We need this completely filled.
We don't have time to haggle over price.
Janeway to Voy...
Get up!
Get away from her!
any word on that tellerium?
Not yet.
How bad is it?
The antimatter reaction rate is down to 12 percent.
If it drops below nine,
the plasma injectors will lock up
and we'll never be able to reinitialize the nacelles.
If we're going to reduce our power demands even further,
we're going to have to drop the shields.
I don't want to leave the ship defenseless
this close to a hostile planet.
All other systems are already off-line.
Life support is at minimal.
You asked for options.
Thas our last one.
All right, power down the shields.
That helped.
Is only a matter of time.
There's nothing more we can do without the tellerium.
Neelix to Voyager.
Yes, Neelix.
The rest of the away team is gone, Commander.
They've been taken by the Mokra.
What do you want me to do?
Did you get the tellerium?
Yes, I have it.
Then we need you here.
Prepare to beam directly to Engineering.
Rerouting emergency power to Transporter Room 2.
Chakotay to away team. Captain, can you hear me?
Unlock the control conduit.
Tuvok, Torres,
please respond.
Keep an eye on the flow rate.
Yes, sir.
Rate's holding steady.
The reaction rate is stabilized
at 13 percent.
Up to 15...18.
It worked then. We're all right?
Once the rate is up to normal,
we'll try getting the warp drive back on line.
Then we'll see if there was any damage.
Begin rerouting power back to all key systems.
What happened down there?
I don't know, exactly.
I went in the shop, completed the trade,
then I heard weapons fire on the street.
By the time I got out there,
the Captain and the others were gone.
Are you sure it was the Mokra?
I spoke to witnesses on the street.
They said it was quite a fight.
Any idea how the Mokra knew you were down there?
Someone must have told them we were coming.
The Mokra have informants everywhere.
Could your contact be one of them?
I don't think I would have made it back here
with the tellerium if he had been.
Besides, he's involved
with the Alsaurian resistance movement.
He would never help the Mokra.
They've probably got the resistance movement
under surveillance.
I think we're ready to give the engines a try.
I'm opening the plasma injectors.
Warp engines are back on line.
All systems normal.
Good work, Mr. Kim.
Mr. Neelix, you're with me.
I think is time we contact the Mokra.
Mr. Paris, set a new course.
Bring us out from behind the moon
and establish a standard orbit around the planet-- slowly.
We don't want to look aggressive.
Yes, sir.
What kind of response should we expect when they see us?
The Mokra are paranoid and hostile.
They have little use for diplomacy.
I wouldn't be surprised
if they started shooting at us immediately.
We'll be in full view of the planet in a few seconds.
Their orbital sensor net has picked us up.
They're scanning the ship.
We're being hailed.
On screen.
I am Third Magistrate Augris of the Mokra Order.
Commander Chakotay of the Federation Starship Voyager.
May I assume you're seeking permission
to conduct business with us?
No. Some of my crew members
have already been to the surface.
We've lost contact with them.
I see.
You must have been unaware of our regulations.
I'll transfer a complete copy for future reference.
I have reason to believe they're being detained.
Thas possible.
I'll look into it for you.
I'll contact you shortly.
Thank you.
He's not like any Mokra I've ever met.
I can't believe he'll really help us.
If there's any chance for a diplomatic solution,
we have to pursue it.
In the meantime, I want continuous scans of the surface.
Standard search pattern.
I advise caution.
There's a control circuit there. I can see it.
If only we knew that Neelix made it
back to the ship with the tellerium,
then at least this would be worth it.
I regret I have no such reassurance to offer you.
We don't even know what happened to the Captain.
She might have been killed out there on the street.
That is possible.
It is also possible
that she has safely returned to Voyager.
We have insufficient evidence
to dismiss either conclusion.
I guess thas the Vulcan way
of telling me to hope for the best.
Look who's awake.
Just rest.
You must be thirsty.
Maybe hungry?
For a little something?
Oh, what shall I make?
What, what can I make? What, what?
Where am l?
Oh, it hasn't been that long.
I wish I had some... There.
This will do.
T- To drink.
Thank you.
I'll fix you some soup.
Now, just...Iie down.
You're very kind, but I have...
Is all right. You're safe now.
I really can't...
Shh, shh.
Don't worry.
Everything's all right now.
My little girl is home.
I'm very grateful
for everything you've done for me.
But you know there's nothing I wouldn't do
for my sweet Ralkana.
My name is Kathryn Janeway.
Thas an unusual name.
Very pretty.
I- I like it.
I am a starship Captain.
It is very important that I contact my ship.
Captain...Kathryn of a glorious starship.
Then what happens?
Go on.
I'm listening.
I love your stories.
Is not a story.
Is a request.
May I use your communications equipment?
Uh, we're not supposed to have any of that.
The Mokra don't allow it.
They can't have control of everything.
Surely there's someone who has an illegal transmitter.
I know what you'd like-- some talsa root soup.
Can you at least tell me
what happened to the other people
I was with on the street?
You really should be more careful out there.
Those Mokra will pick a fight for no reason.
I don't want you getting hurt...again.
But I saw the way you handled that ugly one.
I couldn't have done any better.
I was so proud of you, Ralkana.
My two friends-- did the Mokra take them?
I'm afraid so.
Where would they have been taken?
A detention center?
The prison.
All right.
How do I get there?
I'm forgetting the soup.
I appreciate your hospitality, but I can't stay here.
I've got to get to that prison.
You're right, the time has come.
Now we're together again, we can't wait another day.
My beautiful and brave... girl.
The Mokra won't stand a chance against us.
You're very kind to offer,
but I didn't mean we'd be going together.
You must eat and rest to get your strength back.
We'll leave soon enough.
We don't want to keep her waiting
any longer than we have to.
Keep who waiting?
She must miss you so terribly.
Is hard to bear--
thinking of her alone in that dark cell.
Is been difficult for all of us,
but don't worry, we'll get her out.
You'll see your mother again.
Our world has come under attack before.
You can understand our concern
at finding strangers who arrive secretly
from a hidden ship.
I assure you, we have no hostile intentions.
I believe you, but some of my colleagues
are cautious about dealing with...
disreputable ships.
What does that mean?
It seems you've been making more enemies than friends
since you arrived from the...
Alpha Quadrant, is it?
Some think even that story is a lie.
But not you.
Of course not.
I am here to help.
Then I'd like to talk to my crew members.
I'm afraid that will be difficult
in the current climate of mistrust.
Perhaps if you could tell us
more about what brought you here--
who you've been dealing with.
I'll consider that
after I talk to my crew members.
You're not making it very easy for me to help you.
Let me see what I can arrange.
It may take some time.
Talk to your contacts again.
I want an alternative to sitting here
waiting for him to get back to us.
Your question is based on a faulty assumption.
I cannot answer it.
You can't deny
being in contact with the resistance.
I deny that we are intending to supply them with weapons.
These lies are useless.
We know you're helping the subversives.
I want names.
I have none to give you.
He told you already-- we don't know anything
about the resistance!
I've heard that many times from many people.
Take him.
Lieutenant, stop!
That will not help either of us.
He's right.
Open up!
Break it down!
I see soldiers out there.
Whas happening?
They're everywhere--
searching the whole area.
I don't want to cause trouble for you.
I'll go soon as is dark.
You've always been a troublemaker
ever since you could walk.
I've never seen such a willful child.
But thas what I love most about you--
your spirit.
Now, don't worry.
When they come through here, we'll be gone already.
Now, your mother will want some of her things.
Ah...a pretty dress to wear.
They're only looking for me.
You don't have to get any more involved
than you already are.
Why, if my precious girl is involved
then I'm involved, too.
Do you remember this?
She always used to wear it on special occasions.
I think today would one.
You know what I think she would like even more...
is to see you wear it.
I couldn't possibly take it...
Be careful, be careful this won't heal
if you move around too much.
If you want to help, tell me about that prison.
What kind of security do they have?
Are there force fields,
detection grids, physical barriers?
Yes, all of it.
What about guards?
Lots of guards.
The Mokra make a big show of it--
always bragging about how no one has ever escaped.
Listen to me...
I can't bring you to the prison with me.
Is too dangerous.
I'm not afraid.
And that could get both of us killed.
You have to stay here.
If I stay here I can't bring the letters. the prison?
Don't you remember how we used to write
to her together?
Here they are.
I still write them--
every week since she's been gone.
I've always known that one day
I'd be able to... to give them to her.
I've never forgotten.
These are all to your wife?
How long has it been?
My last letter...
my last letter's not...
is not here.
Oh, I wrote it three days ago, but not...
I can't let her think I've stopped writing--
that I gave up hope only, only days before...
Huh, I'll write it again.
My hand...
my hand shakes sometimes.
You write it so it looks nice.
I'm very sorry, I have to go before the soldiers come.
The last one... the last one was about...
My memory isn't very good.
No, I remember.
I went walking in the morning.
It was very cold.
Tell her I wore my sweater.
She worries about that sort of...thing.
And...and, uh...
and l, uh, and I what?
And I saw they had torn down that old building
where you and the other children used play.
And, uh...what..?
Tell her that it rained for two and a half days.
I don't know if she can see the sky...
where they're keeping her.
And...there was more.
There was something about a friend...I...
Why can't I remember?
I wanted to tell her!
Is all right. She'll understand.
Yes, yes, you're right.
She will.
Please let me come with you.
I'm sorry;, thas not possible.
Check this one here!
Is there another way out?
Open up or else!
Open the door!
Open the door now!
Break it down!
This is a waste of time.
We don't need him anyway.
I need him.
If he's a member of the resistance,
he may be able to help me contact my ship.
He's the one. He took your mother.
We have to...
They want a fight.
Don't give them one.
What? I've done nothing! I've done nothing.
You look like a helpful citizen.
So, tell me.
You might have seen some strangers
who were in the marketplace earlier today.
No, sir. No, I've seen no one.
I'm looking for someone, a woman.
I haven't seen any woman.
There are two right over here.
You see them, don't you?
Maybe we should discuss this elsewhere.
Good morning.
I seem to have lost my hat.
Is about this...this big.
Have you seen my hat?
Run along, old man.
Without my hat?
There you go. is all right now.
They've gone.
The prison is in the northeast corner of the city.
My sources tell me
is surrounded by metaphasic shields.
Can we find a way to beam through them?
The Mokra aren't familiar with transporter technology.
There is a periodic fluctuation in the shiels energy pattern.
I'm working on a way to take advantage of it.
There's only one problem with that.
If the Mokra detect us breaking through their shields,
we'll be surrounded by soldiers in seconds.
If we could beam in close enough
to where the away team is being held,
we might be able to get in and out of there
before the Mokra had a chance to react.
We can't locate the away team from here.
The detention level is subterranean
and the rock is too dense for our sensors to penetrate.
You'll have to look for them after you beam into the prison.
Too dangerous.
We can't risk beaming in.
We'll have to find another way that the Mokra won't detect.
Sounds like a challenge for you, Mr. Kim.
You'd be welcome to use our transmitter
if we still had one.
The Mokra confiscated it this morning.
Then I'll have to find my crew members myself.
I know two of them were arrested.
What about Neelix?
He stayed inside with me,
then got transported up to your ship.
Good. What can you tell me about the prison?
I know about the prison.
We need all the information we can get.
I have to reach my crew.
Don't you think there are people in there
I'd like to get out?
Any sane person would tell you is impossible.
Spoken like a coward.
I've heard about you, old man.
You're the coward!
What are you doing with this lunatic?
Has he been telling you stories of his brave deeds?
They're just fantasies.
Taking him along
on this rescue mission of yours is suicide.
He's already saved me from the Mokra once.
And he saved you from those soldiers today.
All right, stay with him.
Go off to the prison, get yourself killed.
I don't have to get killed if you'll tell me what you know.
There are access tunnels on the north side.
They'll get you in a little closer,
but they're guarded.
Then I'll need weapons.
They're not free.
I don't have anything to trade.
Thas worth some weapons.
I can't.
Yes, you can...
if ill help to bring her back to us.
Thank you.
I can have someone meet you on the street
in three hours to make the trade.
He'll be wearing a blue vest.
Watch for him.
We will. Thank you.
I'd wish you luck,
but what you'll need is a miracle.
He's more than three hours late.
We have to consider the possibility
that he's been arrested.
You mustn't believe what he told you about me.
I don't believe it.
You're not a coward.
I had to keep my little girl safe.
It was just too dangerous to get involved.
Can you understand?
Your mother wouldn't listen.
She wanted to fight.
She was passionate about what she believed in.
She didn't care about the risk.
You were proud of her.
I didn't want to lose her.
I didn't want you to grow up without a mother.
I tried so hard to change her mind
and finally she changed mine.
She convinced me to go with her.
I said I would meet her... by the river.
She was leading a raid against a Mokra supply center.
I said I would meet her...
but I didn't...I couldn't.
I was too afraid.
She was still waiting for me when they arrested her.
I could never tell you about this.
I knew you would hate me.
I couldn't bear that.
Please, Ralkana, if you can ever forgive me...
All right, I'll be right there.
What is it?
A blue vest.
Then is time to go.
What happened?
He was wearing military boots like the Mokra.
It was a trap.
A trap? And you saw it?
My clever girl.
We'll be all right.
We have each other.
Thas all we'll need.
Is not that simple.
We can't just walk into the prison without weapons.
Maybe we'll have to try a different strategy.
We don't have to ask your friend any more questions
if you give us the answers.
I told you, I don't...
I'm sorry.
I guess l...I always assumed
that Vulcans didn't feel pain like the rest of us;
that you were able to block it out somehow
until I heard...
Was that you I heard?
Vulcans are capable of suppressing
certain levels of physical pain.
Beyond that, we must simply endure the experience.
How can you say that so calmly?
You must feel some anger at what they did to you...
some desire to fight back.
Under the circumstances,
physical resistance is ineffective.
We are...fighting back
by refusing to give them any information.
Get down there!
Three more hours.
There's nothing going on around here.
Wake me if the Lieutenant shows up, will you?
You girls aren't supposed to come down here anymore.
Do you want me to leave?
I didn't say that.
Then I won't.
If my Lieutenant saw you here, I'd be in trouble.
Nobody will see us back here.
Is dark...
I like this strategy.
Ready to go?'re not coming with me.
Of course I am.
We settled this.
You told that man, Darod,
how I saved you from the Mokra!
You did save me.
Now I'm returning the favor.
I promise I'll try to find your wife.
I've been studying their orbital sensor net.
It surrounds the entire planet.
This is the most sophisticated system I've ever seen.
It monitors everything we do, there's no way of disabling
it from orbit.
So much for a surprise attack.
We may still be able to surprise them
even if they do see us coming.
We could modify the main deflector
to send out dozens of radion beams
which should penetrate the prison shields.
One of them will carry our transporter signal,
but the sensor net won't be able to distinguish which one,
so the Mokra won't know
the exact location we're beaming to.
And they won't know where to concentrate their defenses.
Thas the best head start I can give you.
Then ill have to do.
How long will it take to modify the deflector?
I can do it right now.
Chakotay to Paris. Is the rescue team ready?
Standing by.
Prepare for transport.
Deflector ready, Commander.
Initiate the radion beams.
Sending out the first volley...
Is working.
They're getting through the shields.
Begin the transport.
Transporter Room 2,
synchronize your confinement beams to...
That came from the surface.
Maximum shields.
Damage report.
Shields at 90 percent.
That was a precision hit right to the source of the beams.
Main deflector is now off-line.
We're being hailed from the surface.
On screen.
Your attempt to penetrate our defenses
is a hostile act against the Mokra Order.
There are now 85 phased- ion cannons
targeted at your ship.
If you don't withdraw from Mokra space in two minutes,
we will open fire.
Give me some good news, Mr. Kim.
There's a disruption in the shields around the prison.
That qualifies. Good work.
I wish I could take credit for it,
but is coming from inside the prison.
Can we get through?
Yes, but the Mokra will detect our transport.
Sounds like they have other things to worry about right now.
That disruption might not be accidental.
Someone in there might be trying to get out.
Thas a big assumption.
Even if our people didn't cause the problem,
you know they'd take advantage of it.
This is our best chance to find them.
In about 30 seconds, the Mokra are going to open fire.
I don't know how long we'll be able to wait for you.
I'm looking for my people.
Back this way.
I'll show you.
Don't move.
There you are.
What are you doing here?
I would do everything in my power
to protect my only child.
There's a phased- ion charge coming at us from the planet.
Full power to the shields.
Shields at 60 percent. Minor damage on Deck 14.
They're firing again.
Modulate the shield frequencies.
Try to throw off their sensors.
No effect.
Direct hit to the port nacelle.
Redirect all warp power to the shields.
Two more coming in.
We've got to get you back to the ship.
You're hurt.
Ralkana, the other cells are this way.
We must find your mother.
Follow this passageway
until it dead- ends.
Then you'll see a smaller passageway.
Captain, what are you doing?
There's one more person I have to find.
After all that time I spent looking for you,
all I had to do was wait here.
Shields down to 23 percent.
We've got to get out of their weapons range.
Scan one more time for the away team.
There's no sign of them.
Prepare to break orbit.
Wait! Set a course bearing 219 mark 47.
Where are you taking us, Mr. Kim?
There's a large electrical storm over the northern magnetic pole.
Is giving our sensors some trouble.
It should do the same for theirs.
- A blind spot. - Exactly.
If we maintain our position directly above the storm,
their sensor net may not be able to keep an accurate lock
on our position.
How long do you think this'll work?
The storm's already dissipating.
A few more minutes?
I'll take every second I can get.
I must say I'm impressed, Caylem.
You never made it this far before.
Every so often, he goes on one of his missions...
to rescue his wife.
She's been dead for 12 years.
Sometimes...he gets all the way up to the front gate.
We send him on his way
and allow him to serve as a reminder
of just how futile it is to challenge us.
I thought you'd learned that lesson
when you lost your daughter.
She made it as far as the tunnels before she was shot.
So much tragedy for one man to bear...
and now your foolishness has condemned
another innocent woman.
Take the others back for questioning.
I'll interrogate this one myself.
No! I won't let you hurt her!
he said you'd been shot.
He was lying to you, Father.
I'm all right.
And your mother?
She's fine.
She was so happy to get your letters.
She wanted me to tell you something.
She forgives you.
We both do.
My sweet girl.
I'm coming.
No one will forget what he did here today.
I'll make sure of that.
Chakotay to Transporter Room 2.
Do we have them?
We're all back, Commander.
Take us out of here.
Lieutenant, you heard her.
The warp drive is functioning normally,
and we'll have the main deflector back on line tomorrow.
Yes, thank you, Mr. Kim.
Captain, are you all right?
I'm fine.

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