She's not just out of control, she's out of her mind!
lf you will explain what happened, Lieutenant.
She hit me is what happened!
Your nose is broken in three places.
l'll need to reset the ethmoid fossa.
Try not to move.
We were having a disagreement about the power grid.
She wanted to realign the lateral plasma conduit.
l told her that would cause an overload.
As usual, she wouldn't listen.
So l told her to step aside and let me handle it.
She pushed me away from the console.
l pushed back.
Next thing l knew, l was lying on the deck
with blood pouring down my face.
Then what happened?
She said, ''Sorry.
Maybe you should go to Sick Bay.''
At least she gave you some good advice.
Hold still.
Don't worry, Lieutenant, l'll take care of this.
You keep that woman out of my Engine Room
and everything will be fine!
Where is Ms. Torres?
l've confined her to quarters.
l would like her moved to the brig
until formal charges can be filed.
Formal charges? Come on, Tuvok.
We're 7 5 years away from the nearest court.
You're really going
to hold her in the brig for that long?
The Captain has the authority
to try Ms. Torres here on the ship,
considering the extenuating circumstances.
Well, l'd like to settle this on my own
without filing charges
and without involving the Captain.
She struck a fellow officer--
that is a court-martial offense.
She's a Maquis, and in the Maquis,
sometimes you have to push people
out of your way to get things done.
Ms. Torres is no longer a member of the Maquis
and with all due respect, Commander, neither are you.
Allowing Ms. Torres to get away
with a clear violation of regulations
sets a bad example for the rest of the crew.
lt makes it appear as though you are
showing favoritism toward the Maquis.
Look, Lieutenant, l don't have to explain myself to you.
l'll deal with B'Elanna personally
and then l'll inform the Captain.
You're to drop this matter.
That's an order.
l will yield my authority in this case to you.
However, l will make a full report in my Security Log.
You do that.
Sir, we heard what happened.
What are they going to do with B'Elanna?
l don't know yet, but l'll handle it.
We heard that Captain Janeway
is going to put her in the brig for two months.
And that all the Maquis are going
to be restricted to quarters when they're not on duty?
Not true.
We just want you to know,
that if things do get out of hand,
we're ready to back you.
What does that mean?
ln case you want
to take control of the ship, you have our full support.
lf l ever hear you talk that way again,
l'll personally throw you in the brig for mutiny.
What's this?
The medical report on Lieutenant Carey.
Lieutenant Carey is an idiot!
When l tell you...
l don't want to hear it!
You might be interested to know that
the impact fractures along his cranium
were pretty severe.
lf you'd hit him just a little harder,
you could have driven some of those bones
into his cerebellum.
l didn't even come close to hitting him that hard.
So on the one side, l'm facing a Vulcan
who wants to court-martial you,
and on the other, l'm facing all the Maquis
who are ready to seize this ship over this.
You've turned this into one lousy day for me, Torres.
So, how long do l have to stay in here?
Rest of the trip-- 7 5 years.
l've never found your twisted sense of humor
very funny, Chakotay.
Or l could send you back to work with the understanding
that you'll apologize to...
Apologize?! He was the one who...
Not just a simple apology, a personal one...
over a hot cup of pejuta.
Bond with the man.
l am not going to bond with him.
You're going to need support from people like Carey.
l don't need support from anybody.
You are if you're going to be Chief Engineer of this ship.
This is not
another example of my twisted sense of humor.
But Carey's next in line.
You're a better engineer than he is.
What does the Captain have to say about this?
She hasn't said a word...
because l haven't told her yet.
Captain's Log, Stardate 48439.7.
As we maintain a course
back to the Alpha Quadrant, we're conducting
what would normally be routine maintenance to the ship--
routine, that is, if we had access to a starbase.
Engine efficiency is down another 14 percent.
lf we don't get more power to the warp drive,
we're all going to have to get out and push.
What about alternative energy sources?
Ensign Kim, have you had any luck getting power
from the holodeck reactors?
Not yet.
We tried hooking them to the power grid
and we ended up blowing out half the relays.
The holodeck's energy matrix, it just isn't compatible
with the other power systems.
Captain, if we relocate
all security personnel to Deck 7,
we can shut down power on Deck 9
and reroute it to propulsion.
That would be inconvenient, but acceptable.
Fine. Now let's move on to the personnel situation.
We still have...
Sorry we're late, but l wasn't informed
there was a meeting this morning.
Oh, there don't seem to be enough chairs.
Neelix, this is a briefing for the Senior Officers.
l see.
Well, l...
l am the senior Talaxian on board.
Kes is the senior Ocampa.
And l do know more about this region of space
than any other member of the crew.
We have some excellent suggestions, Captain.
Very well.
You're welcome to join us, this time.
Here you are.
To be honest, we could use some excellent suggestions
right now.
l've been thinking that you might be able
to convert one of your lower decks
into a hydroponics bay to grow your own food.
l understand that the replicators are down
and that the emergency rations won't hold out much longer.
What about Cargo Bay 2?
lt was designed for organic storage
and it already has adjustable environmental controls.
When can you start?
lt's your idea.
lt's your project.
Right away.
l can do some wonderful things with vegetables, Captain.
My feragoit goulash is known across 12 star systems.
The personnel situation.
We've managed to find a replacement
for the Transporter Chief,
but we still need an Astrogation Plotter,
a Chief Engineer, medical support personnel.
l've made a list of several Maquis crew members
who would make good officers.
B'Elanna Torres?
She was the one involved in that incident with Mr. Carey.
That's right.
Just what job do you think she's suited for?
Chief Engineer.
You're serious.
Regarding Sick Bay...
we still need a Chief Medical Officer.
What about that electronic man down in Sick Bay?
lt is an emergency medical hologram
and its abilities are limited.
lt can only operate within the confines of Sick Bay.
Not to mention its lousy bedside manner.
Perhaps we should assign
somebody to train with the hologram
as a Field Medic.
Good idea.
Lieutenant, l understand you studied biochemistry
at the Academy?
Uh, only two semesters.
Close enough.
You just volunteered to become a Field Medic.
Report to Sick Bay as soon as we're finished here.
But, Captain...
Stations, everyone.
We're running into some kind of spatial distortions.
Mr. Tuvok?
The distortions are emanating
from a highly localized disturbance
in the space-time continuum.
Distance-- 20,000 kilometers off the port bow.
All stop.
On screen.
Gravimetric flux density is over 2,000 percent.
lf l'm not mistaken,
we're looking at a type-4 quantum singularity.
Captain, l am receiving an audio transmission...
from within the singularity.
On speakers.
This is ... ship
... singularity...
l think l've found the source of the transmission.
Does it look like any ship you're familiar with?
Nothing l recognize...
but then it's, it's so hard to make out.
They may be trapped in the event horizon.
Open a channel.
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager
to the vessel near the quantum singularity.
Do you need help?
Event horizon?
A singularity is a star
that's collapsed in on itself.
The event horizon is a very powerful energy field
surrounding it.
Why, once on a particularly dangerous trade mission
to the twin stars of Keloda,
l myself was almost trapped inside...
No response to our hail, Captain.
Can we tractor the vessel out?
No. The subspace interference is too heavy.
Captain, we're less than three light-years
from llidaria.
They have sophisticated technology.
They might be able to help
and they're quite friendly...
most of the time.
No. lt looks like it's being pulled in
toward the singularity.
We have to get it out of the event horizon.
Bridge to Torres.
We need a way to get that ship out of there.
Any ideas?
l was thinking we could remodulate a tractor beam
to match the subspace interference.
lt might be enough to cut through the event horizon.
A subspace tractor beam.
When can you have it ready?
Two hours, maybe three.
Get right on it.
Use as many people as you need.
Mr. Carey, what do you think?
With the right field modulation, it might work
but we'll need more power to the emitter array.
Very well. You're in charge, Mr. Carey.
Report to me when the tractor beam is ready.
Aye, Captain.
Mr. Paris.
Hold our position here.
l'd like to see you in private.
We have a problem
and l think it's time we discuss it.
Captain, l appreciate your concerns
about Torres, but l promise you...
You don't understand, Commander.
This isn't about Torres.
My problem is with you.
Let me be blunt.
What you tried to do just now was out of line.
ln what way?
When you decided
to call Torres in Engineering.
l've worked with her.
l know what she's capable of.
We needed an answer right away
and l knew she could give us one.
Carey is the Senior Officer in Engineering.
lf you look at it that way,
none of my people will ever have seniority.
That's the problem, right there.
They're not your people.
You're treating the Maquis on this ship
like they're still your crew.
l'm doing everything l can to integrate them into your crew
but frankly, you're not making it easy for me, Captain.
l can't make it easy, Commander.
Surely you can understand that.
They don't have the discipline.
They don't have the training.
But some of them, like B'Elanna Torres
have the ability.
The Starfleet officers on this ship
have worked all their lives to earn their commissions.
How am l supposed to ask them
to accept a Maquis as their superior officer
just because circumstances have forced us together?
You're asking them to accept me.
You're qualified.
You're a graduate of the Academy
and you have Starfleet command experience.
Permission to speak freely.
Go ahead.
l have no intention of being your token Maquis officer.
Show me another qualified Maquis candidate
and l'll consider him.
B'Elanna Torres.
Who cannot control herself
and who could not make it through the Academy.
She's the best engineer l've ever known.
She could teach at the Academy.
You're right, Captain.
l do consider these my people
because nobody else on this ship
will look out for them like l will.
And l'm telling you,
you're going to have to give them more authority
if you want their loyalty.
or yours, Commander?
l'm trying to help you.
l'm sorry you don't see that.
l strongly recommend you get to know Torres
before you choose a new Chief Engineer.
Permission to leave.
Computer, activate the emergency medical holographic system.
Please state the nature of the medical emergency.
Actually, there is no emergency.
l'm creating a hydroponics bay.
l was told you could provide me
with some nitrogenated soil samples.
That's it?
l'm sorry if...
So it begins.
The trivia of medicine is my domain now.
Every runny nose, stubbed toe, pimple on a cheek
becomes my responsibility.
You are the only doctor we have.
l am not just a doctor.
l've been designed with the information
from 2,000 medical reference sources
and the experience of 47 individual medical officers.
l am the embodiment of modern medicine.
How much dirt do you need?
Four samples will be enough.
Now l know how Hippocrates felt
when the king needed him to trim a hangnail.
You're very sensitive, aren't you?
As a medical practitioner,
l require a certain sensitivity to properly address a patient.
l'm talking about you as a person.
l am merely a hologram.
Doctor, has your program altered your appearance
since l came to Sick Bay?
When l first came in
your head was at the same height as this cabinet
but now you look at least ten centimeters shorter.
l've just run a diagnostic on my imaging processor.
lt shows that l've been reduced in height by 10.4 centimeters.
Sick Bay to Operations.
This is Kim.
The holographic projector in here is malfunctioning.
Would you send a repair crew down right away?
We're a little busy right now.
We'll get to it as soon as we can.
lt's just that l'm...
Kim out.
seems like a very busy day in Operations.
l'm sorry l bothered you with this.
No trouble at all.
Just turn off the program before you leave.
What's your name?
What purpose would a name serve a hologram?
l'd just like to know what to call you besides ''Doctor.''
l guess they never thought
l'd be around long enough to need one.
What's your name?
-Kes. -Kes.
l'm glad l could help you today.
Computer, end program.
Carey to Bridge.
The subspace tractor beam
is on line and ready to go, Captain.
Mr. Tuvok, lock onto that ship.
Engaging tractor beam.
lt's working.
The beam is penetrating the event horizon.
Engineering, check your power levels.
l'm showing massive fluctuations.
Damn it! The new relays on the power grid aren't holding!
We're being pulled toward the singularity!
What's going on?
Power to the tractor beam is down 80 percent.
The gravimetric force of the singularity
is pulling us in.
lmpulse engines, full reverse.
Disengage the tractor beam.
l can't shut it down!
The emitter relays are locked.
l'm picking up hull stress all over the ship.
lf we keep engines at full reverse
while the tractor beam's engaged,
it'll pull the ship apart.
Cut the engines!
We're moving forward again.
Engineering, get that tractor beam off-line!
Captain, l can shut it down,
but l'll have to get in there
and physically cut the main power feed.
Do it!
Tractor beam disengaged.
Move us to a safe distance, Mr. Paris.
Are we abandoning the rescue attempt?
No, but we are going to need some help.
Lay in a course for the llidaria system.
Full impulse.
Have Mr. Neelix report to the Bridge.
lt looks like we're
going to follow his suggestion after all.
Come in.
You asked to see me, Captain.
Have a seat.
l just want you to know
that l have personally gone over every emitter relay again
and refitted four of them myself.
No one blames you for what happened.
Commander Chakotay thinks very highly of you.
He's recommended you for Chief Engineer.
Well, uh...
we've, uh, we've been through a few scrapes together.
Do you think you're ready?
Ready to be Chief Engineer on a starship.
Well, l think l know my way around an Engine Room,
if that's what you mean.
lt's part of what l mean.
There's also the matter
of your ability to command others.
l'm not sure l'd be doing you a favor
by putting you in charge down there.
There'd be a lot of hard feelings toward you
from many of the Starfleet people.
l'm not bothered by what people think of me.
And the job requires knowledge of Starfleet protocol,
experience with Starfleet methodologies...
Listen, Captain
if you don't think l'm right for this job
just say so.
l'll be honest.
l'm not sure whether you are or not.
That's why l wanted to meet,
try to get to know you a little better.
l've been studying your Academy record.
Where did you get that?
Thanks to Tuvok, we had the names
of your entire crew by the time we left DS9.
Four disciplinary hearings, one suspension.
You had quite a turbulent couple of years,
didn't you?
Yeah, l guess you could say that.
What do you think the problem was?
The problem? The problem was a system
that didn't give anyone a chance to breathe.
We work under that same system on this ship.
Then l guess maybe this is just a bad idea.
Why did you quit the Academy, B'Elanna?
l didn't want to have anything to do with Starfleet then,
and l'm sorry that l have to now.
Sick Bay to Captain Janeway.
Yes, Doctor?
May l request you activate monitor input 47--
your emergency medical holograph channel?
Of course.
l'm getting a distorted transmission.
No. ln fact, that is how l appear at present.
l'm... shrinking.
There appears to be a malfunction
in my imaging system.
lt's been reducing my height
by five centimeters every hour.
l've been waiting all day for repairs.
That is not, however, what l am calling about.
Over the past three hours, nine crew members have reported
unusual symptoms-- severe headaches,
muscle spasms and sudden waves of dizziness.
All of this could be related to the quantum singularity.
Quantum singularity?
lt was sending out strong spatial distortions.
They might have affected the crew
and your systems as well.
You know, Captain, if we were in the vicinity
of a quantum singularity, l should have been informed.
You're right.
l'll look into linking your program into the ship's data.
Hello? Captain?
lt looks like we're running into more spatial distortions.
l'm picking up a highly
localized disturbance off the port bow.
On screen.
Mr. Tuvok?
lt is another type-4 quantum singularity.
Physical and temporal dimensions are identical
to the one we encountered earlier.
Captain, according to these readings,
we've returned to our previous coordinates.
This isn't another singularity.
lt's the same one.
Check the navigational logs.
Confirm our position.
Well, they show we've traveled
1.4 light-years away from the anomaly,
but l've confirmed our position against the star chart.
We're definitely back where we started.
lt doesn't make sense.
They can't both be right.
We're either still at the singularity or we're not.
Well, we can see
the singularity, so l tend to believe
that the external sensors are correct.
That would imply there was
something wrong with the warp drive
and the navigational logs.
Mr. Paris, lay in a course away from the singularity.
This time at maximum warp.
Ensign Kim, l want you
to keep a sensor lock on the singularity.
Verify that we're moving away from it.
Distance from the singularity
is ten million kilometers and increasing.
Warp engines holding steady.
All systems report normal.
1 1 million.
12 million.
l don't get it.
Mr. Paris, have we altered course?
No, we're still steady on 310 mark 215.
Then something's really wrong here.
lt's ahead of us again.
We're back at the same coordinates.
All stop.
Ensign Kim, transfer all the data
on the spatial distortions we encountered
to my ready room.
l'm going to begin my own analysis.
Commander, have all departments run complete system diagnostics.
l'll expect a full report from all senior officers
at 1500 hours.
Who will represent Engineering?
Lieutenant Carey.
You should invite B'Elanna Torres as well,
unless you've removed her from consideration.
The Captain says she wants you
to attend the staff meeting this afternoon.
Well, l'll give you a full report on what happens.
l'll be there, too.
Just remember, Torres, l'm the Senior Officer
and l speak for Engineering.
Try not to say anything
unless someone asks you a question.
1500 hours, Deck 1.
Don't be late.
You should have broken more than his nose.
l've taken a look at every major subsystem
and there's no sign of any trouble.
What about the navigational array?
We'll have the results in about an hour.
So, l hear there's been some trouble
down in Engineering.
There was an altercation, but it has been resolved.
Oh, that's not what l hear.
l hear that the whole department's up in arms.
That the Maquis and Starfleet people
are almost at each other's throats.
l will never cease to be amazed
by the human capacity for hyperbole.
The situation may be characterized as tense,
but one could hardly say
that they are about to become violent.
Well, l just hope you're right.
l mean, things are bad enough around here without... ow!
Are you all right?
Yeah. l just have this splitting headache, and... ow!
l'd better get you to Sick Bay.
Just dizzy. Can't...
Can't focus.
27 other crew members have now reported the symptoms
and yet, when l examined each of them,
l couldn't find anything wrong.
l have no diagnosis, no prognosis,
no recommended treatment.
l'll contact you when l have something more to contribute.
And by the way, l am now 68 centimeters shorter.
l'd appreciate it if someone
would repair my holographic projectors
before l have trouble reaching my patients.
l've finished my study of the spatial distortions
coming from the singularity.
l can give you a long, boring analysis.
Suffice it to say, l don't know what's going on.
The readings are confused, the data is contradictory.
None of it makes any sense.
Anyone have anything more constructive?
Ship-wide diagnostics
have revealed nothing out of the ordinary.
l tried sending out a tachyon signal,
to scan the singularity, but all l got back was static.
B'Elanna, do you think you can work with Mr. Carey
to clean up that signal?
But it won't work.
l mean, it was a good idea to try it,
but... it won't work.
You have another idea?
l was just thinking about the problem
with the Doctor's holographic projectors.
lt seems like the spatial distortions
might be interfering
with the projector's phase alignment.
That was my guess, too.
lf that's the case,
l could screen out those distortions
by setting up a localized damping field
around the projectors.
ls our priority here really
the medical holograph system?
My point is that if the spatial distortions
are also interfering with the transmission
we received from the other ship...
We could set up a similar field around our external sensors
and communicate with them.
And they may know more about what's going on than we do.
Let's give it a try.
Emitters on line.
l'm rerouting the damping field
through the deflector grid.
Open a channel to the other ship.
This is ... singularity ...
Ramping up field intensity.
lt's working.
We're cutting through the distortions.
This is ... to the vessel near the ...
Remodulate the EM band.
See if you can clear it up a little more.
Compensating for amplitude distortion.
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager
to the vessel near the quantum singularity.
Do you need help?
That's your hail.
l'm applying the damping field to our visual scanners.
l'll see if l can clarify the image.
lt's the Voyager.
lt's us.
Sensors confirm it's definitely USS Voyager.
l've been hailing the ship on all frequencies.
No response.
l don't think you'll get a response, Lieutenant.
That message we unscrambled
is the same message l sent out nine hours ago.
Could we have traveled back in time
and met ourselves?
No, that's not it.
l think l have an explanation.
Think of it like this.
You're sitting at the bottom of a pond,
which is frozen over
and you look up at the surface and you see
a reflection of yourself.
Now you might think you're looking at another person
sitting at the bottom of another pond
looking back at you.
And in this case, we'd be staring up
at the surface of the event horizon
and seeing a time-delayed reflection of ourselves.
Are you saying...
we're the ones trapped in the singularity?
Unfortunately, yes.
You're right.
lt's the only theory that explains
everything that's happened to us.
We've probably been in this singularity
since we felt the first jolt.
Wait a minute, wait.
Wait a minute. Let me get this straight.
We were cruising along at warp seven.
Then we pick up a distress call
and moved in to investigate.
But now, you're saying that the other ship
is actually just a reflection of us
and that the distress call is actually
just the Captain's opening hail.
But we picked up the distress call
before she sent the hail.
How could we have been seeing
a reflection of something we hadn't even done yet?
Am l making any sense here?
No, but that's okay.
One of the more difficult concepts to grasp
in temporal mechanics
is that sometimes effect can precede cause.
A reaction can be observed before the action
which initiated it.
So, what do we do to get out?
l'm not sure,
but l do know one thing.
That as we slide deeper into the singularity,
the spacial distortions are increasing.
According to my calculations,
within nine hours, they'll crush the ship.
lf your analogy's
correct, how do we get through that sheet of ice?
Look for a crack.
Or make a crack.
Take something and smack it into the ice
until it buckles.
Wait a minute.
What if we've already made a crack in the ice?
When we first entered the event horizon.
lf we could find our entry point,
we might be able to slip out the way we came in.
So, we'd be looking for a subspace instability
in the event horizon.
What would make it show up on our sensors?
Warp particles.
lf we saturate the event horizon with warp particles,
we might be able to see them escaping
through the rupture we made when we entered.
Mr. Tuvok, take the main deflector off-line.
Mr. Kim, reroute the port and starboard plasma flow
to the main deflector.
We can use it to generate a warp field.
Deflectors off-line.
lnitializing plasma flow.
Release the warp particles.
Scanning the singularity.
Not yet.
Warp particles at full intensity.
l'm picking up something-- a slight irregularity.
lt could be a rupture in the event horizon.
Put it on screen.
lt is a rupture, Captain.
lt's 50 meters by...
ten meters.
Oh, it's too small.
lt must have collapsed since we first passed through it.
We found the crack.
That's the important thing.
Now, how do we make it bigger?
Put a wedge in it and force it open.
We could try a dekyon beam.
All right, a dekyon beam.
Mr. Paris, bring us closer.
Captain, if we get too close to the rupture,
our warp engines
might make it collapse even further.
Can we emit a beam from here?
The rupture's over 50 million kilometers away.
We don't have enough power.
to project a dekyon beam that far.
We'll have to take a shuttlecraft.
You'll need the best pilot
you've got in that shuttle, Captain.
That'll be me.
Getting there is the easy part, Mr. Paris.
We need someone who's familiar
with the finer points of temporal mechanics,
and unless you've been hiding your credentials,
l don't think that's you.
B'Elanna, you're with me.
The Bridge is yours, Commander.
We've cleared Voyager.
Shields at full strength.
We'll reach the rupture
in approximately four and a half minutes.
Let's get that dekyon beam on line.
Remodulating emitters.
Captain... l want to apologize for losing my temper.
ln your ready room?
l think maybe you were hitting
a little bit too close to home, you know?
l respect Chakotay,
but he's wrong.
l'm not officer material and we both know it.
The truth is, l quit the Academy because...
l realized l couldn't make it in Starfleet.
And, believe me, no one was sorry to see me go.
Professor Chapman was.
He put a letter in your permanent file
saying that, should you ever reapply, he would support you.
He thought you were one of the most
promising cadets he'd ever taught.
l fought with him almost every day.
l was always questioning his, his methods, his assumptions,
and he was always slapping me down like some upstart kid.
l was surprised he didn't help me pack my bags.
Some professors like students
who challenge their assumptions, B'Elanna.
And so do some captains.
Professor Chapman wasn't alone.
Many of your teachers thought you had the potential
to be an outstanding officer.
You had more friends at the Academy than you realized.
We're 15 kilometers from the rupture.
Start charging the dekyon beam.
Dekyon beam on line.
Shields down to 62 percent.
lncrease speed.
We have to get to that rupture
before these spatial distortions tear us apart.
All right.
Let's open this hole in the ice a little wider.
lnitiate the dekyon beam.
They've widened the rupture by almost 35 percent.
They'll have to widen it twice that much
before Voyager can make it through.
Hold our position.
Mr. Tuvok, report.
The spatial distortions are increasing.
Hull integrity has dropped 18 percent.
We've widened the opening by over 65 percent.
l'd like another five for safety.
We're losing power.
l don't think we're going to get any more, Captain.
Let's get back to Voyager.
The shuttle is returning, Commander.
lt appears as though they've been damaged.
Their com system's down.
l am unable to raise them.
The rupture's now 120 meters in diameter.
That leaves us with less
than two meters' clearance on either side.
Mr. Paris, as soon as we've recovered the shuttlecraft,
lay in a course toward the rupture
and take us out.
Aye, sir.
Well, this is a problem.
One of them is a temporal reflection
but which one?
l'm getting identical readings from both ships.
Captain, the rupture is starting to collapse again.
lf Voyager doesn't get through it
within the next five minutes, they'll never get out.
That means we have
one chance to pick the correct ship.
Simple choice--
port or starboard?
-Starboard. -Port.
The port ship is more likely to be the real one.
lt's closer to the rupture.
That means... that means they're holding position
as close as they can to the rupture,
waiting for us to dock before they head out.
No. lt may be closer to the rupture,
but it's facing the wrong direction.
The starboard ship is facing away from us.
That means
they're trying to give us easy access to the shuttlebay.
There has to be some way to tell them apart
besides which direction they're facing.
The starboard ship's thrusters are at standby.
They're holding position
But the port ship is moving toward the rupture.
Then l was right. lt's the port ship.
They're heading out.
Don't you see?
Voyager did move toward the rupture
20 minutes ago when we first discovered it.
That's why the port ship is moving toward it now.
lt's a time-delayed reflection of what we did before.
The starboard ship's the real one.
They're waiting for us.
lf you're wrong...
we're going to have a long time to debate it.
We're ready to dock.
All right.
Cut the thrusters.
Let's see what happens.
Feels like a real ship to me.
Let's get back to the Bridge.
Commander Chakotay, report.
We're almost to the rupture.
Mr. Paris is about to impress us with his piloting skills.
The rupture's collapsing.
lt's down to 1 10 meters wide.
That's too narrow.
We're not going to make it.
ln command school, they taught us to always remember
that maneuvering a starship is a very delicate process,
but over the years, l've learned that sometimes
you just have to punch your way through.
Mr. Paris, full impulse power.
Shields are down.
l'm losing power to the port impulse engine.
Switching to auxiliary power.
Hull integrity failing.
Keep it together, Mr. Paris.
We've cleared the event horizon, Captain.
We've returned to normal space.
''Sometimes you just have to punch your way through.''
l'll have to remember that one.
Set a course.
l want to be at least 100 million kilometers
away from the singularity before we begin repairs.
There they are-- your staff.
l'll try not to break any of their noses.
First order of the day:
The Captain wants the warp drive back on line by 1300 hours.
1300? That's impossible.
Then maybe you need to go break a few noses,
or at least... bend a few.
All right.
Get that isolinear bank up and running
and lock down those plasma relays.
l'm going to be counting on you, Lieutenant.
l'm not up-to-date on the latest Starfleet protocols
and l know that you're probably more familiar
with the quirks of this warp engine
than l am right now.
l hope... that l can depend on you.
l assure you, you'll never get less than my best.
Welcome aboard.
Are you checking up on your new Chief Engineer?
Two crew members have already
filed complaints about her promotion,
and she may be in for a tough period of adjustment,
but l think B'Elanna's going to make
a fine addition to this crew.
Our crew.
Can l ask you a question...
off the record?
lf things had happened differently
and we were on the Maquis ship now instead of Voyager,
would you have served under me?
One of the nice things about being Captain
is that you can keep some things to yourself.
Sick Bay to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
ls someone ever going to come down here
and fix my holographic projectors?
We're a little busy right now, Doctor,
but l'll send a crew down as soon as l can.
l would appreciate a certain expediency in the matter.
Acknowledged. Janeway out.
l'm sorry, Lieutenant but whatever it is,
you're going to have to take care of it yourself.
Oh, it's all right. lt's just a scratch, really.
You know...
l like you better this way.

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