Ship's Log, Star date 5710.5.
Lieutenant Commander Scott reporting.
While exploring an outer quadrant
of the galaxy,
the Enterprise received distress calls
from an apparently uninhabited,
incredibly beautiful city on the planet of Scalos.
Captain Kirk and a landing party
have beamed down to investigate.
Kirk to Enterprise.
What do your sensors read?
They register something, sir, but I'm blessed if I can figure out what.
- That's fine. - I can't get a fix on it.
Sensors don't pinpoint a location.
We may have a malfunction.
- I'll check circuits. - You do that.
Lieutenant Uhura, does the location of the distress call
correspond with this area exactly?
Yes, sir.
I am still receiving visual contact.
I can see them, but not you.
[Kirk] Check coordinates.
Is it the same area?
Coordinates correspond, Captain.
Well, apart from the landing party,
there's no one here.
There are no Scalosians.
The distress call is very strong, Captain.
They are pleading for immediate assistance.
Check circuits for malfunctions. Kirk out.
It must be a malfunction. This is a barren world.
There's hardly any vegetation, no apparent animal life.
After analysis, we should have some explanation.
But there is an insect life.
My tricorder doesn't register it.
It registers in my ears.
[High-Pitched Tone]
Nothing, Mr. Spock?
Evidently, a civilization of high order,
rating number 7 on the industrial scale,
humanoid in appearance, according to the paintings.
An abundance of literature,
which I shall have translated and processed.
Certain structures hold evidence
of recent occupancy
while others are apparently long abandoned.
No sign of present life?
Instrument readings indicate life-form,
but of a highly unusual and intermittent nature.
They have no discernible form or location.
A most puzzling phenomenon, Captain.
I shall have to study it further.
We saw something on the screen.
Lieutenant Uhura is still getting a distress call.
What happened?
Unknown at present, Captain.
I want you to run a survey--
a complete survey of the planet
using all ship's available instruments.
What happened?
I was looking at him.
I was looking right at him, and he--
and he just wasn't there!
Space-- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission--
to explore strange new worlds...
to seek out new life and new civilizations...
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Lieutenant Uhura, start a replay of the distress call.
Are the transporter controls functioning now?
Aye, sir. Is Mr. Spock still down there?
He's in Sick Bay. Dr. McCoy's running a check
on the landing party. What is it, Lieutenant?
Malfunction, sir.
Mr. Sulu, I would like--
It corrected itself.
Captain, there's some trouble
on the hangar deck.
The controls are frozen.
Have repair crews been assigned?
Yes, sir.
The tape is ready, sir.
Play it.
To any and all space travellers
passing within range of the planet Scalos,
I send you an urgent appeal for help.
My comrades and I are the last surviving members
of what was once a thriving civilization.
Those of us who are left
have taken shelter in this area.
We have no explanation for what has been happening to us.
Our number is now five.
We were once a nation of 900,000.
Freeze it.
It is logical to assume
that this distress call was pre-recorded.
What we received was evidently a delayed taped message.
That would explain our continuing to receive it
while sensors didn't pick them up.
Nevertheless, when we beamed down,
we couldn't find these people.
They were there. Now they're not,
nor is Crewman Compton.
It would seem that some force or agent
only partially discernible to our instruments
may have been responsible.
Mr. Sulu, I want the ship on standby alert
while we continue the investigation.
Sir, now I have readings that deflectors are inoperative.
The controls are frozen.
Scotty, assist.
Ever since we beamed up from Scalos,
we've had a series of malfunctions.
I want an investigation and an explanation.
[Intercom Signal]
McCoy to Captain Kirk.
Captain's presence for examination is requested.
Can't it wait, Bones?
Your orders, Jim. You're the last one.
What do you read so far?
Can we discuss it here?
On my way.
Mr. Spock, you have the con.
What is it?
Tell the captain what you told me.
Somebody's opened all the medical supply cabinets.
Anything missing?
Just disordered, as though someone
had picked up everything and examined it.
Thank you.
Lie down, Jim.
Well, that fits in with other disturbances.
Bones, what did your readings show up
on the other men?
All perfectly normal.
Whatever happened to Compton
apparently had no effect on anyone else.
Anyone report any unusual experience since beaming?
No. There's no mention of it.
[Buzzing Tone]
I'm not finished yet.
Hold on.
could something be making me hallucinate?
What do you mean?
I mean that twice before something touched me.
And there was nothing there.
And it's just happened again.
Could I be... imagining it?
Well, physically there's nothing wrong with you.
But am I hallucinating?
I'd say no.
Then we did beam something aboard.
Something has invaded the ship.
[Intercom Signal]
Kirk to Spock. Come in. Spock, come in.
Captain, I have a reading from Life Support Center--
- [Static] - Spock, I can't hear you.
Is there a malfunction?
[Uhura] The intercom system is breaking down rapidly.
Lieutenant, ship wide order--
use communicators instead of intercom.
Issue phasers to all crew members.
Spock, repeat.
I have a reading from Life Support Center.
Alien substances being introduced.
Meet me there on the double.
It's a force field, the nature of which I'm not familiar with.
I'm getting readings of an alien presence
similar to those obtained on the planet's surface,
but with no exact location.
Phasers on stun. Sweep the area.
It would seem, Captain,
that they intend to allow
only the two of us to enter.
I should advise caution.
What is it?
Unknown, Captain.
But it is evidently a device of alien origin.
Hooked into the life support.
Designed to affect it.
Life support is still operating.
I would say that the installation is incomplete.
Disconnect it.
Destroy it.
That was no force field. Something shoved me back.
They're in here.
What are you doing in my ship?
Show yourselves!
It seems that we may look at it, Captain,
but that is all.
A show of strength.
Yes. Evidently, they're convinced
that we can do nothing to stop them,
and they wish to impress upon us
what they can do to us.
Have your readings been fed into the computer?
Read out.
Computer, analyze and reply.
Have we been invaded?
Nature and description of enemy forces.
Data insufficient.
Number of enemy forces.
Data insufficient.
Purpose of the invasion?
Immediate purpose-- seizure and control
of Federation Star ship Enterprise and crew.
Data insufficient for determination
of end purpose.
Is there a connection between this
and Compton's disappearance?
Data insufficient.
Are we at present capable of resisting?
Your recommendation?
If incapable of resistance,
negotiate for terms.
We will not negotiate.
Do you concur?
Mr. Spock?
Your recommendations, Captain?
Yeoman, is that coffee available,
or have those circuits been damaged as well?
My recommendation?
Make them take the next step.
Would you mind explaining--
Who are you?
The enemy.
You're the enemy?
You beamed me aboard yourself when you came up.
A ridiculously long process,
but I've taken care of it.
What have you done with my men?
Mr. Spock?
This is nothing?
There's really nothing wrong with them.
They are just as they have always been.
It's you who are different.
This is nothing?
They cannot hear you, Captain.
To their ears, you sound like an insect.
That's your description, Captain.
Accurate, if unflattering.
Really. There is nothing wrong with them.
What have you done?
Changed you.
So you are like me now.
Your crew cannot see you or any of us
because of the acceleration.
We move in the wink of an eye.
Oh, there is a scientific explanation for it,
but all that really matters is that...
you can see me
and talk to me...
we can go on from there.
Because I like you.
Didn't you guess?
Or are you so accustomed to being kissed
by invisible women?
Is this why you sabotaged my ship?
Oh, but it has not been sabotaged.
We... we had to make some changes in it,
to adjust it to us.
You said we?
Yes. Of course.
My chief scientist and his crew.
I am their queen.
You are going to be their king.
You'll enjoy living on Scalos.
What about my ship?
My crew?
Oh, in a few of their moments,
they will realize that you've vanished.
They will look for you,
but they will not find you.
You're accelerated far beyond their power to see.
So they'll go on without you.
Don't be so stubborn.
You cannot go back to them, ever.
Is it so dreadful a prospect?
This won't kill you,
but the stun effect is not very pleasant.
But--But that won't work.
Well, you go ahead. Try.
Point right at me.
My reactions are much too fast
for such a crude weapon.
And I am quite good at self-defense, too.
This can be set for stun and destroy, too, like yours.
accept what has happened.
There is nothing you can do to change it.
If I agree to go with you,
will you set this ship to rights?
Take out that device in the life-support system?
Don't be so silly.
You'll feel better about it in a while.
It always happens this way.
They are very upset at first,
then it wears off,
and they...
they learn to like it.
You will, too.
He's on his way to you.
Be gentle with him.
Captain. Captain Kirk!
He's gone!
Lieutenant, did you see what happened?
Well, he was sitting there.
He'd just drunk his coffee and set his cup down.
And then he vanished.
Mr. Sulu, do you verify?
That's just what happened.
He was there, then he wasn't there.
Captain Kirk, you've made it.
Compton, did they accelerate you?
Yes, sir.
They hooked something into the life support system.
We must get rid of it.
Sir, entry is forbidden.
By whose order?
The commander. Step back.
I'm your commander, Compton.
I order you to let me in.
You are no longer, sir.
Who is, Deela?
Is that who you're working for?
At first I refused.
After a while, I couldn't help myself.
I met this girl. She's one of them.
I've never known anyone like her.
She brought me aboard to show them operation of the ship.
Bridge controls, life support.
She explained that they wanted to know.
I didn't understand at first.
But I do now.
So will you, sir.
All right, Compton.
You were ordered to stop him.
Why did you disobey?
I tried to stop him.
You hurt him.
He was violent. He had to be subdued.
He was my captain.
Cell damage.
Another will be secured for you.
I'm getting a trace reading
similar to that on the planet.
Mr. Sulu, did you drink your coffee?
Did anyone else?
I had some.
May l?
Was it the coffee?
Will we go too, Just like the captain?
I cannot give you that answer
until these have been analysed.
It might be too late--
Recall the captain's words,
"Make them take the next step."
It would seem they have taken it.
And we must determine effective countermeasures.
Mr. Scott, you have the con.
I shall be in the medical lab.
I hate what happens to them
when they're damaged.
You must control your temper, Rael.
I do not want that to happen to him.
If they are so stubborn a species,
perhaps they will last longer.
It may be.
I hope so.
They all go so soon.
I want to keep this one a long time.
He's pretty.
He is inferior, Deela.
I don't think so.
You cannot allow yourself to feel an attachment to such.
I can allow myself anything I want.
Oh, Rael, don't be like that.
Am I jealous of what you do?
I do my duty.
So do l.
And sometimes I allow myself to enjoy it.
What is that device doing on my ship?
Deela will explain it.
I will tell you anything you want to know.
And you'll approve of it.
Approve of it? We're your prisoners.
Hardly. You're free to go anywhere you want to.
Go ahead, Captain.
It is not yet completely linked to your support system,
but it is in operating order.
Study it if you wish.
I suggest that you do not touch it.
He warned you.
Look at your hands. They're almost frozen, aren't they?
It will pass.
The unit has its own self-defense mechanism,
as you see. You should've heeded me.
In your struggle with Compton,
some of his cells were damaged.
Those newly accelerated to our level
are sensitive to cell damage.
They age rapidly and die.
He was so young.
Is this what you have planned for us?
We all die...
even on Scalos.
Why did you lie to him?
He did not damage that one,
you did.
Perhaps he will be less violent.
Why make him feel worse?
Why do you care what he feels?
Rael, he's not one of us.
He's temporary.
Why, he's gone to the medical laboratory.
He's trying to communicate with the Vulcan.
His species is capable of much affection.
I have noted that.
I wonder if they will demonstrate it to us.
Oh, Rael, stop sulking.
Accept it.
We've had to accept it all our lives.
Don't make it worse.
Go back to work.
Kirk to Spock,
I have fed all the ascertainable facts
into the computer banks.
Go ahead.
You won't accomplish anything,
but it may be historically valuable.
Hyper-acceleration is the key.
I have counted only five aboard,
but they have taken over the ship,
and we are under their control due to this acceleration.
They are able to speed others up to their level,
as they did Compton and me.
Presumably, this is... enslavement?
Those so treated
exist at this accelerated level,
becoming docile eventually.
But when...
they age incredibly fast,
as though accelerated living...
Burns them out.
burns them out.
Compton was burned out.
The device attached to the life support system
produces an extreme
numbing cold. It is my belief
that they are turning the Enterprise
into a gigantic deep-freeze...
for purposes only the Scalosians know.
Quite correct.
The unit has a protective shield
which does not allow any physical contact.
I don't know how to destroy it,
but its destruction is imperative.
The unit will be activated.
By the time they hear this,
it will be too late.
You have remarkable reasoning powers, Captain.
You were quite right in almost every assumption.
Why are you doing this?
Do you really want to know?
Soon it won't matter to you.
You'll be quite happy about it,
Just as Compton was.
I want to know.
Oh, dear. You are so stubborn.
It should be obvious that we have to do this.
A long time ago--
It is in our history--
We used to be like you.
Then our country was almost destroyed
by volcanic eruptions.
The water was polluted.
Radiation was released.
That changed us.
It accelerated us.
The children died.
Most of the women found they could not have more.
All of our men had become sterile.
So we had to mate outside our own people.
Whenever a spaceship came by,
we'd send distress signals.
But accelerating them to our level burned them out.
Don't you see, Captain?
Do I have to go into every detail?
We are going to take you down with us.
Perhaps one or two others of your crew.
We have to.
Oh, we'll be kind to you.
I wouldn't hurt you, certainly.
I do like you.
What about the rest of my crew?
They'll remain here in suspended animation.
Oh, it will do them no harm.
We are saving them for when we need them in the future.
You will not last forever.
You know that, Captain.
Captain, we have the right to survive.
Not by killing others.
You were doing exactly the same thing.
You came charging into that life-support room
once you knew there was trouble.
You would've killed my people if you could've.
You invaded my ship. You threatened my crew.
There's no difference.
There is a difference!
Your trouble is in you.
We did not ask for it. We are not to blame.
We are handling it the only way we know how--
the way our parents and their parents did.
Did they solve anything?
Have you tried any other way?
Deela, have your scientists disconnect, destroy that unit.
I promise you,
we'll use every skill we have to help you.
We'll move you to another planet.
We'll call on the most brilliant minds
in our federation to help.
We have tried other ways.
We've tried to make the transition to your level.
Some of us, that is.
Those who made the attempt died.
We are trapped, Captain,
Just as you are trapped now.
I'm sorry for what's going to happen to you,
but I cannot change it.
You cannot change me.
Go to the transporter room, Deela.
Signal me when you're there and beam down.
With the captain?
I'll activate our unit and follow you.
I'm setting it to allow all of us
time to get off the ship.
Please don't delay.
What makes you think I would do that?
The captain's gone.
Go after him, Deela.
There's no question about it, Spock.
Take a look at this.
The same substance is in the captain's coffee
as in the Scalosian water.
There's no trace of it in any other cups.
Why did you run?
I panicked.
I don't believe that.
I'd like to leave before he activates
the suspended animation device.
We're in the transporter room. You can activate.
Beam him down at once.
What have you done to the transporter, Captain?
It was working before.
Try it again.
The transporter isn't working.
What'd he do to it?
Nothing. He didn't have time.
It must be a-- what do you call it--
a malfunction.
You'd better not activate the unit yet.
What would you say it is, Captain?
The technicians reported a loss of power.
That must be it.
The captain says his technicians--
I heard him.
You expect me to believe him?
I expect you to check into all possible causes.
If I had a suspicious nature, Captain,
I would say that you sabotaged the transporter
to buy time.
Yes, of course.
I'm glad we're both innocent.
I despise devious people, don't you?
I believe in honest relationships myself.
Nurse, program the information
and determine whether we can find counteragents.
did you just--
I've been hearing that whine
ever since we beamed down to Scalos.
I know what it is.
We brought it with us from Scalos.
If you'll excuse me,
I shall be on the bridge.
Your quarters are quite like you, Captain--
austere and efficient...
and in their own way, handsome.
A room should reflect its occupant.
May I freshen up?
All this rushing about has left me windblown.
I'm glad to see you allow yourself some comforts.
Are you married, Captain?
No family. No attachments?
I know. You're married to your career,
and you never look at another woman.
Well, if she's pretty enough,
I'll look.
I wondered when you'd say something nice to me.
Am I more presentable now?
A bit.
It was quite delightful kissing you
when you couldn't see me.
But now...
but now.
I wouldn't allow you to take that
no matter how much we trust each other.
But I would've been disappointed
if you hadn't tried.
Was l... too crude?
Just don't try it again.
You're far too vulnerable to skin damage.
All I have to do is scratch you.
Yes. I know.
The difference between us
is that you will come around
to our way of thinking sooner or later.
But it's better sooner than later.
Lieutenant, will you replay
the Scalosian distress call on my viewer?
Aye, sir.
To any and all space travellers
passing within range of the planet Scalos,
I send you an urgent appeal for help.
My comrades and I are the last surviving members
of what was once a thriving civilization.
What happened?
I was looking at him.
I was looking right at him,
and he just wasn't there!
Those of us who are left
have taken shelter in this area.
[Slowing Down] We have no explanation for what's happening to us.
[Speeding Up] Those of us who are left
have taken shelter in this area.
We have no explanation for what's happening to us.
...Nation of 900,000...
City alone holding 113,000...
On which existed several culturally enlightened...
Indigenous population...
[Speeds To Buzzing]
There is insect life.
My tricorder doesn't register it.
My ears register it.
This is a barren world-- limited vegetation,
no apparent animal life.
[High-Pitched Tone]
McCoy to Spock.
Spock here.
I've found a tape in the computer down here.
When I try to read it, all I get is a whine.
Bring it to the bridge at once, Doctor.
This device attached to the life-support system
produces an extreme numbing cold.
It is my belief that they are turning the Enterprise
into a gigantic deep-freeze.
The unit has protective shield
which does not allow any physical contact.
I don't know how to destroy it,
but its destruction is imperative.
[Deela] The unit will be activated.
By the time they hear this,
it will be too late.
Lieutenant Uhura, notify the rest of the crew.
Can we use phasers to bypass that force field
and get at that unit?
We cannot cope with them on our level.
Then can we cope with them on theirs?
That is a logical suggestion.
Stand by in the transporter room.
There's nothing wrong elsewhere, sir.
Sufficient energy for beaming down.
This is the only damage?
Go get the others and bring them up here.
[Neckband Beeps]
Rael, stop.
Now, stop it.
Did he damage you, Captain?
How very fortunate for you, Rael.
Don't you dare do anything like that again.
It's contemptible.
Then don't torment me. You know how I feel.
I don't care about your feelings.
I don't want to know that aspect of it.
What I do is necessary,
and you have no right to question it.
Allow me the dignity of liking the man I select.
Is the transporter repaired?
I have more work to do.
Don't you think you'd better do it?
He loves me.
I adored him when I was a child.
I suppose I still do.
I must say, you behaved better than he did.
Yes, I hope so.
What did you say?
I said I hoped I behaved correctly.
And nothing bothers you now?
Why are we here?
Our leaving was delayed.
Don't you remember?
You damaged the transporter.
Oh, yes.
That was wrong of me.
Yes. It certainly was.
But we are going to Scalos.
Do you want to?
Oh, yes.
Aren't you worried about your crew?
They'll be all right.
What's the matter?
You've completely accepted the situation, haven't you?
You even like it.
Am I behaving incorrectly?
I liked you better before.
Stubborn and irritating and independent,
like Rael.
Those are undesirable qualities.
Maybe that's why I liked you so much.
Because you were like him.
You don't have to worry about the captain.
He's made the adjustment.
Yes, it counteracts the substance most effectively.
Most effectively under laboratory conditions,
but the question is will it work in the human body?
And how do we get it to the captain?
By drinking the Scalosian water.
You don't know what that'll do to you.
It is somewhat...
You seem to be moving very slowly, Doctor.
He's gone.
Just like Compton.
I've beamed the others down.
Is it repaired already?
Why didn't you tell me?
It would've been an intrusion.
Come up when you wish.
Signal me when you're ready.
Where will you be?
In life support. I have to activate our unit.
Rael, wait.
I'm sorry.
I know.
Well, come, Captain. It's time to leave your pretty ship.
[Neckband Beeps]
The unit is activated, Deela.
Beam down at once.
Your crew will be O.K. You said so yourself.
I'm sorry.
[Neckband Beeps]
He's broken away.
He's armed.
I'm ready for him.
You are very clever, Captain.
You tricked me.
I should've known that you would never adjust.
What shall we expect from you now?
We could put you in suspended animation
until we determine what to do with you.
Your survival doesn't depend on that.
No, it doesn't.
What do you want us to do with you?
Don't make a game of it, Captain. We've lost.
If I return you to Scalos,
you'd play the same trick on the next passing spaceship.
There won't be any others. You'll warn them.
Your federation will quarantine the entire area.
Yes, I suppose it would.
And we will die, solving your problem...
and ours.
Now, what about your problem, Captain?
And your Vulcan friend?
If you will devote yourself exclusively to Scalos, madam,
we shall be pleased to remain
and take care of the Enterprise.
You could still find life on Scalos very pleasant.
And very brief.
It'll be just as brief here.
You cannot get back to your own level.
No answer, Captain.
Do I displease you so much?
Oh, no.
I can think of nothing I'd...
rather do...
than stay with you.
Except staying alive.
Good-bye, Captain.
[Transporter Energizes]
Well, Mr. Spock, what have you got?
Dr. McCoy and I have synthesized a possible counteragent
to the Scalosian water.
Regrettably, we did not have the opportunity to test it.
Let's test it.
Nothing's happening.
You do seem to be moving very slowly, Captain.
[Slowed-Down Voice] Mister...
Captain Kirk, where the blazes did you come from?
Out of the nowhere, into the here.
Is Mr. Spock coming, too?
Captain's Log, Star date 5710.9.
Mr. Spock has remained in accelerated time
so that he might repair the ship more rapidly.
[Sulu] Somebody's repairing every console.
[Scotty] This panel's being recircuited
at incredible speed.
I think we've located Mr. Spock.
Lieutenant, are your circuits clearing?
Yes, sir.
Cancel Red Alert, Mr. Sulu.
Aye, sir.
Open all channels.
Captain to crew,
repairs are now being effected by Mr. Spock.
The ship will resume normal operations almost immediately.
Mr. Spock, my compliments to your repair work and yourself.
Thank you, Captain.
I found it... an accelerating experience.
No malfunctions anywhere?
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
I touched the tape button accidentally.
I'll take it off.
no malfunction.
No, sir.
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