Last time on Star Trek: Voyager...
Stay the course!
They're breaking through.
We'll be dead
if we don't get the shields back up.
Arm yourselves!
Who attacked you?
We don't know.
We can't communicate with them.
They've been attacking us for weeks.
Your crew has been running criminal experiments here.
l know. l designed them.
That's a violation of your programming.
They deleted my ethical subroutines.
lt's easy to cling to principles when you're standing on a vessel
with its bulkheads intact,
manned by a crew that's not starving.
lt's never easy, but, if we turn our backs
on our principles, we stop being human.
l'm putting an end to your experiments,
and you are hereby relieved of your command.
l rerouted transporter control to a panel in the next junction.
We can...
Bridge, they've got the field generator.
What do you mean, they've got it?
l don't know how, but they beamed it off of Voyager.
We're going home.
We can't let Voyager stop us now,
not when we're this close.
Shields are down.
Arm yourselves.
Get us out of here.
And now the conclusion.
Fissures are opening, all decks!
Give me tactical control!
Good guess.
l used a deflector pulse to reinforce the shields.
lt won't hold for long.
Bridge to Sick Bay.
We have a medical emergency.
Doctor, respond.
Casualty reports are coming in.
Two dead, 13 wounded.
We took heavy damage to the engines.
The Equinox?
They've gone to warp.
Any sign of nucleogenic particles?
Then they haven't engaged
their enhanced warp drive yet.
Keep looking for...
The shield grid is back in place.
The aliens are staying clear.
Are sensors picking up Voyager?.
lt looks like they're under attack.
Maintain course.
Captain, l found the Doctor's mobile emitter on Deck 9.
You might want to take it to Sick Bay.
Any sign of the Doc?
l've got him right here.
Please state the nature of the...
Don't bother.
You should start with Chakotay.
l've got him stabilized,
but he's got internal injuries.
We found your emitter on Deck 9.
l was taken hostage by the Equinox crew.
l deactivated myself to escape.
Did you stop them?
l'd ask for a status report,
but l'm not sure l'd want to hear it.
Harry's analyzing the sound we've been hearing.
He thinks it's some form of communication.
Well, l once figured out
how to speak with a Terrelian Seapod.
This couldn't be that much harder.
Once l get out of Sick Bay, l'll lend him a hand.
We should all be focusing our efforts
on finding the Equinox.
First things first-- we've got to stop these attacks.
Our enemies aren't the aliens.
They're the humans aboard the Equinox.
lt's crucial that you don't...
Who is it?
lt's Max. l've brought you a visitor.
Hold on.
Come in.
l'm glad you're okay.
l've been using this synaptic stimulator.
l was just taking a stroll along the Tenkaran Coast.
You're welcome to try it.
State your intentions.
You know, once we get our enhanced warp drive
back on line, we'll be on our way home.
But it'll still take months to get there.
You can spend that time in the brig, or...
you can become part of this crew.
l'd prefer the latter.
l'd prefer the brig.
You know, Janeway's not the only captain
who can help you explore your humanity.
You would be an inferior role model.
Janeway clung to her morality
at the expense of her crew.
Maybe you should learn from that mistake.
Her only mistake was trusting you.
Take care of her wound.
First-degree phaser burns, minor lacerations.
Looks like we'll have to amputate.
That was a joke.
You're supposed to smile and make a witty retort.
l'm familiar with human banter.
Yours is crude and predictable.
You know, Seven-- can l call you Seven?
We don't have many luxuries around here.
All we've got is each other.
You might try letting your shields down,
or else it's going to be a lonely trip.
l'll be damned.
Looks like our Doctor left us a replacement.
We are captives.
l was attacked by their EMH.
Looks like he downloaded you into our database.
Good. You can treat your friend.
Priming the injectors.
Marla to Bridge.
Go ahead.
We're ready.
lnfuse the enhanced warp drive
with 20 isograms of the compound.
Aye, sir.
Warp drive ready.
What happened?
Power relays are off-line.
They've been encoded.
Give us the codes.
lf she won't give us the codes,
maybe we could extract them ourselves.
Seven's cranial infrastructure is highly complex.
You'll need months just to figure out
what she had for breakfast.
That's why you're gonna help us.
l refuse.
Do it or l'll erase your program.
Be my guest.
Don't worry. They need me.
They'd be cutting off their holographic nose
to spite their face.
Now, l suggest you...
All right, Doctor.
Now, get to work.
You know what we're looking for.
Very well.
She'll try to resist.
l'll have to restrain her.
l deleted his ethical subroutines.
He'll be a little more cooperative now.
You keep me posted.
Aye, Captain.
This way, please.
lt's not exactly Shakespeare, but it gets the point across.
A small olive branch is still an olive branch.
Run this through your translation matrix.
Set your weapons down.
Somebody's got to start trusting somebody around here.
Belay that order.
l appreciate your optimism, but, in this case, weapons.
Ready to transmit.
Drop shields, Bridge only.
Go ahead, Harry.
Raise shields.
lf they understood our message, they haven't responded.
There's your response.
Activate another deflector pulse.
Shields are holding at 62 percent.
That should buy us another few minutes of peace and quiet.
l suggest we make the most of it.
Focus your efforts on repairing the warp drive.
We've got to find the Equinox.
lf it's all the same to you,
l'd like to take another stab at the message.
lf we can reroute...
They're not listening, Chakotay.
We should be tracking Ransom,
not tinkering with adverbs.
Want your First Officer's advice?
Allow me.
Our deflector's losing power
and when it fails, we'll be defenseless.
lt's Voyager we should be worrying about,
not the Equinox.
You'd make a great First Officer.
lt's advice worth taking.
Maybe so, but we have a crew member trapped on that ship.
ls this really about Seven, or is it about Ransom?
l don't know what you're talking about.
You've been known to hold a grudge.
This man betrayed Starfleet, he broke the Prime Directive
dishonored everything you believe in,
and threw Voyager to the wolves.
Borg, Hirogen, Malon--
we've run into our share of bad guys.
Ransom's no different.
Yes, he is.
You said it yourself.
He's human.
l don't blame you for being angry,
but you can't compromise the safety of this ship
to satisfy some personal vendetta.
l appreciate your candor.
Now let me be just as blunt.
You're right, l am angry.
l'm damned angry.
He's a Starfleet Captain
and he's decided to abandon everything
this uniform stands for.
He's out there right now
torturing and murdering innocent life-forms
just to get home a little quicker.
l'm not going to stand for it.
l'm going to hunt him down no matter how long it takes,
no matter what the cost.
lf you want to call that a vendetta,
go right ahead.
Why did you bring us here?
This planet has a parthogenic atmosphere.
lt'll keep us from being detected
while we make repairs.
We also found a few deuterium deposits.
Take an away team, Noah,
and see if you can localize the ore.
You won't be protected from the aliens.
Arm yourselves with phasers.
At the first sign of trouble, we'll beam you back.
Aye, sir.
The ocular node's connected to the sensory node
The sensory node's connected to the cortical node
The cortical node's connected to the reticular node...
Oh, now, don't look so gloomy.
There's a silver lining to all this.
Just think-- we're finally going to see Earth.
You are obviously delusional.
Allow me to repair your program.
Now, why would l want you to do that?
You of all people should understand.
Being unfettered by ethical subroutines
has made me far more efficient.
l'm going to extract her cortical array.
lt contains an index of her memory engrams.
But once l've removed it, her higher brain functions,
language, cognitive skills will be severely damaged.
Tell me the codes.
Janeway was right about one thing--
you are unique.
Now, it would be a shame to lose you.
Your compassion is irrelevant.
You think this is easy for me?
The sight of you on that table...
But you're leaving me no choice.
''No choice.''
You say that frequently.
You destroy life-forms to attain your goals,
then claim that they left you no choice.
Does that logic comfort you?
The codes.
You'll have to destroy me to obtain them.
The reticular node's connected to the occipital node...
Captain's Log, supplemental.
Our warp drive's back on line, but repeated sensor sweeps
have failed to locate the Equinox.
Come in.
You wanted to see me?
lt's not like you to submit recommendations in writing.
The last time we spoke, you weren't exactly receptive.
l'm afraid l'm not going to be very receptive this time either.
lt's an interesting idea, but the Ankari
are 50 light-years in the wrong direction.
l understand that, but they're the ones
who introduced Ransom to these life-forms.
lt stands to reason
they might be able to communicate with them--
tell them to call off their attacks.
Our first priority is to find Ransom.
Still no sign of nucleogenic particles?
Not yet.
Then he couldn't have gotten far.
Without his enhanced drive,
his ship's only capable of warp 6.
l've been studying his service record.
He's had his share of run-ins with hostile aliens.
lt seems that when he's being pursued,
he tends to hide.
At Epsilon lV he ran into a Klingon bird-of-prey.
Played a game of cat and mouse for three days in a nebula
before the Klingons finally gave up.
Two years later, he eluded a Romulan warbird
by taking his vessel into the atmosphere
of a gas giant.
Go to Astrometrics.
Start looking for the kind of place
you would hide if your ship was damaged.
Yes, ma'am.
How was the beach?
Do these programs have people in them?
No, just landscapes. Why?
Forget it.
l'm reading a vein of ore.
Azimuth 1 17... 30 meters.
lt could run pretty deep.
We might need to use phasers to excavate it.
lt's funny, this reminds me of McKinley Park.
l used to take my sister there when we were kids.
This place looks just like it.
As l recall, there was a family of ground squirrels
who lived right over there.
And there was a patch of poison ivy next to it.
When l was 10, l walked right through it
and l swelled up like a Regellian blood worm.
When l get back to Earth,
the first thing l'm going to do is...
Four to beam up.
We're receiving a subspace transmission.
From who?
l can't tell.
l don't see a ship out there.
Open a channel.
Doctor to Equinox. Respond.
We can hear you.
Voyager's found you. They've entered orbit.
They polarized their hull to mask their approach.
l believe they've already
planned an ambush on the away team.
Janeway's been tracking the Equinox...
Get him back.
l can't.
Ransom to away team.
Noah, prepare to beam back to the ship.
They're not down there.
All hands to battle stations.
30,000 kilometers and closing.
Target their power core.
Direct hit.
Minor damage.
Return fire.
Bridge to Torres. Status?
l can't locate their shield grid generator.
Can you divert more power to sensors?
Stand by.
They've damaged our deflector, Captain.
lf it goes off-line,
we'll be vulnerable to the alien attacks.
Target his weapons array.
We lost our phaser banks.
Torpedoes full spread.
lt's B'Elanna.
She's trying to bypass our security protocols.
Stop her.
Computer, open a com-link to the Equinox.
Workstation 33-Beta.
Max, listen to me.
Back for round two, BLT?
This isn't one of our games.
People are dying over here.
l wish you didn't have to be one of them.
Max, please...
Shields are weakening.
We've almost got him.
Keep targeting their weapons array.
One more torpedo ought to do it.
Weapons are down!
Janeway to Ransom.
Surrender your vessel.
We still have thrusters, don't we?
Aye, sir.
Lay in a course
through the planet's atmosphere--
60-degree vector.
What the hell is he doing?
Follow him.
We're crossing the upper thermosphere.
Shields are weakening--
31 percent...
lnertial dampers are off-line.
Captain, if we lose our shields, we'll be attacked by the aliens.
Break off pursuit!
They're retreating.
Take us up!
They took heavy damage-- shields, propulsion.
Get us out of here.
They've gone to warp.
Match their course and speed.
We can't, not until we restore primary systems.
We'll need a few hours.
At least we didn't come away empty-handed.
l want Ransom's tactical status.
l want it now, Mr. Lessing.
Or what?
You'll hit me?
No, Crewman.
l'll drop the shields around this room,
and let your little friends come pay you a visit.
That would be murder.
You could also call it ''poetic justice.''
l suppose the plan is
that you're going to come to my rescue now, right?
There's no plan as far as l know.
The Captain's on her own.
Ransom's status, now.
No way in hell.
We all make our own hell, Mr. Lessing.
l hope you enjoy yours.
The com is active.
We'll be outside
if you have a change of heart.
What are you doing?
Weren't you listening?
Don't do this.
He'll break.
Bridge to the Captain.
We've lost shields in Section 29-Alpha.
l know. Stand by.
He's a loyal officer.
He's not going to betray his Captain.
Put up the shields.
He'll break.
As you were.
Level nine authorization required.
Damn it, Kathryn!
You're panicking.
He's going to talk.
Captain, a fissure is opening in that section.
Okay, you've demonstrated your loyalty to your Captain.
Now let's talk about the Ankari.
lf there's an Ankari vessel
less than two light-years from here,
why haven't we detected it?
Apparently, they use a unique form of propulsion,
which makes them hard to find.
You think they'll be willing to help us?
lt's worth a try.
Mr. Lessing has agreed
to show you how to adjust the sensors.
Once you find the Ankari ship,
-set a course. -Aye, sir.
Did our prisoner disclose any other information?
l'm afraid not.
The rest of you continue with the repairs.
All right.
We're going to try it your way.
But l want to make one thing clear.
Our first priority is to get Ransom.
lf there's one thing you've made clear, it's that.
We've had our disagreements, Chakotay,
but you've never openly opposed me.
You almost killed that man today.
lt was a calculated risk and l took it.
lt was a bad call.
l'll note your objection in my log.
l don't give a damn about your log.
This isn't about rules and regulations.
lt's about right and wrong.
And l'm warning you--
l won't let you cross that line again.
Well then you leave me no choice.
You are hereby relieved of duty until further notice.
What's happened to you, Kathryn?
l was about to ask you the same question.
They are not responding.
Tractor beam.
Captain, the Ankari ship has done nothing to...
Just do it.
We're being hailed.
On screen.
Leave us alone.
There's nothing of value on our ship.
We need your guidance.
Your spirits of good fortune are attacking us.
Of course they are. You've been killing them!
We are not the ones responsible.
That's right.
Can you communicate with the aliens?
Release my ship.
l can't do that.
Not until you agree to talk to them.
l will summon them,
but you must talk to them.
You must convince them.
They say they want the humans to die.
A difficult place to start a negotiation.
Will they understand me?
We didn't do this to you.
We're trying to stop the humans who did.
They don't believe you would harm your own kind.
We have rules for behavior.
The Equinox has broken those rules
by killing your species.
lt's our duty to stop them.
Give us the Equinox. Give us the Equinox.
They insist on destroying the ones who were responsible.
We will punish them according to our own rules.
They will be imprisoned.
They will lose their freedom.
All right.
lf you stop your attacks, l'll deliver the Equinox to you.
l know what l'm doing, Tuvok.
These beings would destroy Captain Ransom and his crew.
What's their answer?
Your behavior is irrational.
We could find another solution.
l've already confined my First Officer to quarters.
Would you like to join him?
They agree.
We're going to need more fuel.
We've only got enough left to jump another 500 light-years.
''Fuel''? ls that the euphemism we're using now?
You mean we need to kill more life-forms.
Several more.
Oh, my darling, oh, my darling
Oh, my darling...
How much longer?
Another hour.
Maybe less.
You are lost and gone forever...
Dreadful sorry, Clementine...
What are you doing?
Her auditory processor.
We used to practice duets together.
ln fact, l taught her this old chestnut.
Light she was
And like a fairy...
And her shoes were number nine...
Herring boxes without topses...
Sandals were for Clementine...
Drove she ducklings to the water...
Why the long face, Captain?
You're about to get your crew home.
She tried to stand in your way.
You had no choice.
No choice.
Thank you, Doctor.
When this is all over, perhaps you'll allow me
to teach you my repertoire.
l'm going to need a new partner.
Drove she ducklings to the water...
What are you doing here?
Hiding. Like you.
l'm not hiding.
lt's beautiful.
l can see why this brings you comfort.
l don't know what you're talking about.
But it isn't real.
You're not real.
Now leave me alone.
lt's not too late to stop.
l don't have a choice.
Find another way.
There is no other way.
Stop trying to hide.
l told you! l'm not hiding!
Now get away from me!
End this.
Bridge to Ransom.
Go ahead.
Janeway's found us.
On my way.
50,000 kilometers, closing fast.
Maintain course.
Voyager's approaching at high warp.
There's a class-2 nebula
less than a light-year from here.
Janeway's sensors won't be able to track us
once we're inside.
l think that we should pursue this...
No. Open a channel.
Change of tactics?
You might say that.
lt's time we found another way home.
Another way?
We're going to cooperate with Janeway, Max,
if she's willing.
Rudy, with all due respect, have you lost your mind?
Just the opposite.
They're within range. They're charging weapons.
-Hail them. -Belay that order.
Raise shields.
You're relieved of duty, Commander.
l'm taking command.
Anyone who isn't with me, speak up now.
Take him to the brig.
l'm sorry.
What's the status of our weapons?
Full complement of torpedoes.
Minimal phasers.
Open a secure channel to their Sick Bay.
Stand by weapons.
Aye, sir.
l'm here.
We going to need your help, Doctor.
See if you can find Voyager's current shield frequency.
Acknowledged. l'll need a few minutes.
They are firing torpedoes.
Direct hit to our port shields.
They're holding.
Return the favor.
This isn't the brig.
l know.
l'm with you, sir.
Let's find a way to end this.
We'll need to access transporter control.
We've damaged their port nacelle.
They're venting plasma.
They're dropping out of warp.
Stay with them.
Doctor to Equinox.
l've got their shield frequency.
l'm transmitting it to you now.
They'll try to remodulate.
Keep monitoring.
Aye, sir.
They've slowed to one-quarter impulse.
Prepare a tractor beam.
They're launching another torpedo.
Full power to the forward shields.
Hull breach on Deck 4!
How'd they get through our shields?
Hard about.
Get us out of range.
Remodulate the shields.
They're retreating.
Pursuit course.
Maintain fire.
They took out the weapons array!
l've been rotating the shield frequency
every ten seconds.
We've lost impulse engines.
We're being hailed.
lt's Ransom.
Put him through.
Captain, l'm prepared to surrender the Equinox,
but l'm no longer in command.
Max decided to stage a little mutiny,
but l think l can stop him.
l've isolated transporter control.
l can beam all of us to Voyager.
You might want to have some guards standing by.
Not everyone here is going to be happy to see you.
He's still a Starfleet Captain.
He may have forgotten that for a while,
but l believe him.
Someone's trying to beam us off.
Force fields!
They're deflecting our targeting scanners.
Then beam the others to Voyager, yourself included.
l'll take care of Max.
Aye, sir.
Computer, give me access to the shield grid.
l see you've made yourself at home.
What are you doing here?
Taking back my Sick Bay.
Stop where you are.
l've planted photonic charges
throughout these holo-projectors.
With one command sequence, l can blow out your entire...
Computer, delete the Equinox EMH.
The Doctor's not transmitting anymore.
Burke to Doctor. Report.
l'm afraid your physician's no longer on call.
Max, this is the Captain.
l've dropped the shield grid
everywhere except the Bridge and my current location.
The vital systems are exposed.
l suggest you beam to Voyager while you still can.
The core is overloading.
We've got to get out of here.
Where? Voyager's brig?
lt's better than being vaporized.
We still have a working shuttle.
The Shuttle Bay's two decks down!
Sir, the aliens!
We'll make it.
This way.
There's only one life sign left.
lt's Ransom.
Things didn't work out exactly as l planned,
but you've got everyone worth getting.
We're beaming you out of there.
This ship is about to explode.
l've got to put some distance between us.
l've accessed helm control.
You can set auto-navigation and then transport to Voyager.
There's no time!
You've got a fine crew, Captain.
Promise me you'll get 'em home.
l promise.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
With the Equinox destroyed,
the aliens have withdrawn to their realm.
l've reinstated Chakotay,
and we've set a course for home.
Good as new.
l'd like you to regenerate for the next few hours.
lt'll help stabilize your cortical array.
Regarding the...
unpleasantness aboard the Equinox,
l hope you don't think less of me.
Your program was altered.
lt's quite disconcerting to know
that all someone has to do
is flick a switch to turn me into Mr. Hyde.
Perhaps you should enhance your program
with security protocols.
lt will prevent such tampering in the future.
Good thinking.
When l'm done regenerating, l will assist you.
You were off-key.
l beg your pardon?
''My Darling Clementine,'' third verse, second measure.
That's impossible.
Your vocal modulations deviated by 0.30 deci-hertz.
l can assist you with that as well.
Holodeck 2, tomorrow, 1600 hours.
Just you, me...
and a tuning fork.
l look forward to it.
The last time we welcomed you aboard,
you took advantage of our trust.
You betrayed this crew.
l won't make that mistake again.
Noah Lessing, Marla Gilmore,
James Morrow, Brian Sofin, Angelo Tassoni,
you are hereby stripped of rank.
You'll be expected to serve as crewmen on this vessel.
Your privileges will be limited,
and you'll serve under close supervision
for as long as l deem fit.
This time, you'll have to earn our trust.
Coming along.
How's the crew?
A lot of frayed nerves.
Neelix is organizing a potluck...
to help boost morale.
Will l see you there?
l'm replicating the salad.
l'll bring the croutons.
you know...
you may have had good reason
to stage a little mutiny of your own.
The thought had occurred to me,
but that would have been crossing the line.
Will you look at that.
All these years, all these battles.
This thing's never fallen down before.
Let's put it back up where it belongs.

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