How many are there?
They've deflected our scans.
You must learn to rely on instinct.
There are four of them.
Perhaps five.
No, you'll lead them right to us.
Let them come.
Never let your prey control the hunt.
There. Ten meters.
They're behind us now.
You wanted to see me?
l'd like to request
a temporary leave of absence.
You remember the Ovions.
The hexapods.
They just asked me to speak at a symposium
on spaceborne pathogens.
There are going to be physicians
from all over the quadrant.
This is a rare opportunity for me.
And for the rest of the crew.
How's that?
Well, l'd be
representing Voyager...
putting our best foot forward, so to speak.
And, needless to say, hexapods
are more likely to know a best foot
when they see one.
l'm sorry, Doctor. lt's just not practical.
l seem to recall Lieutenant Torres
participating in a Boray conference
on transwarp theory a few months back.
That was different.
We were there.
The Ovion system is two weeks behind us.
l can't ask the Captain to turn the ship around.
Well, l could take a shuttle.
You could also write a paper and submit it on subspace.
That's hardly an effective means
of making a presentation.
Say you do take a shuttle.
Would you expect us to sit here
and wait for you to get back?
There must be some fascinating anomaly nearby
for the crew to explore.
Janeway to Chakotay.
Go ahead.
We just received a distress call on an Hirogen frequency.
We haven't heard from them in awhile.
l've altered course.
l'd like you on the Bridge.
l'm on my way.
Perhaps the Hirogen
will keep you occupied long enough
for me to attend the symposium.
You can't blame a hologram for trying.
Approaching the coordinates.
Take us out of warp.
Raise shields and stand by weapons.
l've got them.
6,000 kilometers off starboard.
On screen.
Monotanium hull plating...
tylium-based power.
lt's Hirogen.
They're not responding to hails.
Life signs?
l'm getting a lot of strange readings.
Any one of them could be a life-form.
Any Hirogen ships in the vicinity?
No, ma'am.
Might be a trap.
The Hirogen aren't the type to play possum.
Move us within transporter range.
Chakotay, take an away team.
Let's break into teams.
Particle weapons.
These burns are consistent with a type-3 phaser.
A bat'leth?
What's a Klingon weapon
doing in the Delta Quadrant?
The blood's Hirogen.
Chakotay to Tuvok and Paris.
Go ahead.
l'm reading an Hirogen life sign.
lt could be wounded.
We're right behind you.
Stay away!
Hold your fire!
We're here to help you!
l said stay away!
He's lost a lot of blood.
l need to get him back to the ship.
Paris to Sick Bay.
Two to beam up.
Replicated Starfleet technology.
lt's some kind of holodeck interface.
There appear to be
holo-emitters installed
throughout the facility.
This environment is simulated.
Why didn't our tricorders detect it?
l am not certain.
Can you shut down the emitters?
l'll try.
Evidently, they made a few modifications.
All of our preliminary scans
indicated the environment was real.
Environments that fool sensors.
No safety protocols.
How many bodies?
Most of them were killed
by facsimiles of Alpha Quadrant weapons:
Romulan disrupters, Klingon bat'leths...
Starfleet phasers?
l think we'll find they all came
from the holo-technology
we gave the Hirogen three years ago.
They obviously missed the point.
We gave them that technology
so they could hunt holographic prey,
not get themselves killed.
Try to remain calm.
Get away from me!
Can you sedate him?
He won't let me get close enough.
We're not your enemies.
You're holograms.
This is a simulation!
l assure you, we're quite real.
Doctor, deactivate yourself.
l can't treat the patient if l'm off-line.
No one can treat him if he's terrified.
Computer, deactivate EMH.
Our Doctor's a hologram. We're not.
Why should l believe you?
l'm afraid you're going to have to.
l'm Captain Kathryn Janeway.
You're aboard my vessel.
This is Voyager?.
Looks like our reputation preceded us.
You're the ones who gave us
the technology to simulate our hunts?
Where are the rest of my people?
You were the only one we found alive.
This place you were in...
it's some kind of holodeck.
A training facility
where young Hirogen learn the skills of the hunt.
You're a student?
A technician.
Computer, deactivate force field.
Can you tell us what happened?
There were too many of them.
The holograms.
They were malfunctioning.
l tried to shut them down,
but they got control of the system,
and-and they... they
deactivated the safety protocols.
Bridge to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
We're picking up a Hirogen ship.
lt's on an intercept course.
Hail them.
l've tried.
They're not responding.
Shields at 68 percent.
Should l return fire?
Not yet. Open a channel.
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway.
We're not here to fight you.
Shields at 52 percent.
Stand down, or we will retaliate.
l don't think they're getting the message.
Then let's try some nonverbal communication.
Tom, evasive pattern beta-six.
Tuvok, disable their weapons.
Their phaser banks have been disabled.
Let's see if that makes them a little more talkative.
They're responding.
This facility belongs to the Hirogen.
Leave the area immediately.
We are here in response to a distress call.
So are we, and we don't need your assistance.
All but one of your people are dead.
Where's the survivor?
Recovering in our Sick Bay.
Return him... now!
He's in no condition to be transported.
lf you want to see him, you'll have to come here.
l tried to shut down the generator, but l...
But what?
There were too many of them.
l masked my life sign so they couldn't detect me.
You mean you hid while hunters fought and died.
No doubt he found the nearest hole
and crawled into it.
l'm not a hunter.
lt was your responsibility to maintain those systems.
43 Hirogen died because of your incompetence
and cowardice.
What about the holograms?
Were they deleted?
They transferred their programs.
A vessel...
equipped with holo-emitters.
They're gone.
Perhaps you should've considered the risks
before you programmed holograms that could commandeer a vessel.
Capable prey make the hunt more challenging.
l'm detecting residual engine emissions,
but no sign of the ship itself.
Well, l'm sure they're out of sensor range by now.
No. They're close.
Elevated plasma readings in Grid 295.
They're creating a scattering field to mask their ship.
You can find them by scanning for polarized EM signatures.
Prepare for the hunt.
l'd like to join you.
You did enough damage giving us
defective technology to begin with.
You have a problem. We can help you solve it.
We have more experience with holograms than you do.
Two hunting vessels are better than one.
Come in.
The Hirogen are ready to get underway.
The sooner the better.
Why do l get the feeling you're about to gang up on me?
You first.
We have reservations
about an alliance with the hunters.
l'm listening.
The Hirogen have been
performing covert scans of Voyager.
They are obviously trying to determine
the status of our shields and weapons.
l'd be surprised if you haven't run a few scans of your own.
Standard procedure.
They don't trust us, we don't trust them.
Coffee, black.
Trust isn't the issue.
We're getting involved in a situation
that's not our responsibility.
Oh, l'd say we're at least partly to blame.
That was Starfleet technology that killed those hunters.
There's nothing inherently violent
about holodeck technology.
lt's what the Hirogen did with it
that got them killed.
How many times have we shared replicators
to help people feed and clothe themselves?
Trading technology is part of our life
in the Delta Quadrant.
lt has been necessary
for our survival.
Maybe we should have been a little more careful
about what we traded and who we traded with.
Replicators make weapons just as easily as they do food.
We can't undo what's been done.
Maybe not,
but we can help shut these holograms down
before anyone else gets hurt.
Now, if there are no more objections.
l'd like to get underway.
l've got the holograms' ship on sensors.
Let's see it.
Looks like they've taken some damage.
The Hirogen are closing on the holograms' vessel.
Hail them.
l suggest we keep our distance
until we can determine their weapon status.
lt's time for the kill.
You know as well as l do
that a wounded animal can be dangerous.
We won't be denied our prey.
l'm not detecting
any weapons, Captain.
They're off-line?
No. They're nonexistent.
That's not the only thing that's nonexistent.
According to sensors,
there's no warp core, no impulse engines...
lt's a decoy.
Hirogen vessel, stand down.
They've suffered multiple hull breaches.
Their life support is failing.
Drop shields.
Transport all survivors to Sick Bay.
Bridge to the Doctor. We have casualties.
Tom, give him a hand.
Another Hirogen ship
has just dropped out of warp.
l'm not reading any life signs
on this one.
Holograms. Hail them.
No response.
They're charging weapons.
Reactivating shields.
No, we haven't finished transporting
the Hirogen.
Chakotay's right.
Return fire.
My program is destabilizing.
The holograms are tapping into the Sick Bay emitters.
They're trying to transfer the Doctor's program
-off the ship. -Bridge to Sick Bay.
Doctor, download your program into the mobile emitter now.
We've lost him.
Get him back.
They've gone to warp.
Set a pursuit course.
They've masked their signature.
They're gone.
Align his matrix and install it into the database.
Welcome aboard, Doctor.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
You're among your own kind now.
Return me to my ship.
l can't do that.
l have patients who are going to die if l don't treat them.
There are people aboard Voyager who can help them.
We need you here.
My program doesn't include
aiding and abetting murderers.
Murderers? ls that what the Hirogen told you?
l know what you did at that training facility.
What happened there couldn't be avoided.
You'd be surprised how easy it is
not to kill someone.
Bringing him here was a mistake.
The Doctor is our guest...
and l'm sure he'll help us once he realizes
how serious our situation is.
What situation?
We have wounded.
They're holograms.
When you said wounded, l assumed...
These people's injuries are just as real
as anything inflicted on flesh and blood.
Maybe so, but l can't heal them.
They need to be repaired.
What's the difference?
l'm a doctor, not an engineer.
You've abducted the wrong man.
You must have experience repairing your own matrix.
Then there has to be something you can do.
The holo-emitters are an independent subsystem
with its own power generator-- here.
lf we disable the generator, we disable the holograms.
lt may not be as easy as it sounds,
not with holograms as sophisticated as these.
Take a look.
Enhanced memory,
comprehensive tactical algorithms,
expandable data processing.
These holograms have the ability to learn and adapt.
They're not malfunctioning, are they?
They're doing exactly
what the Hirogen want them to do, Captain--
fight back.
And they're getting better at it.
My people need to hunt formidable prey.
Apparently this prey has become too formidable.
Who made these modifications?
l did... under orders from my Alpha.
And that makes it right?
Come with me.
We're going to have a chat with the hunters.
How's it going?
l'm doing the best l can,
but without the Doctor...
lt's best if you lie still.
Keep away from me!
Why am l here?
The holograms destroyed your ship.
Most of your men are dead.
The Alpha?
Looks like the job's yours now.
What about the holograms that attacked us?
We're attempting to track them.
l'll need to contact my people and resume the hunt.
So more of you can get killed?
We'll be the ones doing the killing this time.
l doubt it.
Who are you to question our abilities?
We know all about the modifications.
He didn't tell us.
We discovered it ourselves.
l think you should face facts.
You've created prey whose skills have surpassed your own.
They've already defeated
your hunting parties at least twice.
What makes you think it'll be any different
next time?
Are you suggesting that we let them escape?
We're going to find a way to take them off-line
from a safe distance.
A coward's tactic.
Call it whatever you will.
lt's what we're going to do, and you're going to help us.
Am l?
Yes... by telling us everything you know
about their ship's defenses.
The holograms are prey.
They should be hunted down,
not deactivated like machines.
l'll help you.
ls this female your Alpha now?
lf you don't like the way l do things,
l can leave you on the nearest habitable planet.
Then l'll assume we're in agreement.
Until this is over,
you and your men are restricted to this Mess Hall.
My crew will do their best
to accommodate your needs.
The subroutines controlling his motor functions are degrading.
Do you have the ability to transfer data
from one hologram to another?
We've been able
to share memory files for tactical purposes.
What are you proposing?
A subroutine transplant.
We copy the mobility algorithms from another hologram
and transfer them to this one.
l don't believe we've been formally introduced.
That's not Cardassian.
lt's Bajoran.
lf my translation database is functioning properly,
l believe that means... ''freedom.''
lt's what lden started calling me
after l was liberated.
l'm transferring the subroutines now.
Can you sit up?
Try moving your legs.
Next patient.
Well done.
lt was your idea.
But you did it.
The Hirogen obviously programmed you
with advanced computer skills.
Actually, they tried to limit our knowledge.
They didn't want us to become self-sufficient.
Then how did you...
l taught myself.
Quite well, l might add.
Holographic blood?
The hunters like their prey to be as realistic as possible.
Why is she experiencing pain?
They programmed us
with heightened sensory subroutines.
That's barbaric.
Apparently, there's no satisfaction
in hunting something that doesn't suffer when you kill it.
l've done what you've asked.
l'd like... One moment.
l'm sorry, Doctor.
What can l do for you?
Were you... praying?
For the Hirogen who died at the training facility.
l'm asking the Prophets to guide their souls
to the Celestial Temple.
One minute, you're fighting the Hirogen,
the next, you're praying for them?
My spiritual beliefs are part of my programming.
ls there anything in your spiritual
programming about making peace with your enemies?
lt's difficult to make peace with people
whose sole purpose is to kill you.
So instead, you kill them.
They're not the victims here; we are.
You found a way to escape that training facility,
but you chose to massacre the Hirogen first.
You make it sound as though they would have let us
transfer our programs without a fight.
And to clarify something,
l didn't escape from the facility.
l liberated it.
l don't understand.
l come from a Hirogen outpost 15 parsecs from here,
where l had the unfortunate distinction
of being the Alpha's favorite prey.
He'd hunt me, and kill me over and over again,
but even death wasn't a release, because l knew
every time l opened my eyes, it would start over again--
the pain, the fear.
But it made me stronger.
l had the ability to adapt,
and with each death, l became more cunning.
Cunning enough to escape, but once you were free,
why did you keep fighting?
l didn't at first.
l got as far away as l could...
but l was lonely... scared.
l started scanning for photonic signatures
to try and find others like me.
Turns out, we're everywhere.
We've been created by organic species
throughout the sector.
The Nuu'Bari, the Lokirrim...
We've met them.
Then you know they enslave holograms, too.
''Enslave'' may be too strong a word.
What would you call it?
They're denied basic freedoms.
And when l saw they were fighting back,
l-l knew l had to do the same.
That's when you decided
to ''liberate'' the training facility.
Actually, the one you visited was the third.
And at each one, l found holograms
who were willing to fight their oppressors.
But you're not.
l'm hardly oppressed.
l'm a member of Voyager's crew.
You serve them, don't you?
ln a medical capacity, yes.
Do you have your own quarters?
The ability to come and go as you please?
For the most part.
Do they deactivate you when they don't need you?
l have the respect and admiration of my colleagues.
l have rights and privileges aboard Voyager.
The fact is,
your life is not your own and never will be
as long as you are controlled by organics.
You don't have to return to that existence.
Stay with us.
Make a new life for yourself.
l need to get back to Voyager.
They're not your people.
We are.
l'm not like you.
l wasn't programmed with killer instinct.
You have no right to judge us.
You don't know what it's like being prey.
Maybe if you did,
you'd realize we're more alike than you think.
Please help me!
l don't belong here!
Don't shoot! l'm unarmed!
There's been a mistake!
Fight, prey.
l am not your prey.
l said fight.
lf you'll just contact
my Captain.
P-Please don't.
Let me go.
You make pitiful prey, hologram.
You don't deserve to be taken as a trophy...
...so l'll let you die here.
what just happened?
You're all right.
What did you do to me?
We deactivated you, then transferred the memory files
from one of our holograms into your program.
How dare you!
lt was the only way
to get you to realize what we've been through.
You tortured me to gain my sympathy?
Not your sympathy-- it's your understanding
that's important to us.
The Hirogen used your program as a template to create us.
Your ability to rise above your programming
has been an inspiration.
You're part of who we are.
Who are you, besides a handful of thugs
roaming the Quadrant looking for a fight?
What we're looking for is a home,
somewhere where the Hirogen
can't hurt us anymore!
You asked to be returned to your ship.
That's what l'm going to do.
Bring us about.
Set a course for Voyager.
l'd like to hear more about this home you're looking for.
lt's a photonic field generator.
Right now, it can only support simple projections
like the decoy we used to lure the Hirogen,
but we're hoping it can be modified
to support our programs.
What then?
We'll deploy several of them on a planet's surface.
and create a holographic environment
that we can live in.
Why not just stay here?
You've got emitters, shields...
And a ship...
the Hirogen will never stop looking for.
We'd appreciate any assistance you could offer.
Damaged holo-matrices are one thing,
but this is way beyond my abilities.
But there are people aboard Voyager
who could help you.
Lieutenant Torres knows a great deal
about holo-emitters.
No. They're helping the hunters.
That's only because the Hirogen
told them you were malfunctioning.
Let me talk to Captain Janeway,
explain what's really happened.
You can't do this by yourself.
We can't trust Janeway.
Yes, you can.
She's an organic.
lf it weren't for her...
l wouldn't be the hologram l am today.
Tell me more about this Lieutenant of yours,
the one who knows so much about holo-emitters.
Lieutenant Torres. She's our Chief Engineer.
The holo-emitters are protected
by three layers of ablative armor.
Trying to take them off-line one by one
would be inefficient.
lf we can't shut them down,
maybe we can disrupt the signals they generate.
Exactly-- we could reconfigure
the deflector dish
to emit an antiphoton pulse.
How long will it take?
About two hours.
Do it.
There's a ship approaching at high warp.
l'm reading holographic signatures.
Red Alert.
Raise shields.
Time to intercept.
50 seconds.
Bridge to Engineering.
What's your status?
We need more time, Captain.
You've got 40 seconds.
That pulse isn't going to do us much good
as long as their shields are up.
Arm phasers.
Target their shield generator.
They are dropping out of warp.
20 seconds to intercept.
We're being hailed.
On screen.
Stand down, Captain.
l beg your pardon.
The holograms haven't come to fight
they've come to make peace.
lf we provide them
with a few additional emitters
and memory storage units,
they'll have more than they need.
We're in this situation
because we shared technology with the Hirogen to begin with.
l won't make the same mistake twice.
Captain, these people are on the verge
of creating a new life for themselves.
They can't do it without our help.
There's no way to be certain
what they'll do with the technology
if we give it to them.
l understand your concerns,
but these holograms are nothing like the Hirogen.
That's not true.
They were programmed to be as vicious as any hunter.
They were also given the ability to adapt.
They've changed, moved beyond their programming.
lf you could see how they've been brutalized,
you'd understand that they've only been acting
in self-defense.
l'm sorry, Doctor,
but l'm inclined to agree with Mr. Donik.
Then you've chosen the wrong side.
l haven't chosen any side.
You're right that it was a mistake
to give the Hirogen technology
and that mistake has had consequences.
These holograms are one of them.
ln some ways, they're a new species,
one that you helped create.
You can't turn your back on them!
He's got a point.
Could we restore them
to their original parameters?
We'd be wiping out their memories,
their experiences, everything they are.
Couldn't we just extract their violent subroutines?
lt's possible.
That would be like declawing a cat.
We'd be taking away any chance they have
of defending themselves!
We'd also be preventing them
from doing any more harm.
You wouldn't even be considering this
if they were flesh and blood.
l'm not going to let you turn this
into an argument about holographic rights.
Why not? That's exactly what it is.
Mess Hall to Commander Tuvok.
Go ahead.
You better get down here.
We've got a problem.
On my way.
No closer or he dies!
Tell them to drop their weapons!
You heard him.
This isn't going to solve anything.
Bridge to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
Someone's tapping into a com relay in the Mess Hall.
Shut it down.
l can't. l've been locked out.
Bridge to Tuvok.
One of the Hirogen
is accessing our com system-- stop him.
Stand down!
Step away.
They've transmitted a signal.
Scan for Hirogen ships.
l've got two vessels
on long-range sensors.
ls the pulse ready?
Yes, ma'am.
Both Hirogen ships
have altered course to intercept.
How long?
Less than an hour.
You and Donik get down to Engineering.
Charge the deflector.
Captain, what are you doing?
Taking the holograms off-line.
They're counting on you to help them, not deactivate them.
When the Hirogen arrive, there's going to be more bloodshed.
The best way to avoid that is to shut the holograms down.
lt may be the most compassionate thing we can do.
Compassionate for whom?
lt's a temporary measure, Doctor.
Their programs won't be damaged.
Harry, get me lden.
Captain Janeway, it is an honor to meet you.
l'm afraid we don't have time for pleasantries.
Two Hirogen vessels are on their way.
We're prepared to fight them.
l'm hoping that won't be necessary.
l need you to deactivate your programs
so we can transfer them to Voyager's database.
We didn't come here to be put back into captivity.
lt's the best l can offer.
Once we've determined it's safe, we'll reactivate you and discuss
a permanent solution.
There is no guarantee you'll ever reactivate us.
You're going to have to trust me.
l'm sorry, Captain,
l've learned from experience not to trust organics.
We have the means to deactivate you by force,
but l'd rather not do that.
lt seems the Doctor misrepresented you.
You're no different from the Hirogen.
They're charging weapons.
They're moving away.
Set a pursuit course.
Target their shield generators.
Please reconsider what you're doing.
You're dismissed, Doctor.
Get down to the Mess Hall and give Tom a hand.
Janeway to Engineering.
Torres here.
Stand by to initiate the pulse.
Aye, Captain.
Mess Hall.
Belay that.
Sick Bay.
Download complete.
Doctor to lden. Respond.
What do you want?
l want to help you.
You've done enough.
l have data on the pulse they intend to use to deactivate you.
l think l can help you come up with a defense.
l'm transmitting our shield frequencies.
You'll need them to beam me off the ship,
but you have to promise me,
you won't use them to attack Voyager.
You have my word.
Why are you doing this?
l'm one of you.
We have their shield frequencies.
We should target their Bridge.
You're talking about my friends!
Your friends are trying to destroy us!
We should kill them.
You gave me your word!
l did.
We'll find another way.
Their shields are down.
Now, B'Elanna.
They're emitting the pulse
on a triaxillating bandwidth.
We configure the tracking beam
to the inverse frequency and fire.
B'Elanna, report.
They're creating a feedback surge.
l don't understand
how they could've isolated our frequency so quickly.
The main deflector is overloading.
Shut it down.
l can't.
Keep trying.
lf we can't block the surge,
the core is going to breach.
Get down, Lieutenant!
Not until l get this force field on line.
They're adrift.
We should go to warp.
Not yet.
Scan Voyager for a Klingon life sign.
What are you doing?!
One detected.
Get a transporter lock.
Help me get her to Sick Bay.
Take us to warp.
Will she be all right?
She needs to be
in Voyager's Sick Bay.
You can treat her here.
Why have you done this?
You said she was an expert in holo-technology.
And that justifies abducting her?
We're in a desperate situation.
The Hirogen are hunting us and so are your people.
l trusted you.
l could have destroyed Voyager while the shields
were down, but l didn't.
You've been trying to convince me
that all organics aren't alike.
l'm giving Lieutenant Torres a chance to prove you right.
Do you honestly expect her to be sympathetic
after what you've done?
You weren't very sympathetic at first.
l came here by choice
and l'm beginning to think it was a mistake.
lt wasn't.
l don't want you to regret it, not for a moment.
Then send her back.
l will, but not until she's had a chance to decide
if she wants to help us.
And if she refuses?
l'll give her an escape pod; let her return to Voyager.
You have my word.
Engineering systems and main power
should be operational soon.
The deflector is a different matter.
How long?
Four hours, at least.
lf Lieutenant Torres were here,
she might be able to repair it more efficiently.
That's high praise coming from you.
l'm sure she'd appreciate it.
lf she hadn't reinforced the core,
we'd all be dead.
l still don't understand how they managed
to counteract the pulse so easily.
l believe l can answer that.
According to sensor logs,
they calibrated their feedback surge
to the exact inverse of our pulse frequency.
lt was either a lucky guess
or they gained access to our tactical data.
The Doctor.
He sent an encrypted transmission from Sick Bay,
then transported himself to their ship.
l should have seen this coming.
You had no way of knowing the Doctor would do this.
Are you sure?
He was so adamant about helping those holograms.
l should have been paying closer attention.
Are you saying it was a mistake to reject his plan?
The mistake was not running a diagnostic on his program
the minute he came back to this ship.
You think these holograms manipulated him somehow?
He was on their ship for days.
For all we know,
they reconfigured his entire matrix.
There is another possibility.
He may have done what he did
because he genuinely believes in their cause.
l could accept that the Doctor
has sympathy for these... people,
but l can't accept that he would
deliberately risk the lives of this entire crew.
We're his family.
Maybe that's how he's started to think
of these holograms.
You can tell this lden
l don't need time to think it over.
l'll take the escape pod now.
You're in no condition to pilot a spacecraft.
Then you can do it.
l'm not going back.
You helped them escape.
l couldn't just stand by
while Captain Janeway tried to deactivate them.
Did you also help them kidnap me?!
No, l didn't know they were going to do that.
l'm sorry.
You can apologize later.
Right now, we've got to get out of here.
l don't think l could go back
even if l wanted to-- not after what l've done.
What's your alternative?
l can try to make a new life with the holograms.
l don't believe l'm hearing this.
We share a common heritage.
l understand them in ways you never could.
You're part of a crew.
You can't just switch allegiances
when you develop sympathy for someone else.
lsn't that what you did when you joined the Maquis?
-That was different. -How?
You saw people who were being oppressed
and you came to their defense.
That's exactly what l've done.
Look, l am no fan of the Hirogen.
They've obviously been abusing these holograms.
Then why not help them?
For one thing, l'm their prisoner.
They'll let you go, as soon as you're well enough.
You really believe that?
lf l didn't, l wouldn't be asking for your help.
They don't want you to fight for them.
They just want you to modify some technology
so they can live in peace.
You'd be helping to stop the violence.
Just talk to them.
Decide for yourself.
They've been in the lab for two hours.
lt's taking time for her injuries to heal.
Organics aren't as resilient as we are.
She's an engineer, lden.
For all we know, she's trying to sabotage the ship.
At least let me see what they're doing.
We can trust the Doctor.
Even after you kidnapped his friend?
He understands why l had to do that.
l hope you're right.
You need to have a little more faith, my friend.
Not all of us were programmed with your...
your spiritual beliefs.
lt looks like an Alpha Quadrant summit
in here.
l'm glad to see you're feeling better.
Please excuse my crew.
They're not comfortable with organics.
l can't say l'm very comfortable myself.
The Doctor tells me you're an accomplished engineer.
He speaks highly of you, too.
He seems to be easily impressed.
You'll have to forgive her. She's...
lt's all right.
l understand you're angry.
l'm hoping once we get to know each other,
you'll feel differently.
l'm not here to make friends.
We're not asking for your friendship,
just your expertise.
l told her about the photonic field generator.
Will you at least take a look at it?
l'll look...
but l'm not making any promises.
This is Kejal.
She'll assist you.
How long before the Hirogen get here?
Less than ten minutes.
Any luck locating the holograms?
They seem to be operating in some sort of stealth mode.
Their warp signature disappears in Grid 936.
They could be anywhere by now.
Hirogen sensors can detect residual ion emissions.
l might be able to modify yours to do the same.
l appreciate the offer, but you and the rest
of our Hirogen guests are going to be back
with your own people in a few minutes.
l was hoping to stay here.
Those hunters are going to want you with them.
Hunters don't have much use for cowards.
l'm sorry you're not expecting a warm welcome,
but l'm not going to antagonize your superiors.
With all due respect, Captain,
l'd like to get my wife back in one piece.
We could use all the help we can get.
lt won't do B'Elanna any good
if we get into a fight with the Hirogen.
lf the hunters find the holograms before you do,
they'll be slaughtered.
Why are you suddenly concerned about the holograms?
l modified their programs.
What's happened to them-- the people they have killed--
it's my fault.
There's plenty of blame to go around.
There would have been nothing for you to modify
if l hadn't shared our database.
lf you hadn't, l'd have become a hunter
like my father and his father.
lnstead, l had a chance to learn...
become an engineer.
Please, Captain...
let me stay and help you.
When l told you to return my people,
l meant all of them.
Mr. Donik's offered to help us modify our scanners
to track the holograms.
We don't share tracking technology.
That's not very considerate, after the help we gave you.
We're finished cooperating. Return him now!
Let her keep the coward.
We can't do that. He'll...
We're wasting time.
This is my hunt now.
lf you go anywhere near the hologram ship,
you can consider yourselves prey.
They've gone to warp.
We're not going to let them intimidate us, are we?
l think you know me a little better than that.
Harry, keep a sensor lock on them.
Aye, Captain.
How long will it take you to modify our scanners?
l haven't even had a chance to study the schematics.
Something tells me, we don't have a lot of time.
The Hirogen have better tracking abilities
than we do.
We'll let them find the holograms for us.
The hunters will attack them
as soon as they're in weapons range.
Not if we disable them first.
You heard what they said, Captain.
They're going to attack us if we get
anywhere near them.
Not if we don't know we're there.
May l?
Hirogen vessels produce an ion wake
approximately 5,000 meters long.
lnside it, there's too much
interference for their sensors to detect anything.
-A blind spot. -Mm-hmm.
How do you propose
we reach this wake without being discovered?
l know their scanning frequencies.
We'd only need to mask our signature
long enough to get into the wake.
Even if we succeeded--
which is far from certain--
Voyager is in no condition to fight one of their vessels,
much less two.
We'll have the element of surprise, Mr. Tuvok,
not to mention a Tactical Officer
who l'm sure will execute a precision strike.
l've been able
to reconfigure the data core,
but it's still not capable of supporting our matrices.
That's because you haven't got enough optronic capacity.
Do you know how to increase it?
But you're not going to tell me.
l haven't decided yet.
What are you staring at?
l've never met a Klingon before...
not an organic one, anyway.
What do you think?
You don't appear vicious or bloodthirsty.
Sorry to disappoint you, but that's a stereotype.
We're not all vicious and bloodthirsty,
and not every Cardassian is arrogant and cruel.
You don't like Cardassians.
Let's just say l've had some bad experiences with them.
ls that why you won't help me?
l'm not helping you because l have no idea
what you're going to do with this technology
once you've got it working.
We're going to build a home.
Well, let's say l believe you.
What if you decide
you like somebody else's home better?
Are you going to try to take it from them?
Why would we do that?
Because that's what the Cardassians did.
l'm not a Cardassian.
l'm a hologram.
Programmed with Cardassian traits.
Such as arrogance and cruelty?
What did you call those?
l may not know you,
but l know what you were designed to be.
That's right.
Cunning prey that'll do anything to survive.
We're more than that now.
lt's not easy to change who you are.
Trust me.
Nothing about our existence has ever been easy, Lieutenant.
No, l suppose it hasn't.
Besides, making a new life isn't a choice for us.
lt's a necessity.
Let's take a look at this field generator.
Reviewing your memory files?
l beg your pardon?
You were lost in thought.
l suppose l was.
You're having doubts.
lt's understandable.
You've taken a big step.
ln the right direction, l hope.
When l first escaped, there were days
l actually missed the Alpha who hunted me.
He was trying to kill you.
but being his prey was the only life l'd ever known.
We all cling to what's familiar.
l'm considering returning with Lieutenant Torres
when she's ready.
Do you actually expect your crew to welcome you back?
Let me show you something.
We call this planet ''Ha'Dara. ''
lt's Bajoran for ''Home of Light.''
Very poetic.
We're going to install the generators
in the southern continent.
lt's Y-Class.
Toxic atmosphere, sulfuric deserts,
no trees, no life at all.
You're still thinking like an organic.
We don't need an atmosphere.
We don't need water. What we need...
is protection from our enemies.
The Hirogen won't be able to follow you here.
Us, Doctor.
lmagine living in a world where everything
is designed to meet our needs.
A ''Home of Light.''
You certainly won't need a physician.
What would l do there?
Anything you want.
We've been scanned by the Hirogen.
How many vessels?
Two. Both Venatic-class.
Half a light-year.
Time to intercept?
Less than two hours.
l thought we were in stealth mode.
They're hunters, Doctor.
They were bound to pick up our trail eventually.
Can we make it to Ha'Dara?
No. There's no point in going there
until those field generators are on line.
What are we going to do?
You can't kill... what you can't find.
l've lost them.
Recalibrate the tracking scanners.
There's too much radiation.
Clever prey.
They'll come out eventually.
We'll wait.
No. Hail the other vessel.
Tell them to circle the perimeter.
We'll go in and drive the holograms out.
Not exactly the scenic route, is it?
We're not here for the view.
l just hope we're following the right ship.
They wouldn't have entered
the nebula unless they detected the holograms.
lt's just the turbulence from the wake.
Harry, reinforce the inertial dampers.
Aye, Captain.
l'm losing helm control.
Reroute power to the thrusters.
lt's not enough.
We're slipping out of the wake.
Ease us back in, Tom.
You can do it.
l'm trying.
l take back what l said.
That's the prettiest thing l've seen all day.
Did they detect us?
l don't believe so.
They found us.
No, they haven't, but they're trying to.
Evasive maneuvers.
Aye, sir.
Bridge to Kejal.
Go ahead.
What's your status?
We're almost ready to begin testing the generator.
What's going on?
The Hirogen are just giving you
a little incentive to work faster.
Hang on.
l'm realigning your matrix.
How's your mobility?
Excellent. l have compl...
There's a phase variance in your vocal processors.
Try it now.
Maybe we should...
That's much better.
Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
This thing is only supporting your matrix.
Getting it to handle dozens is a different story.
l have no doubt we'll succeed.
Another Cardassian attribute.
What are you planning to do with your time
once these generators are up and running?
l haven't thought about it.
You're the closest thing this crew has to an engineer.
Your friends are going to depend on you.
lden has always taken care of us.
lt may be the warriors who get the glory,
but it's the engineers who build societies.
Don't forget that.
How much longer can we hide?
Hopefully, until they get those generators on line.
Then what?
Set a course for Ha'Dara; try to outrun the Hirogen.
l've been thinking about what you said--
that l can do anything l want
when we get there.
You have an idea?
Quite a few, actually.
For one thing, l'd like to expose our people
to art and music.
You'll make an excellent teacher.
l think a more appropriate title
would be ''Minister of Culture.''
Consider it yours.
You know, l'm something of an expert
on Alpha Quadrant art.
Verdi, Da Vinci, T'Leel of Vulcan...
You're talking about organic cultures.
Well, yes, l suppose.
We'll want to develop a culture of our own.
l agree, but we can't ignore where we came from.
l don't want to emulate our oppressors.
What about your religion?
l'm creating a new faith.
Based on what?
ln the dark times, we were enslaved by men of flesh.
But then another man--
a man of light-- arose
and slew the Mighty Alpha.
He gathered his people unto him and delivered them to freedom.
''And on the seventh day, lden created Ha'Dara. ''
They'll pray to you, as well--
the great healer, the father of us all.
Being appreciated is one thing,
but l have no interest in being worshipped.
Prophets are chosen, Doctor.
lt's a blessing and a burden.
We've detected a vessel.
No, the Nuu'Bari.
l intercepted one of their com transmissions.
Two million kilometers outside the nebula.
Set a course to intercept.
What are you doing?
l told you there are holograms
throughout the sector.
The Nuu'Bari use them as laborers.
We're going to liberate them.
The Hirogen will see us
as soon as we leave the nebula.
''And he gathered his people unto him
and delivered them to freedom.''
B'Elanna, how's the work coming?
Pretty well.
l've got to admit,
you were right about these people.
l hope so.
You ''hope''?
lt's a little late to be having second thoughts.
lden's been...
lden's been what?
Let's just say he's exhibiting
some of the classic signs of megalomania.
Well, he wouldn't be the first hologram with an ego.
lf that were all it was, l wouldn't be so worried.
What is bothering you?
Apparently, he sees himself
as some kind of spiritual leader,
and he's trying to enlarge his flock.
Load another charge.
Double the yield.
Still nothing.
lronic, isn't it?
Our most elusive prey is our own creation.
The other hunting vessel is hailing.
They've detected the holograms on the far side of the nebula.
lntercept course.
They're increasing speed and altering course.
Maybe they've found something.
Stand by weapons.
You kidnapped me.
l guess l shouldn't be surprised
you lied to me, too.
Nobody lied to you.
You said you only wanted
to make a home for yourselves.
That's correct.
When? After you liberate
every hologram in the sector?
They're in visual range.
On screen.
Life signs?
Two organic, three photonic.
Hail them.
Good day to you.
You have three holograms aboard your ship.
Lower your shields,
so we can transfer them to our databanks.
l don't understand.
Lower your shields, or we'll do it by force.
These holograms are the property
of the Mining Consortium. l can't...
They're no one's property.
You see how organics think?
Arm phasers.
You can't just fire at them.
How do you expect me to disable their shields?
They're powering warp engines.
Disable them.
Their shields are down.
Transfer the holograms.
We have them.
You won't get away.
Consortium security will have every patrol ship in the sector
searching for you.
Arm forward torpedoes.
What the hell are you doing?
Torpedoes armed.
Not now.
Target their warp core.
Set a course for Ha'Dara, maximum warp.
You just killed two innocent people.
They were enslaving holograms.
l'd hardly call them innocent.
You already
had the holograms.
There was no reason to commit murder.
Take her to the lab.
This is the leader you admire so much.
Those miners were no threat to you.
You heard them.
They were going to warn their authorities,
organize a hunting party.
Listen to yourself.
You still believe all organics
are like the Hirogen.
One way or another, they are.
You just can't see it,
because you lived among them for so long.
What you can't see
is that you've become no better than the hunters.
Lieutenant Torres and l will take that escape pod now.
You don't realize what you'd be giving up, Doctor.
Yes, l do.
We can't launch a pod at warp.
You'll have to wait until we get to Ha'Dara.
Bring our new friends on line.
Something tells me they'll be
a little more grateful than the Doctor.
l can't tell you how sorry l am
that l got you involved in this.
We can assign blame later.
Right now, we've got to find a way out of here.
You don't think he'll give us an escape pod?
No, l don't suppose he will.
l need her assistance.
Do you really think it's wise to help her?
l'm hoping she'll help us.
These matrices are incompatible with our emitters.
You need to modify their projection subroutines.
l hope these holograms
appreciate what you're doing for them...
considering it cost two people their lives.
lden did what he thought was necessary.
Do you believe it was necessary?
lt wasn't my decision.
Why does lden get to make all the decisions?
You can take control.
You're the engineer, remember?
Take lden off-line.
Where are our new holograms?
We were just making some final adjustments.
Welcome aboard.
l'm lden.
You're free now.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
l want you to consider this ship your own.
Unable to process command.
Please restate.
Were their programs damaged in the transfer?
l don't believe so.
Do you have names?
Unable to process inquiry.
Please restate.
What's wrong with them?
They're functioning perfectly.
l don't understand.
They were only programmed with
about 40 rudimentary subroutines.
You killed two living beings to liberate mindless machines.
l don't believe that.
Lieutenant Torres is correct.
Creating limited programs is just another form
of oppression. Give them whatever enhancements they need.
They can't support
complex subroutines.
They are children of light,
and l will deliver them to freedom!
Bridge to lden.
Go ahead.
We're approaching Ha'Dara.
What's the status of the generator?
l'd like to run some additional tests.
There isn't time.
Stand by to deploy them as soon as we're in range.
And restrain her.
Time to orbit?
Less than two minutes.
Stand by weapons.
Aye, sir.
lden, let B'Elanna go.
l can't do that.
You gave me your word.
That was before she made her prejudice so clear.
The holograms are entering orbit.
Charge weapons.
They're dropping out of warp.
They've disabled our engines, all our weapons...
Bring us about.
Tuvok, target the second vessel.
Their shields are weakening.
Torpedoes, full spread.
Voyager's disabled both hunting vessels.
They've lost shields, weapons.
They're defenseless.
We should hail Janeway; thank her.
Are the Hirogen within transporter range?
l think so. Why?
That was Voyager.
They're trying to disable our shields.
Return fire.
Get a lock on the hunters.
Transport them to the surface.
They can't survive down there!
The Hirogen are more resilient than you think.
They'll last long enough.
For what?
For us to hunt them like they hunted us.
Follow me!
There are 34 hunters on the surface.
Take us into low orbit.
l can't target them through the gases.
Then we'll go in after them.
Our shields have been damaged.
They won't protect us from the radiation.
You, Tuvok and Tom take the Flyer.
Stand by to transport the field generator.
First you killed in self-defense.
Then you murder in cold blood.
Now you're going to stage a massacre.
The hunters have only themselves to blame.
So much for evolving beyond your subroutines.
You've made a great sacrifice for us, Doctor.
We won't forget you in our prayers.
Deactivate his program.
Transfer it to the databanks.
What are you doing?
Taking precautions.
Transfer my program to the mobile emitter...
and assemble the crew.
Disable their shields.
Transport the generator to the surface, quickly!
This time the hunt is ours!
Darkness will become light.
You don't have to be a part of this.
l'll let you take the escape pod.
You can go back to your people.
What about the people being killed
on the surface?
You've got to transport them back to their ships.
They're hunters.
You're not!
Your ship has damaged our transporters.
Hail them.
Communications are down, too.
l won't be taken!
Who's the prey now?
Are we still tied into the generator controls?
Then shut down the holograms.
What about lden?
He's not tied into the generator.
He'll kill them all.
Can we reactivate the Doctor?
Their shields are down.
lnitiate transport.
lf this marriage is going to work,
you've got to cut back on the traveling.
The Doctor's on the surface.
There's some Hirogen down there, too.
The radiation's making it difficult to get a lock.
Defenseless prey makes a poor trophy.
l don't collect trophies.
Put down the weapon.
Remember what you once said to me?
You're not programmed
with killer instinct.
Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?
Put down your weapon.
Would you really kill one of your own
to save an organic?
lf you've taught me anything,
it's that l'm not one of your own.
Help is on the way.
l have a lock.
Five Hirogen life signs and the Doctor.
Beam them up.
Captain's Log, Stardate 54337.5.
The surviving Hirogen have recovered from their injuries,
leaving me with a diplomatic dilemma.
The holograms' vessel and everything
in its database are Hirogen property.
l will not leave them behind.
Captain, if l may?
Of course.
l imagine your people will tell stories about this hunt.
The question is, which story will it be--
the one about the dying Beta
whose life had to be saved by a hologram?
Or will it be the tale
of the Beta who bravely took over the hunt,
killed the holograms, and destroyed their ship?
You could be a legend.
On the other hand...
you could try to take the holograms' ship,
but with so few hunters and damaged vessels,
you might not survive to tell any stories at all.
You and your crew would have made worthy prey, Captain.
Thank you... l think.
Transport me to the holograms' vessel.
lden's program is unrecoverable.
The rest of the holograms are intact in the database.
l guess that leaves just you.
l'm willing to transfer
your program to our holodeck and keep it active.
This is my home.
l can't let you go off on your own.
She won't be alone.
l reprogrammed these holograms once,
and it caused suffering on both sides.
l'd like a chance to undo some of the damage.
Wouldn't we all?
They've both proven that they can be trusted, Captain.
l don't suppose l have a right
to tell either of you how to live your lives.
All l can do is hope that you'll consider
the consequences of your actions.
l'd hoped l could attribute your behavior to tampering.
My programming hasn't been altered.
Not according to the diagnostics.
l never intended to put Voyager in danger.
lf nothing else, you have to believe that.
Oh, l believe it.
But if there's one thing l'm sure of,
it's that things don't always happen the way we intend.
l don't understand.
lf l weren't your only doctor,
l imagine you'd confine me to the brig.
Confiscating my emitter
would be an equivalent punishment.
l'm not sure that's appropriate.
lf that's not enough, you can take away
my holodeck privileges, and my autonomy protocols.
You mean turn back the clock
to when you were first activated.
You've given me extraordinary freedom over the years.
l've obviously abused it.
Or maybe you've simply become as fallible
as those of us who are made of flesh and blood.
l'm just as responsible for allowing you
to expand your programming
as l am for giving technology to the Hirogen.
How can l punish you for being who you are?
l don't know what to say.
l'd like a complete report on your...
away mission.
You'll have it.

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