Obviously, Ensign Baytart doesn't appreciate music.
lt's the darn fluid conduits running through the walls.
They conduct sound.
You think when they designed this thing, they would've...
The ship was built for combat performance, Harry,
not musical performance.
Nobody figured we'd be taking any long trips.
Where am l supposed to practice?
How about cargo bay?
Bad acoustics.
We could get Baytart transferred to the night shift.
Couldn't do that.
Could we?
So now you have an excuse to give your mother
why you didn't practice while you were gone.
Look, l'm trying to prepare for an important performance.
Oh, really?
Are we scheduled to rendezvous
with the Delta Quadrant Symphony Orchestra?
No. Susan Nicoletti and l have been working on
a new orchestral program for the holodeck.
Lieutenant Nicoletti?
The one l've been chasing for six months?
Cold hands, cold heart?
Not when she plays the oboe.
Chakotay to all senior officers.
Please report to the Bridge.
You know, Harry,
l've always wanted to learn how to play the drums.
l am picking up communication satellites in orbit.
They're nonfunctional.
Mr. Paris, take us in a little closer.
Mr. Kim, scan the surface.
Captain, this used to be a major trading spot.
How long ago?
l'm not sure exactly.
lf l had to guess...
EM signature indicates
that a major solar flare occurred here 19 years ago.
l'd say about 19 years...
more or less.
Looks like a glacial freeze.
Caused by a solar flare
that radically changed the weather patterns.
lt did a lot more than that.
They were hit by magnetic storms and extreme levels of radiation.
Those glaciers are receding.
The biosphere seems to be recovering.
Did anyone survive?
l'm scanning the settlement.
There's evidence of advanced technology--
warp reactors, subspace transmitters--
but no life signs.
Maybe they saw it coming and evacuated the planet.
lndications are that any attempt at an evacuation
would have been prevented by the atmospheric disturbances.
What was the estimated population?
Approximately 400,000.
l'm picking up something from the surface.
l think we're being hailed.
l thought you said there weren't any life signs.
There aren't.
l scanned the entire surface.
Must be an automated signal.
Let's hear it.
l am Viorsa, planner for the Kohl settlement.
Your sensors have activated this message.
By now, you must be aware of the catastrophic disaster
that has destroyed our home.
A few of us have managed to survive
in a state of artificial hibernation,
programmed to end in 15 years from the date this was recorded.
At that time, when the eco recovery has begun,
we will attempt to rebuild our settlement.
Please do nothing to interrupt our timetable.
Their timetable was supposed to end four years ago.
Looks like they didn't make it.
Mr. Kim, wouldn't your scans have picked up
suppressed metabolic activity?
l would think so, Captain.
Checking below the surface.
Nothing one kilometer down.
Two kilometers...
Wait a minute.
l think l've got something.
2.3 kilometers down-- extremely faint bio-signatures.
Three humanoids.
Can you detect a malfunction in their systems?
Something to explain why they didn't wake up on schedule?
Not at this distance.
But l am picking up two more humanoids
at the same location who are dead.
Are there any automated security systems?
We triggered a ''do not disturb'' sign.
l don't want to set off anything worse.
No weapons of any kind, Captain.
lt is safe to transport the hibernation pods to Voyager,
if that is your intent.
lt is.
Prepare to beam them to Cargo Bay 1.
Mr. Kim, you're with me.
Janeway to Kes, report to Cargo Bay 1.
Bring your medical gear.
Aye, Captain.
Two humanoids dead.
Three humanoids in deep stasis.
Life signs apparently stable.
Our messenger.
Did the system break down?
Not that l can see.
l'm not reading any pathway failures
in the hibernation pods.
The circuitry all seems to be functioning.
lt looks like their brains are interconnected
in a complex sensory system controlled by this computer.
According to these indicators, Captain,
their minds are active.
Active? What do you mean?
The encephalographic reading suggests they're dreaming,
but there's some kind of interactivity with the computer.
lt's not just scanning their brain functions.
lt's sending a data stream back to them, as well.
Could it be generating
an artificial environment of some sort?
Artificial environment?
Years ago, Starfleet used a technology
to assist deep space travel that kept the body in stasis,
but provided a mental landscape
to keep the mind active and alert.
That sounds like a pretty good way
to wait out a planetary disaster.
For the moment, it's as good a theory as any.
So, what went wrong?
Why are they still in there?
The system was supposed
to bring these people out of hibernation
four years ago.
However, it wasn't left entirely to the computer.
The programmers obviously wanted
the people in the system to decide for themselves
when it would be safe to come out.
This was accomplished by a subroutine
that periodically displayed atmospheric conditions to them.
So, they should've known years ago
that the biosphere had recovered.
This subroutine has remained available to these people
since it was activated four years ago.
lt's literally an escape hatch.
Perhaps it has malfunctioned.
No. That's what's so odd about this.
As far as l can tell, it's working perfectly.
Then why don't they get themselves out?
l don't know.
Maybe they like it in there.
l don't think so.
The two victims died from massive heart failure
and there was evidence of prior neural trauma.
l'm sorry. What does that mean?
lt could be evidence of extreme... fear.
Maybe it was caused by the panic that accompanies a heart attack.
The readings suggest an extended period of mental stress.
Sounds like we ought to get them out right away.
Surely, Commander, you're not suggesting
we simply unplug them?
Why not?
Because you have three brains whose survival
has depended upon careful monitoring by a sophisticated
computer system for 19 years.
The Doc is right.
l have no idea how to disconnect them
without causing neural damage.
l just don't know the system well enough.
They know the system.
Why don't we ask them how to proceed?
How can we do that?
lmplant a com-link into their brains?
We already have a means of communication--
the two unoccupied pods.
We could add a backup life support system,
using our own computer and medical stasis technology.
The only way to help those people is to go in
and find out from them what's wrong.
l don't see any alternative.
Neither do l.
l'll be monitoring
your mental and physical functions.
lf we detect any unusual activity,
you'll be transferred onto our life support system
and resuscitated.
We've tapped into the system's recall subroutine program.
l'll give you five minutes to look around,
then l'm bringing you back.
Consider this a test run.
lnducing primary stasis.
Autonomic nervous system link is secure.
They're connecting to the system.
Looks like we made it.
How do you feel?
These must be characters generated by the computer,
but l don't see our people.
Neither do l.
Uh, excuse me.
We're trying to find some friends.
Well, that shouldn't be difficult.
We're all friends here.
-Oh, l'm sorry. -Oh, l'm sorry.
l didn't mean to bump into you.
You're new.
Yes, we are.
Where are you from?
Another town.
There aren't any other towns.
We're not getting very far.
Perhaps l can help you.
You are looking for friends?
That's right, three of them.
And when you find these friends...?
We want to talk to them.
Why talk when we can dance?
Let's get out of here.
You got it.
Take him.
They're aliens!
And they won't be alone.
Kill them, and their shipmates will shut down the program.
Let him go!
We knew this would happen someday-- that a ship
would find us.
lt was only a matter of time.
Only a matter of time, yes.
Who knows what kind of people they are?
Who knows what will happen to this world if you hurt them?
l do.
l know.
Bring them here!
Bring them here, bring them here.
You're like me.
A little of this and a little of that.
Ooh! My, what a temper.
That's from your mother's side, isn't it?
Yes. You see? l know everything.
This is my world,
my festival,
and you're here without an invitation.
What is going on?
Who is he?
You will talk to me.
l speak for them.
And l speak for you, now.
You don't understand that yet.
You don't accept it...
but you will.
Are you a life-form
or some kind of computer virus that penetrated this system?
A virus, a virus
He thinks l am a virus
He thinks l am a virus.
Well, perhaps l'll be a virus today.
Oh, this one's got a mind full of technical
and operational thoughts and ideas.
Harry knows viruses.
Stop this.
l know you came here to get them and take them away.
But if you do that,
we'll all disappear.
Because you're characters created by this program.
And once their minds stop interacting with the system,
you won't exist anymore.
Ah, see the technical mind at work.
lt seeks diagnostics, data analysis.
Well, here's some more data for your mind
to analyze and diagnose, Harry.
Yes, l am merely what has been created
and is being created
by his brain,
his brain, her brain, and now...
yours, and yours.
What's this doing here now?
This is your work.
That's our wake-up call.
lt's been a real pleasure, but... we're leaving.
Come on.
lf you leave, one of them will die.
One of them will die.
Try it and see.
lf you leave...
he dies.
He can do it.
He's already killed two of our colleagues.
How is that possible?
l cut off their heads.
But none of this is real.
Of course it's real.
As real as a nightmare.
The two we found dead,
both suffered from massive heart attacks.
Heart attack.
Now, what might cause a heart attack? Hmm.
Unmanageable stress, perhaps?
Unmanageable fear?
The fear of losing a head, perhaps?!
You scared them to death.
What's taking them so long?
Life signs are stable.
There's no interruption in brain wave activity.
The recall subroutine is functioning.
The window opened for them on schedule.
Captain, the norepinephrine levels are rising.
They're well above baseline.
Some of that is to be expected,
but these levels indicate abnormal stress.
All right.
l'm going to try to bring them out with our backup systems.
lnitiating resuscitation.
The body temperature is rising.
What happened?
Their bodies are returning to stasis condition, Captain.
Someone is terminating the recall command
from inside the system.
Very wise of you, my technically minded fellow.
Now, get rid of it completely.
lt's an intrusion.
lt's ruining the party.
That would be a mistake.
No mistake. A mistake if you refuse.
You'd be missing an opportunity.
Trying to get the better of me?
Trying to trick me?
l know everything you know, Harry Kim.
l know how much you miss Libby.
l know how you can never hit that G-sharp
in the Mozart concerto.
Do you think l don't know you're trying to defeat me?
Fine. So you know.
You'll also know that what l'm about to tell you is the truth.
You'd be smart to let one of us go.
Would l?
This is your chance to send the outside world a message--
to tell them your demands.
l have only one demand--
to exist.
Then you'd better let us tell them.
Otherwise, you run the risk
of our people shutting down the whole system,
because l promise you,
they won't let us stay in here for long.
How did this happen?
The system was designed to be adaptive,
to observe and respond to our thoughts
and adjust the environment to our wishes.
Who wished him up?
lt happened over months without our even realizing it.
All of us had fears about survival, recovery.
We never anticipated
the computer would manifest those fears into him.
Our only hope was that someone like you
would come along and find us.
lt's almost as though he can read our minds.
He seems to know what we're thinking.
He's generated by the system,
and our brains are monitored by the system,
so, yes, in a manner of speaking, he can.
But there is a delay
before he becomes aware of what we're thinking.
lt takes a few minutes for our brain activity
to be processed by the system.
Well, l've come to a decision, with the help of my friends.
You, leave. You, stay.
And tell your beloved Captain Janeway
that if we die, they die,
including you, dear Harry--
you who becomes my best friend as of today.
Because she would never kill you, would she, Harry?
No. Why, she's like a dear old mother to you, isn't she?
Someone's activated the recall subroutine.
Captain, it's Lieutenant Torres.
Her body temperature is rising.
She should regain consciousness in about... 12 minutes.
At least, we'll finally get the answers
to a few questions.
Well, let's start with the obvious question.
lf they're demanding to exist,
can we find a way to let them exist
in this artificial world of theirs?
Not unless you're prepared
to leave one person in stasis permanently.
l concur with Lieutenant Torres.
The computer uses bioneural feedback
from the participants' brains to create the environment.
Doctor, is there a way to speed up resuscitation?
Only by a few minutes.
Anything more, we'd be risking serious brain damage.
Ten minutes would be about the best we could do.
Ten minutes and all the hostages could be killed.
Then it seems to me our first order of business
should be to reduce the number of hostages.
All we have to do now is decide how to negotiate with...
an emotion.
With a manifestation...
of fear.
Fear is the most primitive, the most primordial
of biological responses.
The ability to recognize danger--
to fight it or run away from it.
That's what fear gives us,
but... when fear holds you hostage...
how do you make it let go?
Maybe we should try to make them laugh.
A good joke just...
uh, seems to make fear dissolve.
Well, it does in me, anyway.
l think something
a little more responsive to The Clown's demand.
B'Elanna, maybe you can come up
with a way to modify the system
so it can run without bioneural interaction.
How do we negotiate
without sending in another hostage?
Good question.
We have to come up with a safer method of communication.
l regret very much what has happened to you.
You came to help.
You didn't deserve this.
l regret so many things.
We don't have time for regret.
My people are working on a way-- right now--
to get us out of here,
and we have to help them if we can.
You'll leave hope behind after a few months of this.
Why does he do it?
We're his canvas...
his blocks of marble.
With us, he practices his ghastly art.
Thinking about escape, are we, Harry?
Naughty, naughty.
l don't like those thoughts.
We're going to have to do something about them.
He's new.
He can't help thinking about getting out.
He can!
You don't think about it anymore.
Oh, but he's new...
and you're old.
New and old...
old and new.
Well, then, the answer is to simply...
make you old, Harry.
Are you afraid of growing old, Harry?
ls that what you fear--
being cared for by nurses?
Time for your medicine.
You don't like being helpless, do you, Harry?
You like to take care of yourself.
Yes, l know how you hate
to feel like the baby on the crew.
Oh, what's the matter, Harry?
Ooh, does my costume frighten you, huh? Ooh!
Yeah. Oh, look at little Harry fly!
Whoo! There he goes!
All right, that's enough.
This is not reality.
lt's an illusion.
When your only reality is an illusion,
then illusion is a reality.
Like the man said:
''The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.''
Oh, l thought we were going to be friends.
Didn't want to do this, Harry.
No, l didn't want to bring this up in front of the others,
but l know what really scares you.
l know when you were nine
and your parents took you to that colony--
the radiation disaster?
Humanitarian mission?
You visited a hospital!
You remember.
You wandered off by yourself
where you weren't supposed to be.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
You saw people and things you weren't supposed to see--
sick and dying...
Keep repeating:
''The only thing we have to fear
is fear itself!''
''The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.''
And how about: ''There's no place like home!
There's no place like home!''
Try clicking your heels together three times.
Oh, but your legs are restrained, aren't they?
Just like that little girl you saw on the operating table?
The doctor called for a scalpel...
She looked at you,
her face filled with fear.
Fear... fear.
Do you remember?!
Excuse me.
You're not holding that properly.
Correct positioning of the index finger
is necessary for optimal dexterity.
Who are you?!
l'm Captain Janeway's representative.
l'm here to negotiate with you.
Are you well, Mr. Kim?
l'm starting to feel better.
You're different.
l don't know anything about you.
You're not on the system.
l would be pleased to tell you all about myself
at a more appropriate time.
For now, suffice it to say
that l am here by a miracle of technology.
Now, let's get down to the issues, shall we?
How am l supposed to negotiate
if l don't know what you're thinking?
l have a very trustworthy face.
My Captain is prepared
to give you exactly what you ask for
under the condition you release all the hostages.
Release the hostages?!
We would provide continuing input from a simulated brain.
A computer model that would generate...
Simulated brain? Simulated?
l myself have a com...
lt won't work.
lt's a lie. Tell 'em, Harry.
l don't know that for sure.
Get over here.
Tell him.
lt might require a recalibration of the optronic pathways...
Liar! After all this time,
do you think l can't tell when you lie?!
-The simulated brain... -Would leave me
at your mercy!
No. They stay.
The Captain is prepared to risk the lives
of the hostages rather than leave them
under your control.
Who is she to tell me what l have to do?
She's the one out there with the ''off'' switch in her hand.
She would never kill Harry.
l'd rather die than spend my life in here with you.
She knows that.
l won't let them go.
A compromise.
Let some of them go.
We've studied your system.
You only need one to survive.
And if that one gets sick and dies?
No! l need them all.
Now go away
and tell your Captain Janeway l'm disappointed.
l expected more from her.
lf we could just...
Go away!
Go away! Go away!
l'll be back.
Go away!
Go away! Go away! Go away!
Well, l'm sorry l don't live up to his expectations.
What's your opinion of him, Doctor?
Everything you'd expect from ''fear.''
Captain, the longer we allow this to continue,
the more likely it is that he
will take his frustrations out on the hostages.
l agree.
And l can't allow that to happen.
We're going to have to mount some kind of rescue mission.
Doctor, if we do simply disconnect the hostages...
There would certainly be brain damage.
How much damage?
Could you possibly repair it?
Possibly? Yes.
Would Mr. Kim still be able
to hold his clarinet when l was done?
The brain is such an interesting organ.
Could we switch over to a simulated brain
without The Clown noticing it?
Oh, he'd notice.
He was very smart to reject
the whole notion of a simulated brain.
lt just wouldn't be the same.
There is no way an artificial intelligence
can replace actual brain functions.
l'll choose not to take that personally, Lieutenant.
For what it's worth, Mr. Viorsa suggested there would be a way
to make a simulated brain function in this system.
He suggested it would take...
a ''recalibration of the optronic pathways.''
l don't know what he could have been talking about.
The optronic pathways
have nothing to do with the neural interface.
lt doesn't make any sense.
Then, perhaps he had another reason for saying it.
How do the optronic pathways function
in this system, B'Elanna?
They... they control
the basic elements of the environment,
access data banks that were programmed
when the system was created.
lf we interrupt the optronic pathways,
we could disassemble that entire world
and its characters, piece by piece.
lf we can't remove the hostages from the environment,
then we might be able to remove the environment
from the hostages.
How did Viorsa manage to communicate this
without The Clown knowing about it?
Perhaps it was because The Clown's attention was divided
at the time.
And you're going to continue
to provide him with distractions, Doctor.
B'Elanna, how long will it take to block these pathways?
l'm not sure how many there are, Captain.
And l'll have to do it manually,
because we don't know how to deprogram the system.
You'll only have a few minutes at best.
Once ''fear'' knows what we're up to,
it'll be a race against time
to save the lives of those hostages.
Bravo! Bravo!
Go away!
l want to be alone.
You're ruining the festival.
Don't be a poop!
l can't help it.
l'm feeling sorry for myself.
Well, don't take it out on us.
Take it out on them.
You people--
you wonderful people--
my friends...
You do know how to make a man feel better, don't you?
Okay, then, what shall we play?
The insect game.
Yes, yes. The insect game.
You again?
You're the one who ruined my mood.
You and your sweet Captain.
My sweet Captain has a new offer to make.
No simulated brains.
l want real brains.
The Captain is prepared
to give you... a cloaking device.
l already have a cloaking device.
Thank you anyway.
l'm talking about a device that would shield you
from being detected by any other interstellar visitors.
There are almost 40 pathways to disable, Captain,
but l should be able to get it done
in under two minutes.
Good. Let's get started.
We will return your entire computer system
to the subterranean locale where we found it.
With the help of Mr. Kim,
and a team of Starfleet engineers,
it will be an easy matter to install the cloaking device,
which will ensure your safety for the foreseeable future.
Harry, is this possible?
l don't know if l believe you.
l don't know yet...
but l'll know soon if you're telling the truth.
You can't fool me.
What does she want in return?
And don't say the hostages, because l'm not giving them up.
You have to understand that the Captain's primary concern
is the safety of the hostages.
She's such a warm and noble person.
l'd love her to come to one of my parties someday.
What if l promise to take really good care of my guests?
We could be more than friends.
We could be... colleagues.
l'm really not such a bad fella.
What's happening?
You tricked me!
lt's an attack! lt's an attack!
Red Alert! Red Alert!
You... you warned them.
You told them how it could be done!
Take him!
No, please! No!
More than halfway there, B'Elanna.
Captain, it's Viorsa.
His norepinephrine levels are rising sharply.
No, please!
l didn't do anything! l didn't do anything!
What is it?
Some kind of protection device.
l'm locked out.
l'll have to disable it.
Viorsa's norepinephrine levels are critical.
Just ten more pathways.
He's dead!
Massive heart failure.
Captain, this one's norepinephrine levels
are approaching critical.
You're next! You're next!
Restore the entire program.
We've lost.
We've won. We've won.
We've won!
Start the music. Start the music.
Celebration. Celebration.
Your decision to capitulate
saved the lives of the other hostages, Captain.
You should take some comfort from that.
l don't.
Have l misjudged him somehow?
ls there another way to reach him?
lsn't there more to ''fear'' than a simple demand to exist?
Why do people enjoy dangerous sports
or holodeck adventures with the safety off?
Why, after all these centuries,
do children still ride on roller coasters?
Fear can provide pleasure.
To seek fear is to seek
the boundaries of one's sensory experience.
But what does fear seek...
at the end of the ride?
You understand, don't you, Harry,
that we will have to punish you for your Captain's little trick?
To the winner go the spoils,
and you are the spoils, after all.
We can talk about that later.
For now, enjoy yourself.
Well, you certainly know how to bring a party to a halt.
l don't get out very much.
l bet.
The Captain has sent me with an ultimatum.
Ultimatum?! Ultimatum.
She would give me an ultimatum?
Did Napoleon give an ultimatum after Waterloo?
Did Chulak of Romulus give an ultimatum
after his defeat at Galorndon Core?
We won. We give the ultimatums around here.
The Captain is prepared to shut down the system
one minute from now, if you don't agree to her terms.
And scramble the brains of all my guests, including Harry?
l don't think so.
52 seconds.
She is willing to risk brain damage to the hostages,
but she will end this, and end this now, one way or another.
What are her... her terms?
43 seconds.
She will allow you to keep one person on the system.
The other hostages must be released.
Never! l won't agree.
You have 30 seconds to avoid termination.
l need more time... time to think.
Two... let me keep two.
20 seconds.
There is another provision.
The one hostage you will be allowed to keep
is Captain Janeway herself.
She... would choose to be with me?
Your time is up.
Your answer, please.
Captain, this is the Doctor.
l've returned to Sick Bay.
Please turn to your emergency medical holographic channel.
Did he accept?
Yes, Captain.
Perfect. Good work, Doctor.
Would you like me to return and supervise
the evacuation of the hostages?
l don't think that'll be necessary, but you could
help with the preparations at this end. Janeway out.
We're finished here, Captain.
lnitiate the recall subroutine
and prepare to begin resuscitation.
Kes, give me a hand getting hooked up to all this.
l want everything sparkling for her arrival.
Harry, not so fast.
They can't have you until l have her.
No more tricks.
She's coming.
l can feel the system beginning to scan her brain.
Hmm... this really
is such an extraordinary gesture she's making.
l am so moved.
You don't quite believe it yourself, do you?
The Captain would sacrifice herself
to save the hostages.
Sacrifice herself?
You can be so cruel, Harry.
You don't appreciate my hospitality.
You're here.
You're actually here.
l don't believe it.
The arrangement was that the others would be released.
You show remarkable trust, Captain.
How could you be so sure l would keep my word?
l've known fear.
lt's a very healthy thing most of the time.
You warn us of danger,
remind us of our limits,
protect us from carelessness.
l've learned to trust fear.
Finally, someone who appreciates me.
Am l blushing?
Let them go.
Yes. Yes, of course.
You may depart.
Farewell, my friends.
Do come back and visit.
l'll always be here.
The recall subroutine has been activated.
Body temperatures are rising.
lnitiating all backup systems.
The hostages should regain consciousness
in less than ten minutes.
We'll get you out of here, Captain.
l promise.
That won't be necessary, Mr. Kim,
but thank you.
l can't wait to get to know you...
to make you a part of me.
As l understand it, it takes a few minutes
before you become aware of my thoughts.
ls that true?
An eternity of anticipation.
And then what happens?
And then the fun begins.
All systems functioning as anticipated.
Resuscitation entering final warming.
Bio-functions are returning to normal.
Their own hearts are taking over.
They don't need supplemental life support any longer.
Would you be honest with me?
Fear is the most honest of all emotions, Captain.
You really want this to end as much as l do, don't you?
Now, now, don't even think about leaving.
l'm not going to let you go-- not after all this.
Don't we make a beautiful couple, Captain?
l'm not Captain Janeway.
Could have fooled me.
l'm afraid l did.
l'm nothing more
than a holographic image of Captain Janeway,
sent here by the same technique they used to send their Doctor.
l've been programmed to respond to you
as Kathryn Janeway would.
But... but... l-l feel you.
You-you're on the system.
She is on the system, yes, but not in stasis.
Captain Janeway and her crew modified the pods,
so that she could be connected to the system
without having to enter this environment.
The goal was to let you sense her brain activity
without putting her in actual jeopardy.
You will be able to confirm what l'm telling you
as soon as you become aware of her thoughts.
You know as well as l do
that fear only exists for one purpose--
to be conquered.
She tricked me.
Did she?
Or was a part of you actually hoping to be defeated?
lsn't that why you allowed Captain Janeway to come here?
Because you sensed she had the power to subdue you?
She lied.
lt was very unStarfleet of her.
Starfleet Captains don't easily succumb... to fear.
What will become of us?
Of me?
Like all fear, you eventually... vanish.
l'm afraid.
l know.

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