This is... the USS Voyager.
lf you are receiving this message... carefully.
We have...
This is Starfleet...
...receiving this message...
This is Starfleet Command...
...this message, study... carefully.
We have...
What happened?
l'm not sure.
The transmission just... stopped.
Locate the source.
See if you can get it back.
lt looks like...
Captain, the transmission was sent
along the same network of alien relay stations
we used to send the Doctor to the Alpha Quadrant.
Starfleet Command must be using them just like we did.
Harry, can you clear the interference
from that message?
Yes, ma'am.
They said they wouldn't stop
until they found a way to get us home.
Nonetheless, we can't assume they've been able
to devise a plan this quickly.
They're communicating with us.
That's a big step.
Okay, l've reprocessed everything we received.
l've cleared out most of the interference.
Here it is.
This is Starfleet Command to the USS Voyager.
lf you are receiving this message,
please study it carefully.
We have information...
That's all we got.
lt looks like the bulk of the transmission
is lodged in one of the relay stations.
Can you tell which one?
lt's about 3. 8 light- years from us
on a heading of 27 4 mark 13.
Set a course, Tom.
Last time we used one of those stations,
the people who built it weren't too happy.
We'll deal with that if we have to,
but l'm not going to lose this opportunity.
We're going to find out what the rest of that message says.
This is...Command to the USS Voyager.
lf you are
receiving this message, please study it carefully...
Who sent this message?
Unknown. lt comes from across the galaxy.
Locate the ship receiving it.
lt's on a course to one of our modules.
Maybe they've figured out a way to get us home.
How could they get us home from 60, 000 light- years away?
Who knows what technological advances
Starfleet has come up with since we've been gone?
They might have developed
a whole new way of traveling through space.
Since it was technology that brought us
to the Delta Quadrant in the first place,
it's a reasonable assumption
technology could bring us back again.
Starfleet found a stable wormhole
to the Gamma Quadrant.
Maybe they've discovered one that leads here.
This kind of speculation can be intriguing, but be careful
about setting yourselves up to be disappointed.
l'm just happy my folks know l'm alive.
l imagine there were quite a few celebrations
when people got the news.
Probably, but l can see
where it might make things more difficult for some.
l'd guess a lot of people had given up on us--
done their mourning, gone on with their lives--
found some kind of resolution.
Now they get word that we're alive,
but so far away that we might as well be dead.
Some people might feel that way, but not my mom and dad.
At the very least, we know the relay stations extend
almost all the way to the Alpha Quadrant.
lf Starfleet has found a way to use them to transmit messages,
we'll be able to stay in constant contact
with people at home.
That has to be comforting.
Sure it is, but l think it's more comforting
to think that Starfleet is going to get us home.
lf no one objects, that's what l'm going to do.
You were supposed to report
to Sick Bay this morning for your weekly checkup.
Where have you been?
Here, doing my job.
And just what is this pressing task?
l'm trying to retrieve more of the message
transmitted from Starfleet Command.
Hmm. Your devotion to duty is admirable,
but you must remember that your implants
have to be monitored regularly.
l'm fine.
No, you're not.
l'm detecting reduced levels of erythrocytes in your blood.
How long has it been since you regenerated?
58 hours.
Well, that explains it.
We've discussed this before, Seven.
You must regenerate in your alcove
for at least three hours a day.
l have gone as long as 200 hours
without regenerating.
That was when you were a Borg.
You seem to forget you're a good deal more human now.
l assure you, l have not forgotten.
Another one.
l beg your pardon?
l've retrieved another word of text.
That makes six.
Six words in 58 hours?
Wouldn't it be more efficient just to wait
until we arrive at the relay station?
This message is important to the Captain.
l'm aware of that.
ln fact, if it weren't for me, this transmission
wouldn't have been possible in the first place.
l was the one who risked my matrix
in order to go to the Alpha Quadrant.
lf we ever get home,
l expect l'll become quite the hero.
"Emergency Medical Hologram instrumental
in the return of Voyager crew."
Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
On the other hand, it is entirely possible
that your program will be deleted
and you'll be upgraded to conform
to the most recent standards.
l've accomplished things no EMH ever has.
ln fact, most likely l'll become
an object of intense study and discussion--
possibly even veneration.
What's that?
We're encountering some kind of gravimetric forces.
Looks like it's coming
from the relay station we're heading for.
That station is still two light- years away.
How could it project a gravimetric field this far?
lt would have to have
an incredibly powerful energy source.
l've compensated for the disturbance.
We should be all right--
at least until we get closer.
l'm detecting a ship, Captain.
800, 000 kilometers off the port bow.
On screen.
lt's adrift.
No propulsion systems, no weapons, no life support.
l'm picking up one male humanoid aboard.
He's dead.
As soon as we're close enough, beam the body to Sick Bay.
l want to know how he died.
What's happened to him?
He appears to have suffered a complete osteotomy.
He's been gutted.
Apparently, some kind of surgical procedure was used
to remove the entire skeleton,
as well as the musculature, the ligaments and tendons,
and the internal organs.
How long ago did this happen?
lt's difficult to say.
Somewhere between a week and a month.
l've seen this before.
The Borg encountered a small ship of Species 517 4.
They were also destroyed in this fashion.
Did you ever determine who did it and why?
No, it was irrelevant.
Return the body to his ship.
His people may be able to retrieve him.
Very well.
When we get closer to the station,
we can use the data processors in Astrometrics
to download the message.
Yes, Captain.
Captain's Log, Stardate 51501. 4.
After two days at high warp,
we're close enough to the relay station
to see it on long- range visual sensors.
Not exactly what l expected.
lt looks ancient.
Radiometric decay ratios indicate
it's at least 100, 000 years old.
Scan for life- forms.
Negative, sir.
Looks like there's nobody home.
Well, that's good news.
Here we go again.
The gravimetric field.
Commander, if my sensors
are right, that station is using
a quantum singularity as a power source.
A black hole?
lt's a tiny one, probably about a centimeter in diameter,
but it's putting out almost four terawatts of energy.
Then someone has managed to contain a singularity,
construct a space station around it and tap its power.
That's fascinating.
Can we take this ship any closer?
l wouldn't recommend it.
Voyager would take a beating from the gravimetric eddies.
All right, Tom, back us off.
Aye, sir.
Bridge to Janeway.
Go ahead.
We're as close as we're going to be able to get.
Okay. We'll see if we can download the message from here.
The datastream degraded during transmission.
Elements have been dislocated, rearranged.
lt's going to require some time to decompress the message
and rearrange it in the proper sequence.
Don't worry about the sequence.
Get it out in bits and pieces if you have to.
We can put it together later.
l've accessed a block of data.
l'm downloading the text.
"How much we miss you...
"We talk about you often...
wondering about"
lt sounds awfully personal from Starfleet Command.
"The children have grown so much you wouldn't..."
These are letters.
These are letters from home.
You'll be the official mail carrier, Neelix.
We'll get you the letters
as quickly as we can download them.
A task l'm happy to perform, Captain.
l can tell you, l've never seen the crew this excited.
This is as close as they've come
to their families in almost four years.
l promise to treat these like gemstones.
By the time you've delivered them,
we should have more.
l've discovered something odd.
There seems to be more here than just letters.
What do you mean?
There's a latent datastream buried under the message.
lt's heavily encrypted.
lt appears to contain
a large block of text and what may be maps.
Can you retrieve any of it?
Not immediately.
When more of the letters have been cleared out,
l should be able to access the coded message.
Well...l might just hope that it contains a plan
for bringing us back to the Alpha Quadrant.
l'm curious, Seven.
What do you think about all this?
Messages, the possibility of getting home?
lt lacks any emotional resonance for me.
l've never even been to Earth.
You realize you may have family there.
That had not occurred to me.
You could have cousins, grandparents...
There might be more emotional resonance than you think.
l am happy to announce
that l have the first letters from home.
Who are they for, Neelix?
Uh, this one is addressed to Commander Chakotay.
Who's it from, Commander?
An old friend...
the person who recruited me into the Maquis.
Maybe l'll read this in private.
Tom, you have the Bridge.
Neelix, wait a minute.
Aren't there any more?
No. No more for the Bridge crew.
Not yet.
Be patient.
Come in.
Good news, Mr. Vulcan.
This one's for you.
Thank you, Mr. Neelix.
You can put it on the desk.
Was there something more?
Aren't you going to read it?
Of course.
l- l mean, aren't you going to read it now?
l'm finishing my weekly tactical review.
When it's completed l'll read the message.
You're going to wait
until you've finished the tactical review?
Do you have any reason to believe
the content of the message will change during that time?
Well, that's not the point.
lt's a letter from your family.
Don't you want to know what it says?
l fully intend to find out what it says.
lt has some important news.
You mean you've read it?
Well, only the first few lines.
When l was seeing who it was addressed to,
l...l couldn't help it.
l- l...would you like me to read it to you?
Very well.
"My husband, we have been given the news
"that you are alive.
"Your children and l
"have asked the priests at the Temple of Aymonk
to say prayers for your safe return."
That's very sweet.
The Temple of Amonak--
one of the most sacred on Vulcan.
Amonak. Of course.
"The most significant news
"is the fact that your first son, Sek,
"has gone through the Pon farr.
"He mated and has become a father.
"You are now the grandfather of a healthy female
who they have named T'Meni, after your mother."
You're a grandfather!
lsn't that wonderful?
What should we call you now?
Grandpa? Gramps?
l think Commander Tuvok will suffice.
Thank you, Mr. Neelix.
l'll read the rest to myself.
Just as long as you read it right away.
No procrastinating.
Who knows what else might be in that letter?
ls that a letter to you, Captain?
Yes. Seven just downloaded it.
l'll be in my ready room.
Yes, ma'am.
Have you gotten a letter yet?
Don't expect one.
Do you remember Sveta?
Of course.
l got one from her.
Why would she be writing you?
Chakotay, what is it?
Something terrible has happened.
l read that letter for an hour before l could accept it.
Now l have to tell everyone else...
and l'm not sure how to do it.
lt's over, B'Elanna.
There are no more Maquis.
What are you saying?
There are thousands of us.
All wiped out.
lt seems the Cardassians have an ally...
a species from the Gamma Quadrant
who supplied them with ships and weapons.
Everyone except us is dead?
Just about.
Sveta and a few lucky ones are in prison.
Don't! Don't try to console me.
l don't want to be comforted.
Those were our friends...
good people willing to put their lives on the line
for something they believed in
and now you're telling me that they are gone...
that they are slaughtered.
Those are the risks we all took.
We knew where it could lead.
lt's not right and you know it.
l will make someone pay, l swear l will.
lf we ever get back.
Tom...l heard there are
at least 30 more letters that have been downloaded.
Oh, yeah?
Neelix is supposed to be on his way here now.
What do you suppose this is, anyway?
What what is?
This mystery dish.
lt tastes vaguely like chicken,
but it has the consistency of corn husks.
ls that all you can think about--
what you're eating?
Well, l don't like guessing at what l put in my stomach.
Tom...we're getting letters from home.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
Not particularly.
l don't believe you.
You know, it's really not that bad.
Here he comes.
Good news.
Seven has been able to download some more letters.
This one is for Susan Nicoletti.
- ls she here? - Oh, yes.
Right here.
Thank you.
Ah, Kyoto.
Thank you.
- Dorado. - l'm here.
There's not going to be one for me.
He's not done yet. Hang on.
And finally...
l'm sorry if your name
hasn't come up, but Seven is still working.
Neelix, l thought you had over 30 letters.
30? Where did you hear that?
That's what was going around.
Don't pay any attention to rumors.
Aren't you going to eat your lunch?
l'm not hungry.
You shouldn't get your hopes up, Harry.
No hopes, no disappointments.
l'm not you.
Come in.
Captain, l'm beginning to have trouble
accessing the datastream.
The longer it remains lodged in the relay station,
the more it degrades.
lf we could get near enough,
we could try to stabilize the containment field,
but l can't risk taking the ship in any closer.
A shuttle could withstand the gravimetric eddies
more easily than Voyager.
l'd like to try it.
l'd want Commander Tuvok to go with you.
For what reason?
lt isn't my custom to send an away team of one.
As you wish.
Hi. l thought Seven was working in here.
She's gone with Tuvok
to shore up the station's confinement field.
l've taken over for her.
Of course not.
Would you stop that?
l've told you, there's nothing between us.
l know there's nothing between you.
lt's purely a one- way attraction.
Very funny.
Harry, you might as well wear a big sign
that says,"l'm in love."
Everyone sees it.
Look, l'll admit that for a while...
Well, she's a very attractive woman,
but l've gotten over that.
Fine. Believe whatever you want.
lf you didn't come down here to see her,
why did you?
l wanted to know...
if l'd gotten a letter yet.
Sorry. l haven't seen anything so far.
Do you think...there's going to be one for everybody?
l'm sure that Starfleet contacted
the families and friends of everyone on this ship.
They know how important that would be.
l hope so.'ll get one.
Try to be patient.
Commander, am l correct in assuming
that Vulcans are incapable of lying?
We are capable of telling lies.
However, l have never found it prudent or necessary to do so.
You have never lied?
Only under orders from a superior officer.
Then l must ask you something.
ls it the Captain's custom
to send at least two people on an away mission?
lt's not only her custom,
it's recommended Starfleet protocol.
l see.
ls there a purpose to your question?
l am wondering if the Captain still doesn't trust me--
if she feels l require supervision.
l am not certain how the Captain regards you,
but her decision to have me accompany you
on this mission shouldn't be taken
as evidence of any particular attitude.
l believe we are close enough to emit a polaron pulse.
Bring the main deflector on line.
The variance in the containment field is now at. 29.
That should prevent further degradation of the signal.
Let me ask you a question, Seven.
ls the Captain's opinion important to you?
My understanding of the hierarchy on Voyager
is that the Captain's opinion
is important to every member of the crew.
What's happened?
We've just been scanned
by a subnucleonic beam of some kind.
The navigational sensors have been disrupted.
We must get Voyager to send out
a directional beacon to guide us back.
Tuvok to Voyager.
Voyager, please respond.
Commander, we've lost other systems as well.
We have no communications, no warp engines...
and no weapons.
l suspect this was done intentionally
by the ship that's approaching rapidly
off our port stern.
They're at 50, 000 kilometers and closing.
Our shields are losing integrity.
l'll try to get at least one phaser array back on line.
Commander, one more hit
and we'll be susceptible to a hull breach.
That ship is larger than ours.
lf we lure it closer to the station,
it will be far more vulnerable
to the gravitational eddies than we are.
A tractor beam.
We're being pulled toward the ship.
l'll try to disrupt it.
Launching a distress beacon.
Torres to the Bridge.
Go ahead.
Captain, could Lieutenant Paris come down here?
l think l've got something he'd want to see.
He's on his way.
lt's a letter for you.
lt's coming through right now.
For me?
lt's right here.
Who's it from?
l can't tell yet.
Maybe it's from the rehab colony
telling me l've violated probation.
Why are you acting like this?
l just want to know who the letter's from, okay?
We should know in a minute.
l'll be on the Bridge.
What, you're not going to wait?
l'm on duty.
Voyager is hanging in space.
There's not a lot to do at the helm.
l just thought that l should be at my post.
You may be able to fool someone else with that ploy,
but you're talking to me, Tom.
Just download the letter, okay?
A little more has come in.
lt's from Starfleet. Admiral Owen.
Do you know him?
Admiral Owen Paris.
That's my father.
That's wonderful.
Yeah, maybe.
l...l don't know exactly why, but...
the more everybody gets excited about these letters from home,
the more l don't want any part of it.
Maybe because...
what l have on Voyager...
is so much better than anything l ever had back there.
l just don't want the reminder.
You're not the same person you were four years ago.
What makes you think he is?
No. You don't know him.
At least give him a chance.
He's obviously reaching out.
When he forms an opinion about something,
nothing can change his mind.
Excuse me if l can't feel terribly sorry for you.
l learned this morning that a lot of my friends are dead
and l've gone from being so angry
that l wanted to kill someone...
to crying for an hour.
And now l'm just trying to...
to accept it and move on.
B'Elanna...that's awful.
Oh, l am so sorry.
And here l am going on about something
that doesn't even matter anymore.
No, no. l'm sorry.
lt obviously does.
You care what he thinks about you.
Yeah, l guess l still do.
l'll let you know when l get the whole letter.
Come in.
Looks like Tuvok and Seven pulled it off.
The containment field has stabilized quite a bit.
B'Elanna says she's downloading the letters
much more easily now.
That's good news.
They don't have the shuttle on sensors yet,
but they should be back soon.
l've learned a few interesting things
about that relay station.
lt's generating as much energy
every minute as a typical star puts out in a year.
What's amazing to me
is that someone 100, 000 years ago
was harvesting microsingularities.
lf nobody shows up to protest,
l'd like to stay here for a while--
try to find the answers to some of these questions.
This is the kind of archeological puzzle
that's always fascinated me.
Want a cup?
No, thanks.
You haven't mentioned your letter.
Who was it from?
lt was from Mark...
the man l was engaged to.
He told me about the litter of puppies
my dog had-- how he found homes for them,
how devastated he was when Voyager was lost...
how he held out hopes we were alive
longer than most people did...
until he realized that he was clinging to a fantasy.
So he began living his life again--
meeting people, letting go of the past.
About four months ago,
he married a woman who works with him.
He's very happy.
And how do you feel about that?
Well, l knew he'd eventually move on with his life...
but there was such a finality to that letter.
Kim to the Captain.
Can you come to the Bridge?
What is it?
We picked up
an automated distress signal from Tuvok's shuttle.
Sensors show there's no one on board.
Seven of Nine.
Where are we?
l assume we're on the alien ship.
This is most uncomfortable.
Have you seen anyone?
lf we can reach one of those blades,
perhaps we can cut through these bindings.
You were pathetic prey.
Easily taken.
The hunt was not satisfying.
l want information.
Why do you violate our property?
l could snap your puny neck with one twist.
Hardly worth taking.
Answer me.
Why do you use our modules?
We're trying to retrieve
important messages from our home.
Return us to our ship and we'll be on our way
without trespassing again.
l took you in a fair hunt.
l claim the relics of the chase.
Are the others on your ship
able to put up more of a fight than you?
You will find our Captain a formidable opponent
and our ship heavily armed.
Good. Strong prey makes for a better hunt.
Release us now and you'll be safe.
Otherwise, we will destroy you.
Pitiful relics.
They are the first of their kind.
l will be envied.
l've located their ship.
lt's 4, 000 ketrics from the module.
We'll be there within the hour.
Go to stalking mode.
Why do you hesitate?
The rest of the group is on its way.
l wanted to claim this prey for myself.
We may not be able to take them alone.
We need the strength of the others.
l won't share prey with the others.
These two must be the only relics!
Prepare them!
lt's tricky to scan through the interference,
but l think l'm detecting a ship.
What kind of ship?
Let me reconfigure the sensor array.
lt's Hirogen
and Tuvok and Seven are on it.
Hail them.
On screen.
l'm Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager.
You have two of my crew on board.
Disconnect your link to our module
and leave this space.
Not without my people.
They are my relics.
l'm prepared to offer you something
for their safe return.
Surely we can come to an agreement.
lf the rest of my group arrives, you will be taken as well.
l'm giving you a chance to run.
We don't run.
Captain, l've got three more ships on sensors
coming toward us at high warp.
Don't be foolish.
Leave now and save yourselves.
Give me my people and we'll do just that.
They're mine!
Then get ready for a fight.
Red Alert.
Are they prepared?
Yes. But now is not the time for it.
We should wait until the others arrive
and take the ship.
l want to make the first kill.
You will verify it.
lf there is a battle, we must join it.
The others can wage the battle.
Perhaps you are more interested in collecting relics.
Perhaps your judgment is clouded.
Don't question me again.
We do it now.
l suggest you think carefully about your decision.
lf you kill us, our Captain will hunt you down and show no mercy.
l'm not concerned.
Lower the harness.
A long, coiled intestine--
an interesting trophy.
What possible use could you make of my intestines?
Unusual relics are prized.
Yours will make me envied by men and pursued by women.
You are a crude species.
Only your size makes you formidable.
Your insults are as pitiful as your efforts to escape.
This one first.
l want the female to witness what will happen to her.
Their bone structure
makes cutting through the back difficult.
This will take time.
Bridge to Torres.
Torres here, Captain.
How much longer?
l'm getting it out piece by piece.
At least another half hour.
How are you coming?
That ship has some kind of monotanium armor plating.
lt's scattering the targeting beam.
The other three ships are closing.
They're within 6, 000 kilometers.
Captain, those ships have massive weapons.
They've definitely got us outgunned.
Harry, let me see those ships
in relation to the relay station.
Yes, ma'am.
Maybe we can use that quantum singularity to our advantage.
lf we can boost the effect of the singularity--
increase the gravitational pull,
we might be able to stop them.
The pull would increase if we could weaken
the station's containment field.
An antithoron burst might do it.
lf we're not careful, we might be pulled in as well.
Don't worry.
We're going to be ready for it.
Harry, create a low- level warp field around Voyager--
sublight energy level.
That should help counteract the gravitational pull.
lf the field is too strong,
we won't be able to beam Tuvok and Seven aboard.
Then you'll have to find the right balance,
won't you, Harry?
Yes, ma'am.
On my mark,
direct a level- 8 antithoron burst toward the station.
Have thrusters ready for full reverse, Mr. Paris.
l've established a low- level warp field, Captain.
Antithoron system is on line.
l'm ready with thrusters.
Do it.
lt's working.
Try the transporter lock again, Harry.
Stabilize the ship!
l can't. The gravity well is pulling us in!
That vessel is weakening the module's containment field.
Ready weapons.
Signal the others to attack.
Torres to the Bridge.
Janeway here.
The antithoron burst collapsed the signal.
l've gotten as much of the message as l'm going to get.
Hail those ships.
Channel open.
This is Captain Janeway.
Agree to retreat, and we'll restore the containment field.
Captain, they're firing!
Their weapons are destabilizing the containment field!
This is Janeway. Stop firing.
You're putting yourselves in grave dan...
The field is going!
The singularity is about to be exposed!
Captain, the ship with Tuvok and Seven
is still being pulled in.
Get a tractor beam on it.
l have Tuvok and Seven targeted,
but if we try to transport them now,
the gravity well could scatter their patterns.
The tractor beam is weakening.
We're going to lose them!
Harry, we have to risk it.
Activating the transporter.
Full reverse! lncrease power to the engines!
No response.
Do you have them?
Not yet.
Their patterns are distorting.
Narrow the annular confinement beam.
Tractor beam's almost gone, Captain.
We're losing this tug- of- war.
Reroute all secondary power to the tractor emitters.
The tractor beam collapsed.
That ship is headed into the black hole.
l'm realigning the pattern buffer.
l've got one more shot at it.
l got them! They're in Transporter Room 2.
l need more power!
We're being pulled in!
Transfer all available power to the engines.
lt's not enough!
Shut down life support.
Structural integrity is failing.
The hull is starting to buckle.
We're going in!
Open the antimatter injectors to 120 percent.
Captain, that could breach the core.
So will that black hole. Now, just do it.
Yes, ma'am.
We're free.
Resume course.
l'll be in Astrometrics.
Captain, look at this.
The energy released from the singularity
created a massive discharge along the relay network.
lt disabled every one of the stations.
How much of the message were you able to get?
l got most of the encrypted Starfleet text
and a few more personal letters.
How soon can we see what Starfleet had to say?
Oh, it'll take some time to decode.
Harry should probably work on it.
Well, if you'll excuse me, l have a few letters to deliver.
Neelix can do that.
No need.
Anyway, there's one that l want to do personally.
Good news, Harry.
l got this at the last minute.
lt's from my folks.
l'm sorry, Tom.
l wasn't able to download yours in time.
Just when l was getting eager to read it.
You could assume that he said he loves you...
and that he's proud of you.
l think l will.
Captain's Log, supplemental.
Seven of Nine and Commander Tuvok
suffered no serious physical damage
after their encounter on the alien ship.
l've been eager to hear Tuvok's impressions
of the species who took them hostage.
l learned very little about them,
but l believe we should consider them extremely dangerous.
They seem to lack any moral center.
Do you know why the relay network
was so important to them?
No. l assume they used it for communications, as we did.
Well, they won't be using it anymore.
They won't be pleased about that, Captain.
l doubt we've seen the last of them.
Come in.
lf you'll excuse me.
Repair teams have inspected the ship from stem to stern.
Except for some maintenance that's needed on the warp coils,
everything seems fine.
l suppose so.
Want some coffee?
Cream and sugar?
Two sugars.
Oh...two sugars?
You know, you drink too much of that stuff.
lf l'm not mistaken,
that's your third cup this morning.
Fourth. And on a day like today,
it won't be my last.
Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised.
lt's gotten me through the worst
of the last three years.
l beat the Borg with it.
Oh, l'm sure Voyager will be fine.
But l'm worried that the crew might be a different story.
l think they were hoping mail call
would become a regular part of their day.
Neelix is putting together an impromptu party.
He thought it might cheer them up.
Good idea. When will it be?
As soon as he can get people together.
Leave it to Neelix to come up
with the right idea at the right time.
How are you doing?
Me? l'm fine.
You'd say that if you just had
your legs torn off by a Trayken beast.
Look what you've been through in the last few days.
We finally make a connection with home
and then it's ripped away from us.
We manage to make another enemy
who's going to try and hunt us down
and destroy us, and on top of that...
lt's all right. You can say it.
On top of all that, l got a"Dear John" letter.
lt wasn't really a surprise.
l guess l didn't really expect him to wait for me
considering the circumstances.
But it made me realize that l was using him
as a safety net, you know--
as a way to avoid becoming involved with someone else.
You don't have that safety net anymore.
That's right.
But then again, my life is far from uneventful
here in the Delta Quadrant.
lt's not like l would have had a chance
to pursue a relationship,
even if l had realized l was alone.
You're hardly alone.
And to my way of thinking, there's still plenty of time.
Plenty of time.
Neelix to the ready room. The party's about to begin
and there are only two people missing.
We're on our way.

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