This is Captain Kathryn Janeway
of the Starship Voyager.
We're responding to your distress call.
A ruptured conduit is flooding my ship
with plasma radiation.
We request immediate transport.
l'm detecting 11 life-signs; two are weak.
Transport the injured to Sick Bay
and the rest to Cargo Bay 1.
l want security teams at both locations.
Our weapons!
They'll be returned to you when you leave.
These are dangerous criminals. They have to be secured.
We'll do our best to accommodate you.
l had eight men in custody.
Where are the other two?
We're not going to hurt you.
Stay away, or l'll kill her!
l'm sure we can resolve this
without resorting to violence.
What is it you want?
A ship, some food.
l might be able to arrange that,
but you'll have to release her first.
l'm not a fool.
You know l'll do it! Tell them.
You're not getting off this ship.
lf you release her,
l promise you won't be harmed.
Not until l get a ship.
We don't negotiate with criminals.
Who are you?
Warden Yediq of the Nygean Detention Force.
This man is my prisoner.
lf that were true, he wouldn't be holding my friend hostage.
Get back!
l'm a hologram. l can't be harmed.
l think you proved my point.
We're lucky you came along, Captain.
Ten more minutes
and none of us would have survived the plasma leak.
Your vessel was equipped with escape pods.
Why didn't you use them?
l couldn't risk letting any of the prisoners get away.
As you've seen, they're extremely dangerous.
Where are you taking them?
Back to our homeworld.
They're due to be executed.
What were their crimes?
All eight are murderers.
Three are multiple offenders.
We're just 13 light-years from our system.
l'd appreciate it if you'd take us back there.
Actually, we were headed in the opposite direction.
l could arrange
for one of our ships to rendezvous with Voyager.
lt'll take several days.
My prisoners will have to be strictly monitored.
Commander Tuvok will help you make arrangements.
Some of the crew may not be comfortable
helping to deliver eight men to their deaths.
l can't say l like it, either...
but we have a Prime Directive to follow.
30 more seconds,
and l could have resolved the situation peacefully.
lnstead, you and ''Tuvok the Kid''
had to take matters into your own hands.
You're damaged.
Commander Tuvok's friendly fire
must have caused
a feedback surge in my emitters.
l'll help you repair it.
How are you?
Fine, Captain.
This your ship?
Then let me out.
l'm afraid l can't do that.
lf you don't, l'll kill you all.
Janeway to Tuvok.
Are the prisoners' accommodations ready?
Affirmative, Captain.
Then by all means, initiate transport.
You're sure these will hold them?
The force fields are impenetrable,
as are the tritanium bulkheads.
ln addition to your staff,
two Voyager security officers
will remain here at all times.
Two more will be posted
at the entrance to the cargo bay.
What about our weapons?
You'll be allowed to carry them
in this area only.
lf you leave the cargo bay,
you'll be asked to surrender them.
What's this?
Since you can't bring the prisoners to the Mess Hall,
l brought the Mess Hall to them.
What is it?
Talaxian Spice Stew served over leola rice pilaf.
lt's an old family recipe.
Take it back.
Too spicy?
These men don't deserve
such an elaborate meal.
Take it back.
Federation guidelines are quite clear
about the treatment of prisoners.
He is correct.
l can quote the protocols,
if you like.
My men will assist you.
Thanks for standing up to Yediq.
Just doing my job.
it was kind.
This would be easier if you would remain stationary.
lt doesn't feel right.
You may experience unusual sensations
while your matrix realigns.
l was referring to the ''arrangement''
the Captain's made with the Nygeans.
No matter how terrible the crimes these men committed,
it seems wrong to hand them over to be executed.
This is a Federation starship, not the Barge of the Dead.
Would you have preferred the Captain release them?
Of course not. They're dangerous men.
Executing them ensures
they'll never pose a threat to anyone again.
So would life sentences... the operative word being ''life.''
Confining them for life requires significant resources.
The Nygeans may not think it worthwhile.
What about rehabilitation?
Given the chance, some of these men might become
productive members of society one day.
Their victims won't have the same opportunity.
And that justifies taking their lives?
An eye for an eye?
lt's not justice, it's revenge.
Quite frankly, l'm surprised
you're not troubled by such a barbaric system.
l'm simply being objective.
You often encourage me
to see both sides of an argument.
this is one occasion when my programming won't allow me
to be objective.
Killing is wrong, no matter who's doing it.
Still hungry?
l can hear your stomach from here.
This must be the first time in a month
you couldn't steal poor Egrid's meal.
Good, isn't it?
ls there a problem?
lko was just telling me, he didn't get
enough to eat.
l see.
Cause another disturbance
and l'll see to it
you're not fed the rest of this journey.
Do you understand?
Boche and Ledara...
What did you say?
Your children.
How did you know that?
Are you sure they're safe?
Some people don't understand
why we deal so harshly with men like you.
lt's because you never learn.
Stand down!
Stand down!
He needs to be disciplined.
Lower your weapons and step away.
Our response was justified.
How do you justify beating a defenseless man?
Violence is the only thing he understands.
You seem to have a pretty good grasp of it yourself.
Do not presume to tell me how to handle my prisoners, Captain.
You don't know lko like l do.
He killed a young father for no reason.
Before that, he committed dozens of violent crimes.
He's spent his entire life hurting people.
That doesn't excuse what you did to him.
Until your transport vessel gets here,
you and your men won't be allowed in the cargo bay.
You're in charge of the prisoners.
Aye, Captain.
They're my responsibility.
Not as long as you're aboard my ship.
l won't risk any more violence.
The only risk will be to your crew.
Commander Tuvok isn't qualified
to guard prisoners this dangerous.
Tuvok has been a Starfleet Security Officer
for a very long time.
Believe me, he's qualified.
l hope you're right.
You remember Mr. lko.
The Nygeans decided to make an example of him.
Did you call me here
to make a point about Nygean barbarity?
l called you here
because l need your help to save his life.
He sustained a severe blow to the head,
which has caused severe edema
in his parietal lobe.
lt's blocking vital neurotransmitters.
l'd like to program some of your nanoprobes
to bypass the edema.
l'll comply.
l sense a ''but'' coming.
lt seems inefficient to save the life
of someone who's about to be executed.
lf the Nygeans insist on killing him,
there isn't much l can do about it,
but l won't let them do it on Voyager.
l didn't expect to see you back so soon.
Ordinarily, we're lucky to get one meal a day.
That's terrible.
Yediq likes to keep us hungry.
Less talk. We're hungry!
You're wondering why l'm here.
Excuse me?
You're wondering what l did to end up with men like them.
You killed someone?
That's right.
Because l'm Benkaran.
What does that have to do with it?
lt's common knowledge
that all Benkarans are criminals,
so when l was found in the vicinity of a murder,
l was immediately arrested.
Are you saying you didn't do it?
l told you, l'm Benkaran.
What l say doesn't matter.
You suffered severe neurological trauma,
but l believe we've repaired the damage.
Thank you.
Don't thank me. Thank Seven of Nine.
She donated the nanoprobes that saved your life.
Oh, my head.
The pain is normal.
l'll prepare an analgesic.
You're not afraid of me.
There's no reason to fear someone in your condition.
You were never afraid of me,
not even when l tried to kill you.
lt's nice to look into someone's eyes
and not see fear.
Do you have to be a criminal to get
something to eat around here?
Sorry. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.
You said that 15 minutes ago.
Did you know the Nygeans govern a sector of space
occupied by several different humanoid species?
lf we say yes, will you feed us?
One of those species is the Benkarans.
They occupy just ten percent of Nygean space,
but take up nearly 80 percent of the space in Nygean prisons.
Maybe they commit more crimes.
Not according to Joleg, one of the prisoners.
You think he was given a harsher sentence
because of his species?
According to this,
Benkarans are ten times more likely
to be executed for their crimes than Nygeans.
Where'd you get that?
l contacted the Nygean government.
Told them l was interested
in a cultural exchange.
Among other things, they let me access data
on their criminal justice system.
lt all supports what Joleg told me.
l know what you're thinking.
That you're the softest touch
in the Delta Quadrant.
These are the transcripts from Joleg's trial.
He was convicted on circumstantial evidence.
Let me guess. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Neelix, when l was in the Federation penal colony,
everybody had a story.
l never put much stock in them. Neither should you.
How many of those people were sentenced to die?
l still don't understand.
Why weren't you hurt?
Because my matrix is photonic.
l'm made of light.
You wanted to see me?
l'll be with you in just a moment.
You don't feel pain?
Well, l suppose my pride has been wounded on occasion.
l wish l was made of light.
Try to rest.
Mr. lko responded so well to the first dose of nanoprobes,
l thought a second might improve his condition further.
lt'll only take a moment to extract them.
You and Mr. lko seem to be getting along well.
lt's the strangest thing.
When he first arrived, he was crude, abusive.
Now he's a model patient-- grateful, considerate.
He's obviously an unstable individual.
lnconsistent behavior is hardly surprising.
Still, if it weren't for the security detail
l'd forget he was a criminal.
lt's possible he's trying to manipulate you.
What's the matter?
My stomach.
l'm not detecting anything.
l... l can't...
What's wrong?
l... l can't stop thinking about...
the man l killed.
That's not surprising.
You're experiencing guilt.
ls that why l'm feeling sick?
Nausea could be a symptom of guilt.
l've never felt guilty before.
You've committed many crimes.
None of them made me feel like this.
Why did you do this to me?
We're not responsible for your guilt.
l didn't feel this way,
until you put those nanoprobes in me.
You knew this would happen,
didn't you?
This is some kind
of punishment.
Take the nanoprobes out.
You could die.
l don't want to feel this way anymore.
You don't honestly believe
we're responsible for his condition.
We applied the Borg technology.
lt's possible there were
some unforeseen side effects.
Guilt, for example.
Look at this.
lt's my most recent scan.
The neurotransmitters have established
new pathways throughout his cortex.
Wasn't that your intention?
No, l was simply trying
to bypass the edema.
Then how did this happen?
l don't know.
lt's possible this is normal Nygean brain activity,
but l have no basis for comparison.
You should ask Mr. Yediq
to contact a Nygean medical official.
Maybe they could provide some relevant information.
Seven of Nine.
Talk to me.
l'm extremely busy.
l'm scared.
What did you want to discuss?
l'm due in Astrometrics, so if there's nothing...
Astrometrics-- what's that?
A laboratory where we observe stellar phenomena.
When l was a child,
l'd... lie under the stars for hours.
l'd stare at them until l could see the shapes.
Faces and animals made out of stars.
You're referring to constellations.
l named them.
There was Paedos the Warrior
and Gezid the Beast.
No matter how hard he tried,
Paedos could never catch Gezid.
Because the distance between them always remained the same.
You've seen them?
l've cataloged approximately six billion stars.
Then you must have seen Onella, too-- the Mother.
Describe her.
She was surrounded
by 16 smaller stars--
her daughters.
lf l try, l think
l can remember all their names.
Grid 1 1-6. Green.
What's going on over there?
That's Kadis-Kot.
Down here.
l've been doing some research
on the Nygean legal system.
You were right
about the Benkarans receiving harsher sentences.
l saw the statistics.
Statistics won't save me.
l noticed some people convicted of murder--
even terrible, premeditated murders-- weren't executed.
Some weren't punished at all,
but you were sentenced to death.
That's what the family wants.
The family?
After you're convicted,
the family of the victim sentences you.
Well, shouldn't you be sentenced by someone less partial,
like a judge?
Vekto valek k'vadim.
lt's Ancient Nygean.
lt means, ''Favor the victims.''
What if l stole your game board?
What right would a judge have to assign value to your loss?
To him, it's just a game board,
but to you it might be a priceless family possession.
And what if l murdered your child?
l think l get your point.
Vekto valek k'vadim.
lt's the basis for the Nygean legal system.
What about the criminals
that didn't serve any sentence at all?
Some people prefer restitution to revenge.
lf a defendant is wealthy enough,
he can negotiate a settlement with the victim's family.
Oh, that doesn't seem fair.
lt's perfectly fair, unless you're destitute.
Maybe l can talk to the Captain
about finding a way to compensate your victims.
l'm grateful...
but it would imply l'm guilty.
l wouldn't want that.
There must be something l can do.
You can transmit a letter to my brother.
l'd like to let him know what's happened to me.
l'll get a padd.
l thought you might find this interesting.
What is it?
lt's an Astrometrics log.
lt contains data
on various star formations.
lt's just words and numbers.
l'd rather look at the stars.
l'll bring you a star chart
after my next shift.
What's the metal above your eye?
lt's a cybernetic implant.
Where did you get it?
lt was installed by the Borg.
Must have hurt.
l don't recall.
l hurt people.
l deserve to die.
l found something.
This is a scan depicting a healthy Nygean brain.
This node is analogous
to the human pineal gland.
ln addition to controlling behavioral impulses,
it regulates decision making.
You might say
it's the physiological equivalent of a conscience.
Normally, the node connects to the rest of the brain
through a series of neural pathways.
look at the scan of lko's node
before we applied the nanoprobes.
lt's detached.
Did that happen when he was assaulted?
No. l believe it's congenital-- a birth defect.
Without the node, lko would have been prone to violence
and sociopathic behavior all his life.
When l used Seven's nanoprobes
to treat the injuries from the assault,
it seems they inadvertently repaired the defect, as well.
You've activated his conscience.
Well, that would explain
why he's suddenly experiencing guilt.
There's more to it than that.
l believe he's become capable of controlling
his violent impulses.
Capable, maybe,
but how do you know he will?
Even the thought of violence makes him ill now.
ln my opinion, he's no longer a threat to anyone.
By some definitions, Captain,
he's not the same man who committed the murder.
Are you suggesting we release him?
Of course not, but at the very least,
his case should be reexamined.
Because he's sorry.
There's new medical evidence to be considered.
None of it changes the fact that he killed a man.
He was suffering from a neurological defect.
He couldn't control his behavior.
lf lko had been diagnosed and treated,
he never would have committed that crime.
ln a manner of speaking,
he's a victim of his own biology.
So lko is the victim now?
No one's denying
that he committed a terrible crime,
but as a result of the Doctor's treatments,
he's undergone a fundamental change.
Killing him won't accomplish anything.
That's not your decision to make.
Nor is it yours.
He's obviously deceiving you somehow.
Listen, we could debate this all day,
but the fact is, our personal opinions are irrelevant.
All that matters is Nygean law.
Does lko have a legal means of appeal at his disposal?
ln accordance with Nygean Penal Code,
a capital defendant has a right to appeal his sentence
to the family of his victims.
Then l'd like you to help Commander Tuvok
draft an appeal
and submit it to the proper authorities.
Take back the appeal.
You'd rather die,
because you think it'll relieve your pain?
Death is what l deserve.
You say l've changed,
but l look at these hands every day,
and l see them squeezing that man's throat,
and l hear the sounds he made.
l'm disgusting.
Do you think l'm disgusting?
You've been nothing but kind to me.
You asked me earlier if it hurt
when my occipital implant was installed.
l told you l didn't remember,
but the truth is...
it was one of the most painful experiences of my life.
Why did you lie?
lt's difficult for me to talk about,
because l forced others to undergo the same procedure.
l was compelled to do so
by the Borg collective.
l wasn't in control of my actions,
just as you weren't in control when you took a life.
My nanoprobes have given you control.
You're a different person now.
You don't deserve to be executed.
l want to go back to my cell.
You're free to remain here.
Am l still sick?
No, but...
Then l don't want special treatment.
l'm glad to see you're feeling better.
You must be hungry.
Here you go.
Give it to him.
He's already had his dinner.
All right.
You wanted to see me.
We just received a response from the Nygeans.
The family has refused to consider the appeal.
But the medical evidence...
They won't look at it.
The family found the request insulting.
Your government could insist that they review it.
We have laws that protect victims from emotional distress.
ln that case, we should grant lko asylum aboard Voyager.
You agreed to work
within the confines of our legal system.
Your system is flawed.
That's enough, Seven.
l assure you, we'll abide by the family's decision.
Now, l need a moment alone with Seven, if you don't mind?
We did everything we could to help him.
We have to do more.
You barely know this man.
Why are you so passionate about helping him?
l want to give him the same opportunity you gave me.
When you severed my link to the collective,
you changed who l was.
You made it possible for me to reclaim my humanity.
Because of my nanoprobes, lko has undergone a similar change.
He should be given the chance to atone for his crimes.
Atonement? ls that what this is about?
For him... or for you?
l don't know what you mean.
l think part of you still feels responsible
for the violent acts you committed when you were a Borg.
You're mistaken.
Am l?
Maybe you believe if lko is found not guilty,
somehow you won't be guilty, either.
You said it yourself.
You've reclaimed your humanity.
lt's time you stopped blaming yourself
for the crimes of the collective.
An alien vessel just dropped out of warp and opened fire.
We've lost power on Decks 8 through 10.
The cargo bay.
Hurry, hurry!
Follow me. Let's go to the Bridge.
Keep 'em down!
There's a corridor...
Stay together.
Shields down to 60 percent.
Still no response to hails.
Evasive maneuvers.
Target their weapons.
Tuvok to Bridge. The attacking ship
is attempting to transport one of the prisoners.
They're trying to lock on to all five Benkaran life signs.
Target their transporter array.
Direct hit.
They're retreating.
Pursuit course?
No, we have more immediate problems.
Bridge to Tuvok. What's your status?
We've neutralized two of the prisoners.
Someone's trying to get into the Shuttle Bay.
Lock them out.
Stand back!
Don't move.
You have five minutes to get us a shuttle.
Tuvok to Bridge.
Lock on to Yediq's signature, and beam him to...
Transporters are off-line.
We need at least ten minutes to get them up and running.
Seal it.
You're not getting off
this ship.
Then l suppose l should kill you right now.
He's mine.
You saw how they beat me.
l knew it was a trick.
l knew you hadn't changed.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
Warden Yediq has used his influence
to convince the Nygean family
to hear lko's appeal for leniency.
l won't beg for my life.
lt belongs to you.
l only want you to understand what's happened to me.
l'm a different person now...
a better person.
This crew... has helped me to see that.
lf my death helps you find peace,
l can accept it.
But if you let me live,
l will never hurt anyone again.
Whatever you decide,
please know how sorry l am
for what l took from you.
Are we playing Kadis-Kot later?
Afraid l'll beat you again?
l tried to help you,
and you took advantage of me.
What do you mean?
The note we sent your brother.
He traced the transmission to Voyager.
He's the one who attacked us.
Neelix, l swear l had no idea
he would do that.
You have to believe me.
l read Yediq's security report.
You threatened to kill him.
l can't eat this.
Why not?
l'm sick.
You look fine to me.
No, l must have the same condition lko had.
lf your Doctor cures me,
l can make an appeal for my life, too.
She's beautiful, isn't she?
Onella, the Mother?
And there's Paedos...
still watching over her.
lt was kind of Captain Janeway
to let you bring me here.
lf your appeal is successful,
you'll be able to go wherever you want.
l hope you're right.
lf l am, where will you go?
l don't know.
lf you'd like,
l could ask Captain Janeway
to consider letting you stay here.
l'm not a scientist.
l don't think l'd be much help to anyone.
There are other ways to be useful.
l'm sure we could think of something.
l'd like that.
l'm sorry.
The family has denied your appeal.
We're due to rendezvous
with a transport ship in a few hours.
l need to return you to your cell.
You were the first person
who wasn't afraid to look me in the eye.
That's how l'd like to remember you.
l just finished looking over your warp core analysis.
l'm impressed.
lt usually takes a few days to finish one of these.
B'Elanna tells me you did it in 22 hours.
l haven't felt the need to regenerate.
Everyone grieves in their own way.
lf you want to talk,
you know where to find me.
lt's unfair.
l think so, too, Seven...
but we have to try not to judge their system.
That's not what l meant.
lko was executed for taking a single life.
As a drone, l took thousands,
but l was never punished.
You lost 20 years of your life to the Borg.
l'd say that's punishment enough.

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