There was another antiwar demonstration
at the UC-Santa Cruz campus last night.
Tear gas was used
to disperse the crowd of 3,000 angry students.
The temperature right now in downtown Barstow
is 7 5 degrees.
Whoa, whoa.
Far out.
Come in.
Sorry, Tuvok.
l was just practicing my serve.
Your ''serve?''
After 19 years, l've decided to take it up again.
l'm a little rusty.
l played in a novice tournament on the holodeck.
l lost my first match in straight sets.
Perhaps if you maintained eye contact with the ball
at the apex of its trajectory,
your serve would be more effective.
You play tennis?
Simple physics, Captain.
Not as simple as when l played on the high school tennis team.
What can l do for you, Tuvok?
l've completed my monthly security evaluation.
All systems and crew are...
Red Alert.
Captain Janeway to the Bridge.
Some sort of spatial rift.
lt opened right in front of us.
lt's a distortion in the space-time continuum,
but it's got a graviton matrix.
lt's being artificially generated.
By whom?
Sensors can't get inside.
The distortion field's fluctuating.
Something's coming out.
lt appears to be a small ship--
approximately six meters in length.
Sensors are reading one occupant-- human.
He is holding position at the perimeter of the rift.
There's a subspace signature emanating from the ship.
it's Federation.
Hail them.
No response.
They appear to be charging weapons.
Shields up.
Hail them again.
Shields are down.
Get us out of here.
Helm control is off-line.
He's firing some kind of subatomic disruptor.
Return fire.
Full phasers.
No effect.
Voyager's molecular structure
is coming apart!
Tuvok, divert all available power
to the deflector.
Send out a high-energy polaron pulse.
lt might help to disrupt his weapon.
Emitting deflector pulse... now.
lt's working.
We are being hailed.
On screen.
Starship Voyager, l'm Captain Braxton
of the Federation Timeship Aeon.
l've come from 29th century Earth, 500 years
into your future.
Please disengage your deflector pulse.
Why are you firing at us?
Your vessel is responsible for a disaster in my century--
a temporal explosion that will destroy
all of Earth's solar system.
l've come back in time to prevent that occurrence.
My mission is your destruction.
You must not resist.
l'm going to need some more information
before l allow you...
Debris from your secondary hull
was found in the explosion.
Captain, l simply...
No time!
He's remodulating the subatomic disruptor.
Our deflector is losing power.
lt won't hold much longer.
Captain, if he's telling the truth...
l won't sacrifice this ship and crew
based on a ten second conversation.
l need proof.
lt doesn't look like we're going to get it.
Adjust our deflector to match the frequency of his weapon.
Try to overload his emitter.
lt seems to be working.
His weapon is off-line and his ship has been damaged.
The rift is destabilizing
and he's being pulled back inside.
Reestablish helm control.
l'm trying, Captain,
but we seem to be caught in some kind of graviton distortion.
We're being pulled in, too.
Primary systems are coming back on line.
The weapons grid and power array took heavy damage.
The temporal rift is closed.
Where are we?
We just cut across half the galaxy.
The rift must have originated here.
Hail Starfleet Command.
No response on standard frequencies.
l am picking up a multitude of narrow-band EM signals.
Let's hear.
Hello, Mom...
There's no commercial interruptions...
lf you leave a message at the beep,
l'll get right back to you.
Robertson takes a hard left...
The question isn't where we are.
lt's when we are.
Mr. Kim?
According to astrometric readings...
the year is 1996.
The late 20th century.
They had surveillance satellites during this time.
Maintain a high orbit.
And modulate the shields to scatter their radar.
We don't want to alarm the natives.
What about the timeship?
ls it here, too?
There's no sign of the vessel in orbit.
Scanning the planet's surface.
l am picking up low-frequency subspace readings
emanating from the northern hemisphere.
Subspace technology shouldn't exist
for another 100 years or so.
Could be our friend from the 29th century.
Localize it.
North American continent.
Pacific coast.
The city of... Los Angeles.
We've got to go down there.
lf it is Captain Braxton, he's the key to all this.
And at the moment, his ship is the only way we have
of getting back to our own century.
Chakotay, Tuvok, Paris, you're with me.
Mr. Kim, you have the Bridge.
Yes, ma'am.
As l recall, Tom, you're something
of an aficionado on 20th century America.
That's right.
What will we need to pass as locals in this era?
Simple. Nice clothes, fast car and lots of money.
Hey, buddy, look what you did.
Sorry, man.
We could have worn our Starfleet uniforms.
l doubt if anyone would have noticed.
The subspace readings are coming from
within a hundred-meter radius of our position,
but l can't pinpoint the source.
l find it hard to believe a ship from the 29th century
could've landed on this beach without being noticed.
We have no idea what kind of technology
they might have in the future.
Maybe it's cloaked.
Let's spread out.
Tuvok, Paris, go check the shoreline.
Chakotay and l will search the boardwalk.
Aye, Captain.
Well, Kathryn, you got us home.
Right place... wrong time.
But it is good to be back, nevertheless.
Maybe l should look up a few ancestors.
As l recall, one of them was a schoolteacher in Arizona.
l don't know what my relatives were doing
this far back in history...
Coming through. Sorry.
For all l know, she could be my great, great, great...
great grandmother.
She does have your legs.
Have you ever been
to Southern California, Chakotay?
After the Hermosa Quake in 2047,
this entire region sank under 200 meters of water.
lt became one of the world's largest coral reefs,
home to thousands of different marine species.
Some... interesting species in this century.
Subspace readings are weaker here.
Let's head up to the boardwalk.
Ah... the sun feels great.
Thermal and ultraviolet radiation
are at hazardous levels.
Oh, lighten up, Tuvok.
This was a great time and place
and you're getting to see it firsthand.
Come on, take off your shirt.
And risk dermal dysplasia? No, thank you.
Vulcans-- deep down
you're all a bunch of hypochondriacs.
The readings are coming from over there.
Ten meters...
So much for the timeship.
There's no doubt about it.
The subspace readings are coming from him.
No way.
lt's crap.
The component density is too low,
the voltage variance is out of spec
and l don't even like the color.
But, Mr. Starling...
We've got less than six months
before we introduce the HyperPro PC.
And with a chip like this driving it,
we'll have to change the name to ''Edsel.''
l gave your company this contract
because you're the best in the business.
Next to us, of course.
Go home, Jim.
Lose some sleep over this.
l want a full report middle of next week.
What am l doing, Dave?
You're in a meeting, sir.
And l know l'm not supposed to interrupt,
but there's a woman calling on line three
from Griffith Observatory-- a Rain Robinson.
She says it's urgent.
Put her through.
Henry Starling.
l don't know if you remember me.
l'm one of the astronomers at the SETl lab you're funding.
We met at the Griffith restoration party.
Yes, yes. What is it?
Okay. Well, it was my understanding
you wanted to be notified immediately
if l ever picked up a gamma emission
that matched the frequency profile you gave me.
Well... l did.
So... l am.
Are you certain?
Positive. l tracked the emission,
and guess what?
The source is in orbit.
lt is right above us.
When did it show up?
Uh... according to the raw data,
about 90 minutes ago.
l'm not picking up anything
from the standard search parameters.
Wow. That means no one else knows
there's something up there.
We have got to tell somebody about this.
We've got to call NASA!
Rain, that's a little premature, don't you think?
This could be a close encounter,
but then again, could be a flock of geese.
Mm... geese don't park themselves
20,000 kilometers above North America.
Let's send a message up there, see if there's a response.
No, no. We don't know what we've found,
and until we do, l'm not going to risk embarrassing myself
or your observatory.
Track the emission, collect more data
and keep me informed.
ln the meantime,
l'm going to put a bottle of champagne on ice.
Do you think E.T. likes Chateau Coeur?
Well, if he doesn't, l've got a six-pack in the fridge.
Good work, Rain.
Stay in touch.
Oh, what the hell.
Anyone up there?
That trip through the rift
is still affecting our primary systems.
Weapons are off-line, we blew three EPS conduits
and our main transporter buffer just crashed.
We've got an away team down there.
l know. We've still got emergency transporters,
but they're short-range.
How close to the surface would we have to get
to beam them up?
Pretty close. l'd say less than ten kilometers.
lf we do that, somebody's going to see us.
Sir, l'm picking up an EM signal from the planet's surface.
lt's directed at our coordinates.
On screen.
Greetings from the people of Earth.
Shall l respond, sir?
Absolutely not.
He appears to live on the street.
That pushcart seems to contain all his belongings.
From what we can tell, he spends most of his time
putting up literature about the end of the world.
Hello? Hello?
Janeway here.
Captain, we've got a problem.
We received a signal from the surface.
lt looks like a standard greeting
designed for extraterrestrials.
We've been detected.
lt looks that way.
We tracked the signal to an observatory
about 20 kilometers from your location.
Transport Paris and Tuvok to those coordinates.
l can't do that right now,
not without going into a lower orbit.
The main pattern buffer is off-line.
B'Elanna says it could take a couple of days to repair.
ln that case,
transmit those coordinates to Mr. Tuvok's tricorder.
He and Tom will have to get there using more...
conventional means.
Aye, Captain. Kim out.
Nobody walks in Los Angeles,
and they don't have much of a public transportation system.
We're going to need some wheels.
Do what you have to do.
Find out who sent that message and get more information.
Have we been detected? How many people know about us?
We cannot risk contaminating the timeline.
Aye, Captain.
See you later.
Who the hell are you?!
This is my stuff!
lt's all right. We don't want your stuff.
We just want to ask you a few questions.
No, no, no! No more questions!
No. No more surveys!
Damn social workers coming around all the time!
No, l don't need your advice!
l don't need your...
l knew you'd show up.
Oh, this is all your fault.
This is all your doing!
Captain Braxton?
l told you to turn off your deflector pulse,
but you wouldn't listen to me!
Voyager! Fools!
Captain, what's happened to you?
The last time we saw you...
l was a younger man, confident in my mission!
But you wouldn't listen to me.
No, you were too concerned with yourselves.
You were trying to destroy us.
l was trying to save billions of lives--
to stop a chain of reaction that started with Voyager.
But it's too late now.
All things are set in motion.
The temporal explosion will occur.
The end is coming! The future's end!
Captain, how long have you been here--
in the 20th century?
Oh, too long.
30 years too long.
And yet we just arrived. Why?
Pure chance.
When you knocked my navigation system off course,
there's no telling where we would have ended up.
Who's been here?
Who took my pencils?
Oh...! Always something missing.
People always wanting to steal things.
Greedy people!
Postindustrial barbarians!
Captain, we want to help you,
but you've got to give us more information.
You said that Voyager causes the explosion.
and yes.
That's a paradox, my dear.
''A'' leads to ''B'' leads to ''C'' leads to ''A.''
Juvenile minds.
Oh, how can l make you understand, huh?
A) There's an explosion in the 29th century.
Debris from Voyager's hull is found in evidence.
l go back in time to destroy you.
B) You try to stop me, disabling my weapon,
which causes me to crash-land back here in the 20th century.
C) Someone in this century
steals my timeship and launches it.
They go into the future, and once there,
they make one critical mistake,
which causes a temporal explosion
that takes us all the way back to ''A.''
There's an explosion in the 29th century.
The cycle of causality is complete.
How do you know all this?
What evidence do you have that it will be your timeship
that causes the disaster?
l've spent 30 years answering that very question.
Oh, yes. When the explosion first happened,
my sensors recorded a whole variety of chronometric data.
The pulses were highly chaotic.
At first, l thought it was a warp core implosion,
but then l found debris from Voyager
and my theory seemed to be confirmed.
lt was you.
But then, someone here stole my timeship.
Then it started to dawn on me.
lf someone were to fly my timeship into the future
without recalibrating the temporal matrix,
then that could cause the kind of explosion
that l witnessed in the 29th century.
So it really wasn't Voyager after all.
No. No, no, l reconstructed
all the chronometric data as best l could remember it
and it proved that l was right.
My ship causes the catastrophe.
Which raises the question: Who has your timeship?
Henry Starling, CEO,
Chronowerx lndustries.
Philanthropist, entrepreneur, outstanding citizen. Ha!
Before l crashed in the year 1967,
l made an emergency beam-out, but he
found my ship before l did in some remote mountain range.
l've been following this corrupt little man ever since,
tracking his movements, but he's become too powerful.
l can't get close to him.
Of course, you can't accomplish anything
in this wretched century.
Nobody here listens.
Do you know that once, they put me in a mental institution
and filled me with primitive pharmaceuticals?!
Maybe we can help you find Starling and your ship
and get us back to where we belong.
No, l wouldn't do that if l were you.
Why not?
Haven't you been listening?
''A'' leads to ''B''...
Leads to ''C'', yes, we heard you.
Why shouldn't we try to stop Starling?
Because somehow you're involved in the disaster.
That's why l found debris from Voyager's hull
at the explosion.
You will be destroyed as well.
Now that we know what's going to happen,
maybe we can figure out...
Hey, Captain.
How you doing?
l understand you been putting
these signs up around the city again.
No. No, no, no.
Not me. l... l would never do that.
Why don't you walk over here and we can talk about it?
You stay right where you are!
You quasi-Cardassian totalitarian!
Hey, look, no need to get upset about this.
We just want to talk to you about the signs.
Now, there've been a few people complaining.
Captain, tell them l'm not crazy.
Tell them l'm from the future.
They came from the future, too, you know.
Yeah, they came in on a starship.
All right.
Okay, yeah. Oh, stand by.
This is 247-Baker, in foot pursuit
of a 51-50 suspect.
We'll have to worry about him later.
Right now, we've got to find Starling.
We're not quite at the little green men stage yet,
but believe me, you'll be the first to know.
What l think we have here
is an overenthusiastic young lady.
l'm afraid she's exaggerating.
We don't have anything. Not yet.
Thank you, Professor.
You know what that little brat did?
She E-mailed a friend of hers at JPL.
Who called his professor at Cal Tech.
She's a security risk.
Go to Griffith, get the data, get rid of her.
Yes, sir.
lf it's true-- if they're here--
it's only a matter of time before they find me.
There's no telling what capabilities they'll have.
You may have to use the weapon.
l understand.
Perhaps we should find a more secluded parking place.
This is, after all, a stolen vehicle.
Nobody's around, Tuvok.
We're fine.
A taxicab
would have been less worrisome and more ethical.
We haven't stolen anything.
We borrowed a car
and we'll return it to the dealership
as soon as we're done.
l was referring to the ethics of time travel.
Somehow, l doubt that taking a test drive
is going to alter the course of the universe.
Over here.
These are radio wave readouts.
lt looks like radio telescope transmissions.
Pretty basic.
Lieutenant, you are being careless.
-Tuvok... -l will not
lighten up on this matter.
Thus far, l have tolerated your impulsive methods.
At times, they do work to our advantage,
but discretion is also a virtue.
We must leave things exactly as they were.
They've found us, all right.
The orbital schematic matches Voyager's position.
According to this data, they are tracking
the warp emissions from our engines.
Nobody in this century even knows what warp emissions are.
Nevertheless, it appears
they've configured their telescope to scan for them.
Excuse me.
''Do not enter'', ''Employees only''--
the sign on the door?
Uh, l'm sorry.
l think we're a little lost.
We were on the museum tour, and we took a wrong turn
at the Saturn exhibit.
Perhaps you could tell us how to get back to the lobby.
Go back down the hall, take a left at Mars,
right at Halley's comet
and then just keep going straight ahead
past the soda machine, okay?
This lab is, uh...
pretty groovy.
What do you do here?
We watch the skies.
For what?
Signs of extraterrestrial life.
Nice meeting you.
My name is Tom Paris, by the way.
Rain Robinson.
Your curves don't look so great.
Excuse me?
This is a Fourier spectral analysis?
That's exactly what it is.
You know, you might get better resolution
if you adjust your amplitude parameters.
You're probably right.
Or you might try using a theta band filter.
You know a lot for someone
who can't find his way past Saturn.
l majored in astrophysics.
Starfleet Academy.
Never heard of it.
Uh, East Coast school.
Orgy of the Walking Dead?!
That's a classic!
Did you see the sequel, uh... Bride of the Corpse?
Let me guess.
You minored in ''B'' movies.
Something like that.
Pardon me, Tom.
We should be going.
Our friends are waiting for us.
Yeah, right.
Got to go.
l do the planetarium show Tuesday nights,
so, uh... you guys should
come by, check it out,
bring your friends...
''The best stars in Hollywood are right above us.''
Yeah, great...
but l think we're busy on Tuesday.
Thanks anyway.
No problem.
l downloaded all of her data into the tricorder
and disrupted her data storage device.
Good. l hope she doesn't get in any trouble.
lt will simply look like a computer malfunction.
lt's a shame though.
She was about to make the biggest discovery
in human history.
lt could have changed her career.
And ended ours.
l am curious, Lieutenant.
What does it mean-- ''groovy''?
Hey! Hey, you guys!
Red Alert!
Hey! Hey!
Just wait a minute!
What the hell did you do to my computer?
lt is screwed up!
The hard drive is wiped.
Look, l don't have time to explain.
Who are you people
and what is that thing in your pants?
l beg your pardon?
That little gadget you put in your pocket.
What is it, a demagnetizer?
Get down!
What the hell?!
Do you have a car?
Yeah, over there.
We will need to use it.
Operations Officer's Log, supplemental.
We've been on full sensor alert looking for signs
that anyone else has detected Voyager.
As a precaution, l've also asked Neelix and Kes
to monitor all media broadcasts.
We've set up a computer algorithm
to search for key words and phrases--
anything that might indicate Voyager.
Anything so far?
Not yet.
Although we have come across
some very intriguing televised broadcasts.
Take a look at this.
lt's a form of entertainment called a soap opera.
The exploration of human relationships is fascinating.
Hmm. l can't imagine just watching the story
and not being a part of it.
That's because you've been spoiled by the holodeck.
There's something to be said
for noninteractive stories like this--
being swept away in the narrative.
Oh, l can't wait to see if Blaine's twin brother
is the father of Jessica's baby.
Good work.
Keep me informed
and don't get too swept away.
Uh, aye, sir.
Nobody'll know the difference.
l'll know, Sharon.
He's my brother.
How can l face him knowing that our son is his son?
All you need to know, Jack,
is that l love you.
So far, so good.
We haven't set off any alarms.
Our Mr. Starling has built himself
quite a corporate empire.
Looks like he's got wealth, celebrity...
and an ego to match.
l see you never learned to type.
Turn-of-the-millennium technology wasn't
a required course at the Academy.
This is like stone knives and bearskins.
Well, this isn't.
l'm detecting a force field.
l can't scan beyond this wall.
l don't see an access port or a control panel.
Maybe we can find something in his computer.
He's got a massive database here,
but it's protected by an encryption sequence.
l'm going to try interfacing my tricorder.
Looks like a series of pictographs.
They must have used symbols to represent
the different functions of the computer.
Let's see what Henry's been up to all these years.
The transtators were disrupted by that energy weapon.
Our communicators are useless.
That means we can't call the...
our friends.
What do we do now?
You're going to take a right at the next light
and a left at the taco stand,
'cause you're taking me home.
And you're not keeping the van.
l am afraid
that is not possible, Miss Robinson.
Your life may be in danger.
l'm going to pop this hatch and l'm going to start screaming
until you tell me what's going on.
Who are you?
What is that thing in orbit?
Why did that guy try to kill us?
l told you we're secret agents.
l'm opening the hatch.
Look, we saved your life.
lsn't it obvious we're on your side?
l'm standing up.
l'm taking a deep breath!
Rain, you're not going to scream!
Now, l know you're frightened
and you've seen some pretty strange things,
but you have to trust me.
We're not going to hurt you
and l will explain everything.
lt's either that or take your chances
with the guy who tried to vaporize you!
The UFO-- what is it?
lt's a Soviet spy satellite.
Part of a massive KGB operation.
We're trying to stop it.
The USSR broke up five years ago.
The KGB doesn't even exist anymore.
That's what they'd like you to think.
Perhaps we've told her enough for now.
What about you, Agent Tuvok?
What's up with those ears?
Thought l didn't notice?
l did.
What about your weapons?
What are they-- lasers?
l'm sorry.
That information is classified,
and as for my ears, they are a family trait.
He's very sensitive about them.
Oh, whatever.
We must find a way to contact our... friends.
Starling's computer designs were inspired
by technology from the timeship.
He introduced the very first isograted circuit in 1969,
two years after Braxton's ship crash-landed.
And every few years, there's been
an equally revolutionary advance in computers--
all from Chronowerx lndustries,
all based on Starling's crude understanding
of 29th-century technology.
Are you thinking what l'm thinking, Chakotay?
l wish l weren't.
The computer age of the late 20th century...
Shouldn't have happened.
But it did, and it's part of our history,
all because of that timeship.
Look at this.
Gantry, power conduits, telemetry consoles.
This looks like a design for a launching bay.
Braxton was right.
The ship's going to be launched.
We've got to send these schematics
to Voyager for analysis.
Janeway to Voyager.
Kim here, Captain.
We're in Starling's office.
l want you to establish a com-link with my tricorder
and try to upload his computer database.
Aye, Captain. We'll need a few minutes
to reconfigure to their binary system.
Let's see if we can find out
where the location of that launch pad is.
You're really getting the hang of this.
l'm a quick study.
You know, Captain, in a way, Braxton was right.
lf we hadn't fought him when he tried to destroy Voyager,
he wouldn't have been pulled back in time,
his ship wouldn't have crash-landed on Earth
and none of this would have happened.
Time travel.
Since my first day on the job as a Starfleet Captain,
l swore l'd never let myself get caught
in one of these godforsaken paradoxes.
The future is the past, the past is the future.
lt all gives me a headache.
Hold on.
This looks promising.
Try ''timeship security portal.''
Maybe it's linked to some sort of surveillance system.
An image of the launch bay would give us a clue
to its location.
l see you've made yourself at home.
Welcome to the 20th century.
l know who you are.
You're from the future.
l knew you'd come back one day.
l detected your vessel in orbit
and Mr. Dunbar, here, had a run-in
with your friends.
You're here to take the timeship.
Mr. Starling,
you're about to cause a terrible disaster
that will affect the 29th century,
an explosion that will cost billions of lives.
We're here to stop you from doing that.
What are you talking about?
lf you launch that ship and travel to the future,
it will destroy Earth's solar system.
How do you know this?
Well, let's just say,
we talked to the ship's previous owner.
He told us that if its temporal matrix
isn't precisely calibrated,
you'll trigger a temporal explosion.
That ship shouldn't be here.
lt belongs to another century.
We have to take it back.
What's that?
lt's a communication device.
Someone's trying to contact me.
Answer it.
Janeway here.
Captain, we've established the com-link.
Ready to upload on your signal.
Do it.
My database.
Stop or l'll kill your Captain.
Who is this?
You've got five seconds.
Break the link.
What's our transporter status?
The main pattern buffers are still off-line.
We can try an emergency transport from a lower orbit.
That's exactly what the Captain ordered us not to do.
We'd be risking detection.
Harry, we can't worry about that now.
Their lives are in danger.
And if somebody sees a starship flying through the clouds?
The Captain put you in charge.
lt is your decision.
Helm, get a fix on Chakotay and the Captain.
Aye, sir.
B'Elanna, stand by emergency transporters.
Get ready to beam them directly to the Bridge.
Take us down.
You've taken over 3,000 gigabytes of information
including my launch plan,
but that's not going to be a problem, Captain.
l'll make a few changes to my travel itinerary.
You're not going to stop me.
lf you don't give us that ship, we'll take it by force.
ln case you haven't noticed, l'm holding the gun.
Not for long.
l've got a starship in orbit
that could vaporize this entire building
in the blink of an eye.
And you along with it.
lf necessary.
Captain, you've got some cojones.
Kill them!
Helm, maintain present altitude.
Keep us within transporter range.
Chakotay, see if you can disable
the force field around that timeship.
B'Elanna, prepare to lock on to the timeship
and beam it to Cargo Bay 2.
Ensign Kim, you have an impeccable sense of timing.
Not bad for your first day in the big chair.
The force field's down.
Sir! The timeship!
They're trying to teleport the ship.
The matter stream is remodulating.
He's disrupting transport.
Captain, l don't understand how,
but he's using our transporter beam as a downlink.
He's accessing our main computer.
Every time l try to disable his downlink,
he comes up with a new command override.
Starling is using 29th-century technology against us.
We may not be able to keep up with him.
lnertial dampers are off-line.
He's gotten into our propulsion systems.
Disengage transporters.
Destabilizing matter stream.
Transporters off-line.
We've terminated the downlink, Captain,
but he got at least 20 percent of our main computer data files.
Get us back into orbit and l want a full damage...
Captain Janeway... Henry Starling here.
This is Janeway.
USS Voyager--
Much bigger than l expected...
and much less advanced.
Says here your ship was launched in the year... 237 1?
You're from the 24th century?
And here all this time, l thought you were from the 29th.
Looks like l have the home-field advantage.
Ooh, what's this?
Oh, now, this is intere...
Damage reports are coming in.
Some minor power fluctuations in the impulse drive
and a few burned-out circuits in the main computer core.
Nothing we can't handle.
Sick Bay to Bridge.
Captain, l can't find the Doctor.
ls his program off-line?
No. His program is gone.
Where am l?
Who are you?
Captain, this is Neelix.
There's something on the television
l think you should see.
lt's a current events program.
l asked Neelix to monitor Earth broadcasts.
l'm transferring it to the main viewer.
lncredible footage was caught just an hour ago
by a man using his camcorder
to tape a backyard barbecue.
The massive, unidentifiable object does not appear
to be a meteorite, weather balloon or satellite,
and one aviation expert we've spoken to
has stated that it's definitely
not any kind of U.S. aircraft currently in use.
We're awaiting investigation
by local authorities, and we'll keep you updated
as news develops on this incredible story...

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