The Devore ships are assuming a tactical formation.
Bridge to Transporter Room. Status?
All set here, Captain.
Pattern cohesion looks stable.
Cargo Bay 1, report.
The bay is clear.
They're powering weapons.
Why do they bother?
They know we won't resist.
Protocol, Mr. Paris.
They're hailing.
Gaharay vessel, prepare to be inspected.
Crew members are instructed
to step away from their stations.
We know the drill.
Side arms and scanning equipment are to be set aside.
Deviation from this
or any other inspection protocols will not be tolerated.
All hands, this is the Captain.
Prepare to be boarded by Devore inspection teams.
Give them your full cooperation.
Let's get this over with.
Their soldiers have materialized on Decks 15, 11, 4 and 1.
Captain Janeway, report to your ready room.
Good morning, Captain.
l took the liberty of playing this music
throughout your ship.
l thought it might help your crew relax.
Sometimes these inspections can be stressful.
How thoughtful.
l've replicated some coffee.
Black, as usual?
Prax here still refuses to try it,
but then, he's a man of few pleasures.
Captain, please make yourself at home.
Those cell cultures are extremely fragile.
You've been routing power through your transporter system.
lt's a routine diagnostic.
We've been having trouble with our imaging scanners.
The problem is in the primary energizing coils.
Focus your efforts there.
Thanks for the tip.
Contaminated antimatter.
This material could interfere with our readings.
A bionetic implant?
An interlink node.
lt permits communication with other Borg drones.
You are not a telepath.
How old is this?
About 600 years.
My grandfather gave it to me when l was a child.
lt seems you have a long-standing obsession
with exploration, Captain.
l, on the other hand, have much more in common
with this ancient soldier.
He's from Earth's classical period.
lt produced some of our greatest artists as well.
Your culture has many contradictions.
Violence and beauty, science and faith...
all somehow mingled harmoniously.
Like the counterpoint of this music.
Mahler, Symphony #1.
Am l correct?
You're getting to know
my musical database better than l do.
l've had time to review it since our last encounter.
Tell me, are all of your inspections this personal?
l'm just trying to get to know you, Captain.
There's no reason for us to be adversaries.
l could be your friend
and, right now, you could certainly use one.
Really? Why is that?
Your predicament.
l don't expect it's been easy.
Thousands of light-years from home,
navigating by strange stars,
trespassing in other people's space,
ignoring their laws.
We're just trying to get back to Earth, lnspector.
Through the Devore lmperium?
lt's tough to avoid.
Still, most people make the effort.
We don't exactly embrace outsiders.
''Gaharay. ''
lt means ''strangers.''
Which brings me to a matter
that could threaten our friendship.
l've examined your crew manifest from our last inspection.
Commander Tuvok, Ensign Vorik-- Vulcans.
Ensigns Suder and Jurot-- Betazoids.
All telepaths...
and yet for some reason, you neglected to mention them.
For a very simple reason.
They're dead.
Tuvok, Vorik and Jurot died in a shuttle crash
about two months ago.
Suder was killed in a conflict with a species called the Kazon.
That's fortunate...
for you, l mean.
lf l'd found you were harboring telepaths,
l would have had to arrest you
for breaking our Cardinal Protocol.
They were valued members of my crew, lnspector,
not criminals.
do you trust me?
Not for a second.
And why should you?
Trust has to be earned.
lt's gradual,
and yet it's the foundation of every relationship,
professional and personal.
lt's also a concept alien to the telepathic races.
Why take someone at their word
when you can simply read their mind?
We've completed our inspection.
There are no telepaths aboard.
However, their sensor logs indicate they deviated
from their assigned course on two occasions.
ln both cases, to avoid ion storms.
lmperative 32, Codicil 626:
''All gaharay vessels.
''that deviate from prescribed flight vectors
will be impounded, their crews detained and relocated.''
Prax, it's clear
the Captain didn't intend to break protocol.
l expect we can overlook these infractions.
Yes, sir.
Captain, l'm a reasonable man
and you've been cooperative, but consider this a reminder.
You have a long trip through Devore space
and good friends can be an asset.
l'll keep it in mind.
The Devore vessels are out of range.
Bridge to Transporter Team. You're clear.
Cargo Bay 1 to Ensign Kim.
Pattern enhancers are in place.
lnitiating rematerialization sequence.
Harry, l'm routing maximum power to the transporters.
Got it.
Align the confinement beam to ten angstroms.
Ensign Kim, the confinement beam is unstable.
We're trying to correct it now.
What's the problem?
We're unable to consolidate their patterns.
They've been in suspension too long.
Harry, increase power to the imaging scanners.
Aye, Captain.
lt's working.
Nice work, Harry.
All our guests are present and accounted for.
They're gone... for now.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
After weeks of playing hide-and-seek
with the Devore inspectors, our goal is near--
a transport vessel that will take our passengers
to a wormhole leading out of hostile territory.
Back to your old self again?
Each time we do this, l feel as though l've left
a few molecules behind in your cargo bay.
Well, l'll have someone scan the room
if it'll make you feel better.
Kir, we just received an encoded message
from the transport vessel.
They've changed the rendezvous point again.
l'm afraid so.
Did they send the new coordinates?
We're still waiting for them.
Captain, we may have another problem.
l just treated Tuvok and two of the refugees
for acute cellular degradation.
l've repaired most of the damage,
but unfortunately, the effect is cumulative.
lf we continue to go into transporter suspension,
some of us may not survive.
Bridge to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
We're receiving another transmission.
The new coordinates are here
within a Mutara-class nebula,
2.36 light-years from our current position.
lt's definitely out of the way--
less chance of being discovered--
but it'll take two more days to get there.
Two days-- that increases the chances
that we'll run into another inspection.
Given the frequency of patrols in that area,
it's likely we'll be stopped at least once.
Just what the Doctor didn't order.
Tuvok, Seven, l want you to lay in a course
that'll attract as little attention as possible.
We'll avoid their colonies, space stations,
tourist attractions-- if they have any.
The Ogre of Fire's castle hovered over the forest
like a great, black spaceship, turning day into night.
Now, Flotter and Trevis knew they had to find a way
to keep the Ogre from burning the forest down,
but his castle-- it was higher than the tallest tree.
lt seemed hopeless until they discovered...
A door.
A door, right.
A mysterious door, right in the middle of a...
The clearing.
You know, it's...
it's not nice to read people's thoughts
when they're telling a story.
l'm sorry.
lt's all right.
Why don't you all go play by yourselves for a while?
We'll finish the story later.
How are they doing?
Oh, fine, more or less.
They don't understand what all the fuss is about,
but they're telepaths, Captain.
lf the parents are concerned or fearful,
the children feel it, too.
You did the right thing.
lf we hadn't taken them off that freighter,
they'd be in a detention center by now.
Well, we're going to make sure that doesn't happen.
ls the kitchen still open
or are you just serving stories?
For you, it's always open.
Commander, l'm detecting a vessel,
300,000 kilometers and closing.
The signature is Devore.
Red Alert. Shields up.
Bridge to Captain.
More company, Commander?
Looks like it.
Get our visitors to the cargo bay.
Stand by for transporter suspension.
Aye, Captain.
Right away.
Come on, now.
We're going to go see your parents.
Let's go.
lt's a scout ship. One pilot; no other crew.
The vessel hasn't raised shields or charged weapons.
lf this is another inspection,
it's certainly a different approach.
We're being hailed.
Open a channel.
lt's urgent that we speak.
You know the way to my ready room.
lt's all right, Ensign.
l submitted to your previous inspections
because you outgunned me,
but l don't see any of your warships nearby.
l have no intention of cooperating.
l'm not here to search Voyager.
Then what do you want, inspector?
Call me Kashyk, please.
l never liked that title.
ln fact, l've left it behind.
Did somebody offer you
a promotion, or are you just having a bad day?
l'm defecting, and l need your help.
l've come to ask asylum-- safe passage out of Devore space
before l end up in a detention center myself.
Now, why would l risk the safety of my crew
by harboring a defector?
Because of what l'm about to tell you.
lf you continue on your present course,
you'll be intercepted by a squadron of my warships.
Voyager will be seized, your crew imprisoned or worse.
The nebula is a trap, Captain,
to catch vessels smuggling telepaths.
You've inspected my ship three times.
You know we aren't smuggling telepaths or anyone else.
What l know is that you have 12 refugees aboard right now,
that you rescued them from a freighter three weeks ago
and that you've been concealing them
in Cargo Bay 1, using your transporters.
l could have exposed them
at any time, but l wanted them to escape as much as you do.
l can still protect them,
but only if you take me with you.
My people know about the wormhole.
lt's only a matter of time before they find it.
You have no choice, Captain.
l'm your only hope.
This is our rendezvous point inside this nebula.
Unfortunately, the transport vessel
we're supposed to meet is no longer there.
A Devore warship.
One of a dozen
positioned throughout the nebula--
all invisible to our sensors
until Kashyk showed me how to compensate
for their refractive shielding.
Your soldiers intercepted the transport ship?
Over a week ago.
We were the ones who changed the rendezvous coordinates.
Two vessels carrying refugees have already been seized.
Voyager would have been next.
All right, lnspector,
you helped us avoid this ambush. What now?
We'll have to get your passengers
to the wormhole on our own.
These are the schedules and routes of our patrols,
along with tactical data on our shield
and weapons configurations-- enough to ensure
that you avoid another inspection.
How long before you're missed?
Well, l took two weeks' leave.
Enough time, l hope, to find the wormhole
and get your passengers safely through it,
and myself, as well.
Your data is useful,
but it doesn't guarantee our success.
No. For that, you'll need my guidance and some luck.
l'll have to take this up with the Brenari...
see what they think of their new benefactor.
l'll let you know what they decide.
l'll have to insist you remain under guard.
-No hard feelings. -No hard feelings.
lt's unusual... but not unheard of.
There have been sympathizers before.
Kashyk may be telling the truth.
Maybe you should just read his thoughts.
Devore soldiers undergo
years of mental training to prevent that.
He might be telling the truth,
but he also might be using us to find the wormhole.
So what do we do, throw him in the brig?
We take him up on his offer to help,
see how it plays out.
But l want 'round-the-clock security.
We need to watch his every movement.
That leaves us with our next question:
How do we find the wormhole?
l've given it some thought.
There's a scientist named Torat.
He's from a nearby system.
He's rumored to know more about the wormhole than anyone.
He might help us... for a price.
-A price? -His species power
their ships with a fluidic alloy that's difficult to find.
Perhaps we can replicate it.
l have some data on its composition.
See what you can do.
ln the meantime,
we'll set a course for Torat's planet,
try to track him down.
Let's just say...
l'm not used to other people deciding my fate.
Until today, you were part of a government
responsible for persecuting thousands of innocent people.
Why the sudden change of heart?
There's nothing sudden about it.
l've been looking for a way to escape for years.
Voyager was the perfect opportunity.
How so?
Well, what are you suggesting...
l ask a Brenari vessel for assistance?
They'd throw me out an airlock.
you're something of a humanitarian, Captain.
l've read your database.
l know all about Starfleet philosophy,
unless you left those ideals behind
in the Alpha Quadrant.
l certainly don't grant asylum to every person l meet,
especially ones who ransack my ship
and terrorize my crew.
You're asking me to believe you're someone else...
and... that's a leap of faith l'm not ready to make.
You're turning me away.
l'm going to give you safe passage to the wormhole...
in return for your help in getting us there,
but l'm also imposing some restrictions.
You'll have your own quarters,
but limited access to Voyager's systems,
and your whereabouts will be monitored at all times.
l'm used to being surrounded by armed guards.
Makes me feel secure.
Only this time, they answer to me.
Consider them a reminder that Voyager is my ship.
l don't think anyone could doubt that.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
lt's taken us nearly two days,
but we've managed to locate Torat,
the man who's supposedly an expert on wormholes.
Unfortunately, he seems reluctant
to share his expertise.
He's trying to evade us.
Hail him again.
Mr. Torat doesn't seem too trusting.
Maybe he's been through one inspection too many.
No response.
He's deactivated his communications system.
l think l can tap into his computer, override the lockout.
Do it.
Go away!
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway
of the Federation Starship Voyager.
We have no hostile intent.
Then why are you pursuing me?
We'd just like to ask...
Federations, lmperiums...
Why do you people feel such a need
to align yourselves with monolithic organizations, hmm?
l'd be glad to discuss that
and any other philosophical issue you care to raise,
if you would just slow down and talk.
Sorry. Can't do that.
l'm late for a very important conference!
This is a waste of time. Disable his ship.
That's what we call overkill, lnspector.
Ensign, can we transport at this range?
Absolutely. Energizing.
Welcome aboard.
Your reputation precedes you.
20 centiliters of mercurium isochromate-- no impurities--
and this is just a sample.
We've synthesized enough to power your ship for a year.
lt doesn't matter.
l never heard of this... wormhole you're looking for,
or these so-called refugees.
Well, they've heard of you.
Well, no doubt-- my research is famous.
Think of all the stars you could research
once you've infused your propulsion system with this.
There's no point in bribing me.
He's right. He couldn't help us if he wanted to.
What do you mean by that?
l doubt you'd know a wormhole from a dark matter inversion.
Professor... Kashyk is another expert
l've retained to help us with this matter.
l'm afraid he's not
as impressed with your work as l am.
ln fact, he discouraged me from seeking you out.
Professor Kashyk? Never heard of you.
Not surprising,
considering you toil in scientific obscurity.
l-l've discovered over 60 astronomical phenomena!
Not worth the sensors they were recorded on.
There's no need to insult the man.
Just because he doesn't know how to find an interspatial flexure.
lnterspatial flexure?
Why didn't you say so in the first place?
He said wormhole-- a layman's term
that... that covers any number of phenomena.
l am familiar with a certain anomaly
that could be categorized as an ''interspatial flexure.''
Where is it?
Actually, a better question would be:
Where is it now?
lt's really quite interesting.
The aperture of the phenomenon--
which l prefer to call
an intermittent cyclical vortex-- is unfixed.
lt manifests infrequently,
for only brief periods of time and in varying locations.
l can give you the last four locations.
Perhaps you can extrapolate the next one...
if you're as accomplished a scientist as you claim to be.
-Think. -l'm thinking.
Think harder. Four wormhole appearances
less than 20 light-years apart-- there's no pattern.
Did you apply a fractal coefficient?
Didn't work.
Neutrino flux parameters?
Statistical algorithms?
Every one l could find.
This wormhole defies analysis.
Maybe Torat was right--
we're just out of our league.
lt's not like you to give up.
Think harder.
How do you predict...
a random occurrence?
You follow your instincts.
lt's in all great music.
Parallel melodies playing against one another.
We've been looking at the obvious--
frequency, location, timing-- but each of those parameters
could have a counterpoint in subspace.
lf we could run an algorithm based on subspace harmonics,
it might reveal our pattern.
Computer, run a subspatial transkinetic analysis
on the wormhole data.
Analysis in progress.
This'll take a minute.
l'm going to miss this... coffee of yours.
Well, l will give you the recipe.
Thank you.
You don't sound too happy about leaving.
The Brenari aren't about to embrace a former lnspector.
l'll be feared, hated for what l represent.
Anxiety doesn't become you, lnspector.
Try to relax a little.
l suppose you liked me better in uniform.
l haven't decided whether l like you at all.
We call them the Kolyan Kolyar-- lnfinite Spirals.
As a boy, l spent years gazing at these lights.
This is the last time l'll ever see them.
We have something similar back on Earth--
the Aurora Borealis.
Which you, too, may never see again.
l suppose we're both refugees, in a way.
l'm still counting on getting this ship home.
Are you sure you'll be welcome when you do?
l came across something else in your database--
the ''Prime Directive.''
The Federation's ''Cardinal Protocol.''
lt seems
you violated it when you rescued these telepaths.
Well, let's just say l usually go with my instincts...
and sort it out later at the Board of lnquiry.
Those Admirals and l were on a first-name basis, you know.
You're risking a lot, too. Why?
Three months ago,
my teams were inspecting a plasma-refining vessel.
We found a family of telepaths
hiding in one of the extraction tanks.
There was a child... very young.
She'd been inside it for days, barely able to breathe.
When l lifted her out and set her down on the deck...
she thanked me.
l sent her to a relocation center with the others,
knowing full well what would happen to her.
After that, l could think of nothing else,
and when l couldn't stand it any longer...
You're my deliverance, Captain.
Analysis complete.
lt worked.
lt looks like it'll appear in about three days...
less than eight light-years from here.
The Tehara system.
ls that a problem?
There's an automated sensor array
between here and Tehara.
Can we go around it?
We'd never make it in time.
We'll have to find a way to avoid detection.
Let's do it in the morning.
We've done enough for tonight.
Are you saying good-bye?
There'll be other spirals.
They've just never looked quite so... beautiful before.
Could be the company l'm keeping.
Or the polarization axis of the windows.
That must be it.
How often does this array emit a scanning pulse?
Every 40 seconds.
Ten light-years.
The pulse is designed
to track warp fields and impulse signatures.
lf we lower our power output
to beneath its detection threshold...
We could drift past undetected.
lt's worth a try.
Well, good night.
why don't you...
join me?
l've been looking forward to trying your replicator.
Well, l'm sure that l can come up with something
to toast the evening.
We've accomplished quite a bit today.
l'm afraid that won't be possible.
l had your replicator taken off-line.
ln case l decided to replicate a weapon.
A safety precaution, you understand.
Better than anyone.
Sleep well.
And you.
As you were.
15 seconds.
Our power output is below the detection threshold.
Ten seconds.
Five... four...
We weren't detected.
Ten minutes and we'll be out of range.
Engineering to Bridge. We've got a problem.
That pulse triggered a variance in the antimatter stream.
lt's not much, but it'll light us up like a beacon
when the next pulse hits.
l can't correct it in time.
So that leaves shutting down the core.
Do it.
The array has released
-another pulse. -Time?
28 seconds.
Get down to the plasma injectors.
Grab a tricorder and monitor the antimatter flow.
Aye, sir.
20 seconds.
Almost there, Captain.
l'm having a problem with the injectors.
15 seconds.
Ten seconds.
Four... three... two...
We've been detected.
The array's transmitting an alert.
Can we block it?
Stand down grey mode.
B'Elanna, fire up the core.
We're getting out of here.
Warships will be on their way,
but we can still reach the wormhole.
lf we can find it.
Tom, how long to the Tehara system?
1 1 hours at maximum warp.
Engines are back on line.
Using the model we developed,
we were able to narrow down the location
of the wormhole's next appearance to a radius
of 200,000 kilometers.
We can't determine
its exact position until we reach the system,
but we know it will open in roughly six hours.
And will remain open for two minutes at most.
l've devised a new shield modulation,
which should protect us against their weapons.
You're not planning
to fight your way to the wormhole?
lf l have to.
Bridge to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
Long-range sensors have picked up two Devore warships
heading right for us.
Time to intercept?
Six hours.
Take the Bridge. l'll be in Engineering.
First, we'll check those shield modifications.
Then we'll see if we can adjust our phasers
to penetrate the Devore shields.
lf torpedoes don't work, l want an alternative.
Captain, we have to talk
but not here.
l'm going back to rejoin the warships.
lt's the only way that l can guarantee your safety.
l'm still a ranking officer.
l can take command of the inspection teams,
make sure the refugees aren't discovered.
You said yourself they're suspicious.
Return now and you risk being caught.
l can keep them off track
long enough to get you through that wormhole.
lt's too dangerous.
You asked for safe passage and l agreed,
under the condition that you follow my orders.
You may stand a chance against one of our warships,
but not against two.
lf l stay, your best chance of escape will be lost.
l could confine you to quarters.
l was planning on asking you to stay with us,
once we got through the wormhole.
l wouldn't mind having someone around
who appreciates a bit of Tchaikovsky now and then.
Generous, but...
something tells me l wouldn't fit in any better on Voyager.
you wouldn't be the first wayward soul
we've folded into our ranks.
Your shuttle will be ready for launch within the hour.
Our course will put us just outside the Teharan system
by the time the warships arrive.
Your inspection teams have to be off Voyager
before that wormhole opens.
Believe me, it'll be the quickest inspection on record.
l'll be on the Bridge.
Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.
My pleasure.
Live long and prosper.
Thank you.
Begin preignition sequence.
l've made one adjustment to your plan.
After the inspection, we're going to wait
at the wormhole for as long as we can...
until it begins to collapse.
l may not be able to join you this time.
They're assuming a tactical formation.
No. We follow protocol.
Bridge to Transporter Room.
Ready, Captain. Pattern cohesion stable.
Cargo Bay 1?
They're hailing.
On screen.
Gaharay vessel, prepare to be...
We've been through three inspections.
Please explain why another is necessary.
Crew members are instructed to step away from their stations.
Side arms and scanning equipment are to be set aside.
Deviation from this or any other
inspection protocols will not be tolerated.
All hands, this is the Captain.
Prepare to be boarded by Devore inspection teams.
Give them your usual warm welcome.
Devore soldiers have materialized
on Decks 15, 12, 8, 4...
And... 1.
Captain Janeway, report to your ready room.
Good to see you again.
Of all the selections in your database,
this remains my favorite.
Mine, too.
l'm afraid Prax isn't impressed.
He's solely concerned with his work, aren't you, Prax?
As you say, sir.
Yes, he's curious why you entered this sector.
You're aware it's restricted.
We were planning to study
a supernova remnant not far from here.
You strayed a full light-year from your course
in order to observe an astronomical phenomenon?
We're explorers.
Yes, l remember.
l also remember warning you
about going where you don't belong.
Exploring can sometimes be hard to resist, lnspector.
Well, it's a romantic notion, Captain,
but one l can't allow you to indulge.
l'm afraid l'll have to ask you to leave our space immediately.
Prax, why don't you check
on our teams, while l reiterate
our protocols for Captain Janeway.
Do they suspect anything?
Not yet,
but our warships
have been monitoring Voyager's movements
for the past few days, and mine as well.
l don't think we have much time.
The Brenari?
They're in transporter suspension.
And the wormhole?
We found it.
lt's 20,000 kilometers off our port bow.
We've determined that a photon torpedo,
properly calibrated, will force open the threshold
long enough for Voyager to get through.
Congratulations, Captain.
For awhile, l wasn't sure if even you could find it.
Go to Cargo Bay 1.
You'll find the transporter patterns
for more than a dozen telepaths.
Rematerialize them.
Yes, sir.
You gave a masterful performance.
l'm the one who's impressed
with your selflessness, your humanity.
lt made all this so much easier.
Oh, but what about your selflessness?
That touching story about the little girl--
was that a fabrication, too?
Oh, that incident was real.
What l didn't tell you
was that after wrestling with my ethics,
l realized that l'd done the right thing
in order to protect my people from a very real threat.
l insist.
Access their forward sensor array.
You should find neutrino emissions
at roughly 20,000 kilometers off the port bow.
On screen.
Target two photon torpedoes.
When the first one detonates, the wormhole will open.
Use the second one to destabilize its subspace matrix.
That will destroy it.
Prax, report.
l've isolated the bio-patterns.
lt should have detonated.
Those aren't neutrino emissions.
They're antimatter residue signatures.
There's no wormhole here.
You created false readings.
That is the theme for this evening, isn't it?
Prax, do you have the telepaths?
l have cargo containers...
filled with vegetables.
Return to the Bridge.
Computer, change music selection.
Mahler's Symphony #1, second movement.
Maybe this will help you relax.
lnspector, we've completed our inventory of the vessel.
Two of their shuttlecraft are missing.
They couldn't have gone far.
Why didn't they appear on our long-range scans?
Of course!
Adjust their scanners to compensate
for refractive shielding.
Well, you gave us the specifications.
Seemed a shame to waste them.
We've located the two shuttlecraft.
Range 20 million kilometers.
Order our ships to pursue.
Maximum speed!
We're approaching the coordinates.
l'm firing the torpedo.
The shuttles have disappeared from sensors.
We've scanned for a wormhole.
lf there was one, it's gone.
l'll order Janeway and her crew removed.
We'll confiscate the vessel,
deliver them to the nearest detention center.
You're dismissed.
lmperative 12, Codicil Six requires...
To hell with protocol, Prax!
Do you think either of us will benefit
from having this failure on our records?
As far as you're concerned, this incident never occurred.
Make sure your teams share that understanding.
Well played, Captain.
lt seems l never did earn your trust.
l had to take a few precautions.
You understand.
Better than anyone.
l never lied to you.
My offer to take you with us was genuine,
and it would still stand
if you'd kept your part of the bargain.
For what it's worth...
you made a tempting offer.
The Bridge is yours.

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