[Kirk] Captain's Log : Star date 5928.5.
The Enterprise has received a distress call...
from a group of scientists on Camus 11,
who are exploring the ruins of a dead civilization.
Their situation is desperate.
Two of the survivors are the expedition surgeon, Dr. Coleman,
and the leader of the expedition, Dr. Janice Lester.
- What's wrong with her? - Exposure to radiation.
What form of radiation was it?
Nothing I've ever encountered.
You must remain absolutely quiet.
Those are doctor's orders, not mine.
- [Tricorder Whistling] - [Spock] Captain.
Tricorder picking up very faint life readings.
Approximately 700 meters from here.
Help will have to be immediate.
[ Moaning ]
Perhaps your presence will quiet her.
I hoped I wouldn't see you again.
I don't blame you.
The year we were together at Starfleet...
is the only time in my life I was alive.
I never stopped you from going on with your space work.
Your world of starship captains doesn't admit women.
- It isn't fair. - No, it isn't.
And you punished and tortured me because of it.
I loved you.
We could've roamed among the stars.
We'd have killed each other.
It might have been better.
[High-Pitched Tone]
[Kirk] Space -- the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission-- to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no man has gone before.
[ Laughs ]
You had your chance, Captain Kirk.
You should've smothered the life in me.
Then they would have said Dr. Janice Lester...
died of radiation poisoning in the line of duty.
Why didn't you do it? You always wanted to.
Didn't you?
You had the strength to do it.
But you were afraid. You were always afraid.
Now Janice Lester takes the place of Captain Kirk.
I already possess your physical strength.
Only this Captain Kirk...
is not afraid to kill.
- [ Moans ] - Now you'll know...
the indignity of being a woman.
[ Moaning Continues ]
For you this agony will soon pass, as it has for me.
Quiet. Quiet!
Believe me, it's better to be dead...
than to live alone in the body of a woman.
- It's better to be dead-- - [Thump]
[Footsteps Approaching]
Dr. McCoy, your report.
We were too late, Jim. There's nothing could be done.
[Kirk] Was it radiation as suggested?
No, I believe it was celebium, however, Dr. Coleman disagrees.
To be specific is essential. The treatment of celebium is--
Dr. McCoy!
Did you notice any unusual symptoms while we were gone?
[Kirk] Nothing at all. She was unconscious all of the time.
Dr. Lester is near death.
Perhaps the shock of knowing what happened to her staff...
is part of her problem.
I'm sure it is.
Beaming her up to the Enterprise will be less harmful than waiting.
Uh, I don't know. I-I'm not sure.
[Communicator Beeping]
Captain Kirk to the Enterprise. Captain Kirk to the Enterprise.
- [ Scott ] Mr. Scott, sir. - Mr. Scott.
Prepare to beam the landing party aboard,
plus two others, one critically ill.
Have a medical team standing by to receive the patient.
Captain Kirk, out.
[Communicator Cover Closes]
Prepare to beam aboard.
[ Beeping ]
Dr. Coleman, accompany the patient to the sick bay.
Mr. Spock, take the ship out of orbit.
Resume designated course.
Dr. McCoy.
Dr. McCoy, you and Dr. Coleman...
seem to disagree on diagnosis.
No, not entirely. We both agree it's radiation.
Dr. Coleman isn't prepared to say what form of radiation.
Will it affect your arriving at a correct treatment?
It's crucial.
Well, this is especially disturbing to me...
for... uh, personal reasons.
Oh? I didn't know you knew her that well.
Oh, yes. Been a long time since I saw her.
I walked out on her when it became serious.
Well, you must have been very young at the time, Jim.
Youth doesn't excuse everything, Dr. McCoy.
It's a very unhappy memory for me.
I didn't realize that.
- I shall do everything in my power. - Thank you very much.
Dr. Lesteris certainly a very lucky young person to have escaped.
Yes, very lucky. Very lucky.
[ Moaning ]
- It just began. - You'd better put a stop to it!
If you allow Dr. Lester to become fully conscious...
she'll know what has happened.
- Probably no one will believe it. - Probably?
- [ Moaning Continues ] - That's all we can ask for.
How can death be explained now?
I tell you, it can't continue.
You killed every one of the staff.
You sent them where you knew the celebium shielding was weak.
Why didn't you kill him? You had the perfect opportunity.
There wasn't enough time.
I gave you every minute you asked for.
He hung onto life too hard. I couldn't--
You couldn't because you love him!
You want me to be his murderer.
''Love''? Him?
I love the life he led, the power of a starship commander.
- It's my life now. - I won't become a murderer.
You are a murderer!
You knew it was celebium. You could've treated them for it.
You're a murderer many times over.
Jim, what are you doing here?
I thought my presence might quiet Dr. Lester.
- It had the opposite effect. - It has nothing to do with you.
It's a symptom of the developing radiation illness.
Tests with the ship's equipment shows...
no signs of internal radiation damage, Dr. Coleman.
Didn't Dr. Lester's staff become delirious before they died?
- [Moaning Continues] - Uh, yes, Captain. Yes.
Dr. Lester could be suffering from a phasers tun...
as far as the symptoms I can detect, Jim.
Dr. Coleman, Dr. McCoy has had a great deal of experience...
with radiation exposure on board the Enterprise.
I am guided by his opinion.
Dr. Lester and her staff have been under my supervision for two years.
If you don't follow my recommendations,
responsibility for her health or her death...
will be yours.
Dr. McCoy, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to take you...
off the case and turn it over to Dr. Coleman.
You can't do this! On this ship my medical authority is final!
If Dr. Coleman wants to assume the full responsibility, let him do it.
- I won't allow it! - It's done!
Dr. Coleman, your patient.
[ Moaning ]
Dr. Coleman, didn't you suggest a sedation to rest the patient?
- Yes, Captain. - It's not necessary, Jim.
- Can't you see she's coming around? -[ Panting ]
[ Moaning Continues ]
Dr. Coleman.
Nurse, administer the sedative.
A sedative is not wise at this time, Captain.
Nurse Chapel, you have your orders.
Nurse Chapel, follow your instructions.
[Moaning, Breathing Heavily]
Oh... no. Am l... really...
losing command of the Enterprise?
[Breathing Heavily] Oh, no. A bad dream.
A bad dream.
[Dr. Lester As Kirk]James Kirk is returning to consciousness...
in the body of Janice Lester.
The Enterprise is proceeding to its next mission,
on the course set before I took over command.
Now the years I spent studying every detail of the ship's operation...
will be tested.
With a little experience, l will be invulnerable to suspicion.
At last I attain what is my just due-- command of a starship.
All the months of preparation now come to fruition.
[Man On Intercom] Engineering to Bridge. Engineering Control.
[Man On Intercom] Environmental Control.
- Forward phaser, affirmative. - Course, Mr. Chekov.
1-2-7, mark 8.
Mr. Sulu, set speed at warp factor two.
Warp factor two, sir.
[Man On Intercom] Aft phaser, affirmative.
Engineering to Bridge. Engine, green.
Port scanner to Bridge, green.
- Engineering Control. - Aft scanner to Bridge, green.
Environmental Control, affirmative.
Forward phaser, affirmative.
Bridge, all systems show green. Security Control cleared.
Mr. Chekov, plot a course for the Benecia Colony.
Direct course to Benecia, 3-7-3, mark 8.
How long to the colony at our present speed?
Forty-eight hours, sir.
Mr. Sulu, set course for the colony.
- 3-7-3, mark 8. - Aye, sir. 3-7-3, mark 8.
Captain, that will delay our work at Beta Aurigae.
- It means reversing course. - Yes, it can't be helped.
We must take Dr. Lester where she can be treated.
May I point out that Star base 2...
is on the direct route to our destination.
- How long to Star base 2? - Seventy-two hours, Captain.
It's 24 hours too long. Dr. Lester's condition is increasingly serious.
- Continue present course. - Aye, sir.
If the diagnosis of Dr. Lester's illness is the critical problem,
then the Benecia Colony is definitely not the place for her.
Their medical facilities are the most primitive.
- They will have to serve. - Star base 2 is fully equipped...
and staffed with the necessary specialists...
to determine exactly what is wrong with the doctor.
Is that not crucial to your decision?
Thank you, Mr. Spock.
But the facilities will be of little use if Dr. Lester's dead.
Time is of the essence. Continue present course.
At maximum speed,
Star base 2 would still meet the emergency.
Captain, shall I advise Starfleet Command of the change of plan?
No change of plan has been ordered, Lieutenant.
Our arrival at Beta Aurigae will merely be delayed.
Our gravitational studies of that binary system will not suffer,
and a life may be saved!
That is not unusual procedure for the Enterprise.
Sir, I believe Starfleet will have to be notified...
that our rendezvous with the starship Potemkin...
will not take place as scheduled.
If youd concentrate on the areas for which you are responsible,
Starfleet Command would've been informed already.
Since the captain usually deals with Starfleet in these matters,
I assume that my suggestions might be deemed interference.
Inform Starfleet of the delay, Lieutenant.
- Aye, sir. - Continue present course.
Increase speed to warp factor six.
I'll let my record speak for me.
Why are you being so defensive? There's no implied criticism...
of you in my order to remove you from the case.
That is not the reason I'm here.
I'm here because Dr. Coleman's record states that he's incompetent.
That's the opinion of an individual.
No, sir. That is the opinion of Starfleet Command.
I checked with them. Dr. Coleman was removed from his post...
as chief medical officer of his ship for administrative incompetence.
There are no administrative duties required here.
As well as flagrant medical blunders.
Promotions and demotions can be politically maneuvered.
- You know that, Bones. - Not in Starfleet Headquarters.
And certainly not in the surgeon general's office.
I'm afraid the order will have to stand.
I can only say...
that Dr. Coleman's experience with what happened on the planet...
had to be the deciding factor here.
Im sure that you can appreciate that.
I appreciate the fact that you had a decision to make.
I also find myself in that position now, Jim,
and I'm asking you to report for an examination.
What? What do you base that on?
Development of emotional instability...
and erratic mental attitudes...
since returning from that planet.
You'll never make that charge stick.
Any fool can see why you're doing this.
I'll let Starfleet Command be the judge of my motives.
I won't submit to this petty search for revenge!
But you will submit to Starfleet regulations.
They state that the ship surgeon will require full examination...
of any crew member that he has doubts about, including the captain.
[Intercom Whistle]
- Captain Kirk here. - Sulu here, Captain.
Starfleet Command is requesting additional details on the delay.
I'll be right there.
Pulse. Pressure.
Blood count, all body functions normal. Then why am I here?
Dr. McCoy.
Dr. McC--
Quiet would be best for you.
- Where's Dr. McCoy? - I'm in charge now.
Bring Dr. McCoy at once! He is in command of medicine on this ship.
He was taken off your case... by Captain Kirk.
By Captain Kirk?
It was done for your own protection, Dr. Lester.
I am not Janice Lester! She did this to me!
How can I make you understand?
Janice has driven herself mad with jealousy, hatred and ambition.
Nurse Chapel.
Bring Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy to me at once!
They must believe lam not Janice Lester.
I am imprisoned in her body, but I am not Janice Lester!
She is suffering from the delusion of being Captain Kirk.
lam not Janice Lester!
The paranoia has been developing for the past six months.
The radiation seems to have intensified it.
She must be kept sedated.
- Shall prepare a mild sedative? - Of course.
You are insane, Dr. Lester.
[Kirk As Dr. Lester] Captain's Log. : Star date unknown.
I have lost track of time.
I am still held captive in a strange body...
- [Door Slides Open, Shut] - and separated from all my crew.
I must've sounded quite mad to you before.
What you've been through would've completely broken most of us.
Well, I'll be all right now.
Could I see your Dr. McCoy?
I'm afraid that's against Dr. Coleman's orders.
Is a visit by that very kind Mr. Spock to be allowed?
Perhaps that can be arranged before we reach the Benecia Colony.
Benecia? Isn't the Enterprise going to rendezvous...
with the Potemkin at Beta Aurigae?
Well, first we have to let you recuperate at Benecia.
You'll feel better if you have a little.
I'll try. Thank you.
Oh, it is good. Thank you.
Could I finish it slowly, Nurse Chapel?
- Well-- - I promise I'll be good.
Well, I'll be right back.
I'm glad you're feeling so much better.
[ High-Pitched Tones ]
These tests should help me pinpoint the cause of Jims illness.
Good. Knowledge of the captain's...
aberrant behavior is spreading through the ship.
The crew is becoming increasingly tense.
What worries me most is that Jim seems completely unaware...
that something is wrong with him.
We've got to make him realize something serious is happening...
before treatment can even begin.
I'm afraid that is a forlorn hope, Doctor.
The illness appears to be primarily mental.
Well, one of us should be able to get to him.
I keep looking for an approach, but the speed at which...
the illness has traveled makes it doubly difficult.
Perhaps the surgeon general's office should be alerted.
You know headquarters. They're only interested...
in results of specific tests.
So far all we have to offer are our opinions.
Are you sure that the captain will comply...
with your order in his present state of mind?
I'll use my medical authority to enforce it if necessary.
Doctor, we are treading on very thin ground.
Actions such as these might be misinterpreted.
Well, then, so be it.
Our responsibility is clear.
Whatever happened to the captain on that planet must've taken place...
in the short space of time that he was alone with Dr. Lester.
Perhaps a conversation with her might shed some light.
Well, it's worth a try.
You try to get to Dr. Lester while I examine Jim.
Well, gentlemen.
I'm here, Doctor.
Spock! Bones! Help me!
Don't let them lock me away from you! I've got to talk to you!
She might have killed someone.
Put her in isolation in her room, maintain a 24-hour watch!
No one, absolutely no one, is to talk to her without my permission!
Yes, sir.
-How is the doctor? -She regained consciousness quickly.
- Good. I have questions to ask her. - Did the captain order it?
Why should he? They are my questions,
therefore I am ordering it, Lieutenant.
The captain said no one is allowed to speak to Dr. Lester.
Has such an order ever included his senior officers?
No, sir.
Mr. Spock, I think the captain meant that a guard should be present.
By all means, Lieutenant.
That's enough. That's enough.
Your heart will last forever, Captain.
- How am I otherwise? - In the pink, as usual.
Liver, kidney,
blood count, metabolic rate.
Everything, even your glands,
functioning at their usual, normal peak of efficiency.
Good. I hope you're as pleased about it as I am.
Don't get dressed yet.
You said I was in perfect condition.
I don't think another test is necessary.
The Robbiani dermal-optic is crucial.
It reveals the basic emotional structure.
You had one once before.
Now I need another one to compare with that previous test.
There should be no change in your dermal-optic reactions...
to the color wavelengths.
- [ High-Pitched Whistling ] - Over here, Captain.
Over here, Captain.
Complete life-entity transfer...
with the aid...
of a mechanical device.
Yes, that's what it must've been.
To my knowledge, such total transfer...
has never been accomplished with complete success...
anywhere in the galaxy.
It was accomplished and forgotten long ago on Camus II.
- I'm a living example. - That is your claim.
As yet, it is unsubstantiated...
by any... external evidence...
or objective tests.
Nevertheless, Spock, it is the truth I'm speaking.
[ High-Pitched Whistling ]
Now lower your arms and open your eyes.
At this moment...
Dr. McCoy is examining the captain...
for psychological changes.
If any facts are uncovered, that would be acceptable evidence,
the only kind which is acceptable to Starfleet Command...
and to the crew of the Enterprise.
Spock, when I was caught...
in the interspace of the Tholian Sector,
you risked your life and the Enterprise to get me back.
Help me get back now.
When the Vians of Minara demanded that we let Bones die,
- we didn't permit it. - That is true.
The captain did not. However, those events have been recorded.
They could've become known to you.
You are closer to the captain than anyone in the universe.
You know his thoughts.
What does your telepathic mind tell you now?
I believe you.
However, my belief is not acceptable evidence.
Evidence must be factual.
Dr. McCoy may be of help.
Come with me.
Im sorry, sir,
but Dr. Lester cannot leave here.
Well, are you satisfied with the results of the tests?
There is no positive evidence of any disorder.
You're asking me to violate the captain's orders.
- He is not the captain. - You're as mad as she is!
You're to leave here at once. I'd follow orders.
Certainly, Lieutenant. We all must do our duty.
Security-- Aaah!
No hard feelings, Bones. You did your usual thorough, good job.
I'm sure everything's going to be all right.
- [ Intercom Whistle ] - [ Man On Intercom ] Captain Kirk!
- Captain Kirk here. - Escape attempt by Dr. Lester.
Captain Kirk to Security.
On the double to Dr. Lester's room!
It's quite all right, Ensign. Everything is under control.
A repetition of your physical violence is not called for... sir.
No physical resistance will be offered.
Attention, all personnel.
First Officer Spock has been placed under arrest.
He has conspired with Dr. Lester...
to take over the ship from your captain.
A hearing will be immediately convened...
to consider the charges and specifications...
of a general court-martial...
on the charge...
of mutiny.
[ Speaking, Indistinct ]
[Dr. Lester As Kirk] Captain's Log. : Star date 5930.3.
The results of Dr. McCoy's examination...
have given me complete confidence in myself.
My fears repast. Is hall function freely as the captain.
l am the captain of the Enterprise, in fact.
Surely you must have more than that to go on.
I have stated my evidence--
telepathic communication with the mind of Captain James T. Kirk.
Your evidence is completely subjective.
We have to have evidence that we can examine out in the open.
You've had great deal of evidence, except that of the chief witness.
The one who should be the real subject of this investigation...
is kept locked away and in isolation.
Why... Captain?
She's dangerously insane. We've seen the evidence.
She is dangerous only to your authority, sir.
Mr. Spock.
Mr. Spock, my authority has been given to me by Starfleet Command,
and only that high authority can take it away.
The witness, sir. Bring on the witness.
Let your officers put the questions.
Mr. Nunnely, have Dr. Janice Lester brought here.
Aye, sir.
Dr. McCoy, while Mr. Spock was busy...
with his ambitious plot, what were you doing?
- Examining you. - Oh, yes.
You were deeply concerned about my health, emotional and physical,
- since leaving Camus II, correct? - Yes, that's correct.
Instead of trying to destroy me, you were searching for ways to help me.
Dr. McCoy, for the record,
will you tell the court your findings?
The captain is in the best of physical condition.
His emotional and mental state is comparable...
to the time he assumed command of the Enterprise.
Thank you, Dr. McCoy.
Mr. Spock, were you aware of Dr. McCoy's findings?
- I know them now. - And what have you to say... now?
I am disappointed and deeply concerned...
that there is no objective evidence to support my position... so far.
Dr. Coleman, if youre required here, we'll call you.
We certainly appreciate your being here.
Everyone is deeply aware...
that you have been subjected to inordinate emotional stress.
We had hoped to avoid any further stress, but...
Mr. Spock disagrees.
It is his opinion that your testimony is important...
in determining the merits of his case.
And since we are solely interested in arriving at a just decision,
I'm going to have to ask you a few more questions.
I'll try not to upset you.
You, uh, claim that, uh--
[ Chuckles ]
that you are Captain James T. Kirk?
No. I am not Captain Kirk.
That is very apparent.
I claim that whatever it is...
that makes James Kirk a living being special to himself...
is being held here in this body.
Oh. Well--
However, a-a-a-as I understand it,
l... am Dr. Janice Lester.
[ Chuckling Quietly ]
That's very clever, but I didn't say it.
I said, the body of James Kirk is being used by Dr. Janice Lester.
Mm-hmm. A subtlety that somehow escapes me.
I assume that this, uh,
switch was arrived at by mutual agreement.
No. It was brought about by a violent attack by Dr. Lester...
and the use of equipment she discovered on Camus II.
by the lady, perpetrated on Captain Kirk? Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I ask the assembled personnel to look at Dr. Janice Lester...
and visualize that historic moment.
Can you-- Can you tell me why, uh, Dr. Janice Lester...
would agree to this ludicrous exchange?
Yes. To get the power she craved:
to attain a position she doesn't merit...
by temperament or training.
And most of all, she wanted to murder James Kirk,
a man who once loved her.
But her intense hatred of her own womanhood...
made life with her impossible.
Are you prepared with witnesses? One will do.
Sir, there is only one issue here.
Is the story of life-entity transfer believable?
This crew has been to many places in the galaxy.
They've been witness to many strange events.
They're trained to know that what seems to be impossible...
often is possible,
given the scientific analysis of the phenomenon.
Mr. Spock, have you ever heard of a case...
such as described by Dr. Janice Lester?
- Not precisely, no. - Oh.
Assuming that you are correct in your belief,
do you expect Starfleet Command to place this, uh,
this, uh, person...
in command of the Enterprise?
I expect only to reveal the truth.
And with the truth revealed, that I am not really the captain,
and knowing that she would not be allowed to serve as the captain,
then you would be the captain-- it is inevitable!
Spock. Spock, give it up!
Return to the Enterprise family. All charges will be dropped...
and the madness that temporarily overcame all of us...
on Camus II will fade and be forgotten.
And what will become of Dr. Lester?
Dr. Lester will be cared for always.
It is a debt and a responsibility I owe her from the past.
No, sir. I shall not withdraw a single charge that I have made.
You are not Captain Kirk.
You have ruthlessly appropriated his body.
But the life entity within you is not that of Captain Kirk.
You do not belong in charge of the Enterprise...
and I shall do everything in my power against you.
Lieutenant Lisa, play back those last two sentences...
from Mr. Spock's tirade.
You do not belong in charge of the Enterprise...
and I shall do everything in my power against you.
You heard the statements placed into the record by you.
-Do you understand the nature of it? -I do. And I stand by it.
It is mutiny! Deliberate, vindictive, insane at its base!
But mutiny is charged, and encouragement to mutiny.
Dr. McCoy, Mr. Scott, you heard it!
On the basis of these statements, I call for an immediate vote,
by the powers granted to me as captain of the Enterprise.
A recess is declared, to be followed by a vote.
Yes. An immediate vote before our chief witness can be left to die...
on some obscure planet with the truth locked inside of her.
Silence. You will be silent!
A recess has been declared. There will be no cross-discussion.
When I return, we will vote on the charge of mutiny.
The evidence presented here is the only basis of your decision.
[Door Slides Open, Shut]
- Scotty. - Doctor.
I've seen the captain feverish, sick, drunk,
delirious, terrified,
overjoyed, boiling mad.
But up to now,
I have never seen him red-faced with hysteria.
I know how I'm going to vote.
I've been through this with Spock.
He's not being scientific and neither are you.
It may not be scientific,
but if Mr. Spock thinks it happened, then it must be logical.
Don't you think I know that?
My tests show there's nothing wrong with the captain.
That's the only fact Starfleet's going to be interested in.
Headquarters has its problems, and we have ours.
And right now,
the captain of the Enterprise is our problem.
They're going to call for the vote in a few minutes.
Let me put one last question.
Suppose you vote with me, in favor of Spock.
That means two votes to one and Spock is free.
What do you think the captain will do?
- I don't know. - Aye, you know, all right.
It'll stick in his craw. He'll never accept it.
We don't know that.
I tell ya, he won't.
Then, Doctor, that's the time we move against him.
We'll have to take over the ship.
We're talking about mutiny, Scotty.
Are you ready for the vote?
Yes. I'm ready for the vote.
Play the tapes of the conversation in the corridor.
- Aye, sir. - [ Machine Beeping ]
[ Scotty ] Then's the time we move against him.
Well have to take over the ship.
[McCoy] We're talking about mutiny, Scotty.
[Scotty] Aye. Are you ready for the vote?
That's enough. We know what was said.
Enough to convict you of conspiracy with mutineers.
And you're so charged. The sentence-- death.
Mr. Nunnely.
Starfleet expressly forbids the death penalty.
All my senior officers turning against me?
The death penalty is forbidden.
- There's only one exception. - General Order 4.
It has not been violated by any officer on the Enterprise.
I am responsible. The execution will be immediate. Go to your posts.
Go to your posts.
Mr. Nunnely, take them to the brig. Prepare for execution.
Go on!
The captain must be mad if he thinks he can get away with an execution.
Captain Kirk wouldn't order an execution even if he were going mad.
That cannot be the captain.
What difference does it make who he is?
Are we going to allow an execution to take place?
If security backs him up, how will we fight him?
I'll fight them every way and any way I can.
Lt. Lisa, inform all sectors of my decision. Have each section...
send a representative to the place of execution on the hangar deck.
- How far to the Benecia Colony? - Coming within scanning range.
Plot coordinates for orbit.
Mr. Sulu, lock into coordinates as soon as orbit is accomplished.
Interment will take place on Benecia.
You have received your orders!
You will obey my orders...
or youll be charged with mutiny!
You will obey my orders or-- or--
[ Gasps ]
[ Panting ]
For a moment, I thought that I was up on the bridge.
Perhaps you were.
Then it's possible the transference can be broken.
[ Panting ] Well, if it happens again, I'll fight to stay there.
The bridge is where you belong.
To accomplish that, each one of us must be ready...
to seize any opportunity to break out of here...
- and attack. - [ Gasps ]
- The transference is weakening. - What happened?
For a moment, I found myself back with the prisoners.
I will not go back to being Janice Lester!
You must help me prevent it.
The only way to prevent the transference...
is by the death of Janice Lester.
You must carry out the execution.
I can't. I can't.
The crew is in mutiny.
You must kill her for me.
I have done everything else for you.
- But I will not murder for you. - Then do it for yourself.
If Kirk doesn't die,
we'll both be exposed as murderers.
Does that give you any choice?
The dosage should be doubly lethal.
It is.
To prevent further conspiracy, you will be removed to separate cells.
If theres any resistance, you'll be given a sedative...
until you learn cooperation.
Dr. Lester will be first.
Follow Dr. Coleman.
May I point out, Captain--
Kill him!
Kill him! Ohh!
I've lost to the captain. I've lost to James Kirk!
I want you dead!
[ Sobbing ] I want you dead! I want you dead!
Oh, I'm never going to be the captain.
[Sobbing Continues] Never. Kill him.
You are--
You are as I loved you.
Kill him.
Can you do anything for her?
I'd like to take care of her.
Of course. Come with me.
I didn't want to destroy her.
I'm sure we all understand that, Captain.
Her life could have been as rich as any woman's. If only--
If only--
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