Captain's Log, Stardate 50203.1.
We're three days away from Enara Prime--
home of the passengers
we picked up from a colony in the Fima system.
Our high warp capability has greatly reduced the time
it normally takes them to make the journey home.
ln return, the Enarans have shared
their energy conservation technology with us
and perhaps more importantly, their friendship.
You've never been there?
Well, the trip back to the homeland usually takes so long.
l didn't want to see it that badly.
l've spent my whole life in the Fima colony
and l've always considered it my home.
You'll change your mind
when you see the Daeleus cliffs at dawn.
Yes, l've heard they're beautiful.
You'll know what ''beautiful'' truly means,
when you stand on the cliffs on a rainy morning
and watch the raindrops...
turn to mist when they hit the molten sea.
That sounds wonderful.
lt looks like our new components are still slightly out of sync
with your EPS system.
l can't isolate it.
We'll have to check through all of them.
Maybe Harry could give us a hand.
Well, l'm sure he would if you asked him.
Harry, you got a minute?
Could you help us check the modified power relays?
There is a minor flow problem.
l'd be happy to help.
Good. Then we'll get started first thing in the morning.
Well, if we're done for the night,
maybe we could all go get something to eat.
Thank you, but l'll be headed back to bed.
l'm sure you young people will manage without me.
-Good night. -Good night.
So, l guess it'll just be the three of us.
Actually, getting some rest sounded like a pretty good idea.
Why don't you... go on without me?
No, really, l insist.
What took you so long?
B'Elanna, wake up.
Your duty shift started 20 minutes ago.
l tried to reach you on the com,
but you didn't answer.
l guess...
l guess l must have slept right through it.
Are you feeling all right?
Yes, of course.
l'll be there in a minute.
This is the second morning you've been late.
l'll make up the time.
lt won't happen again.
l'm not concerned about the duty schedule,
B'Elanna. lf there's something wrong...
l'm fine.
You mean, fine like when you insisted on finishing
the hoverball championship with a broken ankle?
l mean there's nothing wrong.
l was only late because...
l've been having these dreams.
They're very intense.
That's all.
lntensely bad?
Just the opposite.
So they're enjoyable?
They are the most sensual dreams l've ever had in my life...
and they feel absolutely real.
l don't suppose you've been dreaming
about anyone in particular?
Nobody you know.
he's nobody l know either.
He's Enaran.
One of our passengers?
No. No.
ln the dreams, l know him.
More than that, l'm in love with him.
But it's not really me in the dream.
lt's somebody else entirely.
ln a way, it's...
l'm sure.
So l assume l won't have to write up
a report on your chronic oversleeping?
lf you say a word about this to anyone...
l know. You'll rip my heart out and eat it raw.
Your secret's safe with me.
So, what exactly is this big surprise?
All l know is that Neelix
has been working on it all afternoon.
He wouldn't even let me in there to get a snack.
Welcome to Enara!
lt's... very...
Specifically, the colors of the Enaran flag.
The decor, the music, the menu--
all authentically Enaran.
What happened to the tables and chairs?
Enarans don't use them.
After a big meal, you can just lie back and take a nap.
Very practical.
lt's a little cold in here, isn't it?
Perhaps a bit chillier than we're used to,
but just about perfect for...
Enarans. l got it.
You must try some of these delightful algae puffs.
They're fresh from the oven.
Maybe later.
Oh, that was wonderful.
What a lovely piece of music.
You should thank Jora Mirell.
She composed it.
l still think you're rushing the harmonics
in the second movement.
l love music.
l've always regretted
that l never learned to play an instrument.
l'd be glad to help you if you like.
l'd like it very much.
l'm sure l could find time for a few lessons.
l'm all right.
l did understand you correctly
that you wanted to share my knowledge of music?
l didn't realize you were offering
to share it so directly.
The sensation was just a little...
l am terribly sorry, Captain.
l assumed since you knew of our telepathic abilities...
l-l never would have dreamed of making a connection
without your consent.
You intended to give me a gift...
and it was wonderful.
Your abilities allow you to transfer
knowledge from your own mind to another's?
Not precisely.
We're able to share our experiences
through a telepathic link.
l remembered lessons and hours of practice.
Were those your experiences?
You take a couple of these...
roll them around like this...
and voila!
Your hands are clean and disinfected.
The Enarans are very hygienic.
l haven't seen Lieutenant Torres around here tonight.
l suppose she's putting in
another late night in Engineering.
Actually, l think
she might have gone to bed early tonight.
l'm not one to dictate who your friends are,
but l'm sure you can see as clearly as l can
that some friends are less suitable than others.
Like Dathan?
Yes. You promised you wouldn't see him anymore
and then l heard you were talking
to him again the other day.
He came up to me on the street.
l couldn't help it.
Korenna, don't you see
l am thinking of him as well as you?
Now, you only encourage him this way
and that isn't very fair, is it?
What isn't fair is that you treat him
like everybody else.
He's different.
lf you just talked to him, you'd understand that.
You know, one of the things l love about you most
is your compassion for others.
But you're still young.
You don't realize that there are some people
that might take advantage of that compassion.
Now, l want you to promise me,
if he comes up to you again, you'll just walk away.
That should be clear enough.
l'm sure.
And finish your tarin juice.
lt's good for you.
He's gone.
l should go.
He's leaving for work soon.
lt's safer to wait.
You know, this will only encourage me.
l hope so.
No! No!
We've completed the modifications
on the primary EPS conduits.
l have a crew starting on the backup systems.
Can you get it done before we drop off the Enarans?
Yes. We'll have to pull some longer shifts,
but two more days should do it.
ls there something else on your mind?
Those dreams l've been having...
um, they're getting kind of strange.
ln what way?
Last night, in the middle of the dream,
l was...
kissing him-- my lover-- and suddenly he was dead.
But there's more going on than just a love affair.
l'm having a relationship with this man,
but my father doesn't approve, so we have to sneak around.
lt's like each new dream advances the story.
lt sounds like a holonovel.
But it feels like it's actually happening.
l mean, physically, emotionally,
it's no different from real life.
l've never had dreams like this before.
lt can't be a coincidence that this is going on
while we have a group of telepaths on board.
l want to find out more about what these Enarans can do.
Why don't you ask your friend in Engineering?
l'm going to.
l'll talk to the Captain.
She should know about anything that might involve our guests.
Once, l stood where you are
during the early days of interstellar exploration.
lt was an important leap forward for our people
and l was proud to be part of it.
Today, with the advent of terraforming, we stand ready
to take another leap forward into an era
of expansion and colonization.
You will show us the way.
There are some who resist progress.
Do not let the voices of fear and ignorance
discourage you.
Claim your rightful place as leaders of a new era.
The future of Enara is in your hands.
Now, today, we honor a group of young people
who represent our best hope for that future.
lt is a great pleasure to give
this first award to my own daughter, Korenna.
l'm so very proud of you.
lt looks good on you.
What are you doing here?
Today's important for you.
l wanted to be here.
l'm glad you came.
l know this award will help me get
into the District Education Center.
l could be a junior instructor in less than a year.
l'm really happy for you.
Maybe you could take the entrance examination, too.
You know that's impossible.
l can't go to the Center.
Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough.
l want us to be together.
l love you, Korenna.
lt's just so frustrating.
l can't stand being away from you all the time.
Oh, l know.
Oh, l wish l could hold you right now.
What would you do if you could?
l'll show you.
l'll see you tonight.
No! No! There's going to be a big dinner
with my father's friends.
Tomorrow night, then.
Single file.
Let's go.
Have identification ready.
This way, this way.
All the way out.
Let's move.
Can you hear me?
Kes to Sick Bay. Medical emergency.
Good to see you're awake, Lieutenant.
What happened?
l found you unconscious
in the corridor near Engineering.
l was dreaming again.
Not according to your cortical theta wave readings.
The pattern clearly indicated
that you were experiencing memories.
Specifically, implanted memories.
By the Enarans?
There's strong evidence of telepathic activity
in your frontal lobe.
My experience with the Enarans' telepathy
seems to be very different from yours.
Jor Brel was standing near me
when l received his memories.
Were there any Enarans near you when you had your dreams?
No, l was alone every time.
You've also been asleep or unconscious every time.
The shared memories feel like...
vivid dreams to you.
ln the Lieutenant's case, the memories
seem to have been placed in her unconscious.
They're only emerging when her conscious mind
is inactive.
Why did she pass out?
The synaptic patterns of the implanted memories
are not quite compatible with her neural pathways.
There's been some minor cortical damage, which l've corrected.
Can you prevent further damage?
This inhibitor will control her theta wave activity.
That should suppress the memories.
l won't have any more of the dreams?
That's the idea.
What's wrong?
lf the dreams stop,
l'll never know what happens to these people.
l mean, this woman, Korenna, l... l feel what she feels.
And right now, she is torn and confused
about her loyalties,
and l don't know what l'm... what she's going to do.
l don't think satisfying your curiosity
is worth risking brain damage, Lieutenant.
l'm giving you the next two days off duty.
Use them to rest.
l'll speak with Brel,
and find out what's happening to you.
l'd like to come with you, Captain.
l'd rest a lot better if l had some answers.
l find it impossible
that any of us could be doing this purposely.
You do possess the capability
to share your experiences without mutual consent.
Yes, but, uh, it just isn't done.
l-l know that we had
a misunderstanding before, Captain,
but l assure you, we have strict ethics.
We're not suggesting otherwise.
We're only trying to find out how this is happening.
Well, l have heard of instances
where members of some alien races have been affected
by the slight telepathic field we generate, but nothing
as intense as what your Lieutenant has described.
Well, according to our Doctor, they're memories.
That's possible.
She may be picking up stray thoughts and memories
from every Enaran on the ship.
lt must be terribly confusing.
Perhaps that's why her mind has organized it
into a kind of narrative.
Are you saying that l'm making this all up?
No, no, no.
Some elements may very well have come
from our actual experiences.
l confess l... l may have crawled
into a bedroom window or two in my youth.
You mentioned a citizenship award.
There are several past recipients in our group.
We may be each contributing some small details to your story.
Nothing really happened the way l remember it?
lt's highly unlikely.
We appreciate your help, Jor Brel.
l wish there was something more that l could do.
l truly regret any ill effects
that our presence here has caused you.
Well, fortunately, those effects are under control now.
The Doctor was able to suppress the memories.
l'm very glad to hear that.
His explanation is plausible.
l don't know.
Those dreams are so real...
Maybe he's right.
The Enarans haven't
shown any hint of subterfuge-- any hidden agenda.
They've been nothing but straightforward and honest.
You're in no immediate danger.
They'll be gone in another day.
The situation will resolve itself.
And yet, you fully intend to continue investigating.
l wonder how long it's been
since l did anything that surprised you.
l share your concern, Captain.
We haven't ruled out the possibility
that this may be a deliberate act.
l want to talk to more of the Enarans,
see what they have to say.
l'll talk to Jessen and Mirell.
They've been working with me in Engineering.
You've done enough already, B'Elanna.
l want you to get some rest.
You need to get away from this.
We'll take it from here.
Captain's Log, Stardate 5021 1.4.
We're approaching Enara
and preparing to host a farewell party for our guests.
They've made every effort to help us understand
their telepathic abilities, but it's still a mystery
why they've affected Lieutenant Torres so strongly.
Korenna, are you ready?
You'll do well.
l'll be there with you.
This is all voluntary, isn't it?
They want to be resettled?
Of course.
Although, it's impossible to understand
what these Regressives want.
They simply don't think like we do.
How do we relate to people
who refuse all but the most primitive technology?
Who live their lives without a communications interlink
or microfusion generators?
lf that's the way they want to live...
why can't they?
Well, they can.
That's why we're helping them to resettle,
so that they can be completely comfortable
practicing a way of life that they've chosen.
They could do that here
in their village.
Well, you wouldn't say that
if you'd ever been inside that place.
Do you realize they won't even use radioseptics
to sterilize their homes, or their hands before they eat?
lt's a miracle they haven't started a plague by now.
Then... it's dangerous to have them living here.
Yes, it is.
And we've been tolerant for a very long time,
but l think by now even they realize
that they'd be better off living somewhere else.
But some of them want to stay here.
Well, there are always some people who resist change
even if they know it's best for them,
but once they see their friends and family
happily settled in the new colony,
they'll want to go as well.
Demalos, move along.
-Sanric. -Sanric.
What's going to happen to us?
You'll have a new place to live with your own kind.
You'll be much happier there.
-Move it along. -...can you tell me...
l only want to know where we're going.
Dathan Alaris!
Where is he?
He couldn't be leaving today.
Did you warn him?
Did you tell him he was on the list?
l didn't even know that he was.
You put his name there, didn't you?
To keep him away from me.
Fredik! Don't!
Computer, locate Jora Mirell.
Jora Mirell is in her quarters.
l'll get you to Sick Bay.
l have to give you the rest of it.
You are Korenna.
These are your memories.
Why give them to me?
You won't deny the truth.
We've been hiding it.
l couldn't anymore.
They found out l was sharing it with you.
Who did?
Don't let the memories die.
Promise me.
l don't understand...
My father's home.
lf he hears you...
What happened?
One of your friends made some trouble
on the resettlement line today.
You were on the list, too.
Where were you?
Some of us got away.
We're leaving tonight.
Come with me.
Korenna, it's the only way we can be together now.
You're asking me to abandon my family,
my career...
Yes, l am. Leave it all behind.
What's happening here is wrong, Korenna.
Don't be a part of it anymore.
lt's just a resettlement.
lt is more than that.
My uncle and his family were resettled two months ago
and we haven't heard from them since.
Nobody l know has had any contact
with this new colony we're supposed to be going to.
There could be a perfectly good reason...
There are stories.
l've heard that the transports don't really go anywhere,
that the passengers just get vaporized
in some kind of thermal sweep.
Korenna, thousands of us have gone already.
We are being slaughtered.
lt's ridiculous.
No one is being killed.
My father told me...
Your father is lying to you!
l'm sorry, but you have got to make a choice.
You can't go on trying to believe in both of us anymore.
Either he is right and you should never see me again,
or l'm right and he is part of a terrible crime.
No. My father is a good man.
l can show you how we're rounded up
for these voluntary resettlements,
how the soldiers treat Regressives
who won't go quietly.
l know it is hard to face, but you have to.
lt is too important.
-Now let me show you. -No, l...
Come in.
l was, l was just practicing.
l've always said you have the talent
to play professionally.
How are you feeling?
l've been better.
Don't think about it anymore.
That Regressive was completely irrational.
He attacked you for no reason.
Maybe he thought he had a reason.
Maybe he was afraid.
l know there are some very disturbing rumors
coming from these people.
You may have heard them from that boy.
You know, the thing that is so insidious
about these Regressives
is that they pretend to be passive,
not harming anyone
and all the while they are spreading their lies,
trying to make you believe these awful things.
Why would they do that?
They have some twisted ideas about resisting progress,
which they think gives them the right
to hold us back in any way that they can.
They're trying to undermine us, to cause dissent and doubt.
Just look at how they've affected you.
what they're saying is so horrible.
Yes, but it isn't very plausible.
Korenna, think.
A secret conspiracy against their people?
Organized murder on such an enormous scale?
Do you really believe that your family and friends
are capable of that?
'Course not.
Now, l know how hard it is for you to accept
that anyone, even Regressives,
could lie about something like that,
but it is all part of their manipulation.
These people have no conscience.
They'll say anything to get what they want.
Like that boy Dathan.
Has he told you he's in love with you?
He's not.
lt's his way of gaining your sympathy.
And not only yours.
l've seen him talking to quite a number of young women.
Has he been asking you to trust him?
He's poisoning you against your own people.
Even your own family.
That's very cruel.
No wonder you've been confused.
But now you understand what these people are really like.
These criminals represent
a growing threat to Enaran society.
As responsible citizens, we must fight back!
With their punishment,
we send a clear signal to all Regressives.
We will protect ourselves and our ideals
from their destructive influence
by whatever means necessary.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Why did they all move away?
Because they didn't want to live with the rest of us anymore.
The Regressive people had very strange ideas
about how to live.
They didn't want to learn new things
or use any of the technology
that we tried to share with them.
They decided to live somewhere else on their own
and we let them go.
But they couldn't take very good care of themselves.
They fought with each other.
They spread all kinds of diseases.
And they all died?
They destroyed themselves.
lt was very sad.
But... we can learn from their mistakes.
That's why we keep this gate here--
to remind us never to be stubborn and backward
like they were.
We'll remember.
l know you will.
l'd like to indulge in a new custom that l've learned.
lt's called making a toast.
To Captain Janeway and her gracious crew.
We are very grateful to you for bringing us home.
You will always have friends here.
You tried to hide what you did, but l know.
l saw everything.
The Regressives, the executions.
Wiping out an entire population,
and then blaming them for it.
This is most uncomfortable, Captain.
Perhaps a more private discussion would be...
No, that's what you've been doing all along--
hiding the truth.
Hoping that it would just die away quietly!
Please. This has to come out.
l think it's time we all understood
what's been happening here.
My dreams-- they are real memories from Jora Mirell.
When she-- when all of them were younger,
there was a group of people they called Regressives.
They just wanted to lead a different kind of life,
but... but they don't exist anymore, do they?
You exterminated them.
These accusations are completely untrue.
You spent your whole life covering it up,
and then you realized
that someone was passing the memories on to me.
So you...
you used me to figure out who it was
and then you killed her,
but, you know, you were too late,
because Korenna gave me the last of her memories before she died.
Korenna Mirell is dead?
And you have evidence that she was murdered?
No, they made it look like it was natural causes.
You should know, Lieutenant,
that l spoke with Jora Mirell yesterday.
l asked her specifically
about the memories you had experienced.
She claimed not to know anything about them.
Of course she would say that.
She was afraid for her life.
No, you're lying.
The Enarans would never do anything
like what you're saying.
lt's unthinkable.
lt is the truth.
l know that you don't want to believe it.
ln fact, they're counting on that.
They always have.
l know B'Elanna and l trust her.
lt can't hurt to listen.
Nobody thinks you're lying, Lieutenant.
The poor woman has been ill for a long time.
Her memories may be distorted
or perhaps your perception of them was colored
by elements from your culture.
l know that it's easier for you to believe
that l'm crazy or hallucinating,
but this woman shared her life-- her whole identity-- with me.
l was with her every step of the way
as she convinced herself that what she did--
betraying the man she loved,
playing her part in the massacre--
that it was all somehow for the good of Enaran society.
She showed me everything.
No apologies, no request for forgiveness,
just the truth.
At least she had the conscience
to stand up and realize what she'd done wrong...
which is more than l can say for you.
l think it best that we...
now prepare for our departure, Captain.
lf you don't mind,
l'd like to go to your Sick Bay to attend Jora Mirell.
l'm going to talk to the Doctor.
l want to see you in my ready room in one hour.
l know that l could have found a better way
to handle the situation than just charging
into the mess hall like that.
l was just too angry to think straight.
Not the first time that's happened, l know,
but if you had seen what l saw...
l might have done exactly the same thing.
You believe me.
l believe that the memories you experienced were real.
Then we've got to do something about it.
We have to make this public.
You tried that today.
They didn't want to listen.
Then we have to find proof.
Let me go down to the planet.
There must be some evidence left of what really happened.
Maybe there are other people like Korenna
who might be willing to tell the truth.
Whatever the Enarans have done,
it's not our place to bring them to justice.
lf they've chosen to conceal part of their history
from their own descendants, that's their decision
whether we approve of it or not.
lt's not just a matter of history.
This could happen again
if no one knows it happened before.
We simply have no right to get involved.
Jora Mirell was murdered on board this ship,
which gives us a reason to investigate.
Maybe if we can expose the reason why she was killed,
the Enarans will start to ask questions.
l've gotten a full report from the Doctor.
He specifically looked for evidence
to support your accusations.
He didn't find any.
They could have used their telepathy somehow,
in some way that the Doctor couldn't detect.
We have no basis for a murder investigation.
l released her body to the Enarans.
So that's it?
We just go on our merry way
and nobody ever has to take any kind of responsibility?
l've canceled our trade negotiations,
as well as shore leave.
We'll leave orbit as soon as the Enarans are off the ship.
l believe the Enaran engineers
are collecting the last of their equipment right now.
lf there's anything more you'd like to say to...
any of them...
Thank you. Thank you, Captain.
l'm relieving you.
Can we talk for a minute?
l have nothing to say to you.
Then just listen.
Like Harry said, it couldn't hurt to do that.
l'm leaving soon.
l know you have no reason to believe
what l've said about your people.
All you have is my word
against everything you've ever been taught.
That's right.
So prove me wrong.
Go down to Enara and find the colony
where the Regressives were supposed to live.
Talk to people.
Ask questions.
Learn the truth for yourself.
Let me tell you about my experiences.
Maybe that will give you someplace to start.
l wish...
l had your abilities.
l could just show you.
You would do that?
Share your experiences openly?
Of course.
Then you'd know l'm telling you the truth.
l can make the connection between us.
What took you so long?

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