Captain's log, stardate 47423.9.
We arrived at Boraal II in response to a distress call
from Worf's foster brother, Nikolai Rozhenko.
He was stationed on the planet as a cultural observer.
Analysis, Mr Data.
The atmosphere is dissipating, sir.
Intense plasmonic reactions are destroying it.
The stratosphere is already breaking down.
There are turbulent radiation storms across its surface.
I estimate that the planet will be uninhabitable in less than 38 hours.
The distress call came four days ago.
Why would Dr Rozhenko have waited so long?
Atmospheric dissipation is a rare and unpredictable event.
When it occurs, it proceeds rapidly. He may not have had warning.
What was that?
The dissipation is generating energy bursts.
- Is there any danger to the ship? - I do not believe so.
But we may experience intermittent system failures and power surges.
Keep an eye on it.
Mr Worf, any luck?
There is no response to our hail, sir.
I'm attempting to scan the observation post.
He could be hurt and can't respond.
Sensor interference is significant. But the post appears intact.
Their power grid is still functioning.
However, I am reading no life forms within the structure.
It's not like him to leave the post.
Not under these circumstances.
I'm detecting power emissions from caverns near the post.
- It could be a deflector shield. - That can't be native.
The Boraalans don't have that technology.
Captain, request permission to lead an away team.
Very well. But regardless of this planet's situation,
we must observe the Prime Directive.
I want to minimise the risk of contact with the inhabitants.
You will go down alone.
I want you surgically altered to pass as a Boraalan.
Aye, sir.
You're worried about Nikolai, aren't you?
- Are the two of you close? - We are brothers.
You never talk about him. What's he like?
Nikolai is older than I. We are not alike.
We had many disagreements when we were growing up.
That's not unusual.
Nikolai has a mind of his own. He attended Starfleet Academy.
But he was unable to follow the rules.
He left after one year.
But he has many fine qualities. He's brilliant, persuasive.
- A natural leader. - Sounds intriguing.
I look forward to meeting him.
What are you doing here?
You're not from our village. Who are you?
Who is this?
My name is Worf. I am a traveller.
How did you survive the storms?
I would know that voice anywhere. Worf, is it really you?
It's good to see you.
You've changed a lot in four years.
This is my brother Worf. He's come to help us.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds...
...to seek out new life and new civilisations...
...to boldly go where no one has gone before.
If you could get here, the storms must have subsided.
- Please... - Is it safe on the surface?
Please, I must speak to my brother.
Nikolai, what have you done?
They were dying. I refused to sit in the post and watch it happen.
I set up a deflector shield
to screen these caves from the radiation and brought them here.
- What did you tell them? - They think I am a Boraalan.
At least you had that much sense.
When I sent the call, I knew the Enterprise was nearby,
but I wasn't sure you'd come. I'm glad you're here.
Nikolai, there is nothing we can do for these people.
You have only postponed their deaths.
I will discuss that with your captain.
And I am certain he will want to speak with you.
Friends, my brother and I must go to the surface.
He has provisions and needs help bringing them.
- We will return shortly. - It's too dangerous. The storms...
Don't worry. Worf is a seer. He understands the storms.
He'll know when it's safe to travel.
Yes, that is correct.
Our seer died when the storms first came.
- We've been without his guidance. - Let me go with you.
I know the terrain. I can help.
No, Vorin. Worf and I will be safe. We'll return shortly.
Doctor, you were fully aware
that the atmospheric dissipation could not be stopped.
What did you hope to accomplish, assisting these people?
I was trying to give them a future.
What I propose is we create an atmospheric shield.
We can camouflage the equipment. No one will ever know it's there.
- You can't be serious. - Indeed, I am.
It will only provide atmosphere for a limited area,
but it will be enough to save one village.
I will not compound what you have done
by committing another violation of the Prime Directive.
Captain, the Boraalans have a rich and beautiful culture,
a deep spiritual life.
They deserve the chance to survive.
Isn't that what the Prime Directive was intended to do,
to allow cultures to survive and grow?
Not exactly. The Prime Directive was designed to ensure non-interference.
But aren't we interfering either way?
If we take no action, it's a decision to let them die.
Exactly. We have the power to save some of them.
All we have to do is exercise it.
We are sworn to uphold the principle of the Prime Directive.
Until that is changed, there is no further action. Is that understood?
Some of my log recorders are still in my observation post.
They contain most of my research.
Since the only way I can preserve Boraalan culture is in a museum...
...I request permission to return to the surface.
I'm afraid that won't be possible.
But you can use the computer to set up a commlink
and upload your data from here.
If there's nothing further, you're dismissed.
I'm sorry, Nikolai.
I wish there were another way.
I am quite familiar with your communication systems.
If you like, I will help you set up your commlink.
I'll do it myself.
Captain, atmospheric dissipation has accelerated over several hours.
I estimate the atmosphere will be completely gone within three minutes.
Captain, I've completed my data uplink.
With your permission, I'd like to integrate my log with the computer.
- Of course. - The mesosphere has gone, sir.
Plasmonic reactions are beginning to break down the troposphere.
Put it on screen.
What's going on?
The plasmonic reactions are interfering with our sensors.
- Didn't you compensate for that? - I had, sir.
I will attempt to engage filtering elements.
Visual re-established.
This is one of those times
when we must face the ramifications of the Prime Directive
and honour those lives which we cannot save.
I find no honour in this whatsoever, Captain.
You will forgive me if I don't stay.
You have the bridge, Number One.
Helm, take us out of orbit.
Set a course for Starbase 87. Warp five.
Aye, sir.
What happened?
There appears to be a power drain in the EPS distribution net.
- What's the source? - Unknown, sir.
It is difficult to localise.
The power drain is on my security grid, coming from deck ten.
Alright, Mr Worf, get a Security team on it.
Aye, sir.
Concentrate your scans on the EPS transfer links.
Computer, open holodeck five.
Unable to comply. Holodeck five is in use.
Override. Authorisation, Worf, Theta 619.
Unable to comply. Holodeck control systems have been bypassed.
Worf. Come in.
Nikolai? What are you doing here?
I have something to show you. Whatever you do, stay quiet.
I've done what you refused to do. I've saved them.
I started thinking about this
when it became clear the planet was doomed.
I knew if I accessed the computer,
I could generate a replica of the caves.
The hard part was transporting the Boraalans
without anybody on the Enterprise noticing.
I blanked out the sensors and made it look like interference.
It worked perfectly.
The Boraalans were transported while sleeping.
They never knew anything.
It's a simple plan. That's the beauty. Trust me.
- This is going to work. - Trust you?
You never had any intention of obeying the Captain.
I wouldn't let those people die
because your captain quoted Federation dogma to me.
Your duty was to respect his orders,
and to uphold the Prime Directive.
Duty. That's all that really matters to you.
I refuse to be bound by abstractions.
The lives of the people of Boraal are far more important to me.
You worry too much. You always did. Everything will work out.
You have disgraced yourself. And you have disgraced me.
I want nothing more to do with you.
- Your career is finished. - I know. I would do it all again.
What do you expect us to do now?
You have left us with Boraalans who think they're on their planet.
I didn't beam them up without a plan. I've given this thought.
I think we can find a new planet to be their home.
A home very different from Boraal.
You can't believe that they'll be fooled.
That's where the holodeck comes in.
I'll tell them we're going on a journey
to a different place safe from the storms.
The holodeck can gradually change the terrain,
so that, in the end, the holodeck will match the new planet.
Then we'll simply beam them down.
What if it doesn't work?
What if they become aware that something is going on?
Captain, I can't prepare for every contingency,
but I can think on my feet.
I'll deal with the situation as it evolves.
I'm not enthusiastic about this plan.
But I don't see that we have another option.
Very well. Let's give it a try.
Thank you, Captain.
There are countless planets that can support the Boraalans.
We need to narrow the parameters.
It will take approximately nine hours to complete the analysis.
Even then, there is no guarantee.
- That is correct. - Captain, take a look at this.
- What is it? - We've got a problem.
I don't think it's possible to keep this simulation stable.
Why not?
The plasmonic energy bursts are affecting our systems.
We are having problems with the EPS systems.
As a result, the holodeck imaging processor is destabilised.
It's not a question of whether it will break down, but when.
- There's no way round it? - Not while it's running.
I'd have to shut down and reinitialise the entire system.
That will take hours.
We'll just have to hope the simulation holds.
Let's try it. Mr La Forge, monitor this situation carefully.
Keep a commlink with the holodeck so as to be apprised of problems.
I'll return as soon as my surgical alterations are completed
and prepare the Boraalans for their journey.
I don't think it's wise to leave you alone with those people.
Mr Worf will accompany you.
Sir, someone else would be better. Counsellor Troi is familiar...
The Boraalans know you. There's no need to introduce anyone new.
Aye, sir.
Keep a close eye on your brother.
I don't want him making it worse.
My friends, we have returned.
We have food.
This is difficult to say, but you have a right to hear it.
By the time we reached the surface, the village was gone.
The storms destroyed everything. There is nothing to return to.
We can't survive. Our supplies won't last forever.
That's why we must leave.
There is a place where there are no storms.
It will be difficult, but we will have a new home.
I know a way through the caves. We will travel safely to the surface.
Where is this new land?
As we said, it is far from here.
It will not be like the home you knew.
- Even the stars may be different. - Why would they be?
How do you know it's safe?
My brother is a seer. If he says we'll be safe, we will be.
- What's wrong? - Look.
Do not worry. It is an omen.
What does it mean?
It is the sign of La Forge.
It is a message to travellers.
It is said that when these lines appear and disappear
in a pool of water, the road ahead will be filled with good fortune.
Hang in there, Worf.
Give me just a second.
There. That should do it.
You see? Our journey is already blessed.
The road ahead is long. Let us have a meal, then prepare to leave.
Worf, very good work.
Apparently, we don't make a bad team.
We are not a team. I am here because Capt Picard ordered me here.
Don't we both share the same goal, to make this plan work?
Only because you forced us into it.
I'm not ashamed or sorry I saved their lives.
You have not changed. You expect people to solve problems you create.
I'm not here to work out childhood issues.
I'm here to save a people. If that upsets you, then so be it.
These are the two planets which best match our criteria.
Draygo IV features an unusually large temperate zone.
However, it is within three light years of Cardassian space.
There are constant border disputes in that sector.
The alternative is Vacca VI, located in the Cabral sector.
That's pretty isolated.
It has a less hospitable climate than the Boraalans are accustomed to.
However, it would appear to be the better choice.
- Do you disagree? - No, you're right.
But the enormity of this is overwhelming.
We are deciding the future of a species.
It is a formidable responsibility.
There are questions we don't have answers to.
What if the climate affects them in a way we can't anticipate?
How do we know they'll survive?
And if they do, how will their society evolve?
What impact will it have on that system?
We have no idea what this decision will mean.
Doctor, I do not believe we can offer any guarantees.
We can simply make the best choice.
Alright, Data. Vacca VI, it is.
- Data to bridge. - Picard here.
We have a new home for the Boraalans.
It is Vacca VI in the Cabral sector.
We can reach that in 42 hours at maximum warp, sir.
Very well. Helm, set course for Vacca VI.
Aye, sir.
- What is this? - Our chronicle.
The history of our village. Doesn't your village keep a chronicle?
Not in this manner.
How do you teach your children their history,
who their ancestors were, where they come from?
We tell each other stories, make up songs.
Stories change with each person who tells them.
But this, this will always be the same.
Our chronicle has been maintained for 17 generations.
I was only able to save the last six.
This shows the destruction of our village.
This is you and Nikolai leading us to safety.
We must leave.
Gather your belongings.
One of the scrolls is gone. I must have dropped it.
I'll go find it.
We must stay together. We'll have to leave it behind.
Worf, the chronicle is the life of our village.
Without that past, our future means nothing.
I must find it.
Go. And return quickly.
I am an old man. Would you help me with my gear?
Of course.
That is Tarrana, my daughter.
I am fortunate she was old enough to survive the storms.
- She is a fine girl. - She is a beautiful girl.
She has not been promised to anyone.
If I do not reach our new home...
...I would like her to become your wife.
You will reach your new home. I promise.
Can I help you?
Do you need some help?
Alright, everybody. Back off.
I know things must look very strange to you.
But everything's going to be alright.
No one's going to hurt you.
We're friends of Nikolai and Worf. Don't be afraid.
- Nikolai? - Yes.
He's my friend. That means you are, too.
I promise I won't hurt you.
Please. Help me.
Where am I?
Sorry. There's nothing I can do.
His neurophysiology is very unusual. I can't wipe his memory.
- I see. How is he? - As well as you'd expect.
I've given him a mild sedative. Troi has been speaking with him.
He seems much calmer.
- Does he understand? - I think so.
Contact Mr Worf. Make sure he knows what's going on.
Here he is now. This is Capt Picard.
- Vorin, isn't it? - Why did you bring us here?
Your planet was dying. It could no longer support life.
- We took you away from it. - But we never left the caves.
We have the ability to create the illusion of other places,
like the caves on your planet.
You have actually spent the last two days
here on this starship, not on Boraal.
Then our home is gone.
Vorin, listen to me.
We can visit other worlds.
We can take you to one to build a new life.
A new life?
A chance for your culture, your people, to survive and grow.
How can we grow when everything that made us who we are is gone?
Dobara, you go on ahead.
I will carry your pack. Go and join the others.
Thank you, Seer.
It'll be dark soon. A few hours.
Would you ask Mr La Forge to create a suitable campsite for us?
What's wrong?
- Vorin has left the holodeck. - How did he get out?
I do not know. Dr Crusher cannot erase his memory.
- What will they do? - They explained the situation.
- He must make his own decisions. - Wait.
If Vorin wants to come back, they'll let him?
That is right. He is not a prisoner.
If he comes back, everything we have done will be for nothing.
You should have considered that before you beamed them on board.
You never think of the consequences.
If you mean I do something while others hesitate, that's true.
Everywhere you go, you create chaos.
How many times did our parents wonder what trouble you were in?
If only I had been like you. The perfect son.
I was not perfect, but I was not wild and disobedient.
Of course not. You were doing your duty.
I would rather be accused of that than making our mother weep.
I see you have no intention of changing.
I see no reason to discuss it further.
Commander, the holodeck malfunctions are increasing.
I'm running every stabilisation routine I know.
How long till we reach the planet?
We'll be there in eight hours.
Hold things together a while longer.
Someone is coming.
- May I speak with you? - Yes, of course.
I don't know what Nikolai said to you but, please, forgive him.
It is an old argument.
I've never seen him like this.
He's usually so confident, so sure of himself.
But now, he seems different.
- Do you know why? - No. No, I do not.
Ever since Vorin was lost, people have been afraid,
worried that we won't reach our new home.
We need Nikolai's strength now more than ever.
When the storms first came to our village,
many of us were ready to die.
But Nikolai refused to let us.
He gathered us together and led us into caves.
He saved us.
He is a brave and compassionate man.
And I love him.
Please, go to him. Make things right between you.
I want us to be a family.
- Us? - Yes.
I want you to consider yourself my brother.
After all...
...you're going to be the uncle of my child.
We are over the beam-down site.
Good. Mr La Forge, how much longer
before we can transport the Boraalans?
A few hours but we've got some problems.
I don't think the holodeck will last.
We've had errors and failures all over the place.
It's getting worse. The simulation could fall apart any minute.
Have the transporter room standing by.
We may have to transport the Boraalans, ready or not.
Aye, sir.
You have the bridge, Number One.
We still have one more problem to worry about.
We have arrived at the planet. Have you made a decision?
I would like to go back.
I see. What do you intend to tell them?
I don't know.
If you tell them the truth, what will happen?
Will they believe you?
I'm not sure. It is a fantastic story.
Perhaps they will think that you have had an hallucination,
or that you're insane.
I don't think I would like to live my life
knowing what I know and being regarded as a madman.
On the other hand, they may believe your fantastic story.
They would learn about alien worlds, starships.
That would be disastrous.
It would destroy everything they believed in.
I can't tell them the truth.
But I don't think I can live with a secret.
Then stay here.
Make a future for yourself with us.
I need some time.
How could you mate with a Boraalan? What were you thinking?
I don't owe you an explanation. This is between Dobara and myself.
As usual, you think only of yourself.
As usual, you point out my errors.
You have treated Dobara with dishonour.
I have not! We'll raise our child together.
That is not possible. You cannot remain here.
You'll have to kill me first!
What does it mean?
- It's the storms. - We'll be killed.
No, you won't. Worf has the power to end the storms.
Yes. But everyone must shelter in the tents.
- The tents won't protect us. - Worf will protect you. Trust him.
Get to your tents.
Commander, can you produce a storm?
- Wind, lightning and thunder. - I'll see what I can do.
Get in. The storm is getting worse.
Stay inside.
Worf and I will take care of you.
Commander, energise.
The storms will not return.
As I said he would, my brother Worf has saved us all.
Captain's log, stardate 47427.2.
The Boraalans have reached the site of their new village.
None of them suspects they ever left their planet.
However, our success has come at a high price.
I think it was some form of ritual suicide.
He said that he had nowhere to go.
He would've died if we hadn't interfered.
But he wouldn't have died alone and afraid.
Are you sorry we saved the Boraalans?
No, of course not. Our plan for them worked out well.
But I wish that Vorin
could have bridged the gap between our two cultures.
I would have liked the chance to have known him better.
- Go inside. - Nikolai, don't.
I told you, you would have to kill me to get me away from here.
I do not want to fight you.
Things were never easy between us.
It's my fault.
If I'd been more like you,
we wouldn't have had so many problems.
No. If you had been more like me, these people would not be here now.
You gave them a chance at a new life.
And I intend to share that life with them.
The village needs a new chronicle. Someone has to begin it.
My child will need a father. My place is here.
I'm finally taking responsibility.
You were never good at drawing.
- How will you keep a chronicle? - I learn quickly.
Then perhaps there is hope.
- Could I take this with me? - It's yours.
I will have to explain to Mother and Father.
- They won't understand. - They may.
I will tell them that you are happy.

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