Oh, Captain.
Got a minute?
- A minute. - It's Spock.
-Noticed anything strange about him? -No, nothing in particular.
- Why ? - It's nothing I can pinpoint,
but he's become increasingly restive.
If he were not a Vulcan, I'd almost say nervous.
And for another thing, he's avoiding food.
I checked, and he hasn't eaten at all in three days.
That just sounds like Mr. Spock ...
in one of his contemplative phases.
Miss Chapel.
- Dr. McCoy. Captain. - Eh, Captain.
- What's this? - Oh, uh --
Oh! Vulcan plomeek soup, and I'll bet you made it too.
You never give up hoping, do you?
Well, uh, Mr. Spock hasn't been eating, Doctor,
And I -- I just happened to notice.
It's all right.
Carry on, Miss Chapel.
Bones, I'm a busy man.
Jim, when I suggested to Spock ...
that it was time for his check-up,
your logical, unemotional first officer ...
turned to me and said,
"You will cease to pry into my personal matters, Doctor,
or I shall certainly break your neck."
Spock said that?
[Spock] What is this?
[Chapel] Aah!
Don't keep prying!
If I want anything, I'll ask for it!
Captain, I should like to request ...
a leave of absence on my home planet.
On our present course ...
you can divert to Vulcan ...
with a loss of but 2.8 light days.
Spock, what the devil is this all about?
I have made my request.
All I require from you is that you answer it -- yes or no.
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
to explore strange new worlds ...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
All right, Spock, let's have it.
It is undignified for a woman ...
to play servant to a man who is not hers.
I'm more interested in your request for shore leave.
- In all the years -- - You have my request, Captain.
Will you grant it or not?
In all the years that I've known you,
you've never asked for a leave of any sort.
In fact, you've refused them.
Why now?
Captain, surely I have enough leave time accumulated.
Agreed, but that isn't the question, is it?
If there's a problem of some sort --
Illness in the family --
Nothing ofthat nature, Captain.
Then, since we're headed for Altair Six,
and since the shore facilities there are excellent --
No! I must --
I wish to take my leave on Vulcan.
Spock, I'm asking you ...
what's wrong?
I need ... rest.
I'm asking you to accept that answer.
Bridge ... helm.
[Sulu] Yes, Captain?
Alter course to Vulcan.
Increase speed to warp four.
Aye, sir.
Thank you, Captain.
I suppose most of us overlook the fact that even Vulcans ...
aren't indestructible.
We're not.
Captain 's Log -- stardate 3372.7.
On course, on schedule,
bound for Altair Six via Vulcan.
First Officer Spock ...
seems to be under stress.
He has requested and been grante dshore leave.
Ship surgeon McCoy has him under medical surveillance.
Captain, something's coming in on the Starfleet channel.
Priority on urgent, sir.
Put it on audio over here, Lieutenant.
Message complete, sir. Switching over.
To Captain, U.S.S. Enterprise from Starfleet Sector Nine --
Inauguration ceremonies Altair Six...
have been advanced seven solar days.
You are ordered to alter your flight plan to accommodate,
by order of Komack, Admiral, Starfleet Command.
Lieutenant Uhura, acknowledge that message.
Aye, aye, sir.
Mr. Chekov, compute course and speed.
We'll have to head directly there at, uh ...
warp six, sir.
Insufficient time to stop off at Vulcan.
Head directly for Altair Six.
Sailor's luck, Mr. Spock.
Or, as one of Finagle's Laws puts it --
"Any home port the ship makes ...
ill be somebody else's, not mine."
Altair Six's new president ...
wants to get himself launched a week early,
so we have to be there a week early.
Don't worry.
I'll see that you get your leave ...
as soon as we're finished.
I ... quite understand, Captain.
Bridge. Navigation.
Navigation. Chekov here.
Mr. Chekov, how late will we arrive for the ceremonies ...
if we increase speed to maximum ...
and divert to Vulcan to drop off Mr. Spock?
I don't understand, Captain.
How far behind schedule will diverting to Vulcan put us?
We're on course for Vulcan, Captain,
as Mr. Spock ordered.
Thank you, Mr. Chekov.
Kirk, out.
Mr. Spock.
Come with me, please.
Deck five.
You changed course for Vulcan, Mr. Spock.
Changed the course?
Do you deny it?
No. No, by no means, Captain.
It is quite possible.
Then why did you do it?
Captain, I accept, on your word, that I did it,
but I do not know why, nor do I remember doing it.
Captain, lock me away.
I do not wish to be seen.
I c-cannot --
No Vulcan could explain further.
I'm trying to help you, Spock.
Ask me no further questions.
I will not answer.
I order you to report to the sick bay.
Sick bay?
Complete examination. McCoy's waiting.
Oh, come in, Spock.
I'm all ready for you.
My orders were to report to sick bay, Doctor.
I have done so.
And now I'll go to my quarters.
My orders were to give you a thorough physical.
In case you hadn't noticed,
I have to answer to the same commanding officer that you do.
Come on, Spock.
Yield to the logic of the situation.
Examine me ...
for all the good it'll do either of us.
How do you figure it, Chekov?
First we're going to Vulcan,
then we're going to Altair,
then we're headed to Vulcan again ...
and now we're headed back to Altair.
I think I'm going to get space sick.
Jim, you've got to get Spock to Vulcan.
Bones, I will. As soon as this mission is --
No, now. Right away.
If you don't get him to Vulcan within a week,
he'll die.
He'll die, Jim.
Why ... must he die?
Why within eight days?
I don't know.
You ... keep saying that.
Are you a doctor, or aren't you?
There's a growing imbalance of body functions ...
as if in our bodies huge amounts of adrenalin ...
were constantly being pumped into our bloodstreams.
Now I can't trace it down in my biocomps,
and Spock won't tell me what it is.
But if it isn't stopped somehow,
the physical and emotional pressures will simply kill him.
You say you're convinced he knows what it is?
He does ...
and he's as tight-lipped about it ...
as an Aldebaran Shellmouth.
No use to ask him, Jim.
He won't talk.
[Doorbell Rings]
McCoy has given me his evaluation of your condition.
He says you're going to die unless something is done.
Is it something only your planet can do for you?
You've been called the best first officer in the fleet.
That's an enormous asset to me.
If I have to lose that first officer, I want to know why.
It is a thing no out worlder may know ...
except those very few who have been involved.
A Vulcan understands,
but even we do not speak of it among ourselves.
It is a deeply personal thing.
Can you see that, Captain,
and understand?
No, I do not understand.
Consider that an order.
Captain, there are some things which transcend ...
even the discipline of the service.
Would it help if I told you ...
that I'll treat this as totally confidential?
It has to do with ...
What kind of biology?
Vulcan biology.
You mean the biology of Vulcans?
Biology as in ...
Well, uh ...
there's no need to be embarrassed about it, Spock.
It happens to the birds and the bees.
The birds and the bees are not Vulcans, Captain.
If they were ...
if any creature as proudly logical as us ...
were to have their logic ripped from them ...
as this time does to us --
How do Vulcans choose their mates?
Haven't you wondered?
I guess the rest of us assume that it's done ...
quite logically.
It is not.
We shield it with a ritual ...
and customs shrouded in antiquity.
You humans have no conception.
It strips our minds from us.
It brings a madness which rips away ...
our veneer of civilization.
It is the Pon Farr --
the time of mating.
There are precedents in nature, Captain --
The giant eel-birds of Regulus Five,
once each 11 years ...
they must return to the caverns where they hatched.
On your earth, the salmon ...
they must return to that one stream ...
where they were born ...
to spawn ...
or die in trying.
But you're not a fish, Mr. Spock. You're --
No. Nor am I man.
I'm a Vulcan.
I'd hoped I would be spared this,
but the ancient drives are too strong.
Eventually, they catch up with us,
and we are driven by forces we cannot control ...
to return home and take a wife ...
or die.
I haven't heard a word you've said,
and ...
I'll get you to Vulcan somehow.
[Kirk] Lieutenant, get meAdmiraI Komack ...
at Starfleet Command, Sector Nine.
Pipe it down to McCoy's office.
Starfleet Command. Yes, sir.
Mr. Sulu, you don't think ...
maybe you ought to plot a course back for Vulcan,
Just in case?
[Intercom Whistles]
[Uhura] Communication to Mr. Spock.
Lieutenant Uhura here.
Let me alone.
Let me alone!
Captain, you're making a most unusual request.
I'm aware of that, sir,
but it's of the utmost importance.
Permit me to divert to Vulcan.
You refuse to explain why it is so important.
I can't, sir.
But believe me, I wouldn't make such a request --
Altair Six is no ordinary matter.
That area is just putting it selftogether ...
after a long interplanetary conflict.
This inauguration will stabilize the entire Altair system.
Our appearance there is a demonstration of friendship ...
and strength which will cause ripples clearto the Klingon Empire.
Sir ...
the delay would be, at most, a day.
I can hardly believe that --
Proceed to Altair Six as ordered.
You have your orders. Starfleet, out.
Well ... that's that.
No, it's not.
I know the Altair situation.
We would be one of three starships --
very impressive, very diplomatic --
But it's simply not that vital.
You can't go off to Vulcan against Starfleet orders.
I can't let Spock die.
And he will if we go to Altair.
I owe him my life a dozen times over.
Isn't that worth a career?
He's my friend.
Bridge. Navigation.
Bridge. Navigation.
Mr. Chekov ...
lay in a course for Vulcan.
Tell engineering I want warp eight or better.
Push her for all she'll take.
Course already plotted. Laying it in, sir.
I see.
Very well. Carry on, Mr. Chekov.
Kirk, out.
Miss Chapel.
Yes, Mr. Spock?
I had a most startling dream.
You were trying to tell me something,
but I couldn't hear you.
It would be illogical for us ...
to protest against our natures.
Don'tyou think?
I don't understand.
Your face is wet.
I came to tell you that we are bound for Vulcan.
We'll be there in just a few days.
Miss Chapel.
My name is Christine.
Yes, I know, Christine.
Would you make me some of that plomeek soup?
Oh, I'd be very glad to do that, Mr. Spock.
It is obvious that you have surmised my problem, Doctor.
My compliments on your insight.
Captain, there is a thing that happens to Vulcans at this time.
Almost an insanity, which you would no doubt find distasteful.
Will I?
You've been most patient with my kinds of madness.
Then would you beam down to the planet's surface with me?
There is a brief ceremony.
Is it permitted?
It is my right.
By tradition, the male is accompanied by his closest friends.
Thank you, Mr. Spock.
I also request McCoy to accompany me.
I shall be honored, sir.
We're standing by on Vulcan hailing frequencies, sir.
Open the channel, Lieutenant.
Vulcan Space Central, this is the U.S.S. Enterprise ...
requesting permission to assume standard orbit.
U.S.S. Enterprise from Vulcan Space Central --
permission granted,
and from all of Vulcan, welcome.
Is Commander Spock with you?
This is Spock.
Standby to activate yourcentral viewer, please.
Doctor, what's going on?
Spock ...
It is I.
T'Pring ...
parted from me and never parted,
never and always touching and touched.
We meet at the appointed place.
Spock ...
parted from me and never parted,
never and always touching and touched.
I await you.
She's lovely, Mr. Spock.
Who is she?
She is T'Pring ...
My wife.
This is the land of my family.
It has been held by us for more than 2,000 Earth years.
This is our place of Koon-ut-kal-if-fee,
He called it Koon-ut what?
He described it to me as meaning ...
"marriage or challenge."
In the distant past, Vulcans killed to win their mates.
They still go mad at this time.
Perhaps it's the price they pay ...
for having no emotions the rest of the time.
Lovely. I wish the breeze were cooler.
Yeah. "Hot as Vulcan."
Now I understand what that phrase means.
The atmosphere's thinner than earth.
I wonder when his T'Pring arrives.
The marriage party approaches.
I hear them.
Marriage party?
You said T'Pring was your wife.
By our parents' arrangement ...
a ceremony ...
while we were but seven years of age,
less than a marriage ...
but more than a be trothal.
One touches the other ...
in order to feel each other's thoughts.
In this way, our minds were locked together ...
so that, at the proper time,
we would both be drawn ...
to ... Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.
[Bells Ringing]
Bones ... you know who that is?
T'Pau ...
the only person to ever turn down a seat ...
on the Federation Council.
T'Pau? Officiating at Spock's wedding?
He never mentioned that his family was this important.
Spock ...
are our ceremonies for out worlders?
They are not out worlders.
They are my friends.
I am permitted this.
This is Kirk.
And thee are called?
Leonard McCoy, ma'am.
Thee names these out worlders friends.
How does thee pledge their behavior?
With my life, T'Pau.
What they are about to see ...
comes down from the time of the beginning ...
without change.
This is the Vulcan heart.
This is the Vulcan soul.
This is our way.
What is it? What happened?
She chooses the challenge.
With him?
He acts only if cowardice is seen.
She will choose her champion.
Spock --
Do not attempt to speak at him, Kirk.
He is deep in the Plak-tow --
the blood fever.
He will not speak with thee again ...
untilhe has passed through ...
what is to come.
If thee wishes to depart,
thee may leave now.
We'll stay.
Spock chose his friends well.
Ma'am, are you trying to say ...
that she rejected him,
that she doesn't want him?
He will have to fight for her.
It is her right.
T'Pring, thee has chosen the Kal-if-fee,
the challenge.
Thee are prepared ...
to become the property of the victor?
I am prepared.
Spock, does thee accept challenge,
according to our laws and customs?
Do you think Spock can take him?
I doubt it.
Not in his present condition.
T'Pring, thee will choose thy champion.
As it was in the dawn of our days,
as it is today,
as it will be for all tomorrows,
I make my choice.
This one.
I am to be the one.
It was agreed.
Be silent!
Hear me.
I have made the ancient claim.
I claim the right. The woman --
I ask forgiveness.
Kirk ...
T'Pring is within her rights,
but our laws and customs are not binding on thee.
Thee are free to decline ...
with no harm on thyself.
T'Pau ...
Thee speaks?
My friend ...
does not understand.
The choice has been made, Spock.
It is up to him now.
He does not ... know.
I will do ...
what I must ...
T'Pau ...
but not with him!
His blood ...
does not burn.
He is my friend!
It is said ...
thy Vulcan blood is thin.
Are thee Vulcan ...
or are thee human?
I burn ... T'Pau.
My eyes ... are flame.
My heart ... is flame.
Thee has the power, T'Pau.
In the name ... of my fathers,
forbid ... forbid!
T'Pau ...
I plead ... with thee!
I beg!
Thee has prided thyself on thy Vulcan heritage.
It is decided.
What happens to Spock if I decline?
Another champion will be selected.
Do not interfere, Kirk.
Keep thy place.
You can't do it, Jim.
She said their laws and customs ...
were not binding on you.
And you said Spock ...
might not be able to handle him.
If I can knock Spock out without hurting him ...
in this climate?
If the heat doesn't get you, the thin air will.
You can't do it!
If I get into any trouble, I'll quit.
And Spock wins, and honor is satisfied.
Jim, listen, if you --
Bones ...
he's my first officer, my friend.
I disregarded Starfleet orders to bring him here.
Another thing, that's ... T'Pau ...
a Vulcan --
all of Vulcan in one package.
How can I back out in front of her?
It is done.
Kirk ... decide.
I accept ...
the challenge.
Here begins the act of combat ...
for possession of the woman T'Pring.
As it was at the time of the beginning,
so it is now.
Bring forth the lirpa.
If both survive the lirpa ...
combat will continue with the ahn woon.
What do you mean ... "If both survive"?
This combat is to the death.
Now, wait a minute ... ma'am.
Who said anything about a fight to the death?
These men are friends.
To force them to fight until one of them is killed --
I can forgive such a display only once.
Challenge was given ...
and lawfully accepted.
It has begun.
Let no one interfere.
Spock! No!
Is this Vulcan chivalry?
The air's too hot and thin for Kirk.
He's not used to it.
The air is the air.
What can be done?
I can compensate ...
for the atmosphere and the temperature with this.
At least it will give Kirk a fighting chance.
Thee may proceed.
You're going to have to kill him, Jim.
Kill Spock?
That's not what we came to Vulcan for, is it?
What's that?
It's a tri-ox compound.
It'll help you breathe.
Now be careful!
Sound medical advice.
The ahn woon.
Get your hands off of him, Spock!
It's finished.
He's dead.
I grieve with thee.
McCoy to Enterprise.
Enterprise, Lieutenant Uhura here.
Have the transporter room ...
stand by to beam up the landing party.
As strange as it may seem, Mr. Spock,
you're in command now.
Any orders?
I'll follow you up in a few minutes.
You will instruct Mr. Chekov ...
to plot a course ...
for the nearest Starbase ...
where I must surrender myself to the authorities.
T'Pring ...
Why the challenge?
And why you chose my captain as your champion?
Stonn wanted me. I wanted him.
I see no logic in preferring Stonn over me.
You have become much known among our people, Spock.
Almost a legend.
And as the years went by, I came to know that I did not want --
to be the consort of a legend.
But by the laws of our people,
I could only divorce you by the Kal-if-fee.
There was also Stonn who wanted very much to be my consort.
And I wanted him.
If your Captain were victor,
he would not want me, so I would have Stonn.
If you were victor, you would free me ...
because I had dared to challenge,
and again I would have Stonn.
But if you did not free me,
it would be the same for you would be gone.
And I would have your name and your property,
and Stonn would still be there.
Logical --
flawlessly logical.
I am honored.
Stonn ...
she is yours.
After a time ...
you may find that having ...
is not so pleasing a thing after all ...
as wanting.
It is not logical,
but it is often true.
Spock here.
Stand by to beam up.
Live long, T'Pau,
and prosper.
Live long and prosper, Spock.
I shall do neither.
I have killed my Captain ...
and my friend.
Doctor, I shall be resigning my commission immediately.
Uh, Spock --
So I would appreciate ...
your making the final arrangements.
Spock, I --
Doctor, please, let me finish.
There can be no excuse for my crime.
I intend to offer no defense.
I shall order Mr. Scott to take command.
Don't you think you better check with me first?
I'm ... pleased ...
to see you, Captain.
You seem ... uninjured.
I am at something of a loss to understand it, however.
Blame McCoy.
That was no triox compound he shot me with.
He slipped in a neuroparalyzer.
Knocked me out -- simulated death.
Nurse, would you mind, please?
Spock, what happened down there? The girl? The wedding?
Ah, yes, the girl.
Hmm, most interesting.
It must have been the combat.
When I thought I had killed the Captain,
I'd lost all interest in T'Pring.
The madness was gone.
[Bosun's Whistle]
Kirk here.
Captain Kirk, message from Starfleet Command,
Top priority.
Relay it, Lieutenant.
Response to T'Pau's request ...
for diversion of Enterprise to planet Vulcan hereby approved.
Any reasonable delay granted. Komack, Admiral, Starfleet Command.
Well, a little late, but I'm glad they're seeing it our way.
How about that T'Pau?
They couldn't turn her down.
Mr. Chekov, lay in a course for Altair Six.
Leave orbit when ready. Kirk out.
There's just one thing, Mr. Spock.
You can't tell me that when you first saw Jim alive ...
that you weren't about to give us an emotional scene.
Merely my quite logical relief that Starfleet ...
had not lost a highly proficient captain.
Yes, Mr. Spock. I understand.
Thank you, Captain.
Of course, Mr. Spock,
- your reaction was quite logical. - Thank you, Doctor.
In a pig's eye!
Come on, Spock. Let's go mind the store.
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