Ooh! Uh, Captain, do you have a minute?
Just about a minute.
l'm on my way to the shuttle bay.
l thought last night went well, didn't you?
Extremely well.
Everyone had a lot of fun.
l was thinking of making it a regular feature--
say, uh, once a month?
lt's certainly worth a try.
And, Captain, you were especially good last night.
Thanks, Neelix.
lt's been a while.
You'd never know.
Uh, Captain, um, do you think, l mean,
uh, l-l-l-l was wondering...
What is it, Neelix?
Could you possibly keep Mr. Tuvok busy
on the Bridge that evening?
l'm sure something could be arranged.
Our secret, Neelix.
We never had this discussion.
Harry's clarinet solo was okay.
l could have done without Tuvok's reading
of Vulcan poetry, but the highlight of the evening
was definitely Kathryn Janeway portraying ''The Dying Swan.''
l learned that dance when l was six years old.
l assure you, it was the hit of the beginning ballet class.
l don't doubt it.
lf Neelix has another talent night,
l hope you reprise it.
Oh, no. Not until certain other people take their turn--
the ship's First Officer, for instance.
Me? Get up in front of people and perform?
l don't think so.
Come on, Chakotay, there must be some talent you have
that people would enjoy.
Maybe l could stand with an apple on my head
and you could phaser it off.
Sounds great.
lf l miss, l get to be Captain.
Atmospheric turbulence--
we might be in for a rough landing.
Funny, a minute ago,
there wasn't any indication of rough weather.
l'm reading even more severe storms near the surface.
lon lightning.
Maybe we better try the fifth planet instead.
Come back here when things have cleared up.
l think we took a lightning hit.
Attitude control is out.
l'm switching to manual.
The navigational system's down.
Reverse engines!
Full thrusters!
Warning. Hydrazine gas leak.
Altitude, 12 kilometers.
Hull temperature, 4,000 degrees.
We have to reduce speed.
l'll try the emergency antigrav thrusters.
Hydrazine gas levels at 1 12 parts per million.
Begin evacuation procedures.
Hang on, Kathryn.
Breathe, damn it. Breathe.
Don't you die on me now.
Come on, Kathryn-- breathe!
Listen to me, Kathryn.
You've got to breathe.
Breathe! Breathe!
Come on. Come on!
Don't ever do that to me again.
You went into shock.
You gave me quite a scare there for a minute.
This should help reduce your cranial swelling.
You should have a headache for awhile.
l'll live with it.
We need to set up a homing signal.
Hey, take it easy.
Oh... l'm all right.
Chakotay, we're going to need the blankets...
...and the rations.
l can get them.
You set up the homing signal.
At least the storm seems to be dying.
What were you looking at?
There are phaser burns on the hull.
l don't think it was lightning strikes that hit us.
l think we were shot down.
By whom?
l don't know.
l'm going back to see if l can get
an energy signature from the burns.
Chakotay, the homing signal--
we might be telling someone just where to find us.
Disconnect it while l scan the shuttle.
Can you tell anything?
The signatures are Vidiian.
l thought we'd moved beyond their space.
lf they shot us down, you can be sure
they'll be coming for us.
We need to find a hiding place.
What is it?
50 meters from here.
They're coming this way.
Let's go.
There's another group in this direction.
We're surrounded.
Let's take cover.
We'll have to fight.
Back off now.
We'll fire if we have to.
Back off!
Harry's clarinet solo was okay.
l could have done without Tuvok's reading
of Vulcan poetry, but the highlight of the evening
was definitely Kathryn Janeway portraying ''The Dying Swan.''
l learned that dance when l was six years old.
l assure you...
Wait a minute.
What's happening here?
You're right.
We have been here before.
Do you remember Vidiians?
Yes. They shot us down and attacked us.
We may have wandered
into some kind of repeating time loop.
l'm going to scan for temporal anomalies.
Whatever's going on, let's change tactics this time.
Let's not try to land on that planet.
l don't see any evidence of temporal flux
or any kind of anomaly, for that matter.
Or of Vidiian ships.
So far, so good.
Chakotay to Voyager.
Chakotay to Voyager. Do you read us?
We're out of range.
l'd still like to figure out what happened to us.
Send a subspace message
that we won't be landing on the planet.
Tell them that we'll be looking
for evidence of temporal anomalies.
l see a ship approaching at high impulse.
lt's on an intercept course.
ls it Vidiian?
l've got it.
lt's a warship loaded with weaponry.
lt's closing fast.
Can we outrun it?
We can try.
They're 200,000 kilometers away and gaining.
Setting evasive pattern delta four.
They're powering weapons.
Shields up.
Stand by all phaser arrays.
Shields down to 84 percent.
Returning fire.
-Nice aim. -lt didn't stop them.
We've lost shields.
Firing starboard array.
That one hit the reactant injectors.
Shut them down. They'll leak antimatter.
The magnetic fields are failing.
The gas-flow separators are down.
Dump the core.
lt's looking more and more like we're in a time loop.
The question is: How do we break it?
Let's retrace our steps--
get back to the part of space we were in
before all this started happening.
lf we're experiencing a temporal field,
a tachyon burst might disperse it.
Let me guess-- it's a Vidiian ship.
Two Vidiian ships.
Still 20 million kilometers away,
but headed right for us.
Sacajawea to Voyager.
Do you read us?
You've just come into com range, Commander.
We're being pursued by two Vidiian ships.
Set a course for our shuttle and have weapons powered.
We also believe we're experiencing
some kind of temporal phenomenon, a time loop.
Make certain you scan for anomalies.
Aye, Captain. We're on our way.
lf you're going to emit that tachyon burst,
you'd better do it now.
ln a couple of minutes,
those ships'll be right on top of us.
Here goes.
l can't tell if it's affecting anything.
The Vidiians are almost within range.
Ready weapons.
What happened?
They just vanished.
But l'm picking up a residual temporal signature.
Then those ships must've been part of the time loop.
And the tachyon burst disrupted it.
And not a minute too soon.
l was getting awfully tired of talking about talent night.
Voyager to Sacajawea.
We will rendezvous with you in approximately four minutes.
Believe me, Tuvok, we're looking forward to it.
Good to have you back, Captain.
Good to be here.
l'd still like to get to the bottom
of whatever was happening to us in that shuttle.
Did Voyager detect any evidence of a temporal field?
To my knowledge, we did not.
Let's run a second level temporal scan.
l'd feel better entering this part of space
if l knew what caused the phenomenon.
Phenomenon? l'm not sure what you mean, Captain.
The time loop, or whatever it was we ran into out there.
Time loop?
We told you.
Chakotay and l experienced some kind of temporal loop.
lt involved the Vidiians.
They'd attack and kill us
and then we'd be sitting in the shuttle again.
Tell them.
We were on our way
to the second planet of a binary system...
To collect some nitrogenase compound,
but we encountered a storm and we crashed.
And then we were attacked by the Vidiians,
but we managed to escape and get back here.
You and the Commander were checked by the Doctor
who treated your injuries
and you proceeded here to the Bridge.
But l don't remember anything about a repeating time loop.
You don't remember how we kept ending up
back in the shuttle talking about talent night?
Then l'm the only one who recalls things differently.
Something strange is going on here.
l'll have the Doctor examine me.
ln the meantime, l still want those temporal scans.
You heard the Captain. Let's get moving.
l ran a micro-cellular scan after you returned to the ship.
l have just analyzed the results.
What did you find?
You have contracted a disease.
The Vidiian phage.
The phage.
What about Chakotay?
ls he infected, too?
No, Commander Chakotay shows no signs of the disease.
How did l get it?
You said one of the Vidiians grabbed you.
lt may be that the virus was transferred in that way.
But we've encountered Vidiians like that before
and had physical contact with them.
No one's ever gotten sick that way.
l can't offer an explanation at this point.
lt may be that the phage virus has mutated
to become more infectious.
l believe, however, this explains
the hallucinations you've described.
There is often concomitant stress to the thalamus
in the early stages of the disease.
lt is known to cause a kind of dementia
that produces hallucinations.
What's the prognosis?
l wish l could tell you, Captain.
For the moment, it would be best if you remain in Sick Bay
under quarantine.
Of course.
The fact that the virus has acted so quickly
raises the possibility
that others on the crew may be infected.
But you studied the phage in great detail.
Have you made any progress in finding a cure?
l hadn't pursued the matter
since we seemed to have moved beyond Vidiian space,
but l'll now redouble my efforts.
ln the meantime, l'd like to give you a sedative.
l'll be running a series of deep-level tissue scans.
l understand.
That should give you a good night's sleep.
l'll erect a bio-force field
and l promise you, Captain, l won't deactivate myself
until l have some answers for you.
l know l'm in good hands.
Ah. You're awake.
How long have l been asleep?
Almost 40 hours.
l'm afraid this strain of the phage
is particularly virulent.
lt's spreading rapidly.
Have you...?
ls there any hope of a cure?
l regret to inform you that l have been unsuccessful.
Then what's the next step?
l've given that a great deal of thought.
The prospects are unpleasant, Captain.
You face a lingering, painful death
marked by increasing periods of dementia
and eventual insanity.
l see.
l've come to the conclusion
that there's only one humane course of action.
What's that?
lt would be wrong to subject you
to such a prolonged and painful death.
The crew would also be adversely affected
if that were to happen.
Well, surely, there are other options to explore, Doctor.
B'Elanna's DNA, for instance.
lt's coded to produce antibodies against the phage.
Klingon DNA might provide a vaccine for the disease,
but not a cure.
l'm sorry, Captain.
The space within the force field is filling with a neural toxin.
lt is fast-acting and merciful.
Turn it off.
That's an order, Doctor!
Please relax and take deep breaths.
lt will be over more quickly that way.
Computer, delete Emergency Medical Hologram.
A security code is required for that command.
Security code: Janeway-lambda-three.
That code is not recognized.
l'm the Captain. Delete the EMH.
A security code is required for that command.
Don't do this.
lt isn't right.
l know.
We're back.
That's it.
That must be the anomaly.
That's what's behind all this.
lt's exerting a gravitomagnetic force.
We've got to get away from it. Divert all power to the engines.
Changing course.
We're still being drawn toward it.
Reverse engines. Full power.
Structural integrity is weakening.
Reinforce the hull.
maybe we should go in.
-No. -Listen to me.
Maybe we're doing this all wrong.
Maybe the thing to do is fly into it.
No, l don't believe that. We've got to get away.
lt's going to tear the shuttle apart.
The hull is breaching.
Don't you die on me, Kathryn.
Chakotay, what's happening?
Start breathing!
Breathe, damn it. Breathe!
Don't do this to me, Kathryn.
Come on, Kathryn-- breathe!
Can't you hear me?
Don't you die on me.
Come on, breathe.
Kathryn, listen to me.
You have to breathe.
Start breathing!
Come on! Come on!
No, Kathryn!
You can't die.
Chakotay, l'm here.
Voyager to Sacajawea.
Do you read us?
Yes, Voyager.
How far are you?
l have an emergency here.
We're in orbit, Commander.
We've located you,
but transporters won't function in the storm.
A shuttle is on its way to the surface now.
The Captain's dead.
We have to get her back to Sick Bay.
The Doctor may still be able to revive her.
The away team should be with you in minutes.
l know you can't see me or hear me.
l don't know what's going on.
But l am here, Chakotay.
l'm not dead.
Kathryn, we're going to get you back.
Ten milligrams cordrazine.
We'll use it in conjunction with the cortical stimulator.
No pulse, no blood pressure.
Minimum electrical activity in the mid-brain.
No measurable response in the cerebral cortex.
Doctor, we're getting a thready pulse.
Quickly. 7 5 milligrams inaprovaline.
l'll begin direct synaptic stimulation.
Pulse is weakening.
We're losing her again.
Cortical stimulator.
No vital signs, no brain activity.
No change.
-Again. -Doctor...
Don't question me. Again.
Make a note in the log.
Death occurred at 0320 hours.
Cause-- massive cerebrovascular collapse.
confirm Janeway voice pattern.
Kes, you're a telepath.
You've been able to sense things others can't.
Kes, can you sense me?
please go to the science lab
and prepare the autopsy protocols.
l'm here, Kes.
l'm staying with you until you realize it.
Did you feel that, Kes?
lt was me.
Kes to Commander Chakotay.
l need to talk to you right away.
Maybe it was nothing,
but l had the strongest feeling
that the Captain was there in the corridor with me.
lt is possible
that in your distress over the Captain's death,
you imagined that you were aware of her.
lt was more than that, l'm sure of it.
ln the past, Kes has shown an ability
to detect an unseen presence.
l think we have to take her seriously.
The Captain's consciousness
might have phase-shifted out of our reality.
She could be in some kind of alternate dimension
in subspace.
We have to find her somehow.
Harry and l can run a full subspace sweep.
See if we can come up with anything.
Get on it. lt's your top priority.
Neelix, help the crew with this.
Keep their morale up until we can get some answers.
Yes, sir. Right away.
Commander, l suggest l work with Kes.
l may be able to help her
increase the range of her perceptions.
Good idea.
Tom, we'll take duty stations.
That's more like it.
l've reconfigured the lateral sensor array
to scan subspace.
Don't forget to run a magneton sweep.
The forward array is ready to scan
for temporal phase shifting--
chroniton particles or field flux.
l'm going to activate the magneton scanner.
lt might pick up an anomalous presence.
Now what?
Who are you?
Are you responsible for what's going on here?
You know who l am, Kathryn.
My father died over 15 years ago.
Yes. Drowned under the polar ice cap
on Tau Ceti Prime.
lt was devastating to you.
You may be an hallucination or some kind of projection
of my own imagination, but you are not my father.
Kathryn, Kathryn.
l raised you to be a doubter and a skeptic,
to look at the world with a scientist's eye,
but in this instance, that won't work.
Why not? lf you know what's going on here, tell me.
lsn't it clear?
You're dead.
You died in that shuttle crash.
No, no, no.
That's not possible.
l understand your confusion--
your refusal to accept what's happened.
l went through the same thing after my accident.
What do you mean?
l went back to you and your mother and your sister
after l died for a long time,
until l realized it was futile.
That's what happens when death is unexpected.
One's consciousness isn't prepared to let go.
ls that what you're calling me--
''Kathryn's consciousness''?
For want of a better word.
Some say ''ghost'' or ''spirit.''
We all heard the stories and thought they were
the product of vivid imaginations
or self-induced hysteria.
l'll admit, l was surprised when l found they were true.
lf you stayed with me after you died,
you should be able to tell me what happened then.
You were so grief stricken,
you fell into a terrible depression.
You spent months in bed sleeping away your days,
rather than confronting your feelings.
l'm not sure what would have happened
if your sister hadn't forced you into the real world again.
lf you are an hallucination, a part of me,
you'd know those things.
Kathryn, remember-- several times after l died, you woke up
thinking l was in the room with you.
You told your sister it felt absolutely real.
That's because it was real.
l was there trying to convince you
to get on with your life.
Just for the sake of argument, let's say you're right.
What's next?
That's up to you.
Eventually, you will cross over.
The only question is
how long it will take you to give up this world.
Cross over to where?
l don't know what to call it.
Another state of consciousness...
unlike anything we ever could have imagined in life.
lt's not a frightening place, Kathryn.
lt's full of joy and indescribable wonder.
Kes sensed l was here.
They're looking for me.
People have felt the presence of ghosts throughout the ages,
but the technology to find them still hasn't been invented.
They won't give up easily.
But they will give up eventually.
They'll accept what's happened and that's what you have to do.
Kes did it once. She can do it again.
l'm going to help her.
lf that's what you feel you need to do, l understand.
Let us try one more time.
Open yourself to the impressions around you,
the thoughts, the minds that are on this ship.
All the minds that are on this ship.
l hear them.
So many voices.
They are a turbulent storm
and you are the one who must rise above the tempest
to a place that is quiet.
lt's difficult.
You must lift yourself from the confusion of the storm.
Soar into the quiet space among the stars
where everything is still.
Yes, l'm in that place now.
ls there a voice that you can hear--
a single voice isolated in the stillness?
Kes, l'm here.
Focus on me, on my voice.
There are only two beings
in the void-- you and Captain Janeway.
Nothing else exists that can interfere.
Can you hear her voice, however faintly?
l'm trying.
ls there anything,
any presence in the void with you?
l don't think so. l can't hear anything.
Kes, keep trying.
You have to find me.
Now, l am with you,
moving through the quiet space,
my thoughts joined with yours,
extending the range of the search.
Tuvok, surely you must know l'm here.
We've shared so much.
l'm just not getting anything.
Nor am l.
l felt empty...
Maybe you're right.
What l sensed wasn't the Captain.
lt was me wanting to believe she wasn't dead.
We've been trying for three days without success,
nor have Lieutenant Torres and Ensign Kim found
any indication that the Captain is alive.
There is a point at which we must accept
the inevitability of her death.
Thank you for helping.
l don't think l would have accepted it if you hadn't
at least tried.
Good night.
Tactical Officer's Log, supplemental.
My attempt to help Kes detect the Captain's presence
has ended in failure.
l am forced to conclude that we have, in fact,
lost Kathryn Janeway.
l would like the record to show
that l have lost a good friend as well,
one whom l can never replace.
Oh, Tuvok.
They all love you, Kathryn.
lt's going to be hard for them.
This can't be happening.
l don't believe it.
Because you don't want to.
Tomorrow, it will become easier.
My memorial service.
When l came to this ship, l resented the fact
that Captain Janeway was responsible
for our being stranded here in the Delta Quadrant.
l didn't think that she made the right decision
and l certainly didn't want to serve under her command.
ln the beginning, l fought her.
Even when she made me Chief Engineer, l...
l didn't trust her reasons.
l kept looking for a hidden agenda.
l actually believed that she'd set me up to fail.
Well, l couldn't have been more wrong.
She saw... she saw something in me
that l didn't see.
She saw a worthwhile person
where l saw a lost and hostile misfit,
and because she had faith in me,
l began to have faith in myself
and when she died, the first thing l thought
was that l couldn't do this without her,
that l needed her too badly--
her strength and her compassion,
but then l realized
that the gift that she gave me-- and gave a lot of us here--
was the knowledge that we are better
and stronger than we think.
l wish l had said these things to her.
l wish l had taken the time.
Would anyone else like to say something?
l would, sir.
l know Captain Janeway wouldn't want us
to be sitting around moping.
She'd want us to be cheering each other up,
remembering the good times, like the away mission
when we found all those bushes of overripe fruit.
l must have eaten half a kilo.
My hands and mouth were all purple
and the Captain...
the Captain came and sat down next to me,
and her mouth was all stained, too.
She put her arm around my shoulder...
and she said...
she said...
these are the times we have to remember.''
it's... Sorry.
l know this hasn't been easy,
but l think we'll all be better for it.
We will honor the Captain one last time.
Release the pod.
Ensign Kim was right when he said
the Captain wouldn't want us to be sad.
Neelix has prepared some food
and it would be nice if we could all get together
and share the good times we had with Captain Janeway.
lt's over, Kathryn.
There's nothing left for you here.
Come with me.
What do l do to leave here?
Just decide.
The only thing that keeps you is your refusal to leave.
You may be right in everything you've said to me,
but l'm not ready to accept it.
l'm not ready to go.
My poor little bird.
You always made it hard for yourself.
lf there was a rocky path and a smooth one, you chose
the rocky one every time.
lf l stay, maybe it'll be easier for them.
Maybe l could be comforting somehow.
You're saying all the things l told myself
when l refused to leave you.
l was hoping you wouldn't have to go through that.
lt's a horrible existence, Kathryn.
As time wears on, you begin to see
how potent, how destructive loneliness is.
You'll see the people you love going on with their lives,
doing all the things you used to share with them,
but you won't be a part of it anymore.
You'll be forever shut out of their existence.
lt becomes agonizing.
l don't want that to happen to you.
Maybe that's what it'll take for me to make this decision.
l just know that now l'm not ready.
What can l do to convince you?
l can't-- l won't-- abandon them.
We're too much a part of each other.
Can't you see that?
We've been through so much together.
l have to know what's going to happen to them--
to see Kes continue to grow and learn...
to know if Tom and B'Elanna will ever stop
sparring with each other and develop a real friendship.
You can only be an observer of their lives,
never a participant.
l don't care.
l'd rather be here in spirit than not at all.
A Captain doesn't abandon ship.
Every hour you stay here,
makes it that much more difficult to leave.
Why are you pushing me?
l've made up my mind.
l'm staying here.
The cortical stimulator is working.
l'm getting a weak pulse.
She's coming back.
l'll use cordrazine along with the stimulator.
What was that?
What happened?
What do you mean?
l saw Tuvok and Chakotay and the Doctor.
No, it was different.
As though...
as though l were looking up at them.
An hallucination, like the others.
lt didn't feel like the others.
l didn't see myself.
l was looking up at them.
That's the real me, isn't it?
Lying on the ground on that planet dying.
And this is the hallucination.
This isn't real.
More denial.
You're only making it harder on yourself.
You're trying very hard to convince me to come with you.
Why is that?
lf what you're saying is true,
why not let me come to the decision on my own?
l'm trying to spare you unnecessary pain.
My father would never act like this.
He always believed l had to learn my own lessons,
make my own mistakes.
He never tried to shield me from life.
Why would he try to shield me from death?
You're not my father.
l could be imagining you, but l don't think so.
You have such a specific agenda.
You're determined that l go with you somewhere.
Who are you?
l'm trying to help you.
Stop fighting me.
Are you an alien being of some kind?
ls that it?
Her eyes are open.
Vital signs are responding.
Blood pressure is 60/30.
But the entity is still inhabiting
her cerebral cortex,
impeding your treatment.
Kathryn, hang on.
We're bringing you back.
Just fight a little longer.
Direct synaptic stimulation
might drive out the alien presence.
l was right.
l heard Tuvok and Chakotay and the Doctor.
You're an alien.
You've created all these hallucinations, haven't you?
This is what my species does.
At the moment just before death,
one of us comes to help you understand what's happening...
to make the crossing over an occasion of joy.
And what is that?
Our matrix--
where your consciousness will live.
l was being truthful
when l said it was a place of wonder.
lt can be whatever you want it to be.
Then why didn't you tell me this from the beginning?
Why pretend to be my father?
Usually people are comforted to see their loved ones.
lt makes the crossing over a much less fearful occasion.
l've done this many times,
but l've never encountered someone so resistant.
Something's happening.
The alien presence is getting stronger again.
Fight it, Kathryn, fight it just a little longer.
l'll have to try a thoron pulse.
My people are telling me to fight.
They're trying to save me.
They're trying out of desperation.
lt's hopeless.
You're the one who sounds desperate.
l don't get the feeling
you're trying to make me comfortable.
You're only interested in my agreeing to come with you.
Because it's inevitable.
And you don't strike me as any kind of good Samaritan.
You're more like a vulture,
preying on people at the moment of their death
when they're most vulnerable.
l've waited for you. l've been patient.
But your patience is wearing thin.
What's the real reason you want me in that matrix?
Somehow l don't think it has anything to do
with everlasting joy.
You must go with me.
lf you could force me to go, you'd have done it already.
You need me to agree, don't you?
l have to go voluntarily.
Wouldn't that be better
than standing here in this endless debate?
Let me tell you this.
We can stand here for all eternity
and l will never choose to go with you.
You're in a dangerous profession, Captain.
You face death every day.
There'll be another time,
and l'll be waiting.
Eventually, you'll come into my matrix
and you will nourish me for a long, long time.
Go back to hell, coward.
l'm no longer detecting the alien presence.
Vital signs are responding.
Blood pressure 1 10/65.
what happened?
Perhaps you can explain, Commander.
You and l were caught in a magnetic storm
and crashed here.
You were badly injured.
The Doctor just arrived on a shuttle with Tuvok
and began treating you.
As he was doing so,
we detected an alien presence within your cerebral cortex.
lt appeared to be preventing our attempts to heal you.
Eventually, it was dislodged,
but there were a number of times l thought we'd lost you.
But each time, you seemed to fight back.
He kept telling me to let go,
but l wouldn't.
My fa...
The alien.
He wanted to take me into another place.
Another place?
Some kind of afterlife?
but l can tell you this--
from what l saw,
it's certainly not where l'd like to spend eternity.
Captain's Log, Stardate 50518.6.
The Doctor has examined me thoroughly
and pronounced me physically fit,
but l'll admit that it will take a little longer
to work through the emotional impact of my experience.
Come in.
l could have sworn l heard the Doctor tell you
to take it easy for a few days.
Taking it easy usually makes me feel worse.
You shouldn't push yourself.
You've been through a lot.
To tell you the truth,
l'd rather stay busy than dwell on what happened.
l can understand that.
l can't help thinking about it-- that alien, his matrix.
He was like the spider
who has to lure a fly into his web.
Do you think it's possible
that each of the near-death experiences
we've heard about are the result of an alien inhabitation?
That's a little hard to believe.
l hope so.
l'd prefer to think his species was unique
to the Delta Quadrant
and that l've seen the last of him.
l'm sure that's the case.
After going head-to-head with Kathryn Janeway,
he must have realized he'd met his match.
Come on, Chakotay.
l cheated death.
That's worth a celebration, don't you think?
A bottle of champagne...
moonlight sail on Lake George.
How does that sound?
Like something worth living for.

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