Beautiful, isn't it?
A sensor analysis
would have provided the necessary information.
Just admiring the view.
The conference begins in less than an hour.
There's always time for warp field dynamics,
but you don't see natural beauty like this every day.
What was that?
Some kind of energy barrier directly below us.
lt spans thousands of square kilometers.
Why didn't our sensors detect it?
l'm not certain.
lt has an unusual tetryon signature.
Species 312 used a similar technology.
There's a power surge coming from the barrier.
Shields at full.
They're creating some kind of feedback.
We've lost impulse engines.
Go to warp.
The warp core is off-line.
Warp engines don't just shut down
when you scrape an energy barrier.
lt's affecting all our systems.
Structural failure in 30 seconds.
We'll have to beam to the surface.
We can't transport through the barrier.
Transfer auxiliary power to the weapons array.
What are you trying to do?
lf l can realign our phasers to the correct
frequency, l may be able to open a rift.
Big enough to get a shuttle through, l hope.
Warning. Structural failure in ten seconds...
nine... eight...
Phasers reconfigured.
The barrier's closed again.
l should examine you.
l don't think it's serious.
You have a hairline fracture.
We've got bigger problems. l'll be fine.
l'm detecting shuttle debris scattered
over several square kilometers.
Some of it might still be functional.
lf we can find the right components,
we may be able
to construct a beacon, send a distress signal.
Through the barrier?
lf we hurry, we might still make that conference.
Well, if we have to be stranded somewhere,
you couldn't ask for a nicer place.
We wouldn't be stranded at all
if you hadn't insisted on admiring the view.
Guest Vessel 7 4656,
this is Ledos Port Control.
Shut down your engines.
This is Lieutenant Tom Paris.
ls there a problem?
You were observed committing Piloting Violation 256.
l'm sorry, l'm not familiar with your regulations.
lt won't happen again.
You will be informed of the penalty.
What kind of ''penalty''?
That's not my decision.
Your docking permit says you're assigned
to the Starship Voyager.
That's right.
Your commanding officer
will be notified of your infraction.
Piloting lessons?
Well, apparently,
the standard penalty for your infraction
is a three-day course in flight safety
followed by a test.
Well, did you explain to them
that we wouldn't be here that long?
Well, actually, while you were completing your mission,
Seven was invited to a four-day conference.
Here on Ledos?
l decided to give
the entire crew shore leave.
lt'll give you plenty of time
to brush up on your piloting skills.
l don't need lessons.
Apparently, the authorities disagree.
But, Captain...
You may not have known
the Ledosians' rules, but you know ours.
Comply with local law, understood?
Yes, ma'am.
The relays are fused.
lt's useless.
Looks like we're not the only ones here.
lndigenous wildlife, perhaps.
l'm reading residual life signs.
They're humanoid.
No, but they share the same genetic traits.
Whoever they are, they may be able to help us.
Unless they're hostile.
Why don't we give them the benefit of the doubt?
The life signs lead in that direction.
l suggest you rest your leg while l investigate.
lt's better if we stick together.
At least until we know whether they're hostile.
l'm guessing they're pre-warp.
Obviously, they can't help us.
No... l don't suppose they can.
But they're fascinating, aren't they?
l never expected to run into people like these
on such a technologically advanced planet.
This isn't an anthropological mission, Commander.
You're right.
We should keep searching for debris...
You're developing an infection.
You should rest.
l'll have to stay here
and try to keep out of sight.
l'll contact you if l find anything useful.
l guess l don't have to tell you
to avoid interacting with these people.
Seven of Nine to Chakotay.
Seven of Nine to Chakotay.
Commander, respond. l found something.
Seven of Nine to Chakotay.
Step away from him.
lt's all right, Seven.
They're friendly.
They're treating my wound.
You said we were supposed to avoid interaction.
They found me. There was nothing l could do.
You should have tried to contact me.
l didn't want to expose them to our technology.
You hid your combadge?
Actually, your call scared them.
They broke it.
l suggest we leave before they break anything else.
Look, they're friendly...
and l am hurt.
What are you suggesting?
We may as well stay the night.
lt's good shelter,
and my leg feels better since they put
this dressing on.
l'm going to get some rest.
l suggest you do the same.
Chell says we shouldn't miss the flame gardens.
l hear the arboretum is beautiful, too.
We can do both.
You joining us?
Oh, that's right.
You have to go to pilot school.
l hear the course takes days.
Yeah, for most people,
but l did a little research.
lf the instructor agrees, you can skip the lessons
and go right to the test.
So, l will be seeing you in a couple of hours.
You have to admire his optimism.
Just a moment, sir.
l am Mr. Kleg, the flying instructor.
Are you Lieutenant Paris?
He is.
lt's an honor to meet you, sir.
May l show you to the Delta Flyer?.
So you can explain what l did wrong
and then administer the test.
lt sounds to me
like you need lessons in patience, as well.
Oh, Tom is
very patient, sir.
Never impulsive.
Take all the time you need.
He'll enjoy the extra attention.
Well, l'm pleased to hear it.
We'll start with a review of safety procedures.
Do you have a visual
display system l can access?
l think l can find one.
Have fun.
So, how long will this ''review'' take?
Oh, typically about four hours,
but there's no rush.
Of course not.
Where... are we?
You want to trade.
Well, l suppose it won't hurt.
l'll take that as a ''thank you.''
Did you make a favorable exchange?
l didn't want to insult their customs.
Any luck?
l may have found a way of communicating.
Me, too.
l've learned how to say ''thank you.''
l was referring
to communication with Voyager.
lt may be possible to construct a beacon
by connecting these components
to the shuttle's deflector.
Did you find it?
l detected it six kilometers from here.
l believe it's intact.
l'm not sure l'm up to that long a trip.
l'll go.
l've started mapping the area.
Here's the river we passed.
This is where we beamed down
and we're here now.
Then the deflector should be approximately here.
Six kilometers is a long way.
Maybe one of them could guide you.
l'm still trying
to limit our contact with these people.
The sooner we get to the deflector,
the sooner we can get out of here.
They know the terrain.
Maybe they can get you there faster.
And watch me construct
a tetryon-based signaling device?
All right, but be careful.
This is how they say ''good-bye.''
Thank you.
ldentify yourself.
An exothermic reaction.
l'm not hungry.
lnadequate system integration.
Visibility impaired by lateral sensor array.
lnsufficient console accessibility...
You know, l couldn't agree more.
Those are just some of the defects
that led to my so- called ''pilot error.''
Polarity thrusters?
Oh! They've been known to cause accidental acceleration.
Exactly my point.
Why should l be held responsible for the ship's design flaws?
According to the maintenance records,
you were this vessel's chief designer.
l make it a point of professional pride
to research every case l'm assigned to.
Are you familiar with that term, Lieutenant?
Professional pride?
Yes, sir.
ln fact, that is why
l am so eager to get underway.
l want to prove to you that l am a good pilot.
There are protocols, Mr. Paris.
System by system diagnostics, preflight simulations...
You must have other students who need your attention.
lt wouldn't be fair to...
Don't worry, Lieutenant.
l'm planning to spend as much time with you as you need.
Good morning.
l'm trying to go here.
Can you show me?
l thought it was this way.
Yes, it's quite an impressive view,
but now we really have...
My friend...
She hasn't come back.
l need to find her.
She looks like this.
Where did you get this?
My friend.
Don't touch that!
Commander Chakotay failed to report in
at the scheduled time.
We tried hailing, but there was no response.
We contacted the conference coordinator.
He said Seven and Chakotay never showed up.
Anything on sensors?
We located a hull signature
over the southern subcontinent,
but it's only a wing.
Nothing else? No life signs?
No, ma'am.
That's awfully low for something to be in orbit.
lt's not in orbit.
lt's resting on an energy barrier.
We think the shuttle may have collided with it.
Why didn't they see it?
Standard scans didn't reveal its presence.
We were only able to detect it with our Borg sensors.
lf all you found was a wing,
maybe the rest of the shuttle made it through the barrier.
Logic suggests that possibility.
Unfortunately, the barrier is deflecting all our scans.
There's no way to know
if the shuttle or its occupants are on the other side.
Hail the Ledosian Ambassador.
We'd have warned your Commander,
but his flight plan didn't go anywhere near that area.
He must have altered his route for some reason.
And collided with the barrier.
l'm sorry.
We're not assuming they're dead.
We believe they may have found a way through.
That's very unlikely.
They're resourceful people.
Can you tell us anything about the barrier?
lt shields the territory of an indigenous society--
the Ventu.
Then the area's habitable.
lf you lowered the barrier,
we could scan for our people's life signs.
l'm afraid we can't do that.
Why not?
lt was erected by aliens
hundreds of years ago.
They haven't been back.
The technology is a mystery to us.
Why did these aliens build the barrier?
To protect the Ventu.
From whom?
Our ancestors fought them, polluted their habitat.
l'm afraid we weren't very enlightened back then.
Earth went through its dark periods too, Ambassador.
Would you have any objections if we tried to lower the barrier
just to scan for our people?
l told you, it's not possible.
Perhaps if you gave us information
about the barrier's power source.
The generator is inside.
There's no way to access it.
Even if your people did survive,
l'm afraid there's no way to get them out.
Captain's Log, Stardate 54827.7.
Although the Ledosians are skeptical,
they're allowing us to try to locate our people.
Meanwhile, we've begun
to analyze the shuttle fragment.
The burn pattern suggests
a tetryon flux.
We found a reference to similar technology
in Seven's Borg database.
You think the Borg erected it?
No, but it may have been constructed by people
they later assimilated-- Species 312.
lf Seven were here, she might be able to figure out
a way to get through it.
Maybe she already did.
Some of the damage to the wing was caused
by feedback from the shuttle's phasers.
Seven and Chakotay might have used them
to penetrate the barrier for some reason.
lf l can determine
the appropriate frequency,
l may be able to do the same thing.
But there is risk involved.
What sort of risk?
lt looks like the feedback from the barrier
is what destroyed the shuttle.
lf we're not careful,
the same thing could happen to Voyager.
May l see those?
ls everything all right?
l need your tricorder.
Nice to see you, too.
l lost mine.
There's a strong magnetic field here
that's preventing me from generating a deflector beam,
but the field drops off
approximately 4.8 kilometers in that direction.
Can you transmit the signal from there?
Not through the barrier,
but l may be able to neutralize it
by generating a dampening field with our deflector.
Even if you're right, this must weigh 500 kilos.
How would we move it?
Some of them could help us.
We shouldn't involve them.
Do l detect a change in attitude, Commander?
Your concern was justified.
They've been gathering debris from the shuttle,
using it to imitate us.
l don't want them helping.
What's the alternative?
Staying here?
Allowing them to find all of the debris?
lf we neutralize the barrier,
Voyager can transport us and our technology
off the surface.
ls there a possibility that this dampening field
could disrupt the barrier permanently?
Once the deflector is deactivated,
the barrier should reinitialize.
Let's hope you're right.
So, you can execute a turn
at less than 300 KPH.
Well done, Lieutenant.
You know, l don't want to seem impatient again,
but is there any way
that you'd let me take that test now?
l thought l made myself clear about that.
All my students
complete the entire course.
Well, l understand, sir,
but two of my friends are missing,
and l'd like to help find them.
Well, that's an admirable sentiment,
but if l give you special treatment,
it wouldn't be fair to the others
who have to take this course.
why stop now?
You're getting very close to becoming an adequate pilot.
Here, Commander.
Not so close.
Phasers are starting to overload.
Can we divert any more power to the shields?
The shields are amplifying the feedback.
The barrier's interfering
with every system we activate.
Cease fire.
l'm open to suggestions.
We may be able
to reconfigure a photon torpedo
to detonate at the appropriate frequency.
What about feedback?
A torpedo shouldn't create any...
Do it.
They're too close.
behind the rise.
Stay back.
The energy barrier's coming down.
l thought you were still reconfiguring
the torpedo.
l am.
lt's being deactivated from the inside.
Harry, scan for life signs.
Aye, Captain.
Take it off!
l'm only reading one combadge.
lt's Seven's.
Open a channel.
Janeway to Seven.
Are you and Chakotay all right?
Yes, Captain.
Stand by for transport.
Lock on to Commander Chakotay.
l need more time.
ls there a problem?
Someone's been injured.
She requires medical attention.
Do you need the Doctor?
l believe l can treat her.
A medkit would be useful.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
Seven has remained on the surface
to tend to the injured Ventu girl
while Chakotay's being treated in Sick Bay.
The poultice healed the fracture and the infection.
l'm impressed.
They're impressive people.
l just hope we haven't traumatized them.
You did what you had to do to get out of there.
Still, l think we should transport
all the shuttle debris back to Voyager
as soon as possible.
Would you like some breakfast?
l'm not hungry, either.
l admire your curiosity,
but you should be more careful.
lt's time for me to leave.
Back to my home.
That's very kind, but l have no use for it.
l suppose l should respect your customs.
Thank you.
These botanical specimens
indicate a high level of serum nitrates.
Catalog those foliates.
Explain your presence here.
You must be from Voyager.
Who are you?
My name is Barus.
l'm the expedition leader.
What kind of expedition are you leading?
We're conducting scans to evaluate
the potential of this habitat.
Potential for what?
Anthropological research, resource development...
We've been waiting years for this.
What about the people who live here?
We'll help them, of course.
With medicine,
infrastructure, education...
Whoever lowered this barrier did the Ventu a great favor.
That barrier has to go back up.
lsn't it possible
the Ledosians will improve the lives of the Ventu?
lmprove them... how?
They're intelligent people.
Exposure to education and technology
may give them better opportunities.
Can you honestly say
that you know what's better for them?
No, l can't.
Then what do you think we should do?
l'm uncertain.
lt's not like you to be on the fence.
When Commander Chakotay and l first encountered the Ventu,
l found them primitive, of little interest
to me, but as l spent more time with them, l came
to realize that they're
a resourceful, self-reliant people.
Their isolation may limit their potential,
but if that isolation ends,
so will a unique way of life.
We appreciate your help in opening this territory
to exploration, Captain.
lt's an unprecedented opportunity.
A short-lived opportunity, l'm afraid.
l don't understand.
After l transport our deflector back to Voyager,
the energy barrier will go back up.
Naturally, you'll want to get your people out,
so they won't be trapped inside, as ours were.
You have no right to limit our access to our own territory.
l'm not trying to do that, but we have a strict policy
about leaving our technology in the hands of other cultures.
lt often has damaging consequences.
l don't think you realize how important it is.
lt's not only the resources that interest us.
The Ventu are our evolutionary ancestors--
our living history.
l understand this is disappointing for you,
but l'm afraid l have no choice.
ln the spirit of cooperation, l hope you'll reconsider.
We're eager to resume course.
Would an hour be enough time for you to evacuate your people?
l'll make the arrangements.
We've transported all the remaining debris
to the cargo bay.
l have a lock on the deflector assembly.
What is it?
There's a Ledosian vessel
on an intercept course.
lt's charging weapons.
Direct hit to the transporters.
They're off-line.
Get a weapons lock and hail them.
They're hailing us.
Captain Janeway.
What's going on?
Our government has decided
not to let you restore the barrier.
And that justifies an unprovoked attack?
We only targeted your transporters
to avoid harming your crew.
l hope you'll show the same restraint.
l don't find weapons fire of any kind restrained.
lf you want to avoid further conflict,
l suggest you leave.
Take us out of orbit.
What about the deflector?
ls Tom still in the Flyer?.
-Yes, ma'am. -Hail him.
Excellent, Mr. Paris.
Now, come about slowly.
Janeway to Paris. Respond.
Captain, l would appreciate it
if you wouldn't interrupt my student
during his examination.
l'm sorry, but something's come up.
What is it, Captain?
Tom, l'm sending you some encrypted orders.
Yes, ma'am.
This is highly irregular.
You're going much too fast!
Yes, sir.
l'm in a bit of a hurry.
lf you have any desire to pass this test,
you'll reduce your speed immediately.
l wish l could do that, sir.
l really do.
What was that?
Paris to Voyager.
l'm under attack.
Give him some help, Mr. Tuvok.
What have you done?
We had to get you out of there before we closed the barrier.
You can't do that.
Sit back and enjoy the ride.
Paris to Voyager.
l've got them.
Find the deflector.
l'm getting a lock on it now.
My transporters are off-line.
You better get out of there, Tom.
Not yet. l've got an idea.
l am sorry to inform you, Mr. Paris, but you have failed
this examination.
You will no longer
be allowed to operate a vessel
within Ledosian space.
Something tells me that's not going to be a problem.
This is a beautiful blanket.
Take it if you like.
l don't need it.
lf environmental systems ever go down,
you might get cold.
-l... -You know...
You first.
Please, continue.
ln all the excitement, l never apologized.
For what?
Causing you to miss that conference.
As a matter of fact, l...
wanted to thank you for that.
l thought you were angry.
l was.
But you were right--
warp mechanics can be studied anytime.
The Ventu, on the other hand...
Something's still bothering you.
l'm concerned for their well-being.
They know how to take care of themselves.
That's not what l mean.
Members of the Ledosian expedition had the opportunity
to scan my deflector modifications.
ln time, they may find a way to duplicate our technology
and remove the barrier themselves.
l suppose it's possible.
lf l had never made those modifications...
We might still be stranded there.
l don't know about you,
but l'm glad to be back on Voyager.
As am l.

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