Just a minute.
l'll... l'll, l'll be right there.
l'm coming. l'm coming.
Hello, Reg.
l'm so glad you could make it.
lt's wonderful to see you.
Would it be all right if l came inside?
Yeah. Of course.
Of course!
Come in, come in.
ls-is there something l can get you?
Some, um, some coffee? Tea?
Oh, wait a minute.
Don't... don't tell me.
Chocolate ice cream.
You know me too well.
But just one scoop.
l'm watching my figure.
You... you look lovely.
You always knew how to flatter me.
Would you like me to get it?
Get... get what?
The ice cream.
Right! Right! The ice cream.
No, no. No, no, no.
Come in, come in.
Sit down...
make yourself comfortable.
lt's a nice place.
One scoop of chocolate ice cream.
Did you just move in?
No, no.
l've been here, uh...
almost two years.
l just haven't had a chance to unpack.
ls everything all right, Reg?
Of course.
Why, why wouldn't it be?
To be honest, you seem a little on edge.
Do l? Oh, oh, it's just that l'm...
l'm excited to see you.
l'm excited to see you, too.
l think Geordi's
a little disappointed
l didn't invite him to come along.
Yes, l... well, l-l was hoping to get...
get together with him, too,
uh, before the Enterprise leaves orbit,
but l just wanted to spend some time with you first.
That's all right,
-isn't it? -Of course it is.
l hear you've been working on the Pathfinder Project.
Well, l...
l was, uh...
l'm not anymore.
What happened?
Oh, uh...
nothing... really.
Just got to be a lot of, uh...
Well, hello!
Oh, he's not used to company. Oh.
lt's not polite to eat our guest's food.
lf you're hungry, just say so.
Deanna, uh, Neelix.
That's an unusual name.
Maybe we should introduce him
to Data's cat, Spot.
l have a feeling
you didn't ask me here to reminisce.
Tell me what's wrong.
l've lost myself, Deanna.
Lost yourself?
ln Voyager.
l've become obsessed
with Voyager.
Here you are on shore leave
and what do l do?
l lure you into a counseling session.
Don't worry about that.
The important thing is
l'm here now, and l want to help.
Thank you.
start at the beginning.
Has it ever occurred to you
that a tachyon beam
directed at a class-B itinerant pulsar
could produce enough gravimetric energy
to create an artificial singularity?
l can't say it has.
lt occurred to me,
but my supervisors thought it was an abuse of MlDAS.
The, uh, Mutara lnterdimensional
Deep Space Transponder Array.
Reg, you're losing me.
l'm sorry.
The beginning.
The beginning-- right.
Well, l suppose it all started in the holodeck.
Doesn't it always?
Go on.
l was running a few simulations.
Computer, boost the gain on Voyager's transceiver
by 20 percent.
Transceiver gain is at maximum.
Apply a narrowband filter to the signal processor.
Filter engaged.
Voyager, come in.
Come in, Voyager.
Voyager, come in.
This is Starfleet Command.
Voyager, come in, Voyager.
Good. Good, good.
Now, lower the filter band by .3 kilohertz.
Reg, what are you doing?
Uh, um, Pete.
l-l-l was just, uh...
Yes, running another simulation.
l can see that.
What about the transmitter diagnostics?
Right. The diagnostics.
You have finished them, haven't you?
Uh... almost.
Almost isn't good enough.
We've got Admiral Paris first thing in the morning.
Admiral Paris?
Don't tell me you forgot.
Oh, no, of-of... of course not.
l-l-l just got the days mixed up.
Computer, end program.
Now that l think about it, it's a good thing
that Admiral Paris is coming tomorrow.
We can brief the Admiral
on my theory.
What theory?
l've been going over
the interstellar phenomena forecasts
from Deep Space 9.
They are predicting, uh,
a class-B itinerant pulsar
will pass within four billion kilometers
of the MlDAS Array in three days.
You think the pulsar might damage the Array?
No, no. The shields will hold.
Actually, l was thinking, uh,
we could use the pulsar to our own advantage.
Suppose... suppose we instructed the Array to direct
a tachyon beam at the pulsar.
Theoretically, we could produce a gravimetric surge
powerful enough to create an artificial wormhole.
We could establish two-way communication
with Voyager.
Reg, you're dreaming again.
No, no, l-l really think this could work.
Based on my simulations, that...
Based on your last series of simulations,
we wasted six months trying to develop
that transwarp probe.
This... this is different. This...
Reg... l really appreciate
your imagination.
lt's what makes you such a valuable part of this team,
but l'm not about to tell the Admiral
that we've found a way for him to chat with his son
because of some cockeyed theory
that only exists up here.
Now, please, finish those diagnostics.
Yes, sir.
And, Reg,
while the Admiral's here,
l do the talking.
You do the talking.
Pete was only trying to look out for me,
but l was sure my plan would work.
l, l just couldn't give it up.
Burning the midnight oil.
l-l finished, uh, the diagnostics, sir.
Yes. l know.
l looked them over.
Good job.
Well, why don't you call it a day?
l just, uh, have a few more things
to take care of.
Well, see you tomorrow, then.
Oh. Reg, why don't, um...
why don't you drop by tonight
when you're through here?
''Drop by''?
Come to the house.
Have some coffee.
Angie's sister is in from Boston.
l, uh...
l think she might like you.
l-l don't, l don't think l... can, uh...
l'm spending the evening with, um...
Correct me if l'm wrong, Reg,
but Neelix is your cat.
Well, if you change your mind.
l'll... l'll try.
But l couldn't leave,
not until l'd strengthened my case
for accessing the MlDAS Array.
The meeting with Admiral Paris was only 14 hours away,
and l hadn't come up with anything.
Poring over the data wasn't helping.
l decided that what l needed was, um, a little inspiration.
activate hologrid Mess Hall scenario
Barclay 1 1-Gamma.
Hey, Reg.
Warning. The shark is circling.
Let the games begin.
What'll it be, Reg?
The usual.
Computer, one milk, warm.
Oh, thanks, Harry.
Just trying to get on your good side,
so you'll go easy on me tonight.
Ah, you know what l always say--
if you can't stand the heat...
Get out of the warp core.
Sit down, Lieutenant,
and give us mortals a chance to get even.
That's an order.
lf you insist, Commander,
but l think it's only fair to warn you
l have no intention
of letting my winning streak come to an end.
Now, where's,
um, Tuvok?
He said it's illogical
to continue losing to a clearly superior player.
Oh, that's too bad.
l love to watch that Vulcan squirm.
Now, you all know the rules.
Deuces, one-eyed jacks and suicide kings are wild.
Five of a kind beats a straight flush every time.
The man is ruthless.
He's a killer.
Now, come on, guys.
You know it hurts me to see you lose.
After all, you are my best friends.
l'd hoped that the poker game would help calm my nerves,
so that l could get a decent night's sleep
before the briefing, but when l got home that night,
l couldn't keep my mind off of Voyager.
l needed to get back to the holodeck.
That feels so good.
Therapeutic massage can be an effective treatment
for insomnia, Lieutenant.
But we need to get to the cause of your sleeplessness
if we're going to find a more permanent solution.
lt's just that every time l-l close my eyes,
my mind starts to race.
Can you be more specific?
Well, l worry about the project.
Have l explored the problem from every angle,
or is there something else l should be trying?
Am l doing enough?
Acute work-related anxiety.
Perhaps l should speak to the Captain
about reducing your schedule.
Oh, something tells me
she's not going to be able to help.
You are an invaluable
member of this crew, Mr. Barclay.
Thank you, Doctor.
lt's nice to be appreciated.
Turning in, Reg?
Yes, sir.
Hey, Reg.
For some reason, l never slept in my apartment
as comfortably as l did in my holographic quarters.
l suppose l felt more at home on Voyager.
Good morning, everyone.
Morning, Reg.
You're awfully chipper.
Ah... slept like a baby.
Then maybe you've got the energy to whip up
one of your famous cheese omelets.
Oh, yeah. l'm starved.
l'm sorry, guys. l have a very important briefing at 0900.
Just have time for coffee.
Uh, don't forget about tonight.
Uh... remind me.
You were supposed to teach me
how to play velocity.
No. No way.
Reg and l have a hoverball game scheduled.
Don't fight.
Plenty of me to go around.
Reg... l'm sorry to bother you again,
but l'm still having trouble
with the warp core recalibration.
lt's no problem.
l'll stop by Engineering later and talk you through it.
Thank you.
l really appreciate it.
Velocity, hoverball, warp core recalibrations?
Reg, l don't know how you do it.
Let you in on a little secret.
There's two of me.
The Delta Quadrant, Sector 417 51, Grid 9.
Voyager's Doctor reported this as the ship's position
when his program was briefly transferred
to Starfleet two years ago.
Assuming they're still on course for Earth,
we've been able to extrapolate
a range of likely trajectories.
Estimating an average warp speed of 6.2
and accounting for various astronomical obstacles...
we can reasonably assume that Voyager
is now in one of these three sectors.
Can we contact them?
As you know, we've been working with the Vulcans
on the deployment of the MlDAS Array.
Though we're still in the testing phase, we think
it won't be long before we can use this technology
to send signals at hyper-subspace speeds.
A message that would normally take years
to reach its destination could be received
by Voyager in a matter of days.
Will they be able to respond?
No, sir,
but at least they'll know we're still looking
for them.
We'll send data
on the hyper-subspace technology
and hope they can eventually use it
to return the call.
Excuse me, Admiral Paris.
Lieutenant Barclay...
l-l'm sorry, Commander.
lt's just that there may be a way to establish, uh,
two-way communication with Voyager.
Now is not the time.
lt's all right, Mr. Harkins.
Let the man speak.
l'm all ears, son.
Well, um...
Well, you see, there's a, uh,
a class-B itinerant, uh, pulsar
uh, and... well-well, as you probably know, s-sir,
uh, neutrino emissions, uh...
What l mean to say is
that with the Array, we could open an artificial
uh, uh... a... sing... a sing, uh, sing-singularity.
A wormhole?
Yes! Yes, sir.
We could use it as a conduit to-to talk to Voyager.
l can't give you high marks for clarity, Lieutenant,
but you've certainly got my attention.
ls there any merit to what he's saying?
Mr. Barclay has a tendency to get ahead of himself, sir.
Unfortunately, what he's suggesting
is beyond our abilities.
But you haven't even...
Mr. Barclay!
l know that l haven't
explained myself, uh, very well,
but with all due respect, sir,
what do we have to lose by trying?
l think we're forgetting that there are 150 people
stranded in the Delta Quadrant.
l have a son on that ship, Lieutenant.
l haven't forgotten that fact for a single moment.
l'm sorry, sir.
l-l didn't, uh... l didn't mean to...
Take the rest of the day off, Reg.
That was not a suggestion.
How did you deal with your feelings afterwards?
What do you mean?
Well... did you talk to Commander Harkins
after the meeting... apologize?
Well... no.
l wanted to, uh, fine tune my plan
so, l-l just went right back to work.
Be more specific.
What exactly did you do?
Well, l...
needed someone to, uh...
bounce ideas off of,
someone to help focus my thoughts.
Sounds reasonable.
l suppose you... consulted
with some of your Pathfinder colleagues.
not exactly.
You went back to the holodeck, didn't you?
They're the only people that l can talk to.
They're not people.
l know...
but they... they help me with my work.
Poker, massages...
sleeping in holographic quarters?
Sounds more like escape than work.
l can't concentrate if l'm not relaxed.
Can't you relax with your friends?
Commander Harkins invited you to his home.
You went to the holodeck instead.
lt's not what you're thinking, Deanna.
This isn't a relapse of my holo-addiction.
Tell me how the holograms helped you with your work.
Well, l talked to them about my ideas.
l worked out technical problems.
l need specifics here, people.
Take us through it again, Mr. Barclay,
one step at a time.
Maybe it'll spark an idea.
We've got our itinerant pulsar.
We've got our interdimensional transponder array.
How do we get our wormhole?
This one could keep us up all night.
Oh. We know we can produce gravimetric energy,
but... can we do it at levels high enough
to create the singularity?
We're talking
about a massive subspace reaction.
Maybe... that's the problem.
Maybe we need to think smaller.
You're losing me.
How much bandwidth do we really need?
The average wormhole is huge,
but if we compressed the datastream...
We wouldn't need a conduit anywhere near as big.
What's your idea?
A micro-wormhole.
You've outdone yourself this time, Reg.
l'll still need, um... help with the details.
Put together a team.
Use whatever resources you need.
A power ratio
of approximately 60 terawatts
should do the trick.
You think that's enough?
Should be, but then, we have to compensate
for gravimetric interference.
And how do we do that?
l was thinking--
what if we applied a narrowband filter
to the transponder signal?
Barclay strikes again.
What's going on here?
Who's your friend, Reg?
Yes, aren't you going to introduce me?
Computer, delete characters.
l thought l told you to go home.
l was, uh... working.
You call this work?
You've created holograms of the Voyager crew.
Oh, it-it... it-it's not what you think.
lt's an interactive, uh, diagnostic program.
l designed it to help me... solve problems.
How long have you been in here?
Since the briefing.
The briefing ended ten hours ago.
l... l know that l embarrassed you
in front of the Admiral
and l am... l'm sorry.
l wanted to refine my idea,
so that l could present you
with a specific plan, and l've done that, Pete.
You were right
about the wormhole idea being too expansive.
So, l've-l've scaled it back...
All the extra time you've been putting in--
if l checked the holo-logs,
would l find you've been spending
those hours in here?
Well, not-not all that time.
How much of it?
Maybe, uh...
20 or...
30 hours a week.
Don't you think that's a little excessive?
Uh, not if it helps us contact Voyager.
Before l brought you onto my team...
l reviewed your file.
You've struggled with holo-addiction before.
From where l stand,
it looks like you've had a relapse.
l-l know it-it may look that way, but...
l think you need counseling.
What l need is
for you to pay attention to my ideas.
l should've been paying more attention to your behavior.
l thought l was being a friend
by giving you some leeway.
l didn't realize how...
involved you've become with Voyager.
Well, is it really so wrong?
Do you have any idea what it must be like for them
to be stranded 60,000 light-years
from home?
Do you have any idea... how lonely that must be?
l'm sorry, Reg...
but until you get some help, you're off the project.
You-you can't do that.
You've given me no choice.
This hologrid and the lab
are officially off limits.
Now, go home.
l won't leave--
not until you've heard what l have to say.
Don't make me call Security.
What is it, Nicole?
He's still here.
You told him l have a meeting scheduled at 1500?
Yes, sir.
He won't go away.
Send him in.
Yes, sir.
Admiral, uh, th-thank, thank you,
uh, for seeing me.
You're frightening my secretary, Mr. Barclay.
You have five minutes.
Five minutes, right?
Sit down.
Uh, first... first, l-l-l want to apologize
for speaking out of turn yesterday.
l-it's only because l...
l, l care so much about Voyager.
Yes, Commander Harkins has informed me
about your attachment to the crew.
l understand you've been spending time
with a holographic re-creation of my son, among others.
Frankly, l find that
rather disturbing.
Well, l understand h-how you could see it that way,
but, uh, that does not negate the fact that l have a plan
for communicating with Voyager.
Commander Harkins doesn't seem to think your plan is viable.
l have refined the idea.
l've simplified it.
All l'm asking for
is a chance to try.
And if l'm right, it could mean a chance to talk to Tom.
ln my opinion, Commander Harkins removed you from the project
with good cause, and that's his prerogative.
l won't let my personal feelings
interfere with Starfleet procedure.
l... l've broken protocol and l should be punished,
but the crew of the Voyager shouldn't be
and neither... neither should you.
l just need access to the lab
for one more day.
After that, if l...
uh, if l'm wrong,
l'll resign my commission.
l'll order a review of your findings.
lf it's concluded your ideas are valid,
l'll instruct Commander Harkins to pursue it.
But... l'm the one who knows...
That's the best l can do, Mr. Barclay.
Good day.
So the meeting went well.
No, no, no. lt didn't, not at all.
The Admiral said
he'd review your findings.
Don't you see?
He was just trying to get rid of me
just like Harkins.
Try to relax.
Now you understand why l need your help.
Yes, l do.
You-you have to call the Admiral
in your official capacity as a Starfleet Counselor
and tell him that l am psychologically fit
to return to work.
l can't do that.
Why not?!
Look at yourself.
You're experiencing acute anxiety,
You did what you could.
Now it's time to let Starfleet worry about Voyager.
We need to take care of you.
There is nothing wrong with me!
You said yourself, you've become
obsessed with Voyager.
What if l have?
lf an obsession helps me to do my job better,
i-it's a sacrifice l am willing to make.
A little instability in exchange for contact
with a stranded starship.
lsn't Voyager more important
than my psychological condition?
Voyager is important, but so are you.
That ship...
that crew...
they're all l have.
Tell me why that is.
Ever... ever since l-l left the Enterprise,
things haven't... haven't been the same.
lt's as if...
l lost my family.
So you created a new family on the holodeck.
Only they're not real.
l didn't know how else...
how else to cope.
Do you remember when you first came aboard the Enterprise?
You had trouble fitting in, didn't you?
But after a while, you started to make friends.
You can learn to do the same thing here on Earth.
Oh, l... l don't know how.
We'll work on it together.
You're, you're scheduled to depart tomorrow.
l've decided to ask Captain Picard
for a temporary leave of absence...
to spend some time with an old friend.
Oh, Deanna, you... you-you, you don't,
you don't have to do that.
Try and stop me.
l'm sorry, Neelix.
l have to leave.
No, no, you can't talk me out of it.
Authorization code required.
Access denied.
That code has been de-authorized.
Computer, reenter
authorization code Barclay-alpha-one-seven-gamma.
Access authorized.
Computer, interface with the MlDAS Array.
Activate the control matrix.
Matrix activated.
Full power to the graviton emitters.
Emitters powering.
Scan the area surrounding the Array
for a class-B itinerant pulsar.
A pulsar has been detected at coordinates 227 by 41 mark 6.
Good, good.
Direct a 60 terawatt tachyon beam toward the pulsar.
Tachyon beam initiated.
How long until levels are sufficient
to produce a gravimetric surge of five million teradynes?
Approximately 17 minutes.
Computer, is there a micro-wormhole present
at coordinates 343 by 27?
l knew it.
Adjust the phase alignment
to direct the wormhole's trajectory
to Delta Quadrant, Grid 9, Sector 417 51.
Trajectory established.
Open Starfleet Emergency Channel
and transmit toward the singularity.
Channel open.
Starfleet Command to USS Voyager.
Come in, Voyager.
Voyager, do you hear me?
This is Lieutenant Reginald Barclay.
Step away from the controls.
l... l've sent a message.
Stand down, Mr. Barclay.
All right.
You win.
transfer controls to hologrid
program Barclay pi-three
and restrict access!
Stop him.
Stun him if you have to.
Tuvok, did you see those two men?
l did not.
Well, they look like Starfleet Security,
but they're not.
They're after me. l need your help.
Tuvok to all hands.
lntruder alert.
Computer, locate any unauthorized personnel
aboard Voyager.
Two unidentified humans, Deck 4, Section 8.
lsolate them with force fields.
Security to Commander Harkins.
We've been isolated by force fields.
Can you shut down the program?
l'm working on it.
Access denied.
Hologrid controls have been encrypted.
Harkins to Security.
l need reinforcements.
Computer, redirect the wormhole's trajectory
to Delta Quadrant, Grid 1 1, Sector 64238,
and retransmit the message.
Trajectory established. Transmitting.
A wormhole?
What's going on?
l'm just trying to help some friends.
ls there a response?
Computer, redirect the wormhole's trajectory.
You'll have to come with me, sir.
l'll cover for you.
Computer, seal Jefferies Tube Door J53.
Computer, cut all power to the hologrid.
Unable to comply.
Main power controls have been encrypted.
Very clever, Reg.
Security to Commander Harkins.
We've lost him, sir.
l've got an idea.
l'm coming in.
l know you.
You're Reg's friend.
You've got something to do
with what's going on here, don't you?
Computer, disengage primary coolant system.
Are you crazy? That'll cause
a warp core breach!
Mr. Barclay, l want an explanation
for what's going on aboard my ship.
l'm looking after Voyager's best interests, Captain.
You're just going to have to trust me on that.
You've never given me any reason to doubt you before.
Computer, redirect the wormhole's trajectory
to Delta Quadrant, Grid 10, Sector 3658
and retransmit the message.
Trajectory established. Transmitting.
Who are you trying to contact, Reg?
Warning. Warp core breach in 45 seconds.
Bridge to Engineering. Report.
Shut down the program, Reg.
Janeway to Security.
lntruders on the Bridge.
Computer, establish a force field
around the science station.
Warning. Warp core breach in 30 seconds.
Harry, get down to Engineering.
Seal that breach.
Force fields aren't going to help you, Reg. lt's over.
But this is my last chance.
Warp core breach in 20 seconds.
Captain to all hands. Abandon ship.
Warp core breach in ten seconds.
One way or another, this program's going to end., six...
Good-bye, Captain.
Computer, end program.
l'm ready for my lesson.
l've concluded that teaching you to sing
is an inefficient use of my time.
But l... l've... l've been practicing.
ln your case, practice is irrelevant.
Your vocal chords are incapable
of producing basic diatonic tones,
not to mention your rhythmic shortcomings.
l sound so good in the sonic shower.
Perhaps you should confine your efforts
to that location.
Astrometrics to the Bridge.
Go ahead, Seven.
l've detected what appears to be a micro-wormhole
at coordinates 194.6 by 35.
A micro-wormhole?
l believe a message is being transmitted through it...
on a Starfleet Emergency Channel.
Let's hear it, Harry.
Starfleet Command to USS Voyager.
Try applying a narrowband filter to the signal processor.
Do you hear me?
This is Lieutenant Reginald Barclay.
That's it.
Whoever this Barclay is,
he stopped transmitting.
The micro-wormhole is collapsing
at a rate of .2 percent per second.
That doesn't give us much time.
To do what?
To send a message back through
and hope Mr. Barclay is listening.
lt should have worked.
l don't understand why it didn't.
There you are.
l've reviewed Mr. Barclay's plan.
l think it's worth an attempt.
He's already tried, sir, without your authorization.
lt didn't work.
l'm sorry to hear that.
So am l, sir.
l appreciate your confidence in me,
but l... l don't deserve it.
What would you like me to do with him, Admiral?
He broke into the lab, accessed the MlDAS Array,
resisted arrest.
You've put me in a difficult position, son.
l was hoping that we'd be able to...
We're receiving
a transmission.
From where?
Coordinates 343.6
by 27.
The wormhole.
Starfleet Command, come in.
Reg, give me a hand clearing up the signal.
Lower the filter band by .3 kilohertz.
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway.
Do you read me?
l think she's talking to you.
this is Lieutenant Reginald Barclay
at Starfleet Command.
lt's good to hear your voice, Lieutenant.
We've been waiting a long time
for this moment.
The feeling is mutual.
Unfortunately, the micro-wormhole is collapsing.
We have only a few moments.
We are transmitting our ship's logs, crew reports,
and navigational records to you now.
Acknowledged, and we're sending you
data on some new hyper-subspace technology.
We're hoping, eventually, to use it
to keep in regular contact, and we're including some
recommended modifications for your com system.
We'll implement them as soon as possible.
Uh, there's someone else here
who would also like to say something.
This is Admiral Paris.
Hello, sir.
How are your people holding up?
Very well.
They're an exemplary crew,
your son included.
Tell him... tell him l miss him,
and l'm proud of him.
He heard you, Admiral.
The wormhole is collapsing.
l want you all to know we're doing everything we can
to bring you home.
We appreciate it, sir.
Keep a docking bay open for us.
We hope to...
That's it. They're gone.
You did it, Reg.
l'm sorry l doubted you.
Why the long face, Mr. Barclay?
Because... because it's over, sir.
No, Lieutenant.
l'd say that Project Voyager is just beginning...
thanks to you.
Anyone know this Barclay?
l took the liberty
of reviewing his personnel file.
He's had a rather colorful career,
not to mention an unusual medical history.
He's recovered from a variety of maladies
including transporter phobia
and holo-addiction.
Well, whatever his problems,
he certainly came through for us.
Starfleet should give him a promotion.
l've finished analyzing the data
Mr. Barclay sent.
The hyper-subspace technology is promising.
l believe we can look forward
to future communications with Earth.
Well, that calls for a toast.
Care to do the honors, Tom?
To... my dad.
lt's nice to know
he's still there.
And to the newest honorary member
of the Voyager crew,
Reginald Barclay, whoever you are.
Hear, hear.
To Mr. Barclay.
Well, l'm not... not sure l deserve congratulations.
Why not?
lt's quite an accomplishment.
l, l couldn't have done it without your help.
Why did Commander Harkins have to say about it?
Well, l think... l think he was pleased.
Why wouldn't he be?
You're quite a catch.
Well, not everyone would want his sister-in-law
to date someone with my history.
lt's a new era.
So, tell me all about the lucky lady.
l want details.
Well, her name is Hope.
You're kidding.
No, and-and-and...
she loves cats.

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