Temporal incursion is complete.
All organisms and manmade objects have been eradicated.
Probe the continuum.
Has our target event been achieved?
Negative target event.
l don't understand, sir.
We spent months making these calculations.
Time is patient...
so we must be patient with it.
Eradicating a single Zahl colony
wasn't enough for a total restoration.
We have to work on a larger scale.
Take us to the Zahl homeworld.
Prepare a new set of calculations.
We must erase the entire species from time,
every life- form...
every molecule.
Space, the great unknown.
Only now we're going to know it a little better.
Before there were maps and globes,
let alone radar and subspace sensors,
mariners navigated by the stars.
We're returning to that tried- and- true method,
but this time, there's a difference.
Ensign Kim and Seven of Nine
have merged Starfleet and Borg ingenuity
to create this new technology,
and l'm sure l speak for the entire crew
when l say...thank you.
Now, how the hell does it work?
Astrometric sensors measure the radiative flux
of up to three billion stars simultaneously.
The computer then calculates our position
relative to the center of the galaxy.
This mapping technology is ten times more accurate
than what we've been using.
Seven, will you do the honors?
We've plotted a new course home.
By my estimates,
this trajectory will eliminate five years from your journey.
Our journey.
Nice work, Seven.
That region of space we're about to enter--
it looks like it has a lot of M- Class planets.
lt does.
Spatial grid 005-- primary species: the Zahl.
What do we know about this species?
Technologically advanced but nonconfrontational.
Their resistance quotient is quite low.
Thank you all for coming.
We've got a lot of work to do, so...
l'd like to say a few words if l may.
l've prepared a speech for this occasion.
When l was first activated
on Stardate 48315, and l found myself
mano a mano with the Delta Quadrant,
l didn't think we'd survive a week
let alone three years.
There was strife.
There was discord.
You were all at each others' throats,
but over time, l've had the pleasure and pride
of watching this crew learn to work together
as colleagues, even friends.
Here, here.
Who would have thought
that this eclectic group of voyagers
could actually become a family?
Starfleet, Maquis, Klingon, Talaxian, hologram, Borg,
even Mr. Paris.
Granted, we've had our share of difficulties.
One might say, we've seen the best of times
and the worst of times.
l'd now like to recount some of those times
from my unique perspective.
Under the category of"best of times,"
l invite you all to recall the moment when l...
Bridge to the Captain.
Janeway here.
We're being hailed-- a vessel off the port bow.
On our way.
Well, perhaps we could all reconvene later.
They're firing on us, Captain.
lt's a small vessel, 15 life- forms aboard.
Low warp capacity, limited armaments.
They pose no threat.
Open a channel.
Good day, sir.
Have we offended you in some way?
You will reverse course immediately.
This region is in dispute.
You have no business in Krenim space.
l was under
the impression we were entering Zahl territory.
The Zahl have no legitimate claim here.
They have taken what is ours.
Reverse course... or be destroyed.
With all due respect, unless you've got
something a little bigger in your torpedo tubes,
l'm not turning around,
but l'm certainly willing to discuss
this issue with you.
No discussion! No compromise!
They are in retreat.
His bark's obviously worse than his bite.
He seems rather intent.
Let's go to Yellow Alert.
Maintain our course.
Maybe the Zahl can give us some answers.
As long as you travel in Zahl territory,
you travel among friends.
l apologize for your mishap with the Krenim.
lt was hardly traumatic.
But l am curious--
the Krenim claim this region as their own.
The Krenim dominated this space many years ago.
They possessed deadly weapons based on temporal science,
and it kept them in power for a long time,
but a generation ago, we fought the Krenim.
We defeated them and took back the planets
that they had annexed,
dismantled their military forces.
Their ships still wander our territory
making grandiose claims.
Don't let them trouble you.
Now, tell me about Voyager--
a single ship alone, half a galaxy from home--
how exciting for you.
Bridge to Captain.
Sorry to interrupt, but the Krenim vessel is back.
They're demanding to speak with you.
Hello again.
You've ignored our warnings, and now you
consort with our enemy.
Leave this space or l'll seize your vessel
and send you home in a cargo container.
Gentlemen, please.
Believe me, we're not conspiring against you.
Captain, there's a spatial distortion heading toward us.
Whatever it is, it's huge-- five light- years across
and it's expanding.
Tracking its origin.
A vessel near the Zahl homeworld.
lt appears to be
a massive buildup of temporal energy--
some kind of space- time shock wave.
lt's destabilizing our warp field.
l've lost engines.
Shields to full.
Secure primary systems.
All hands brace for impact.
She's dead.
Shields at 17 percent.
The Krenim are firing again.
We're being hailed.
lt's about time.
On screen.
We've done nothing to provoke these attacks.
Your presence in our space is provocation enough.
We've been trying to communicate with your vessels,
but the only answer l get is weapons fire.
State your identity.
Captain Janeway of the Federation Starship...
And your reason for violating our borders.
We're simply trying to get home.
lf you'd kindly allow us to pass through...
No. You will submit to the Krenim lmperium.
l would prefer to seize your vessel
before it is too badly damaged.
Surrender now and l will forego the execution of your crew.
l don't respond well to threats.
Then prepare to be boarded.
All hands, battle stations.
This is turning into the week of hell.
They're charging weapons.
Three seconds to impact.
Evasive maneuvers.
Direct hit to our secondary hull.
l still don't understand why these torpedoes
are ripping right through our shields.
Their weapons are chroniton- based.
They're penetrating our shields
because they're in a state of temporal flux.
Then let's exercise the better part of valor.
Get us out of here, warp 6.
Warp 6.
No sign of pursuit.
Damage report.
15 wounded.
Main power is down.
We've lost environmental control on Decks 7 and 8.
The computer is off- line.
Mr. Kim, do we have any sensors left?
Short- range only.
put the ship on 24- hour Tactical Alert.
Tuvok, analyze whatever data we've got
on those chroniton torpedoes.
See if you can modify our shielding.
When those Krenim attack again, l want to be ready.
Sir, you were correct.
The Zahl homeworld was the focal point.
lt's erasure has produced a complete
temporal restoration.
Yes, sir.
lf l told you to count the stars in the cosmos,
would the task ever be complete?
Our attempts may be sufficient.
They may be even relatively successful,
but they will never be complete.
Choose your words with more precision.
My apologies.
What were the exact results?
The Krenim lmperium has been restored to power.
Our territory now includes
849 inhabited worlds spanning 5, 000 parsecs.
Counter- indications?
No superior enemy forces.
No unexpected diseases.
Calculations indicate a 98 percent restoration.
Our race is thriving once again.
The, uh...
the colony at Kyana Prime...
that was restored as well?
No, sir.
ln this timeline,
the lmperium does not extend that far.
Then our mission has failed.
Begin calculations for the next incursion.
Sir, we have just accomplished the impossible--
a 98 percent restoration.
Another incursion, even a minor one,
could undermine everything.
We should dismantle this weapon and rejoin our people.
No, not until every colony...
every individual...
every blade of grass is restored.
You said yourself, our task will never be complete.
Please, we should be satisfied with what we have accomplished.
For 200 years, we have never come this close.
Not close enough.
lf l may speak my thoughts.
Many among the crew are convinced
that you have lost your objectivity.
They think your quest for...precision
is unrealistic.
we will never restore 100 percent of what we had.
We can manipulate the time continuum
for another ten centuries--
it will never happen.
Return to your station and begin a new set of calculations.
ls that clear?
You surprise me, Obrist.
After so many years,
you still perceive time through conventional eyes.
"Never" is a word that has no meaning here.
As long as we stay on this vessel,
protected from space- time,
we have all eternity to accomplish our mission.
Of course, sir.
Return fire.
Weapons are down.
My attempt to modify the shielding was unsuccessful.
Captain, during that last exchange
we did some damage.
The Krenim's aft shields are down.
They're vulnerable.
We've got to hit them now!
With what?
Phaser banks are burned out.
Torpedo launchers are off- line.
Doctor to Bridge.
We've got a power overload in Sick Bay.
l need an engineer down here right away.
Stand by, Doctor.
Harry, can you handle it from here?
No, sir.
The overload's spreading.
Half that deck is going to blow in less than
- five minutes. - Doctor, get
your patients out of there.
All hands, this is the Bridge.
Emergency evacuation, Deck 5.
How many torpedoes do we have left?
Arm four of them.
Stand by to open the launch doors.
We're going to deploy them like mines.
Aye, Captain.
Tom, l need your finesse.
Let the Krenim get within 5, 000 meters of us.
No problem.
Keep moving.
Quickly. Please, move quickly.
Warning. Structural collapse in three minutes.
Torpedoes armed and ready.
They're within range.
do it.
The conduits on Deck 5 are overloading.
30 seconds till they blow.
Keep moving.
Please, hurry.
That's it.
Warning. Structural collapse in 20 seconds.
15 seconds!
Warning. Structural collapse in 10 seconds.
Warning. Structural collapse in five...
Sections 10 through 53 on Deck 5...
are gone.
Reports are coming in.
12 wounded-- many of them critically.
The Doctor is setting up a triage facility
in the Mess Hall.
Two crew members were killed in the breach.
Stand down Red Alert.
Assemble a security team.
Survey the ship deck by deck.
l want a full damage report.
l'll be in my ready room.
You have the Bridge...
what's left of it.
Come in.
Sorry about the mess.
You should see my place.
They haven't looked as bad since my old Academy days.
ls there something on your mind?
but you're not going to like it.
That's never stopped you before.
l'll be blunt.
Our strategy's failing.
lt was a good idea to try and create
temporal shielding, but it isn't working.
Not yet, but it will.
With every attack, we gather more information
about their chroniton weapons.
How many more attacks will it take?
Before long, there won't be a ship left to protect.
We don't have a choice.
Maybe we do.
Here comes the part l'm not going to like.
We should consider leaving the ship behind,
breaking the crew into smaller groups-- escape pods, shuttles--
each one with its own course.
lf all goes well, we'll rendezvous
on the other side of Krenim space.
Then what?
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it,
but at least we'd be increasing our chances of survival.
Abandon ship?
The answer's no.
l'm not breaking up the family, Chakotay.
We're stronger as a team.
One crew, one ship.
The moment we split apart,
we lose the ability to pool our talents.
We become vulnerable.
We'll get picked off one by one.
Now, l say we make our stand together.
To be honest, l wasn't too fond of the idea myself.
As long as Voyager's in one piece,
we stay.
We stay.
This looks like it stayed in one piece.
Where does this go?
My lucky teacup.
Right over here.
Red Alert. We're under attack.
Two Krenim warships off the port bow.
When are they going to get us out of here?
Try to relax. Let's get back to the game.
Grace Kelly... cat burglars...the Riviera.
Name the title...
and the male lead.
To Catch a Thief.
Clark Gable.
Wrong. Cary Grant.
l've seen the holographic
version twice-- it's Clark Gable.
l think you're getting them confused
because they have the same initials. lt was Grant.
No more 20th- century entertainment.
l'm terrible at it.
My turn.
Fire away.
A notorious athlete...
parrises' squares, championship finals...
uh...controversial decision.
M'Kota R'Cho-- the first and only Klingon
to ever play the game.
During the finals of 2342, one of the referees
called a penalty against his team.
R'Cho strangled him.
You're looking at a true sports aficionado.
Let's about interstellar history?
Oh, great. You pick the one subject
l almost failed at the Academy.
Go ahead and ask...
Hey, you all right?
Mm- hmm.
lt just...
hurts a little.
lt feels like we've been here for days.
Actually, it's been about six hours.
Try to hang on, B'Elanna.
The emergency crews are going to find us any minute.
Come on, hurry up!
Go ahead and ask your stupid question,
before l pass out
and you don't have anybody to play with.
Okay.'s a famous ship.
Uh...pre- warp civilization...
uh...second stage had chemical engines.
Another clue.
Vulcans, um...
Earth...first contact.
Oh, right, right.
Um...uh...uh... Zephram Cochrane's ship...
What was it called?
God, it's on the tip of my tongue.
Okay, okay. Here, you better lie down now.
Enough trivia for now.
No. No, l'm going to get this one.
Lieutenant. Ensign.
lt's about time.
What happened to the turbolift?
During the last attack,
19 main power relays were severed.
The entire turbolift system is nonoperational.
Get me to the Jefferies tube network on Deck 1 1.
The EPS manifold must have taken a hit, too.
Seven of Nine can go take a look.
We have to get you to the Doctor.
All right.
The Phoenix.
The correct response to your query.
The vessel Ensign Kim was describing--
it was designated the Phoenix.
Not bad. l didn't realize
you knew so much about Earth history.
l don't, but the Borg were present during those events.
lt's a complicated story.
Perhaps another time.
l think so.
Transverse bulkheads.
We've set up emergency force fields
between all decks and every section.
ln the event of a cataclysmic breach,
most of us will be protected.
Actually, you can thank Mr. Paris.
He came up with the idea.
l was inspired by an ancient steamship--
the Titanic.
The engineers of the day
constructed a series of special bulkheads--
sort of like a honeycomb--
that would lower into place
if they suffered a major hull breach.
ln theory, they could stay afloat
even with half the ship filled with water.
The Titanic?
As l recall, it sank.
Well, let's just say,
l've made a few improvements.
l knew your fixation with history
would come in handy someday. Good work.
Doctor to Lieutenant Paris.
Go ahead, Doc.
Report to the Mess Hall at once.
More wounded are on the way.
l'll be right there.
l'm a popular guy today.
Seven of Nine to Tuvok.
Tuvok here.
There is an undetonated chroniton torpedo
lodged in the starboard Jefferies tube
on Deck 1 1, Section 2.
The warhead is still active.
Do not attempt to disarm it.
Hold your position and wait for my arrival.
ls that clear?
Arrive quickly.
l've stopped the internal bleeding.
You're going to be okay.
ls that your expert opinion?
That's a promise.
l know. lt still hurts.
No, it's all right.
You've got a ruptured vertebra.
l'll see if l can repair it.
Mr. Paris, your assistance, please.
Give me a minute.
Now, Lieutenant.
l'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
ln case you hadn't noticed,
B'Elanna is not the only patient here.
She's in pain.
But no longer in danger of dying.
That is the first rule of medical triage--
make sure the patient will live,
then move on to the next one.
Emotional detachment is essential.
Otherwise, you risk impairing your judgment.
l understand.
You could be seeing more of your friends in here soon.
lf you can't handle it, l'll find another assistant.
You can leave.
"Physician, heal thyself."
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, it seems to me that you're the one
who's getting emotional around here.
Several weeks ago,
just before the conduits on Deck 5 breached,
l saw Ensign Strickler and Crewman Emmanuel
at the end of a corridor.
They were...trying to reach the Jefferies tube.
l kept the hatch open,
waited for them as long as l could--
but time ran out.
l had no choice but to seal the hatch.
That must have been very hard for you.
My point is, it could have been worse.
Had l lost my objectivity, l might have kept the hatch open
and everyone would have perished.
This man has damaged lung tissue.
Treat him with inaprovaline.
lf we attempt to dislodge the torpedo
or move it with the transporters,
it will most likely detonate.
Can we disarm it?
No. The warhead is already destabilizing.
l estimate it will explode in less than two minutes.
lf we reroute emergency power to this junction,
and erect a level- 10 force field,
it should be enough to contain the explosion.
We must hurry.
lf l can determine
the exact temporal variance of this torpedo,
it will help us perfect the temporal shielding.
There is no time.
We may never have this opportunity again.
l am giving you an order. Now!
The temporal variance is 1. 47 microseconds.
Excellent work.
But if you disobey my orders again,
l will be forced to...
Captain's Log, Stardate 51268. 4.
This morning's attack destroyed the power grid on Deck 1 1.
No casualties this time,
but the replicator system was badly damaged.
We've gone to emergency rations.
As a result, the situation has gotten a little worse.
Environmental controls continue to fail.
Seven decks have been rendered uninhabitable
and we've had to relocate the crew.
Quarters are close, nerves are frayed,
and l'm not sure what's more difficult to maintain--
Voyager's systems or the crew's morale.
What's important is that we're together,
working towards a single goal-- survival.
Happy birthday.
Happy what?
Today is May 20.
ls it?
l thought we were still in April.
Guess l've lost track of the time.
Well, this should help.
lt's beautiful.
19th century-- mechanical movement.
lt's a replica of the chronometer
worn by Captain Cray of the British Navy.
His ship was hit by a typhoon in the Pacific.
Everyone back in England thought they were killed,
but eight months later,
Cray sailed his ship into London harbor.
There wasn't much left of it--
a few planks, half a sail, but he got his crew home.
l appreciate the sentiment, but l can't keep this.
Recycle it.
We can't afford to waste energy on nonessentials.
Kathryn, l replicated this months ago.
l've been saving it. l wanted you to have it.
That watch represents a meal, a hypospray or a pair of boots.
lt could mean the difference between life and death one day.
Reporting for duty, Lieutenant.
What is our agenda?
After we make your customary rounds,
l'd like to take you to Deflector Control.
l had an inspiration last night about the temporal shielding.
You've been damaged.
A minor laceration.
l've offered to assist you with your personal grooming.
There are some tasks l would rather perform myself.
You're risking further injury.
Shaving is hardly a life- threatening activity.
Tell me about your inspiration.
We've been trying to match our shields
to the temporal variance of their torpedoes.
But l believe we must also match the deflector array
to the inverse of that variance.
Fascinating. When will the deflectors be ready?
They're ready now,
but the modifications are untested.
Then our rounds can wait.
Take me to Deflector Control.
A friend of yours?
My...cabin mate.
As a Borg, l was accustomed to cohabitating
with thousands of other drones.
But l find it significantly more difficult
to live with a single human.
ln what way?
Ensign Brooks is negligent.
She leaves her equipment lying around the quarters
and her clothing on the floor.
lndeed. l have found that most humans
are less than meticulous
when it comes to their domestic habits.
Mr. Vulcan, sir.
A tactical question if l may?
You may.
We're just about done
rebuilding the internal security sensors
and we're ready to program the audio signal.
Do you want it to say, "intruder alert"?
Or should we try something a little more dramatic
like"warning, intruder alert"?
Or..."intruders among us, danger!
Danger! lntruders among us"?
"lntruder alert" will suffice.
Yeah, go with a classic.
Understood, sir.
And you believe you have difficulties.
All hands to battle stations.
Krenim vessels approaching.
Repeat: all hands to battle stations!
Go to Deflector Control and bring the new shields on line.
We will test them in battle.
Computer, activate tactile interface.
Weapons status?
Phasers are still on line.
Torpedo launchers are inoperative.
The Krenim are within visual range.
On screen.
Seven's modified temporal shields
should be on line in a moment.
lt's a warship.
You know the routine.
Evasive maneuvers.
They're matching course.
Hold them off as long as you can.
Bridge to Seven of Nine.
Where are those shields?
Stand by.
They're charging weapons.
Seven, we could use a little
of that Borg efficiency right about now.
l can't shake them off!
They're targeting the Bridge!
Temporal shielding is on line.
They're firing!
Full port thrusters!
Temporal shields are holding.
No damage.
Hail them.
Channel open.
Krenim vessels, this is the Captain of Voyager.
You may have noticed
we have a defense against your torpedoes now.
l suggest you stand down.
No response.
Their mistake. Bring the ship about.
We're going through their space whether they like it or not.
We are within range of the Garenor homeworld.
Set temporal coordinates.
Full power to the weapon.
Prepare for total erasure of the species.
Targeting the focal point.
Temporal incursion in progress.
Trace elements?
Counter- indications?
None so far.
Organisms and structures are being eradicated.
Track the temporal wave front
as it passes through their system.
l want to monitor every change in the timeline as it occurs.
Yes, sir.
Captain, the Krenim warship is in pursuit,
but their weapons are not powered.
Hmm. They don't know what to do with us
now that we're shielded against their torpedoes.
Captain, there's some kind
of spatial distortion heading toward us.
Sensor readings are erratic.
l can't identify the phenomenon.
What's the source?
Unknown, but it originated approximately
20 light- years from our position.
lt looks like a shock wave in the fabric of space- time.
Tom, get us out of here.
We'll never outrun it, Captain.
Maybe our new shields will help.
All hands, brace for impact.
You were correct, Captain.
The temporal shielding has protected us.
The wave front has passed.
lt's definitely a Krenim ship.
ldentical hull markings, same biospectral frequency...
but it's half the size.
Limited fire power.
What happened to the warship?
l'm not picking it up on long- range sensors.
lt looks like this entire part of space
has changed somehow.
The last time l checked, this region was filled
with Krenim colonies and vessels.
l just ran a scan and sensors show no colonies
and just a handful of Krenim ships.
Harry, transfer all your sensor data about that shock wave
to the Astrometrics Lab.
Yes, ma'am.
Tell Seven of Nine to meet me there.
Captain, Astrometrics took heavy damage a few days go.
lt's off- line.
Well, let's get it back on line.
lt appears that the Krenim lmperium has vanished.
Our troubles could be over and l'd like to find out why.
Something went wrong.
The entire Krenim lmperium--
it's reverted to a pre- warp state.
Not possible.
Our calculations were perfect.
l may have an explanation.
There's an anomalous temporal reading
20 light- years from here.
lt's coming from a vessel.
What vessel?
Component 049- beta, a ship called Voyager.
That ship was classified as an inert component.
lt shouldn't be generating a temporal field.
But it is...
and it was enough to throw off our calculations.
Take me to them.
Sensors are on line.
Power levels are stable.
ls the astrometric database still intact?
Display the scans we made of this region
before the temporal shock wave hit.
Spatial grid 005.
The Krenim lmperium-- over 200 star systems,
900 planets,
thousands of warp- capable vessels and now...
after the shock wave, everything seems to have changed.
Run a new scan.
Spatial grid 005.
Same space, different configuration.
Exactly as Chakotay said.
The lmperium appears to have been reduced
to a few planets, and a smattering of vessels.
lt appears that someone...
or something has altered history.
But why weren't we affected?
Perhaps we were protected from the changes
by our temporal shielding.
So, the question remains:
What caused that shock wave in the first place?
See if you can track it back to its origin.
The shock wave emanated from a planet 20 light- years away.
The Garenor homeworld.
The Garenor?
We passed their planet three weeks ago.
The planet is no longer populated.
Astrometric data indicate
that the instant the shock wave appeared,
the Garenor species vanished.
Erased from history.
l'm no authority on time travel.
ln fact, l've made it my goal in life to avoid it, but...
this sounds to me like a causality paradox.
Think about it.
A temporal shock wave eliminates a single species
and all of history changes as a result.
An intriguing theory.
Perhaps the Krenim are responsible.
They do possess temporal technology.
But why would they alter history to undermine themselves?
No, we're still missing a big piece of the puzzle.
Run another scan of the...
Scanning the vessel.
Their defensive shielding
is generating a level- 9 temporal disruption.
Collect samples--
two life- forms, ten square meters of the hull.
Yes, sir.
Disable their shielding.
Prepare to initiate a temporal incursion.
That entire vessel's in a state of temporal flux.
lt's like they exist outside space- time.
They're scanning us.
Get a lock on them!
l'm trying, but l can't isolate their signals.
We are being hailed.
On screen.
State your identity.
l'm Captain Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager.
Who are you, and where are my men?
l am Annorax of the Krenim lmperium.
We've transferred your crewmen to my vessel
for further analysis.
Your ship does not come from this Quadrant.
We come from Earth-- a planet 65, 000 light- years from here.
We're on our way home.
l see.
We've been observing some rather...
unusual events in the region.
lt seems your lmperium...
never existed.
Perhaps you could shed some light on this.
That doesn't concern you.
What is important is that you understand
that l bear you no hostility...
but you have diverted me from my mission.
Your mission?
You're responsible for the changes in the timeline.
You're a long way from your world.
ln a manner of speaking, so am l.
Unfortunately, only one of us can go home again.
Your sacrifice will restore the lives
of countless millions.
l'm sorry.
l'm reading a massive energy buildup--
some kind of weapon.
Temporal shields are weakening.
Captain, that energy beam--
it's pushing Voyager out of the space- time continuum.
He's trying to erase us from history.
l have scanned their propulsion system.
Their vessel's mass prevents them from exceeding warp 6.
We can escape.
Captain, l must remind you,
our structural integrity is still impaired.
lf we go to warp now,
the damage to Voyager will be extreme.
What about Tom and Chakotay?
We'll have to come back for them.
All hands clear the outer sections
and prepare for wide- scale breaches.
Tuvok, activate the transverse bulkheads.
Temporal shields are failing.
Engage warp 7.
They're not in pursuit.
We are losing the outer hull.
Transverse bulkheads are holding.
Each of you has done your best,
but determination alone
isn't going to hold this ship together.
lt's time we faced reality.
We've lost nine decks.
More than half the ship has been destroyed.
Life support is nearly gone.
Voyager can no longer sustain its crew.
l promised myself that l would never give this order,
that l would never break up this family,
but asking you to stay...
would be asking you to die.
You will proceed
to the escape pods, and evacuate this vessel.
Set your course for the Alpha Quadrant.
Along the way, try to find allies.
Secure faster ships if you can.
Anything to get home.
The senior staff and l
will remain on board as long as possible.
We will try, somehow, to rescue Tom and Chakotay.
The escape pods are equipped with subspace beacons.
That's how we'll keep track of you.
When we find each other again--
and we will...
we will find each other again--
l expect all of you to be in one piece
with some interesting stories to tell.
Good luck.

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