The prophets sing. This is a holy time.
B'tanay, the time of awakening.
Return to that dark place from which all life springs.
A primal energy charges your blood,
an energy of rebirth.
The mind awakens and focuses on its task.
Pagh 'tem 'far B'tanay.
Pagh 'tem 'far
Fresh flowers?
An afternoon on the holodeck?
lt almost feels like we're dating again.
The secret to a lasting marriage--
keep the romance alive.
l'm not complaining.
Lecture hall?
Guess again.
Opera house?
Not another one of the Doctor's performances?
This is a movie house.
This is the old Palace Theater in Chicago, built in 1932.
Look at the detail on that crown molding.
lt doesn't look very functional.
Well, this place isn't about function.
lt's about fantasy.
Chewing gum.
There is such a thing as too much authenticity.
Attention to detail.
That's what makes it fun.
Protective lenses?
These will make the images on the screen
appear three-dimensional.
Let me get this straight.
You've gone to all this trouble
to program a three-dimensional environment
that projects a two-dimensional image,
and now you're asking me to wear these
to make it look three-dimensional again?
Great, isn't it?
Crick in your neck?
People didn't go to the movies
just for the movies, you know.
Really? What did they go for?
Well, l'll try to demonstrate.
l can see why this was so popular.
Maybe this would be more fun if we were alone.
Computer, delete audience.
Who's in the front row?
Must be a glitch.
No. That's Tabor.
This is an emergency.
The gill-man has escaped.
Please, please clear the ocean area.
Get out, everybody.
Are you okay?
He appears to be in a coma,
but l'm reading unusual synaptic activity.
-What happened to him? -l don't know.
l'd like to know what he's been doing the last few weeks--
where he's worked, away missions...
l'll access his duty roster.
Was Ensign Tabor wearing these when he was found?
No, they were on the floor next to him.
l don't think they cause comas.
Lights strobing at certain frequencies
have been known to induce seizures.
We should analyze the optical properties of this ''movie.''
When was the last time you spoke with Mr. Tabor?
About 10, 15 minutes
before B'Elanna and l got here.
He called to say
the program was up and running.
When we were in the Maquis together,
we used to joke that Tabor must have had
his own personal force field.
He went through a dozen firefights
without even getting his clothes dirty.
He's still alive.
Perhaps his force field is holding.
Commander, l've reviewed the sensor logs
for the four hours Tabor was here.
All systems were operating normally.
Safeties were on-line.
Run a level-5 diagnostic on the logs.
Janeway to Tuvok.
Report to Sick Bay.
On my way.
l've found several microfractures
in his cranium.
They're minor, but the pattern suggests
that he suffered a trauma of some sort.
There's also evidence of subdermal contusions
along his right shoulder.
This man was attacked.
lt's possible that whoever did it
is still on board.
Go to Yellow Alert.
Tuvok, l'm putting you in charge
of the investigation.
Aye, Captain.
Security override: Tuvok-pi-Alpha.
Crewman Jor, if l'm not mistaken,
your quarters are on Deck 4.
l heard what happened to Tabor.
l was looking for a book to bring to him.
l'm afraid he's in no condition to read.
l was going to read to him.
l've heard sometimes it helps to hear a familiar voice.
You and Tabor were friends.
Do you have any idea
why someone would want to hurt him?
l can't imagine.
Could you tell me
where you were from 0700 to 1 100 hours
this morning?
On duty... in Engineering.
You can check with Lieutenant Torres
if you'd like.
That won't be necessary.
Thank you, Crewman.
Harry's found evidence
that someone tampered with the holodeck sensor logs.
Several files have been deleted.
Any sign of an outside intruder?
No, nothing.
l believe that a member of this crew is responsible.
Tabor was well-liked.
What's the motive?
l have one suspect.
Crewman Jor.
l find that hard to believe.
l've known her for a long time.
She and Tabor were friends.
Close friends.
She had access
to his quarters.
A close relationship is hardly a crime.
lt is my experience that emotional involvements
often lead to unpredictable behavior.
That's an opinion... not evidence.
There may be other suspects.
l intend to question all crew members
who had recent contact with Tabor.
l'll check the internal sensors, see what else l can find.
You seem awfully convinced that one of the crew was behind this.
Now, you can't tell me that's the only logical conclusion,
because l can think of a number of others.
l realize my assumptions seem premature...
but l have a strong instinct about this.
You might call it a hunch.
l didn't think Vulcans had hunches.
l can't explain it, Captain, but l can't ignore it, either.
Someone on board is responsible,
and l intend to find out who it is.
Pressure is fluctuating in 1 14.
You'd better check the seals.
Yosa to Engineering.
Computer, seal hatch 613-Beta.
Unable to comply.
Crewman Yosa to Security.
His neocortical readings are identical to Tabor's,
and he has the same microfractures
along his right temple.
Who discovered him?
Crewman Jor.
Chakotay to Crewman Jor.
Jor, respond.
Computer, locate Crewman Jor.
Crewman Jor is in the Mess Hall.
Crewman Jor.
lf this keeps up,
l may have to open a special coma ward.
Take a look at their names.
Tell me if anything strikes you.
Former Maquis.
lt's either a coincidence,
or they're being singled out.
There hasn't been any hostility between the Maquis
and the rest of the crew
-for years. -Maybe someone on your crew
couldn't put the past behind them.
''My'' crew?
Our crew.
Are you any closer to a diagnosis, Doctor?
They all have the same disruptions
in their synaptic pathways.
The same cranial fractures, contusions,
but l still don't know the cause,
or how to reverse it.
Your investigation?
Nothing conclusive.
Five crewmen in comas,
and we don't have a single clue?
The assailant must have access
to security protocols.
There is no other way
he could've escaped detection.
Well, you'd better find a way
to protect the rest of the Maquis.
l'm running out of beds.
What is it you expect us to do?
Stay alert.
Report anything suspicious to Commander Tuvok.
l'd rather report to you, if it's all the same.
He's right. l've never trusted the Vulcan.
He's betrayed us before.
He was doing his job.
He didn't care about the Maquis back then.
Why should he now?
We're not Maquis anymore.
Tell that to our friends in Sick Bay.
Oh, come on, we put our differences aside
seven years ago.
lt's ancient history.
Maybe history is repeating itself.
Look, the truth is we don't know what we're up against,
but the last thing we need right now is an outbreak of paranoia.
Now, until we get to the bottom of this,
l want you all to carry hand phasers.
Nobody goes anywhere alone.
We thought maybe the intruder left behind
some kind of negative image.
Displaced photons.
Tom figured that if we dampen
the photonic ambiance and enhance...
We can applaud Mr. Paris's ingenuity later.
What have you found?
Ensign Tabor.
Now, take a look at this.
lt doesn't tell us who the attacker was,
but we do know someone else was here.
Can you extrapolate
the assailant's height and weight?
l'd say between 170 and 190 centimeters.
Maybe 7 5 kilograms.
That describes about half the members of the crew.
At least we can rule out Naomi Wildman.
ls it possible to increase
the resolution?
We're already working on it.
Keep me informed.
Stop it; you're making me nervous.
lt doesn't make sense.
This ship, with all its sensors--
how could five people be attacked
without leaving a trace?
Good question.
Maybe it's a conspiracy.
Ever since Voyager
began sending datastreams back home,
Starfleet has known
that almost a quarter of the crew is Maquis.
Maybe they think we're still dangerous.
Maybe they ordered the Captain
to neutralize the threat.
Yes, that's it.
She's putting us all into stasis.
The comas are just a cover story.
lt would be easier than putting us all in the brig.
lt could be her.
Oh, please.
That'll be all, Crewman.
Please send in Mr. Kim.
l'm still trying to enhance the photon displacement.
l appreciate your efforts, Mr. Kim,
but l called you here for another reason.
ln the last datastream from Earth,
you received a letter from someone named Dennis Kim.
My cousin.
ln that letter, he spoke
of your mutual friend, Maxwell Saroyan.
You read my mail?
lsn't that a violation of privacy protocols?
As the Chief of Security,
l have the authority to suspend those protocols
under special circumstances.
And what is so special
about a letter from my cousin?
The attacks began
shortly after we received the last datastream.
Your letter was part of that transmission.
A lot of people got letters.
28, to be exact, but only six of them matched
the physical parameters of the photon displacement.
Am l a suspect?
According to the letter,
your friend, Mr. Saroyan,
was killed by the Maquis a number of years ago.
You got me, Tuvok. l confess.
l was so distraught after hearing Max's name
that l fired my Captain Proton comatizer
at every Maquis l could find.
Your sarcasm could be viewed as subterfuge.
Tuvok, it's me, Harry.
Do you really think l'd be capable of this?
My personal views are irrelevant.
l learned about Max's death a long time ago.
l was upset,
but l don't blame the Maquis,
and l certainly don't blame anyone on this ship.
lf that'll be all?
ls everything all right?
This investigation is...
lt defies logic.
l'll keep you posted on the holodeck analysis.
Doctor to Commander Tuvok.
Report to Sick Bay immediately.
On my way.
l thought you might like
to have a few words with Mr. Tabor.
How did you revive him?
l didn't.
His synaptic pathways stabilized on their own.
How do you feel?
Fine, sir. Hungry.
What do you remember?
Not much. l was working in the holodeck, and...
then l was here.
Was anyone in the holodeck with you?
No, sir.
Do you know why anyone would want to hurt you?
What's going on?
Thank you, Ensign.
l remember ordering everyone to work in pairs.
Where's your partner?
Uh, she's, uh, uh...
Who's your partner?
Lieutenant Torres.
l told her we shouldn't split up, sir,
but she said she could handle herself.
You know how stubborn she can be.
l have a vague idea.
Do you know where she went?
Cargo Bay 2, sir.
Computer, locate Lieutenant Torres.
Lieutenant Torres is in Cargo Bay 2.
Help me get her to Sick Bay.
This is a holy time.
Security to Cargo Bay 2!
Let the mind awaken and focus on the task.
My mind to your mind.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
Chakotay and B'Elanna
are the latest victims of our mysterious assailant.
l've decided to put the ship on a level-10 security alert.
Nonessential personnel are confined to quarters,
and security teams have been posted on all decks.
Ensign, run a metallurgical analysis.
Two more victims regained consciousness--
Crewmen Yosa and Jor.
Their bio-readings returned to normal
as if they suffered nothing worse
than a good night's sleep.
Doesn't make any sense.
lt is, however, a pattern,
and a pattern implies purpose.
We simply have to uncover it.
-Any clues here? -Not yet.
l'm beginning to think
our perpetrator is a ghost.
Perhaps we should conduct a seance.
lt couldn't hurt.
l have worked meticulously,
yet he has outwitted me each time.
How can you be sure it's a he?
l can't, but l am.
Another hunch?
l can almost sense his presence.
lt's as though he's challenging me to find him.
l'd say you're taking this
a little too personally.
-Maybe you should take a break. -No.
You haven't slept in three days.
Get some rest, meditate, clear your mind.
My mind is perfectly clear.
l don't want to make this an order, Tuvok.
l'll go over your scans.
Fresh pair of eyes might help.
Resist your doubts.
Don't question your mission.
Filter out the polarized photons.
Anyone you know?
Computer, isolate the precise time index
of this image.
Stardate 54090.4.
Where was Commander Tuvok at that time?
Access to that information has been restricted.
By whom?
Access to that information has been restricted.
Tuvok, what's going on?
Computer, override those security restrictions--
authorization: Tuvok-pi-Alpha.
Restrictions overridden.
Where was Commander Tuvok at the specified time?
Commander Tuvok was in Holodeck 2.
Computer, based on the most recent data,
can you give me a better estimation
of the intruder's height?
182 centimeters.
And what is the height of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok?
182 centimeters.
Captain, l believe l...
lgnore your doubts.
Commander, lower your weapon.
Pagh 'tem 'far B'tanay.
Who are you?
Captain, it would appear
that l am the guilty party.
How is that possible?
l don't know...
but for the safety of the crew, you must confine me to the brig.
He wants to speak with you, but l advise you to remain
outside the force field.
Can you hear me?
l hear you...
but there is another voice
trying to control me.
Another voice? Whose?
''This is... a holy time.''
What did you mean by that?
A primal energy charges the blood,
an energy of rebirth.
That's what the voice is telling you?
lt's a Bajoran incantation.
The voice is Bajoran.
We need to get
you to Sick Bay so l can run...
No more scans.
Leave me alone.
Don't question your mission.
Get away from me.
What do you see, Tuvok?
The Bajoran.
lgnore him.
Focus on my voice.
Tell me what's happening.
l believe l've... l've been attacking
certain members of the crew-- the Maquis--
then investigating the crimes
with no memory of what l'd done.
Attacking them, how?
l don't know.
He is responsible.
What did you do to me?!
ls he a member of the crew?
Then who is he?
l don't know.
The day the first attack occurred,
did anything unusual happen to you?
l was tending to my duties...
l received a letter from my son.
A letter?
This all started
right after we received the last datastream.
l reviewed every letter... except my own.
Stay with him, Doctor.
How long?
29 hours.
She woke up just before you did.
They've all recovered. We don't know why.
lt's Tuvok.
He's in the brig.
Apparently, he's being manipulated
by some form of mind control.
Can he leave, Mr. Paris?
l don't see why not,
but he should wear one of these.
There's something l want to show you.
Exolinguistics always seemed a little too...
theoretical to me.
l've decided to study musical composition instead.
l would've sent you my latest construct,
but they won't give me enough room in this datastream.
Maybe next time l can...
A letter from his son.
We found another signal embedded in the message--
a letter within a letter.
Hello, Father.
We received your last transmission...
Prophets sing. This is a holy time.
B'tanay, the time of awakening.
Return to that dark place from which all life springs.
The signal is calibrated to correspond
with Vulcan synaptic frequencies.
Tuvok wouldn't have been consciously aware of it.
Teero Anaydis.
He was a Bajoran vedek.
He worked with the Maquis.
Doing what?
He was thrown out
for experimenting with mind control.
He thought it was a good way to recruit agents.
Well, apparently, he was successful
at recruiting our Tactical Officer.
These incantations and symbols, they must've triggered something
in Tuvok--
preconditioned behavior,
l should've known you'd show up again.
Teero was a fanatic.
He'd go to any extreme for the Maquis.
He called the rest of us traitors
for rejecting his ideas.
Swore he'd fight the war
on his own if he had to.
Why instruct Tuvok to mind-meld
with Voyager's Maquis 35,000 light-years from Earth?
l'd like Tuvok to take a look at this message.
Maybe it'll jog his memory.
Try to decode those symbols.
lt's him.
His name is Teero Anaydis.
He worked for Maquis lntelligence.
l remember meeting him.
l was undercover, doing reconnaissance
on a colony near the Badlands.
He was a vedek at the Bajoran temple there.
Go on.
We spoke briefly.
He was interested in Vulcan culture.
That's all l remember.
Maybe that's all he wanted you to remember.
He was developing some kind of mind control technique.
We think he used it on you seven years ago.
What is it?
l-l was restrained.
Very frightened.
What did he do to you?
l can't remember.
l can't!
Tuvok, if we're going to help you,
we need to find out.
The last time you meditated,
it helped the memories resurface,
didn't it?
You've helped me meditate.
l think l've learned a thing or two about the process.
Let me try to guide you.
Where are you?
ln a laboratory... underground.
ls Teero there?
There is someone...
lt's him.
Describe what's happening.
Tuvok? Tuvok?
lt is Lieutenant, isn't it?
l'm sure your Maquis comrades would be interested to know
your Starfleet rank.
Don't worry.
l don't plan to expose you.
What do you want?
You're the perfect subject.
For what?
l'm a student of the mind.
Yours is remarkable,
on the surface, that is.
roiling emotions,
repressed violence.
ln a sense, you're two different men.
One l could never hope to manipulate,
but the other...
l have been trained to resist mind control.
That's the rational, logical part of you at work...
but l want to reach your inner fire,
your spirit.
Ple... please...
please, don't...
Pagh 'tem 'far B'tanay.
Stay away from me!
Complete your mission!
This is a holy time.
Tuvok to Chakotay.
Go ahead.
Pagh 'tem 'far B'tanay.
Janeway to Chakotay.
Pagh 'tem 'far B'tanay.
What did that mean, Tuvok?
Tell me.
This is a holy time...
a time of awakening.
This Teero has awakened you to do what?
lf you can remember, you can fight him.
You can resist.
What does he want?
To give us instructions.
What kind of instructions?
Focus on your task.
lt's Chakotay.
What is it?
l'm not sure.
Sick Bay to Commander Chakotay.
Computer, locate Chakotay.
Commander Chakotay is in Sick Bay.
Computer, deactivate the EMH.
Pagh 'tem 'far B'tanay.
l understand.
Deck 1.
Why were you using mind-melds?
What did Teero want you to do?
T... to awaken the others.
Resist your doubts!
Focus on me.
Complete your mission!
Pagh 'tem 'far
You don't control me!
Good to see you, Commander.
lt's good to be back.
Janeway to the Bridge. Report.
What the hell are you doing?
l think it's obvious.
l'm taking control of your ship.
Within the hour,
all Starfleet personnel
will be locked in their quarters.
Step back in the brig, Kathryn.
What's Teero done to you?
He simply helped us remember who we are.
We're Maquis.
We've always been Maquis.
The rebellion ended three years ago.
You know that.
ln the Alpha Quadrant, maybe.
Not on this ship.
Torres to Chakotay.
Go ahead.
Deck 1 1 is secure.
We're 35,000 light-years from Earth, Chakotay.
No one out here even knows about the Maquis.
lt doesn't make sense.
There's nothing you can accomplish.
As long as we exist, so does the rebellion.
That's Teero talking.
He was unstable.
You said so yourself.
We have no intention of hurting any of you.
Your orders, Captain?
Take your station.
Captain's Log, Stardate 54101.
Voyager is now under my command.
We're en route to an M-Class planet
where we'll relocate the Starfleet crew.
We're in range.
On screen.
Looks like a nice place for a Federation colony.
Take us into orbit.
Tuvok, would you mind joining me in the ready room?
You wished to see me, Captain?
You can drop the formalities.
This is a Maquis ship now.
Vulcan brandy.
l thought we'd have a drink to celebrate.
A fitting gesture.
To awakenings.
There are still 23 of our former comrades
who aren't with us yet.
l was hoping you'd be able to help persuade them.
l'm prepared to mind-meld with the remaining Maquis,
to convey Teero's instructions.
lt'll be nice to have my old crew back.
You've been a big help to us, Tuvok...
but l can't forget what happened seven years ago.
You have a history of betraying the Maquis.
lt won't happen again.
We have a small crew.
l have to be able to trust everyone,
especially my Tactical Officer.
Bring her in.
Consider this a test of your loyalty.
lt's set to kill.
You said you wouldn't hurt anyone.
You're in control of your actions--
not Chakotay, not Teero.
Don't do this.
This phaser is defective.
Take her back to the brig.
You pass.
Now, we've got some tactical issues to review.
l want to reroute all weapons control
to my command console...
My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts.
Kim and Paris engineered
a little breakout on Deck 6.
We've contained them all behind a force field.
We should begin the evacuation.
Start beaming them down.
Begin on Deck 2, Section 01.
Belay that order.
Tuvok informed me that this planet
has an unstable atmosphere.
Go to Astrometrics
and scan for an alternative.
What are you talking about?
There's nothing wrong with the atmosphere.
We don't have time to debate this.
Well, l can scan from here.
Chakotay, what's going on?
Stand down.
Your weapon.
l thought you might like your ship back.
No more rebellion?
lt took another mind-meld with Tuvok, but l'm fine.
Tuvok, you're all right?
l am in control again, Captain.
Whatever you said to him, it worked.
lt's good to have you back, Commander.
All ready for Attack of the Lobster People?
l am not familiar with that species.
You will be soon enough.
l haven't completed my security rounds.
You have now.
Buttered or unbuttered?
Thank you, Neelix.
How's right here?
l saved you a seat.
How long is this... entertainment?
l'm not sure.
Tom said something about a ''double-feature.''
l've been meaning to ask you...
how did you know that phaser wasn't charged?
Chakotay doubted my loyalty.
He wouldn't have given me an active weapon.
Not exactly ironclad logic.
Call it... a hunch.
Remind me to pay more attention to your hunches.

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