, I'd be the first to agree,
but perhaps some things are best left in the past.
- What about the mercenaries? - They'll be detained by the Vulcans.
But they also face charges from the Klingons, Cardassians,
the Ferengi and seven other worlds. We won't hear from them soon.
Number One, set a course for Starbase 227.
I'll be on the bridge.
Wait. You've been declared dead. You can't give orders around here.
If we are to adhere to the exact letter of Starfleet regulations,
then you have been declared a renegade.
I believe you face 12 counts of court-martial offences.
You cannot give orders either, sir.
That's quite right.
As I am supposed to be dead, I'll go and get some sleep.
Mr Data, I suggest you escort Cmdr Riker to the brig.
Aye, sir.
This way, sir.
Data, he was joking.
You know that, right? Data!

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