Captain's log, stardate 47410.2.
The Atrean government has requested assistance
in averting a natural disaster.
Two geologists have come aboard.
One is a human who has been living on Atrea IV.
The situation has worsened since my husband and I contacted you.
The molten core of our planet isn't just cooling, it's begun to solidify.
Our gravitational field is affected.
Seismic activity has increased by a factor of three.
If the cooling continues at this rate,
Atrea will become uninhabitable in 13 months.
We could minimise seismic activity by creating isobaric fissures.
That would be temporary.
The only permanent solution is to reliquefy the core.
These pockets in the magma layer,
how close are they to the core?
A few kilometres. Why?
Data, is that close enough for ferroplasmic infusion?
The procedure will involve using the ship's phasers
to drill down through the planet's surface into the pockets
where we would set up plasma-infusion units.
We'll trigger the units by firing energy bursts through the shafts.
I see.
Injecting plasma directly into the core
should trigger a chain reaction.
That will reliquefy the magma.
It should stabilise the core temperature at 93 percent of normal.
If it works, the core would remain molten for centuries.
If you give your permission, we could begin immediately.
Very well. But I'd like to update our geological surveys.
Fine. I'd be very happy to help you.
We've assigned you quarters. Make yourselves comfortable.
Thank you, Captain.
- Data. - Yes, Doctor?
- Do you have any idea who I am? - Dr Juliana Tainer.
You've lost all your early memories.
We thought you would, but we couldn't be certain.
Have we met?
Data, I was there, right at the beginning on Omicron Theta.
I helped create you. Now look at you.
- You were a colleague of Dr Soong? - I most certainly was.
And I was also his wife.
In a way, I suppose you could say I am your mother.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds... seek out new life and new civilisations... boldly go where no one has gone before.
I can't believe I'm seeing you after all these years.
I have no memory of you.
There's a reason for that.
We wiped your processors after refining your programming.
Why don't you tell me what you do remember? I'll fill in the gaps.
My memory begins when I was activated by Starfleet officers
on the Omicron Theta outpost.
After the attack of the Crystalline Entity.
All of the inhabitants of the colony were killed.
However, I discovered that my memory contained their journals and logs.
We hoped their experiences would be useful.
After your childhood, we figured you could use all the help you could get.
- My childhood? - That's what I called it.
You were like a baby at first.
A 100kg baby, but still...
You had trouble learning your motor skills,
learning how to process sensory information.
Noonien was never satisfied.
He kept tinkering, trying to make you as human as possible.
So, you wiped my memory processors after this childhood?
Then we deactivated you
and programmed you with the colonists' logs.
We had planned to reactivate you but we never got the chance.
The Crystalline Entity attacked and we had to leave quickly.
We wanted to take you, but there was only room for two in the pod.
Doctor, I have scanned the journals of the colonists.
There is only one Juliana mentioned.
- Her last name was O'Donnell. - That's me.
There was no mention that my father married you.
Because of my mother.
She thought Noonien was an eccentric scientist who was far too old for me.
We decided to marry secretly so she'd get used to us being together.
We slipped away to Mavala IV and got married there.
A Klingon and a Corvallan trader were our witnesses.
It wasn't the wedding I'd hoped for.
But Noonien had a way of making the oddest things seem romantic.
My father had an unusual way of looking at things.
How would you know?
I encountered him in the Terlina system.
That's where we went after we left the outpost.
- I had no idea that you met him. - Shortly before his death.
- He's dead? - Yes.
I had no idea it would hit me this hard.
We didn't part on the best of terms.
What do you mean?
I realised he loved his work as much as he loved me.
Maybe more.
There we were, stuck on that planet
in the middle of the jungle with no one to talk to.
No life.
It just wasn't enough.
That's why I left.
That was all a very long time ago.
The important thing is that we're here now together.
I do want to get to know you.
This has been an interesting encounter.
And an altogether unexpected one.
I would like to corroborate your story before we proceed.
Excuse me, Doctor.
I'm almost finished. We can start drilling in an hour.
Inform me when you are ready.
What are you doing there?
I am attempting to ascertain whether Dr Tainer's story is true.
Don't you believe her?
I neither believe nor doubt.
I am simply trying to verify her assertions.
What have you turned up so far?
The Registrar's Office on Mavala IV cannot confirm the marriage.
Many documents were lost when the government was overthrown.
What's that?
I am checking passenger manifests to see if they went to Mavala IV.
O'Donnell, Juliana.
Soong, Noonien.
They were passengers on a transport
which travelled to Mavala and returned four days later.
That sure fits with her story.
The fact that they went to Mavala does not prove they were married.
You know, Data.
It seems you're trying to prove Dr Tainer wasn't telling the truth.
Not at all.
I am unable to reconcile her story
with the fact my father never mentioned her.
She did leave him. Maybe she broke his heart.
Maybe he didn't want to talk about her.
Let me ask you this. Dr Soong created an emotion chip for you.
Didn't Lore tell you that chip
contained memories that Soong wanted you to have?
It is possible those are memories of my childhood and of Mrs Soong.
Think about it. Why would she want to lie?
Why pretend to be your mother?
I can think of no motive.
I can understand that this might be disconcerting for you, Data.
It came out of the blue. It doesn't fit into your logical processors.
- That is true. - But that's life.
Part of being human is learning how to deal with the unexpected.
To risk new experiences even when they don't fit your preconceptions.
I admit I find it difficult to accept the possibility of a past
about which I know nothing.
But it is also true that I am curious to learn more about it.
I would like to get to know you better, Mother.
I wanted to make you female, but your father insisted on a son.
We argued endlessly, right up until we were ready to assemble you.
How did you decide?
Noonien walked in with your head,
and, innocent as you please, said it was up to me.
He knew what he was doing. He had made it in his own image.
What could I possibly say?
Deanna Troi, is that who you're going to visit?
- Yes. - Your father would be so pleased.
He was worried that the sexuality program wouldn't work.
You misunderstand. Counsellor Troi is a therapist.
We will be in position over the site in three minutes, 29 seconds.
These scans indicate that the magma pockets are somewhat unstable.
I'll monitor the density of the rock and adjust the particle beam.
That should minimise the seismic stress that we generate.
Data, I reconfigured the phasers to create a highly focused beam.
Thank you, Geordi.
I'm pleased you've got good manners.
It wasn't easy to strike the right balance.
At first, you couldn't care less
about social niceties like please and thank you.
You were downright rude, in fact.
Data? That's hard to picture.
That was nothing to the problems we encountered...
Never mind. I don't want to embarrass you.
I am incapable of embarrassment. Please continue.
The one thing that we couldn't anticipate
was that you didn't seem to mind about being naked.
Some colonists objected to an anatomically correct android
running round with no clothes on.
We asked you to dress, but you didn't feel it was necessary
because you didn't suffer from the elements.
We had to write a subroutine to get you to keep your clothes on.
- Riker to Engineering. - La Forge here. Go ahead.
We've established an orbit over the drilling site.
Phaser modifications are on line, sir.
My calculations indicate the first blast will be 19 seconds in duration.
Someone has checked his calculations, of course?
No, but Mr Data knows what he's doing.
Even so, he is a machine. Someone should check up on him.
I have confidence in Mr Data's ability to check up on himself.
Mr Worf.
- Phasers locked on target. - Fire when ready.
We are within two kilometres of the magma pocket.
Another five seconds should do it.
- We've broken through. - Terminating the beam.
The pocket seems stable.
I detect no increase in the stress levels of the magma.
Good work. I don't think it could have been cleaner.
We have Data to thank for that. His figures were perfect.
The drilling has increased the temperature
by almost 300 degrees Celsius.
It will be several hours before it cools enough for us to enter.
- Data, do you have any plans? - I do not.
Maybe we should spend a little time together.
I'd love to see your quarters.
Thank you. I will be playing this piece at a recital tomorrow.
That was beautiful.
I am told my playing is technically flawless but never beautiful.
It was, really.
Are you saying this because you are my mother?
I notice that parents exaggerate their children's accomplishments.
I suppose there's an amount of vanity involved,
considering that giving you a creative aspect was my idea.
Your father didn't really see the point.
He thought that, without emotions,
there would be no need for you to express yourself.
Somehow, I had the feeling that the opposite would be true.
I do not know for certain,
but I believe it is during my creative endeavours
that I come closest to experiencing what it must be like to be human.
Well, I'm glad I insisted.
As am I.
I am very familiar with that Handel piece.
How would you feel about my playing the viola part tomorrow?
- I would like that very much. - I'd have to practise.
- You don't have a viola? - I could replicate one.
Computer, please replicate one viola.
- Did you paint these? - Yes.
I am attempting to master all known styles of painting.
This one is in the style of the French lmpressionists.
It's very good.
Who's this?
- That is Lal, my daughter. - Your daughter?
I created her, using myself as a model.
Where is she now?
The positronic matrix I designed was unstable.
- She only lived a short time. - I see.
In a sense, you were her grandmother.
- Would you like to practise now? - Yes, of course.
The acoustics in ten-forward are most favourable.
Yes, very nice.
Data, may I ask you something?
Of course.
Do you think you will ever try to create an android again?
I created Lal because I wished to procreate.
Despite what happened to her, I still have that wish.
But how do you know the same thing won't happen?
Creating a stable positron matrix is very tricky.
Your father lost several prototypes before Lore.
I was not aware he created others before my brother.
There were three of them.
They were like children to us.
Losing them was very painful.
When Noonien tried again, I was against it.
I didn't think we had the right to bring a life into the world
with so little chance of surviving.
But your father was sure that he'd figured out what went wrong.
He insisted he could make a stable matrix, and he did.
But Lore was cruel.
Eventually we had no choice. We had to dismantle him.
Your father decided to build another android, who didn't have emotions.
I couldn't believe he would want to try again.
I am that android.
Are you saying you were against my creation?
Initially I was, but I was wrong, I know that now.
I've followed your progress for years.
I'm very proud of what you've accomplished.
Then why did you never attempt to contact me?
Because I felt guilty about something I'd done.
Perhaps if you told me what that was, it would alleviate the guilt.
I lied.
When I said there was no room for you in the escape pod.
There was.
I didn't want to bring you with us.
I was afraid if we reactivated you, you'd turn out like Lore.
I made Noonien leave you behind.
We are within four kilometres.
We're picking up pulses along the beam.
We must have hit magnesite ore. I'll adjust the phaser harmonics.
Data, terminate the beam if this keeps up.
If we do, we will need another suitable location.
There is no other location. Just give me a few seconds.
Doctor, it'll take longer than that to match the...
You did it.
It was just luck I hit the right frequency.
We're less than two kilometres away from the target site.
Stand by to terminate the beam.
- We've broken through. - Now.
I detect no signs of instability.
Commander, set up the infusion unit in the first magma pocket
and give this one a chance to cool.
- Data, transporter room two. - Acknowledged.
I have initialised the plasma coils.
I need another minute to align the diverter.
There are signs of stress in the surrounding magma.
But the site should remain stable until we finish the infusion.
Good. We're almost through here.
Juliana told me what she said last night.
She's upset. I don't blame you for being angry.
- I am incapable of anger. - It's alright, Pran.
I know what I said was hard for you to hear.
But I hope you understand my reasons.
I am not certain I do. Perhaps you could clarify them.
I'll try. What do you want to know?
If I had been your biological offspring, would you have left me?
How can I answer that?
Dr Tainer, I get the impression you are trying to spare my feelings.
I assure you, that is not necessary.
I don't want you to misunderstand my answer.
No, I wouldn't have left you if you'd been biological.
Do you place more value on biological life than artificial life?
Absolutely not.
I cherished every android your father and I created
as if it were my child, even Lore.
He turned on us and did dreadful things,
but dismantling him was very difficult.
I was afraid that if you were like him, I'd have to dismantle you, too.
And I couldn't bear to do that.
I'm not trying to justify leaving you behind.
I'm just sorry I did.
I hope you believe me.
I do. Thank you for making it clear to me.
Why do you want Dr Tainer's records? Is something wrong with her?
I was hoping you could determine that from her trace pattern.
Probably I could.
But I don't check medical status without a good reason.
Doctor. I would ask that you not require me to be more specific.
I assure you, I have a good reason for asking.
Alright, Data.
At first glance, I see nothing wrong.
Except for mild hypertension, normal for a woman her age.
I see.
Maybe you should tell me what her symptoms are.
She has not complained of discomfort.
Then why do you want to see her medical records?
Because I believe she is not who she claims to be.
- Bridge to Data. - Go ahead, sir.
There's been a cave-in. Go to transporter room two.
On my way. Excuse me, Doctor.
What happened?
They were running a final check when part of a wall gave way.
It looks like it has stabilised, but stress is building up.
The pocket will collapse.
- How long, Geordi? - Tough to tell. 12 hours at most.
Then we must configure the unit and inject the plasma.
I'd rather not send anyone down.
If you don't, it may take months to find another suitable site.
- The core may solidify. - We have to act now.
Alright. I want you in and out quickly.
- Acknowledged. - You're hurt. I'll go.
There will be more seismic activity. We must hurry.
The shaft has not been obstructed by seismic activity.
It should be possible to trigger the unit from orbit.
A fuse is damaged. We have to start programming all over again.
Priming the energy-transfer matrix.
Reinitialising the particle-stream buffer.
- Riker to Data. Are you there? - Go ahead.
We're reading an increase in seismic stress.
Understood, sir. We will attempt to expedite our work.
There. Now, we just have to realign the diverter.
Data, are you alright?
Yes, sir. We will return to the beam-out point shortly.
That's it. Let's go.
Can we transport without pattern enhancers?
No, we are too far below the surface.
How are we going to get down there?
There are no handholds in the rock.
- We have to jump. - No.
- It's too far. I won't make it. - You will.
Basically, she's a Soong-type android,
except she's designed to fool you into thinking she's human.
She has tear ducts, sweat glands,
even veins and capillaries underneath her skin.
Why does the scanner read her as human?
Because she has a processor designed to send out a false signal.
It's part of her ageing program.
Not only does she age in appearance like Data,
her vital signs change, too.
What I can't figure out is why she lost consciousness.
As far as I can see, everything is fine. She should be awake.
Check her positronic matrix. There may be a cascade anomaly.
You said you knew she was an android. How?
The first indication was when we were digging.
I saw her perform complex calculations without the computer.
That could've meant she was good at math.
True, but it was enough to get my attention.
Later, I noticed something odd about the way she blinked.
The intervals between blinks were governed by the Fourier system,
the same formula my father used
to give my blinking the appearance of randomness.
Only you could have noticed that.
- Then the concert in ten-forward. - What about it?
We had practised the piece.
She played it the same way during the performance.
Every pitch, every intonation, was exactly the same.
Only an artificial life form could have done that.
- Does her husband know? - I do not believe so.
He is on the surface monitoring the plasma infusion.
Probably just as well.
Data, come take a look at this.
It appears to be an information module.
With a holographic interface.
Whoever you are, you must've found out about Juliana.
That is correct.
I programmed this hologram to answer any questions you might have.
I am Noonien Soong.
- I created her. - I am Data.
I hoped somehow it would be you.
I even created a response program to answer your questions.
- How are you, boy? - I am fine.
I'm glad you got the chance to meet your mother.
You refer to Dr Tainer as my mother.
Yet the complexity of her design indicates she was created after me.
You're right.
But there was a real Juliana O'Donnell.
She was my wife.
She helped me create you.
What happened to her?
She was injured...
...when the Crystalline Entity attacked.
We made it as far as Terlina III but...
...she slipped into a coma.
When I realised nothing could be done for her, I built an android.
I tried to perfect my synaptic scanning techniques
so that I could transfer Juliana's memories
into a positronic matrix.
Didn't know if it would work but I had to try.
I couldn't stand the thought of losing the only woman I ever loved.
A few days after Juliana died, I activated the android.
She looked up at me and smiled.
She recognised me. It had worked!
Here was a life, not two minutes old,
and as far as she knew, I was her husband.
She'd just recovered from a terrible injury.
It was incredible.
- Then you never told her the truth? - Why?
There was no reason for her to know. I wanted her to be happy.
I wanted us to be happy.
We were.
- For a while. - What happened?
I made a terrible mistake.
I never really let her know how much I loved her.
So she left me.
The real Juliana would have left, too, if she'd lived.
If she recovers and learns she is an android...
She doesn't have to know.
I designed her to shut down in the event the truth was discovered.
When you put that chip back in,
she will wake up and remember nothing.
All you have to do is make up some excuse about what happened.
You do not believe she should know the truth?
The truth?
The truth is, in every way that matters...
...she is Juliana Soong.
I programmed her to terminate after a long life.
Let her live out her days,
and die believing she was human.
Don't rob her of that, son.
It seems that I must make a decision.
Whether to tell Dr Tainer that she is an android
or to withhold that information from her.
I do not know what to do.
Why was Dr Soong so adamant that she not be told?
He seemed certain it would preclude her being happy.
- Data, what do you think? - I am not certain.
I understand why my father felt as he did
but his wishes are not necessarily paramount.
I am more concerned with what is best for her.
Wouldn't she be better off knowing the truth?
Dealing with the reality?
I don't think so.
She's believed she's human all her life.
The truth might be devastating.
There might come some time in the future when she would find out.
Another accident, perhaps.
Maybe it would be easier if she learned the truth from you.
I can tell you that if I were in her place,
I would rather be told by my son than by some stranger.
I find I am having difficulty separating what would be best for her
from what would be best for me.
What do you mean?
If she knew she were an android, we would have something to share.
I would no longer be alone in the universe.
I know how much that means to you, Data.
But at the same time, by telling her,
you're robbing her of the one thing you've wanted all your life.
To be human.
It's a difficult choice. Do what you think best, Data.
Whatever decision you make, we will support it.
What happened? The last thing I remember was jumping off a cliff.
You were knocked unconscious.
You broke a bone in your arm, but Dr Crusher repaired it.
Everything is fine.
Captain's log, supplemental.
The infusion into the core of Atrea IV has been accomplished.
The core should remain molten for several hundred years.
When will I see you again?
Perhaps I can visit Atrea on my next leave.
I would like that very much.
Well, I'd better be going.
There is something you should know.
My father told me...
...that he had only one great love in his life
and that he regretted never telling her how much he cared.
I am certain he was referring to you.
That's nice to know.
On Atrea, there is a saying.
"A child born from parents who love each other
will have nothing but goodness in his heart."
I guess that explains you.
Take care of yourself, son.
Goodbye, Mother.

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