lt's not as difficult as it looks.
The first rule is:
Don't be afraid of the clay.
l fear nothing.
l mean you can't concern yourself
with making a mistake,
or whether the image you had in your mind
is what's taking form in front of you.
You just have to let your hands--
and the clay-- do the work.
Go ahead.
l think the nose could be a little stronger.
Well, that's a start.
Keep going.
This activity is truly unproductive.
The end result has no use.
No necessary task has been accomplished.
Time has been expended, nothing more.
That depends on how you look at it, doesn't it?
l find sculpting helps me unwind, relax.
The concept of relaxation
is difficult for me to understand.
As a Borg, my time was spent working at a specific task.
When it was completed, l was assigned another.
lt was efficient.
Well, so is this.
lt helps my own efficiency
to forget about Voyager for awhile.
l'd be embarrassed to show Maestro Leonardo
something like this, but...
l get a great deal of pleasure in working the clay...
in creating something.
But why here, in this simulation among these archaic objects
and this disorganized environment?
Frankly, it's refreshing to take myself
out of the 24th century every now and then.
And a little disorganization
can be very encouraging to the imagination.
You might want to try it sometime.
Are you suggesting that l create one of these holodeck programs?
You might find it interesting.
lt's a way of exploring aspects of yourself
that probably didn't fit into your life as a Borg--
l am uncertain why these things are necessary.
Well, they aren't necessary, Seven,
but they're an important part of one's life
because imagination frees the mind,
it inspires ideas and solutions
and it can provide a great deal of pleasure.
Human progress...
the human mind itself
couldn't exist without them.
When l was a child, l studied these drawings.
l even built some of these models.
Da Vinci was always a great inspiration to me.
He was a very busy man.
Oh, yes, a prolific artist
and a scientist as well.
Far, far ahead of his time.
That design, for example.
He conceived of an airplane
centuries before one was actually built.
You will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.
Your distinctiveness will be added to our own.
You will be assimilated.
You will be assimilated.
Seven, what is it?
l don't know.
lt's happened three times now
in different locations, at different times of the day.
l experience a series of disjointed images in my mind.
Can you be more specific?
Were these hallucinations?
l don't know. l've never hallucinated.
lt's as if l were aboard a Borg vessel, but...
but l was frightened. l felt fear.
Each experience is similar--
l'm pursued by the Borg.
They want to assimilate me.
l'm...l'm running from them, and then...
and then, each time, l see...a bird.
A bird?
Yes, a large, black bird, flying toward me,
attacking me.
Your hippocampus is in a state of agitation.
What does that mean?
As your human physiology continues to reassert itself,
psychological symptoms are bound to manifest
in a variety of ways--
through dreams, hallucinations,
hypnagogic regression...
Hypnagogic regression?
You could be experiencing some sort of post- traumatic
stress disorder.
That makes sense.
You were assimilated by the Borg.
You've gone through an intense, prolonged trauma.
l was not traumatized.
l was raised by the Borg.
l don't see them as threatening.
Why would l experience fear?
l don't know.
Will l keep having these flashbacks?
l'll need to study your neural scans further.
ln the meantime,
your digestive system is fully functional.
Now is as good a time as any
for you to begin taking solid and liquid nutrients.
Oral consumption is inefficient.
And unnecessary, if you're lucky enough to be a hologram.
But your human physiology requires it.
l'll draw up a list of nutritional requirements.
Take it to Mr. Neelix in the Mess Hall.
l hesitate to inflict his cooking on you,
but it'll have to do.
l do not enjoy this sensation.
Something is happening to me and l don't know what it is.
lt's as though l'm being driven somehow.
Chakotay to the Captain.
Go ahead.
Our guests have arrived.
They're being escorted to the briefing room.
On my way.
Representatives of the B'omar.
l've been trying to negotiate passage through their space,
but so far, they've been difficult to deal with.
l hope they've had a change of heart.
l'll stay here and wait for the Doctor's instructions.
We'll help you through this, Seven.
You'll be all right.
Have you had a chance to consider our request?
Congratulations, Captain.
Against our better judgment, the B'omar Sovereignty
has agreed to grant your vessel passage
through our territory.
On behalf of my crew, thank you.
That will cut three months off our journey.
However, there are a few
stipulations-- guidelines that you must adhere to.
You'll have our complete cooperation.
We expect nothing less.
While in our space, your vessel will not exceed warp 3
and your weapon systems will remain off- line.
You will avoid unnecessary scans
and you will not conduct surveys of any kind.
You will make no attempt to explore our space,
and you will avoid all communications
with nonmilitary craft.
We've also plotted the course your vessel is to follow.
lt'll take us weeks to follow that course.
lf not months.
We've designed this course so that your ship would avoid
our populated systems and industrial areas.
Deviation is not recommended.
There are a total of 17 checkpoints
where you will submit your vessel for inspection.
Chancellor Gauman, if l may interrupt.
l appreciate your efforts in plotting this flight plan,
but, if we could, l'd like to negotiate a course
that's a little more...
Well, what an unexpected pleasure.
Welcome to the Mess Hall.
Would you like me to show you around?
My physiology has reasserted the need
to process solid nutrients.
The Doctor has prepared a list of dietary requirements.
You will provide them for me.
Let's see what we have here.
250 grams glycoproteins
consisting of 53 percent polypeptides
and 26 percent fibrous glycogen...
Doesn't sound very appetizing.
However, a plate of my chadre kab
should satisfy most of these essentials,
while providing a pleasurable culinary experience
at the same time.
Pleasure is irrelevant.
Well, l beg to differ.
A good meal involves much more than simply providing
the proper nutrients.
Why is that?
Uh, well, it's a...
There's a certain satisfaction that comes from eating food
that's been carefully prepared.
l'm sure once you try it, you'll understand.
Now, how would you like your chadre kab?
Boiled? Baked? Stir- fried?
Preparation is irrelevant.
ls irrelevant-- maybe.
Maybe not.
This is the first time ingesting food for you
for quite awhile.
We'll go a little easy on your stomach--
This, uh...this recipe has been in my family
for generations.
lt's considered a delicacy among my people.
You are Talaxian.
Guilty as charged.
Species 218.
Well, l suppose so.
Your biological and technological
distinctiveness was added to our own.
l hadn't realized that.
A small freighter, containing a crew of 39,
taken in the Dalmine Sector.
They were easily assimilated.
Their dense musculature made them excellent drones.
Well...lucky for you, l guess.
Your nutrients.
Follow me.
Please what?
lt's customary to sit while eating.
Uh, is something wrong?
l am unaccustomed to this.
Borg do not sit.
Well, this is a day of firsts, then, isn't it?
take a bite.
Uh...try that one.
Just kind of, uh...
scoop some up.
That's the way.
Right into your mouth,
just like a little scout ship flying into a shuttle bay.
Take it out.
Keep your mouth closed.
That's right.
Now, you chew--
chew, chew, chew, chew, chew.
And swallow.
Uh, swallow. Uh...
Curious sensation.
You'll get used to it.
Have some more.
May l bring you something else?
A soothing cup of tea, perhaps?
You will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.
Did you see that?
What about this course?
lt's a marginal adjustment.
The nearest populated system
is more than three light- years away.
Definitely not.
You'd pass directly through the Agrat- Mot Nebula,
a key resource in our trade negotiations
with the Nassordin.
l could chart the nebula
- try to avoid... - No, no.
Are your translators malfunctioning?
Captain Janeway to the Bridge.
lf you'll excuse me.
l've received an alert from Security.
Seven of Nine attacked Neelix in the Mess Hall
and three other crewmen on Deck 2.
Janeway to Seven of Nine.
Seven, if you can hear me, respond.
What's her location?
Deck 6, Section 28- Alpha.
Take a security team.
what is happening here?
l wish l knew, Chancellor.
Chakotay, seal off Deck 6.
Seven of Nine.
Security to Captain Janeway.
We've just seen Seven of Nine.
Her Borg shields are fully operational
and they've adapted to our phasers.
Bridge to all security personnel.
Configure your weapons to a rotating modulation,
but keep them on"stun."
You have Borg on your ship?
lt's not what you think.
She is a member of my crew.
We liberated her from the collective.
She's no longer a Borg.
Then why is she equipped with Borg shields?
l don't know.
She's able to cross through the security fields.
She's entering the armory on Deck 6.
Deck 10.
She's in a turbolift.
Cut power to the turboshafts.
She's blocking my commands with a Borg encryption code.
Janeway to Tuvok.
Seven's apparently headed for Deck 10.
Can you get there before she does?
l'm moving into position now, Captain.
We'll take position here.
Lower your weapon and stand down.
Tuvok to Bridge.
We were unsuccessful.
l have wounded.
She's moving toward Junction 32- Alpha.
The Shuttle Bay.
l'm erecting a force field.
Harry, reroute all available power to Deck 10.
She's accessing transporter control.
She used a site- to- site transport.
She's in a shuttlecraft...
powering engines.
Seal the launch doors.
Tractor beam!
No effect.
She's remodulated the shuttle's shield harmonics.
Seven's headed directly into B'omar space.
She's gone to warp.
She's masked the shuttle's ion trail.
l've lost her signal.
She's gone.
We'll do everything in our power to find her,
but we will need permission to enter B'omar space
to track her shuttle effectively.
Let's tally the events, shall we?
First, you arrive uninvited and unwelcome,
requesting a shortcut through our space.
Then you proceed to unleash some sort of rogue Borg
and now you want us to help you get it back.
l apologize for what's happened here,
but we certainly didn't "unleash" anyone.
We can resolve this situation quickly, gentlemen,
if we work together.
Captain Janeway, after what l've seen here,
l question your competence.
May l remind you that you're still on my ship.
And you are only one vessel among many of ours.
Your Borg will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
lt's being tracked as we speak.
Every vessel, every object,
every particle of dust that crosses our borders
is immediately identified and traced
by our perimeter grid.
The Borg will be found... and destroyed.
There will be no sharing of information.
From this point on,
your vessel will maintain a distance
of at least five light- years from our borders.
Any deviation
will be considered an act of aggression.
escort our guests to the transporter room.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
l've assembled a team
to analyze every square meter of the cargo bay.
This has essentially been her quarters
for the past two months.
l'm determined to find something here
that might shed some light on Seven of Nine's actions.
You're taking this kind of hard, aren't you?
What's that supposed to mean?
We had a working relationship.
Well, what's that supposed to mean?
lt's not what you're thinking.
What am l thinking, Harry?
Never mind.
Take a look at this.
lt's a Borg data- link.
lt contains a succession of log entries
written in Borg alphanumeric code.
l'm getting pretty good with the Borg language.
l think l can translate them.
Get on it.
lt seems we've made quite an impression on the B'omar.
ln the last hour, they've doubled the number of ships
patrolling their borders,
and they've increased the sensitivity
of the perimeter grid by 36 percent.
So much for diplomacy.
The Doctor analyzed the data
from Seven of Nine's last transport.
He's found something he wants us to see.
Maybe this was inevitable.
Even if Seven did want to stay on Voyager,
her Borg nature may have won out.
We can remove implant after implant,
but maybe at her core,
she'll always be part of the collective.
No. l won't accept that.
Deck 5.
She was responding to us--
interacting with people outside of the collective
for the first time.
She was adapting to this environment
and to this crew.
But where is she going?
We've scanned space
for a distance of 40 light- years.
We've found no evidence of Borg ships,
so she can't be trying to rejoin the collective.
She may plan to take the shuttle back to Borg space.
10, 000 light- years from here?
l don't think so. No.
Something else is going on.
We're missing a piece of the puzzle.
ln the meantime, the B'omar intend
to find her, and if they do, she'll probably resist them.
One more reason for us to find her first.
What have you found, Doctor?
Something most peculiar.
This graphic represents the matter conversion data
from Seven of Nine's last transport.
lf you'll notice,
there's a high concentration of Borg organelles
in the bone marrow and lymphatic tissue.
The dormant nanoprobes in Seven of Nine's cells
have reasserted themselves.
Taken over blood cell production,
and they're growing new Borg implants.
13 percent of the Borg technology
l removed three weeks ago
has regenerated in a matter of hours.
You said the nanoprobes in her bloodstream were dormant.
What reactivated them?
l don't know.
But l've developed a way to stop the process.
This hypospray contains a genetic resequencing vector.
lt should neutralize the nanoprobes.
That means someone needs to get close enough to do it.
We've analyzed the B'omar perimeter grid.
lt's sophisticated,
but not without its vulnerabilities.
lt might be possible to penetrate the grid
by recalibrating our shields to match its frequency.
The trick is going to be our energy signature.
Voyager's too big to hide,
but a shuttlecraft with the proper shield modulation
and its engines powered down
could drift right through without so much as a peep.
Nice work, gentlemen. Proceed.
The Doctor's genetic resequencer should keep her sedated
until you get back to the ship.
Once you've penetrated the perimeter,
there will be no further communication with Voyager.
You'll be on your own.
Captain, it is possible
that Seven will adapt to the resequencer.
l know.
lf it fails and you're unable to reason with her...
you have my authorization to stop her...
with any force necessary.
Seven of Nine, grid nine- two of subjunction 1 2.
You will be assimilated.
Borg drone, you have committed
an infraction against the B'omar Sovereignty.
Cut power to your engines and lower your shields.
Prepare to be boarded.
You will proceed no further.
We will not...
l'm detecting weapon signatures...
Federation and B'omar.
Five B'omar vessels are adrift...heavily damaged.
Life signs are stable.
l've located Seven's shuttle.
lt's 2. 5 million kilometers from here.
Adjust course to intercept.
The implants in Seven's body
are disrupting the transporter signal.
l can't get a lock.
See if you can remodulate our transporters
to match her shields.
You want to beam in there?
l don't think that's such a good idea, Tuvok.
Close quarters... Borg against Vulcan.
No offense, but you don't stand a chance
if she decides to put up a fight.
lt's my hope that the element of surprise
will work in my favor.
Do you have a better idea?
Come to think of it, no.
She's charging weapons.
Set my coordinates for the aft compartment.
Come on, Tuvok. Give me a sign.
Warning. Propulsion systems are off- line.
That's a level- 5 force field, Lieutenant.
l suggest you be more careful.
Why have you left Voyager?
l am Borg.
You were Borg... but you're human now.
You are part of our crew.
For a brief time, l was human.
But l have come to realize that l am Borg.
l will always be Borg.
What prompted this realization?
Every Borg ship is coded to emit a distinct resonance frequency
to guide drones who have become separated from the collective.
A homing beacon.
l am following a signal.
A Borg vessel is waiting for me.
We've scanned this entire region for Borg.
There are none.
You're wrong.
They are here.
Species 3259.
Your enlarged neocortex
produces superior analytical abilities.
Your distinctiveness will be added to our...
l will not assimilate you.
Once l have returned to the collective,
you will go back to Voyager
and tell Captain Janeway what's happened to me.
Thank her for her patience... for her kindness.
Your behavior demonstrates affection and sentiment.
Traits of humanity... hardly Borg.
You have been experiencing hallucinations, flashbacks?
Does that usually occur
when a resonance signal is activated?
Seven of Nine, grid nine- two of subjunction 1 2.
But l can hear them... calling me.
l'm frightened.
That's understandable.
Lower the force field.
We can return to Voyager
and find out what's happening to you.
l am your shipmate.
We can return to Voyager together.
l must rejoin the collective.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
l've been trying to retrace Seven of Nine's footsteps...
her actions during the last few days,
but l'm still no closer
to understanding what's happened.
Am l disturbing you?
Not at all, Harry.
l've managed to decipher Seven's log entries.
There's nothing that indicates
she was planning to leave the ship.
The entries are pretty unremarkable.
She describes her daily routines
the number of hours spent regenerating,
that sort of thing.
There were some personal log entries,
mostly observations about the crew's behavior.
l'm mentioned in quite a few of them.
Apparently, she finds my behavior easy to predict,
whatever that means.
Don't take it personally.
Coming from Seven, that's probably a compliment.
Uh, the most recent entries are kind of strange.
Descriptions of bizarre images,
almost like a record of her dreams.
The hallucinations?
Maybe so.
Sometimes she's in a Borg vessel
running...or hiding behind a bulkhead,
falling down a shaft.
Borg everywhere, chasing her.
Nightmarish stuff.
What about this...bird?
She mentions it several times.
lt flies at her, shrieking.
l don't know what it means.
"The feathers are black.
"Wingspan approximately one half meter.
"The eyes are yellow
"and it has a powerful triangular beak.
When it looks at me..."
"l am paralyzed.
"l cannot move.
"lt seems to know me,
"but l don't understand how that's possible.
"lt's merely a bird, an inferior form of life,
but the sight of it fills me with fear."
lt sounds like she's describing a member of the...
Corvidae family, like a crow or...
Or a raven.
She's describing a raven.
Why is that important?
Because now l know what to look for.
Chakotay, calibrate our long- range sensors
to scan for any Federation signature
other than our two shuttlecraft.
- Captain? - Do it.
Bring the ship about, Ensign,
and lay in a course for B'omar space.
Aye, Captain.
The resonance signal is coming from the lunar surface.
The Borg are waiting for me there.
l don't know why l'm frightened.
They are my people.
lf you are afraid, then leave this place.
Once l have been reintegrated into the collective,
my fears will disappear.
Deactivate the force field.
l will accompany you to the surface.
You don't need to go alone.
You would be assimilated.
l don't believe so.
l think the situation is not what it appears.
What do you mean? What else could it be?
l am uncertain, but l am willing
to go with you to the surface to find out.
Voyager to Paris.
Paris here, Captain.
Glad to hear your voice.
Tuvok is with Seven of Nine.
l haven't been able to establish communication with him
since he transported to her shuttle.
l've tracked them to an M- Class moon
orbiting the fifth planet of a yellow dwarf star.
l'm picking up an unusual resonance signal
from the surface.
lt's erratic.
l haven't been able to identify it.
We've detected several B'omar ships
closing in on your position.
What's your condition?
Warp engines are off- line.
Shields are at 50 percent.
Try to locate them, Tom.
We're on our way.
The signal's getting stronger.
They're here. l'm sure of it.
This way.
lf you wish, we can return to the shuttle.
No. l have to find out.
What is it?
lt's a Federation vessel
partially assimilated by the Borg.
There are no life signs.
Tritanium decay
suggests it has been here for nearly 20 years.
This vessel is familiar.
This is the signal that's drawn me here.
Run, Annika!
Run! Hide!
Help me.
No! No!
Seven, l'm here.
Listen to me.
lt happened here.
This is where it began.
This is where l was assimilated.
This was our ship.
We lived here.
We lived here for a long time.
My father did experiments.
They were very important
and we had to travel a long way.
l had my birthday here.
My cake had six candles on it and...
and one more to grow on.
And then the men came.
Papa tried to fight them, but they were too strong.
l tried to hide.
Maybe they wouldn't find me because l was little.
But they did.
And then Papa said we were going to crash
and...the big man picked me up...
and then suddenly, we weren't on this ship anymore.
We were somewhere else.
And then l became Borg.
This resonance signal must have been active
since the ship was assimilated and Voyager passed within range.
The ship is under attack.
The B'omar.
The ship will collapse.
We must get out of here.
The B'omar still aren't responding to our hails.
Standing by to fire.
Target their weapon systems.
Tom, what's your status?
l've located Tuvok and Seven,
but there's a lot of interference.
l'm attempting to lock onto them now, Captain.
This way.
Are you all right?
l am undamaged.
This was the only way to the hatch.
Perhaps there is another way out.
There's a hull rupture in the forward compartment.
lt may provide a means of escape.
Start digging.
We've disabled two of their ships.
The third is still firing at the surface.
We're being hailed, audio only.
You're committing an act of war, Captain.
You've left me no choice, Councilor.
Reinforcements are arriving.
You will be destroyed...
l don't have time for this.
Target their weapons array.
Seven, l need your help.
l've got them, Captain.
We're on our way back to Voyager.
Good work.
l'm detecting a fleet of B'omar vessels approaching.
68 ships.
Ensign, as soon as Mr. Paris's shuttle has docked,
take us out of B'omar space. Warp 8.
Aye, sir.
Looks like there won't be any shortcuts this time.
There you are.
l wanted to tell you
that the Doctor said he could adjust one of your implants
so that you won't receive any more homing signals.
Thank you.
l hope you don't mind that l activated this program.
Not at all.
l've been thinking about what you said...
that this was a place to encourage your imagination.
ls that appealing to you?
l'm not certain.
l find myself... constructing scenarios,
considering alternative possibilities.
What if my parents and l had not encountered the Borg?
What would our lives have been?
l would have been raised by them, learned from them.
They would have influenced what l became--
who and what l am.
And you...would have done the same for them.
lf you'd like to know more about your parents,
there's information in the Federation database.
lt seems they were fairly well- known.
For being unconventional
and for some rather unique scientific theories.
You might like to read what's there.
lt might... encourage your imagination.
Perhaps l will.
Good night, Captain.

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