Captain's Log, Stardate 54129.4.
lt's a bittersweet day for the crew of Voyager.
We've finally found a home
for some of our most precious cargo.
Thank you again for taking care of them, Captain.
We're very grateful.
We're just glad that Rebi and Azan will have
a chance to grow up with their own people
and that you've been kind enough to let Mezoti join them.
You can still come with us.
And you can still stay on Voyager.
Adapting to your absence will be difficult.
l'll miss you, too.
lt's time.
l've been studying all available data
relevant to this species, as you recommended.
Familiarizing yourself with their culture
will help you adapt.
On Wysanti, it's customary not to say good-bye,
but l think l prefer the human way.
We should deactivate the children's alcoves.
Right now?
They're a drain on Voyager's power reserves.
ls there a problem?
lt just seems like
an insufficient amount of time has passed.
You're having an emotional response
to the children's departure.
They'll be fine.
We should be happy for them.
You're crying.
My ocular implant must be malfunctioning.
Crying is nothing to be ashamed of, Seven.
You should have seen me
the first time l heard Puccini's Tosca in the holodeck.
l sobbed through the entire third act.
You're a hologram. You can't cry.
Ordinarily, but Lieutenant Torres
enhanced my emotional subroutines,
so l could truly appreciate the performance.
Then your reaction was the result
of a technological enhancement,
just as mine was the result of a technological malfunction.
Saying good-bye to the children was a traumatic experience.
Crying was a normal response.
Except that l was
in complete control of my emotions.
Hmm. lt seems l owe you an apology.
According to this, your tears were the result
of a glitch in your primary cortical node.
Have you experienced any other malfunctions lately?
Headache? Dizziness? Diminished motor function?
Then you won't mind if l check
the bio-monitors in your alcove just to be sure?
l've experienced an occasional headache.
Why didn't you come to see me?
The malfunctions have not affected my work.
Seven, if you're having problems,
you need to let me know.
lf it'll make you feel better,
l'll be more forthcoming in the future.
You're all heart.
l'll schedule some follow-up tests
and make my report to the Captain.
l'd prefer to keep this between us.
l don't want to worry the Captain.
We've always kept her informed of your medical needs.
lt was my understanding that all members of this crew
have the right to doctor-patient confidentiality.
lf you want to keep this between us,
that's where it'll stay.
Have you finished charting the nebula in Sector 949?
Several hours ago.
l've been thinking.
While l'm grateful for the opportunity
to assist you in Astrometrics,
l'd like to take on more challenging assignments.
l can assign you additional diagnostics.
That's not what l meant.
l want to work on the Bridge.
You don't have the proper training.
That's why l'd like to take
the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy.
l could forward it to Earth
in the next datastream transmission.
lf l pass, l could take the basic classes
from Commander Tuvok.
He was an instructor at the Academy.
Your plan is ambitious.
Then you think it's a good idea?
You could take the classes with me.
Earn your own commission.
l believe l've already assimilated
enough Starfleet training.
l'll need a letter of recommendation from the Captain.
l'll speak to her.
l have work to complete in the cargo bay.
Can you finish here?
Of course.
Computer, initiate regeneration cycle.
Unable to comply.
The interface is incompatible.
Run a diagnostic of Alcove 01.
Diagnostic complete.
Alcove 01 is operating within normal parameters.
lnitiate regeneration cycle.
Unable to comply.
Your cortical node is malfunctioning.
Seven. l didn't see you.
l was just leaving.
Before breakfast?
What time is it?
Don't tell me you've been here all night.
l was unable to regenerate.
Anything on your mind?
My alcove is malfunctioning.
Well, you should ask B'Elanna to take a look at it.
l didn't want to wake her.
What's all this?
Nutritional supplements.
l thought they would compensate.
Your own recipe?
lt's a mixture of metabolic enzymes
and protein extract.
Let me make you one of my Talaxian omelets.
lt may not have as many enzymes, but it'll taste better.
That won't be necessary.
l think l'll take your advice and wake Lieu...
Neelix to Sick Bay.
Medical emergency.
You lost consciousness in the Mess Hall.
Your body's begun to reject your implants.
l'm afraid it's a result of that glitch we found
in your cortical node.
Apparently, it's more serious than we thought.
The node is destabilizing.
lt's no longer able to regulate your implants.
They're shutting down one by one.
When you've disconnected implants in the past,
l've always adapted.
Minor implants--
an assimilation tubule here,
a few nanoprobes there--
nothing crucial to your human physiology,
but these implants control your vital functions.
And without my cortical node to regulate them, l'll die.
Borg technology is highly adaptive.
My cortical node will repair itself in time.
l don't think so, Seven.
lf anything, the deterioration is accelerating.
You'll have to stay here for observation.
l think l've been sufficiently observed.
Would you excuse us, please?
l'm sorry for what's happening.
You have every right to be angry,
but that isn't going to help us solve this problem.
The node will correct itself.
Suppose it doesn't?
For the sake of argument.
ls it possible to replicate a new one?
The technology is too complex.
What if this had happened
when you were part of the collective?
How would the Borg have repaired the damage?
They wouldn't have.
Trying to repair a node would be a futile exercise.
The Borg would simply replace it.
Harry, we passed a Borg debris field
six or seven days ago
just outside the Yontasa Expanse.
See if you can find it on long-range sensors.
Yes, ma'am.
lt's not every day we go looking for the Borg.
What's up?
Seven needs a new cortical node.
Captain, need l remind you
the Borg often return to salvage damaged cubes.
lt's a risk l'm willing to take.
l want to help Seven as much as anyone,
but if we're not careful,
we'll all end up with cortical nodes.
That's why l'm taking the Flyer alone.
l've located the debris field.
Transmit the coordinates to the Flyer.
You have the Bridge, Commander.
With all due respect...
the last time you took the Delta Flyer
to confront the Borg,
it ended up in a couple thousand pieces.
l intend to bring it back in one piece this time.
A good pilot might be able to help you do that.
Particularly if he's accompanied
by an experienced Tactical Officer.
You shouldn't do this by yourself, Captain.
Well, then, gentlemen, l guess you're with me.
l'll meet you in the Shuttle Bay.
Have you talked to Seven?
Just a few minutes ago.
And you don't approve.
Of what?
My request.
l'm sure Seven will discuss it with you
when she has the chance.
l'm sorry l bothered you.
Obviously, no one's told you.
Told me what?
Seven isn't well.
What's wrong with her?
Her cortical node is failing.
Her cortical node?
She's going to die.
Not if we find a new node.
We're on our way to search a Borg debris field.
l have experience in Borg technology.
Let me come with you.
l appreciate the offer, but it's too dangerous.
l'm willing to take the risk.
l'm not willing to let you.
l'll let you know how we did as soon as we're back.
Don't worry.
Why are you here?
The Captain told me you were ill.
l'm fine.
Then why are you in Sick Bay?
That's not your concern.
You have work to complete.
Report to Astrometrics.
l've finished my work.
Then l'll assign you more.
ls there a problem?
l wish to be alone.
Come with me, please.
Why is she so angry with me?
She's not angry with you.
She's just angry.
l don't understand.
lt's a common response to serious illness.
She's frustrated to be confined,
embarrassed to appear vulnerable.
She shouldn't be embarrassed in front of me.
l'm her friend.
And her pupil.
She doesn't want you or anyone else to see her
when she's not at her best.
lt's not her fault that she's sick.
Of course not,
but we have to allow her to deal with this
in her own way...
with as much dignity as possible.
Give her time.
She may decide
she wants company, and if she does,
you're the first person l'll call.
l have isolated a section
that contains the bodies of approximately 37 drones.
37 doesn't sound approximate to me.
These drones were killed in an explosion.
There are only a few left intact.
Looks like there's still a breathable atmosphere inside.
Any sign of active Borg ships in the vicinity?
Nothing on sensors.
Huh. That could change in a hurry.
Run continuous scans.
Yes, ma'am.
Tuvok, here.
Help me get this off him.
No apparent damage to the cortical node.
Captain, you've got company.
There's a ship...
Two to beam out.
Delta Flyer, respond.
Three humanoids have just transported aboard this vessel.
The only drones here are dead...
and they belong to us.
Who are you?
Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Starship Voyager.
This is my debris field, Captain.
We weren't aware of that.
What have you taken?
A cortical node.
We need it to save one of my crew.
Everything here belongs to us.
Put down your weapons, and l'll consider
not activating this laser scalpel.
Sorry about the delay.
They knocked our transporters off-line.
l need you at tactical!
When l bring us around, target their engine core.
Aye, sir.
Nice shot.
They're breaking pursuit.
May l ask what you're doing?
Your filing system is inefficient.
l'm implementing a new one.
You should be in bed.
Delivery for Seven of Nine.
Tarcanian wildflowers.
Cheery, don't you think?
Ah. Well, if you prefer gladiolas,
l could go back to the Airponics Bay.
That won't be necessary, Mr. Neelix.
The flowers are lovely, aren't they, Seven?
Thank you.
l'll admire them later.
Actually, l thought l'd stay and keep you company.
Uh, Seven prefers not to have visitors right now.
Not even a visitor with a Kadis-Kot board?
But it's your favorite game.
l can't blame her.
You're being extremely insensitive.
l am?
You know perfectly very well Seven is in a weakened state.
She wouldn't stand a chance against you.
You're right.
l-l don't know what l was thinking.
We'll play later when you're feeling up to it.
l beg your pardon?
l prefer the green pieces.
You'll use red.
Doctor, do you think she's up to it?
As long as you go easy on her.
Janeway to the Doctor.
Yes, Captain.
We're back, and we have the node.
l'm ready to disengage the damaged node.
Transfer Seven's cortical functions to the computer.
lnitiating the extraction.
Vital functions are stable.
-Time? -20 seconds.
Not yet.
l have to realign her primary neurodes first.
The computer can't maintain her cortical functions much longer.
Her neural relays are going to destabilize
in ten seconds, nine...
Almost finished.
Eight, seven,
six, five...
Transfer Seven's cortical functions to the new node.
Something's wrong.
She's going into anaphylactic shock.
Her implants aren't adapting.
They're rejecting the new node.
She's losing synaptic cohesion.
Apply a 20 millijoule neurostatic pulse on my mark.
No effect.
lncrease the pulse. 30 millijoules.
Computer, end simulation.
Why did you stop?
lt wasn't working.
Run it again.
Captain, this was our 12th simulation.
Something tells me 13 won't be our lucky number.
The salvaged node has been inactive too long.
Then we'll find one that hasn't.
No matter how many debris fields we sift through,
a node from a dead drone isn't going to work.
Who said anything about a dead drone?
What's that supposed to mean?
We've infiltrated Borg vessels before.
lf that's what it's going to take to save Seven,
we'll do it again.
Are you suggesting ending one life to save another?
l'm not giving up on her.
Neither am l!
l'll do everything in my power to help her,
but we both have to face the possibility
that it may not be enough.
Red. Grid 13-3.
They should've finished the simulation by now.
l'm sure they'll let you know as soon as they do.
Your move.
Don't you have more important duties to attend to?
Nothing that can't wait.
Despite what the Doctor told you,
l feel perfectly fine.
Because it looks to me like you're about to lose.
l should've seen that coming.
Oh, well, that makes what, uh,
16 to 3, your lead?
16 to 2.
Oh, my mistake.
Oh, uh... well, l should really see
how things are going in the Mess Hall...
but l'll be back later for a rematch.
Are you ready to proceed?
According to the simulations,
the salvaged node isn't going to work.
l'm sorry.
l'm still researching alternative treatments,
and Harry and B'Elanna are going to try to repair the faulty node
using components from your alcove.
They'll fail.
We're not giving up hope.
Neither should you.
With your permission,
l'd like to return to my duties.
That's not possible.
l need to monitor your condition.
l'm afraid l have to defer to the Doctor.
lf you'd like, l can ask lcheb to bring some of your work here.
Computer, locate the Doctor.
The EMH is off-line.
Activate the EMH.
...forced to sedate you!
l'm sorry, lcheb.
l wasn't talking to you.
Where's Seven?
l wish l knew.
When l refused to release her,
she overrode my autonomy protocols...
in the middle of a sentence, no less.
Computer, locate Seven of Nine.
Seven of Nine is in Sick Bay.
He's looking for you...
the Doctor.
l ran into him in the corridor.
He's about 30 seconds away from calling a shipwide alert.
Are you going to tell him where l am?
Nope. l know what it's like to be stuck in Sick Bay.
l've escaped the Doctor myself once or twice.
Thank you.
when you die,
do you believe your spirit will go to Sto-Vo-Kor?.
You shouldn't be thinking about dying.
According to the Doctor's simulations,
any attempt to adapt the salvaged node will fail.
Sto-Vo-Kor, Lieutenant...
do you believe you'll go there?
l guess it all depends on how honorable my death is.
But you do believe there's something after death?
l hope so.
What about you?
The Borg have no concept of an afterlife.
However, when a drone is deactivated,
its memories continue to reside
in the collective's consciousness.
As long as the hive exists, so will a part of that drone.
You don't seem to take much comfort in that.
My link to the collective
has been severed for nearly four years.
lf l die,
everything that l've accomplished in that time,
everything l achieved as an individual,
will be lost.
My memories, my experiences...
it will be as if they...
as if l never existed.
l think you're a little more memorable
than you're giving yourself credit for.
You don't need the collective to validate your existence.
You've made an impact on every member of this crew.
That's your legacy.
There you are.
l should have known she'd be the one
to harbor a fugitive.
We difficult patients need to stick together.
l want you to return to Sick Bay immediately.
Have you devised a new treatment?
Not yet.
Then it's best that l don't distract you
from finding one.
Seven, if you continue to exert yourself,
your condition will only deteriorate more rapidly.
ls that what you want?
What l want is to be useful.
l really could use her help.
l promise not to let her overdo it.
You can stay, provided you wear this cortical monitor.
Thank you.
Are you feeling better?
My condition is unchanged.
l've spoken to the Captain
about your desire to apply to Starfleet Academy.
She's agreed to administer the entrance exam
before we send the next datastream to Earth.
lt's a list of crewmen who can help you study.
Lieutenant Torres is extremely well-versed
in warp mechanics.
Ensign Kim claims to have aced the quantum theory section.
What about astrometrics?
You know more about astrometrics than most Starfleet officers.
Still, l'll need someone to review the material with me.
l'll ask Lieutenant Paris to set aside some time.
l'd rather study with you.
You've become too dependent on me.
You must learn to rely on others.
And if l don't want to?
What you want is irrelevant.
Why are you acting like this?
ls it because you think you're dying?
l am dying.
l'm sorry.
You may have given up, but l haven't.
l know how to save her.
l'm certainly open to suggestions.
l've been analyzing the simulations you performed.
They failed because you tried to implement
a cortical node from a dead drone.
That's correct.
What you require is a live drone.
l've already been through that with Captain Janeway.
My cortical node is operational.
l want you to remove it and give it to Seven.
Absolutely not!
Well, at least review my research.
lt may as well be a suicide note.
l don't agree.
Well, that's comforting.
You took these scans of me when l left the collective.
By your own estimation,
l emerged from my maturation chamber
before l was fully assimilated.
As a result, my physiology
is less dependent on my implants.
They still regulate many of your vital functions.
What about my age?
l'm younger, so it should be easier
for my body to adapt to the loss.
You're obviously too young
to understand the risks involved.
l understand the risks perfectly.
lf we continue to do nothing, Seven will die.
And if we proceed with your idea,
you could both die!
According to my research,
there's an 86.9 percent chance
that Seven's implants will adapt to my node.
Point nine.
And what about you?
Without a cortical node,
how will you regulate your implants?
You should be able to compensate with genetic resequencing.
This isn't suicide, Doctor.
l believe it can work.
All l ask is that you consider it.
Earth's biggest ditch.
That's what my father used to call it.
We hiked the north rim when l was nine.
lt's an impressive geological formation.
Too dusty. l've always preferred farm country myself.
Bloomington, lndiana, your hometown.
You've mentioned it on several occasions.
So, what do you think?
lt appears to be a pleasant environment.
When we get to Earth, l'll take you there.
lt's more likely
this crew will reach Earth without me.
You don't know that.
You refuse to acknowledge the severity of my condition,
just as l did at first.
Are you giving up?
l'm merely accepting reality.
lf l'd accepted reality six years ago,
l'd have settled on the first M-Class planet
we came across.
lnstead, l'm 30,000 light-years closer
to Bloomington, lndiana.
Minus several members of your crew.
Ensign Marie Kaplan,
Ensign Lyndsay Ballard, Crewman Timothy Lang...
ls there a point to this?
Every person on this list died under your command.
You accepted their deaths,
but l don't believe you'll accept mine.
That's presumptuous.
l'm not being egotistical.
On the contrary, l'm trying to make a point.
Which is?
All of these crew members came to Voyager
with unique personalities,
but l have required your constant assistance
to develop my individuality.
And you've come a long way.
But not far enough.
l've disappointed you.
You feel your task is incomplete.
That's why my death will be difficult for you to accept.
ls that what you think?
That you haven't lived up to my expectations?
Clearly, l haven't,
but l want you to know
that the failure has been mine, not yours.
You haven't failed, Seven.
You've exceeded my expectations.
You've become an individual,
an extraordinary individual.
lf l'm having trouble accepting your condition,
it's only because l don't want to lose a friend.
Doctor to the Captain. l need to see you
and Seven right away.
lt would be a complicated procedure.
No doubt.
But you believe it'll work.
There are significant risks involved...
to Seven and lcheb,
but if you're asking me if it's possible,
l'd have to say yes.
What sort of precautions...?
No matter how many precautions you take,
it's not worth the risk to lcheb.
Seven, this could work.
l'm not willing to extend my life
at the cost of yours.
But you haven't reviewed all the data.
As long as there is any chance
you won't survive, the data is irrelevant.
l'd like to return to Sick Bay now.
As you wish.
You're the Captain.
You could order her to do it.
l have to respect her wishes.
Even if it kills her?
l want to help her just as much as you do.
lf that were true, you wouldn't let her die.
ls there anything l can bring from the Cargo Bay
to make you feel more at home?
No, thank you.
Something from the Mess Hall?
A piece of fruit?
Are you offering me my last meal?
l... o-of course not.
ls that what you thought?
l was attempting to lighten the mood.
Ah, yes. Well done.
lcheb to the Doctor.
Report to Cargo Bay 2 immediately.
He's persistent.
Not to worry.
l'll make it clear to him that persistence is futile.
You were summoned, too?
lcheb doesn't seem to have grasped
the chain of command yet.
Remind you of anyone we know?
He's disengaged his cortical node!
My alcove...
l programmed it to disconnect my neural relays.
Can you reconnect them?
He's locked me out of the controls.
How could you do this?
lt was the only way l could prove to you
that it would work.
What's wrong with him?
lcheb decided to perform a little operation
on himself.
You have to reconnect his node immediately.
l intend to.
No. lf Seven can refuse treatment, so can l.
We don't have time for this.
Well, then, check your scans.
You'll see l'm already adapting.
Some of your implants have adapted, but not all.
Then apply the resequencing technique l researched.
This debate is pointless.
l won't accept the node.
And l won't keep it.
Someone had better use the damn thing.
lf it stays disconnected much longer,
it won't do either of you any good.
You're acting like a child.
l'm trying to save your life.
Only because you've grown too dependent on me.
So you think l need to learn to rely on other people?
-Yes. -What about you?
You've refused to rely on a single member of this crew.
You hid your condition from the rest of us.
You deactivated the Doctor,
and now you're rejecting my help.
You're the one who needs to rely on others.
lsn't that what people on this ship do?
They help each other?
Whenever we can.
lf the Captain were dying,
you'd risk your life to save her, wouldn't you?
And when you respond to a distress call,
you're risking the life of everyone on this ship
to respond to the aid of strangers.
He's right.
Captain, he's just a child.
l don't think he is...
not anymore.
Don't look at me.
Just let us help you.
Let's begin.
Good morning.
How long have l been regenerating?
Six days.
We needed to make sure your implants
had completely adapted to the new node.
The good news is they have.
His road to recovery
has been a little bumpier than yours.
Has he suffered any permanent damage?
l don't think so.
He's been experiencing some pain,
but l believe it's temporary.
Pain l caused him.
Pain he was willing to endure.
You've recovered.
l expect the same from you.
The Doctor wants to keep me here another week,
but l'm sure l'll be back on my feet in half that time.
l suggest you get as much rest as you can.
You're going to need it.
l've decided to help you prepare
for the astrometrics portion of the Academy exam.
You can expect a rigorous and grueling schedule.
Your ocular implant--
it's malfunctioning again.
it's functioning perfectly.

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