Get out of the way!
Whoa. Easy, now.
Hey, watch out!
Come on. Come on.
Tommy, me boy...
Did you hurt yourself, Tommy-Boy?
l think l zigged when l should have zagged.
Well, maybe you ought to stick to a horse and carriage.
Still, she's a beauty.
The world must be treating you well
to afford such a thing.
Just dipping into my inheritance.
Oh, come into some money, did you?
So who's passed on?
Um, my grandfather on my mother's side.
An aristocrat, God rest his soul.
Sounds like he was a fine man.
l'd drink a toast to him,
if l had a shilling to me name.
Here. lt's on me.
lt'll take three pints to do a proper job, Tommy-Boy.
And this isn't even enough for two.
There. That's all l've got.
You're a generous man.
Care to join me at Sullivan's?
Ah, l wish l could,
but l'm on my way to Castle O'Dell.
Night's coming.
And they say when the sun goes down,
the queen of the faerie folk reclaims the castle.
l'll give her your regards.
Don't say l didn't warn ya.
Computer, replace damaged tire.
Saints preserve us.
l thought l would die from the shock of it.
Now, Seamus, you're not a great one
for telling things the way they were.
l'll admit l've been known
to add a little color to stories from time to time
to liven things up, but with God as my witness
l saw Tom Paris using unnatural powers
to fix that wheel of his.
Tommy-Boy practicing unholy magic?
Next thing you'll be telling me is
you want to pay for your own drinks.
Make fun if you like, but he was heading
up to Castle O'Dell only an hour before dark.
Oh, leave it alone, Seamus.
Can't one day go by
without you making an ass of yourself?
But that Tom Paris is an odd one.
Coming and going through town as if he built the place.
That's right, and where does he go?
Oh, he's a shifty one, and for that matter,
so are his friends.
lf you're talking about Katie O'Clare,
you better watch your mouth.
Oh. Well, you know what they say, Sullivan--
birds of a feather...
They also say superstition is the religion of fools.
Kilmanin, 1846.
Old Patsy down in County Meath
spoke of a band of spirit folk who came to Kilmanin in '46.
Did you ever hear of it, Doc?
No, this is the first.
Ah, but you won't find it on any map.
Not anymore.
lt was a town
not much different than Fair Haven.
That is, until this group of strangers arrived.
The townsfolk welcomed them with open arms.
After all, a stranger
is just a friend you haven't met yet.
But they regretted their hospitality soon enough.
The cows stopped giving milk.
The potatoes grew rotten in the ground.
Then people started to go missing.
Oh, go on.
lt's true.
What happened to them?
They were taken...
to the otherworld.
When winter came
and the nights grew longer, the entire town vanished
every post, every nail--
poof-- into thin air, never to be seen again.
Are you suggesting
that Fair Haven's going to go the way of Kilmanin
just because we have a few new folks in town?
l'm suggesting you keep an eye on Tom Paris and his cohorts.
Not to mention that lady friend of yours.
So Katie's some kind of goblin now, is that it?
She's certainly cast a spell on you.
Well, if you ask me...
Am l interrupting?
Aw, just some nonsense.
Seamus is up to his old tricks again.
Good day to you, Katie.
Oh, it's good to see you.
What'll it be?
The usual, please.
Well, one cup of tea coming right up.
Did you snatch any children on the way into town, Katie?
Never mind.
l missed your smile.
What have you been doing with yourself?
Nothing terribly exciting.
Just helping my aunt and uncle out on the farm.
They're not as spry as they used to be.
Although, they've got a goat that could argue
Mossie Donegan's talking pig under the table.
You'll have to bring him into the bar
the next time you're up.
We'll arrange a debate.
l'll see that l do.
l hear they opened a nickelodeon in Dooleen.
l thought it might be nice to go to a show.
l've got to tend the bar.
l wish you'd let me know you were coming.
l would've made arrangements.
That's all right.
We can go some other time.
No, l mean, you've already made the trip.
lt'd be a shame if you have to leave.
Well, l could be convinced to stay
if you'd be up for a game of... rings.
Let's go.
Computer, one dozen Broadway lilies.
Something tells me that's not lunch.
Already ate.
Ah. Who are they for?
A friend.
Oh, and this friend wouldn't happen to be
a lovely lrish lass, now, would she?
Aren't you due on the Bridge?
Ah, you better watch yourself, Harry.
These country girls aren't as simple as you think.
Maggie O'Halloran could be a little more
than you can handle.
l heard about your little traffic accident.
That was a clutch malfunction.
lt wasn't my fault.
lf you ask me, that whole program
is an accident waiting to happen.
You have been running Fair Haven around the clock.
Just yesterday, l had to replace
three holo-emitters.
l ran a full diagnostic this morning.
Everything is fine.
Whatever you say.
But when your quaint, little seaside town
starts to depolarize, don't come running to me.
lf you'll excuse me, l'm late for a moonlight stroll.
Are you sure you don't need a chaperon?
Not with your driving record.
l think l know just what'll make his date
just a little more interesting.
Just don't blow out any more holo-emitters.
What are we doing out here, Seamus,
skulking about in the dark, spying on folks?
What's the matter, Milo?
You got a case of the willies?
Well, what if you're right?
What if this Tom Paris is some kind of demon?
lf we're caught, he'll cast a spell on us.
Then stop your squawking or he'll catch us for sure.
Come on, man. He's getting away.
A captain is only as good as his crew.
lt must be lonely out there on the sea
with only the stars to guide you.
Sometimes, during the night watch,
with the timbers creaking, and the dark water
stretching out as far as the eye can see,
you can believe you're the only man in the world.
Maybe you should think
about settling down on dry land.
Well, believe me, l do.
As often as l think of you.
Can l ask you something, Harry?
Of course.
Would you like to hold my hand?
lf you promise to hold mine back.
Look. He's got some sort of contraption in his hand.
Ooh, maybe we're going about this the wrong way.
We should go down to St. Mary's
and tell Father Mulligan the whole story.
He's not going to listen to talk of the supernatural.
Aw, if you fill his collection box,
he'll listen to anything.
That's true.
l thought you were promised to Ray Ewan.
Not anymore.
Can l ask you something else, Harry?
Would you like to kiss me?
ls that a trick question?
Holy Mother of God!
Don't you have anything better to do?
Oh, boy. She really turned on you.
Ha-ha, very funny.
l could have been trampled.
Relax. The holodeck safeties are on.
There's nothing to worry about.
Poor Maggie.
All right, all right. You've had your fun.
Now change her back.
Chakotay to Paris and Kim.
Report to the Bridge.
On our way.
What about Maggie?
She'll be fine. Let her graze.
-Did you hear that? -Ah!
Please be seated.
l recently heard a tale of two farmers,
who shall remain nameless for the sake of this sermon.
lt seems one broke the other's plow
and refused to replace it.
His comeuppance was served to him not by the hand of God
but by the other farmer, in the form
of a clogged irrigation ditch.
Now, do you think their disagreement
stopped there?
Of course not.
They go on...
just as the heathen did of old.
After all, one spiteful act
deserves another, right?
What these sinners have forgotten
is that they are neighbors.
He's in love with the sound of his own voice.
Whether we are man or woman,
parent or child...
flesh and blood or photons and force fields...
lt has been said...
On the other hand,
perhaps he's been nipping at the sacramental wine.
And, as such, our community is everything.
lt is our world, and we are a part of it
just as a branch is part of a tree.
Do you see... branches tearing leaves off one another?
Do you see
roots hoarding water from the trunk?
Do you see...?
Easy, Maggie.
Oh. Easy now.
Did you make a wrong turn
on your way to the milking shed?
Oh, nothing like that at all, Father.
Something terrible's happened.
What now?
This was Maggie O'Halloran.
The spirits have turned her into a cow.
Maggie O'Halloran's been eaten by a cow?
Did you see these spirits?
That we did--
Tom Paris and Harry Kim.
l hate to disappoint you, but it sounds as though
you've been the victim of a practical joke.
Tom Paris is a known prankster.
it was unholy magic, l tell you.
Aye, aye.
We saw it with our own eyes.
When did this alleged transformation take place?
Last night.
Well, then, that settles it.
This couldn't possibly be Maggie O'Halloran.
l saw Maggie this morning on my way into church.
She was at her cart tending her flowers.
She's probably there now.
Well, l... l think
that's enough excitement for one morning.
This mass is over.
Go in peace.
Um... leave the cow.
All right, Father.
Excuse us, Maggie.
Take care, Maggie.
Well, good morning, boys.
ls everything all right?
Y-you're looking a little out of sorts this morning.
Yes. Well, l must admit l'm not quite myself today.
Well, this is going to sound very odd,
but l feel like l just woke up from the strangest dream,
and l don't remember going to sleep.
You're right, that does sound odd.
Do you remember anything about last night?
Well, l was out with Harry Kim.
He chatted me up at The Ox and Lamb,
and we were off on a walk before l knew it.
What did you do on your walk?
We talked.
What kind of a girl do you think l am?
Now, Maggie, we weren't implying anything.
-No! -Do you recall
anything else about the evening?
Ah, did anything out of the, um, ordinary happen?
Anything at all?
l don't remember.
Well, tell us about the dream, then.
Oh, it was most unpleasant.
l was walking around town
with nothing but a bell around my neck.
Well, somehow, l wound up in church.
Everyone was staring at me.
You were there, Seamus...
And you, too, Milo.
The next thing l knew, l was tending my flowers
just as you boys walked up.
Well, that's quite a story, Maggie.
Can we get a quick one?
Maybe just a wee taste.
So, l said to young Harry,
''l'm not one for rainy days and gray skies.''
As soon as the words were out of my mouth,
he called up the spirits to do his bidding.
A second later, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
l was up near Ballahick farm with little Mary.
She was playing near the well.
Somehow, she lost her footing and fell in.
l was so frightened.
l didn't know what to do.
So, l ran to the Colbys' to get some help...
but... when we returned, there was Mary in the meadow,
talking with Katie O'Clare.
There wasn't a scratch on her.
Katie said l must've been mistaken
when l saw her fall.
There was no mistake.
l saw something strange, too.
Well, l hesitated to say anything
for fear you'd think me mad.
But after listening to your stories today,
l feel you've a right to know.
Speak up.
Last Sunday, after his sermon,
l saw Father Mulligan vanish into thin air.
He's one of them, right enough.
Father Mulligan, Tommy-Boy, Katie and the rest--
they're spirit folk.
Well, what about that Neelix fellow
who runs The Ox and Lamb?
Well, if he doesn't look like a leprechaun,
l don't know who does.
They're all probably
up at Castle O'Dell, conspiring against us.
that's enough.
l can't deny there's been some unusual goings-on.
But what are you proposing--
that we run Katie and her friends out of town?
Or maybe we should line them up in front of a firing squad--
is that what you want?
These people have been our neighbors.
We've become friends.
Let's not forget that.
Well, we can't just sit here and do nothing
while they take over Fair Haven.
l'm not saying we do nothing...
but let's go about this like civilized people.
What do you suggest--
we sit them down and discuss it over tea?
You're looking lovelier than ever, Katie.
Thank you.
Open it.
''The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser.''
Thank you, Michael.
lt's the longest poem in the English language,
and the first to use a nine-line stanza.
l'll start reading it tonight.
l love epic poetry.
l didn't know that.
lt seems as if there's a lot of things
l don't know about you.
l thought you'd want to know
there's been some talk about you and your friends.
Strange things have been happening around town.
Folk are saying you're to blame.
What kind of strange things?
People using unholy magic...
vanishing into thin air...
changing the weather.
By any chance,
would all of this have anything to do
with your reading suggestion?
As a matter of fact.
Don't tell me.
They say l'm the ''Faerie Queene.''
Frankly, they could tell me you're the devil himself,
and l wouldn't care.
l'll try not to take that personally.
The sad truth of the matter is...
l don't know who you are.
What do you mean?
You've been lying to me, Katie.
l've been doing some checking with friends of mine
in County Clare.
Seems nobody's heard of you there.
lt's a big county.
And l've got a lot of friends.
You've been evasive from the day we met.
l was a fool not to see it.
Where do you go when you leave here?
There've been times l wanted to talk to you--
tell you about my day,
about a book l'd read...
just to say hello...
but l can't,
because l don't know where to find you.
What are you hiding, Katie?
l'll admit l have misled you about some things,
but never about anything important.
And l wasn't lying when l said l care about you.
l wish l could believe that.
You can.
l didn't want to deceive you...
but under the circumstances, l had no choice.
What circumstances?
there are things about me
you may not be able to understand.
Try me.
Who are you, Katie?
Where are you really from?
The truth.
Computer, end program.
How did he know?
Those are questions
no holodeck character should be asking.
What exactly did you do to that program?
Well, l, l just added a few bells and whistles
to make the characters more realistic.
Nothing too fancy.
Well, something's gone wrong.
The people of Fair Haven
aren't simple country folk anymore. Report.
lt looks like we've worn out our welcome.
lt's the first time we've tried running
a holodeck program nonstop.
We're lucky it lasted this long.
There are damaged subroutines in all of the character files.
So much for my open door policy.
Shut it down and repair the damaged systems.
As l recall, everything was fine
until someone started turning people into cows.
Computer, display Fair Haven character Michael Sullivan.
Where am l?
Where's Katie?
He shouldn't be aware that he's in the lab.
l've isolated the damaged subroutines.
l said where the hell am l?!
l-it's all right, Michael.
Take it easy.
What is this place?
Try to relax.
lf someone doesn't tell me where l am,
l'm going to start busting heads.
His perceptual filters are malfunctioning.
What are you saying? What's a perceptual filter?
l-it's o... it's okay. We're trying to help you.
Look at these.
Those are the algorithms
designed to keep him oblivious
to anything outside the program's parameters.
They're off-line.
Give me a minute.
That should do it.
How are you feeling, Michael?
Never better.
Harry, Liam's been looking for you.
You're the only man in four counties
to beat him at arm wrestling.
He wants a rematch.
Tell him he's got one.
l'll do that.
That was easy enough.
Yeah. Unfortunately,
it looks like all the other characters
have the same malfunction.
Don't tell me we're going
to have to go through every one of them?
lf we reactivate the program, use the primary control port
in Sullivan's pub,
we could reset all the perceptual filters
with a single command sequence.
Ah. l guess we'll be seeing you later.
Looking forward to it.
Computer, resume Fair Haven program in Holodeck 1,
and transfer Michael Sullivan back to his bar.
Danny, come here.
Fetch Doc Fitzgerald.
Tell him to meet me in the church.
Go on, hurry, lad.
We thought we'd reset his perceptual filters,
until we took a closer look at his subroutines.
Turns out he was just playing along.
Ha. Never underestimate an lrish hologram.
We'll have to reprogram Michael when we do the others.
Let's just hope he didn't share the experience
with too many others.
Got it.
These resequenced algorithms should do the trick.
Good luck.
What the hell was l thinking?
A minor malfunction.
Well, that's the problem.
l've got a boyfriend who malfunctions.
Tom and Harry'll fix him.
And if they can't?
One piece of advice you've always given me--
tell the truth.
Hate to break the news to you, Michael,
but l'm a starship Captain,
and you're a 300 deciwatt holodeck program.
l couldn't do it.
ln that case... you'll have to get creative.
l'm not a superstitious man, Doc,
but l've been seeing things l can't explain.
You're not the only one.
At first l thought we had an epidemic on our hands.
But this is no fever.
No, it's not.
Last night, l was talking to Katie,
and the next thing l knew,
l was being spirited away to God knows where.
They took you? Where?
Maybe it was the otherworld. l don't know.
Tom Paris was there.
Young Harry, too.
What did they want with you?
l'm not sure.
They were talking about me like l wasn't there.
Saying things about Fair Haven--
that we knew too much about them.
Oh, Lord.
And that's not all.
They were saying something
about coming to the pub tonight
to change the town somehow.
What does that mean?
l'm damned if l know.
How did you get away?
With all the talk about us knowing
too much about them,
l figured that if l pretended nothing was out of the ordinary,
they might let me go.
And sure enough, that's exactly what they did.
l wonder if this is how things started in Kilmanin
back in '46.
l'm not sure what they have in mind.
But we'd better be prepared.
We're in luck.
Nobody's home.
lf we're going to fight them, we've got to use
the right ammunition.
Biddy Ramsey gave me this before she passed on.
She knew a thing or two
about fairy magic and how to fight it.
Everything she learned,
she learned from this book.
l doubt if it says anything about using rifles.
You'd be surprised how many things
a bullet will stop.
l don't like this one bit.
Guns, Seamus.
Under normal circumstances, l'd agree with you, Michael...
but these aren't normal circumstances.
Maybe you'd still like us to be acting civilized.
Where did that get you before?
A ticket to the otherworld, that's what.
Now, we don't know what the spirit folk
have in store for us.
That's just it.
We don't know much about anything, do we?
And we've got Milo here
acting like a holy war has been declared.
Relax, Sullivan.
The rifles are only a last resort.
Besides, we've got incantations,
which are more lethal
to spirit folk than any weapons forged by man.
That's how we're going
to force them back into their realm.
And we've got red twine
to stop them from changing shape.
And don't forget about the ash berries.
Ash berries, right.
That's how you keep them from using their powers
against you.
They've been walking amongst us for weeks now,
pretending to be our friends.
Lying to us, making mischief.
What's next?
What is next, Seamus?
l for one am not going to stand by
and let them run roughshod over our town.
We can't rest until we've driven every one of them out.
They're here!
Tom Paris and Harry Kim-- they're in Sullivan's right now!
Who's with me?
Come on.
There they are!
Seamus, let us explain.
You're making a mistake.
The only mistake we made was letting you into Fair Haven.
What's that?
Shoot it.
No, wait, wait. That's a delicate piece of...
Warning. Holodeck controls and safety protocols are off-line.
A voice from the otherworld.
Emergency overrides are malfunctioning.
Computer, freeze program!
62 percent compliance.
They're getting away!
After them!
Computer, exit.
Two shots directly at the primary controls.
We can't deactivate the program
or get the safeties back on line.
Where are Tom and Harry now?
St. Mary's.
Looks like some of your parishioners
are holding them captive.
We can't blame them for being frightened.
They must think we're some kind of sorcerers.
Well, we could use a little magic right now,
because that's about the only way
we're going to get our people back.
Too many stray photons.
We can't get a lock.
We should enter the holodeck
with a security team and take them by force.
Need l remind you
that the holo-characters have weapons as well.
We'd be risking armed conflict.
Well, then let's just pull the plug.
Cut power to the holo-grid.
That would purge the program from our database.
But we'd lose Fair Haven
and all its people.
They're not people. They're holograms.
And they weren't programmed to be violent.
l don't believe they'd harm anyone.
You can't be certain.
Well, l am certain.
And l'd like to find a less drastic solution.
With all due respect, Captain,
Michael can be reprogrammed--
Tom and Harry can't.
One problem at a time, B'Elanna.
The people of Fair Haven may not be real,
but our feelings toward them are.
l won't destroy these relationships
if we can find another way.
Now, if we could attach transport enhancers
onto Tom and Harry,
would that be enough to cut through the interference?
l believe so.
Then, we just need to get someone close to them.
A few words of inspiration should get me within reach.
l suggest you use your mobile emitter.
lt'll isolate you from the malfunctions.
Good idea.
Stand by to cut power to the holo-grid,
in case things get out of hand.
Aye, Captain.
ln the meantime,
l believe your flock needs tending.
Ex labis caelstium sanctorum
super ad aures atorum larvarum mentientium.
From the lips of the heavenly saints above
to the ears of the dark
and lying spirits--
may your spectral forms
be cast back to the otherworld!
Back to the otherworld!
There must be some trick to these incantations.
What do you make of this, Seamus?
We should just tell them the truth.
Oh, good idea, Harry.
Do you want to tell them
they're only holograms, or should l?
l see you left your box of charms at Sullivan's.
l believe this is the talisman you used on Maggie.
Maybe we should turn them into cows.
No, no, there's been a misunderstanding.
We are not spirit folk.
l think we've heard enough of your lies, Tommy-Boy.
l say we tie them up to the lamppost in the square
and show them how spirit folk
were dealt with in the olden days.
Leave them alone.
lt's bad enough you've got them trussed up
like Christmas turkeys.
There's no need for foolish threats!
You'd better watch whose side you're on.
You're not above suspicion yourself.
Oh, so we're going to start
turning on one another now, is that it?
We are if you're choosing them over your own people.
Sinners, all of you.
You have the audacity to turn a house of worship
into a prison?
This is where we gather to pledge our love
for our fellow man--
not condemnation.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Quite a rousing sermon, Father,
but l'm afraid you're not going to find
too many takers tonight.
Not after your little vanishing act.
lt seems Grace Declan saw you disappear
into thin air on Sunday.
Aye. l'd say that sounds a wee bit unholy.
You're in league with them, aren't you?
Tie him up with the others.
Listen to yourselves.
You're letting confusion and fear get the best of you.
Doctor to Janeway. What's this?
Fire and brimstone don't seem to be working.
Look here, Seamus!
Another talisman.
Quick, get it off of him!
Beam him out of there.
His program's been disengaged from the mobile emitter.
And what were you planning on doing with these?
Those are the devices that will allow us to leave.
Just put them on our coats and we'll be on our way.
You'd like us to believe that, wouldn't you?
Something tells me these are spirit charms.
We pin them on you
and God knows what powers you'll have.
This is no charm.
lt's some kind of a machine.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
They won't be telling us the truth about any of it.
Oh, they'll tell us the truth, all right.
There's more than one way
to pluck the wings off a pixie.
We'll induce a trance.
Give me Billy Ramsey's spoon.
Keep your eyes on the silverware, Father.
l hope you know this is blasphemous.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
l can't be hypnotized.
l can't isolate the Doctor's program.
He's been integrated into the Fair Haven matrix.
He's vulnerable.
Tell us the words.
How do we banish the spirit folk to the otherworld?
There is no otherworld.
Only Voyager.
Federation Starship, lntrepid-class,
registry number NCC-7 4656.
You're from some sort of vessel?
He's talking gibberish.
Maybe he's not.
This ship of yours--
is that where you took me?
Look here.
lt says if you can get a spirit to reveal his true name,
you'll render yourself impervious to his charms.
What is your true name?
l haven't decided on one yet.
Katie's on that ship, isn't she?
Tell me where to find her,
so l can get to the bottom of this.
l'm sorry, Michael. l can't do that.
Then l guess l'm asking the wrong person.
Tell me how to get to Voyager.
No, Michael.
What are you doing, Sullivan?
No man who's gone to the otherworld
has ever come back.
l have.
How do l get there?
Captain, the mobile emitter has been activated.
Lock on to the signal.
l had a cousin, went to America.
He saw some strange things...
but nothing like this.
You're not in America.
This is a starship.
lt's called...
l know.
Should l transfer him back to the holodeck?
My name isn't Katie O'Clare.
lt's Kathryn Janeway.
Captain Kathryn Janeway.
lt's going to be difficult to explain.
Maybe it's best if l just show you.
You've seen my world.
lt seems fair that l should have a chance to see yours.
So this really is a starship.
But how can that be possible?
Have you ever read The Time Machine
by H. G. Wells?
Are you telling me you've traveled back through time?
ln a manner of speaking.
That's Patrick Gibson and his cousin, Frank.
They work on the wharf.
They're in my pub every Saturday night
for the rings tournament.
You'll find a lot of familiar faces on Voyager.
We've been visiting your town for months.
We're explorers.
l-l'm not letting you off the hook that easy,
Kathryn Janeway.
There must be more interesting places
to explore than Fair Haven.
Can you think of any place you'd rather be?
l guess that leaves but one question.
How long are you planning on staying?
Well, that depends...
if we're still welcome.
My door is always open.
But you're the Captain of a starship.
l'm a barkeep.
Just because we're from different worlds
doesn't mean we can't care for each other.
Tuvok to Janeway.
Go ahead.
The situation has escalated.
The townspeople have started to pile kindling
at the base of three lampposts in the village square.
Stand by.
Take them outside now!
Stay back!
What are you doing?
That might not be Michael Sullivan.
A demon could have taken his shape!
lt's me, Milo.
l've been to the place they call Voyager,
and l've brought Katie back with me.
l've come in hopes that we
can resolve our differences peacefully.
l'm sure that's what you told the people
of Kilmanin.
They had nothing to do with what happened in Kilmanin,
if it happened at all.
We're truly sorry for what's happened here.
We never meant to frighten anyone.
Seamus, you were right about one thing.
They are quite different from us.
But not in so many ways that we can't be friends.
And we're not spirit folk.
Some of our technology may seem like magic,
but l assure you it's not.
Katie showed me things
that are beyond our comprehension.
They have machines that l can't begin to describe,
but not once have they used them against us.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
Milo, you said you didn't like the rain.
And young Harry Kim made it go away.
Edith Mulcahey herself
said that Katie O'Clare pulled her daughter
from the well and out of harm's way.
These are not the deeds of spirits and mischief-makers.
But they turned Maggie into a cow!
Uh, that'll never happen again.
l swear.
There, you see--
we have his word.
And if we can't trust a man's word in Fair Haven,
what can we trust?
lf you want...
we'll leave and never bother you again.
But we'd prefer to find some way to keep our friendship alive.
l, for one, would like to keep playing rings
with Harry and Tom.
Keep having Neelix's steamed cabbage
at The Ox and Lamb,
keep taking walks with Katie.
Let's not turn our backs on these good people.
lf we do, we're only punishing ourselves.
Just because we're from different worlds,
doesn't mean we can't care for each other.
lf we're going to retain the program,
we can't keep running it around the clock.
Not until we've repaired these damaged systems.
Not ever!
We've pushed the limits of holo-technology
and they've pushed back.
lf we try it again, we're just asking for trouble.
l'm afraid we're going to have to close
your open door policy.
Yes, ma'am.
What about the characters?
Should l purge their memories of the last few days?
No. Leave them.
They think we're space men from the future.
lt won't exactly be like old times.
We learn to accept alien species with new technologies.
Let's hope the people of Fair Haven
will learn to accept us.
But before we shut down the program and begin repairs,
what do you say to one more round at Sullivan's?
My treat.
You may be from the moon, Tommy-Boy,
but l've got three shillings
that says l can still whip you at rings.
Ho! You're on.
Hello, Harry.
l'll catch up with you later.
l've been told there's a pot of gold somewhere in Glen Abbey.
Would you be able to find it
with one of those fancy machines of yours?
Just follow the rainbow, Seamus.
Rainbow, eh?
l didn't think you'd ever speak to me again.
Well, l suppose l can forgive and forget.
lt's not that often you meet
a handsome young man from outer space.
What's this, Christmas come early?
lt has for you.
Open it.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
by Mark Twain.
l've read some of his books, but not this one.
lt's about two people from different times
who fall in love, among other things.
Sounds familiar.
Maybe l have read it.
Thank you, Katie.
Or Kathryn now, is it?
They say if you know a spirit's true name,
that it renders you impervious against her charms.
Do you think there's any truth in that?
Not a word.
l'm glad to hear it.

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