Captain... Computer, pause music.
l didn't wake you, did l?
That's all right, Doctor.
15 minutes of sleep is really all l need.
Coffee, black.
Maybe you should pay a little more attention to flying
and a little less to singing.
As a hologram, l can handle a variety of tasks at once.
ln addition to piloting the Flyer,
l'm writing a paper on the physiological stresses
of long-duration space flight
and... taking holo-images of this Mutara-class nebula.
With a hologram on board, who needs a crew?
l'd never admit this to anyone else,
but there was a time when l would have given anything
to be flesh and blood,
but l've come to realize that being a hologram
is far superior.
No offense.
l'll always enjoy the company of organics.
ln fact, l'm delighted you were able to attend
this medical symposium with me.
lt's been a pleasure spending time with you.
Actually, l was hoping
we might do this sort of thing more often.
We're passing through a subspace eddy.
lt could be the wake of another ship.
There's nothing on sensors.
lt's probably just the gravimetric shear
from the nebula.
Maybe l should take the controls.
Sit down and relax, Captain.
You've got a hologram at the helm.
The plasma surges have to be coming
from one of these relays.
Try realigning the deuterium manifolds.
Paris to Torres.
Go ahead.
Can you pull yourself away from Engineering for a few minutes?
l've got a shuttle down here with faulty deflector array.
l'm a little busy right now.
lt's kind of urgent.
What's this?
Well, l thought you'd enjoy a romantic lunch
under the glow of a red giant.
Oh, you replicated potato salad.
With extra paprika-- just the way you like it.
This is so sweet... but l can't.
Sure you can.
l've already cleared it with Chakotay.
l told the Captain l'd have the dilithium matrix
recalibrated before she got back.
You know, this might be our last chance
to be alone... for the next 18 years.
l will make some time
before the baby comes, l promise.
Oh, l've got to get back.
There's some kind of pulse being directed
at our transceiver array.
lt's coming from the Delta Flyer.
Hail them.
No response.
Looks like they've encoded the pulse with a com signal.
Sorry about the image, Ensign.
Our com system's been damaged.
The only way l could send you a signal
was through the main deflector.
Are you and the Doctor all right?
We're fine.
Tell Commander Chakotay to meet me in my ready room
as soon as we've docked.
Janeway out.
Harry tells me the Flyer took some damage.
That's an understatement.
We almost didn't make it back in one piece.
They're called the R'Kaal.
Their technology is decades ahead of ours.
Transphasic warp drive,
multispectral cloaking systems.
They could destroy this ship
before our sensors knew they were there.
They sound like people we should avoid.
l wish that were possible.
They control thousands of parsecs
from here to the edge of the Beta Quadrant.
They're ecological extremists.
They believe conventional warp engines damage subspace,
so they've outlawed warp travel through their territory.
Then we should reverse course and find a way around.
That's the problem.
We've already been in their space
for three weeks without knowing it.
You'd think they'd mark their borders
-a little more clearly. -As punishment,
their law demands that our ship be dismantled.
Obviously, we're not going to let that happen.
l spent three hours explaining our situation
to their ''Supreme Archon''--
a thoroughly unpleasant man.
l convinced him to spare Voyager,
but at a price.
We're going to rendezvous with their armada
and surrender our warp core
at a Class-M planet where they've agreed to let us settle.
l didn't make this decision lightly, Chakotay.
We have to bring the senior staff in on this.
We can find a way to evade their ships
or adapt our sensors to their cloaking technology.
We could try that,
and we might make it past their armada,
but we could lose a lot of people in the process--
maybe the entire ship.
Kathyrn, there's got to be another way.
l'm tired, Chakotay, tired of casualty reports,
of continually risking my people on the slim chance
that we'll make it home in one piece.
We've found our way out of worse situations.
Set a course.
What am l supposed to tell the crew?
For now, l'd like to keep this between us.
lt's not like you to keep your people in the dark...
l'll make an announcement when the time is right.
l'm sorry to interrupt,
but l could use your input on a hypothetical scenario.
Of course.
lf we were to eject the core,
could it be towed safely at warp?
ln theory, but a tractor beam
might destabilize the containment field.
You'd be risking a breach.
Could you compensate for that?
You could configure the tractor emitters
to generate a resonance pulse.
That should stabilize the field.
Can you make those modifications
to the Delta Flyer's tractor emitters?
l suppose.
How long would it take?
Um, a few hours.
Get started.
l thought you said this was a hypothetical scenario.
We should be prepared, just in case.
ln case of what?
Let me know as soon as you're finished.
Torres to Chakotay.
Go ahead.
Have you got a minute?
B'Elanna tells me you ordered some modifications to the Flyer.
That's right.
Maybe l misunderstood.
l thought the plan was to hand over the core
when we reached the planet.
Are we taking it somewhere else?
l heard you the first time.
You've already made your concerns clear, Commander,
but there's been a slight change of plans.
Were you going to tell me?
what's going on?
l don't feel well.
l've got a headache.
l'm going to my quarters,
and l'd prefer not to be disturbed.
You have the Bridge.
Not now.
l beg your pardon, Captain?
Carry on, Commander.
Chakotay to the Doctor.
Go ahead, Commander.
Report to Sick Bay immediately.
Something wrong with the turbolifts?
You did say immediately. How can l help you?
l'm concerned about the Captain.
She doesn't seem to be feeling well.
What's wrong?
l'm not sure.
She went to her quarters with a headache.
l'll bring her an analgesic.
l was wondering if this could be related
to your encounter with the aliens.
You think they harmed her?
You tell me.
What did they do to her?
l'm not sure, exactly.
The aliens took my program off-line
as soon as they boarded the Flyer.
The Captain reactivated me a few hours later
and told me she'd been interrogated.
Naturally, l examined her to make sure she was all right.
Did you find anything unusual?
l suppose l'm violating doctor-patient confidentiality
by telling you this, but... she was fine.
l'd like you to give her a more thorough examination.
Gladly, but you know how she feels about physicals.
You can be very persuasive, Doctor.
Contact me as soon as you're done.
Aye, sir.
Anything interesting on sensors this morning?
Nothing extraordinary.
A red giant and two G-type stars,
a Golorian trading vessel bearing 156 mark 4.
lf there were a fleet of cloaked ships
in the vicinity, could you devise a way to detect them?
A cloaked fleet would generate
significant subspace distortions.
Why do you ask?
Commander, we're receiving a transmission.
l'm having trouble pinpointing it.
Should l notify the Captain?
No, she didn't want to be disturbed.
Route the call here.
l'm Commander Chakotay of the Starship Voyager.
This is Supreme Archon Loth of the R'Kaal lmperium.
Why haven't you ejected your warp core
as your Captain agreed?
We're en route to the planet you specified.
We can't jettison the core until we get there.
lf we don't receive the core within ten hours,
my armada will destroy your ship.
This is your only warning.
Work with Harry.
l want to know the source of that transmission.
Ah, Commander, you'll be relieved to know
l've given the Captain a clean bill of health.
Did you run a neurological scan?
Mm-hmm. Her brain activity and cognitive functions
are completely normal.
As far as l can tell, she's perfectly fit,
physically and mentally.
Thank you, Doctor.
Chakotay to the Captain.
Computer, locate Captain Janeway.
Computer, belay that.
My quarters, now.
Really, Chakotay,
sending the Doctor to check up on me?
l'm concerned.
Then why didn't you come to me directly?
l thought we trusted each other.
So did l.
Something happened on that away mission
that you're not telling me.
l've told you everything you need to know.
You've consulted me on every major decision
over the last seven years except this one.
There are some decisions
a captain has to make on her own.
l understand that, but every instinct
tells me what you're doing is wrong.
Don't you remember what happened on Lessek Prime?
l don't see how that's relevant.
l think you do.
15 years ago, you were the Lieutenant
who was kept in the dark.
lf you hadn't questioned your Captain's orders,
the entire away team would've been lost.
This situation's entirely different.
You never told me that story.
l made it up.
Chakotay to Tuvok.
l've erected a dampening field
around these quarters.
l'm sorry, Commander.
Computer, secure the doors and establish
a level-5 dampening field around the morgue.
l can't do my job with the two of you
constantly talking in my head.
l'm not doing anything else until l speak with the Captain.
What's your encryption frequency?
Captain, are you all right?
Doctor, listen to me.
Under no circumstances are you to eject the warp core.
lf l don't do what they ask, they'll kill you.
l'm giving you a direct order.
Stop what you're doing.
l'm sorry, Captain.
l can't obey that order.
Doctor, l want you to go to the Bridge right now
and alert Commander Tuvok...
Put her behind the force field!
We have another assignment for you.
l've been going over the schematics of your vessel,
and l'm intrigued by this bio-neural circuitry.
l want you to bring us a series of these gel packs.
The gel packs are integrated into the ship's systems.
l can't just remove them without someone noticing.
You've proven yourself to be very resourceful, Doctor.
You'll find a way.
we're monitoring your perceptual subroutines.
We can see and hear everything.
Tuvok to Chakotay.
You know what will happen to her if you alert your crew.
Go ahead.
Are you all right, Commander?
Uh, just a scratchy throat.
The Doctor's treating me now.
Could you come to the Shuttle Bay
when you're finished?
l'll be right there.
Chakotay out.
Computer, access the holodeck database
and locate Commander Chakotay's holographic template.
Download the physical parameters into my program.
You wanted to see me?
l've completed the diagnostic as you requested.
The Flyer's com system is functioning normally.
You find that unusual?
The Captain did report that it was damaged
during the attack by the R'Kaal.
l'll have a talk with her.
Did you find anything else out of the ordinary?
Get out of there before you arouse suspicion.
l'll be on the Bridge if you need me.
You're doing a wonderful job, Doctor.
l'm just giving him a little encouragement.
That's why l'm in command.
lf all goes well, we should have
the warp core in less than six hours.
He's making excellent progress.
That's exactly what he wants you to believe.
What do you mean?
Did you really think you could outsmart a hologram?
Everything appears to be normal.
How do you know you're not looking
at a holographic projection?
The Doctor isn't just a physician.
His emergency command subroutines
contain thousands of tactical scenarios.
l wouldn't be surprised
if Voyager was already on its way here.
You do have an option.
Leave me behind in an escape pod,
and l'll forget any of this ever happened.
Maybe we should let her go.
Are you delusional?
lt took months to plan this.
We've already found a buyer for the warp core.
Now you want to abandon everything?
lt's better than being sent to a rehabilitation center.
We made our choice when we stole this vessel.
l am not going back
to the Hierarchy, and neither are you.
She's just trying to trick you.
A month from now,
we'll be soaking in the mud baths of Eblar Prime.
Trust me.
Janeway to Torres.
Torres here.
l'm having a little trouble with my replicator again.
Can you take a look at it?
l'm still working on those modifications you asked for.
l'll send somebody else.
l'd consider it a personal favor
if you'd do it yourself, Lieutenant.
l'll be there in five minutes.
Thank you.
Janeway out.
Computer, access Lieutenant Torres' holographic template
and download the physical parameters
into my program.
Computer, access medical file: Torres-3
and update her holographic template.
Did you forget something, Lieutenant?
l did, actually.
Where do we keep the spare gel packs?
Locker Gamma 5.
Of course, Gamma 5.
On the upper level.
l know where it is, Ensign.
You left me no choice.
Oh, are we calling each other by our rank now?
Uh, you startled me.
Oh, sorry.
Well, l thought since you didn't have time
for lunch under the stars,
maybe you'd settle for the glow of the warp core.
How thoughtful...
but l'm... not hungry.
Well, l'm sure the baby is famished.
A pregnant woman shouldn't eat this kind of food.
Do you want to give me an arterial occlusion?
Oh, one drumstick isn't going to kill you.
Besides, l won't tell the Doctor...
if you won't.
You know...
this all looks so delicious.
Why don't we save it
for a romantic dinner this evening?
All right.
1900 hours, but if you're not there,
l'm sending Security after you.
l'll be there... sweetheart.
Well, aren't you getting affectionate
in your third trimester.
l'll see you later.
Kim to Chakotay.
Can you come to Astrometrics?
Harry, l'll be right there.
Chakotay out.
The transmission was encoded with a false subspace signature.
The signal didn't originate on another vessel.
lt came from inside Voyager.
We traced it to Holodeck 2.
Do you know who sent it?
l'm on my way to check the access logs.
l'll go with you.
Whoever sent this transmission
knew how to cover his tracks.
The holodeck logs have been erased.
Doesn't look like we'll get any answers here.
l might be able to find
some residual photonic displacement.
There we go.
l think l can clarify the image
with a recursive algorithm.
Our alien's a hologram.
The question is, who programmed him?
Good work, Ensign.
l'll take it from here.
Wait a minute.
l'm picking up two holographic signatures.
lt looks like a second image was superimposed
over an existing template.
l'll see if l can isolate the first image.
what are you doing?
lf you don't mind,
l've had a stressful day.
l'm extremely busy, Commander.
This will only take a moment.
l've been reviewing the communication logs.
There's a discrepancy l was hoping you could explain.
At the precise moment the Flyer transmitted a deflector pulse,
you apparently accessed Voyager's holographic database.
l haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.
Your access code was used
to download the Captain's physical parameters.
Exactly what are you insinuating, Commander?
Perhaps we should have a word with the Captain.
Computer, deactivate the EMH.
EMH protocols are off-line.
Security to Sick Bay. Remain where you are.
You haven't forgotten
l'm a hologram, have you?
lf necessary, l'll disable all of your holo-emitters.
Computer, transfer the EMH to the mobile emitter!
All hands, Red Alert.
Security teams, apprehend the Doctor.
Computer, open the holodeck doors.
Unable to comply.
Access to the holodeck has been restricted.
Security override: Tuvok-sigma-four.
Computer, end program.
Unable to comply.
Holodeck controls are off-line.
Tuvok to Engineering.
Shut down power to Holodeck 2.
Shut down power to Holodeck 2.
lt looks like the Doctor's rerouted the power relays.
lt'll take a minute to bypass them.
Doctor, l've reconfigured my phaser
to disrupt your holo-matrix.
Surrender yourself now.
Tuvok to Bridge.
Can you locate the Doctor on internal sensors?
l'm not reading him.
He must've masked his signature somehow.
Try scanning for the polydeutonic alloy
in his emitter.
Shut down all turbolifts and transporters.
Get your people out of here.
The core's about to breach.
l'm not detecting an overload.
You're getting false readings.
The Doctor's reprogrammed your sensors.
All right, everybody out!
Now! Move it!
You, too, B'Elanna.
l might be able to stabilize the containment field.
You're not putting your baby in danger. Go!
You'd better be right behind me.
Paris to Torres.
l'm picking up the Doctor's emitter in your section.
Right next to the warp core.
activate Emergency Command Hologram.
All command codes have been transferred to the ECH.
Prepare to eject the warp core.
Authorization: ECH-omega-four-two.
Doctor, don't do this.
Warp ejection system enabled.
Computer... eject the core.
lock on to my mobile emitter
and transport me to the Delta Flyer.
Transporters are off-line.
Tuvok, we just lost main power,
and internal sensors are down.
The Doctor has entered Jefferies Tube 1 1-Alpha.
Send a security team to the Shuttle Bay.
l think the Doctor's heading for the escape pods.
You wouldn't shoot a pregnant woman, would you?
Come with me, Doctor.
Tuvok, someone's launching the Flyer.
You might try disconnecting the phase discriminator.
l've rebuilt dozens of these units,
but l've never seen this configuration before.
Do you know how l can stabilize the ion flow?
That looks like the charge inverter.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Your ship must need a lot of replacement parts.
Oh... those aren't for this ship.
l've been collecting and repairing
spare components for years.
This is from an old impulse drive.
Would you believe l found it sitting in a waste depository?
l'll be able to find a buyer now that it's working.
These parts could be worth a small fortune.
That's exactly what l think.
l'm going to use my quarter of the profits
to establish an outpost
specializing in obsolete engine components.
l'm certain there's a demand for them.
My Chief Engineer is always looking for spare parts.
She might be interested
in acquiring your entire inventory.
You're not trying to take advantage
of my subordinate, are you?
No one's ever going to buy this junk.
lt's almost as useless as you.
There's a ship approaching.
This is the Delta Flyer.
l've got the warp core,
but you're not getting it until you release the Captain.
Are you insane?
You almost destabilized the core.
Both of our ships would've been destroyed!
This isn't a negotiation!
Release your tractor beam now!
All right.
lt's in the Cargo Hold.
Lower your shields, and we'll beam your Captain to you.
We had an agreement.
To spare your Captain.
As you can see, she's still alive.
Let the Doctor go. l'm the more valuable hostage.
Actually, you're not.
We'll leave you in the Vinri system.
The inhabitants are mostly harmless.
The Doctor will be working for us now.
l'll do no such thing.
l'm sure you'll feel differently
after l make a few adjustments to your program.
l had no idea he was going to do this.
l'm sorry.
l hope you realize you've stranded Voyager
in the Delta Quadrant.
What did you expect me to do, let them kill you?
l expected you to follow my orders.
You might as well have been ordering me
to put a phaser to your head.
Voyager can survive
without a warp core, but not without a captain.
Now it doesn't have either.
Chief Tactical Officer's Log, Stardate 54890.7.
With internal sensors off-line,
l've had to order a section-by-section search
for our missing crew members.
Until main power is restored,
Voyager remains immobilized and defenseless.
They're just unconscious.
Paris to Tuvok.
l found them.
lt is logical to assume
the Captain never returned from the away mission.
Do you have any idea where the Flyer is?
The Doctor masked his ion trail.
Engineering to Chakotay.
Go ahead.
We're ready to restart the impulse reactors.
lt's playing on every com channel on the ship.
Computer, pause music.
Unable to comply.
Didn't the Doctor play this at his recital last month?
Yes, and as l recall,
he performed the piece flawlessly.
Maybe the recording was damaged by the power loss.
Or perhaps the Doctor altered the music deliberately.
Why would he do that?
l performed a Fourier analysis on the recording.
The harmonics have been modified.
it could be a com frequency.
Unlikely. There's no carrier wave.
l could be wrong, but it looks like a warp signature.
The power utilization curve would be about right.
Try scanning for it.
l'm detecting a matching signature.
Distance: 6.7 light-years.
We can't follow them at impulse.
You and Tom take a shuttle.
What are you doing?
lf l can amplify your matrix,
l might be able to disrupt the force field.
l'm sorry l put us in this position, Captain.
You said you wanted us to spend more time together.
This isn't what l had in mind.
Maybe... if we get back to the ship,
we could try socializing a little more.
This really isn't the place to be talking about this.
Besides, l don't do a lot of socializing.
You have meals with Commander Chakotay,
and you play velocity with Seven.
We going to have to discuss this later.
l need to upload your first assignment.
You want me to infiltrate
the Hierarchy's surveillance complex?
The data stored there is worth a hundred warp cores.
How do you expect me to get past their security perimeter?
l'm glad you asked.
l trust this won't be permanent?
l've given you the rank of a Class-One Overseer.
You'll be able to walk into Central Command
without anyone noticing.
l've also uploaded
several other holographic templates
you might find useful.
What's wrong?
l'm not certain.
The compression algorithms are breaking down.
l told you his program couldn't handle that much data.
What have you done to me?
l'm detecting a human life sign aboard...
and a holographic signature.
The vessel's weapons are polaron-based,
and they have auto- regenerative shielding.
We still have the element of surprise.
lf you don't get him back to Voyager,
his matrix will be permanently damaged.
Please do something.
He won't be any use to us if he decompiles.
Someone's boarded the Delta Flyer.
They're moving away.
Fire at both vessels.
Now, Mr. Paris!
Our shield generator isn't going to last.
lf we give them what they want, maybe they'll leave.
Prepare to jettison their warp core.
What are you doing?
Arming a torpedo.
lf we detonate their core,
the blast wave should give us enough time to escape.
That would kill them.
Captain, get down!
Lieutenant, lock a tractor beam
onto the core and get it back to Voyager.
Nar, get this hologram off me!
Guess this wasn't so useless after all.
Are you still interested in acquiring my inventory?
Computer, transfer the EMH back into the holodeck buffer.
Can you stabilize his matrix?
Not until we purge the excess subroutines.
There's more than a thousand teraquads
of new data in here.
How is he?
We're not sure yet.
Captain, if l don't survive,
l need you to do something for me.
You're going to be all right.
lf l'm not, when you reach Earth,
l want you to donate my emitter
to the Daystrom lnstitute.
They may be able to replicate it someday
so that other holograms
can know the freedom l've enjoyed.
l've had something on my conscience for a long time.
After l was first activated,
l kept a record of what l considered to be
your most... questionable command decisions.
lt's in my personal database.
l hope you'll delete the file without reading it.
Mr. Tuvok... l violated
the most sacred trust between a physician and his patient.
l told Mr. Neelix
about the cutaneous eruption you developed on your...
That was indiscreet.
l hope you can forgive me.
Ensign... at your recital last month,
l told Lieutenant Torres that your saxophone playing
reminded me of a wounded targ.
l should've put it more delicately.
l'm sorry.
You should remain still.
You have no idea how difficult it's been
hiding my true feelings all these years,
averting my eyes during your regular maintenance exams.
l know you could never have the same feelings for me,
but l want you to know the truth.
l love you, Seven.
Your cognitive algorithms are malfunctioning.
Good-bye, my friends.
Speak well of me.
ls he...?
No, l've got him.
What happened?
l deleted the extraneous subroutines.
l'm not going to decompile?
You'll probably outlive us all.
anything else you'd like to confess?
Captain's Log, Stardate 54912.4.
Lieutenant Torres has restored our warp drive
in less than a week.
The Doctor's dignity, however, might take a little longer.
He hasn't left Sick Bay once since he returned to the ship.
Captain... do you need...
do you need medical attention?
You've been keeping to yourself lately.
Your friends are worried about you.
After my deathbed confession,
l wasn't sure l had any friends left.
l overstepped my bounds
in documenting your command decisions.
lt happened a long time ago,
before l considered myself to be a part of your crew.
Oh, l'm not here to make you grovel.
l'm here to punish you
for your insubordinate behavior.
l understand.
You're hereby denied the use
of your mobile emitter for six days.
Since you haven't left Sick Bay for a week,
we'll call it time served.
l appreciate the gesture, Captain,
but l've got a lot of work to catch up on.
l'm sorry to hear that.
l was hoping you might be free
for a cup of coffee on the holodeck.
l know a little sidewalk cafe in Buenos Aires.
You said you wanted us to socialize more.
l suppose Mr. Paris can finish this.
Now, when you're on the holodeck with the Captain,
there are two rules you have to follow.
l understand.
First: leave your rank at the door.
Not a problem. The second?
No opera.

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