New man coming!
New prisoner! Get out of my way!
New man coming!
Get out of my way!
Here he comes! Get ready! Let's go!
Hurry up!
They're gonna push off! Let's go!
New prisoner!
Hey! Something's coming down there!
Hey, get out of my...
Kill him! Kill him!
Nobody touch him. He's mine.
Wait. This is a mistake.
l don't belong here!
You don't?
Well, l'll just take you home, then.
All right?!
This one's mine.
l say he's not.
He's the reason that l'm here.
He was my partner in a bombing.
We killed 47 patrollers on Akritiri-- 47!
And then this scum confessed to the tribunal
and gave them my name.
So l'm telling you again,
he's mine.
l'm keeping him.
Take him.
For now.
Did you have to hit me so hard?
Trust me-- around here
you don't want anybody thinking you're soft.
Thanks for the tip.
ls there any food?
l haven't had anything to eat since l got here.
How long is that?
A couple of days.
Some shore leave, huh?
What happened to you after they split us up?
The Akritirians interrogated me.
When l wouldn't confess to the bombing,
they dragged me in front of a judge.
He said you'd already confessed for the both of us
and then he pronounced me guilty.
That's exactly what happened to me.
Then they must have drugged me because the next thing l knew,
l woke up at the bottom of the chute
to that welcoming party.
We've got to explain to somebody that there's been a mistake.
Who did you have in mind?
A guard.
The warden.
l haven't seen anybody like that.
A prison without guards?
The other inmates say
this place is 300 meters underground.
Maybe the Akritirians figure guards aren't necessary.
Can l have some more?
What do you think this is?!
A hotel?! There isn't any more!
Take it easy!
l'm sorry.
l'm... really starting to get edgy.
l think it's the clamp.
The what?
That's what the prisoners call it.
Everybody has one.
What is it?
l'm guessing it's some kind of synaptic stimulator.
Anyway, it's affecting my nervous system.
l've been getting jumpier ever since l got here.
Not to mention, this thing itches like crazy.
What do you think it's for?
Maybe it's some kind of torture device.
We could try taking them out.
No! l saw someone try it.
lt killed him.
What we have to do is find a way out of this place.
Let's get something straight first.
The next time you take a swing at me,
l'm hitting back.
What's that?
Another prisoner, maybe?
Food coming!
-Food! -Join me for dinner?
No! There's got to be more!
l don't think he was going to eat it anyway, do you?
He's dead.
l think l've lost my appetite.
Captain's Log, Stardate 50156.2.
After 72 hours, Lieutenant Paris
and Ensign Kim are still missing,
and l'm quickly losing patience
with the Akritirian authorities.
They continue to deny us access to the surface,
and they've yet to confirm
whether our crewmen were killed in the bombing.
l have completed another full sensor sweep
including a multispectral subsurface scan.
l still cannot locate their life signs
or their combadges.
Captain, Ambassador Liria is hailing us.
On screen.
l'm only in the mood for good news today, Ambassador.
l'm afraid l can't oblige.
Are you saying they're dead?
No, they're very much alive.
Then where are they?
Your men have been convicted of the terrorist bombing
at the Laktivia recreational facility, which resulted
in the death of 47 off-duty patrollers.
l assure you, Ambassador,
my people had nothing to do with this attack.
We found chemical traces
of the explosive used in the bombing
on their hands and clothing.
l'm sure the same could be said
of anyone who was near the explosion.
lt's hardly enough evidence for a conviction.
The explosive was trilithium based.
There is no source of trilithium anywhere in our system.
So, you can imagine our surprise when our investigation revealed
that your ship is powered by dilithium--
which our scientists tell us is convertible into trilithium.
We have long suspected
that the so-called Open Sky terrorists
had off-world collaborators.
Now we know who they are.
Captain, two Akritirian ships are approaching
at bearing 27 1 mark 64.
Prepare your ship for inspection, Captain.
lf it will help confirm our innocence, l'll consider it.
But first, l want to know where my people are being held,
and l want to talk to them immediately.
Communication with inmates is not permitted.
lf you want my cooperation, Ambassador,
you're going to have to do better than that.
Perhaps you've misunderstood me.
Let me clarify our position.
Your vessel is being impounded.
You and your crew are under arrest.
Prepare to be boarded.
Captain, their ships are powering weapons.
Mr. Tuvok, raise shields.
Mr. Chakotay, take the conn.
l'd like to resolve this situation
peacefully, Ambassador,
but let me clarify my position.
l will not allow this ship to be boarded.
That, Captain, is an error in judgment.
Captain, should l return fire?
That's not going to help us get Tom and Harry back.
We need to regroup.
Get us out of here, Commander.
Aye, Captain.
What took you so long?
l've been back at least half an hour.
You're starting to feel it, aren't you?
l guess l am.
lt gets worse all the time.
We have to fight it.
Let's focus on something positive.
How about...
a seven-course dinner?
l suppose you didn't find any food.
Well... l found close to 50 good citizens
in this quaint little community, but not a grocer among them.
l take it that's a no.
But, if we ever do get our hands on some food,
l found a lovely spot for a picnic.
All we need are the Delaney sisters,
and we could make a day of it.
So, how about you?
Come across anything interesting in your travels?
lf you mean an escape route,
l ran into nothing but solid walls.
Me, too.
As far as l can see, the only way to the surface
is that chute in the main chamber.
The question is: How do we get into it
without getting fried by that force field?
You saw what happened to the man who reached inside.
That's where this might come in handy.
l thought if we could get our hands on some loose wiring,
you might be able to use it to rig a device
that would short out the force field
long enough for us to get into the tube.
lt's worth a try.
Now, if we could only figure out a way
to short out these implants, we'd be all set.
There's no indication they followed us.
l guess they're more interested
in getting rid of us than finding out the truth.
We've got to go back
-for Harry and Tom. -B'Elanna...
We have no information as to their whereabouts,
and if we return to Akritirian space,
we are sure to encounter further hostilities.
Tuvok is right.
Let's concentrate on proving Harry and Tom's innocence.
How do we do that?
We know the explosive was trilithium-based.
lf we find the source of that trilithium,
it may lead us to the real bombers.
Our long-range scans indicate that Liria was right.
There's no trilithium in this sector.
What about paralithium?
lt's used as a fuel
for some ion-based propulsion systems
and it can be converted into trilithium.
Review our sensor logs
of ships entering and leaving Akritirian space
during the time we were in orbit.
lf anybody's using paralithium for fuel,
l want to find out who they are and where they went.
Come on, come on, come on...
Take it easy.
You'll get it.
l can't think. l can't concentrate.
Okay, okay, concentrate on this.
Uh... um...
crown roast of lamb
with, uh... a bed of wild rice
and a 2296 Chateau Lafite Rothschild...
at the real Sandrine's.
Or how about shrimp with fettran sauce,
flambé noodles...
and fudge ripple pudding.
Good one.
Okay. Uh...
couple of barbecued T-bone steaks
with baked Risan beans
and... cherry pie for dessert.
Let's see you top that one.
Right now, l'm so hungry,
l could eat a bowl of Neelix's leola root stew.
Me, too.
Never thought l'd say that.
l'm ready to give it a try.
So far, so good.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
Just out for a little stroll.
Move it!
What's that?
A pipe.
Let's see it.
Come on.
l'd really recommend that you stay out of my way.
You should have thought of that before you took him!
Come on, Tom.
Back off! Back off! Back off! Back off!
Hang on. l'm getting you out of here.
No fight. No fight.
lf he doesn't bleed to death, he'll die from infection.
We've got to get him to a doctor.
Of course. We'll call an emergency vehicle
and rush him to a hospital.
What do you want for the dead man's boots?
You can make it.
Just a few more steps,
and we'll be back to the shelter.
Home, sweet home.
l'm hurt pretty bad.
l'll take care of it.
Promise me something.
lf things get worse...
if it comes down to making a choice,
don't worry about me.
Take care of yourself.
Do we have a deal?
What are you doing in there?
-Get out. -This place is ours.
Get out! Get out! Get out!
Okay, here's the deal.
My boots for some clean cloth,
a liter of water, two of those food cakes
and my friend gets to stay in there until he's better.
l don't take in boarders.
What about the rest of it?
l don't like the color.
Come on, let's go.
This guy's not going to help us.
Just tell me what you want
for the food and the bandages, okay?
That pipe you were working with interests me.
l can't trade the pipe.
Then l guess we don't have a deal.
Now move on. You're blocking my light.
l'll take you with me.
Take me where?
l know a way out of this place.
l been in here six years.
l've never heard of a way out.
The chute.
Anybody that tries to get in there
gets hit with an energy pulse.
With this pipe, l can disable the force field.
With a little luck, we can make it to the surface.
What are you staring at?
l'm trying to figure out if you're a liar...
or if the clamp has already made you crazy.
And l'll prove it to you.
You stand your ground.
l like that.
Then we have a deal?
Just remember one thing:
lf you're lying, l'll kill you.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
So far, we've located three ships
with paralithium plasma emissions,
but none of them appears to have produced explosives.
We're currently in pursuit of a fourth vessel.
We're in hailing range
of the Akritirian freighter, Captain.
l'm only reading two life signs aboard.
Open a channel.
This is Kathryn Janeway
of the Federation Starship Voyager
to the Captain of the Akritirian cargo vessel.
l'm the Captain of this vessel.
What do you want?
Two of my crew members were convicted
by the Akritirians of a terrorist bombing.
We're trying to prove their innocence
and we have reason to believe a ship like yours,
which uses paralithium for fuel, might have been involved
in the production of the explosives.
Let's get out of here.
This is a cargo vessel.
Then you won't mind if a few of my crew members
come aboard to have a look around.
Not if they don't mind having their throats cut.
There's no need to be abrupt...
l guess you're not the only captain
who doesn't want their ship boarded.
Captain, l'm picking up residual traces of trilithium.
They're faint, but they're there.
l think we may have found our bomb makers.
Mr. Tuvok, send a security detail
to Transporter Room 2.
Lieutenant Torres, beam the two of them aboard
and tractor their ship into the shuttle bay.
Aye, Captain.
You have no right to hold us.
My people have been accused
of aiding a terrorist group called Open Sky.
What do you know about them?
They're not terrorists.
They're patriots.
One day, they'll lead
the legitimate government of our people.
We don't have
to answer any of their questions, Piri.
lt sounds to me like your young friend here
sympathizes with these patriots.
She's not my friend.
She's my sister.
And our political views are none of your business.
l don't know much about your world...
but l do know that my people
are being held for a crime they didn't commit
and l'm going to do everything in my power to get them out.
Do you understand that?
We have confirmed that explosives
were indeed produced aboard their ship.
Escort them to the brig.
Aye, Captain.
And have Mr. Chakotay lay in a course
for the Akritirian border.
Let my sister go.
She didn't have anything to do with the bombing,
and she's only 14.
Prison doesn't scare me.
Quiet, Piri.
You don't know what you're saying.
Nobody ever gets out of prison on Akritiri.
They'll just let her rot in there
for the rest of her life.
l admire your desire to protect your sister, but...
it's not really up to me, is it?
Tell them what we know.
Tell me what?
Piri, don't.
Our brigade found out
where the maximum security detention facility is located.
My sister has quite a vivid imagination.
With this ship, you can attack the prison
and get your people out.
l'm sorry,
that's not how we do things where l come from.
Mr. Tuvok, see that they get a bath and a hot meal.
l don't trust that guy, Harry.
l can handle him.
Just watch your back, okay?
Try to get some rest.
Remember our deal?
What deal?
lf it comes down to it,
you're going to save yourself, right?
lf you see a chance,
just go.
Don't come back for me.
l think the clamp
must really be starting to make you crazy.
l'm serious, Harry.
Getting tired of waiting.
l gotta go.
Oh! Damn it!
Don't fight it, use it.
How do l do that?
l feel like there's a million fire ants in my brain.
Good. Make them work for you.
Fire ants sound vicious.
lmagine them as your army
moving in a vast wave to conquer your enemy.
There's a massive struggle going on inside you--
a battle to the death between you and the clamp.
You have to use whatever force you can to defeat it.
l'd rather use my energy to work on getting out of here.
When l first got here, l assumed the clamp
was just a refined form of torture
to make our prison stay that much more arduous.
Gradually, l began to understand it more fully.
lt's all right here in my manifesto--
my insights, my reasoning... evidence.
lt's an experiment.
They're studying us like animals--
pitting us against each other to find out what happens.
You can see that, can't you?
l guess so.
The greatest threat, of course, would be
if we started to cooperate with each other,
so they prevented that.
But there had to be more to it than that,
and the longer l was in here,
the more l knew it was my job to figure it out.
That's the reason l was put here and eventually... came to me
as though a fireball had exploded in my mind.
And the realization gave me a power over the others.
They don't come near me anymore.
They're afraid of me, because l know the truth.
Don't you want to know what it is?
What is the ultimate purpose of the clamp?
lt's inspired, brilliant.
lt's a method for controlling the prison population.
We kill each other off.
Sure. Whatever you say.
So you must enter into the battle.
lf you let the clamp control you,
you'll end up like that crazy old man
that took over your shelter.
But if you learn to control it, you'll survive...
like me.
l plan to be out of here before it even becomes an issue.
Go ahead.
Touch it.
What do you see?
Some kind of hatch.
What do you see?
Are we at the surface?
How are you feeling?
l was dreaming...
about Megan Delaney.
Next time, l'll try not to wake you.
The chute...
you made it in?
Did you find a way out?
Not yet...
but we're very close.
lt's just a matter of time.
So you've got to hang in there, okay?
Wh... Wha...
What happened to me?
Easy, Tom.
You got stabbed, remember?
Who... who did it?
One of the prisoners.
No, it...
No, it was you.
l'm trying to change your bandage.
No! Get away from me!
-Please! l'm trying to help you. -Get away from me!
Tom, give me the pipe.
We need it to get out of here. Remember?
lt's okay.
Let me take it.
...what's happening to me?
You're gonna be okay.
Don't leave me here.
Close your eyes.
Sleep well?
How about your friend?
ls he dead yet?
Shut up!
The chute leads to a docking port, right?
Some kind of ship must come to drop off food...
drop off new prisoners.
So maybe we could get aboard the ship.
lt's getting the best of you.
l know we could do it.
You think they're just gonna open the hatch
and ask us if we'd like a ride home?!
We'd have the element of surprise.
And they'd have the pulse guns.
lf we could hold them off...
...distract them...
...just for a few minutes...
l could establish our location...
That's enough!
...get a message to Voyager
and they could get us out of here.
We'll need weapons.
l've never let anyone see this...
but l'm going to let you read my manifesto.
lt'll teach you how to control the clamp.
l don't want to read your crazy manifesto.
Take it.
Learn everything l know.
Now, are you going to help me or not?!
lf l were like the others...
...l'd kill you.
But l don't lose control.
That's the difference between me and you.
Listen! Listen to me, everybody!
Now what's he want?
This is important.
l've got something to say.
Something you want to hear.
lt's what you've been waiting for.
What the hell do you want?
l've found a way out of here.
There's no way out.
There is!
Through the chute!
l've been inside.
We have to work together.
They'd like us all to kill each other,
but we have to cooperate.
lf we do, we can get out of here.
lf you've been in the chute,
where does it lead?
lt's the truth.
We can escape...
...if we work together!
What the hell are you doing?
Stay back.
You've ruined it.
This is mine.
lt's mine!
Please! No!
Go ahead.
Finish him.
You wanted to kill him, didn't you?
He's my best friend!
No, no, that's where you're wrong.
He's too far gone to be your friend.
All he is now is a burden.
That's not true!
He eats your food, he ruined your device--
he's given in to the clamp.
You've got to get rid of him
before he brings you down with him.
-Quiet! -You've got a chance
to make something of your life in here,
but as long as that carcass is in my hut,
we'll never be able to go on to more important things.
What the hell are you talking about?
We've got to disseminate the manifesto...
gather our followers...
train them.
You're insane.
You want my protection?
You want to live under my roof?
Get rid of him.
l don't need your protection!
How long do you think you'll last
against Pit and the others,
without me looking out for you?
Go ahead. Take it.
Think of what a relief it will be
to not have that responsibility...
to be free of his ranting.
l'm not a killer.
lf you want to survive in here...
you'd better learn to be.
lf that's what it takes to stay alive...
then l'd rather die.
Get out now.
And take him with you...
...or l will kill him.
Unless you've decided to relinquish control
of your vessel, Captain,
l suggest that you do not proceed across our border.
We've captured the ship and crew
responsible for the bombing at the Laktivia canteen.
l see.
l'm prepared to trade them
for the immediate and unconditional release
of Lieutenant Paris and Ensign Kim.
Your crewmen have already been tried and convicted.
Are you saying those convictions can't be reversed,
no matter what new evidence is brought to light?
You are correct.
That is an outrageous policy.
l assure you, it has proved to be a most effective deterrent.
Good day, Captain.
So much for negotiating.
What should we do with the prisoners?
Bring Vel to my ready room. Now.
l want the location and shield code
to the maximum security detention facility.
What's wrong,
the Akritirians didn't agree to your terms?
No, as a matter of fact.
But l suspect you will.
And what makes you so sure?
Because if you don't, you and your sister
are going to spend the rest of your lives in prison.
l'll take you to the prison
and l'll get you in,
but there are members of Open Sky in there
and l want to get them out, too.
l don't think you understand the way this works.
You tell me what l want to know,
and after l get my people back, l let you and your sister go.
That's not good enough.
Mr. Tuvok, inform the Akritirians
that we're ready to turn the prisoners over.
All right.
Crewman Foster, take the prisoner to Commander Chakotay.
He will upload the coordinates and codes.
May l ask how you propose
to get past the Akritirian patrols?
No doubt they will attack
as soon as Voyager crosses the border.
That's exactly why the rescue team won't be aboard Voyager.
lf l'm not mistaken,
Mr. Neelix's ship is still in our shuttle bay.
Yes. However, Mr. Neelix's vessel
has extremely limited combat capabilities.
Then we'll have to be very careful, won't we?
l want his clothes and l want his shoes!
This man is my friend.
Nobody touches him.
Back off! You won't have to get hurt.
New prisoner!
l got her!
Hands on your heads.
Do it now!
Neelix to Lieutenant Tuvok.
Go ahead.
We've got company.
Two Akritirian patrol ships on an intercept course.
l'm not sure how long l can hold them off.
We are moving as quickly as we can, Mr. Neelix.
Where's Tom?
He needs help.
Akritirian patrol to alien vessel.
Disengage immediately.
Akritirian patrol?
Uh, am l in Akritirian space?
Oh, dear.
l thought this was the Heva Vll refueling port.
Uh, you wouldn't, by any chance,
be able to recommend a... respectable establishment
where l could have my navigational array repaired?
Disengage immediately.
This is your final warning.
Janeway to Neelix.
Everyone's aboard.
l know it's a little cramped back there,
so if there's anything l can do to make you more comfortable...
Neelix! Just get us out of here!
Of course, Captain.
Talaxian vessel to Akritirian patrol.
My apologies for the little mix-up.
l'll be departing now, per your orders.
Power down your engines and prepare to be boarded.
Eh, what was that, patrol?
That last message was garbled.
l've always thought of my piloting skills
as modest, at best,
and the conditions were extremely dangerous.
Still, l did outmaneuver those Akritirians, didn't l?
You did a terrific job, Neelix.
l agree.
Excellent piloting.
l'm glad to hear you say that, Captain,
because l've been thinking--
until Tom here gets back on his feet,
perhaps l could try my hand at conn for a while.
That won't be necessary.
Lieutenant Paris is just fine, thanks to excellent doctoring.
l finished analyzing these implants,
and you'll be happy to know that the treatment
l provided will successfully counteract their effect on you.
What exactly was the effect?
My readings indicate that the implants
are designed to stimulate the production
of acetylcholine in the hypothalamus.
That would explain the agitation.
Hmm. Acetylcholine is a brain chemical
common to the neural structures of most humanoids.
Essentially, it helps stimulate one's aggressive tendencies.
Zio was right.
Come on, Harry.
We're overdue for that steak dinner.
l guess so.
What do you mean, ''Guess so''?
lt's the thought of that dinner
that kept us going.
So... what do you think?
Uh, a baked potato...
a big mound of deep-fried onion rings?
Maybe, maybe, uh... some grilled mushrooms.
Tom, listen to me.
l almost killed you.
What are you saying?
You're the one that kept me alive.
l was ready to hit you with the pipe.
Don't you remember?
You want to know what l remember?
Someone saying, ''This man is my friend.
Nobody touches him.''
l'll remember that for a long time.
what do you say we blow
a week's worth of replicator rations?
So, what's for dessert?
Cherry pie, don't you remember?
What about the fudge ripple pudding?
Ah! Yes...

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