Captain's Log --
Using the lightspeed breakaway factor,
the Enterprise has moved back through time
to the 20th century.
We are now in extended orbit around Earth,
using our ship's deflector shields
to remain unobserved.
Our mission -- historical research.
We are monitoring Earth communications
to find out how our planet survived desperate problems
in the year ... 1968.
Alert status.
Force shields on maximum.
Leslie, begin sensor scan.
Transporter room to captain.
Kirk here. What's happening?
It appears we have accidentally intercepted
someone's transporter beam, Captain.
It's incredibly powerful.
It's impossible.
The 20th century had no such --
Captain, something is beaming aboard this vessel.
I'll be right there.
The beam is originating
at least 1,000 light years away.
No transporter beam can reach that far,
not even in our century!
Something's shaking us apart.
It's locked, sir. It's left our circuits wide open.
You're right.
Something is beaming aboard.
Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission --
to explore strange new worlds ...
to seek out new life and new civilizations ...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Why have you intercepted me?
Transporter room. On the double.
On our way, sir.
Please identify yourselves.
This is the united spaceship Enterprise.
I'm Captain Kirk ...
Yes, I heard him, Isis.
I'm aboard a space vessel.
From what planet?
That's impossible.
In this time period, there weren't --
Humans with a Vulcan. You --
You're from the future, Captain.
You're going to have to
beam me down to Earth immediately.
Phasers on stun.
Careful, Isis.
All right.
Captain Kirk, my name is Gary Seven.
I am a human being from the 20th century.
Humans of the 20th century
do not go beaming around the galaxy, Mr. Seven.
I've been living on another planet far more advanced.
I was beaming to Earth when you intercepted me.
The location of that planet?
They wish their existence kept secret.
Even in your time, it will remain unknown.
It's impossible to hide a whole planet.
Impossible for you. Not for them.
I am of this time period. You are not.
You interfere with me with what I have to do there,
and you'll change history.
You'll destroy the Earth ...
and probably yourselves, too.
If what he says is true, Captain,
every second we delay him could be dangerous.
And if he's lying ...
this is the most critical period in Earth's history.
The planet I'm from wants to help Earth survive.
What if it turns out
you're an invading alien from the future?
A most ... difficult decision, Captain.
I ... can't beam you down
without further proof one way or the other.
Security. Confinement.
This way, please.
Sick bay.
McCoy here.
Jim. Jim!
What's going on there?
Sick bay to transporter room.
What's going on down there?
Bones, check the prisoner you'll find
in security confinement.
I want a medical analysis fast.
Is he or isn't he human?
Captain 's Log -- supplemental.
A man in a 20th century business suit --
What is he?
Not even Spock's Vulcan neck pinch could stop him.
Without our phasers,
he would have over powered all five of us.
I find it difficult to believe
the mysterious Mr. Seven can be human,
and yet, suppose he is?
What do you make of the cat, Mr. Spock?
Quite a lovely animal, Captain.
I find myself strangely drawn to it.
This is the captain.
All science, engineering, and supervisory personnel,
lock into the briefing room.
Our next decision can be of enormous consequence,
not only to us but to Earth's entire future.
You've already been given as much information as we have.
Please breakin at anytime
with analysis of that information.
Navigation report.
We've analyzed the direction of his beam, sir.
Our star maps show no habitable planets
in that area of the galaxy.
He did say his planet was hidden, Captain.
Still unable to analyze it, sir.
It was so powerful,
it fused most of our recording circuits.
Could have brought him back through great distances
or back through time.
There's no way for us to know.
Mr. Spock, historical report.
Current Earth crises would fill a tape bank, Captain.
There will be an important assassination today,
an equally dangerous government coup in Asia,
and this could be highly critical --
The launching of an orbital nuclear warhead platform
bythe United States
countering a similar launch by other powers.
Weren't orbital nuclear devices
one of this era's greatest problems?
Most definitely.
Once the sky was full of orbiting H-bombs.
The slightest mistake could have brought one down by accident,
setting off a nuclear holocaust.
[Communicator Whistle]
McCoy here.
[Kirk] Bones, hurry with that report.
Join me in the briefing room with your analysis.
[Electronic Tones]
You're tired. Go to sleep.
Well, I must admit
the sensor readings seem too good.
Human readings, yes, but not a single physical flaw.
Totally perfect body.
If an alien needed a body --
He might be inclined
to prepare a perfect one, Captain.
But then again ... he may be telling the truth.
Gentlemen, I need proof.
All you're telling me
is on the one hand he may be lying and on the other --
Security alert. All decks alert.
Prisoner has escaped.
This is the captain. Inform us --
[Uhura] Captain, transporter circuits
show someone preparing to beam down.
Try to override. Shut it off!
[Alert Sounds]
[Meow] I know, Isis.
But we'll be gone before they get here.
You're right, Isis. It is primitive.
It's incredible that people can exist like this.
At least we won't have to --
Not for long.
Computer on.
Computer on.
Specify locations of agents 201 and 347.
Identify self.
Simply check my voice pattern.
You'll find me listed as supervisor 194.
Code name Gary Seven.
Voice pattern matches,
but I have no listing of a "Gary Seven"
assigned this planet.
Computer, I am a class I supervisor.
You are ordered to override previous instructions
and answer my questions.
I am a Beta-5 computer
capable of analytical decisions.
Please confirm identity as supervisor
by describing nature of agents and mission here.
Computer, I caution you.
I have little love for Beta-5 snobbery.
- Override. - [Meowing]
All right.
Agents are male and female,
descendants of human ancestors
taken from Earth approximately 6,000 years ago.
They're the product of generations of training
for this mission.
Problem -- Earth technology and science
have progressed faster than political and social knowledge.
Purpose of mission --
To prevent Earth's civilization from destroying itself
before it can mature into a peaceful society.
But sufficient.
Location of agents unreported for three days.
Why didn't you say so in the first place?
No, don't answer that.
Simply begin search immediately.
Recheck all news broadcasts,
decode any government intercepted message --
I am aware of proper search procedures, 194.
We can estimate only within 1,000 meters where he beamed down.
If we beam down, can you compare
- our position with his setting? - Aye.
Following him down is a major risk.
If we do anything that changes history --
I'm aware of that. But I must know if he's lying.
We can't answer that sitting up here.
Have ship's stores prepare the proper costumes.
Standby to beam us down.
In response to nuclear warhead
placed in suborbit by other major power,
United States today launching suborbital platform
with multi-warhead capacity.
Purpose -- to maintain balance of power.
That's the same kind of nonsense
that almost destroyed planet Omicron IV.
Analysis correct.
Earth's situation similar.
Mission of agents 201 and 347 --
Set malfunction on United States rocket.
Progress of mission --
Has the rocket been set to malfunction?
Negative. No progress.
How much time before launch?
Exactly 1 hour, 27 minutes,
12 seconds.
Computer, record the following.
Unless agents are found immediately,
I must undertake their mission.
Scotty, lock in on our position.
Lead us to him.
Locked in. Proceed 195 degrees true.
Anybody here?
Looks like your lucky day, Roberta.
They can't dock you if they don't know you're late.
Where have you been?
Oh, the subway got stalled --
Where have you been for the past three days?
Now, wait a minute. Why should I tell you?
- Who are you, anyway? - Where's 347?
With 348?
201, code responses are not necessary.
Listen, friend ...
maybe I better call the police right now, huh?
Sit down.
Who do you think you are?
I said sit down.
Okay. I will.
I'll say one thing for you.
You play your role well.
However, that is no longer necessary.
I'm supervisor 194, code name Gary Seven.
I need a complete report --
Yes, a report --
Everything you have done
for the past three Earth days.
Everything I've done?
Everything you've done.
Well ... Okay.
Well, let's see.
Not with your fingers.
[Machine Whirring]
Well, how do you expect me to type, with my nose?
Did you see that?
The machine typed everything I --
It's typing everything I'm saying!
Stop it.
Stop it!
Stop it!
[Typing Stops]
Okay. That does it.
I quit!
Wait a minute --
I'm quitting right now!
You're not acting, are you?
Acting? I'm leaving.
[Electronic Tones]
Tie-in the computer.
Computer on.
Scan and identify female present.
Roberta Lincoln.
Profession -- secretary.
Employed by 347 and 201.
Description -- age 20, 5'7",
120 pounds.
Hair presently tinted honey blonde.
Although behavior appears erratic,
possesses high I.Q.
- Birthmarks -- - Hey.
Small mole on left shoulder.
Somewhat larger star-shaped mark on her --
Hey, watch it!
Okay, I'll bite. What is it?
Miss Lincoln ...
Miss Lincoln, um ...
What kind of work
did your employers say they were doing?
Research for a new encyclopedia?
All right. You can go.
Of course, if you do,
you won't be helping your country.
Unless you don't care about that.
Sure, I care. What do you think I am?
I don't know, Miss Lincoln, what you are, not yet.
All I know is that my incompetence
has made you aware of very secret devices
that are vital to the security of this nation.
Oh. Well, what are you guys around here, anyway? FBI?
Some kind of government agents?
Very groovy.
Thank you, Isis. I'll be ...
right in.
It's a trained cat,
Just like, uh ...
guard dogs, that kind of thing.
Don't let anybody in here. I'll be busy.
[Whistle Blows]
Scotty, triangulate on this location.
Readings indicate a greater altitude ...
approximately ... 30 meters higher, sir.
Occurrence -- automobile accident.
Location -- Highway 949,
10 miles north of McKinley Rocket Base.
Agents 347 and 201 were killed instantly.
That just doesn't make sense ...
for them to die in something as useless
as an automobile accident.
Are the facts verified?
Descriptions of bodies are exact.
Go ahead, Scotty.
Proceed 5 meters, 247 degrees true.
[Doorbell Rings]
Computer off.
Where's Mr. Seven?
I don't know what you're talking about.
- You guys can't come in here. - Where's Mr. Seven?
You can't come in here. Now, get out.
What are you doing? This is a government office.
Neither one of you can come in here.
What do you think you're doing? You want me to --
Send the police. 811 East 68th St., apartment 12B.
Give me the phone.
No, get your hands off of me, you big jerk!
What do you think you're doing, you big jerk?
Mr. Seven, help!
Let go of me!
Stop it!
What's the big idea?
Get your hands off of me! I mean it!
What are you?
[Alert Sounds]
Standby for launch area clearance.
It is now 60 minutes to launch.
T-minus 60 and counting.
Where's Mr. Seven?
I'm warning you I've already called the police.
Plans to McKinley Rocket Base.
There it is, Charley.
[Doorbell Rings]
Open up in there. Police.
[Stifled Scream]
Open up in there! It's the police!
Wide scan, Scotty. We'll be moving.
Spock, in here.
In there!
- Now, Scotty! - What's going on here?
Reverse and energize.
Charley ...
Attention. It is now 50 minutes to launch.
T-minus 50 and counting.
All systems clear. All systems clear.
Standing by for inspection of launchpad.
Speak to you a moment?
Yeah, sure, Sarge.
There it is.
I'll have to confirm this, Colonel.
All right.
Just put the cat down
and keep your hands at your side.
All right.
Give me security. Identification check.
Be careful, lsis. Don't get stepped on.
Uh, yeah, security?
[Cat Snarling]
Uh, security, this is Sergeant Lipton,
and we're all straightened out down here.
Thank you very much. Good-bye.
All right, Sergeant.
Now let's just turn right around.
We're going to walk this way.
You just sit right down right there and have a little nap.
Attention. It isnow 45 minutes to launch.
T-minus 45 and counting.
All systems clear. All systems clear.
Standby for inspection of launchpad.
Heading for the gantry.
Sound alert.
[Alert Sounds]
Attention. First alert. First alert.
Begin clearing gantry area.
Clear launchpad.
Safety group, clear launchpad.
All systems continue to green.
Repeat. All systems still green.
Standing by for inspection of launchpad.
There's an old-style weather satellite in orbit below us.
If I could bounce off it,
I could get some good views.
I've got it.
I could get even closer.
If I could spot him, I could beam him up.
Chances are he's out of sight
inside the rocket gantry or at one of the control centers.
Launch is in 40 minutes.
Standby to beam us down. Continue visual scan.
[Klaxon Sounds]
Attention. Standby for launch area clearance.
Range safety verified.
Launch director now en route rocket gantry
to confirm launchpad clear.
Ground stations 34, and 11, standby for confirmation.
Repeat. Standby for launch area clearance.
Hi, Jack.
Mr. Cromwell.
Launch director at gantry.
Beginning final check.
Attention. It is now 35 minutes to launch.
T-minus 35 minutes and counting.
Canary islands confirming. They are go for the launch.
All ground stations confirm go.
Lock the elevator at the top, Lieutenant.
Time to get out of here.
Attention. Clear launchpad.
Repeat. Clear launchpad and gantry.
One move, and you've both had it.
Intruder alert. Intruder alert.
Security to launch director.
We have unidentified intruders -- males, apair.
We want to delay countdown.
All right, don't answer.
You can tell him I quit.
You can tell him I promise not to tell anybody anything.
He's safe, and you're safe, my little green friend.
Same to you.
Attention. 20 minutes to launch.
T-minus 20 minutes and counting.
All systems, continue green.
Repeat. All systems, still green.
Yes, thank you. I know how to open it.
I know there's not much time.
These are all they were carrying.
T-minus 15 minutes and counting.
You've got a chance, and I'll offer it only this once.
The sligh test possible charges
will be brought against you
if you identify yourselves
- and tell us why you're here. - Delay countdown.
No sign of trouble on my boards.
Launch director, confirm status all systems.
Controlto launch director confirming.
Status board indicates all is well.
Space flight conditions measure out as planned.
Continue countdown.
No countdown delay.
Repeat. No delay.
All systems are green and go. All systems are go.
T-minus 14 and counting.
Meow? You are nervous, aren't you, doll?
All right.
I'm going as fast as I can.
T-minus 13 minutes and counting.
Status board looks good.
Stages look good.
All systems go.
Status board says go.
Security, send two men up here right away.
T-minus eight minutes and counting.
All systems go. Status board go.
Standby. I'm beaming him up.
I had him. Something yanked him away.
What are you doing? I wasn't finished.
I just touched that button, then wow!
You intercepted the Enterprise
trying to beam me on board.
Lock into launch site scan.
[Computer] One minute to launch.
Oh, my gosh!
Captain 's Log -- supplemental.
Spock and I in custody.
Even if we talked, they wouldn 't believe us.
We're powerless to stop Mr. Seven or prevent the launch
or even be certain if we should.
I have never felt so helpless.
[Computer] Thirty seconds to launch.
Look, not even the CIA could do all this.
T-minus 20 seconds. Mark.
Stages reporting ready for launch.
Automatic sequences on.
She's completely automatic now.
[Computer] 15 seconds to launch.
10 seconds.
9 ...
8 ...
7 ...
6 ...
5 ...
4 ...
3 ... 2 ...
We have ignition.
Altitude -- 1,000 feet.
All good. All as planned.
Trajectory nominal.
[Computer] Rocket passing 20-mile mark and accelerating.
Computer, adjustments at the rocket base were not completed.
Can I still take over the rocket as planned?
Rocket control possible with exceiver circuits operated manually.
Exceiveron manual.
Lock into flight telemetry.
Visual off.
[Loud Meowing]
Roberta, please don't try to leave.
You'll find all the doors locked.
Are you jealous, Isis?
Most unbecoming.
Rocket altitude now 100 miles.
Standing by to begin malfunction as planned.
Begin malfunction of third stage.
Exceiver setting now 90.08.
Second stage ready to detach.
Second stage detaching.
Third stage igniting.
Begin malfunction. Take it off course.
Malfunction setting correct.
Rocket veering from planned course.
Give me the readings, fast.
What is it?
Malfunction. Rocket is deviating from programmed flight path.
Safety, standby to destruct.
Continuing deviation from flight path.
Repeat -- deviation confirmed and increasing.
Telemetry --
Control transmitter systems tie in.
All systems tie in. Report.
Arm the warhead.
[Computer] Accomplished. Nuclear warhead now armed.
Set exceiver 91.218 .
Exceiver 91.218 .
[Voices ln Various Languages]
Scott here.
Sensor shows
that the rocket has armed itself, Mr. Scott.
Computers indicate an impact
in the heart of the Euro-Asian continent.
Still time to destroy it.
They're beginning to worry on Earth.
I'm getting military alerts
from the major powers.
I've got to risk calling the captain.
- Lieutenant, open a channel. - Aye, aye.
Warhead status confirmed.
She's armed herself somehow.
Repeat. This bird is armed. The warhead's alive.
All boards report status.
Standby on destruct.
Standby to transmit destruct signal.
- How could the warhead arm? - We don't know.
You can destroy it, of course.
If we can't, we'll land an H-bomb on somebody somewhere.
Ready on destruct signal.
Transmit destruct signal.
Transmit destruct signal.
Get back over there.
Look, I'm sorry, but like you asked me,
I do care about my country,
and you can't be CIA.
[Computer] Orbital platform separating.
Hold it!
Computer, rocket status.
Hold it, Mr. Seven.
You're through monkeying around with my country's rocket.
Warhead still armed. Six minutes to impact.
Hold it! Just don't move!
You did enough already!
I've got to finish what I started,
or in six minutes, World War III begins.
Flight path continuing on target.
Destruct is fouled up somehow, flight control.
She's coming down fully armed.
She'll go off on impact.
Try again! Boost the signal!
Boosting signal. Boosting signal.
Flight control, we have boosted destruct signal.
Repeat. Destruct signal at maximum boost.
[Scotty] Captain, can you read me?
I was beaming up Mr. Seven, and something yanked him away from me.
Hello? Hello. Come in.
Sergeant, it's operated with this dial here.
We'regetting no response.
Make absolutely certain.
Check everything again.
Tracking stations report no response on destruct signal.
Scotty, beam us directly to Seven's apartment.
Auxiliary transmitters, check out flight control.
She hasn 't destructed herself.
Repeat. Destruct isn 't working.
She's still up there.
Descending and armed. Descending and armed.
She'll go off on impact.
Bermuda ground station reports she's still up there.
South Africa ground station reports no response
on boosted destruct signal.
Get me the president.
[Computer] Rocket descending and accelerating.
Do you have further instructions, 1-9-4?
Roberta, you've got to believe me.
A truly advanced planet wouldn't use force.
They wouldn't come here in strange alien forms.
The best of all possible methods
would be to take human beings to their world,
train them for generations
until they're needed here.
I want to believe you. I know this world needs help.
That's why some of my generation are kind of crazy and rebels.
We wonder if we'll be alive at 30.
[Computer] Two minutes to impact.
Hold it right there, Mr. Seven.
Oh, no.
Spock, you're the expert.
Can you detonate the warhead?
I can try, Captain.
[Computer] Altitude -- 550 miles.
Captain, I want that warhead detonated, too.
Unless I do it at least 100 miles above ground
barely in time to frighten them out of this arms race --
[Scott] Captain, monitors show
all major powers on missile alert.
Retaliatory strike ordered on warhead impact.
[Computer] Altitude -- 450 miles.
I can estimate some of this, but without more time --
He can only guess. Let me do my job.
I don't know what your job is!
You may set those controls
so we can't detonate that warhead.
Get away from him!
Roberta, be careful.
The servo is set to kill.
[Computer] Altitude -- 400 miles.
There are only seconds. I'll need time to set it.
Please. He's telling the truth.
[Computer] 55 seconds to impact.
Spock, if you can't handle it, I'll have to trust him.
It is difficult to know which is best, Captain.
[Computer] 40 seconds to impact.
Without facts, the decision cannot be made logically.
You must rely on your human intuition.
[Computer] Altitude -- 300 miles.
Descending and accelerating.
Computer, go to visual.
Count by 10s.
[Computer] 190 miles.
180 miles.
170 miles.
160 miles.
150 ...
140 ...
130 ...
120 ...
[Computer] Detonation -- 104 miles.
And in spite of the accidental interference with history
by the earthship from the future ...
the mission was completed.
Correction, Mr. Seven.
It appears we did not interfere.
The Enterprise was part of what was supposed to happen
- on this day in 1968. - [Purring]
Our record tapes show, although not generally revealed,
on this date, a malfunctioning suborbital warhead
was exploded exactly 104 miles above the Earth.
So everything happened the way it was supposed to.
And you'll be pleased our records show
that it resultedin a stronger international agreement
against the use of such weapons.
Would you mind telling me who that is?
That, Miss Lincoln, is simply my cat.
Your cat?
What else do your record tapes show?
I'm afraid we can't reveal everything we know,
Mr. Seven.
We could say that Mr. Seven and Miss Lincoln
have some interesting experiences in store.
I think we could say that.
Two to beam up, Scotty.
Live long and prosper, Mr. Seven.
Same to you, Miss Lincoln. Energize.
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