Commander Chakotay.
l understand you wanted to see me.
l'm told you are the officer in charge of personnel,
that you prepare the...duty assignments.
ls that the correct phrase?
That's right.
l'm finding it...difficult to spend so much time alone.
l am unaccustomed to it.
The hours do not pass quickly.
l can understand that.
How can we help?
l've been considering the matter carefully.
l would like to request a duty assignment.
Did you have something specific in mind?
Now what?
There's been a rupture in the coolant injector.
l can see that!
Why haven't you sealed it off?
l'm attempting to do so.
That's better.
Lieutenant, l have an idea.
Perhaps it would be advisable
to reconfigure the coolant assembly.
That would give us greater control
over the pressure valve emissions.
You're probably right.
And tomorrow, we can do it first thing, but not today.
l don't understand.
Why wait till tomorrow when today...?
Not today, Vorik.
Good morning.
Here's the helm control evaluation you wanted.
Thank you.
We still on for dinner tonight?
l may have to work. l'll let you know.
Uh- huh. Okay.
Have you decided if you're...
if you're going through with it?
l have
and l'm not.
Today hasn't started out very well
and the last thing l need
is to get involved with some obscure Klingon ritual.
You were the one who suggested it.
l know.
And for one sentimental minute,
l thought that l might actually go through with it,
but not anymore.
Of course not.
Wouldn't want to get too sentimental.
l overslept this morning
because l forgot to tell the computer to wake me
and then the acoustic inverter in my sonic shower blew out.
That'll make your hair stand on end.
So l didn't have time for breakfast
and when l got here, two people were out sick
so l had to cancel the fuel cell overhaul.
And then an injector burst for no apparent reason
and started spewing plasma coolant...
Well, that's a run of bad luck all right.
So, l am in a bad mood, and l know
that l am being a little bit testy.
No. That's okay.
Think about that dinner.
Be careful.
Something interesting just happened.
What's that?
Seven of Nine requested a duty assignment.
She wants to work in Engineering.
The Borg use transwarp conduits
to travel through space faster than warp speed.
lf we could create one of them...
We don't know anything about transwarp technology.
Playing around with it could be dangerous.
That's where Seven of Nine comes in.
She's offered to work with you.
What do you think her real motives are?
She's having a tough time
making the transition from the collective.
She wants something to do.
l never thought of you as naive, Chakotay.
Bottom line is,
l don't want her working in Engineering.
The bottom line is, l'm giving you an order
and you're going to follow it, Lieutenant.
Whatever you say, sir.
Seven of Nine, you told me you wouldn't
make any more attempts to contact the Borg.
And l want to believe that's true.
l assure you it is.
l've decided not to post
a security detail while you're in Engineering,
but you have to realize there are rules.
You'll be expected to follow our protocols.
You'll report directly to Lieutenant Torres
and obey any order she gives you.
l understand.
One more thing--
your designation, "Seven of Nine"
is a little cumbersome.
Wouldn't you prefer
to be called by your given name, Annika?
l have been Seven of Nine for as long as l can remember.
All right.
But maybe we could streamline it a little.
How would you feel about...
but acceptable.
Tuvok to Captain Janeway.
Yes, Tuvok?
Please come to the Bridge.
A ship is approaching.
lt's damaged, but functional.
Energy emissions are so low
it's probably not capable of warp speed.
Several dozen life signs aboard.
We are being hailed, Captain.
Open a channel.
l'm Captain Kathryn Janeway
of the Federation Starship Voyager.
l am Rahmin.
My people are the Caatati.
l apologize
for our appearance and the condition of our ship.
Most of our people were assimilated by the Borg
over a year ago.
We lost everything.
How many of you escaped?
A few thousand, on 30 ships--
all that's left from a planet of millions.
l'm sorry.
l want to assure you
my people were once proud and accomplished.
l understand.
lt pains me to have to ask this,
but l have 88 people to care for on this vessel.
We need food, medicines.
ls there any way you could help us?
Of course.
Send us a list of your needs and we'll see what we can do.
l'm deeply grateful.
lf it's not too much to ask,
is there any way you might also spare
a small quantity of thorium isotopes?
Without them, our systems can't function.
l think we can arrange that.
l'll speak to my engineer.
You...can't imagine what this means to us, Captain.
Thank you.
How are those thorium isotopes coming, Vorik?
l'll admit l'm having trouble
controlling the neutron absorption.
Try increasing the temperature of the plasma.
Get the thorium to the Captain as soon as it's ready.
Of course.
Tell me something...
when you hear about people like the Caatati,
do you have any feelings of remorse?
That's it?
What further answer do you require?
Oh, maybe some kind of acknowledgment
of the billions of lives you helped destroy...
a justification for what you did...
maybe... a little sense of guilt.
Guilt is irrelevant.
l've set the parameters for the tachyon burst
we'll need to create a transwarp conduit.
lt will be several hours before the main deflector
can be modified.
l think it would be best if l waited in my alcove.
l think you're right.
lf l ever saw
a job for the morale officer, it's sitting right here.
l'll bet l can help.
You're facing a big challenge, Neelix.
l enjoy a challenge.
ls that supposed to make me feel better?
Blood pie, for the Day of Honor.
How did you know about that?
Has Tom been talking to you?
Not at all.
No, l- l make it a point to know these things.
And if l'm correct,
many Klingon families traditionally serve
blood pie on the Day of Honor.
l appreciate the gesture, Neelix,
but, um, l've decided to ignore this particular tradition.
No blood pie, no examining my behavior over the last year
to see if l measure up to Klingon standards.
without knowing why
there's a black cloud hanging over your head,
may l suggest something?
Go right ahead.
You have a...bit of a temper...
that you keep reined in
and sometimes, it builds up inside you
until you explode at someone.
l'd say that about sums it up.
l'm offering to be a pressure valve.
A what?
You may use me to blow off steam.
When you're angry, come see me,
call me names
insult me, question my parentage.
l won't take it personally,
and you won't need to keep things
bottled up inside anymore.
That may be the nicest offer l've had in a long time.
Thank you, Neelix.
You're sweet, but l'm not sure l could do that to you.
l'm here if you need me.
about this, um, Day of Honor.
Do you think l should go through with it?
l've always thought
traditions were good things...
worth preserving.
l've been thinking a lot about...
the rituals that my mother taught me, and...
they don't seem quite so hateful as they did when l was a child.
Maybe being so far away from anything Klingon has changed me.
lt certainly can't hurt to go through with the ceremony.
l don't know what effect it'll have on me.
That's what's frightening.
All right.
Bring on the blood pie.
l can do this.
What warrior goes there?
My name is B'Elanna.
Have you come to have your honor challenged?
l guess so. Yes.
Are you willing to see the ceremony through to the end?
That's the idea, isn't it?
What do l do?
lt will be a lengthy ordeal.
First, you must eat from the heart
of a sanctified targ.
Pak lohr!
Yes...the heart of a targ
brings courage to one who eats it.
Next, you will drink mot'loch
from the Grail of Kahless.
Drink to the glory of Kahless,
the greatest warrior of all time.
Kahless defeated his enemies on the field of battle
and built a mighty empire.
How have you proven yourself worthy?
Um, l haven't built any empires, and l can't say
that l've personally defeated any enemies in battle,
but you have to realize, l'm not living among warriors.
Then how do you expect to distinguish yourself?
l don't know.
l guess l'm doing the best l can.
Huh! A pitiful reply.
Let us proceed.
A warrior must endure great hardship.
To test your mettle,
you will endure the Ritual of Twenty Painstiks.
After that, you will engage in combat
with a master of the bat'leth.
Finally, you will traverse the sulfur lagoons of Gorath.
You know, l don't think so.
l didn't want to do this before you described it.
Certainly not now.
l'm leaving.
Not until you have completed the ceremony, pahtk.
Thanks so much.
lt's been lovely.
Come in.
l tried to find you before, but you were on the holodeck.
That's right.
You know, you left it running.
There was a Klingon in there who didn't look too happy.
Yeah, and he was nursing a whale of a black eye.
Looks like he had a run- in
with someone having a really bad day.
That's very funny.
So, how'd it go?
lt didn't.
Do you mind if we talk about something else?
As a matter of fact, l do.
You have been like a spitting cobra all day
and it's getting boring.
You know, we designed that holodeck program together,
and l think you owe me the courtesy
of telling me what happened.
lt was ridiculous, meaningless posturing.
Honor, dishonor-- what does it matter?
lt matters because it's part of who you are.
You've been running away from that your whole life.
Who are you to tell me that?
l care about you,
but if you're going to keep pushing me away,
then there's no point in my staying around, is there?
Fine. Just leave me alone.
Oh, don't worry.
lf this is the way you treat people
who try to be your friend, you'll be alone, all right.
There are over 200 people on our three ships alone.
Every one of them suffers from malnourishment,
but it's been hardest on the children.
Every parent sacrifices for their child,
but even so, there's not enough food.
lf you could hear the crying of the babies,
you would have as much trouble sleeping at night as l do.
Have you considered relocation to a planet
where you could grow your own food?
Of course...
but we haven't been welcomed anywhere.
Because we have no resources,
everyone treats us like vagrants, even criminals.
We're not unsympathetic, but we have limited supplies.
We can't possibly provide enough for all your people.
Forgive me, but, from my perspective, you live in luxury.
You don't suffer from debilitating diseases.
You have many sources of energy-- replicators.
Your crew is very well fed.
Apparently, keeping your bellies full
is more important to you than helping those less fortunate.
That's unfair.
These are the most generous people you could hope to meet,
but if we gave supplies to everyone who asked,
we wouldn't have anything left.
Neelix, how much food can we spare?
We could provide each ship with several hundred kilograms.
Do it and check with the Doctor
to see if he can spare any medical supplies.
Aye, Captain.
Thank you.
May the gods smile on you and your crew.
Tuvok, please escort our guest to the transporter room.
l've never navigated a transwarp conduit.
Any problems l should be aware of?
You have no idea what you're doing.
lf we attempt to enter one, l'll have to take helm control.
l am a quick study.
What species is that?
She is a human who lived as a Borg.
She is disconnected from the collective.
She won't harm you.
Where's my wife? Where are my children?
What did you do with them after you took them?
What did you do with my family?
Mr. Paris, please proceed.
l lost everything-- my family, my home...!
Sorry about that.
About what?
Well, the way he reacted to you.
He didn't injure me.
There are many people on this ship
who have similar feelings toward me.
l'm afraid you're right.
Does that bother you?
Well, l'm not one of those people.
We all have a past.
What matters is now.
l'm uncertain what you're trying to say.
if there's any way that l can help you
adjust to your life here on Voyager,
please ask me.
l will remember your offer.
All systems are ready.
We're only going to take a peek.
We open a conduit, get as much sensor data as we can,
and then close it up.
l want to take this one step at a time.
l've set up a temporary tachyon matrix
within the main deflector.
lt's on line.
Engineering to the Bridge.
We're ready to start, Captain.
Go ahead. We'll monitor your progress from here.
We'll need to be at warp speed
to create a large enough subspace field.
l'd like to reroute helm control to Engineering.
Agreed. Janeway out.
Take us past...
Past warp 2. l know.
We're at warp 2. 3.
All right.
Vorik, start emitting the tachyons.
Energizing the matrix.
There's no indication of a subspace field.
l'd recommend switching to a higher energy band.
That did something.
The subspace field is forming.
Tachyon particles are leaking into the propulsion system!
Shut down the deflector.
Done, but the leak is continuing.
Janeway to Engineering.
Tachyons are flooding the warp core, Captain!
lf you can't stabilize the core immediately,
evacuate Engineering.
Aye, Captain. l'll get back to you.
l've cut all power relays, but the tachyon levels
are still rising.
All right. Everybody out!
That means you as well.
l could be of help.
That's an order!
You can't order me. l outrank you.
We've got to neutralize the core.
l'll try decoupling the dilithium matrix.
No effect!
Try it again.
lt's not working!
The core's about to breach!
l've got to try one more thing.
B'Elanna, there's no time!
We've got to get out of here!
Come on!
Computer, prepare to eject the warp core
Authorization: Torres- omega- five- nine- three.
Computer, eject the warp core.
Torres to Janeway.
Go ahead.
We've dumped the core.
Welcome to the worst day of my life.
Vorik, we have to get
those impulse engines back on line.
You and Nicoletti get started.
Yes, Lieutenant.
We're stopped dead.
The warp core is millions of kilometers away by now
and the impulse engines are seriously damaged.
l can give you a few thrusters, but that's about it.
How long before l can have impulse power?
l can't give you an estimate on that.
We're still assessing the damage.
So much for opening a transwarp conduit.
l sent the Borg back to her alcove.
We won't be needing her in here anymore.
At least the core's still intact.
Take a shuttle and find it.
See if you can tractor it back to Voyager.
Yes, ma'am.
lt'll be unstable.
lt should be repaired
before he tries to put a tractor beam on it.
Well, then, you go with him.
Do whatever you have to.
Just get it back here in one piece.
We're getting near some random ion turbulence.
l'll change course to avoid it.
l wonder what else can go wrong today?
lf we get this core back, l'm going right to bed
and sleeping straight through till tomorrow.
Get this day over with.
Well, look at it this way--
how much worse could it get?
Having to dump the warp core
has to be the low point of any day.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe l'm asking for this trouble somehow.
Or maybe it's just a string of bad luck.
Sensors have picked up a polymetallic object.
Could be the core.
That's the warp signature, all right,
but there's something else out there...a ship.
According to sensors, it has the same energy signature
as the Caatati ships.
Maybe they're guarding it for us.
l see it.
What do they think they're doing?
They're trying to put a tractor beam on it.
This is the Shuttle Cochrane to the Caatati vessel.
Please respond.
Don't come any closer.
We're performing a salvage operation.
Oh, what a coincidence-- so are we.
l'm afraid we got here first.
Don't interfere or we'll open fire.
Don't you realize that core is highly unstable?
lf you try to tractor it like that,
you could cause an antimatter explosion.
They're not answering.
We have to stop them from destroying the core.
l'm going to try to disrupt their tractor beam.
lt's working.
What was that?
They sent an antimatter pulse back through our particle beam.
Structural integrity field has been compromised.
Now at 53 percent and falling.
Hull breach in two minutes 20 seconds.
Reroute power from the propulsion and weapon systems.
Warning. Hull breach in two minutes, ten seconds.
No effect.
Warning. The structural integrity field has collapsed.
Hull breach in two minutes.
We have to get out of here!
Warning. Hull breach in one minute, 50 seconds...
Computer, send a distress call to Voyager.
Give them our coordinates.
Computer, respond.
The com systems must be down.
Transporters are still on line.
Stand by to energize.
Paris to Voyager.
Do you read me?
Please respond.
Paris to Voyager.
lt's no use.
The com system in these suits won't carry that far.
When they get the impulse engines repaired,
they'll come looking for us.
Well, l don't plan on just drifting here,
hoping somebody will come along and rescue us.
There must be something we can do.
lf we could interplex the com systems in both suits,
we might be able to create a phased carrier wave.
Voyager would read the signature
and know it's from us.
Good idea.
Let me access your controls.
l thought you'd never ask.
That's it.
This would be a lot easier if l had a hyperspanner.
Hold still.
Why is it we have to get beamed into space
in environmental suits
before l can initiate first contact procedures?
Why is it that if we're alone for more than 30 seconds,
you start thinking about contact?
Oh. That is not fair.
The other day in Engineering, l must have gone...
four minutes before l started thinking about it.
l'm ready to initiate the carrier wave.
Let's hope it's still that strong
by the time it gets to Voyager.
Come in.
Would you like tea or coffee?
l have no need to ingest liquids.
l still receive energy from the Borg alcove.
My understanding is
that you're almost ready to begin eating food.
That is what the Doctor says.
Why have you asked me here?
Whenever there's an accident on the ship--
even a minor one-- we investigate it
in order to minimize the chances of its happening again.
A prudent course of action.
l didn't have a chance to talk to Lieutenant Torres
before she left the ship,
so...l wanted to ask you some questions
about what happened in Engineering.
Sensor logs indicate that tachyons
were leaking into the warp core.
Do you have any idea how it started?
We had reconfigured the deflector shield
to emit tachyon bursts.
The procedure must've triggered the leak.
Who was controlling the tachyon bursts?
Ensign Vorik.
What were you doing?
Monitoring the transwarp frequencies.
And did you at any time access deflector control?
You believe l'm responsible for the accident,
that l deliberately sabotaged the ship.
You're like the others.
You see me as a threat.
l won't lie to you.
Part of me is suspicious.
We've dealt with tachyon fields before
and never had this kind of problem.
Captain, l am unaccustomed to deception.
Among the Borg, it was impossible.
There were no lies,
no secrets, and l assure you
l had nothing to do with the accident in Engineering.
l believe you. Thank you.
l am finding it a difficult challenge
to integrate into this group.
lt is full of complex social structures
that are unfamiliar to me.
Compared with the Borg,
this crew is inefficient and contentious.
But it is capable of... surprising acts of compassion.
Unexpected acts of kindness are common among our group.
That's one of the ways we define ourselves.
ls there anything more?
We still have to find out what caused the tachyon leak.
Tell me what you remember about the power fluctuations
in the propulsion system.
This isn't anything like the simulations
we had at the Academy.
They felt peaceful...
like floating in the womb...
but right now,
l'm feeling a little sick to my stomach.
You dropped out too soon.
ln the third year,
there's a six- week course of actual space walks,
so you can get used to them.
l never would've lasted to the third year.
lf l hadn't dropped out, they would've asked me to leave.
l wish l'd known you then.
You'd have hated me.
l can't imagine a time
l wouldn't have found you fascinating.
What the hell was that?
More ion turbulence.
Warning. Oxygen level at 1 14 millibars.
My oxygen supply is leaking.
Warning. Oxygen level at 93 millibars.
We'll have to share mine.
Are you getting air now?
Much better.
What's wrong?
The turbulence must have damaged my suit, too.
l should have at least 24 hours worth of oxygen,
but there's only about a half hour left.
Engineering to Captain Janeway.
Yes, Ensign.
l'm pleased to inform you
that impulse power should be restored
within the hour.
Good news. Let me know as soon as the engines are on line.
Yes, ma'am.
Captain, l believe l've found the cause of the accident--
erratic fluctuations in the ship's warp power.
When tachyon levels rose to a resonant frequency,
core pressure increased.
Then it was an accident.
Come in.
Captain, we've picked up
a carrier wave with a Starfleet signature.
l'd guess it's Tom and B'Elanna, but they're not
answering our hails.
They may be in trouble.
As soon as we get impulse power...
Tuvok to the Captain. Can you come to the Bridge?
On my way.
We're being approached by an armada of Caatati ships.
They're hailing us.
On screen.
Hello, Captain.
You've brought some friends.
Needy friends.
We're hoping you'll offer us more supplies.
l made it clear last time that we couldn't
possibly provide you with enough for all your ships.
And l had to accept that
because your ship is more powerful than ours,
but the situation has changed, hasn't it?
You seem to be at a disadvantage now.
We have your warp core.
You can't escape.
l'm hoping that will make you more generous.
We've given you everything we can spare.
Return the core, and we'll be on our way.
One of our ships might not seem threatening to you,
but l assure you, 27 can inflict considerable damage.
We are desperate.
Prepare to send us food, weapons
and your entire supply of thorium.
And that Borg you're protecting--
we want her, too.
There are many who would enjoy a chance
to repay one of them for what they did to us.
l'm lowering the oxygen ratio.
That should give us a few more minutes.
l'm feeling...
kind of groggy.
Oxygen deprivation.
And you're lowering it?
We have to try to make it last as long as possible.
lt's ironic, isn't it?
the Day of Honor...
is the day that l'm going to die.
We are not going to die.
Would you stop talking like that?
We have to face up to it, Tom.
There's something l've been wanting to ask you.
Well, now's the time.
When we first met...
you didn't have a very high opinion of me.
That's putting it mildly.
l thought you were an arrogant, self- absorbed pig.
Flattery won't get you any more oxygen.
Do you think l've changed?
A lot.
Now you're a stubborn, domineering pig.
l'm just kidding.
There l go again...
just pushing you away.
You were right about me.
lt's what l do...
push people away.
Well, it's a surefire way of not getting hurt.
What a coward l am.
Our weapons are more powerful than theirs.
l say we fight.
Maybe if we give them something.
Like what?
l can't imagine what would satisfy them now.
l will go.
They asked for me.
lf l surrender myself, perhaps they'll let you leave.
That's very generous,
but l will not turn you over to them.
l was only offering
to do what would be best for this group.
You're part of this group now
and we're going to protect you.
lt's time to stop talking about this.
Tom and B'Elanna are in trouble and we have to find them.
Tuvok, what's the status of our weapons array?
Weapons are at the ready, Captain,
but our shield strength is extremely low.
We'll have to shut down nonessential systems.
Reroute power to the shields.
We're going to fight.
That might not be necessary.
Caatati technology is dependent on thorium isotopes.
lf they had enough, they could become self- sustaining.
But we don't have that much thorium to give them.
When the Borg assimilated the Caatati,
the survivors lost their ability to replicate the isotopes.
But l have retained that knowledge.
l could design an energy matrix that would produce
thorium in large quantities.
lf you've had this knowledge all along, why didn't you say so?
l am not accustomed to thinking that way.
Borg do not consider giving technology away,
only assimilating it.
And what do you suppose made you consider it now?
l am not certain. was just an unexpected act of kindness.
Work with Vorik to build the energy matrix,
while l convince the Caatati
there's a better way out of this.
This matrix will produce 944 grams of thorium per day.
Now you can power all your systems
and begin to rebuild your replication technology.
Will you allow us to leave?
One device isn't enough for all our ships.
Using this matrix as a template,
you can construct as many as you like.
We can provide you with components
and specifications.
You're free to go.
And thank you.
You're welcome.
Warning. Oxygen level at 104 millibars.
Come on.
Open your eyes.
Warning. Oxygen level at 87 millibars.
l was having a dream.
There's something l have to say.
Me, too.
l'm glad the last thing l'll see is you.
l've been a coward about everything...
everything that really matters.
No. You're being a little hard on yourself.
l'm going to die...
without a shred of honor,
and for the first time in my life,
that really bothers me.
So l have to tell you something. l...
Warning. Oxygen level at 7 1 millibars.
l have to tell you the truth.
The truth about what?
l love you.
Say something.
You picked a great time to tell me.
Voyager to Tom Paris.
Tom, do you read me? Respond.
We're here.
Prepare to beam aboard.

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