Ten months ago, the crew of Voyager was pulled
into the Delta Quadrant by an entity known as the Caretaker.
Not enough time!
When he died, Voyager's best chance of getting home
died with him, but he revealed one hopeful possibility.
There is another like me.
She left hundreds of years ago,
but she's out there, somewhere.
Open yourself to the impressions around you--
the thoughts...
the minds that are on this ship.
What do you hear?
So many voices.
l believe you are sensing
the thoughts of various crew members on board.
What should l do?
See if you can isolate one of the voices.
lmagine you are listening to a symphony
and focusing on a single instrument.
lt's working.
Try to maintain your emotional equanimity.
You should not be concerned with success or failure.
He's taking off too much.
l told him just a few millimeters off the top.
Way too much now.
Don't touch the sideburns.
lt's Neelix!
l can hear Neelix's thoughts.
That is not unexpected.
You have an emotional attachment to him
which may have drawn your focus.
My scalp itches.
Maybe l should tell him about that shampoo of his.
l think he's getting a haircut.
Oh, no! He's trimming the ear hairs.
l told him the ear hairs are the perfect length.
Not the ear hairs!
lf you are to succeed
in honing your telepathic abilities,
you must learn to control these emotional outbursts.
lt was a giggle.
Tomorrow, l will teach you a Vulcan mind-control technique
that will help you inhibit your giggles.
Thanks, Tuvok.
You may go.
You're late.
Sorry. My lesson with Lieutenant Tuvok
went a little long today.
Today, yesterday and the day before.
You'd think a Vulcan would be more attuned to punctuality.
l'll try to keep a closer eye on the time from now on.
So, how was school today?
Wonderful. Tuvok helped me with a sensory focus exercise,
we worked on my precognitive skills,
and l learned how to self-induce a hypergogic mental state.
Sounds stimulating.
He says l'm making excellent progress.
l had no doubt that you would, but l'd appreciate it
if you wouldn't let these... mind studies
interfere with your...
What's that?
l don't know.
Apparently so.
But before l could analyze them,
the life-signs simply ceased.
l'm scanning the remains on all biospectral frequencies.
lt's completely inert. Dead.
Somehow, l find it hard to believe
this rock suddenly came to life for several seconds.
l concur.
However, dead or alive,
these are the remains of an alien entity
we never fully understood.
lt may be prudent to place it
in a level-3 biohazard containment field.
Agreed-- but first, l want to take a look at...
l'm picking up life-signs.
They're sporocystian.
The Caretaker was a sporocystian life-form.
But, according to my readings,
the life signs aren't coming from the remains.
The remains are simply resonating
in response to an external energy source--
some other life-form.
Let's find out.
Janeway to Bridge.
Mr. Kim, begin scans for a sporocystian life-form.
Aye, Captain. Stand by.
l've got it, Captain.
A sporocystian energy burst
approximately ten light-years distant.
But l can't get a precise fix on its location.
The life-signs are gone.
These remains could be responding
to the Caretaker's mate.
lf that's true, maybe we could use them to track her down.
And if we can find her, she might have
the ability to send us home.
Torres to Janeway.
Go ahead.
We've placed the remains
in a hexiprismatic field, Captain.
The next time it responds to sporocystian energy, the field
should give us a heading to the source.
You're using the remains like a compass.
Good work.
Keep us apprised.
Janeway out.
Captain, the Caretaker was a being
of considerable power,
and although his intent was not hostile,
we were essentially at his mercy.
l do not care to repeat that experience.
And if we are about to meet his mate,
you'd like it to be on more even ground.
l have studied the Doctor's
biochemical analysis of the Caretaker remains,
and l believe it is possible to create a sporocystian toxin--
something which might debilitate the life-form.
Sounds like a sensible precaution.
Get on it.
l'm picking up sporocystian energy.
Chakotay to Engineering.
We're picking up life-signs.
ls your compass working?
Stand by.
Activate the field.
l can't get a bearing on the source.
Try increasing the spatial resolution.
Spatial resolution at maximum.
The life-signs are fading, and l still can't get
a lock on the coordinates.
Boosting the signal gain.
We've got it, Captain.
Bearing 272 mark 19.
Mr. Paris, set a course and engage at maximum warp.
Aye, Captain.
Captain, we're picking up an artificial structure
on long-range sensors.
lt appears to be a space station of some kind.
Slow to impulse and put it on screen.
That looks a lot like the Caretaker's Array.
The configuration is similar.
So is the surface composition,
but it's only about one-tenth the size.
Are there any sporocystian life-forms on board?
No, but l am picking up over 2,000 carbon-based life-forms.
They appear to be...
Wait a second.
they're Ocampa.
We're approaching the station, Captain.
All stop.
Hail them, Mr. Tuvok.
No response.
l am reading an energy surge from the station--
possibly weapons.
Definitely weapons.
Shields are holding.
lncoming message from the Array.
Let's hear it.
You're not wanted here.
We pose no threat to you.
l'm Captain Kathryn Janeway of the...
You have been warned!
They are Ocampa?
That's right.
There appears to be an entire colony.
And, according to our sensors,
the station is at least 300 years old.
Kes, is there any Ocampa history
about people who left your planet
or were captured by aliens and taken away?
The idea that there could be Ocampa
anywhere but on the homeworld
is something no one ever considered.
l thought l was the only one.
Since you're definitely the only one on Voyager,
l want you to act as an intermediary.
What should l do?
The first step is to arrange a meeting.
Let's see if we can get that far.
Hail the Array.
This is becoming tiresome, Captain.
lf you force us to take further aggressive action...
l have someone here who wishes to speak with you.
My name is Kes.
l'm an Ocampa.
This is some kind of trick.
l assure you it's not a trick.
What would an Ocampa be doing on an alien starship?
lt's a long story.
But l'd like to know what an Ocampa is doing
on an alien space station.
That is also a long story.
Then l suggest we meet and tell each other our stories.
May we come aboard your station?
No, but l am willing to come to your ship.
Our readings identified
a sporocystian life-form in this area.
We've been looking for that life-form for months.
Why? To destroy it?
On the contrary, we believe it has the technology
that could send us home.
Captain, are you aware of how your ship is regarded?
That when Voyager appears, people fear destruction?
Your ship is known as a ship of death.
You've established quite a reputation.
You killed the Caretaker,
declared war on the Kazon, raided planets
for their resources.
None of that is true.
We've never attacked anyone except in self-defense.
And we did not kill the Caretaker.
He died of natural causes.
Mr. Tanis, please try to understand,
we only want to find the entity we've been looking for.
I want to taIk to you aIone.
Our sensors tell us she's somewhere in this region.
Can you help us find her?
Captain, l'd like to speak to Tanis alone, if l may.
Very well.
Why should l believe any of this?
These are kind people, Tanis.
They saved my life, at great risk to themselves,
when they didn't have to.
They wouldn't lie to you.
l will admit, these people are hardly what l expected.
But more unexpected was finding you here, Kes.
l had no idea any Ocampa had left the homeworld so recently.
l have about a thousand questions to ask you.
l know, and l'm going to try to answer them.
ls this where you spend your time?
You mean in this room?
This is where the Bridge officers usually meet.
l want to see where you live.
l want to see the place that is special to you.
You did all this?
l had a little help, but, yes, most of it is my work.
Well, you've done well--
bringing something so beautiful into a place so sterile.
Look around you, Kes.
This is a cold and barren place.
There are over 150 people on board.
l'd hardly call that barren.
There are people, but there's so little life.
Part of me weeps to see you in this place.
You're so isolated.
Corridors, bulkheads...
all cutting you off from the world around you.
You live on a space station.
How is it any different?
l assure you, it's very different.
You're very young, aren't you?
Two years.
Would it surprise you to know that l'm 14 years old?
That's not possible.
The oldest Ocampa only lived to be nine.
You know so little about your own people.
There's so much for you to learn about yourself...
about the galaxy.
Being here on this ship is holding you back.
These people are helping me.
l'm a member of the crew.
l suppose we were like you once--
innocent, naive.
But when Suspiria brought us here 300 years ago,
she began to teach us how we could become stronger
than we ever could've on the homeworld.
Suspiria... is that your Caretaker?
We don't think of her as a Caretaker.
Her species is actually called the Nacene.
Then you do know her.
Where is she?
But she's so different from the entity you knew.
He was only interested in maintaining the status quo.
He kept our people servile and weak.
Suspiria taught us to develop our psychokinetic skills
that had lain dormant for so long.
We have abilities far beyond anything you can imagine.
Like what?
We can enhance Iife.
And that's onIy the beginning, Kes.
I have to return to the station.
We'II taIk again.
Sounds like you've established a dialogue with Tanis.
lt's an excellent beginning.
Good work.
Thank you, Captain.
is there something wrong?
Not exactly.
l'm just a little overwhelmed.
l always believed that my people had the potential
to be more than what they were--
that our mental abilities could be somehow heightened--
and now l've met someone who's realized that potential
and l don't know whether to be excited or frightened.
A nonemotional response would be more useful.
But since you're not a Vulcan,
l'd say a mixture of the two emotions
would be appropriate.
lt's an exciting moment, Kes, and l'm very happy for you.
But just remember,
we know very little about these Ocampa.
Be cautious in your dealings with Tanis.
l will.
But l just have a good feeling about him.
I've met with the Ocampa girI.
She has potentiaI.
I don't care about the girI.
She's yours.
Bring me the ship.
This is delicious!
Mr. Tanis, is it true you're 14 years old?
Yes. That's quite common with my people here.
Suspiria helped us develop a technology
to extend the Ocampa life span three generations ago.
My father lived to be 20 years.
Would that technology work for Kes?
Where does Suspiria live?
On another Array?
Oh, nothing so corporeal as that.
She exists as pure sporocystian energy.
She only assumes physical form
when we need to communicate with her.
Does she occupy our space-time continuum?
l don't know.
All l know is, when we need her, she comes.
l'll take you to the meeting place.
l'm sure all your questions will be answered then.
You'll enjoy meeting her, Kes,
as well as the other Ocampa here.
l'd love to visit the station.
Visit? Why not stay with us?
Yes. l think you could
learn a lot from us, we from you.
We haven't been in contact with the Ocampa homeworld
for hundreds of years.
We'd be fascinated to hear about our distant cousins.
That sounds wonderful, but, uh...
Kes, you certainly don't have to decide
something this important right now.
Give it some thought.
She's absolutely right. There's no rush.
l appreciate that.
l am curious about your mental abilities.
They're so much greater than mine.
Do not underestimate your own potential, Kes.
Your mental abilities are rapidly maturing.
l might be able to help you.
No offense to Mr. Tuvok,
but l am more familiar with the Ocampa mind.
l would appreciate any insight you could give me.
Oh, good. Maybe later this evening.
lt is a highly reactive sporocystian toxin.
l ran a micro-cellular analysis
of the Caretaker's remains, and discovered a critical enzyme
in his cellular structure.
The energy in this cylinder
is formulated to break down that enzyme.
lt would result in temporary paralysis.
Mr. Tanis says she's harmless.
lt is my hope that we only have to use it
as a precautionary measure.
Very well. Proceed.
ln your mind, visualize your hand.
Now reach out with that hand
and grab the teacup.
Reach out with the fingers of your mind.
Grasp it.
Do you have it?
l can feel the handle
and the texture of the metal, but l can't move it.
Don't try to move it.
Just take a drink from it.
You can do it.
l don't understand. l didn't try to move it.
No. You just tried to drink from it.
And what would you do if you wanted to take a drink?
l'd reach out and pick it up.
That's right.
But you wouldn't be thinking about picking it up.
You'd simply do it.
And that's what you just learned.
Focus on the goal, not the task.
When you wanted the tea, it came to you.
Uh, excuse me...
We're not finished.
l know you're tired,
but l want you to try one more thing.
lt's cold.
Wouldn't it taste better if it were hot?
See past the liquid.
Not with your eyes, with your mind.
What your eyes show you is only the surface of reality.
Look deeper.
There is no liquid.
There is no cup.
There's only a collection of molecules and atoms,
moving, vibrating...
I see them.
They're bareIy moving.
That's because they're coId.
How wouId you heat them up?
With... a fire.
That's right--
with the fire of your mind.
How do I do that?
Focus on the goaI, not the task.
Don't think about creating the fire, just use it.
l see it now.
lt's so simple.
That's right.
But that's enough for tonight.
Tomorrow, l'll take you to the next level.
Until then, good night.
May l say something now?
Of course, Neelix.
l'm so proud of you.
l knew you could do it.
This is a whole new beginning for you, Kes.
l know, l know.
What if l did go?
To the Ocampa Array.
lf l decided to live with Tanis and the others...
would you go with me?
l'd go anywhere with you.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
We've arrived at what Tanis calls ''the meeting place''--
the region of space where Suspiria exists.
Nothing on sensors, Captain.
Captain, may l access your communications equipment?
Of course.
l've sent out a subspace carrier wave.
Suspiria should respond within the next 47 hours.
l'll be in my quarters.
We'll let you know when she makes her appearance.
That won't be necessary.
l'll know when she's here.
Tanis has shown me the next level.
The psychokinetic manipulation of matter.
That is a large step for someone
whose mental abilities are still undisciplined.
Nevertheless, l am intrigued.
May l?
He showed me how to use the fire in my mind.
However, l would advise caution in exploring this ability
until you have mastered the...
I have to stop the fire.
How do I stop the fire?!
Tuvok... Tuvok, can you teII me what to do?!
Lieutenant, can you hear me?
What happened?
Your cell membranes
went through hyperthermal induction.
The temperature of your blood
rose by 37 degrees in a matter of seconds.
You were in shock, and l resuscitated you.
l'm restricting you to light duty
for the next three days.
Try and get some rest.
That will not be necessary, Doctor.
My Vulcan healing techniques do not require
an extended period of convalescence.
Vulcans make the worst patients.
Fine, but if you're feeling any nausea or dizziness,
l'm expecting you to report to Sick Bay at once.
Of course.
Tuvok, l'm sor...
You are probably feeling the emotion
known as remorse, possibly guilt.
l advise you to look on this incident
as a learning experience.
lt's not that easy.
l almost killed you.
That is correct, but you did not.
Try to remember that.
l will see you tomorrow at 1500 hours,
assuming you wish to continue your training.
You still want to teach me?
lf this experience proves anything,
it is that you need further instruction,
and l would regret
not continuing as your instructor.
Thanks, Tuvok.
How's the Vulcan?
ls he going to recover?
You heard?
ln a manner of speaking.
l was aware of what happened.
He's going to be all right, no thanks to me.
Tanis, l've been thinking--
l don't know if l'm ready for this.
What's wrong?
lf l can't control my abilities,
there might be another accident.
l'm afraid it isn't going to get any easier, Kes.
You're already starting to manifest abilities
far beyond anything you've ever imagined.
Soon you'll be so far
beyond the other beings on this ship
that you'll look at them as they look at... pets.
They're not pets.
They're people.
They're my friends.
And l'm sure you care for them very much.
l'm sure they're wonderful people,
and they certainly seem that way to me, but...
it's time that you began to accept how different
you are from them.
The people on this ship-- they live their lives
trapped inside their primitive skulls,
depending on flesh and bone
to tell them what the universe is like.
They don't know what it is to see beyond the physical.
Touch it.
This is how they know their universe.
They touch the flower, their nerve impulses
travel up their arm to the brain,
and in their mind, they sense the moisture of the petals,
the texture of the leaves, the sharpness of the thorns,
and they think they know what it feels like,
but they don't.
Now touch it.
Reach out with your thoughts.
Feel it for the very first time.
Think of nothing but the flower.
lt's the only object in the universe.
Know it.
Know it in a way only an Ocampa can.
Can you see it?
lt's more than seeing.
lt's more than touching.
l know this flower.
You can do more.
Reach out.
Feel all the life in this room.
Yes, l can feel it.
l know them all.
They're so beautiful.
lt can be more beautiful.
Bring the fire.
How did it feel?
They're dead.
They're all dead.
You felt life.
You embraced its essence with your mind
and then you transformed it.
There's nothing else like it in the universe.
l killed those plants...
just like l almost killed Tuvok.
But l don't want to hurt anybody.
Of course you don't.
That's not the point.
Hurt people, help them, give life, kill--
it's all the same.
Once you see beyond the physical,
you see the universe as it truly is.
Now you know why you can't stay with these people--
why you have to come with me.
Come back to the station.
We'll care for you.
We'll train you.
Oh, l don't know.
l still need some more time to think about it.
Take all the time you want.
But when you meet Suspiria,
l think you'll decide to join us.
Because Suspiria is your future.
She's part of us, and we're a part of her.
All the Ocampa here are connected in a way
that can't be put into words, and if you develop
your abilities far enough,
Suspiria will invite you to go with her to Exosia.
A place the humanoids on this ship call
''a subspace layer,'' a place of pure thought,
pure energy, a place of the mind.
Think about it, Kes.
When you're ready, Suspiria will embrace you.
Good night.
Torres to Bridge.
The Caretaker's remains are resonating again.
lt's definitely reacting to a sporocystian life-form,
and from what l can tell,
that life-form is right on top of us.
there's a subspace rupture forming directly ahead.
Yellow Alert.
Janeway to Tanis.
Will you please come to the Bridge?
l believe we've made contact with Suspiria.
l know. l'm on my way.
l think we should run a biospectral analysis.
Some of these readings are pretty strange.
And get me the sensor logs on that subspace rupture out there.
Captain, l'm picking up some strange readings in Engineering.
Some kind of plasmatic energy field is forming.
Janeway to Torres.
We're picking up some odd plasmatic readings down there.
Can you confirm?
Janeway to Torres.
Security, meet me in Main Engineering.
Aye, sir.
lt's time to go.
Go... where?
Back to the Ocampa station.
Everyone's waiting for you, Kes.
The connection has been made.
You're part of us now.
Your future has already begun.
Tuvok to Bridge.
Go ahead.
l believe the female Caretaker is here.
Commander, you have the Bridge.
Can't you feel the connection?
Your people are calling to you.
Listen to them.
l can hear them.
All of them.
And can you hear Suspiria?
Who are you?
l've been looking forward to meeting you.
Because l had the opportunity to talk to your companion
before he died.
Yes, l know.
l can feel her presence.
She's powerful...
She's upset.
She's angry!
She wants to destroy the ship!
Kes, listen to me.
There's nothing to worry about.
Am l interrupting?
He told us that you were curious
and went off to explore the galaxy.
We're explorers, too,
but your friend brought us to this Quadrant against our will,
and we haven't been able to find a way back.
ls that why you killed him?
We didn't kill him.
You destroyed the Array
and you took his remains.
-l assure you... -No!
You killed him.
And now, l will kill you.
Now you will know what frail, small creatures you truly are.
What's going on?
l don't know.
lt's like the entire molecular structure of the ship
is coming apart.
Red Alert.
Bridge to Janeway.
Bridge to Janeway.
We're losing hull integrity.
lncrease power to structural reinforcement.
Aye, sir.
Forget these people. You're beyond them.
Leave her alone, Tanis.
Remember how you felt in the airponics bay?
You've never felt that way in your entire life, have you?
Get away from me.
That was only the beginning, Kes.
l said leave her alone!
Leave him! Leave him, Kes!
He's nothing compared to you.
You have to trust.
Oh, Neelix.
So, now you kill me as you did my mate.
No. l told you we didn't kill him.
Please try to understand.
We don't want to hurt you.
We don't want to hurt anyone.
We just want to get home.
Tuvok, release the force field.
Do it.
You'd show me mercy after what l did to you?
Yes, l would.
Take me with you... please.
lt appears she has descended into subspace.
Can you track her position?
The rupture has been sealed.
She is gone, Captain.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
We've resumed our course back to the Alpha Quadrant,
but the female Caretaker is still out there
with the power to send us home.
And l will use all my power to find her
and convince her to do just that.
l looked at the tea
and l tried to make it boil, but nothing happened.
Without Tanis' help, l just can't do it.
your psychokinetic abilities are still part of you.
They might resurface one day.
To be honest, l never want to see that part of myself again.
To which part are you referring?
To the part of me
that got pleasure from destroying those plants
in the airponics bay.
To the part of me that was tempted to go with Tanis.
l never realized l had such dark impulses.
Without the darkness,
how would we recognize the light?
Do not fear your negative thoughts.
They are part of you.
They are a part of every living being.
Even Vulcans.
The Vulcan heart was forged out of barbarism and violence.
We learned to control it.
But it is still part of us.
To pretend it does not exist
is to create an opportunity for it to escape.
Let us begin.
Open yourself
to the impressions around you--
the thoughts, the minds that are on this ship.

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