Production 271
First Air Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2001
Stardate Unknown
Guest Cast: Dwight Schultz as Barclay, Richard Herd as Admiral Paris, Alice Krige as Borg Queen, Vaughn Armstrong as Korath, Manu Intiraymi as Icheb, Lisa Locicero as Miral Paris, Miguel Perez as Physician, Grant Garrison as Cadet, Ashley Sierra Hughes as Sabrina, Matthew James Williamson as Klingon, Richard Sarstedt as Starfleet Admiral, Joey Sakata as Engineering Officer, Iris Bahr as Female Cadet
Story By: Rick Berman & Kenneth Biller & Brannon Braga
Teleplay By: Kenneth Biller & Robert Doherty
Directed By: Allan Kroeker


It took the U.S.S. Voyager decades to journey home from the Delta Quadrant, decades which took their toll upon the ship's crew and Captain. Now an Admiral in Starfleet, Kathryn Janeway cannot reconcile the price of the long passage, and embarks on an ambitious and forbidden plan to change the past, forcing a final confrontation with Voyager 's deadliest enemy.

Narrator: "these should be familiar images to everyone who remembers the uss Voyager's triumphant return to earth after 23 years in the Delta Quadrant."

Narrator: "Voyager captivated the hearts and minds of people throughout the Federation, so it seems fitting that on this, the tenth anniversary of their return we take a moment to recall the sacrifices made by the crew."

Narrator: "Corruption charges were brought today against a Ferengi..."

Admiral Janeway: "Computer, end display."


Captain Kim: "dinner next week, then?"

Noname: "I'm looking forward to it."

Captain Kim: "Hello."

Sabrina: "What's your name?"

Captain Kim: "Harry."

Captain Kim: "What's yours?"

Sabrina: "Sabrina."

Captain Kim: "Naomi's daughter?"

Captain Kim: "You've gotten so big."

Sabrina: "I don't remember you."

Captain Kim: "I haven't come to one of these reunions in four years."

Sabrina: "Why?"

Captain Kim: "I've been on a deep space assignment."

Sabrina: "For four years?"

Captain Kim: "Compared to how long I was on Voyager it seemed like a long weekend."

Captain Kim: "Can you find your mother for me?"

Captain Kim: "I'd like to say hi."

Admiral Janeway: "Oops."

Admiral Janeway: "Here you are, Captain."

Captain Kim: "Thank you, admiral."

Captain Kim: "I haven't seen her since she was a baby."

Admiral Janeway: "It's amazing how fast you've all grown."

Captain Kim: "How's Tuvok?"

Admiral Janeway: "Not well."

Captain Kim: "I thought maybe I'd go see him tomorrow."

Admiral Janeway: "Oh, that would be nice."

Captain Kim: "I'm sorry I missed the funeral."

Captain Kim: "I should have been there."

Admiral Janeway: "You were on a mission."

Admiral Janeway: "Everyone understood."

Admiral Janeway: "It's so good to see you, Harry."

Old Tom Paris: "Doc."

Doctor: "Mr. Paris!"

Doctor: "Voyager's pilot, medic and occasional thorn in my side."

Doctor: "Where have you been hiding yourself?"

Old Tom Paris: "I've been busy."

Doctor: "New holo-novel?"

Old Tom Paris: "I'll make sure to get your input before I send it off to my publisher."

Old Tom Paris: "Aren't you going to introduce me to your date?"

Doctor: "Mr. Paris, meet lana, my blushing bride."

Old Tom Paris: "You're married?"

Lana: "Tomorrow is our two-week anniversary."

Old Tom Paris: "Well, congratulations."

Old Tom Paris: "My invitation must have gotten lost in subspace."

Doctor: "Oh, you should be flattered."

Doctor: "We took a page from your book and eloped."

Lana: "Joe has a real flair for romantic gestures."

Old Tom Paris: "'joe'?"

Doctor: "I decided I couldn't get married without a name."

Old Tom Paris: "It took you 33 years to come up with joe?"

Doctor: "It was lana's grandfather's name."

Old Tom Paris: "Oh."

Old Tom Paris: "Oh, so you're not a..."

Lana: "A hologram?"

Lana: "No."

Doctor: "Frankly, Mr. Paris, I'm surprised you'd even ask."

Doctor: "I thought we were beyond those sorts of distinctions."

Old Tom Paris: "Are you kidding?"

Old Tom Paris: "I think it's great."

Old Tom Paris: "I'm in a mixed marriage myself, remember?"

Doctor: "Speaking of which, where is that wife of yours?"

B'Elanna Paris: "The high council had a lot of questions."

Admiral Janeway: "What did you tell them?"

B'Elanna Paris: "The truth..."

B'Elanna Paris: "With a Klingon twist."

B'Elanna Paris: "I told them that my beloved former Captain who had saved my life many times in glorious battle would be honored to submit korath's house for consideration."

Admiral Janeway: "Do you think it will work?"

B'Elanna Paris: "I'm just the Federation liaison but I'd like to think I have some influence."

B'Elanna Paris: "You still haven't told me why you're trying to help korath."

Admiral Janeway: "He's an old friend."

B'Elanna Paris: "Would this old friend have anything to do with the mission that you sent my
daughter on?"

Admiral Janeway: "Sorry, B'Elanna but you know I can't talk about that."

B'Elanna Paris: "Couldn't you at least have waited until after the reunion?"

B'Elanna Paris: "She really wanted to be here."

Admiral Janeway: "She'll be home soon, I promise."

(tapping on glass)

Commander Barclay: "may I have everyone's attention, please?"

Commander Barclay: "Ten years ago tonight this crew returned home from the longest away mission in Starfleet's history."


Commander Barclay: "Twenty-three years together made you a family one I'm proud to have been adopted by."

Commander Barclay: "So let's raise our glasses..."

Commander Barclay: "To the journey."

All: "to the journey."

Admiral Janeway: "And to those who aren't here to celebrate it with us."

Commander Barclay: "Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Borg."

Commander Barclay: "Over the course of this term, you're going to become intimately familiar
with the collective."

Commander Barclay: "You'll learn about the assimilation process the Borg hierarchy and the psychology of the hive mind and when it comes to your performance in this class my expectations are going to be no different than the Borg queen herself--perfection."

(all laugh)

Commander Barclay: "This semester, we are very fortunate to have a special guest lecturer the woman who literally wrote the book on the Borg: admiral Kathryn Janeway."


Admiral Janeway: "Thank you, Commander."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm glad to be here."

Admiral Janeway: "A question already, cadet?"

Cadet: "I suppose it could wait until after class, admiral."

Admiral Janeway: "As they say in the temporal mechanics department 'there's no time like the present.'"


Cadet: "In the year 2377 you aided the Borg resistance movement known as unimatrix zero."

Commander Barclay: "Sounds like someone's been reading ahead."

Admiral Janeway: "I thought you had a question, cadet."

Cadet: "Yes, ma'am."

Cadet: "When you informed the queen that you were going to liberate thousands of her drones could you describe the look on her face?"

(group chuckles)

Female Cadet: admiral?"

Female Cadet: "Some of us were talking before class and we were curious."

Female Cadet: "How extensive was Seven Of Nine's involvement with unimatrix zero?"

Admiral Janeway: "I'd, uh..."

Admiral Janeway: "Prefer not to discuss Seven Of Nine."

Female Cadet: "Yes, ma'am."

Female Cadet: "Sorry."

Officer: "Admiral, you have an incoming message from miral Paris."

Admiral Janeway: "Thank you."

Admiral Janeway: "Excuse me."

Commander Barclay: "Okay."

Commander Barclay: "Uh, who can tell me a little about nanotechnology?"

Miral Paris: "I'm sorry to pull you out of class, admiral."

Admiral Janeway: "Did you see it?"

Miral Paris: "Yes, ma'am."

Admiral Janeway: "And?"

Miral Paris: "It works."

Admiral Janeway: "Korath has agreed to the exchange?"

Miral Paris: "Yes."

Admiral Janeway: "But..."

Miral Paris: "He's insisting on handing it over to you personally."

Admiral Janeway: "I'll be there as soon as I can."

Admiral Janeway: "Good work, Ensign Paris."


Admiral Janeway: "Hello, Tuvok."

Old Tuvok: "The light."

Admiral Janeway: "Oh, I'm sorry."

Old Tuvok: "I know you."

Admiral Janeway: "That's right."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm your friend, Kathryn Janeway, remember?"

Old Tuvok: "You're an impostor."

Admiral Janeway: "No, Tuvok."

Admiral Janeway: "It's me."

Old Tuvok: "Admiral Janeway visits on sunday."

Old Tuvok: "Today is thursday."

Old Tuvok: "Logic dictates that you are not who you claim to be."

Admiral Janeway: "How are you?"

Old Tuvok: "I am close to completing my work."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm glad to hear it."

Old Tuvok: "It is difficult with so many interruptions."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm sorry."

Admiral Janeway: "Would you like me to leave?"

Old Tuvok: "You may stay."

Admiral Janeway(quietly): Tuvok?"

Admiral Janeway: "There's something I need to tell you."

Admiral Janeway: "It's very important."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm going away and I may not see you again."

Admiral Janeway: "Commander barclay and the Doctor will continue to visit you."

Admiral Janeway: "They'll bring you anything you need."

Old Tuvok: "The Doctor comes on wednesdays."

Old Tuvok: "Commander barclay's visits are..."

Old Tuvok: "E-erratic."


Admiral Janeway: "Good-bye, Tuvok."

Admiral Janeway: "You must be the only Doctor who still makes house calls."

Doctor: "What are your symptoms?"

Admiral Janeway: "I'm perfectly fine."

Doctor: "For 33 years you fought me every time you were due for a physical."

Doctor: "Now you ask me to give you one ahead of schedule."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm taking a trip."

Admiral Janeway: "I just wanted to get our appointment out of the way before I left."

Doctor: "That's all?"

Admiral Janeway: "That's all."

Doctor: "Hmm."

Doctor: "The good news is you're as healthy as you were the first day I examined you."

Admiral Janeway: "Well..."

Admiral Janeway: "Now that's out of the way, have a seat."

Admiral Janeway: "We didn't get to talk much at the party."

Doctor: "No."

Doctor: "I don't suppose we did."

Admiral Janeway: "So, how's married life?"

Doctor: "Wonderful."

Doctor: "You should try it."

Admiral Janeway: "Oh, I think it's a little late for that."

Admiral Janeway: "Marriage is for the young--like your wife."

Doctor: "I can only hope she ages as gracefully as you have."

Doctor: "I, of course, will be the same handsome hologram 20 years from now as I am

Admiral Janeway: "I've been meaning to ask you."

Admiral Janeway: "Are you familiar with a drug called chronexaline?"

Doctor: "We've been testing it at Starfleet medical to determine if it can protect biomatter from tachyon radiation."

Admiral Janeway: "And?"

Doctor: "It's very promising."

Doctor: "Why do you ask?"

Admiral Janeway: "I need 2,000 milligrams by tomorrow afternoon."

Doctor: "Why?"

Admiral Janeway: "That's classified."

Admiral Janeway: "Will you get it for me?"


Doctor: "Of course, admiral."

Doctor: "You'll have it by 09:00."

Admiral Janeway: "Thank you."


Computer: "Download complete."

Commander Barclay: "This should be everything you need."

Admiral Janeway: "The shuttle?"

Commander Barclay: "Waiting for you at the oakland shipyard."

Commander Barclay: "I wish you'd let me come with you."

Admiral Janeway: "Sorry, reg, but this is my mission."

Admiral Janeway: "Besides, if you leave there won't anyone to teach those eager young cadets about the Borg."

Commander Barclay: "Oh."

Commander Barclay: "I made you some fresh tea for the trip."

Commander Barclay: "Not that replicated stuff."

Admiral Janeway: "Thank you..."

Admiral Janeway: "For everything."

Admiral Janeway: "I wouldn't have been able to do this without you."

Commander Barclay: "Oh, don't remind me."

Admiral Janeway: "Any final words of advice for your old Captain?"

Admiral Janeway: "Wait."

Admiral Janeway: "Don't tell me."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm being impulsive."

Admiral Janeway: "I haven't considered all the consequences."

Admiral Janeway: "It's too risky."

Admiral Janeway: "Thanks for the input."

Admiral Janeway: "But I've got to do what I think is right."

Admiral Janeway: "I know it wasn't easy living all these years without her, Chakotay."

Admiral Janeway: "But when I'm through things might be better for all of us."

Admiral Janeway: "Trust me."


B'Elanna Torres: "Tom?"

Tom Paris: (sleepy mumbling)

B'Elanna Torres: "Tom."

Tom Paris: "I'm sleeping."

B'Elanna Torres: "It's time."

Tom Paris: "For what?"

B'Elanna Torres: "I'll give you one guess."

Tom Paris: "Paris to..."

Tom Paris: "Paris to Sickbay, it's time."

Doctor: "relax, Mr. Paris."

Doctor: "Can she stand?"

Tom Paris: "Affirmative."

Doctor: "Then I suggest you report to Sickbay."

Tom Paris: "What about B'Elanna?"

Doctor: "Her, too."

Tom Paris: "Right, of course."

Tom Paris: "Maybe we should take the transporter."

Tom Paris: "Hey, wait for me!"

Doctor: "Hmm..."

Tom Paris: "What do you mean by 'hmm'?"

Doctor: "You're going to have a very healthy baby..."

Doctor: "But not tonight."

B'Elanna Torres: "Tell me you're joking."

Doctor: "You're experiencing false labor, Lieutenant."

Tom Paris: "Again?"

Doctor: "As I explained the last time it's a common occurrence, especially among Klingons."

B'Elanna Torres: "I want this thing out of me now!"

Doctor: "Misdirected rage..."

Doctor: "Another common occurrence among Klingons."

Tom Paris: "Can't you induce?"

Doctor: "I wouldn't recommend it."

Tom Paris: "If this keeps happening, we'll never get any sleep."

Doctor: "You think it's bad now?"


Janeway: "When?"

Chakotay: "0400."

Janeway: "How many false alarms does that make?"

Chakotay: "Three that we know of."

Janeway: "That baby is as stubborn as her mother."

Chakotay: "Harry's starting a pool to see who can guess the actual date and time of

Janeway: "Tell him to put me down for next friday, 2300 hours."

Janeway: "Anything else?"

Chakotay: "Crewman chell's asked about taking over in the mess hall full-time."

Janeway: "Neelix left some pretty big pots and pans to fill."

Janeway: "Does Mr. chell feel he's up to the challenge?"

Chakotay: "Apparently so."

Chakotay: "He's prepared a sample menu."

Janeway: "'plasma leak soup chicken warp core du bleu.'"

(both laughing)

Chakotay: "If his cooking's as bad as his puns, we're in trouble."

Janeway: "Oh, I don't know."

Janeway: "I wouldn't mind giving his 'red alert chili' a try."

Janeway: "Feel like having lunch?"

Chakotay: "I'd love to, but I've already made plans."

Chakotay: "Rain check?"

Janeway: "Absolutely."


Chakotay: "What's all this?"

Seven Of Nine: "A picnic."

Seven Of Nine: "According to my research this is an appropriate third date."

Chakotay: "You didn't have to go to this much trouble."

Seven Of Nine: "If this makes you uncomfortable I could prepare a less elaborate meal."

Chakotay: "No, no, don't change a thing."

Chakotay: "This is perfection."


(Kim coughing)

Tuvok: "In the interest of fair play I should inform you that Mr. Kim has never defeated me at kal-toh."

Harry Kim: "You should've listened to me."

Tuvok: "Kal-toh is as much a game of patience as it is of logic."

Tuvok: "An experienced player will sometimes take several hours to decide his next move and in some cases even days may be necessary to..."

Icheb: "Kal-toh."

Harry Kim: "You beat him."

Tuvok: "Congratulations."

Icheb: "I'm sure it was just beginner's luck, sir."

Icheb: "I'd offer you a rematch but I'm due in Astrometrics."

Tuvok: "Another time, perhaps."

Harry Kim: "He may have to go, but I'm free and feeling lucky."

Tuvok: "If you'll excuse me, Ensign."

Harry Kim: "It's just a game, Tuvok."


Doctor: "Icheb's an exceptionally bright young man."

Doctor: "Did it occur to you that he might simply be a better player?"

Tuvok: "My loss was the result of another lapse in concentration."

Doctor: "I am detecting lower neuro-peptide levels."

Tuvok: "As I suspected."

Tuvok: "My condition is deteriorating."

Doctor: "It's a minor change."

Doctor: "We knew it would happen."

Doctor: "I simply have to increase your medication."

Tuvok: "Thank you, Doctor."

Doctor: "Commander, I understand your desire for privacy but maybe it's time we informed the Captain."

Tuvok: "I will inform her if and when the disorder begins to affect the performance of my duties."

Doctor: "Of course."


Seven Of Nine: "Your move."

Neelix: "Green, grid 1210."

Seven Of Nine: "Red, grid 313."

Neelix: "Tricky."

Seven Of Nine: "How's brax?"

Neelix: "Wonderful."

Neelix: "Thanks for asking."

Neelix: "I know I can never replace his father, but..."

Seven Of Nine: "I have no doubt the boy looks up to you."

Neelix: "Orange, grid 1012."

Neelix: "I haven't told anyone but I'm thinking of asking dexa to marry me."

Seven Of Nine: "She'd be wise to accept."

Neelix: "That's enough of my love life."

Neelix: "How about yours?"

Seven Of Nine: "I don't have a love life."

Neelix: "Oh?"

Neelix: "What about your relationship with Commander Chakotay?"

Seven Of Nine: "It's your turn."

Neelix: "Actually, it's yours."

Neelix: "At least tell me how he liked the picnic."

Seven Of Nine: "It was an enjoyable activity for both of us."

Seven Of Nine: "Thank you for suggesting it."

Neelix: "Any time."

(alarm beeping)

Neelix: "What is it?"

Seven Of Nine: "Long-range sensors are detecting extremely high neutrino emissions accompanied by intermittent graviton flux approximately three light-years away."

Neelix: "A wormhole."

Seven Of Nine: "I'm not sure."

Seven Of Nine: "I'll need to conduct more scans."

Seven Of Nine: "We can finish our game tomorrow."

Seven Of Nine: "I'll contact you at the usual time."


Seven Of Nine: "The emissions are occurring at the center of the nebula."

Seven Of Nine: "There appear to be hundreds of distinct sources."

Harry Kim: "Which could translate to hundreds of wormholes."

Seven Of Nine: "The radiation is interfering with our sensors but if Ensign Kim's enthusiasm turns out to be justified, it would be the most concentrated occurrence of wormholes ever recorded."

Janeway: "Any idea where they lead?"

Harry Kim: "Not yet, but if just one of them leads to the alpha quadrant..."

Tom Paris: "Who knows, Harry?"

Tom Paris: "It might take us right into your parents' living room."

Janeway: "Alter course, Mr. Paris."

Janeway: "Ensign, when you speak to your mother tell her we may need her to move the


Old Tuvok: "5331..."

Old Tuvok: "7153..."

Old Tuvok: "5331..."

Old Tuvok: "7153..."

Psychyatr: "Sorry if I pulled you away from something important, sir but he won't let anyone near him, and I thought you might..."

Doctor: "You did the right thing."

Psychyatr: "His condition's never been associated with violent behavior."

Psychyatr: "He seems more frustrated than violent."

Old Tuvok: "Long-range sensors have detected no trace."

Old Tuvok: "Her disappearance remains a mystery."

Old Tuvok: "I am deeply concerned."

Doctor: "What are you concerned about, Tuvok?"

Old Tuvok: "Her disappearance."

Doctor: "Whose?"

Old Tuvok: "5331..."

Old Tuvok: "7153."

Psychiatr:: "He's been repeating those same numbers over and over again--533171."

Psychiatr:: "It might be a stardate."

Doctor: "Stardate 53317..."

Doctor: "If my memory files are accurate that was the day Captain Janeway was abducted by the kellidians."

Doctor: "Is that who you're talking about, Tuvok, Captain Janeway?"

Old Tuvok: "Her disappearance remains a mystery."

Doctor: "No, you solved that mystery, Tuvok."

Doctor: "You rescued the Captain and brought her back to Voyager safe and sound, remember?"

Old Tuvok: "I am deeply concerned, deeply concerned."

Psychiatr:: "Do you think if the admiral paid him a visit showed him that she was all right?"

Doctor: "Unfortunately, she's out of town right now."

Doctor: "I'm not sure when she'll be back."

Old Tuvok: "She's never coming back!"

Old Tuvok: "Her disappearance remains a mystery."

Old Tuvok: "I'm deeply concerned..."

Old Tuvok: "...deeply concerned."


Doctor: "Voyager to pathfinder."

Doctor: "Come in, pathfinder."

Commander Barclay: "Doctor, what a pleasant sur..."

Commander Barclay: "Oh!"

Commander Barclay: "I've forgotten about our golf game again, haven't i?"

Doctor: "Relax, reg, it's not until next week."

Doctor: "I'm here because I need to get in touch with Admiral Janeway."

Commander Barclay: "Oh, she's out of town."

Doctor: "I know."

Doctor: "Did she tell you where she was going?"

Commander Barclay: "Uh, I'm afraid it-it never came up."

Commander Barclay: "I mean, is something wrong?"

Doctor: "I'm not sure."

Doctor: "I paid a visit to Tuvok this morning."

Doctor: "He seemed to think that she was in some sort of danger."

Commander Barclay: "Well, you know better than anyone how confused Tuvok can get."

Doctor: "Yes, but I've been worried about the admiral, too."

Commander Barclay: "Why?"

Doctor: "Two days ago, she asked me for a large quantity of an experimental medication."

Doctor: "When I asked her why she needed it, she said it was classified."

Commander Barclay: "Then you shouldn't be telling me about it, should you?"

Doctor: "I spoke to director okaro at Starfleet intelligence."

Doctor: "He assured me that the admiral hasn't been involved in any classified work since she began teaching at the academy."

Commander Barclay: "You know how sneaky these intelligence people can be."

Commander Barclay: "Maybe he was just trying to throw you off."

Doctor: "Maybe, but still she's been talking for months about how excited she is to be teaching with you."

Doctor: "Then, just as the semester begins she goes away without even telling you where."

Doctor: "Don't you find that a little strange?"

Commander Barclay: "I..."

Commander Barclay: "I'm sure that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation."

Commander Barclay: "Doctor..."

Commander Barclay: "I'm sorry (stammering): I have some..."

Commander Barclay: "...papers to grade."

Doctor: "You're stammering, reg."

Commander Barclay: "So?!"

Doctor: "I haven't heard you do that in years."

Doctor: "I think you do know where she is."

Commander Barclay: "She is one of the most decorated officers in all of Starfleet history."

Commander Barclay (stammering): I'm..."

Commander Barclay: "I'm..."

Commander Barclay: "...sure she can take care of herself."

Doctor: "You wouldn't be saying that unless she was doing something dangerous."

Commander Barclay: "You are putting words in my mouth."

Doctor: "Tell me where she is, reg."


Miral Paris: "Welcome to the house of korath, admiral."

Admiral Janeway: "I love what he's done with the place."

(speaking Klingon)

(speaking Klingon)


Admiral Janeway: "What was that about?"

Miral Paris: "He says your demeanor was disrespectful."

Admiral Janeway: "I hope you told him I didn't mean to be rude."

Miral Paris: "I told him if he didn't show you more respect I would break his arm."

Admiral Janeway: "You are your mother's daughter."

Miral Paris: "Korath is waiting."

Miral Paris: "We should go in."

Admiral Janeway: "Sorry, but this is where we part ways."

Miral Paris: "Excuse me?"

Admiral Janeway: "You're dismissed, Ensign."

Miral Paris: "But, admiral, I really think..."

Admiral Janeway: "I can take care of myself."

Miral Paris: "With all due respect I've been working on this for six months, and..."

Admiral Janeway: "And you've done an exemplary job, but it's over."

Admiral Janeway: "Understood?"

Miral Paris: "Yes, ma'am."

Admiral Janeway: "I happen to know your parents are anxious to spend some time with you."

Admiral Janeway: "Take a few days leave."

Admiral Janeway: "Go and see them."

(door opens)

Korath: "A cardassian disruptor."

Korath: "I've modified it to emit a nadion pulse."

Admiral Janeway: "Impressive, but that's not what I've come for."

Korath: "No."

Korath: "You've come for something far more dangerous."

Admiral Janeway: "Where is it?"

Korath: "Somewhere safe."

Admiral Janeway: "I went to a great deal of trouble to get you your seat on the high council."

Admiral Janeway: "Now give me what you promised."

Korath: "I've scanned your shuttle."

Korath: "It appears that you've made some..."

Korath: "Interesting modifications."

Korath: "Your shields generator is of particular interest."

Admiral Janeway: "It's not for sale."

Korath: "Then what you want isn't available, either."

Admiral Janeway: "We had an agreement."

Korath: "Show the admiral out."


Tom Paris: "Maybe chell should add 'nebula soup' to his menu."


Janeway: "Shields."

Tuvok: "holding."

Janeway: "Bridge to Astrometrics."

Seven Of Nine: "go ahead."

Janeway: "Anymore data on those neutrino emissions?"

Seven Of Nine: "Negative, Captain."

Seven Of Nine: "I still can't get a clear scan."

Janeway: "Distance to the center?"

Seven Of Nine: "Six million kilometers."


Janeway: "What is it?"

Tuvok: "I'm detecting a tritanium signature, bearing 342, mark 55."

Tom Paris: "Whatever it is, it's too close."

Janeway: "Evasive maneuvers."

Chakotay: "Was it a ship?"

Tuvok: "Possibly."


Harry Kim: "another tritanium signature right on top of us."

Janeway: "Tom!"

Janeway: "Get us out of here now."

Borg: "vessel identified: uss Voyager."

Borg: "We will pursue and assimilate."

Borg Queen: "No, they haven't compromised our security."

Borg Queen: "Let the vessel continue..."

Borg Queen: "For now."

Borg Queen: "I'll keep an eye on them."


Tuvok: "There's no evidence that the cube detected us."

Chakotay: "Where is it now?"

Seven Of Nine: "Approximately three light-years away."

Tom Paris: "How could they not have seen us?"

Tom Paris: "We came within ten meters of their hull."

Tuvok: "The Borg wouldn't knowingly risk a collision."

Tuvok: "The radiation must have interfered with their sensors as well."

Harry Kim: "If they can't detect us we should go back."

Seven Of Nine: "I wouldn't recommend it."

Seven Of Nine: "My analysis of the tritanium signature suggests there were at least 47 Borg vessels inside the nebula."

Harry Kim: "We can't just give up on those wormholes."

Janeway: "Oh, yes, we can."

Harry Kim: "What if we try to modify...?"

Janeway: "I'm sorry, Mr. Kim."

Janeway: "You may be the Captain someday, but not today."


Harry Kim: "Tom."

Harry Kim: "What are you doing when your shift ends?"

Tom Paris: "No plans."

Tom Paris: "Why?"

Harry Kim: "I've been thinking."

Harry Kim: "You and I should have some fun."

Harry Kim: "One last adventure before you get too busy being a father."

Tom Paris: "Did you reserve some holodeck time?"

Harry Kim: "I've got a better idea."

Tom Paris: "This is your idea of fun?"

Harry Kim: "It'll work."

Harry Kim: "We just need to make a few modifications to the flyer."

Tom Paris: "We might as well just hand it over to the Borg."

Harry Kim: "How could that happen with the best pilot in the quadrant at the helm?"

Tom Paris: "Nice try."

Harry Kim: "If we go to the Captain together she'll be much more likely to approve my plan."

Tom Paris: "I don't want her to approve it."

Harry Kim: "Where's your sense of adventure?"

Tom Paris: "I left it in that nebula and I'm not going back for it."

Harry Kim: "Don't you want to find a way home?"

Tom Paris: "I am home, Harry."

Harry Kim: "Captain proton would never walk away from a mission like this."

Tom Paris: "Captain proton doesn't have a wife..."

Tom Paris: "And a baby on the way."


Seven Of Nine: "If you're here for my daily report it's not complete."

Chakotay: "Actually..."

Chakotay: "I'm here in an unofficial capacity."

Chakotay: "I was wondering if you'd like to get together again."

Seven Of Nine: "To do what?"

Chakotay: "Well, that all depends on your research."

Chakotay: "Would a quiet dinner be an appropriate fourth date?"

Seven Of Nine: "Hmm, I believe it would be a more suitable fifth date."

Chakotay: "I'm willing to skip ahead if you are."

Doctor: "you're fine aside from some minor inflammation around your biradial clamp."

Doctor: "Let me know if it starts to bother you."

Doctor: "Is there something else?"

Seven Of Nine: "Do you remember three months ago when my cortical node shut down?"

Doctor: "How could I forget?"

Seven Of Nine: "You said it might be possible to remove the fail-safe device that was causing the problem."

Doctor: "Has it been giving you trouble again?"

Seven Of Nine: "No but I've reconsidered your offer to extract it."

Doctor: "I've been hoping you would."

Seven Of Nine: "You said it would require several surgeries."

Doctor: "Actually in anticipation of your 'change of heart' I've been studying the problem in more detail."

Doctor: "I now believe I can reconfigure the microcircuitry with a single procedure."

Doctor: "You'll be free to experience the full ranges of emotions--everything from a hearty belly laugh to a good cry."

Seven Of Nine: "How soon can you do it?"

Doctor: "Today, if you'd like."

Seven Of Nine: "My shift ends at 1800 hours."

Doctor: "It's a date."

Doctor: "Speaking of dates..."

Doctor: "Once the fail-safe is gone you'll be free to pursue more intimate relationships."

Seven Of Nine: "I'm aware of that."

Doctor: "If you decide you need help with that aspect of your humanity..."

Doctor: "I'm always at your disposal."

Seven Of Nine: "I appreciate that."

Doctor: "Really?"

Seven Of Nine: "Yes..."

Seven Of Nine: "But I already have all the help I need."

Doctor: "Ah..."

Doctor: "Of course."

Doctor: "You'll undoubtedly be running more simulations with the Chakotay hologram."

Seven Of Nine: "No, actually."

Seven Of Nine: "I'll see you at 1800 hours."


Klingon: "Mak-tah hoon..."

Klingon: "Janeway, ghuy'cha."

Admiral Janeway: "I've reconsidered your offer."

Korath: "I thought you might."

Admiral Janeway: "I'll give you the shield emitter but not until I've inspected the device you're offering..."

Admiral Janeway: "To make sure it's genuine."

Korath: "You question my honor?!"

Admiral Janeway: "If you were honorable you wouldn't have changed the terms of our agreement."

Admiral Janeway: "Show it to me, or I'm leaving."

Admiral Janeway: "This'll do just fine."

Korath: "Stop her!"

Admiral Janeway: "Computer, deploy armor."

Admiral Janeway: "Lay in a course for these coordinates."

(communications beep)


Admiral Janeway: "What do you want?"

Korath: "You'll pay for your deceit, ghuy'cha!"

Korath: "And the house of korath won't rest until you've drowned in your own blood!"

Admiral Janeway: "I'd love to stay and chat but I'm on a tight schedule."

Admiral Janeway: "Computer, warp six."

Computer: "approaching designated coordinates."

Admiral Janeway: "All stop."

Computer: "Warning: vessel approaching, vector 1-2-1, mark six."

(communications beep)

Admiral Janeway: "Harry!"

Admiral Janeway: "And people are always saying that space is so big."

Captain Kim: "Lower your shields, admiral."

Captain Kim: "Prepare for transport."

Captain Kim: "I'm taking you into custody."

Admiral Janeway: "You have no grounds to take me into custody Captain."

Captain Kim: "Reg told the Doctor everything, and the Doctor told me."

Captain Kim: "Now please, admiral, stand down."

Admiral Janeway: "On one condition: you let me explain why I'm doing this."

Captain Kim: "You have no idea what the consequences would be."

Admiral Janeway: "I know what the consequences are if we do nothing."

Captain Kim: "So do you."

Admiral Janeway: "I have a chance to change all that."

Captain Kim: "If Starfleet command knew what you were trying to do..."

Admiral Janeway: "You haven't told them?"

Captain Kim: "The Doctor and I decided to keep things in the family."

Admiral Janeway: "What about your crew?"

Captain Kim: "I told them I needed to take you back to Starfleet medical because you'd contracted a rare disease."

Admiral Janeway: "I hope it isn't terminal."

Captain Kim: "No..."

Captain Kim: "But it has been known to affect judgment."

Admiral Janeway: "I know what I'm doing, Harry."

Captain Kim: "Do you?"

Captain Kim: "Can you say with absolute certainty that it'll work?"

Captain Kim: "Because if you can't..."

Captain Kim: "Even if it weren't a violation of every rule in the book it would still be
far too risky."

Captain Kim: "What?"

Admiral Janeway: "I'm remembering a young Ensign who wanted to fly into a Borg-infested nebula, just to explore the remote possibility that we might find a way home."

Captain Kim: "If I remember correctly, you stopped me."

Admiral Janeway: "We didn't know then what we know now."

Captain Kim: "Our technology may have advanced, but..."

Admiral Janeway: "I'm not talking I'm talking about people--people who aren't as lucky as you and me."

Admiral Janeway: "You said you and the Doctor wanted to 'keep things in the family.'"

Admiral Janeway: "But our family's not complete anymore, is it?"

Admiral Janeway: "I'm asking you to trust my judgment, Harry..."

Admiral Janeway: "One last time."


Seven Of Nine: "Am I early?"

Chakotay: "No, you're right on time."

Chakotay: "Something wrong with the door?"

Seven Of Nine: "I didn't think it would be discreet to be seen carrying flowers to the first officer's quarters."

Chakotay: "Your research?"

Chakotay: "I should put these in water."

Seven Of Nine: "I've been told that anticipation of the first kiss is often uncomfortable."

Seven Of Nine: "I wanted to alleviate the tension."

Chakotay: "That was very considerate of you."

Chakotay: "What about the second kiss?"

Seven Of Nine: "I'd have to check the database."

Seven Of Nine: "It may indicate..."

Janeway: "senior officers to the bridge."

Chakotay: "Next time we deactivate the com system."

(door opens)

Chakotay: "What is it?"

Janeway: "Judging from the tachyon emissions some sort of temporal rift."

Seven Of Nine: "How's it being generated?"

Janeway: "That's what we're trying to figure out."


Captain Kim: "If Starfleet command finds out I had anything to do with this they'll demote me back to Ensign."

Admiral Janeway: "You worry too much, Harry."

Admiral Janeway: "It's turning you gray."

Captain Kim: "Propulsion's online, plasma flow stable."

Captain Kim: "This is a device of korath's."

Captain Kim: "It produces too much tachyo-kinetic energy."

Captain Kim: "It could burn itself out by the time you get where you're going."

Captain Kim: "You wouldn't be able to get back."

Admiral Janeway: "I always assumed it was a one-way trip."

Captain Kim: "You're sure I can't talk you out of this?"

Captain Kim: "All right."

Captain Kim: "Stupid question."

Captain Kim: "Kim to the rhode island."

Captain Kim: "One to beam back."

Admiral Janeway: "Computer, activate the chronodeflector."

Admiral Janeway: "Deploy armor."

Computer: "Unable to comply."

Computer: "Ablative generator is off-line."

Admiral Janeway: "Evasive pattern, beta six."

Admiral Janeway: "Open a channel to the rhode island."

Admiral Janeway: "Harry, I'm under attack."

Admiral Janeway: "How fast can you get back here?"


Tuvok: "I'm detecting nadion discharges on the other side of the rift."

Chakotay: "Weapons fire?"

Tuvok: "It's possible."

Tuvok: "The signature appears to be Klingon."

Janeway: "Red alert."


Captain Kim: "stand by for transport, admiral."

Admiral Janeway: "You know where I'm going, Harry, and it's not to your ship."

Captain Kim: "Your structural integrity is failing."

Admiral Janeway: "Just get these Klingons off my tail!"

Admiral Janeway: "Computer, activate the tachyon pulse and direct it to these spatial and temporal coordinates."


Tuvok: "There's a vessel coming through the rift."

Chakotay: "Klingon?"

Tuvok: "No."

Tuvok: "Federation."

Harry Kim: "We're being hailed."

Janeway: "Onscreen."

Admiral Janeway: "Recalibrate your deflector to emit an anti-tachyon pulse."

Admiral Janeway: "You have to seal that rift."

Janeway: "It's usually considered polite to introduce yourself before you start giving orders."

Tuvok: "Captain a Klingon vessel is coming through."

Admiral Janeway: "Close the rift!"

Admiral Janeway: "In case you didn't notice I outrank you, Captain."

Admiral Janeway: "Now do it."

Janeway: "I did what you asked."

Janeway: "Now tell me what the hell is going on."

Admiral Janeway: "I've come to bring Voyager home."