Chapter 18: ''Bride of Chaotica.''
The evil Dr. Chaotica kidnaps Constance Goodheart
and plans to sacrifice her
to Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People.
Captain Proton travels millions of miles to Planet X,
where he will invade the Fortress of Doom.
Chaotica fires his fiendish death ray--
certain death for Proton,
as his rocket ship bursts into flames.
We didn't burst into flames in the last chapter.
Why are these recaps always so inaccurate?
Well, they brought people back to the theaters.
The lost art of hyperbole.
You ready?
Aye, Captain.
Let's get this show on the road.
begin Chapter 18.
We're receiving a transmission.
lt's Chaotica.
Captain Proton...
Not a chance.
Release Miss Goodheart
and we'll be on our way.
l'm afraid your ''secretary''
has already been promised to Queen Arachnia
as a supreme sacrifice.
You'll never get away with this.
Oh, ho-ho-ho!
But l shall!
You escaped from my death ray once,
but you won't survive this!
He's charging the weapon.
Brace for impact.
Direct hit!
We lost both engines!
Steering jets are on the fritz!
We're going down!
The landing gear is jammed!
Hang on!
Opening hatch.
Welcome to Planet X.
What's the plan?
This is the part
where we defeat Chaotica's soldiers,
steal their uniforms,
and make our way through the underground caverns.
Hey, l thought you said
there were slave girls in this chapter.
After we infiltrate the Fortress of Doom,
we'll free Chaotica's harem.
Let's go.
l'm right behind you.
Planet X looks kind of familiar.
What was the last place we went to?
The Mines of Mercury.
They're identical.
Sets were expensive.
At least there's no erupting volcano this time.
Ah, behold the Fortress of Doom.
And how are we supposed to get up there?
l told you-- the...
-underground caverns. -Underground caverns.
l thought you said there was no volcano.
l did.
Definitely not Chaotica.
Computer, end program.
Unable to comply. Holodeck controls are off-line.
Paris to Bridge.
Bridge, respond.
We need to find the manual overrides.
There's an access port on the rocket ship.
Come on.
We dropped out of warp.
We're at a dead stop.
Engines are operational.
l'm reading gravimetric forces around the ship.
They're disrupting our power flow.
Control systems are going off-line.
l no longer have access
to communications, deflector, weapons...
Scan for vessels, tractor beams...
anything that might explain what's holding us here.
Halt in the name of Chaotica!
Buddy of yours?
You thought l perished in the Den of Crocodiles.
We don't have time for this.
l survived...
clinging to the thought that l would
one day...
Oh! Oh.
l believe l have an explanation.
Sensors show that we've entered a layer of subspace.
lt's disrupting our warp field.
Do we have impulse?
Engage at full.
No change in our position.
Route all available power to the engines.
We're not moving.
The impulse reactor is running hot.
We're heading for an overload.
Give it all she's got.
Full thrusters.
No effect.
Reactor's at critical.
lncrease power to the structural integrity field.
We may be here awhile.
lt's no use.
l can't disengage the program.
Well, you better think of something fast, Proton.
A second distortion just appeared.
Whatever they are, they're getting bigger.
Hold on.
l've got access to the transporter.
l'm going to try a site-to-site.
There's a third one.
l've run a transpectral analysis.
The barrier between normal space and subspace is unstable
throughout this region.
Basically, we've run aground on a subspace sandbar.
l've tried realigning the warp field,
reversing hull polarity...
Maybe we should just get out and push.
The gravimetric forces
are disrupting our control systems.
As long as we're trapped here,
we won't have access to the computer core,
tactical, holodecks, and all but six replicators.
What about those distortions on the holodeck?
What's the connection?
They appear to be random energy fluctuations.
l don't believe they pose a threat.
Let's keep an eye on them, anyway.
And evacuate that deck just to be safe.
A few years back,
when l was a science officer on the Al-Batani,
we tried to navigate a dense protonebula.
lt stopped us dead in our tracks.
For three days, we attempted to force our way out
until we realized we were trying too hard.
Every time we engaged the engines,
we were increasing the resistance
of the nebula's particle field.
We may be facing a similar situation.
Our own warp field
may be increasing the gravimetric forces.
lf we power down the core and use minimal thrusters,
we might be able to break free.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Your plan could work.
Now that we have your blessing...
Let's give it a try.
Halt, in the name of Chaotica!
We intend no harm.
Seize them!
Lower the drawbridge.
We are bringing prisoners.
Yes, yes, yes, Lonzak.
What do you want?
Your Majesty.
Where's Proton?
He, uh... escaped.
You will pay for your incompetence!
Seize him!
But, Majesty...
l have brought prisoners.
More Earthlings?
They claim they're from another dimension.
The fifth dimension.
Bring them to me.
ldentify yourself.
You insult me!
l am Chaotica, Ruler of the Cosmos!
Kneel before his Majesty!
l said kneel!
have invaded my planet.
To contact other photonic life-forms...
to learn from them.
Are you alone
or are you the vanguard of an invading army?
We are explorers.
l am growing weary of this charade.
Your armies will be no match for my space force.
We'll crush you like insects!
They are hostile.
This contact should be terminated.
Lonzak, execute them!
He'll learn there's no escape from Chaotica.
Gather my space force.
Power the death ray!
At once, Majesty.
Take Miss Goodheart to Arachnia.
lnvite the queen to join me in battle.
we will rain destruction on the fifth dimension!
Captain's Log, supplemental.
We've been spinning our wheels
for three days now, and still no progress
in breaking free of the subspace layer.
Look on the bright side--
there's only three meals a day.
Coffee. Black.
Uh, sorry, Captain.
We lost two more replicators this morning.
Listen to me very carefully,
because l'm only going to say this once.
Coffee. Black.
Yes, ma'am.
Coffee. Black.
While l've got your attention, there are...
Coffee first.
Now, what's the problem?
lt's a... it's a delicate matter.
l don't have time to play 20 questions, Neelix.
Replicators aren't the only systems of convenience off-line.
We've only got four functioning lavatories
for a ship of 150 people.
l see.
Needless to say, lines are beginning to form.
lf we don't get unstuck soon,
we may have a serious problem on our hands...
uh... especially with the Bolians.
All but three sonic showers are off-line, too.
ln another couple of days...
l get the idea.
Captain to the Bridge.
On my way.
l'm going to leave these problems in your capable hands.
Yes, ma'am. Now, l was thinking,
if we drew up a schedule...
Whatever it takes.
The warp core has been powered down.
Thrusters at standby.
Okay. Let's give it a try.
Take us out, Tom, nice and slow.
We're moving.
Two meters per second.
Three meters.
Nine meters.
lncrease power to the thrusters by 50 percent.
We're approaching the subspace boundary.
25 meters per second.
Wait a minute.
We're slowing down.
19 meters per second... 18...
Captain, l'm reading power surges.
Unknown, but they look like weapons signatures.
l'm not reading any other ships in the area.
We've stopped.
l've localized the weapons fire.
lt's emanating from within the ship--
Deck 6, Holodeck 2.
Who's still on that deck?
No one. No life signs.
There's a program running.
lt's Captain Proton.
Can you shut it down?
Control system still malfunctioning.
Tuvok, get down there and find out what's happening.
Well, join him.
Yes, ma'am.
lt appears that a battle took place.
Believe me, it wasn't like this when l left.
l must have missed a few chapters.
Holodeck programs don't normally run by themselves.
No kidding.
She's dead.
Who is she?
Constance Goodheart.
My secretary.
This doesn't make sense.
She isn't supposed to die.
She's one of the good guys.
l'm sure you two were very close,
but she is a holodeck character.
A character from 1930s Hollywood.
The good guys never get killed.
Something's wrong here.
lnvaders from the fifth... dimension.
Satan's robot.
Queen Arachnia... is on her way.
lnvaders from the... fifth dimension.
Give me a hand.
lf we can repair his vocalizer,
he might be able to tell us what's been going on.
Destroy Proton.
lt looks like... he burned out a resistor.
A what?
That's a few centuries before deutronic circuitry.
l see. How do you propose we repair him?
Well, first of all, we've got to remove
this damaged tube.
No problem.
Just a few crossed wires.
Your knowledge of this technology is most impressive.
Oh... thanks.
There. Got it.
lntruders... lntruders... lntrude...
lntruder alert! lntruder alert!
Tell us what happened.
lnvaders from the fifth dimension!
lnvaders from the fifth dimension!
Hey, calm down!
How did these invaders get here?
A portal.
The fifth dimension...
There's not supposed to be alien invaders in this story.
That's in ''Captain Proton Versus the Cosmic Creature.''
lnvaders from the fifth dimension!
Those subspace distortions.
Take us to this... portal.
Photonic charges--
the same signatures as the weapons fire we detected.
The fifth dimension!
We must report this to the Captain.
Wait. l want to check my rocket ship first.
Excuse me?
lt's got sensors. Sort of.
Maybe they can tell us something Voyager's sensors can't.
l've established a visual link with the holodeck.
The attack appears to be originating from subspace.
Can you tell where it's coming from?
What was that?
Chaotica's death ray.
Excuse me?
Let's see if we can get a look inside his fortress,
find out what he's up to.
Full power to the death ray!
Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People...
you have not responded to my summons. Don't...
l don't get it.
Chaotica was supposed to be fighting Earth in this chapter.
Apparently, he's found a new enemy.
The fifth dimension.
lt seems your infantile scenario
now poses a security risk.
lt was just supposed to be a little harmless entertainment.
Entertainment-- another frivolous human endeavor.
These are your sensor readings?
lt's a message to Captain Proton
from the President of Earth.
''lntercepted communications
''between Dr. Chaotica and Arachnia. Stop.
''Chaotica at war with aliens from fifth dimension. Stop.
Must strike now to disable death ray.''
Please summarize the message.
Well, it looks like... Chaotica has captured
a couple of aliens from the fifth dimension.
An alternate universe.
Could be. Maybe they wandered into the holodeck
through one of those distortions.
To participate in a game?
l assume there's no locking mechanism on the hatch.
lt was a simpler time.
ls he part of the program?
l don't recognize him.
lnvaders! lnv...
Look, there's been a misunderstanding.
l'm Ensign Paris from the Starship Voyager.
This is Lieutenant Tuvok.
You have killed 53 of my people.
We haven't killed anyone...
Everything you see here is a simulation.
None of it's real.
A photonically-based projection.
All life is photonic.
We are not.
We are biochemical life-forms.
l'm not familiar with biochemical.
We are carbon-based.
We live aboard a starship.
l believe we have become trapped in a region of space
that intersects your own.
We've detected no starship...
only this planet.
This planet isn't real.
As l told you, it's part of a simulation.
Maybe we can help you adjust your sensors.
You don't register as a life-form.
You are the illusion.
We're as real as you are. Listen...
Citizen of the fifth dimension,
you will be destroyed.
Wait! Wait!
Damage. Damage. Require maintenance. Help.
Let me get this straight.
Transdimensional aliens
have mistaken your Captain Proton simulation
for reality.
Yes, ma'am.
And now an armed conflict has broken out
between these aliens and Chaotica's holographic army.
Yes, ma'am.
His Army of Evil.
And will someone please explain
why we haven't simply shut down the holodeck?
We've tried. The controls are still off-line.
We're going to have
to get through to these aliens somehow
and explain that they're fighting shadows.
We've tried, but they don't believe us.
They think that we're not real.
They can't detect Voyager,
so every time they scan us, we seem as artificial to them
as holographic characters do to us.
That explains why they haven't answered our hails.
The Doctor is photonic.
He may be able to persuade them.
lt's worth a try. Brief him.
ln the meantime,
l think we should let the program play out.
You're not suggesting we wait
until this Chaotica defeats the aliens?
No, no. l'm suggesting
that we help the aliens to defeat Chaotica.
They think that he's leading
some kind of hostile invasion force.
Once that threat is gone, it's a good bet
that they will leave and close up their portals.
How do you propose to defeat Chaotica?
Well, he's been attacking the aliens
with his death ray.
lt's a shame we don't have one.
No. Forget about what it's called, Tuvok.
ln the world of Captain Proton,
it's the most powerful weapon that there is
and because it's photonic, it's lethal to these aliens.
Now, in Chapter 18,
Captain Proton disables this weapon
just before Chaotica can use it to destroy Earth.
And you think that Proton,
namely you of course, could still do that?
Well, we'd have to knock out the lightning shield first.
A force field.
Yeah. Now you're catching on.
The destructo beam on my rocket ship
can disable the death ray,
but only if someone gets inside the Fortress of Doom
and can shut down the lightning shield.
And who's supposed to do that?
Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People.
Chaotica thinks so.
ln the story, he's in love with her.
He's been trying to form an alliance
since Chapter Three.
She's the only one that he trusts,
the only one who can get close enough
to disable the lightning shield.
Somebody is going to have to take on her character.
Who'd you have in mind?
Oh, no.
lt's the role of a lifetime.
Captain, need l remind you
that we have exhausted all other possibilities
of escaping this layer of subspace.
Until we can eliminate those distortions, we're trapped.
Think of it as Starfleet's first encounter with Planet X.
Captain, it won't be so bad.
l can explain to you what you can expect.
l can tell you...
All right, all right!
l'm a size four.
What's the emergency?
l've been enlisted.
l'm supposed to make contact
with our photonic friends from the fifth dimension
and convince them to call off their attack.
Congratulations. Why do you need me?
lt's an undercover mission.
l'll need a bit of cosmetic surgery.
These are the parameters for my new costume.
What are you going as-- the Emperor of the Universe?
Well, l've been forced to scale back my role
in the interest of credibility.
l'll be President of Earth.
l must say, the idea of an entire universe
populated by photonic beings is rather appealing.
Well, if your mission fails,
you could be taking up permanent residence.
Kim to Sick Bay. Report to Holodeck 2, Doctor.
You're all set.
The new parameters will activate
as soon as you enter the holodeck.
Thank you.
Break a leg.
So all l have to do
is find the controls of this death ray
and deactivate it.
Well, it's not as simple as it sounds.
Now, Chaotica might be a 1930s villain,
but he's very clever.
lt'd help if you knew some of the rules.
l'm listening.
All right. Well...
first of all, he's a megalomaniac,
so it's a good idea to appeal to his ego.
And, um, use grandiose language.
He likes to be called ''Sire,''
and it helps to say things like
''The clever fiendishness of your evil plan
is brilliant.''
Deck 4.
Now, remember:
lt's ray gun, not phaser,
um, imagizer, not viewscreen,
Earthlings, not Terrans.
Got it.
And another thing...
these villains always have a trick up their sleeve--
trapdoors, secret weapons...
lt's the holodeck.
l can't be hurt by weapons.
Well, that doesn't mean that you can't be restrained
or thrown into the Dungeon of Pain.
Now, as soon as you get the death ray shut down,
call me in my rocket ship
and give me the signal to fire.
You'll have to use Chaotica's broadcast microphone.
This is how you've been spending your free time?
Well, l've been studying
how past generations viewed the future.
Well, it didn't work out
quite as black-and-white as they imagined.
Now, the specifications for Arachnia's costume.
One more thing...
if you have trouble with Chaotica
or you can't get to the death ray,
you can always uncork the pheromones.
l beg your pardon.
Uh, Chapter 16.
''Spell of the Spider.''
Arachnia sends Chaotica a vial of her irresistible potion.
Now, whenever he gets a whiff, he's under her spell.
l get the picture.
Yeah, well, my point is, is that these pheromones
seem to throw Chaotica for a loop.
Well, it worked in Chapter 16 anyway.
Now, the vial is sitting on a small pedestal
next to the throne.
l'll keep an eye out.
Thanks for the briefing.
l'll see you at the Fortress of Doom.
And remember-- you're the queen.
Three more of our space ships have been destroyed.
Full power to the death ray.
Citizens of the fifth dimension,
your feeble attacks are nothing but pinpricks to me.
Surrender now and l will be merciful.
We're receiving a transmission.
They are surrendering.
lt's Queen Arachnia.
She wishes to cross the drawbridge.
What are you waiting for?
Show her in.
l present her Royal Highness...
At last...
At last... my queen.
This is an historic occasion.
Kindred souls meet at last.
lt's an honor to be in your presence, Majesty.
l've always admired your...
clever fiendishness.
Ah, your taste is exceeded only by your beauty.
This must be your death ray.
That, my dear, is the Cradle of Persuasion.
lt's fully equipped--
a brain probe,
pain modulator.
lt's good you have the lightning shield
to protect your equipment.
Yes, as long as it's electrified,
l am invincible!
But my greatest achievement
is there.
Behold-- the death ray.
Oh, it looks like a...
formidable weapon.
The most powerful in the cosmos.
There is so much more l want to show you.
My throne, for example.
The seat...
of my Empire.
l see you've kept my pheromones.
l didn't realize you were the sentimental type.
Your perfume inspires me.
Would you mind?
Somehow l feel comfortable here.
Join me...
and you will have your own chair--
one adorned with the most precious jewels
and the softest silk.
Your Majesty seems overly concerned
with romantic matters
when there's a battle to be won.
That is why you asked me here.
Of course, my dear.
Forgive me.
lt's just that the air itself
seems to vibrate in your presence.
We can't be slaves to our passion...
not when your Empire is threatened.
l have assembled my fleet of... Spider Ships.
However, the lightning shield
prevents them from approaching your fortress.
We'll send them directly into battle
alongside my space force.
My soldiers wish to pay homage to you.
Of course, if l lower the shield,
my fortress will be defenseless.
Even an ally might choose such a moment
to seize my throne.
You don't trust me.
There is a way you could convince me of your loyalty.
l'll lower my lightning shield,
but first, you must become my queen!
Gather my courtiers!
Prepare for the ceremony!
And don't forget to deactivate the lightning shield
so my subjects may witness the blessed event.
Very well.
Do as she says,
once her guests have arrived.
Yes, Sire.
And so, my dear...
the day you have always dreamed of has arrived...
the day you become Bride of Chaotica!
You are photonic.
Guilty as charged.
You signaled me across the threshold.
l believe you dropped your calling card.
l return it to you...
as a sign of good faith.
ldentify yourself.
l am the President of Earth.
A planet some distance from here.
l've come on a mission of peace.
Your people
and the people of Earth
have a common enemy.
The one and only.
He threatens
to invade our realm, destroy our people.
Join the club.
Chaotica has designs on Earth, too,
but we've withstood countless attacks
all thanks to one man--
Captain Proton.
Captain Proton?
Defender of the Universe, Scourge of lntergalactic Evil
and... a competent medic to boot,
but don't say l said so.
Even as we speak, he's preparing
to destroy Chaotica's death ray,
but he needs your help.
Your weapons pose a threat to Proton's rocket ship.
You must cease firing
while he mounts his attack.
Once Chaotica's death ray is destroyed,
you can return to your realm,
confident that you'll never hear from him again.
Captain Proton...
may proceed.
On behalf of the citizens of Earth,
l thank you.
Space drive.
-Check. -Check.
Destructo beam.
-Check. -Check.
lf l could access holodeck controls,
the first thing l'd do is delete this guy.
Delete this guy.
As a matter of fact, as soon as this is all over,
l think l'm going to delete the whole program!
What about your historical study?
Class dismissed.
No more robots, no more mad scientists,
no more death rays.
l am retiring my rocket pack, Harry.
Someone else can save the universe from now on.
The final chapter, huh?
The end.
lsn't anyone going to sing ''Hail to the Chief''?
Mr. President, how'd it go?
My performance was unimpeachable.
He agreed?
Let's just say l'm considering running for office
when we get back to Earth.
All right, then. Let's get this thing in the air
and hope Captain Janeway is giving a command performance.
Queen Arachnia.
Don't tell me...
my wedding ring.
Doctor Chaotica's wedding ring.
You will present it to him at the end of the ceremony.
Your Majesty,
perhaps we should lower the lightning shield
in anticipation of my guests.
Why this preoccupation with the shield?
Oh, forgive me.
lt's just that, as a fellow ruler of the cosmos,
l often have to do things myself.
Ah. Because of the incompetence of your inferiors, no doubt.
Something like that.
Oh, Arachnia, my love, my life...
how well you understand our plight.
lf it weren't beneath my dignity, l... l would weep.
How l've longed for someone who would understand.
We have a saying on Arachnia:
''lt's lonely at the top.''
Hmm. No longer, my dear.
Proton is preparing to attack.
Target his rocket ship.
You have betrayed me.
You are in league with Proton.
lmpetuous harlot!
Tell me how to deactivate the lightning shield
or l'll show you just how impetuous l can be.
What are you waiting for, you great lummox?
Kill her!
Ha! You're no match for Arachnia.
Now, tell me how to shut down the shield.
The confinement rings!
Oh, don't worry.
l wouldn't kill my bride...
not until after our wedding night.
Reactivate the death ray.
Destroy Proton!
We've been hit.
Well, l guess the Captain ran into some trouble.
We're not going down without a fight.
Doc, activate the destructo beam.
The what?
The big button in the middle of that panel.
-Oh. -Destructo beam!
The other panel!
Destructo beam activated.
We just dropped out of range.
We're losing altitude.
The alien weapons fire is increasing.
lt's causing the distortions to grow larger.
We're being pulled deeper into subspace.
lnvaders! lnvaders!
Uh... incoming.
Proton's ship is damaged, but still airborne.
Not for long.
Fire at will.
Man the lightning shield.
Quickly, Lonzak. No time for dawdling.
Your beauty is maddening.
Entangle me in your web.
Let me out of here and l'll do all that...
and more.
At once, my queen.
Back to your station!
Deactivate the shield...
Such passion.
Such strength.
Together, we could conquer the universe.
End this madness
and you may yet live to be my bride.
The shield.
l don't know how to tell you this...
but the wedding's off.
Arachnia to Proton.
Arachnia to Proton. Do you read me?
Arachnia to Proton.
l'm reading you.
The lightning shield is down.
Harry, target the death ray.
Doc, fire the destructo beam on my mark.
The distortions are closing.
We're realigning with normal space.
Helm... full impulse.
Bridge to Janeway.
Go ahead.
The aliens have retreated
and they've closed the distortions.
We've cleared the subspace layer.
Secure all systems
and organize damage repair teams.
We're preparing to shut down the holodeck.
Chakotay, give me a minute.
l was about to say, ''Captain Proton to the rescue,''
but l see you have everything under control.
l'm the queen, remember?
Death, as you know it, has no hold on me.
My defeat is but a temporary setback.
l shall return to seek my revenge.
He doesn't give up, does he?
They never do.
Our love was not meant to be, my queen,
but be warned.
You have not seen the last of...
The end of a twisted madman.
And you're going to miss him.
A little.

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