For our third course...
Another course!
Luhvian quail in truffle sauce,
served with roasted chadre kab.
My compliments to the chef.
Hear, hear.
Thank you, Captain.
Cream of leola soup, fettran risotto, Luhvian quail...
it just keeps getting better.
l knew you'd been expanding your palate,
but l didn't realize you'd become a gourmet cook.
Preparing meals myself is the best way to ensure quality.
l suppose l should be insulted,
but everything is so delicious,
l may just have to admit defeat and hang up my apron.
No, that'd be a real tragedy, Neelix.
Pinot noir, Commander?
l'll have another glass of the chardonnay.
Each course has been paired with a specific wine.
Substitutions are not recommended.
The pinot noir sounds perfect.
ls there any salt?
Additional seasoning is not required.
Oh, l'm sorry, l...
lf the quail hasn't been prepared to your satisfaction,
l could replicate something more to your liking.
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, perhaps.
Actually, it's delicious just the way it is.
Captain to the Bridge. Report.
We're being pulled off-course.
l'm not certain.
lt appears to be some kind of graviton surge.
On my way.
We've rerouted all available power to the thrusters,
but we can't break free.
Try reversing the shield polarity.
No effect.
What happened to the stars?
Shields at 65 percent!
Hail them.
They're not responding.
Return fire.
Can you identify them?
Their weapon signature is Vaadwaur,
but the ship has technology from several different species.
There's another vessel approaching.
lt's charging weapons.
Evasive pattern Beta-6.
Maybe we've got an ally.
The Vaadwaur ship is retreating.
Hail the second ship.
No response.
l stand corrected.
They have penetrated our aft shields.
Reroute power to the auxiliary emitters and return fire.
They've transported material off Decks 5, 7 and 8.
Disable their engines.
Follow them.
Navigational sensors are malfunctioning.
Something to do with this environment.
l want a full damage report and an inventory
of everything that was taken off this ship.
And l want to know where we are.
They got more than 90 percent of our food stores,
including almost everything in the Airponics Bay.
They also got a computer console from Engineering,
and they emptied three of our deuterium tanks.
Why would anyone steal deuterium?
You could find it anywhere.
Apparently not here.
l'm not detecting any gases,
stellar bodies, or matter of any kind.
Except for the ships that attacked us.
Scan for other vessels.
l want to know how many we're dealing with.
There are more than 150 ships within scanning range,
but l'm only detecting life signs on 29 of them.
Captain, there's another vessel approaching at high impulse.
Quite a welcoming committee they've got here.
What's the status of our shields?
They're at 28 percent.
That'll have to do.
Charge weapons.
Captain, this one wants to talk.
On screen.
l'm Captain Janeway
of the Starship Voyager.
General Valen.
Welcome to the Void.
You're the first ship we've seen here
that hasn't tried to fire on us,
but in case you change your mind,
we're prepared to defend ourselves.
l know; l've been observing you on sensors.
The way you fought those ships was impressive.
Most vessels don't survive the first few minutes.
l'd appreciate any information you could give us
about where we are.
The anomaly's a closed structure,
encased by an inert layer of subspace.
Matter and energy can't penetrate it.
Our ships certainly penetrated it
when we were pulled in.
By the funnels.
But they only pull matter in one direction:
into the Void.
Have you explored the entire anomaly?
There's nothing to explore, but it's big.
We've calculated the outer circumference
at approximately nine light-years,
but we've never been able to breach it.
How long have you been here?
More than five years.
There must be a way to escape.
New arrivals are always thinking about escape.
We have a sophisticated starship.
Maybe if we work together, we can find a way out.
You're being naive.
No one ever gets out.
We may be able to devise a new approach.
Many have tried.
All they did was waste resources
that could've kept them alive longer.
Don't be foolish.
l can help you.
The only source of food and energy in the Void
comes from new ships that are drawn in.
lf you want to survive here,
you'll have to compete for their resources.
And l suppose you can help us do that.
l have tactical data
on some of the more dangerous predators.
But you want something in return.
My scans show you have photon torpedoes.
l'm sorry, we don't trade weapons.
Why not?
Because we have no way of knowing
what they'll be used for.
Plundering innocent ships, for example.
Wait a few weeks until your resources start to run out.
Morality won't keep your life support systems running.
l'm sorry, General.
There are some compromises l won't make.
Not yet.
Report, Lieutenant.
We're using power at almost ten times the usual rate.
While we're standing still?
The same graviton forces that pulled us into the anomaly
seem to be draining the warp core.
At this rate, our deuterium will be gone in about ten days.
Shut down all nonessential systems.
Where are you going?
To find a way out of here.
Using fractal algorithms with the Borg sensors,
l believe l can predict where and when
these funnels will occur.
Well, that's impressive, but how does it help us?
The funnels originate inside the anomaly,
creating massive graviton forces before they erupt.
lf we were to enter one of the funnels
just as that happened,
we might be able to use those forces
to propel us into normal space.
Not without compromising structural integrity.
l might be able to reinforce the shields to compensate.
There's another problem.
When the graviton forces reach critical levels,
the polarity suddenly reverses,
pulling everything near the funnel
back into the anomaly.
We'd have to jump to warp at exactly the right moment.
We'd need to achieve a velocity of warp 8.2.
Question is, will we have enough power?
At the rate we're losing it...
...we may only get one shot at this.
The sooner we try, the better.
There's a funnel forming 70,000 meters off the port bow--
bearing 130 mark 24.
Graviton surge in 34 seconds.
Full power to shields and structural integrity.
Take us in, Mr. Paris.
Five seconds...
Structural integrity at 20 percent.
Ten percent!
50,000 kilometers to normal space.
Prepare to go to warp.
Engineering to the Bridge.
Go ahead.
The warp core is off-line.
lf nothing else, we learned some things
that'll help us next time.
With all due respect, Captain,
we don't even have warp drive anymore.
l may be able to get it back on line,
but we still need deuterium
to keep our basic systems running.
How long will our reserves last?
lf we shut down life support on all but a few decks,
deactivate Astrometrics, turbolifts,
ration replicator use-- maybe a week.
l used to make a living scavenging for supplies.
Let me take one of the shuttles.
l might be able to find deuterium
on one of those abandoned ships.
A shuttle would be too easy a target.
l appreciate the offer, Neelix,
but we're safer if we stay together.
The shuttles may be useful in another capacity.
We could use their warp cores to augment power on Voyager.
We're still going to need more deuterium.
Let's track down the ship that raided us
and get back what they stole.
We should do it quickly.
l've detected a number of vessels monitoring us.
The vultures are circling.
Vultures eat the dead, Mr. Paris.
We're not dead yet.
The vessel's in visual range.
On screen.
Looks like somebody got to them before we did.
No life signs.
Scan for ion trails.
Whoever did this probably has our deuterium.
Aye, Captain.
ls there anything left aboard that ship worth salvaging?
Their technology and supplies have been picked clean.
Not everything of value has been taken.
The warp core has been removed,
but the casing that protected it is intact.
lt's composed of tricesium.
We can convert it into a power source.
Every little bit helps.
Lock onto the core casing and beam it to the Cargo Bay.
With the additional power,
we could reactivate the Astrometrics Lab.
l can think of some better uses.
For example?
Oh, l don't know--
making sure there's air to breathe.
This must be where they cut through the casing
to remove the core.
Crude but effective.
Something's in there.
ldentify yourself.
Torres to Security.
lntruder alert.
Stay where you are.
He appears to be injured.
How is he?
His injury doesn't seem serious,
but he won't let me close enough to treat him.
My name's Captain Janeway.
You're safe here.
l've tried communicating with him.
He doesn't appear to have any verbal skills.
Do we know how he got on board?
l believe he was transported along with the core casing.
We should have picked up his life signs.
We're trying to determine why we didn't detect him.
That vessel he was on had no atmosphere.
How did he survive?
My scans show he can conserve oxygen.
He has unusually large lung capacity
and a voracious appetite.
Do you think that ship was his home?
Maybe, but we can't send him back.
He can't survive without oxygen indefinitely.
We'll run scans for other members of his species,
but until we can find a safe place for him,
let's make him as comfortable as possible.
Computer, replicate a portion of nutritional supplements
from my daily allotment.
You've found something?
We think we know who has our deuterium.
lt's someone we've already met.
l knew l'd see you again, Captain.
l expect you've reconsidered my proposal.
We're not here to trade.
We're here to take back what belongs to us.
l don't know what you mean.
Our scans indicate you've got some of our food,
one of our consoles,
and a large quantity of our deuterium.
We didn't take any of that from you.
No, apparently you killed the crew of another ship
and took it from them.
We want it back.
That's not the way things work here.
Either you give it back, or we'll take it.
He's powering his engines.
Target his shields and fire.
Lock onto whatever belongs to us
and transport it to the cargo bay.
l'm detecting large quantities of food on his supply deck.
Maybe we should take it while we have the chance.
ls it ours?
No, but our own reserves are running out.
Valen wouldn't hesitate to take it from us.
No, he wouldn't.
We've got what's ours.
Reverse course.
Come in.
An updated inventory of our supplies.
We got back less than half of what was stolen.
Doesn't take two of you to deliver a padd.
What's on your mind?
We want to be clear
about what our policy's going to be
while we're here in the Void.
You think we should have taken Valen's food.
Logic suggests we may have to be
more opportunistic if we intend to survive.
We may not like Valen's tactics,
but he and his crew are still alive
after five years in here.
l was thinking about that myself.
l thought maybe l could get some guidance
from the Federation Charter.
l was hoping l'd find a loophole that would allow us to...
take actions we ordinarily wouldn't take.
Any luck?
The Charter's a statement of principles,
not a practical document.
No section on how to exist in a void.
But l've become convinced
that we've got to stick to our principles,
not abandon them.
Should the crew be ready to die for those principles?
lf the alternative means
becoming thieves and killers ourselves, yes.
But l'm betting that our principles
are going to keep us alive.
The Federation is based on mutual cooperation...
the idea that the whole is greater
than the sum of its parts.
Voyager can't survive here alone,
but if we form a temporary alliance with other ships,
maybe we can pool our resources and escape.
As you've pointed out,
the people we've encountered in this void
are thieves and killers.
Such individuals are hardly ideal allies.
l agree.
Then who are we going to form an alliance with?
Anyone who agrees to play by our rules:
no killing, no stealing, and no giving up.
Forgive me, Captain,
but why would anyone who has survived
by killing and stealing suddenly agree to those terms?
We'll offer to share our food and medical supplies
and defend ships that are attacked by raiders.
Captain, maybe you'd better take another look at that inventory.
Our food and power reserves will be gone within a week.
lf we start giving everything away...
Then maybe we'll only survive for two days instead of seven.
On the other hand, if we share what we have,
instead of hoarding it,
we might find other people willing to do the same.
lf we combine our technology,
we can find ways of improving our situation
and ultimately get the hell out of this place.
We may lose a little weight, gentlemen,
but we won't lose who we are.
Captain's Log, Stardate 54553.4.
For the past several days, we've been making every effort
to recruit members into an alliance,
but it hasn't been easy.
Whenever a new ship gets pulled into the Void,
they're immediately attacked.
lnstead of attacking it,
you'd have to help defend the new ship.
And how is that in my interest?
lt would encourage them to join our alliance.
And if they refuse, then we raid them?
Everyone in the alliance must agree
not to launch unprovoked attacks.
Then how are we supposed to get supplies?
The idea is to recruit new members,
share technology and resources.
We almost escaped the Void on our own.
lf we work together, l believe we'll succeed.
How many ships do you have in this alliance?
You'd be the first.
Technically, Captain, that's not correct.
l consider myself the first member
of the Captain's coalition.
Six years ago, l offered her my services
and the resources of my ship,
and she has never failed to help me
when l needed her.
lt's a noble idea, Captain,
but good intentions are like deuterium reserves--
they tend to get lost in the Void.
All l ask is that you consider our proposal.
l will.
ln the meantime,
we'd like to offer you food and medical supplies.
What do you expect in return?
Compliments of the alliance.
l tried.
there's been a theft.
What's missing?
My phase compensator.
No doubt, it was stolen
by one of your prospective members.
lt wasn't stolen. l gave it to the Nygeans.
They needed it to repair their sensor array.
l presume you obtained something equally valuable in return.
l think l did.
The goodwill of a potential ally.
Did they join?
Not yet.
-Captain... -l know.
lt's not exactly the most ''efficient'' policy.
But, then, you don't always do what's most efficient either.
l don't know what you're implying.
You gave up your rations to our guest in Sick Bay.
He needed food.
You're a valuable member of this crew.
Your friend in Sick Bay
is nothing but a drain on resources.
What's efficient about wasting food on him?
You think l'm being inefficient,
Tuvok thinks l'm being illogical...
You both could be right.
But maybe the best way to get help is to give it.
Oh, and, Seven?
-Yes? -l'm sorry
l gave away your favorite phase compensator.
How is he?
Much better.
He seemed to relax when he heard me
humming an aria from Rigoletto,
so l had the computer play the full orchestral version.
Fantome seems to be a music lover.
After The Phantom of the Opera,
a tormented character who is soothed by music.
ln six years, you haven't chosen a name for yourself,
but you've given Fantome one in a few days.
Choosing the right name for myself
is extremely difficult.
l'm a complex individual.
And Fantome isn't?
On the contrary.
l believe he's quite intelligent,
and his physiology's very sophisticated.
Did you know he has the ability to refract
his own life signs?
That would explain
why our sensors didn't detect him.
l wish we could find a way to communicate with him.
l suspect he'd have a lot to tell us.
We were enjoying that.
He may not be able to speak, but he can hear.
He understands.
So it would seem.
What's the occasion?
Seven's not the only one
who knows how to set an elegant table.
You have heard there is a food shortage.
That's no reason
why you two can't enjoy a romantic dinner.
Unfortunately, l can't light this.
lt would be a waste of oxygen.
Still, it is festive.
We appreciate the effort.
l believe there's been a mistake here, waiter.
l didn't order this.
Close your eyes and pretend that it's Seven's fettran risotto.
lt tastes more like chicken.
What's this?
A preserved Olian guava.
l had a few left.
No arguments. You're eating for two.
Senior officers, report to stations immediately.
Sorry, Neelix.
Charge weapons. Shields to full.
What's going on?
A funnel just opened.
lt pulled in a new vessel.
Two warships are approaching it.
One of them is Valen's.
Target Valen's weapons and hail him.
My fight's not with you, Captain.
Then stand down.
This new ship has impressive technology.
We can share it.
l'm not here to divide the spoils.
Then why are you here?
To protect the ship you're firing on.
What are they to you?
Just some people in a bad situation,
like the rest of us.
Save your speeches.
l've got a crew to feed.
He's targeting our shields.
Take his weapons out.
Hail the new ship.
l surrender.
We're here to help you.
Can you target the smaller warship?
We're a survey vessel. We're not equipped to fight.
Shields at 60 percent.
Fire torpedoes.
Shields on Valen's lead ship are holding at 80 percent.
lt appears he's upgraded them since we last met.
The smaller ship is outmaneuvering us.
We have hull breaches on Decks 5 and 6.
Seal them.
Shields at 15 percent.
-Engineering to the Bridge. -Go ahead.
We're losing containment.
At this rate, we'll be dead in the water
in less than three minutes.
We should retreat, Captain.
Not yet.
We might want to reconsider.
There's another ship approaching.
We can't defend ourselves against three ships.
We may not have to.
The third vessel belongs to Mr. Garon.
He's firing at the other two.
Valen's shields are down.
The smaller ship is leaking plasma.
They're both retreating.
Garon's hailing.
Get a weapons lock on him.
We've been fooled by unexpected allies before.
Why are you targeting me?
Because l don't know what your intentions are.
Haven't l just made them clear?
l've decided to accept your offer.
Well, in that case...
...welcome to the alliance.
Captain's Log, Stardate 54562.7.
Since Garon and the survey ship became our charter members,
finding new allies has gotten a little easier.
My latest prospect is Commander Bosaal,
whose ship has technology that could help us escape.
Neelix, we have another guest for dinner.
Always room for one more, Captain.
Who did you raid to get fresh vegetables?
They're replicated.
One of the crews that joined us
had technology that tripled our replicator efficiency.
lt may not be a gourmet feast,
but we can feed 500 people a day now,
using half the power it took us a few days ago.
Why don't we sit down?
Hello, Commander.
How's your patient?
Technically, he's not a patient anymore,
but it's taken me this long to coax him
out of Sick Bay.
He's quite shy.
l'm telling him not to worry...
that you're the one who keeps us all safe.
He says, ''Thank you.''
An ingenious method of communication.
lt began with a few simple words,
but now we're capable of rudimentary conversation.
Tell him l'm pleased he's feeling better.
l will.
What's that parasite doing aboard your ship?
l beg your pardon?
They're vermin.
l don't know who you are, sir,
but your choice of words is offensive.
What is offensive is the way
they slip aboard during transport,
hide in conduits, steal food, spread disease.
Fantome is perfectly healthy,
and unlike some people in this Void, he hasn't stolen
lf my sensors could detect where they are on my ship,
l'd exterminate them.
l suggest you do the same.
Captain, this is outrageous!
One of the principles of our alliance
is that we don't discriminate.
Everyone's welcome,
as long as they follow the rules.
But if you're having a bad experience
with the members of this species on your ship,
l'd be happy to bring them to Voyager.
lf you could find them.
Now that we've had a chance to analyze Fantome's physiology,
l think we can get a transporter lock on them.
ls this your way of enticing me to join your... alliance?
l'm simply trying to demonstrate
how cooperation and tolerance can benefit everyone.
Then we have an agreement.
Okay, now connect the primary emitter relay.
On line.
How is it coming?
Pretty well.
We just need to...
l guess l was being a little optimistic.
What's the problem, exactly?
Uh, we think we can establish a shield bubble
large enough to encompass all our ships,
but we have no way to compensate for the graviton stress.
Wouldn't a polaron modulator be able to do that?
Unfortunately, nobody in the alliance has one.
We've been trying to build our own, but so far...
Maybe we could trade for one, or find
a new ally who has one.
Well, it's not a common piece of technology,
and it's valuable.
lt may be difficult to convince anyone
to part with it.
You never know unless you ask...
You are not authorized to be in here.
We're making a valuable contribution to the alliance.
By spying on restricted meetings?
We've devised a new surveillance technique.
Ask Harry to give you a...
You've bypassed my security measures.
We can observe activity on any ship in the Void
without being detected.
This is the cargo hold on the Jelinian freighter.
Now, if l'm not mistaken, the Jelinians
are a member of our alliance.
Which is why you shouldn't be spying on them.
And why they shouldn't be hoarding their ale.
Lovely piece.
Did they compose it, or did you?
They did.
Though strictly speaking, it's not a composition.
lt's more of a conversation.
l'm impressed.
l wish l could take credit,
but it was Fantome who taught the others
in a fraction of the time it took him to learn.
They're a highly intelligent species.
The language is already developing
its own grammar and syntax.
That suggests they have a language of their own.
Mm-hmm. lt could be telepathic, but they seem
just as comfortable communicating with music now.
Could their species be native to the Void?
lt's certainly possible.
They told us they were born here.
Just when you think nothing in the galaxy
can surprise you anymore...
Captain Janeway, please report to Engineering.
Just what we needed, Captain--
a fully compatible polaron modulator.
Where did you get it?
A Kinjal frigate.
Do they want to join our alliance?
They're not interested.
How did you get this?
l traded for it.
What did you give them?
l don't answer to you.
Did you steal it?
Disconnect the modulator.
We're returning it to the people it belongs to.
They have no more use for it.
You don't know that.
Yes... l do.
You killed them...
l don't like his tactics any more than you do,
but why waste this technology when we're so close to escaping?
Because it's a violation
of everything this alliance stands for.
Refusing the modulator won't bring back
the people he killed.
No, but using it would make us accessories to murder.
Take it and get out.
The Jelinians and the Kraylor have left with Bosaal.
They felt you were being...
lmpulsive and self-righteous?
ls that what you think?
You did what you had to do.
Still, l made a mistake.
By telling Bosaal to leave?
Allowing him to join in the first place.
You couldn't have known what he was going to do.
Oh, l had a pretty good idea what kind of person he was.
That bigoted reaction he had to the Doctor's friend
told me all l needed to know, but l ignored my instincts.
Because l thought his ship could help us escape.
You weren't the only one who wanted him in the alliance.
Maybe not... but if l'd listened
to my doubts in the first place,
we wouldn't have lost the other two ships.
We'll find a way out of here without them.
Where do we stand with the modulator?
B'Elanna and the other engineers
are working around the clock to build one.
She thinks they'll be ready to test in a couple of days.
So everyone's pulling together to make up for my mistake?
They have to.
lt says so in the Federation Charter.
Good news, l hope.
l'm afraid not.
lt appears Commander Bosaal
is attempting to form an alliance of his own
with one of our adversaries.
We recorded a tactical conversation
that took place between them just a few minutes ago.
Don't underestimate Janeway.
l've been in battle with her twice.
Then you know Janeway's tactics.
l have two other ships.
We can take Voyager's food and weapons
if we work together.
The rest of their conversation suggests
they will attack within the next 48 hours.
l'm so glad we taught them the value of cooperation.
Our power reserves will be severely depleted
if we're forced to defend ourselves.
Tell B'Elanna we don't have time to test her modulator.
We've got to try to escape now.
Sorry to interrupt, but we've got a situation developing.
We're going to try to break free of the anomaly.
Your friends are welcome to join us,
but they should be aware of the dangers.
The Void's their home.
They want to stay.
Where would they like us to transport them?
They're nomads.
Any ship will do.
They say they're grateful for our help.
They want to help us now.
There's a funnel forming in Grid 4.
Graviton surge in 98 seconds.
Alert the other ships.
Take us in, Tom.
Aye, Captain.
Bosaal and his fleet are approaching.
They are charging weapons.
Janeway to Engineering.
l need two more minutes.
You've got one.
Surge in 50 seconds!
Voyager to all alliance ships.
Begin firing at your designated targets.
We've penetrated shields on both vessels.
Janeway to the Doctor.
lnitiate transport.
Yes. Good-bye and good luck.
Transport complete, Captain.
They're in the engine rooms of both ships.
30 seconds.
Janeway to Engineering. We need that modulator.
Just a few more seconds.
We're receiving a hail from Valen's ship-- audio only.
Let's hear it.
What's he saying, Doctor?
Mission accomplished.
Fantome shut down power on Valen's ship.
Bosaal's ship has lost power, as well.
Who says gremlins in the engine are a myth.
Surge in five seconds...
Now, B'Elanna.
All ships are in formation.
Structural integrity at 30 percent.
40,000 meters to normal space.
Twenty percent.
Ten percent.
Do it, Tom.
Gentlemen, it's been a privilege to have you as allies.
l never believed we'd escape.
Then why did you join?
Captain Janeway is very persuasive,
and the food was good.
You're welcome to have a meal with us anytime.
Ah, unfortunately, we're headed in the opposite direction.
Safe journey to you and your crew, Captain.
And to all of yours, as well.
Thank you.
lt was almost like being part of the Federation again.
The real one's only 30,000 light-years away.
Then what are we standing around for?

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