Good health, strong body, clear mind.
And you. Your hospitality
your generosity, your patience.
Many thanks.
My colleague's behavior...
our apologies.
Consul, l assure you, l intended...
Please make her quiet.
Captain, please.
l understand.
Good health, strong body, clear mind.
And you.
Your journey home short and safe.
Captain's Log, Stardate 50425.1.
Mr. Neelix and l have completed our three-day trade mission
with the Tak Tak, one of the more unusual species
we've encountered in the Delta Quadrant.
We are en route back to Voyager.
l've always been taught to be tolerant
of other cultures and points of view--
no matter how alien--
but l have to say that the Tak Tak
are the most unforgiving people l've ever met.
They are a little impatient.
They make the Klingons look sedate.
l may never put my hands on my hips again.
You had no way of knowing
you were making one of the worst insults possible.
Obviously, they've never heard of ''forgive and forget.''
lt's a good thing you were there, Mr. Neelix.
l might have been shot at dawn.
l have studied chromolinguistics,
American Sign Language,
the gestural idioms of the Leyron,
but l just couldn't get the hang of the Tak Tak.
lt seemed like more than just a language to me, Captain.
A lot of their gestures,
from what l could tell, were ritualistic--
you might even say superstitious.
You have a genuine flair for diplomacy, Mr. Neelix.
l may have to promote you...
from morale officer to ambassador.
With all the species we're bound to meet,
l could use a man like you at the front door.
Ambassador Neelix.
l like the sound of that.
We're approaching the rendezvous coordinates.
Dropping to one-quarter impulse.
Voyager's not there.
And they're not responding to hails.
l'm running a long-range scan.
There they are.
They're holding position in Sector 38.
Coordinates 121 mark 6.
That's over a light-year away from here.
The ship appears to be adrift.
They could be in trouble.
Engaging maximum warp.
Janeway to Voyager.
Commander Chakotay, respond.
The ship looks perfectly fine.
There's no sign of any external damage.
ls there any sign of the crew?
There's some kind of bioelectric interference.
l can't get clear life sign readings.
The escape pods are all in place
and there's no indication of any recent
transporter activity.
Grab a phaser, Ambassador.
We're going to get some answers.
Still no sign of the crew,
but these sensor readings are highly erratic.
The bioelectric field is permeating the ship.
Where's it coming from?
l can't localize it.
Let's try accessing the ship's internal sensors.
See if we can get a better reading.
Same problem.
The main computer's off-line.
So is the com system.
This is strange.
One of the bio-neural gel packs in the Mess Hall ruptured,
but most of the systems in there seem to be functioning normally.
Let's get to the Bridge.
Someone was doing maintenance work on this power relay.
All the equipment is still active,
but the work hasn't been completed.
lt's almost as if they dropped what they were doing and ran.
Come on.
This certainly isn't
the welcome home l was expecting.
Me neither, but if there was an attack of some kind,
why didn't Chakotay try to contact us
or send out a warning buoy?
l'm picking up a com signal about ten meters ahead.
lt's coming from inside this room.
This is Ensign Wildman's quarters.
ls she in there?
l can't tell.
Let's take a look.
Stand ready.
Coming up next,
our very special guest, Ensign Kaplan.
She's going to be sharing her...
Here's our com signal--
your Good Morning, Voyager program.
Ensign Wildman is one of my most dedicated viewers.
According to the time index,
she activated this program approximately 1 1 hours ago.
Why is it still running?
The program is set for automatic playback
until it's turned off.
The baby's missing, too.
According to the protein decay,
l'd say Ensign Wildman replicated this...
1 1 hours ago.
When we get to the Bridge,
we'll check the communications logs.
They might tell us whether or not...
l can't tell if it's humanoid,
but it's emanating a bioelectric field.
Whatever it is, it just ran into a dead end.
Over here.
Something just punched right through this floor panel
into the Jefferies tubes.
What is it?
Some sort of mucilaginous compound.
High concentrations of amino acids, proteins...
and fragments of non-humanoid DNA.
Well, Ambassador,
l'd say we've got an unexpected guest.
Somehow, l don't think he's the diplomatic type.
Main power is failing
and the environmental controls are going off-line.
Systems are starting to shut down one by one.
We'd better get to the Bridge.
Good. We've still got auxiliary power.
Deck 1.
lt's getting awfully hot in here.
When environmental controls fail,
heat from the warp plasma conduits can't be vented.
Expect a heat wave before long.
No problem. l'm used to it.
l grew up near the Rinax marshlands.
Our summers were the hottest in the sector--
50 degrees Celsius, 90 percent humidity.
And the most vicious lavaflies you've ever seen.
Summers in lndiana were pretty similar
when l was growing up.
Except that we had three suns
and the lavaflies grew to be six centimeters long.
Six centimeters, eh?
lnsect repellent was a booming business.
There's a life-form in the turboshaft.
l'm engaging the manual override.
Uh... Captain...
it sounds like our guest has brought a few friends.
One more second.
l can't get the pneumatic conduits to...
That was no lavafly.
There's no life-form in the tube above us.
We're getting out of here.
Are you all right?
Yes. Disgusting, but all right.
That's the same mucilaginous compound
we saw in the transporter room.
Come on.
What is it?
Human life signs.
Very faint.
30 or more.
Where are they coming from?
Several decks above us.
l can't pinpoint the location.
Maybe the crew is hiding from the aliens
and they set up a defense perimeter.
Maybe. One thing's for sure--
whoever's up there, they're still alive.
Once we get the main computer on line,
we'll be able to get a fix on their location.
So hot.
My head is spinning.
You've got a high fever, fluid in your lungs.
That alien compound is acting quickly.
Try to hang on.
Just three more decks.
Aye, aye, Captain...
Captain, go on without me.
l'm not going to leave you here, Neelix.
l can't...
l'm so dizzy.
There should be an emergency medical kit up that tube.
l'll bring back something to get you on your feet.
Don't go away.
Help! Captain!
l'm coming, Neelix!
This is Captain Kathryn Janeway
of the Federation Starship Voyager
to anyone within range.
My ship has been seized by unknown life-forms.
Require any and all assistance.
Needless to say, l-l thought you were something else.
lt won't be long before the other aliens sense you here
and try to invade Sick Bay.
We don't have much time to treat you.
Doctor, what's going on?
What are tho...?
You've ruptured your dorsal extensor muscle
and bruised two ribs.
l'm going to have to perform minor surgery.
Lie on your side and try to remain perfectly still.
Tell me what's happened.
Voyager has been infected by a macrovirus.
A macrovirus?
A form of life l've never encountered-- or even imagined.
What about the crew?
l promise, l will tell you exactly what happened
if you just lie still.
Shortly after you'd left for the Tak Tak homeworld,
we received a distress call from a nearby mining colony...
a race called the Garans.
They were experiencing
what appeared to be a minor viral outbreak.
l think it's some kind of virus.
Nothing serious, but if we don't stop it now,
we'll be forced to shut down the operation.
We may be able to help you. Doctor?
A synthetic antigen may do the trick.
However, it will have to be modified
for the specific virus.
l'd like to beam down to the mining colony
and examine a few of the infected.
An away mission.
l'm the only member of this crew
who can successfully enter
a contaminated environment without risk.
Besides, l've been looking forward
to spreading my wings.
Good enough.
lt'll take us about three hours to reach you.
Thank you, Commander.
l don't think we'll... be going anywhere.
Prepare to download my program into the autonomous emitter.
Yes, Doctor.
They're not responding to our hails.
Life signs.
There's a lot of bioelectric interference.
l can't get a clear reading.
Perhaps their condition
is more serious than they thought.
l better get down there.
Doctor, don't forget.
You're not invulnerable.
lf anything happens to that portable emitter,
your program could be lost.
Don't worry, Commander.
l've been studying the Starfleet guidelines
for away team members.
For this particular scenario--
Medical Emergency on Alien Terrain--
it is recommended that we keep
an open com channel at all times.
You heard the man.
Channel open.
Away team to Voyager.
Transport was successful, and my portable emitter
is working perfectly.
l am scanning the mine shaft and proceeding on vector 147.
Ambient temperature is 16 degrees Celsius.
Cavern illumination is minimal,
but shouldn't pose a problem for my optical sensors.
The cave walls are comprised of granite
with a mixture of pyroclastic...
Doctor, l appreciate your attention to detail,
but we don't need that much information.
Let us know when you've found the miners.
Oh. Very well.
Stand by then.
Voyager, l've found one of the miners.
He appears to be suffering
from the advanced stages of severe viral infection.
Can you treat him?
Not without a more specialized immunizing agent.
This is curious.
The virus has begun to concentrate
in a region near his neck,
and it's using his glandular tissue
to create some sort of... orifice.
Something is emerging.
A life-form.
Commander, l think l've just discovered
a completely new form of life.
From what l can tell, it appears to be...
a macroscopic version of the virus.
You mean the virus has grown.
Yes. By a factor of billions.
The virus absorbed the miner's growth hormones
into its protein structure
and used them to increase its own mass and dimensions.
ln essence, the virus has found a way
to leave the microscopic world
and enter the macroscopic world-- our world.
lt's a remarkable evolutionary development.
The virus appears to be attracted to infrared radiation.
lt's mistaking my holo-matrix for body heat.
At the moment, this one's approximately
.5 millimeters in diameter, but it's continuing to grow
at a rate of 30 microns every second.
Commander, permission to beam the virus aboard
for further analysis.
The virus isn't in our database.
The biofilters might not recognize it.
You'll have to settle for tricorder data.
Very well, but l think l should...
Stand by, Voyager.
Hold on. Stop.
You... you've got to help us.
l intend to, but first l must return to my ship
and prepare an antidote.
Oh, take me with you.
l'm afraid that's not possible.
We'd risk infecting the crew.
You can't...
leave me.
Commander Chakotay,
perhaps if we established a force field around Sick Bay
and beamed victims directly...
l'm sorry, but l'm afraid we can't take the chance.
But these people need...
Doctor, away team guidelines specifically forbid
the transport of unknown infectious...
Of unknown infectious agents
onto a starship without establishing
containment and eradication protocols.
l understand.
l'll do my best to help you.
Away team to Voyager.
One to beam up.
Doctor to Bridge.
Checking the biofilters.
lt appears several viral organisms
were beamed up as well.
The biofilter has isolated them.
Purge the filters.
Aye, sir.
Purging is complete.
l'll be in Sick Bay.
What l didn't realize
was that, in the few seconds it took me to purge the filters,
some of the virus had already migrated
into the transporter buffer.
Any luck?
l'm creating a synthetic antigen
that will inhibit the virus's ability to replicate,
but l haven't quite figured out
how to restore the infected cells
to their original condition.
As for the larger versions of the viruses--
what l've termed the macrovirus--
l would suggest a flyswatter.
How long before the antigen's ready?
l'd say another 12 hours.
That gives us time to rendezvous with the Captain.
We'll deal with this after she's aboard.
Commander, l'd like to apologize
for my overzealous behavior on the away mission.
Compassion is nothing to be sorry about, Doctor.
lt won't be the last time you're faced
with a moral dilemma in the field.
But if it makes you feel any better,
your performance was... exemplary.
Thank you.
l told you he'd understand.
Yes. You did.
We continued working on the antigen.
Unfortunately, the macrovirus was working faster.
lt had already moved from the transporter buffer
into an adjacent system.
B'Elanna, thank God you're here.
The natives are getting restless.
What's the emergency?
Well, l volunteered
to help out while Neelix is away on the trade mission.
The heating array overloaded.
lt incinerated a 12-kilo pot roast
and all the food replicators went off-line.
Mmm. Looks delicious.
Maybe there's a problem
with the bio-neural gel pack in the replicator panel.
l'm a pretty good cook when Engineering's doing its job.
Oh, so this is my fault.
Well, the gel packs are your department, aren't they?
Besides, what was l supposed to tell
all these hungry, irritable people?
You know, l think that there's a plasma relay
on Deck 7 that really needs repairs.
Oh, no, you can't leave me now, Lieutenant.
Oh, you need me.
l'm touched.
What's going on here?
lt looks like this gel pack has an infection.
Half the neurodes have been burned out
and the pack is filled
with some kind of mucilaginous compound.
Tom, call the Doctor and tell him...
Were any other gel packs infected?
No, just the one in the Mess Hall.
The ship is healthy.
lt's the crew we have to worry about.
Your bones have healed, but the surrounding tissue
will be sensitive for a few days.
lt's getting warmer in here.
l'm afraid it's not just the ship, Captain.
lt's also you.
You've been infected with the macrovirus.
You're experiencing a high fever.
Yes, on the Bridge, l was bitten by one of them.
Your glandular system is already being affected.
lf l don't treat you now,
you'll end up like the rest of the crew.
l've spent the past few hours perfecting the antigen...
but l haven't tested it on a live subject yet.
Looks like l'll have to be your guinea pig, Doctor.
The crew-- why are they all in the Mess Hall
and the cargo bays?
l believe the larger macroviruses
are driven by some sort of instinct
to assemble their host population.
Tell me what happened after B'Elanna was exposed
to the infected gel pack.
l was faced with an imminent epidemic.
Oh, no.
Doctor to the Bridge.
The macrovirus is on board Voyager
and appears to be... airborne.
l suggest a level-4 quarantine of the Mess Hall
and all adjoining sections.
Acknowledged. Red Alert.
lnitiate level-4 quarantine protocols on Deck 2.
Aye, sir.
All hands, this is Commander Chakotay.
We've detected an airborne virus in the Mess Hall.
Deck 2 is under quarantine.
No crew member, repeat, no crew member
is to leave or enter any section on Deck 2.
Stand by for further instructions.
l've erected the biocontainment fields.
The area has been sealed.
We managed to avoid a ship-wide outbreak,
but every crew member on Deck 2 had been contaminated.
l collected a single live specimen of the macrovirus,
and returned to Sick Bay in hopes of finding a cure.
Ready, Doctor.
Optimal magnification.
The specimen has synthesized
B'Elanna's growth hormone into its own structure.
Excellent. That should give us
the information we need to destroy the virus
without killing its host cells.
The virus has grown by 150 microns.
lts rate of growth shouldn't hinder our analysis,
as long as its genetic structure stays the same.
Computer, erect a level-3 force field
around the microscope station.
Well, so much for lunch.
l may never look at food again.
l thought Klingons didn't get nauseated.
You have a redundant stomach.
Well, right now...
they're both unhappy.
Paris to Sick Bay.
Go ahead, Lieutenant.
l just saw two macroviruses come out of B'Elanna's neck.
Stand by, Mr. Paris.
We're close to formulating an antigen.
The virus has grown to .3 meters.
On the microscopic level,
the virus uses that needle-like projection
to penetrate a cell membrane.
On our level, it probably impales
its victim in much the same way
infusing him with its own genetic code.
The antigen is ready.
Computer, deactivate force field.
one down, ten billion to go.
Eager to inoculate those already infected,
I quickly headed for the quarantined area.
Though their condition had grown worse,
it was the least of our problems.
if you can hear me,
I'm going to give you an injection.
It should eliminate the virus.
What? What is that?
You don't want to know.
Doctor to the Bridge.
Intruder alert. Deck 2, Section 13.
Within minutes, dozens of the larger organisms
forced their way beyond Deck 2 and overwhelmed the ship.
It wasn't long before the crew was incapacitated.
Although I've developed an effective vaccine,
I can't administer it.
Every time I try to get to the crew, I'm attacked.
Perhaps with your help.
How many of the larger macroviruses are there?
I have no way of knowing.
Dozens, perhaps hundreds.
They're replicating at an exponential rate.
By this time tomorrow, there could be thousands.
Speak of the devil.
You're cured.
The question is:
How do we cure the rest of the crew?
This antigen-- can it be distributed
in a gaseous form?
For absorption via the respiratory system?
I've already considered dispensing it
through environmental controls.
But they're off-line
and I have limited engineering expertise.
Leave that to me.
All we have to do is get
to Environmental Control on Deck 12.
Easier said than done.
We'll run into the same problem I faced
when I tried to get to the Mess Hall.
Not if I can help it.
Prepare two canisters of antigen.
We'll split up and take different routes
to Environmental Control.
It'll double our chances.
If you get there first, call me
and I'll taIk you through the repairs.
The macroviruses are attracted to infrared radiation.
Set your tricorder to emit a thermal scattering signal.
It will make it more difficult to target you.
Ready when you are.
We'll be right with you.
Take Jefferies Tube 1 1.
What's wrong?
I've been studying the ship's infrastructure
and I'm familiar with most of it,
but how do I get there from here?
Jefferies Tube 1 1.
Take a left at Section 31.
Head straight down past the tractor beam emitter
until you hit Deck 10.
Get out at Section 3
and follow the corridor all the way around...
Until I hit the shuttle bay.
Then I crawl through Access Port 9,
go past three airlocks and then two decks down.
Environmental Control's at the end of the hall.
Now I remember.
Who designed this ship, anyway?
Good luck.
Doctor to Captain Janeway.
Go ahead.
I won't be joining you as soon as I'd hoped.
The macroviruses overwhelmed me on Deck 10
and my portable emitter was nearly destroyed.
I've taken refuge inside the shuttle bay in a shuttlecraft.
Stay put, Doctor.
I'm close to environmental control.
Janeway to Doctor.
I've got the environmental controls back on line.
Set the dispersal nodes to one part per thousand.
What's going on?
I'm not sure,
but I think someone's firing at Voyager
Doctor, use the shuttle's sensors
to find out what's happening and patch the data to me.
Aye, Captain.
It's the Tak Tak.
Doctor, open a channel and hail their Captain.
Stand by.
Consul, this is Captain Janeway.
Why are you firing at us?
The Garan mining colony, infected.
We purified them.
Your distress call received.
Voyager infected.
We are purifying you.
Purifying? You're trying to destroy us.
No choice.
No cure for the virus.
Voyager's existence a threat.
Your illness. Our apologies.
We've developed a cure.
But your torpedoes just stopped us
from getting it to our crew and putting an end to this.
Yes. A synthetic antigen.
We've tested it, and it works.
I can prove it to you.
And I'd be willing to share the antigen with your people,
but first, you've got to stop attacking my ship.
Give me a chance to save my crew.
A chance.
One hour.
Doctor, we've got a problem.
That last torpedo destroyed the secondary power couplings.
I can't get the environmental controls back on line.
We appear to be low on options.
The only systems we still have access to
are the ones with independent power sources--
shuttlecraft, life-support, the holodecks...
Doctor, you said the macroviruses
are attracted to infrared signatures.
That's right.
Right now, you and I are the only targets left on board.
What if we gave them something new to sink their teeth into?
What are you suggesting?
Doctor, it seems to be working.
I've programmed the holo-characters
to react to the viruses.
We don't have much time.
Grab your hypospray and get to the crew.
You've got a clear path to the Mess Hall
and both cargo bays.
What about you, Captain?
I've put together what you might call an ''antigen bomb.''
Now all I have to do is drop it.
Doctor to Captain Janeway.
Captain, please respond.
Go ahead.
It worked.
The macroviruses have been destroyed.
And the ship?
There was heavy damage suffered on Holodeck 2,
but there are no hull breaches in evidence.
Your vessel, purified.
And we'd be willing to share the cure with you,
if you'd be kind enough to forego destroying our ship.
Of course, of course.
Purification will cease.
My word.
Many thanks, Captain of Voyager
Good health.
Good health.
Come in.
Good morning, Captain.
Here's an update on repairs.
How's the crew holding up?
They're fine,
although the Doctor tells me
a few people are still reporting post-viral queasiness.
I'm not surprised.
Inform the crew that I'm granting
extended R&R for all personnel
and work out the shift rotations.
Aye, Captain.
Speaking of R&R...
a few of us are going skiing on the holodeck--
the Ktarian glaciers.
Fresh air, good workout.
Care to join us?
No, thank you, but have fun.
Not your cup of tea?
Oh, on the contrary, I love to ski.
Let's just say...
I've had enough of a workout for the time being.

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