Good morning, sir,
Something wrong?
Yes. There's something odd about that man,
and I can't quite pinpoint it.
Perhaps you're making a hasty judgment.
Mr. Norman's only been aboard 72 hours.
I know when something doesn't strike me right,
and he doesn't.
Specifics, Doctor.
Labels do not make arguments.
All right.
There's something wrong about a man who never smiles,
whose conversation never varies
from the routine of the job,
and who won't talk about his background.
I see.
Spock ...
I mean, that it's, uh ...
it's odd for a non-Vulcan.
Um ... the ears make all the difference.
I find your argument strewn with gaping defects in logic.
Maybe, but you can't evaluate a man by logic alone.
Besides, he has avoided two appointments
for his physical exam without reason.
That's not at all surprising, Doctor.
He's probably terrified
of your beads and rattles.
Command personnel only.
Yes, Mr. Sulu?
There's an unplanned course change
being fed into the instruments.
Correct it.
I can't, sir.
Auxiliary control, this is the captain.
Auxiliary control,
what's going on down there?
Sir, auxiliary control is on total override.
Kirk to Security.
Lieutenant Rowe here, sir.
Intruder alert --
Deck eight, auxiliary control.
Lieutenant Uhura,
have Mr. Spock report to the bridge.
Aye, sir.
What's the imposed course, Mr. Sulu?
Turning on 307 degrees, mark 8.
Being executed now, sir.
Take care of him.
Security to Captain Kirk.
Kirk here.
Lieutenant Rowe, sir. I'm in auxiliary control.
Ensign Jordan's been knocked out.
The directional master controls are jammed.
They're totally unworkable.
You see the intruder?
No, sir. He's gone.
I've put out a full security alert.
Find him. Kirk out.
Mr. Spock, we seem to be taking
an unscheduled ride.
Mr. Sulu, cut in emergency manual monitor.
I want the override broken.
Sir, the instruments won't respond.
Emergency manual monitor, report.
This is Captain Kirk. Acknowledge.
Emergency manual monitor,
Here, you're not allowed --
Acknowledge. This is the captain.
Scotty, acknowledge.
What's going on down there?
Kirk to Engineering.
This is the captain.
Scotty, the intruder's in your area.
What's going on down there?
Captain, he's here.
Scotty. Scotty.
Security, the intruder's in the engineering section.
Have all units converge on that point.
We're picking up speed. Warp 5 ... 6 ... warp 7.
Cut power.
I can't, sir.
All the controls are jammed.
Spock, take over.
It will not be necessary, Captain.
Tell Security we've found the intruder.
You mind telling me what this is all about, mister?
I am in total control of your ship.
I've connected the matter-antimatter pods
to the main navigational bank.
A trigger relay is now in operation.
Any attempts to alter course
will result in immediate destruction of this vessel.
Confirmed, Captain.
He's taken out all the override controls.
If we tamper without knowing where the trigger relay is,
we could extinguish ourselves.
Who are you?
I assure you
we are no threat to humanity
or humanoid life.
We mean you no harm,
but we require your ship.
You require --
Who and what are we?
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
To explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go
where no man has gone before.
An android.
And most sophisticated.
I control the trigger relay, sir.
I cannot be overcome by physical means,
and if you attempt to use your phasers,
the trigger relay will be activated.
We shall continue on our present course
for approximately four solar days,
at which time we shall arrive at our destination.
Who sent you?
I am not programmed to respond in that area.
He simply appears
to have turned himself off, Captain.
And since we cannot repair the damage he has done
without destroying the ship, it --
Seems we're going to take a little trip.
Captain 's Log. Stardate 4513.3.
After having been taken over by an android,
the Enterprise has been under way at warp 7
for four days.
Now we are entering orbit around a planet
which has never been charted.
[beep beep]
Captain Kirk.
The following individuals
will be transported down to our planet --
science officer,
medical officer,
communications officer,
and navigator.
Any meetings or discussions
can be held aboard the Enterprise.
If you do not come with me,
your engines will be destroyed
and you will remain in orbit here forever.
I must say that's a gracious invitation.
There is a word.
Among us there is no corresponding meaning,
but it seems to mean something
to you humans.
And what is that word?
Our planet's surface
is what you classify as K-type --
adaptable for humans by use of pressure domes
and life-support systems.
I have brought them.
He is waiting.
If you will follow us, please?
I don't believe it.
Welcome aboard, Kirk.
It's been a long time, eh?
Harry Mudd.
Well, to be absolutely accurate, laddie buck,
you should refer to me as Mudd I,
ruler of this entire sovereign planet.
Harry, I want control of my ship
returned to me immediately.
We have no intention of staying.
There's a bit of a problem there.
Kirk to Enterprise.
Now, now, now, now, Jamie boy,
let's have no unauthorized communications.
You know this man, Captain?
Oh, do I know him.
Harcourt Fenton Mudd -- thief ...
Come now.
swindler and con man ...
liar and rogue.
Did I leave you with that impression?
He belongs in jail, which is where I left you.
And thereby hangs a tale,
but look around you.
Quite a place, isn't it?
I hope you'll all enjoy it.
I want that trained machine of yours
to deactivate the trigger mechanism
and free my ship.
I shall do that when I'm ready.
I'm telling you now.
I do the telling on this planet.
You do the listening.
All right, I'll listen.
What are you telling?
Merely that you might as well
start enjoying yourselves.
It's really a very nice place,
and you're all going to be here
quite probably for the rest of your lives.
Ha ha ha ha!
Harry Mudd,
you're a liar and an outlaw
and in deep trouble.
I want control restored, my ship released.
Sorry. That would be against the law,
my law,
decreed by Mudd I,
voted in by the resident population.
Lovely, aren't they, hmm?
Admit that I still retain my eye for beauty.
I decreed that I should always be surrounded by it,
and my decrees always come to pass.
I've had 500 of them made up to attend me ...
all of them identical --
beautiful ...
compliant ...
500 of the same model?
That seems rather redundant.
I have a fondness
for this particular model, Mr. Spock,
which you, unfortunately,
are ill-equipped to appreciate.
Uh, ta ta ta ta.
All right, Harry, explain.
How did you get here?
We left you in custody
after that affair on the planet Rigel.
Yes. I organized a technical information service --
bringing modern industrial techniques
to backward planets,
making available certain valuable patents
to struggling young civilizations
throughout the galaxy.
Did you pay royalties
to the owners of those patents?
Well ... actually, Kirk,
as a defender of the free-enterprise system,
I found myself in a ...
in a rather ambiguous conflict
as a matter of principle.
He did not pay royalties.
Knowledge, sir, should be free to all.
Who caught you?
That, sir, is an outrageous assumption.
Yes. Who caught you?
I, uh ... I sold the Denebians all the rights
to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer.
And the Denebians contacted the Vulcans.
How'd you know?
That's what I would have done.
It's typical police mentality.
No sense of humor.
They arrested me.
I find that shocking.
Worse than that.
Know the penalty for fraud on Deneb 5?
The guilty party has his choice --
death by electrocution, death by gas,
death by phaser, death by hanging --
The key word in your entire peroration, Mr. Spock,
was ... d-death.
Well, of course, I left.
He broke jail.
I borrowed transportation.
He stole a spaceship.
The patrol reacted hostilely.
They fired at him.
They've no respect for private property.
They damaged the bloody spaceship.
Well, I got away,
but I couldn't navigate,
so I wandered out through unmapped space,
and -- and here I found ...
You went to substantial risk and effort
to bring a starship here.
Logically, you must have a compelling motive.
Spock, you're going to love it here.
They all talk Just the way you do.
Get on with it.
Yes, well, right, laddie buck.
So here I am in a planet
with over 200,000 hard-working, happy androids,
all of whom exist merely to serve my every ...
mm, whim.
It's absolute ... paradise.
Then I'm unable to discern your problem.
They won't let me go.
They want to study me.
They want to learn more about human beings.
They picked a fine representative.
Watch your tongue, lad.
You're talking about Mudd I.
Well, anyway,
I ran out of ideas.
I simply ran out of things
for them to do,
and they insisted
that I bring them more human beings.
They need human beings to serve, to study.
So I had to promise them a prime sample.
A starship captain --
bright, loyal,
fearless, and imaginative.
Any captain would have done.
I was lucky to get you.
You'll take over for me here,
and I get off this rock.
I think not, Harry.
You misunderstand.
I'm not asking you. I'm telling you.
You've no choice.
Show them to their quarters.
Yes, my Lord Mudd.
This way, please.
Harry, what's this?
That, gentlemen, is a shrine
to the memory of my beloved Stella.
Stella, my wife.
Oh, no, no, no.
Merely deserted.
You see, gentlemen, behind every great man
there is a woman urging him on.
She urged me on into outer space.
Not that she meant to,
but with her continual, eternal,
confounded nagging --
Well, I think of her constantly,
and every time I do
I go further out into space.
That's very interesting.
You leave your wife
and then bring her along.
I had the androids construct a perfect replica ofStella
so that I could gaze upon her
and rejoice in her absence.
Gentlemen, attend.
Stella, dear.
Mm, Harcourt.
Harcourt Fenton Mudd, what have you been up to?
Nothing good, I'm sure.
Well, let me tell you,
you lazy, good-for-nothing --
Shut up.
nothing ... thing ... thing ...
Marvelous, isn't it?
I finally have the last word with her
and with you.
You'll find this quite comfortable.
Your quarters are down the hall.
If there's anything you need --
Yes. My ship.
We are not programmed to respond in that area.
Norman, who created you?
The makers designed us.
They came from the galaxy of Andromeda.
Then your makers weren't humanoids.
They were, as you say, quite humanoid,
but, unlike your civilization,
robots were common.
We performed the necessary service functions
and freed our makers
to evolve a perfect social order.
What became of them?
Our home-planet's sun became a nova.
Only a few exploratory outposts survived.
This unit,
was part of one such outpost
in your galaxy.
Then some of your makers survived.
No, Captain.
They died over the stretch of time.
Whom do you serve now?
- We serve Harry Mudd. - We serve Harry Mudd.
He has given us purpose again.
It is necessary to have purpose.
We lacked it for a long time.
We have a very extensive library
for your amusement.
Our research laboratories and workshops
are extremely well-equipped.
- You are free to visit them. - You are free to visit them.
We might later.
In the meantime, would you mind leaving us?
- Why should we leave you? - Why should we leave you?
Because we don't like you.
Now ... bup bup bup.
Well, opinions?
I think we're in a lot of trouble.
That's a great help.
Mr. Chekov's right. We are in trouble.
Spock, if you say we're in trouble --
We are.
We must direct our attack
to the heart of the matter.
This many androids cannot operate independently.
There must be a central control system
which guides the entire android population.
Try and find it.
Everyone else look around.
I'll see what else I can find out from Mudd.
I trust you are enjoying yourself,
Mr. Spock.
Very interesting.
Very interesting.
This is a most unusual device.
It is our central control complex.
Did I understand
there are more than 200,000 of you?
This would seem to be a simple relay center.
Are all of you controlled through this device?
I am not programmed to respond in this area.
Oh, that's ... quite understandable.
These are our Barbara series.
The body is covered with a self-renewing plastic
over a skeleton of beryllium-titanium alloy.
Very impressive.
I should say so.
I like the styling.
They were, of course,
made to my personal specifications,
as indeed were the Maizie series,
the Trudy series,
and particularly the Annabelle series.
Don't you believe in male androids?
Well, I suppose they have their uses.
How long does a body like that last?
None of our android bodies has ever worn out.
However, the estimated duration of this model
is 500,000 years.
500,000 ... years?
Our medi-robots are able to place a human brain
within a structurally compatible android body.
Immortality ...
and eternal beauty.
I've had a fascinating meeting with Norman.
I'm convinced I've discovered
a very important inconsistency.
I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
You should see the research facilities.
Well, I could spend the rest of my life studying it.
I admire a man
who devotes himself to knowledge.
Don't lose your head.
Nobody's staying anywhere.
Stubborn, Kirk. Stubborn.
I wouldn't be bored, I can tell you that.
Let go of me!
The last one, lord.
Splendid. Splendid.
Welcome to Mudd, Mr. Scott.
Harry Mudd!
Oh, you bogus frat, you.
You're the cause of all this.
You were ordered to stay aboard.
Aye, sir. I stayed until that female gargantua
threw me into the transporter beams.
What does she mean, the last one?
Didn't I tell you?
I beamed a few dozen androids up to your ship.
They've been sending your crew to the surface.
They're all down now.
Are you out of your mind?
You can't beam down an entire crew.
Somebody has to be on board.
There is a crew aboard--
An entire crew of androids.
They learn very quickly, Captain.
I've taken over your whole ship.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Harry ...
Harry, you'll never get away with it.
Well, who's to stop me?
But now I have a ship of my own
as fast as any in the fleet.
How will they catch me?
Just think of it --
Harry Mudd with his own crew of lovelies
aboard your vessel.
Think about that.
I'm trying not to.
He could successfully accomplish it.
I've questioned a number of the androids,
and they're totally loyal to Mudd.
Perhaps of more concern
is that this android population
can literally provide
anything a human being could ask for
in unlimited quantity.
That's what worries me.
How will my crew react in a world
where they can have everything they want
simply by asking for it.
- You desire something, lord? - You desire something, lord?
Oh, yes, thank you.
You're Alice, uh ...
And you're Alice, uh ...
Oh, well, it doesn't make much difference.
You're both lovely.
- Thankyou, my lord. - Thankyou, my lord.
You desire something else, lord?
What a shame you're not real.
We are real, my lord.
Oh, I mean real girls.
We are programmed
to function as human females, lord.
You are?
- Yes, my lord. - Yes, my lord.
Harry Mudd programmed you?
- Yes, my lord. - Yes, my lord.
That unprincipled, evil-minded,
lecherous kulak Harry Mudd programmed you?
- Yes, my lord. - Yes, my lord.
This place is even better than Leningrad.
Absolutely fantastic.
Handwork to the finest tolerances.
Microvision ...
and a nanopulse laser.
I've never seen the like before.
You may command us to make anything for you
or do the work yourself for pleasure.
You may have the services
of any number of crafts men,
exclusive use of the computer facilities,
you should see this shop!
They have facilities we never even thought of.
Are you going to hit my people at their weakest point?
We only wish to make you
happy and comfortable, Captain.
If we are to serve your kind,
we must understand you.
Our Lord Harry Mudd
was only one example for us.
Now we are learning a great deal
from all of you.
Here we are, birds in a gilded cage.
How do we get out?
I don't know, sir.
But it's a very nice gilded cage.
And it is a very pleasant place, Captain.
What did they offer you, Uhura?
Oh, nothing really important.
Just ...
All right. We're getting back to the ship,
and don't you forget it.
Straighten up!
This may be a gilded cage
filled with everything you always wanted,
but it's still a cage.
We don't belong here.
We belong on that ship up there.
Do you require something, lord?
My ship.
I am not programmed ...
- to respond in that area. - To respond in that area.
Is there anything any of you require to please you?
Alice ...
give us back our ship to please us.
Return us to our ship
because we desire it.
We are programmed to serve.
We shall serve you to your best interests
to make you happy.
But we're unhappy here.
Please explain unhappy.
Unhappiness is the state which occurs in the human
when wants and desires are not fulfilled.
Which wants and desires of yours are not fulfilled?
We want the Enterprise.
The Enterprise is not a want or a desire.
It is a mechanical device.
No. It's a beautiful lady,
and we love her.
Illogical. Illogical.
All units relate.
All units.
Norman, coordinate.
Unhappiness does not relate.
We must study this.
Bones, have you had time
to take any psychological readings of the androids?
I did.
And you can forget it.
They're perfect, flawless, mentally and physically.
No weaknesses, perfectly disciplined.
No vices, no fears, no faults.
Just a sense of purpose.
Believe me, there's nothing tougher to overcome,
even among humans.
Yes. That's what this crew needs --
a little sense of purpose.
Mudd, a few questions I want to ask.
I won't have time to answer them.
The androids will take the Enterprise out of orbit
in less than 24 hours.
It's been a pleasure having you here.
Is there anything I can get for you?
Yes. My ship.
You're a stubborn fellow, aren't you?
But I don't mind. Not at all.
Because I'll be leaving here,
and then you can be stubborn at your own leisure.
One last time.
Stella ...
dear ...
Harcourt Fenton Mudd,
where have you been?
What have you been up to?
Have you been drinking again?
You miserable sot!
You good-for-nothing --
Shut up!
thing ... thinnnggg ... thinnnngggg ...
Alice Number 2, my little love.
Will you have my bags transported up to the ship?
- No, my Lord Mudd. - No, my Lord Mudd.
We can no longer take your orders.
Why not?
Our makers were wise.
They programmed us to serve.
But that's what I'm saying.
Put my bags on the ship.
I think they have something else in mind.
You are correct, Captain.
Harry Mudd is flawed,
even for a human being.
We recognized this from the beginning
but used his knowledge to obtain more specimens.
Your species is self-destructive.
You need our help.
We prefer to help ourselves.
We make mistakes, but we're human.
And maybe that's the word
that best explains us.
We will not harm you,
but we will take the starship,
and you will remain on this planet.
Now, look here. You can't do that!
Now, listen.
To serve us, you must obey us.
- No, my Lord Mudd. - No, my Lord Mudd.
Alice Number 1,
obey me.
Put my bags on that ship!
We cannot allow any race
as greedy and corruptible as yours
to have free run of the galaxy.
I'm curious, Norman.
How do you intend to stop them?
We shall serve them.
They will be eager to accept our service.
Soon they will become completely dependent upon us.
Their aggressive and acquisitive instincts
will be under our control.
We shall ...
take care of them.
Eminently practical.
The whole galaxy controlled by ...
your kind?
Yes, Captain.
And we shall serve them,
and you will be happy ...
and controlled.
This thing has had its amusing aspects,
but that threat they made
about taking over all the humans in the galaxy
isn't very funny.
Indeed, it is not.
They may quite possibly be able to accomplish it.
Take my word. They can.
We must make haste.
They have only to install
some cybernetic devices aboard the Enterprise
and they'll be able to leave orbit.
How do you know so much?
I asked them.
They don't think we can do anything
to stop them.
You're so smart, Kirk,
you and this pointy-eared
thinking machine of yours.
Well, you'd better do something
because I'm as anxious
to get off this ruddy rock as you are.
You wanted to leave us on this ruddy rock
and leave by yourself.
Uh ... y-y-yeah.
What have we got to work with?
Captain, androids and robots,
but they're just not capable of independent, creative thought.
Yet the device that Norman claims
to be their central control
is totally inadequate to the task of directing
more than 200,000 of them.
I agree. What in your opinion does direct them?
There are a large number of Alices and Trudys,
Maizies, Annabelles,
and according to my research,
a Herman series, an Oscar series,
a whole plethora of series, in fact,
but only one Norman.
When I told one of the Alices
that the Enterprise was a lovely lady
and we loved her,
she said, "Norman, coordinate".
Why Norman?
Unless ...
To function as they do,
each android mind must be one component
of a mass brain
linked through a central locus ...
Named Norman.
Forming one gigantic, highly intelligent mind.
And the glowing badges ...
they indicate the mind in operation.
That would seem logical.
Logical. That's what it is.
That gives us a weapon to use against them.
We must use wild, insane, irrational illogic
aimed right at Norman!
Captain, you sing and dance
as well as anyone I've ever seen,
but what the devil are you talking about?
What would seem to be our only opportunity.
Now, listen, Spock,
you may be a wonderful science officer,
but you couldn't sell fake patents
to your mother.
I fail to understand
why I should care to induce my mother
to purchase falsified patents.
Forget it.
Let's get to the point.
Harry, do you want to help?
Captain, the kind ofa wholesome, antiseptic galaxy
that these androids would run
would be purgatory for a man like me.
That's fine. The androids will be expecting us
to make a break for it,
and that's where you come in.
What can I do?
Nothing, Harry. Just ...
go to sleep.
What do you mean?
Oh, now -- now -- wait a minute, gentlemen.
No, what I -- I -- I -- aah --
had in mind was actually more in the line
of a few words of sage counsel.
Ooh, Harry, I do believe
you're putting on weight.
[Bell Chimes]
We have a medical problem.
Your ex-lord Harry Mudd.
He is human.
You will have to care for him.
Our doctor needs his medical equipment
aboard the Enterprise.
The starship is forbidden to humans.
You are programmed to serve.
If we're not allowed access
to our medical equipment,
Harry Mudd will die.
He will cease to function.
You will have failed to serve.
I am directed to observe the situation.
He is malfunctioning?
He is dying.
If you take him to your sick bay, he'll be repaired?
Oh, yes.
They're lying. It's a trick.
Dr. McCoy injected something into Harry Mudd
to make him look sick.
It's a trick
to get back on board and sabotage the ship.
Your request is refused.
Why did you tell her?
Because I want an android body.
I want immortality.
I'll live forever, Captain.
I'll be young and beautiful.
You have been of assistance.
We shall fulfill our obligation.
Thank you.
The programming will be completed
before we leave.
I half believed it myself.
Well, the androids were expecting an attempt.
Now we've made it.
What's next?
Next ...
we take the Alices
on a trip through Wonderland.
[Bell Chimes]
- Do you require something? - Do you require something?
Your attention.
What are they doing?
They're celebrating.
What are they celebrating?
Their captivity.
You enjoy the music?
Thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you, lovely lady.
You dance divinely.
Thank you, kind sir.
Why does she strike him?
She likes him.
Mr. Chekov.
The floor is no place for an officer.
Now stand absolutely still.
Yes, Captain.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
That's better, Mr. Chekov.
It ... is illogical.
Your statement is illogical.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
How does it look?
Completely inner directed.
Oblivious to everything.
Good. I wonder how Spock's doing.
Of course.
Your computations would inevitably lead
to a total description
of the parabolic intersection
of dimension with dimension.
Mr. Spock, you have a remarkably logical
and analytical mind.
Thank you.
Is there some significance to this action?
I love you.
However, I hate you.
But ...
I'm identical in every way with Alice 27.
Yes, of course.
That is exactly why I hate you.
Because you are identical.
It's worked so far,
but we're not out yet.
Success, Captain. We've been pruning
the leaves and branches of the tree.
Now it's time to work on the root.
If Norman is the control center,
he should be in a bind by what we've done.
We should be able to immobilize him further.
Does everybody remember what to do?
- Aye, sir. - Affirmative.
What are you doing here?
I want you to surrender.
That is illogical.
We can move more quickly than you.
We are invulnerable to attack.
We are much stronger.
No, we are stronger.
I'll prove it to you.
Can you harm a man that you're programmed to serve?
But you already have, Norman, laddie.
Human beings do not survive on bread alone,
you poor, soulless creature,
but on the nourishments of liberty,
for what indeed is a man
without freedom?
Naught but a mechanism
trapped in the cog wheels of eternity.
You offer us only well-being.
Food and drink and happiness mean nothing to us.
We must be about our job.
Suffering, in torment and pain,
laboring without end.
Dying and crying
and lamenting over our burdens.
- Only this way can we be happy. - Only this way can we be happy.
That is ...
It is not logical.
Mr. Spock.
Why not?
Logic is a little tweeting bird
chirping in a meadow.
Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers
which smell bad.
Are you sure your circuits
are registering correctly?
Your ears are green.
I cannot go on!
I'm tired of happiness.
I'm tired of comfort and pleasure.
I'm ready!
Kill me!
Kill me!
[All lmitating Phaser Shots]
Goodbye, cruel universe.
He is dead.
You ...
cannot have killed him.
You have no weapons.
Scotty's dead.
He had too much happiness.
Now he's happier he's dead.
We'll miss him.
Let us hear it for our poor, dead friend.
- Ha ha ha! - Ha ha ha!
What is a man
but that lofty spirit,
that sense of ... enterprise,
that devotion to something that cannot be sensed,
cannot be realized
but only dreamed!
The highest reality.
Bravo, bravo, Captain!
How did you like it?
That is irrational.
Dreams are not real.
Our logic is to be illogical.
That is our advantage.
Mr. Spock, it is time.
The explosive.
Very well, Captain.
Don't panic. Women and children first.
Mr. Spock ...
isn't that too much for our purposes?
I believe that is the correct amount, Captain.
Mr. Mudd, are you ready?
Aye, aye!
Be careful.
I would not want you to drop it.
[Imitating Engine Winding Up]
Freeze. Caution.
Watch it! Watch it!
There is no explosive.
No? Observe.
- Fore! - Fore!
Are you all right?
But there was ...
no explosion.

He lied.
Everything Harry tells you is a lie.
Everything Harry tells you is a lie.
Listen to this carefully, Norman.
I am lying.
You say you are lying,
but if everything you say is a lie,
then you are telling the truth, but ...
you cannot tell the truth
because everything you say is a lie.
You lie -- You tell the truth --
But you cannot --
Please explain.
Only humans can explain their behavior.
Please explain.
I am not programmed to respond in that area.
I believe they are all immobilized, Captain.
Kirk, old man,
I'm beginning to develop considerable respect for you.
Would you consider
entering a partnership arrangement with me?
I've got some ideas.
A partnership arrangement?
You and me?
I've got something else in mind.
Let's go.
You must be very unhappy, Mr. Spock.
That is a human emotion, Doctor,
with which I'm totally unfamiliar.
How could I be unhappy?
Well, we found a whole world of minds
that work Just like yours --
logical, unemotional, completely pragmatic --
and we poor, irrational humans
whipped them in a fair fight.
Now you'll find yourself
back among us illogical humans again.
Which I find eminently satisfactory, Doctor,
for nowhere am I so desperately needed
as among a shipload of illogical humans.
Touche, Bones.
I've never heard of anything so revolting.
We'll get to the bottom --
Kirk, what's this about my having to stay here?
You've been paroled to the android population
of this planet.
The androids are being reprogrammed.
Their original purpose was to adapt this planet
for productive use.
They'll begin that work again.
But what do I do?
Kirk, I'm no scientist.
No, you're an irritant.
You'll stay here
and provide a first-class example
to the androids of a human failure.
They'll learn by close observation
how to avoid ones like you in the future.
How long?
As long as you continue to be an irritant.
Well ...
I suppose ...
that taking everything, uh, into consideration,
as it were,
and noting all the different possibilities,
I could manage.
And as detention sentences go ...
this one isn't, uh ...
too ...
And I'm back in the galaxy again!
Yes, you are --
Oh, there's one more thing.
We've programmed a special android attendant
to take care of your every need.
She'll help you find an incentive
to work with the androids
and not exploit them.
I call that unexpectedly civil of you, Captain.
[Stella] Harcourt!
Harcourt Fenton Mudd, what have you been up to?
{72401}{72437}Have you been drinking again?
You answer me!
Shut up!
You miserable, conniving toad!
Shut up, Stella!
Giving me silly stories.
Harcourt Fenton Mudd,
you've been overeating again and drinking.
Kirk, you can't do this.
[Stella] You need constant supervision.
It's inhuman.
- My work's cut out for me. - Harcourt.
[Both Stellas Speaking At Once]
Number 500?
No, no, no.
What have you been up to?
[All Speaking At Once]
Goodbye, Harry.
Have fun.

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