Captain, I'm going to like Argelius.
Obviously a man of good taste.
You mean to tell me all these women ...
that all this is ...
Yes, yes, yes.
The Argelians think very highly of their pleasure.
That's an understatement if I ever heard one.
This is a completely hedonistic society.
You like her, Scotty?
Why shouldn't I?
I've invited her to join us.
Thought you might like to meet her.
That's what I call a real captain --
always thinking of his men.
Scotty, in Argelius they use the lights.
You can't tell an old Aberdeen pub-crawler
how to applaud, Captain.
[Captain Kirk] Have one of our pillows?
'Tis a fine foggy night.
I doubt anyone's ever told you
of the marvelous fogs we have in Aberdeen.
Never a word,
but I'm dying to learn.
Well, then, why don't I show you?
There's nothing like a walk in the fog with a bonny lass.
Or a handsome gentleman.
Why don't we?
I might even get back to the ship on time.
We won't leave without you.
Relax and enjoy yourself.
My work is never done.
My work, Jim.
This is prescription stuff.
The explosion that threw Scotty against a bulkhead
was caused by a woman.
Physically he's all right.
Am I right in assuming that?
Oh, yes. As a matter of fact,
considerable psychological damage could have been caused --
for example, his total resentment toward women.
Seems he's overcoming his resentment.
Of course, when he gets back to the ship,
he'll hate you for making him leave Argelius,
but he'll have lost total resentment toward women.
Mission accomplished as far as Scotty is concerned.
Bones, I know a little place across town
where the women --
Yes. I know the place. Let's go.
I think it's that way.
I think so, too.
[Woman Screams]
She's dead,Jim.
Stabbed a dozen times.
Space -- the final frontier.
these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
to explore strange, new worlds ...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Captain 's log,
stardate 3614.9.
Planet Argelius II.
While on therapeutic shore leave,
Mr. Scott has fallen under suspicion
of having brutally murdered an Argelian woman.
The chief city administrator, a Mr. Hengist,
has taken charge of the investigation,
but has learned little of value.
I don't know what to say.
Argelius is the last planet I'd expect this to happen.
We're just as shocked as you are.
If this was my home planet, Rigel IV,
I'd have a dozen investigators,
but they don't exist here.
You're not a native of Argelius?
Oh, no. Argelius hires its administrative officers
from other planets.
The Argelians aren't very efficient, you know --
gentle, harmless people.
Uh, Mr. Scott.
Mr. Scott.
Now, are you sure
you've never seen this before?
I ... I don't remember.
Really, sir, that is hardly helpful.
you left the cafe with the girl.
Do you remember that?
What happened next?
Well, we were ...
walking in ...
the fog.
Uh, I was up ahead
trying to lead the way.
I heard the girl scream.
I remember starting to turn.
I don't remember another thing.
You've got to remember.
If he says he can't remember, he probably doesn't.
You know Scotty.
I know a murder's been committed.
You don't think that Scotty --
It doesn't make any difference what I think.
But you don't just throw him to the wolves.
Bones, I have a diplomatic responsibility.
This happened under Argelian jurisdiction.
If they want to arrest him, try him,
even convict him,
I have to go along.
But he's suffering from a severe concussion.
We'll do what we can.
It's not promising, Captain.
Mr. Scott insists he remembers nothing,
but my detector indicates
only his fingerprints on the murder weapon.
There were other people in the cafe
about the time of the murder.
Several left just before Mr. Scott and the girl.
So I've been informed.
They're being located, and we'll question them,
but the outlook for your friend's grim.
What's the law in these cases?
The law of Argelius
is love.
our prefect, Jaris.
Sir, Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy.
And this is my wife Sybo.
And this man is Scott,
the one I sent you the message about.
He doesn't look like a man
capable of such an act.
Still, it's been so long.
Gentlemen, before our great awakening 200 years ago,
we had ways
of learning the truth in such matters.
we shall return to them.
The Argelian empathic contact?
You know of this?
We've heard of it. I assumed it was a lost art.
My wife is a descendent
of the ancient priestesses of our land.
She has the ancestral gift.
Gentlemen, I have come to invite you to my home.
Prefect, shouldn't this be handled
in an official manner through my office?
It shall be handled in an official manner,
since I am the highest official.
Gentlemen, let us proceed to my home,
where with the aid of my wife,
we shall learn the truth.
If you please.
Depending on your wife's empathic abilities
is all very well,
but there's only one way to find out
what it is Mr. Scott cannot remember.
Since you won't let us go back to our ship,
I can beam down a technician
with a psycho-tricorder.
Prefect, it will give us a detailed account
of everything that's happened to Mr. Scott in the last 24 hours.
Oh, I'd advise against it, Prefect.
This is purely an Argelian matter.
My wife must meditate for a time
before she's ready.
I see no reason
why we should not use that time to good advantage.
Very well, Captain.
Kirk to Enterprise.
Enterprise. Spock here.
Beam down a technician with a psycho-tricorder.
Use these coordinates.
Acknowledged. Coordinates received.
Kirk out.
Prefect, the psycho-tricorder
will require privacy to be effective.
There is a small chamber below this room.
Perhaps that will suffice.
news of this ... frightful murder
is spreading among my people.
They're greatly disturbed.
I have already heard talk
of closing Argelius to space vehicles.
Well, that would be most unfortunate.
Argelian hospitality is well-known,
as well as its strategic importance as a space port.
Yes. I believe it's the only one in the quadrant.
There are other people we should question.
Perhaps I should expedite their arrival here.
Please do so, Mr. Hengist.
Anyone with any connection with this murder
should be present at the ceremony.
Lieutenant Karen Tracy reporting as ordered.
Lieutenant, I want a 24 hour regressive memory check
made on Mr. Scott.
Where shall I set up?
If you will Just follow me,
Scotty, cooperate completely
with Lieutenant Tracy.
Maybe we'll clear this up.
I certainly hope so.
I can't stand this not knowing.
Captain, under normal conditions,
Scotty would have never done such a thing.
Well, that blow on the head --
it could put all his previous behavior patterns
into the junk heap.
Of course, there's another possibility.
Hysterical amnesia.
When a man feels guilty about something,
something too terrible to remember,
he blots it out of his conscious memory.
Are you ready, Sybo?
I am ready.
May I have the knife, please?
Among other gifts,
Sybo has the ability
to receive impressions from inanimate objects.
Do you have it, Captain?
The knife?
But I put it here. It's gone.
[Woman Screams]
She's dead,Jim ...
Just like the other one.
Stabbed ...
over and over again.
Drink this.
[Snaps Fingers]
An Argelian stimulant, Doctor.
Quite effective
and quite harmless.
Go ahead, Scotty.
Uh ... Lieutenant.
Where's --
Lieutenant Tracy is dead, Scott.
You were found alone in the room.
Dead? But --
What happened down there?
I was ...
sitting there.
She was taking the readings ...
and now I'm sitting here.
Is that all that happened?
I tell you, I don't remember.
I must have passed out.
It could be,Jim -- that head injury.
Yeah ...
that head injury.
Think, Scotty.
Captain, I've been trying.
I can't even believe this is really happening.
There's no way into that place from up here.
is there another entrance to that chamber?
There's a door leading into the garden,
but that's been locked for years.
Locks can be picked.
Check it.
Both of these men were at the cafe
the night of the murder.
Where were they Just now?
Captain, if you don't mind.
There's been another murder, Hengist --
one of my crew.
The same as Kara.
Oh. Why, th-that's terrible.
You, my men picked you up near there.
What were you doing?
I know nothing about it. I didn't kill anyone.
Well, how was the girl killed?
and there's no sign of the weapon.
If only I had facility --
You were a musician at the cafe.
You played for the murdered girl.
Since she was a little girl,
she danced for me.
She was my daughter.
how could this thing have happened here?
The man who did it must be found.
He must be punished.
And you.
You left the cafe before Scott and Kara.
Is this true? Who are you?
Morla of Cantaba Street.
I have nothing to hide.
Did you know Kara?
Of course he knew her.
They were to be married,
but he behaved disgraceful,
unheard of!
He was ...jealous of her.
That is very disquieting.
I know it was wrong,
but I just couldn't help myself.
I loved her,
and when she went over to the table with these men,
I couldn't stand to watch,
so I went home.
Jealousy has often been a motive for murder.
Yes, I know.
That's why the emotion is disapproved of here.
I didn't kill anyone. I couldn't.
We shall see, Morla.
Sorry, Jim.
The lock may or may not have been picked.
It would be hard to tell
even with the tricorder.
Can you prove you went directly home?
Captain, may I continue with the questions?
Get on with it.
Just don't stand there.
Captain, Captain.
You're behaving like a man
who's desperately trying anything
to save his friend.
Would you be as desperate
to save Argelius as a space port for your Starfleet?
Of course I'm trying to save my friend ...
if he's innocent.
And he hasn't been proven guilty.
Need I remind you of the circumstances?
In both cases,
your friend was discovered over the body
and claimed to remember nothing.
I am ready, Jaris.
Gentlemen, sit down please.
On one condition, Prefect --
that the room be sealed
so that no one can leave or enter
while the ceremony is going on.
The room is sealed.
Captain, you mean my neck is going to depend
on some spooky mumbo-jumbo?
[Communicator Beeps]
Kirk here.
Spock here, Captain.
May I have a word with you?
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Yes, Mr. Spock?
Concerning the situation you related to us --
In my opinion,
the Argelian empathic contact
is an interesting phenomenon,
but the technique is not sound enough
to risk a man's life.
What do you suggest?
Simply that we beam Mr. Scott onboard the Enterprise
and employ our computers to learn the truth.
These are a proud people.
They have their own customs and laws.
While we're here, we're subject to them.
It is absolutely imperative
that this matter be resolved
according to Argelian laws.
Is that clear?
Quite clear, Captain.
I don't like it, either,
but there's nothing we can do.
[Sybo] Let us begin.
Let the circle not be broken.
Concentrate upon the flame
which burns upon the altar oftruth.
Yes ...
there is something here ...
something terrible.
I feel its presence --
fear, anger, hatred.
Anger feeds the flame.
Oh ...
ohh ...
there is evil here,
monstrous, terrible evil,
consuming hunger,
hatred of all that lives,
hatred of women,
a hunger that never dies.
It is strong,
an ancient terror.
It has a name --
Beratis, Kesla,
Devouring all life, all light.
A hunger that will never die!
Three murders ...
and Scotty the only possible answer each time.
I don't care what the circumstances indicate,Jim.
Scotty simply could not have done it.
Normally, no, but that blow on his head--
No, Captain.
You don't even remember
whether you did it or not.
I agree with you.
I'm perfectly satisfied Mr. Scott's guilty.
But not responsible.
That's unproven.
We can prove it if he's insane.
Gentlemen. Please.
How could any man
do such monstrous things?
[Kirk] That's what we hope to find out.
Mr. Scott --
Sir, I swear to you
I did not kill your wife or the other ladies.
You don't know whether you did or didn't.
Your so-called failing memory --
Mr. Hengist.
On the Enterprise,
we can make a recording of the registrations
of Mr. Scott's conscious and subconscious mind.
They will tell us what happened to him
in the recent past.
There would be no doubt.
We would know.
That's what we're after, isn't it?
To know.
You, sir, claim to remember
nothing about the murders.
If this is so,
you may have killed without knowing it.
Will your machines tell us this?
No doubt will remain.
Very well.
We will go to your ship ...
and he who is guilty
will face the ancient penalties,
barbaric and horrible though they may be.
The ancient penalty for murder
was death by slow torture.
That law has never been changed.
Do you understand that, Mr. Scott?
Aye ...
I understand.
Captain 's log,
stardate 3615.4.
With Mr. Scott in a technical state of arrest,
we have beamed aboard the Enterprise
to continue the investigation.
Each testifier will sit here,
place his hand on this plate.
Any deviation from factual truth
will be immediately detected
and relayed to this computer
which will in turn notify us.
Dr. McCoy has already fed the computer his medical reports.
Our laboratory experts are examining the murder weapon
and will give their data to the computers.
Shall we begin?
Mr. Scott, will you take the stand?
Computer, identify verification.
Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott.
Serial number SE19754T.
Subject's present physical condition.
Subject recently received severe blow on skull.
Damage healing.
Some peripheral abnormalities.
Sufficient abnormalities
to account for periods
of functional amnesia?
Captain, I don't see how that can be.
Unless Scotty's lying about his loss of memory.
I'm not lying, Captain.
I don't remember a thing about the first two murders.
Computer, accuracy scan.
Subject relaying accurate account.
No physiological changes.
Captain ...
I didn't black out when Mr.Jaris' wife was killed.
All right, Scotty,
let's have it.
We were holding hands.
When the lights went out,
the circle was broken.
I heard the poor lady scream,
and I was near the head of the table anyway.
I went toward her, but ...
there was something in my way.
Something? You mean, someone.
No, Captain, some ...
Cold, it was, like a ...
stinking draft out of a slaughterhouse,
but it wasn't r --
really there.
Like a --
If you know what I mean.
Subject relaying accurate account.
No physiological changes.
All right. Let's hit it on the head.
Scotty, did you kill Sybo?
No, Captain.
That I'm sure of.
He's been saying that. It means no more now than it did before.
Scotty, lie to me. How old are you?
Uh, 22, sir.
Data in error.
After the lights went out, Mr. Scott,
who was holding your hand?
Morla on the one side and you on the other.
With a room that small -- the lights were out --
anyone would've had time to kill the lady.
But we found Mr. Scott holding her in his arms,
the knife still --
I'm sorry, sir, but I must.
The knife still in her back and blood on his hands.
The verifier showed he was truthful
when he said he didn't kill her.
There were two other women murdered.
Mr. Scott ...
did you kill Kara?
I don't remember.
Did you kill Lieutenant Tracy?
I don't remember.
Computer, accuracy scan.
Subject relaying accurate account.
No physiological changes.
All that proves is that he's telling the truth
when he says he doesn't remember.
After we take the testimony here,
we'll run a psycho-tricorder analysis of Mr. Scott's memory,
which is what we wanted to do on the surface.
Will that satisfy you, Mr. Hengist?
If you can convince me
that the machine is incapable of error
and if it shows he did not kill the women.
There will be no error.
As for the rest of it,
the readings will show.
You can step down, Mr. Scott,
if there are no objections.
I object to the entire procedure.
Mr. Hengist, we are here on my authority.
We will cooperate.
Prefect, I know you mean well,
but I've had experience --
For the time being,
we will accept Captain Kirk's explanation
of the machine's accuracy as factual.
I do, however, reserve to myself
the right to make the final determination.
We can ask no more.
Mr. Morla, will you take the stand?
Where were you at the time that Kara was murdered?
I'm not sure.
Walking home, I -- I assume.
I was angry.
Anger is a relative state, sir.
Were you angry enough to do violence?
I've never done violence.
I don't think I could.
You've got to believe me.
I wouldn't kill her. I couldn't.
I loved her, and she loved me.
That's not true!
He might think she loved him,
but she didn't. She told me.
He was jealous.
All the time,
they fought constantly.
Did you kill Lieutenant Tracy?
Computer, verification scan.
Subject relaying accurate account,
though some statements subjective.
No physiological changes.
All right, Mr. Morla, I think you can step down now.
Sybo spoke of a hunger that never died,
something that thrives on fear, terror, death.
Mr. Spock, maybe we're going about it in the wrong way.
Let's assume that Sybo was a sensitive --
that she did sense something, something evil.
Sensitivity of certain Argelian women
is a documented fact, Captain.
My poor Sybo's talent was genuine, gentlemen.
What she told you was true.
All right, then,
what was it she said, exactly?
A monstrous evil, ancient terror --
that devours all life and light.
She said something else --
words that didn't make sense.
Redjac ...
Beratis ...
and, uh, Kesla.
Obscure, meaningless words.
To us, perhaps, but to the computer?
Ah, Mr. Spock, check them out.
Computer, linguistic bank.
Definition of following word --
Negative finding.
There is no such word in the linguistics bank?
Scan all other banks.
A propername.
Source -- Earth, 19th century.
Language -- English.
Nickname format -- murderer of women.
Other Earth synonyms --
Jack the Ripper.
Jack the Ripper?
That's ridiculous. He lived hundreds of years ago.
A man couldn't survive all these centuries.
Just before she died,
my wife said ...
it is a hunger
that never dies.
But all men die.
Yes, all men die,
and Jack the Ripper couldn't be alive
if he were a man.
But everything we've uncovered
points to Jack the Ripper,
which is an impossibility, isn't it?
Or is it?
Humans and humanoids make up only a small percentage
of the life forms we know of.
There are entities possessed of extremely long life spans,
virtually immortal.
We know that ...
someone or ...
something ...
killed three women.
If it's impossible for it to be human,
it's something else, something driven to kill.
Sybo said it feeds on death.
In the strict scientific sense, Doctor,
we all feed on death,
even vegetarians.
But it said more than that.
It said it also feeds on fear.
Which would tend to support the proposition
that the murderer was not human.
Deriving sustenance from emotion
is not unknown in the galaxy,
and fear is among the strongest
and most violent of the emotions.
Surely, Prefect, this has gone far enough.
Someone -- some man has killed three women.
We have the prime suspect in our hands.
Are we going to let him go and start chasing ghosts?
No, Mr. Hengist,
not ghosts.
Possibly not human, but not ghosts.
Mr. Spock, check out the possibilities.
Computer, digest log recordings
for past five solar minutes.
Correlate hypotheses.
Compare with life forms register.
Question --
Could such an entity within discussed limits
exist in this galaxy?
The Drella of Alpha Carinae V
derived nourishment from the emotion of love.
There is sufficient precedent
for existence of creature, nature unknown,
which could exist on emotion of fear.
Computer, extrapolate most likely composition of such entity.
To meet with specified requirements,
entity would exist without form
in conventional sense.
Most probable -- mass of energy
of highly cohesive electromagnetic field.
Computer ...
could the described entity
assume physical form?
Precedent --
Mellitus, cloud creature of Alpha Majoris 1.
Fairy tales. Ghosts and goblins.
No, I've seen the mellitus myself.
In its natural state, it's gaseous.
When it's at rest, it's solid.
Mr. Spock, let's assume the existence
of this creature.
Jack the Ripper slew at will
in the heart of the most populous city of old Earth
and was never identified.
Doesn't seem likely, does it?
I suggest the possibility of a hypnotic screen,
which blinds all but the victim
to the presence of the killer.
Is that possible?
There are many such examples that exist in nature.
Well, this is fantasy!
The murderer is sitting right here.
You're trying to cloud the issue.
I got a mind --
I am satisfied the course of this investigation
is valid enough.
Please be seated, Mr. Hengist.
All right, Mr. Spock, what do we have?
A creature without form
that feeds on horror and fear,
that must assume a physical shape
to kill.
And, I suspect, preys on women
because women are more easily
and more deeply terrified,
generating more sheer horror than the male of the species.
Computer, criminological files.
Cases of unsolved mass murders of women
since Jack the Ripper.
Working. 1932. Shanghai, China, Earth --
seven women knifed to death.
1974. Kiev, U.S.S.R., Earth --
five women knifed to death.
2105. Martian colonies --
eight women knifed to death.
2156. Heliopolis, Alpha Aradonill --
10 women knifed to death.
There are additional examples.
Captain, those places are aligned directly
between Argelius and Earth.
When man moved out into the galaxy,
that thing must've moved with him.
Computer, identify the proper names
Kesla and Beratis.
Kesla -- name given to unidentified mass murderer of women
on planet Deneb II.
Beratis-- name given to unidentified mass murderer of women
on planet Rigel IV.
Additional data --
murders on Rigel IV occurred one solar year ago.
You come from Rigel IV.
Well, many people do. It's not a crime.
No, but what we're investigating is.
Would you mind taking the stand?
I will not.
Mr. Hengist.
Prefect, this has gone far enough.
I will not take the stand.
I can appreciate your position, sir.
You are in charge of civil disturbances locally.
If you are the entity for which we search,
what better position from which to kill
with impunity?
Just after you left Jaris' house,
we discovered the murder knife was missing.
And you were unaccounted for
when Lieutenant Tracy was murdered.
An entity which feeds on fear and terror
would find a perfect hunting ground
on Argelius,
a planet without violence,
where the inhabitants are as peaceful as sheep.
The entity would be as a hungry wolf in that fold.
Gentlemen, I know something of the law.
You're engaging in sheer speculation.
Mr. Spock ...
the murder weapon.
report on analysis of exhibit "A."
Exhibit "A " on visual.
Composition of blade -- boridium.
Composition of handle -- murinite.
Details of carving on handle
conform to folk art forms,
indicating place of origin.
Specify point of origin.
Artifact produced by hill people
of Argus Riverregion,
planet Rigel IV.
Now, then, Mr. Hengist ...
He's dead, Jim.
But that's impossible.
Redjac! Redjac! Redjac!
Redjac! Redjac!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
The computer will not respond to these controls.
The entity is unquestionably controlling it.
And the computer
controls the ship.
Redjac! Redjac! Redjac! Redjac!
Scotty, give me a hand.
Ha ha ha ha!
It's no use, Captain.
The bypass circuits are blocked.
Audio cut off, Spock.
What's happening, Captain?
What does it mean?
It means that thing
can control the entire operation of the ship,
including the life support systems.
It could kill us all?
It will try, but not immediately.
We know it feeds on fear and terror.
There are nearly 440 humans aboard this ship.
It will try to breed fear and terror before it kills.
All hands, this is the captain.
Stay at your posts.
Remain calm.
Captain out.
Bones ...
what's the sedative situation?
I've got some stuff that would tranquilize an active volcano.
Good. Start distribution immediately.
The longer we can hold back that fear,
the more time we'll have
to get that thing out of the computer.
You'll all be safer here.
Spock, come with me.
Don't you have a compulsory scan unit
built into the computer banks?
But with the entity in control --
aren't there certain mathematical problems which cannot be solved?
If we could focus the attention of the computer on one of them ...
that ought to do it.
Apparently our friend's learned very quickly.
Too quickly. Bridge.
Free fall!
Out of control. Put it on manual.
[Alarm Sounds]
That was due to be next. Life support malfunction.
We don't have much time.
You said it yourself,
it wants terror, not just death.
Captain, the life support system override jammed.
Man your station, Mr. Sulu.
Aye, sir.
Captain, you're wasting your time.
Cut that thing off.
You and all aboard yourship
are about to die!
Cut that thing off.
This is the first time I heard a malfunction threaten us.
Man your post, Mr. Sulu.
Prepare your manual overrides.
You may need them.
Aye, sir.
Normal environmental levels have been restored,
but it will not last long,
a few hours at best.
That should be enough time.
Let's get at it.
What's going on, Captain?
Never mind, Mr. Sulu.
Yes, sir.
Everyone, including yourself.
Yes, sir.
You cannot stop me now.
It will do you no good.
I control all circuits.
You cannot silence me.
You cannot reach me.
Your manual overrides are extremely limitedin life.
Proceeding, Captain,
but I will need some time.
Yes, I know.
Soon all control will be restored to me!
There is nothing you can do to prevent it!
If you destroy this ship, you destroy yourself.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
I am without ending.
I have existed from the dawn of time,
and I shall I live beyond its end!
Is hall feed,
and this time, I do not need a knife.
You'll all die horribly ...
in searing pain!
It is attempting to generate terror, Captain.
I can cut off your oxygen and suffocate you!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Captain --
who ever he is,
he sure talks gloomy.
Man your post, Sulu.
If any of the other systems go out,
switch to manual override,
and above all, don't be afraid.
With an armful of this stuff,
I wouldn't be afraid of a supernova.
Computer ...
this is a class "A" compulsory directive.
Compute to the last digit
the value of pi.
No, no, no, no!
No, no!
As we know, the value of pi
is a transcendental figure without resolution.
The computer banks will work on this problem
to the exclusion of all else
until we order it to stop.
That should keep that thing busy for a while.
The Argelians will be the first to panic.
Let's get back to the briefing room.
I wonder who it is we're not supposed to be afraid of.
Well, sir?
I doubt very much
whether the computers will be inhabited
by more than a group of figures for a while.
There is resistance, Captain,
but the directive is succeeding.
If you drive it out of the computers,
it'll have to go somewhere else.
How are you doing?
I'm almost finished -- Just Jaris and me.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Complete computer control, Captain.
The entity has fled.
Yes, but where to?
Bones, what would happen
if that thing entered a tranquilized body?
It might take up knitting,
but nothing more violent than that.
Everyone's had a shot but you and Jaris?
And you and Mr. Spock, Captain.
I'm willing to take a chance on Mr. Spock.
Better give yourself a shot, Doc.
No, I ought to stay clear.
Do as I say.
All right.
Ha ha ha!
Extend your arm, Mr.Jaris.
[Redjac's Voice] No, no, kill you all!
Die! Make you suffer!
Everybody keep back or I'll kill her!
I'll kill her! Keep back!
Be careful.
You're going to hurt somebody with that thing.
You'll suffer!
You'll suff --
Ha ha ha ha ha.
I'll kill all of you.
Let's get him to the Transporter Room, quick!
You'll die, die, die.
Everybody will die.
Kill, kill, kill you all.
Deep space. Full power.
Widest angle of dispersion.
No need to get excited, Captain.
I'll do it.
You do it, Spock.
Everybody dies.
You will all suffer.
You didn't have to shove me, Mr. Spock.
I'd have gotten 'round to it.
Well, Jaris is all right.
What did you do with that thing, Captain,
send it back to the planet?
No. We beamed it out into open space --
widest possible dispersion.
That thing can't die.
Its consciousness may continue for some time,
consisting of billions of separate bits of energy,
floating forever in space,
But it will die finally.
You seem very happy about the whole thing.
Why not? For a while there
I didn't know whether I was innocent or guilty.
How long will it take for this tranquilizer to wear off?
Oh, I don't know. Five or six hours.
I gave him a pretty big shot,Jim.
Yes, I can see that.
For the next five or six hours,
we'll have the happiest crew in space.
Of course, we won't get much work done.
Since you came to Argelius to rest,
I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity.
That's a splendid idea!
I know a cafe where the women are so --
I know the place.
Let's go see!
You gentlemen, in your condition?
Don't be ridiculous.
Mr. Spock, this cafe has women that are so. ..
No, I guess not.
Gentlemen ...
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