Captain's Log, Stardate 48532.4.
We're on our way to a rogue planetoid
which Mr. Neelix tells us
is an extremely rich source of raw dilithium.
lf he's right, this could go a long way
toward easing our power shortage.
Assuming we do find dilithium on this planetoid,
we're going to need a refining facility
on the ship to process it.
Lieutenant Torres has already asked permission
to start modifications
to the auxiliary impulse reactor.
lt could be converted into a crude dilithium refinery.
The impulse reactor?
Sometimes l think B'Elanna goes out of her way
to find solutions that ignore Starfleet procedures.
Her arguments are quite convincing.
She thinks it can be done safely.
l'm sure it can.
Tell her l want regular reports on her progress
every step of the way.
Are you sure you won't join me for breakfast?
l was thinking of having eggs Benedict with asparagus,
strawberries and cream...
l said l was thinking about it.
l'm actually having ration pack #5--
stewed tomatoes with dehydrated eggs.
Mmm, sounds delicious, but l've already had
my vacuum-packed oatmeal this morning.
l'll see you on the Bridge.
Here you are.
Hope you enjoy it.
What is going on here?
Captain, you caught me by surprise.
l could say the same thing.
What are you doing?
l know how you and the other, uh, senior officers
have been-- excuse me--
disappointed with the rations lately,
so l thought l'd use a few of the vegetables
from the hydroponics bay and whip up a...
ooh, a little breakfast.
You have turned this into a Galley?
lt wasn't easy.
l had to completely reroute the Mess Hall power conduits
and scrounge a lot of supplies from all over the ship,
but that's my specialty-- making something out of nothing.
l know it doesn't look like much now,
but in a few days, you'll swear
there'd been a Galley here for years.
Careful. That one is a little spicy.
Neelix... who approved this?
Uh, well... no one.
Well, you might have asked me first.
This used to be my private dining room.
Your, your dining room?
lf you had checked the ship's directory,
you'd have noticed that Cabin 125-Alpha, Deck 2,
is designated as the Captain's Private Dining Room.
Oh... oh, ah, then l guess that you'll be wanting me
to move all of this stuff out of your way?
Bridge to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
We're approaching the rogue planetoid, Captain.
On my way.
l want you to come with me.
We will deal with this later.
Ensign Parsons, would you mind
keeping an eye on things until l get back...
and, uh, rotate the darvot fritters every ten minutes
until they turn a deep chartreuse.
And remember-- one, one to a customer.
What have you found?
We're picking up definite dilithium signatures, Captain.
The strongest readings are originating from ten to 20
kilometers inside the planetoid.
lt also looks like there's a series of subterranean caves
with an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.
Class-M. lt'll make mining a lot easier
if we can go in there without environmental suits.
How much dilithium are we talking about?
lt's hard to get a precise reading.
lt could be anywhere from 500 to... 1,000 metric tons.
Just as l said.
l bet there are few Yallitian engineers
who'd give all three of their spinal columns
to know where this planet is.
Commander, take an away team down into those caves and do
a preliminary geological analysis.
Lieutenant, you'd better get
your dilithium refinery on line.
lt'll be ready to go in three days.
Ensign Kim.
Where are you going?
With you.
l've been studying my Tricorder Operations Manual.
Lieutenant Torres has brought me up-to-date
on dilithium geophysics.
l've been preparing for this mission all week.
Very well, Mr. Neelix.
l think you'll find me extremely helpful, Commander.
l remember the first time that l flew past this planet.
lt was about three years ago...
Deck 4.
Looks like there are several large deposits
in this general vicinity.
Let's split up and begin taking geological scans.
Keep your com channels open at all times
and don't wander too far.
Stay within a 50-meter radius of this position.
Chakotay to Kim.
Go ahead.
l'm still picking up dilithium signatures...
but there are no dilithium formations here.
Have you found anything yet?
l'm running a geo-stratal analysis
of the rock in this vicinity.
But so far, there's no indication of any dilithium.
Keep looking.
Neelix to Commander Chakotay.
Go ahead.
l think l found something--
a large cavern approximately 20 meters from my position.
l'm reading a huge dilithium formation there.
Don't go any further, Neelix.
Stay within the search radius.
l'll be with you in a minute.
But it's right here!
l'm in the cavern now, Commander, but...
l don't understand this.
Let me guess-- nothing there?
Not so much as a sliver of dilithium.
And yet, according to my readings,
l should be surrounded by it.
All right, l've had enough of this.
Kim, Neelix, we're heading back to the ship.
Rendezvous with the...
Wait a minute.
l'm getting unusual readings from this rock face.
Traces of organic energy.
Looks like a bioelectrical signature.
l think there's something alive down here.
lt's about... two meters into this rock face.
Neelix, l said get back here.
Neelix, did you hear what l said?
Just one minute, Commander.
ls there someone there?
l know there's somebody...
Neelix, what's wrong?
l'm on my way, sir.
l can't be sure, but l think he's going into shock.
Chakotay to Voyager-- medical emergency.
Beam us directly to Sick Bay.
Get the blood-gas infuser.
The what?
Equipment Storage Unit 2, second shelf on the left, now.
Hold him still.
What's happening, Doctor?
He's going into a coma.
The infuser will keep his oxygen level stable
for the next hour or so, but after that, he'll die.
His lungs have been removed.
By the time we got to him, he was unconscious.
How could anyone remove his organs so quickly?
The doctor says whoever did this
used some kind of transporter
to beam the lungs directly out of his body.
What happened?
lt appears that Neelix was attacked.
We don't know how it happened,
but someone has surgically removed his lungs.
Did you find any evidence
of the life sign that Neelix reported?
Captain, l've analyzed the sensor logs
from Neelix's tricorder.
The bio-scanner picked up
a single class-3 humanoid organism.
The blood-gas infuser
will keep him alive for another 47 minutes.
The only chance for his survival l see at the moment
is to get his own lungs back.
Can't we fit him with a pair of artificial lungs?
His respiratory system is directly linked
to multiple points along his spinal column.
lt's too complex to replicate.
l may be able to surgically reattach the organs
if we get them back.
ln the meantime, l'll have to search for other options.
Commander, l'm taking an away team back to the planet.
You're in charge until we return.
lnform Mr. Tuvok
l want three armed security detachments to accompany us.
lssue type-3 phasers.
Mr. Paris,
did they teach you how to run a respiratory series
in your biochemistry classes at the Academy?
No, l'm afraid they didn't.
Fine. l'll run it myself.
Get me a pulmonary scanner.
l'm going to have to ask you to leave.
l'm not leaving.
All right, just keep out of the way.
Here it is.
This is where Neelix was standing
when he was attacked.
According to his tricorder log,
he was scanning this rock face when he detected the life sign.
Neelix said there was a life sign
two meters behind this wall,
but my tricorder says there's nothing but solid rock
for another 15 meters.
lt sounds like our tricorders
aren't giving us the real picture
behind what's going on here.
Wait a minute.
The rock is warmer here.
You're right, Captain.
There's a two-degree differential
in this section of the wall.
There are no natural geological phenomena
that could be creating this heat source.
Let's make a little heat of our own.
There was a highly sophisticated force field in place.
There's a chamber down this corridor.
Doc, l think his cellular toxicity level is rising.
lt's up to 32 percent.
Let's see if we can stabilize those levels.
Get me a cytoplasmic stimulator.
Ah, we don't have one.
Then replicate one.
The design schematics are in the ship's medical data base.
The man drives a 700,000-ton starship
so somebody thinks he'd make a good medic.
l can survive with one lung, can't l?
What if l donated a lung to Neelix?
A transplant is not an option.
No one aboard is a compatible match for a Talaxian.
We're going to need a completely new way
to oxygenate his blood supply
and relay neuro-electrical impulses.
Our replicators can't produce
compatible artificial organs for him,
but maybe there's a way to mimic their functions
and give us direct control of his respiratory system.
Computer, is there an identification matrix
on Mr. Neelix from the last time he used the transporter?
Transfer it to console 4.
What are you doing?
l'm using the transporter matrix
to get exact specifications for Neelix's lungs.
l thought you just said we can't replicate his lungs.
We can't, but if l can reconfigure my emitter array,
l might be able to create a pair of holographic lungs
for Mr. Neelix.
Holographic lungs?
lf it's successful,
we can precisely control his pulmonary functions
to allow normal breathing.
But a hologram is just a projection of light
held in a magnetic containment field.
There's no real matter involved.
you hit me.
The magnetic containment field
that creates the illusion of my body
can be modulated to allow matter to pass through it
or... be stopped.
l might be able to modulate the holographic lungs
in the same way,
allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide
to pass from the lungs to the bloodstream.
l want to know what this means.
What are you going to do to him?
There's no time to explain
the exact procedure to you right now.
Oh, well, make the time,
because l'm not going to let you
perform any experimental surgery on Neelix
until l know exactly what you're doing
and what the risks are.
The risk is that it won't work.
And if it doesn't, he'll die.
But it is his only immediate chance for survival.
lf he does survive,
he'll have to be held motionless in an isotropic restraint.
The lungs need to be perfectly aligned
to his internal physiology.
The computer won't be able to compensate
for any body movement whatsoever.
How long will he have to stay like that?
For the rest of his life,
unless the holo-lungs can be replaced by his original organs,
and he will never be able to leave
the holographic environment of this room.
The holo-lungs would disappear
the moment he went out the door.
Kes, l know it sounds pretty grim,
but it's better than losing him completely.
This way, he'll still be alive.
And maybe we can find a better solution
somewhere down the road.
What do you think Neelix would want?
l'm not sure.
But l do know that l want him to live.
This room is the source of the dilithium signature
we detected earlier.
The power systems here
are running on an unusual dilithium matrix.
So there are actually no dilithium deposits
on this planet?
lt would appear not.
Are these organs?
This looks like some kind of storage facility.
l would say you are correct, Captain.
This appears to be a biological repository.
Any sign of Neelix's lungs?
There is, however, a Kazon liver,
and although l cannot identify
the other organs on display here,
l would say they bear a striking similarity
to pulmonary organs, epidermal tissue,
ocular nerve fiber...
Save the cataloging for later, Tuvok.
According to my tricorder,
there was a life form in this room less than ten minutes ago.
Open it.
One life sign 20 meters ahead.
Let's go.
They've erected a force field
with a rotating phase modulation.
We will not be able to disrupt it.
Voyager to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
We've just picked up
an alien ship leaving the planet.
Tractor them, Commander.
Sorry, Captain.
They went into warp too quickly.
Beam us back.
As soon as we're aboard, lay in a course for pursuit,
maximum warp.
Aye, Captain.
the isotropic restraint is activated.
He won't be able to move
more than two microns in any direction.
One micron would be preferable,
but l suppose it'll have to do.
lnitiating the holographic emitter array.
His cellular toxicity is rising.
82 percent.
86 percent.
Computer, activate program Neelix-1.
Deactivate the infuser.
lt's off-line.
Here we go.
90 percent.
95 percent.
Toxicity returning to normal.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
We are pursuing the alien ship from the moon.
They are not responding to hails,
and it appears that our two ships
are evenly matched for speed.
Holographic lungs?
And they're working perfectly, if l do say so myself.
Try to breathe normally.
How long can l live like this?
l don't know.
This is an unprecedented medical procedure.
We will be closely monitoring your condition.
When do l get out of this restraint?
Unless Captain Janeway
is successful in retrieving your original lungs,
you'll have to stay
in the isotropic restraint indefinitely.
You mean l...
l could be in here the rest of my life?
But we're trying to find the aliens
that did this to you.
The Captain is doing everything she can.
if l'm going to be in here a while,
now's as good a time as any to tell you.
Your ceiling is hideous.
l didn't design the room.
l just work here.
Something with a bit of color would help.
Maybe a nice tapestry or a painting.
Uh, could you dim the lights a little?
l'm a doctor, Mr. Neelix, not a decorator.
Perhaps you would be willing
to accommodate his...
aesthetic needs.
And some music would be nice.
Or better yet, are you programmed to sing?
Janeway to Paris.
Please report to the Bridge.
l'm on my way, Captain.
You know where l am if you need me.
Thanks for everything.
Oh, fine.
l have a little accident,
l lose a pair of lungs, and the next thing l know
Paris is swooping in like a Rectilian vulture.
What are you talking about?
Didn't you hear the way that he said that?
''l'll be on the Bridge if you need me.''
''lf you need me.''
Why doesn't he just
pull the plug on the holographic emitter,
and get it over with, get me out of the way,
so he can have you all to himself?
Neelix, you're overreacting.
Tom's been very supportive.
Ah, so it's ''Tom'' now, is it?
You really have nothing to worry about.
We're friends, that's all.
lt's not you l'm worried about.
lt's him.
He's just...
one big hormone walking around the ship.
Don't you see the way that he looks at you?
This is ridiculous.
l am not going to argue with you
about something that exists only in your imagination.
l know you, Neelix.
And l know you're afraid.
l just want you to know that no matter what happens,
l'll be here with you.
Ke... Kes...
l could be in here a very long time.
You need to go on with your life.
Don't worry about me.
You should just let me die.
Stop that.
We're going to get through this together.
Visiting hours are over.
He needs rest.
When can l come back?
1700 hours, not a minute before.
l'll see you then.
Don't worry. l'm not going to kiss you.
l'm only adjusting the restraint.
l'll try to contain my disappointment.
Captain, we've completed our diagnostic
on the alien device.
lt appears to be more than a weapon.
lt's also a very sophisticated medical scanner
and surgical instrument.
From what we can tell,
lt uses a neural resonator to stun the victim
while a quantum imaging scanner
begins a microcellular analysis of the entire body.
The amount of information this thing can gather
puts a tricorder to shame.
You fire this at someone,
you learn everything about their anatomy,
right down to their DNA sequencing.
So it sounds like we're dealing with aliens
who've developed a technology specifically designed
to locate and extract organs from other beings. Why?
The alien ship has dropped out of warp.
lt's approaching a large asteroid.
On screen.
lt's entered the asteroid, Captain.
Hold position here.
Mr. Kim?
l can't scan the interior.
The surface stratum is made up of some sort
of neutronium alloy.
lt doesn't look like a natural formation.
Are you saying someone built this asteroid?
lt's possible.
Any sign of weapons or defense systems?
l think l've located where the alien ship entered.
There's an open crater on the limb of the asteroid.
Let's see it.
The ion trail from the alien ship
leads directly inside.
How large is that crater?
200 meters in diameter.
may l suggest you consider carefully
what you are about to do.
How do you know what l'm about to do?
l could describe to you in detail
the psychological observations
l've made about you over the past four years,
which lead me to conclude you're about to take
this ship inside the asteroid, but suffice it to say
l know you quite well.
One of these days, l'm going to surprise you, Tuvok,
but not today.
l've already considered other options.
lf Neelix has any chance of surviving,
we have to act fast.
Red Alert.
Mr. Paris, lay in a course.
Aye, Captain.
Mr. Tuvok, maximum shields.
Phasers at the ready.
Captain, l'm reducing power to the aft thrusters only.
This passageway is getting a little
too narrow for my taste.
Use your discretion, Mr. Paris.
Any sign of the vessel, Lieutenant?
We're still following the ion trail,
but electromagnetic interference is limiting our sensor range.
l'm only able to scan 500 meters ahead of us.
Are there any indications
we're being scanned or probed, Mr. Kim?
Not yet.
Doctor, l require your assistance.
What is it, Mr. Neelix?
Please, it's urgent.
l have an itch.
An itch?
Just above my left eyebrow.
A little higher.
Oh, thank you.
You're quite welcome.
Doctor, wait, don't leave.
l'm not leaving, Mr. Neelix.
l'm simply going back to work.
l can't see you over there.
l... l feel like l'm all alone.
You are all alone.
l'm a holographic projection--
a projection with a lot of work to do, l might add.
That's very amusing, Doctor.
But... um...
l'm really starting to feel a little, uh... trapped in here.
A little claustrophobic maybe.
l'm not sure what to do.
There's nothing you can do except lie there and be quiet.
l'm going to lie here
for the rest of my life, aren't l?
Just staring up at the ceiling.
l'm not sure l can take that.
l really need to get out of this restraint.
Doctor, l want you to let me out of this thing
right now.
You know that's impossible.
l'm the patient.
l know what my rights are.
l want to be released from this restraint immediately.
Mr. Neelix, you are alive, you are breathing
and for the moment, your condition is stable.
That is more than most people can say in your situation.
Now, it is critical to your recovery
that you not subject yourself to any additional stress.
Try to calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down!
You're not the one trapped in a restraining field with...
l don't think they're working.
l can't... l can't get enough oxygen.
There's something wrong.
You're hyperventilating.
Try to take slow, natural breaths.
l can't.
l'm dying.
Let me out of here.
Will you help me?
Help me.
Help me!
You're doing just fine, Mr. Paris. Just fine.
Thanks, Captain.
Sensors detect a large chamber ahead.
What the hell?
We appear to be seeing Voyager and the alien ship
reflecting off the walls of the chamber.
Can you determine which ship is the real one?
No, Captain.
The walls are emanating severe electromagnetic interference.
l cannot scan them directly.
lt's like trying to move through a hall of mirrors.
You never know when you're going to walk into the glass.
l'm still picking up the alien's ion trail.
Maybe we should follow that.
They might have left a fake ion trail to lure us in here.
lt could lead us right into one of those walls.
That's a chance we're going to have to take.
Tuvok, extend the deflectors to maximum range.
lf we do run into something,
it'll give us an extra margin of error.
Follow the ion trail, Mr. Paris, slowly.
Mr. Kim, continuous scans.
Aye, Captain.
l'll do what l can to reassure him, Doctor.
Good. lf you don't mind,
l'd like you to remain in Sick Bay,
so you're here when he wakes up.
Of course.
Are you all right?
You seem agitated about something.
Of course l'm agitated.
This entire situation is getting out of control.
You mean Neelix.
First they tell me there's no doctor,
so l have to be on call 24 hours a day.
And then they tell me there are no nurses,
so l have no one to assist me.
l thought Tom Paris was assigned to you.
Like l said, no one to assist me,
and now l have a patient with severe and possibly long-term
emotional problems and there's no Counselor on board.
l am an emergency medical supplement--
a supplement, that's all.
l wasn't programmed for any of this.
lt's just...
l don't know anything about holographic engineering,
but if you want my opinion, you haven't been acceptable.
You've been remarkable.
l've only done what the program allows me to.
Give yourself some credit.
You saved his life.
You did-- not some program.
lt may seem that way to you.
That's exactly how it seems.
You're very...
How does a real doctor learn
to deal with patients' emotional problems, anyway?
They learn from experience.
Aren't you capable of learning?
l have the capacity to accumulate
and process data, yes.
Then l guess you'll just have to learn...
like the rest of us.
Have you ever considered a career in medicine?
Neelix is starting to regain consciousness.
Lieutenant, l'm picking up
a minor power fluctuation in the warp core.
Compensate with the KLS stabilizer.
No effect.
ln fact, the power loss is starting to accelerate.
Janeway to Torres. What's going on down there?
Some kind of power drain.
l can't localize it, but...
we're losing power
at a rate of seven percent per minute.
The power drain is coming
from somewhere in this chamber, Captain.
Some kind of dampening field.
lt's bleeding energy directly from the warp nacelles.
B'Elanna, shut down the warp core.
Go to emergency power.
No effect, Captain.
Keep me informed.
Bridge out.
Can you pinpoint the source of the dampening field?
lt appears to be coming from 217 mark 015.
Distance 547 meters.
What would happen
if we locked phasers and fired at the source?
The walls of this chamber reflect directed energy.
The phaser beam would ricochet along an unpredictable path,
possibly impacting our ship in the process.
All right. We won't try that.
Well, maybe we should.
Tuvok, what would happen
if we reduced the phaser power level to a minimum setting
and sent out a continuous beam?
The phaser would continue to reflect off the bulkheads
until it encountered a nonreflective material.
Until it encountered a nonreflective material--
like the real alien ship.
So we could use the phasers like a searchlight...
scan the interior of the station until we find the ship.
Do it.
Adjusting phaser azimuth to 15 degrees.
Wait a minute.
l think l've found the real ship.
On screen.
Mr. Paris, bring us within transporter range of that ship.
Aye, Captain.
l'm picking up two life signs.
They're powering engines.
Bridge to Transporter Room 3.
Lock on to those two life signs and beam them aboard.
Security, meet me in Transporter Room 3.
Aye, sir.
You're on the Starship Voyager.
l'm Captain Kathryn Janeway
of the United Federation of Planets.
l am Dereth...
of the Vidiian Sodality.
You attacked one of our crew members
and you lured us into this asteroid. Why?
We are gathering
replacement organs and suitable biomatter.
lt is the only way we have to fight the phage.
A virus?
Some kind of disease?
lt attacked our people over two millennia ago.
lt consumes our bodies
destroys our genetic codes and cellular structures.
So you harvest the bodies of other beings
to replace your own tissues
as they're consumed by this... phage?
Our immunotechnology cannot keep up.
The phage adapts.
lt resists all attempts
to destroy it.
Our society has been ravaged.
Thousands die each day.
There is no other way for us to survive.
l have a great...
sympathy for what your race has endured.
But l cannot allow you to keep the organs you removed
from one of our crew members.
We need them back immediately.
l'm afraid that isn't possible.
l have already biochemically altered
the air-breathing organs
and grafted them into Motura's body.
They are a part of him now.
He is my honatta.
His task is to find the organs l need for survival.
we try to extract them from the dead...
But sometimes, when the need is immediate
more aggressive actions are required.
So now l am left with the same choice you made--
whether to commit murder to save a life,
or to allow my own crewman to die
while you breathe air through his lungs.
lt must be impossible for you to understand
how any civilized people could come to... this.
Before the phage began,
we were known as educators and explorers--
a people whose greatest achievements were artistic.
l, myself, am a sculptor of note on my world.
All l can say is that when your entire existence is at stake...
You don't have to explain yourself, Motura.
lf the consequence of this act is a death sentence,
so be it.
At least it will put an end to my suffering.
l can't begin to understand what your people have gone through.
They may have found a way to ignore the moral implications
of what you're doing, but l have no such luxury.
l don't have the freedom to kill you to save another.
My culture finds that to be a reprehensible
and entirely unacceptable act.
lf we were closer to home,
l would lock you up and turn you over to my authorities for trial
but l don't even have that ability here,
and l am not prepared to carry you forever in our brig.
So l see no other alternative...
but to let you go.
Take a message to your people.
lf l ever encounter your kind again,
l will do whatever is necessary to protect my people
from this... harvesting of yours.
Any aggressive actions against this ship
or its crew will be met by the deadliest force.
ls that clear?
Uh... quite.
l want to see this crewman of yours.
That can serve no useful purpose.
Maybe it can.
Our medical technologies may be superior to theirs.
l can tell you, from what we've observed of them,
that they are considerably superior.
She spared my life--
our lives.
We owe it to them to see
if there's anything we can do to help him.
l'll take you to him.
His simulated organs are primitive.
lt's amazing he is still alive.
This is set to scan only.
According to my readings, you are not here.
Believe me, l wish l weren't.
The rest of you are healthy.
You are compatible for organ transplant.
Wait a minute. We've already considered this.
Talaxian physiology is different
from that of anyone else on this ship.
His immune system would reject their lungs immediately.
Your surgical knowledge is inferior.
We will simply adapt his immunogenicity.
lt won't be a problem.
Which of you will donate a lung?
Absolutely not. lt's too dangerous.
Let someone else do it.
No, l want to do it, Neelix.
l'm willing to take the risk.
Besides, you've done so much for me.
Let me give you something once.
Just for once.
All right.
l look forward
to sampling your cooking, Mr. Neelix.
You mean l can keep my kitchen?
Well, at least until we get the replicators back on line.
Thank you, Captain.
And, Captain...
l'll see you at breakfast.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
The aliens have successfully transplanted
one of Kes's lungs into Neelix.
The dampening field has been deactivated,
and l have allowed them to beam back to their vessel.
We are resuming a course home.
lt's all right.
The operation was a success.
Neelix is asleep and breathing on his own now...
with your lung.
l feel a little light-headed.
That will pass.
You'll soon adapt to diminished lung capacity.
l spoke to the Captain about you.
She's given me permission
to begin training you as a medical assistant.
You'll be a backup for Mr. Paris
or, possibly, a replacement.
That is, assuming you're interested.
Of course l'm interested.
When do we start?
We'll begin your lessons as soon as you've fully recovered.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
You've... given me a lot to think about.

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