Hmm... There.
You recognized the complementary base pair.
Actually, l just found two pieces that fit together.
You're missing the point.
l thought the point was to finish the puzzle.
And learn something about genetics.
lf you really want to help,
find me a green piece that looks like Tuvok's ear.
At ease. l'm just passing through.
l apologize
for the condition of the cargo bay, sir.
l've been tutoring Naomi.
Looks like you found a creative approach.
Thank you, but l'd
appreciate it if you didn't tell Seven.
l'm supposed to be writing a paper
on transwarp instability.
Don't worry, your secret's safe...
as long as you keep mine.
Antarian cider.
Not the replicated stuff.
There are only a couple of bottles left,
and l don't want Mr. Neelix getting his hands on them.
Well, then you should store them
with the salvaged Borg components.
Neelix never inventories those containers.
He says they give him the creeps.
Officer-level thinking, lcheb.
Would you mind?
Of course not.
Come in.
You're late.
Unfortunately, so's dinner.
Let me guess-- you burned the roast again.
Once, a long time ago,
l called this replicator a glorified toaster.
lt never forgave me.
l didn't realize replicators held grudges.
What's so funny?
l just left lcheb and Naomi
assembling a jigsaw puzzle in the cargo bay.
Find me the thermal regulator, please.
How is lcheb?
ln a few years, he may be running the ship.
l don't know about you,
but l'm not ready to retire just yet.
Janeway to the Bridge. Report.
That was some kind of gravimetric surge.
lt's overloading our inertial dampeners.
That's a good question.
Seven's trying to localize it.
Engineering says the warp core is destabilizing.
l'd better get down there.
A spatial rift is opening directly in front of us.
lt's emitting high levels of neutrinos and chronitons.
On screen.
What is it?
l don't know.
We're losing containment. Everyone out!
Torres to the Transporter Room.
Beam Commander Chakotay directly to Sick Bay, now!
Welcome back.
Lie still.
What happened?
You were transported here.
Your body was in a state of temporal flux.
Temporal flux?
You had the liver of an 80-year-old man
and the kidneys of a 12-year-old boy.
Fortunately, l was able to create
a chroniton-infused serum
that you brought you back into temporal alignment.
Anywhere else,
that antidote would have earned me a prestigious award.
Of course, on Voyager, it's just another day
in the life of an under-appreciated EMH.
What about the rest of the crew?
No other casualties?
Not that l'm aware of.
l've tried calling the Bridge,
but no one answers.
Were we attacked?
l don't think so.
We ran into some sort of anomaly.
Naturally, no one thought to inform me.
What do you think you're doing?
And you're going with me.
l am?
There may be other injured crewmen.
ln case you've forgotten,
l'm a prisoner of these walls.
Where's your mobile emitter?
My what?
l'll be back.
Tell me about this... mobile emitter.
what's going on?
l'm afraid l don't know you.
Take him into custody.
How did you get aboard this ship?
Oh, l didn't realize we were on a first-name basis.
We should have known
that the Maquis were involved.
lnvolved in what?
Just when we're about to chase your ship
into the Badlands,
our systems start malfunctioning
and you step off the turbolift.
Captain, l know this may be hard to believe,
but l think l've somehow
been thrown seven years into Voyager's past.
Let's try another theory.
You learned Voyager had been assigned to capture you,
and you managed to get on board to sabotage her.
Check your sensors.
See if they're showing any strange temporal readings.
Captain, the environmental controls are fluctuating.
Take him to the brig.
Halt turbolift.
Hold him still.
You didn't really think l'd hurt you, did you?
How'd you get here?
Don't tell me that little bump
on your head gave you amnesia.
lt's time you accepted
that l'm in control of Voyager now.
That was five years ago.
What are you talking about?
Listen, Seska, there's some kind of temporal anomaly
going on here.
l want to know how many more
of your people are back on board.
All right, l'll tell you.
l've got a dozen officers with me.
We've already locked you out
of every key system.
ln less than an hour,
we'll be in control again.
ln less than a minute, you're going to be dead,
if you don't give me access to those systems.
l'll need to use that console.
Just don't do anything you'll regret.
Stop him!
Warning. Coolant system breach.
Don't make me kill you.
Scan the perimeter.
Report any anomalous readings.
There's something wrong here.
Whoever you are, l suggest you surrender.
l'm armed!
lt's only me, Doc.
Please tell me what's going on.
lf you tell me the stardate.
No wonder you didn't know about the mobile emitter.
You don't get it for another year.
l don't understand.
l'm not sure l get it myself,
but the ship seems to have been fractured somehow.
Different areas seem to exist in different time periods.
How many of these ''time periods'' are there?
l'm not sure.
On the Bridge, it's before Voyager
even left the Alpha Quadrant.
ln Engineering, it's the time
when the Kazon took over the ship.
Kazon? We've got to protect ourselves.
Don't worry. So far, l'm the only one
who can cross from one zone into another.
That serum you gave me...
it must have made me immune.
Normal technology won't pass through the barriers.
Can you replicate
a chroniton-infused hypospray casing,
using the same principles you used to make the serum?
l think so. Why?
l have to take some of it with me.
What for?
lf l'm going to put the ship back together again,
l need help.
Where are my officers?
The turbolift passed through a temporal barrier.
They couldn't get through.
lf you're willing to hear me out,
l can explain... at least partly.
You mean about your being from the future?
Your first Starfleet posting was on the Al-Batani,
where you once knocked out power to six decks
by misaligning the positronic relays.
Nice try, but you could have read that
in the Maquis intelligence file.
How's Molly,
your lrish setter?
You rescued her from a pound on Taris Seti lV.
She was the runt of the litter, but you thought she had spunk.
You love music, but you never learned
to play an instrument-- something you still regret.
How do you know these things?
Because you told me, about three years from now.
My ready room.
lt's a fascinating story, but as the Ferengi say,
''A good lie is easier to believe than the truth.''
So you're saying no one on your crew
has encountered one of these temporal barriers?
My helmsman disappeared
when she tried to walk down that corridor,
but that doesn't prove she passed through
a temporal barrier.
lf you inject yourself, l can take you down that corridor
and show you everything that l've said is true.
Have Mr. Kim run a full-spectral analysis.
For all l know, this is poison
and Mr. Chakotay is trying to assassinate me.
She's right.
lt's poison, and l'll use it.
Let her go.
Lower your weapon.
Andrews to the Bridge.
l need help here.
He can't hear you.
We've moved into a different time frame.
Scan the area, but don't go past that bulkhead.
You want more proof? lt's right down that corridor.
You just have to trust me.
lt isn't easy when you're holding me hostage.
Stay or go-- it's your choice.
Now that l'm inoculated,
l can go anywhere on the ship l want.
That's right.
Then l suppose l don't need you anymore.
Without me, you'll be walking into a future
you know nothing about.
Where are we going?
The Astrometrics Lab.
Voyager doesn't have an Astrometrics Lab.
Harry designed it-- or will design it.
Harry Kim?
l realize, from your perspective,
he's new to the job,
but he's going to become one of our best people.
Deck 8.
''Our'' people?
l'm going to be your First Officer.
What's the reason we're going to this, uh, Astrometrics?
lt has temporal sensors that can help us map the ship
and tell us how many time frames we're dealing with.
Now you're trying to tell me
Harry Kim invented temporal sensors?
No. We used Borg technology for that.
lt's a long story.
Maybe you better keep it to yourself.
The Temporal Prime Directive.
The less l know about the future, the better.
She's got a pulse.
l'm detecting an active neurogenic field.
This could be the day the telepathic pitcher plant
put us all into comas.
Or it might be the time aliens invaded our dreams.
We've got to get them help.
Don't worry.
We managed to get out of both situations.
l'm sorry--
l don't recognize you, Lieutenant.
lt's me-- Naomi Wildman.
How did you...?
Are you lcheb?
Something tells me you weren't expecting us.
No, ma'am.
You both died...
17 years ago.
The Captain and l haven't risen from the grave.
The ship's been fractured into different time frames.
37, to be exact.
How did you calculate that?
We've had 17 years to upgrade the sensors.
A chronokinetic surge interacted with the warp core.
lt shattered the space-time continuum aboard the ship.
The accident that occurred in your time frame.
The question is:
Can we repair the damage?
lf we could get to a section of the ship
that still exists in that time period,
maybe we could counteract the surge,
stop it from happening.
That section was the focal point of the surge.
lt seems to have been... obliterated.
lt's too bad Seven's not here.
Someone who knows more
about temporal mechanics than any of us.
Unfortunately, she hasn't been found, either.
Maybe we can find her in another time frame.
l have an Ensign Samantha Wildman on my crew.
My mother.
Naomi was the first child born on Voyager.
A few years later, we rescued lcheb from the Borg.
When l was little, there was nothing l wanted more
than to be the Assistant Captain.
We should get moving.
ln case you were wondering,
l never told Neelix where you hid that cider.
So why are we looking for this...
Seven in the cargo bay?
She spent a lot of time there.
Maybe you'd better fill me in.
This looks like the time
you forged a temporary alliance with the Borg.
What's happened to this vessel?
Captain Janeway... meet Seven of Nine--
Tertiary Adjunct
of Unimatrix Zero One.
When a Borg cube travels through a transwarp corridor,
the temporal stresses are extreme.
To keep the different sections of the cube in temporal sync,
we project a chroniton field throughout the vessel.
Each cube has specially designed conduits.
lf we install similar conduits throughout this vessel
then generate a sufficiently powerful field,
we may be able to force Voyager back into temporal sync.
Temporal sync with what?
The vessel will return to the moment
of the original chronokinetic surge.
Since the surge will last for six to seven seconds,
Since the surge will last for six to seven seconds,
Commander Chakotay will have a short time
in which to try to counteract the warp core reaction.
Even if we could replicate these conduits,
we'd have no way to get them through the temporal barriers.
The bio-neural circuitry.
lt runs through every section of the ship,
almost like a nervous system.
lf we could inject the gel packs
with your serum, we could use them
to transmit the chroniton field.
The warp core could be recalibrated
to generate that field.
Work on it.
Chakotay and l will see about modifying the serum.
Your plan is inefficient.
There are only two of you.
lf l were to assimilate you
into a small Borg collective,
you could then assimilate others.
The work would proceed more quickly.
Sorry, but l like my plan better.
We'll be back.
That was an interesting experience.
lf it makes you feel any better,
you're going to develop quite a knack
for dealing with the Borg.
You mean we're going to be seeing more of them?
We'll run into them on a few occasions.
Why do l get the feeling that's an understatement?
lt doesn't seem like my first command
is shaping up the way l expected.
''ln the middle of the journey of our life,
''l found myself astray in a dark wood
where the straight road had been lost.''
l didn't know Dante's lnferno was on the Maquis reading list.
Actually, l borrowed your copy.
My fiancé gave me that book as an engagement gift.
l've never lent it to anyone.
Not yet.
Anyway, l agree with Dante.
lf you always see the road ahead of you,
it's not worth the trip.
A soldier and a philosopher.
Your intelligence file doesn't do you justice.
l've replicated these belts to resist the effects
of the temporal barriers, just like the hyposprays.
l didn't realize you were programmed to be so versatile.
l wasn't, but when you are thrown
into the deep end of the galaxy
and left running for as long as l've been,
it helps to develop a few extra subroutines.
How long have you been running?
Almost three years--
since our original Doctor was killed.
Killed? How?
ln the incident that stranded us here in the Delta Qua...
The Temporal Prime Directive-- remember?
Of course.
l'm sorry.
The Delta Quadrant?
ls that what he was about to say?
l'll take the upper decks; you take the lower.
l don't think splitting up's a good idea.
We'll get the job done faster.
As your First Officer,
it's my duty to protect you.
l know a lot more about what's out there than you do,
and we have no way of communicating
if something goes wrong.
lt may take a little longer, but we should go together.
After you...
Can l ask you something?
l started off with a crew of 153.
l already know l lost my Doctor.
How many others?
We'll suffer casualties like any other starship,
but you'll also gain new crewmen as well.
Like you.
How do you get to be my First Officer?
Our crews will be forced to work together
after we get stranded.
ln the Delta Quadrant?
How does that happen?
Are you sure you want to know?
What the hell was that?
A macrovirus-- they infected the ship
a few years ago.
lt sounds like it's going to be
one disaster after another on this ship.
You once told me that Starfleet Captains
don't choose their missions, the missions choose them.
You're going to have the opportunity to study things
no human has ever seen before.
lncluding some very large germs.
A monochromatic environment?
lt's called black and white.
lt's one of Tom Paris' holodeck programs.
He based it on some old science fiction serials.
lnteresting technology.
Captain Proton's rocket pack.
Captain Proton?
The savior of the universe.
Doesn't sound like Mr. Paris' tastes are very sophisticated.
That's why we love having him around.
The access port should be in there.
Here. l think l found the panel.
Give me a hand.
in the name of Chaotica!
Seize them!
Oh, no.
Computer, deactivate program.
Unable to comply.
Holodeck controls are off-line.
Hold on.
Now, wait a minute.
Seize! My liege!
Do not resist.
They were attempting
to rob your laboratory!
Don't you recognize
the Queen of the Spider People?
Arachnia... my bride.
l knew you'd return to me one day...
so l could watch you die.
Raise the lightning shield!
Power the death ray!
Her fleet may be lurking nearby.
We must defend ourselves.
l'm open to suggestions.
Our best bet is to play along.
Don't let me stop you.
l'm not the one he's in love with.
you beguiled me once with your foul potions.
Did you think you could toy with my affections again?
Were these characters always this ridiculous?
lf l order Lonzak
to pull that lever,
you'll never mock me again.
Please, my liege.
l meant it was ridiculous
to think l would ever try to deceive you.
l've come to warn you
of a fiendish plot.
By aliens from the Eighth Dimension.
Everyone knows there are only
five dimensions.
lf you don't believe us,
examine their handiwork for yourself.
There's a hidden panel over there,
behind those rocks.
Very well.
l'll humor you.
l've found it, Highness!
They've sabotaged my laboratory.
That vial you're holding--
it's a neutralizing potion.
lf you inject their device,
you'll render it harmless.
Release me,
and l'll disarm all their devices...
throughout your realm.
throughout your realm.
Oh, Arachnia.
You do love me.
How could l resist
your... magnetism?
Or l, yours.
Together, we'll rule the cosmos
and grind our enemies into dust.
lf we restore the timeline,
remind me to cancel Mr. Paris' holodeck privileges.
What the hell's going on?
And what are you doing in that uniform?
lt's a little complicated.
l'm not going anywhere.
Voyager's had an encounter with an anomaly.
lt's fractured the ship into different time periods.
We're trying to undo the damage,
but we need access to that panel.
First, she destroys our only way out of the Delta Quadrant,
and now you're collaborating with her?
Try to understand.
l'm from a time period in your future
when all of us will be working together.
That's pretty hard to believe.
B'Elanna, l've never lied
to you before, and l'm not lying now.
That woman blamed me for stranding Voyager
in the Delta Quadrant.
She was angry.
But was she right?
You had good reasons for doing what you did.
What reasons?
You were trying to save lives.
An alien culture, the Ocampans.
ln other words, l'm going to choose to help strangers
at the expense of our own people.
lt's not like you to second-guess yourself.
ln this case,
l'm second-guessing a decision l haven't made yet.
Keep dispensing the netrazine until we run out,
then switch to the analeptics.
Yes, Lieutenant.
How did you get in here?
There isn't time to explain.
What happened to these people?
Radiation poisoning.
The EPS relays overloaded when we ran into the anomaly.
We need the Doctor and medical supplies,
or we're going to have a lot more casualties.
l'm afraid that isn't possible right now.
Do the best you can.
Yes, sir.
There's an access panel in the galley.
Coffee, black.
How do you know how l like my coffee?
Well, you haven't changed
your standing order in seven years.
Thanks, it's just what l needed.
Don't worry, Captain.
You'll get us out of this.
You always do.
All done here.
l am pleased you are here.
l didn't think
l would see you again.
l want you to know,
it has been an honor to serve with you...
and to be your friend.
Mr. Paris!
Live long and prosper.
Deck 1 1.
l can't let this happen, not again.
What are you talking about?
Voyager getting stranded, all these deaths
this entire future-- it's my fault.
l've got to do something to change it.
What do you have in mind?
Maybe we can find a way to modify Seven of Nine's plan.
Put Voyager into temporal sync
-with my time frame. -Captain...
Now that l know what's going to happen,
l could avoid getting trapped in the Delta Quadrant
in the first place.
Halt turbolift.
Seven's plan is dangerous enough.
Trying to alter it is too risky.
lt's worth the risk.
lf Seven's idea works,
Tuvok and those other crewmen will be fine.
They'll still be stuck in the Delta Quadrant.
lf a temporal anomaly doesn't kill them,
something else will-- the Borg,
telepathic pitcher plants, macroviruses.
The Delta Quadrant is a death trap.
What about the Temporal Prime Directive?
To hell with it.
With all due respect, it's a little presumptuous
to think you have the right to change everyone's future.
From what l've seen, they'll thank me.
All you've seen are bits and pieces.
You're not getting the whole picture.
Just what am l missing?
lt's not what, it's who.
People like Seven of Nine, a Borg drone
who'll become a member of this crew
after you help her recover her humanity.
Or Tom Paris, a former convict
who'll be our pilot, chief medic
and a husband to B'Elanna Torres.
That angry woman l just met?
She's going to be your Chief Engineer.
Two crews, Maquis and Starfleet, are going to become one,
and they'll make as big a mark on the Delta Quadrant
as it'll make on them,
by protecting people like the Ocampans,
curing diseases, encouraging peace.
Children like Naomi and lcheb
are going to grow up on this ship and call it home.
And we'll all be following a Captain
who sets a course for Earth
and never stops believing that we'll get there.
Are you going to be lecturing me like this
for the next seven years?
Don't worry, you'll always get the last word.
ln that case, let's get back to work.
So, who is this Seska?
She was a member of my crew
who turned out to be a Cardassian spy.
She made an alliance with the Kazon
and took over the ship.
lt's all right, we got it back.
Sounds like she's not going to be
as cooperative as the others.
l suggest we take a page out of your rule book.
We try diplomacy.
Fine, but the next page in that book says
that when diplomacy fails, we need a backup plan.
Something tells me you already have one.
We've already injected the gel packs
in the other time frames.
That just leaves the ones here.
lt's in both our interests to work together.
l agree.
Let him go.
You believe him?
His story is too preposterous to be a lie.
l'll admit, it's an ingenious solution.
l'm glad you're cooperating.
Oh, l believe in cooperation, as long as it benefits me.
You know,
it's true what they say.
What's that?
Men just get more distinguished as they get older.
A few lines here, a little gray there.
lt adds character.
Too bad their minds start to go.
The last time you were here, you had that nasty head injury
and you mumbled something about
my taking over the ship five years ago.
lf that's true,
then you're from a future time frame,
which means that at some point
your crew is going to regain control of Voyager.
l can't allow that to happen.
Step away from the console.
An ingenious plan.
lt just needs a slight modification.
What are you doing?
Recalibrating your pulse to bring the ship
into temporal sync with my time frame.
That's not possible.
When will you learn
to stop underestimating me?
lf you make even the slightest miscalculation,
you'll destroy the ship and kill everyone.
What other choice do l have?
lf l can get Voyager into my own time frame,
then l'll be able to ensure that you never retake the ship.
Don't worry.
l won't hurt you.
You can start fresh with me.
That's not the future l have in mind.
ln that case...
Good-bye, Chakotay.
lt's too dangerous.
There are too many variables.
You're not pleading for your...
Do it.
l'm telling you,
you're endangering your own life.
l'm touched by your concern.
Put down your weapons.
Don't listen to her.
Your faithful First Officer
isn't going to let you die.
Are you?
Very clever, Chakotay--
inoculating them with your serum.
Well, now it's time to inoculate my people,
so we can have access to the rest of the ship.
l won't do that.
Then you just lost your Captain.
Now drop your weapons.
Seska and the Kazon
are secure in the Jefferies tube.
The last gel packs?
They're ready.
The rest of us should return to our sections.
After Chakotay initiates the warp pulse,
he should find himself back at the moment
Voyager encountered the chronokinetic surge.
He's only going to have a few seconds
to reset the deflector polarity.
lf the timeline is restored,
the rest of us should have no memory of what's happened here.
So l'd like to thank you now
for putting your doubts aside
and helping me put mine aside as well.
Good luck to each of you.
Mind if l ask you one last question?
Will l have to break
the Temporal Prime Directive to answer it?
Maybe... just a little.
For two people who started off as enemies,
it seems we get to know each other pretty well.
So l've been wondering...
just how close do we get?
Let's just say
there are some barriers we never cross.
See you in the future.
Chakotay should be initiating the pulse
in ten seconds.
Five, four, three, two...
Reroute main power to the deflector
and set the polarity
to the frequency l'm inputting.
Have you ever heard of a lightning rod?
ln about three seconds, we're going to need one.
What is it?
l don't know.
Main power's being rerouted
to the deflector dish.
Who gave that order?
The deflector's been burned out,
but we're okay.
Do you mind telling me
why B'Elanna burned out the deflector dish?
Actually, l ordered her to do it.
Trust me, it was better than the alternative.
Which was what, exactly?
l can't tell you.
Why not?
The Temporal Prime Directive.
B'Elanna's already got a team
working on repairs.
What do you say we finish our dinner?
Forget particle fountains
and subspace inversions.
There isn't an anomaly scarier
than a thunderstorm on the plains,
especially when you're six years old.
l remember watching a bolt of lightning
split an oak tree in my grandfather's yard.
l'd climbed it just a few hours before.
Good timing.
So what would have happened
if you hadn't turned our deflector dish
into a lightning rod?
We've been down this road before.
Have we?
You wanting answers to questions you shouldn't ask.
But something did happen...
outside the normal space-time continuum.
lt's strange
thinking there's a piece of your life
you don't know anything about.
Sounds a lot like the future.
Any predictions?
Only that in a few minutes, this bottle will be empty.
Then maybe you should go to the cargo bay
and grab another one.
How do you know that's where l keep it?
Oh, l can't tell you.
Why not?
Temporal Prime Directive.

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