l found 27 voles in his storeroom.
Vole infestations are common on this station. Ask Chief O'Brien.
He and Morn were painting numbers on the voles' backs.
We were just...
counting them to see how many we'd caught.
- You were preparing a vole fight. - A vole fight?
l'm appalled. Do you really think that was what Morn was up to?
l want the voles confiscated and removed from the station.
You can't confiscate Morn's voles. They're like his pets.
l'll see if l can get him some goldfish.
Now gentlemen, if you'll excuse me, it's late.
Poor Morn. This is going to break his hearts.
Ops is yours, Lieutenant.
Going somewhere, Chief?
Sir, l need to talk to you.
- lt's kind of private. - We were just leaving.
Come on, let's go break the news to Morn.
- Do you want to talk in my office? - Actually, let's go to my place.
- Commander! - Stand down.
Get on the transporter pad. Move!
Computer, energise on my command.
Where are we?
You could say we just stepped through the looking glass.
Sit down. Make yourself comfortable.
Right now l'm not feeling very comfortable.
There. That's better.
- Nice move. - Glad you liked it.
lt doesn't change anything.
You can't go home because l won't reconfigure the transporter.
You must have a lot of questions.
Not as many as you think.
- You know where we are? - lf l had to guess,
l'd say this is the parallel universe we visited a year ago.
Ah. You're quick. Just like our Sisko.
That saves me giving you a history lesson.
But l'd better update you on current events.
Since your officers left,
we've rebelled against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
- We're fighting for our lives. - l wish you luck.
But what has that got to do with me?
Everything. You were the leader of the Terran Rebellion.
- At least, our Benjamin Sisko was. - Was?
Captain Sisko's dead.
The Cardassians blew up his ship.
So you want me to take his place.
Like l said, you're quick.
l've got a better idea. You're going to send me home with the transporter pad.
Wait. Hear me out.
l'm not asking for a lifetime commitment.
All l need is for you to finish Sisko's mission.
You'll have to find someone else. l don't belong here.
l won't interfere with this universe.
At least let me tell you about the mission.
Then if you decide not to help, l'll send you home.
There's a Terran scientist working for the Alliance.
Our sources say she's completing a new transpectral sensor array
that will allow the Alliance to locate us in the Badlands.
Without a place to hide, the Alliance can track us down and kill us all.
So you want me to prevent this scientist from finishing her project?
Sisko was sure he could change her mind, get her to work for us.
- How did he plan to do that? - She was his wife.
You know her?
She was my wife too. But in my universe, she's dead.
Not here she isn't. Not yet, anyway.
What do you mean ''not yet''?
Unless you can persuade Professor Sisko to join our cause,
- we'll have no choice but to kill her. - Kill her?
We can't let her finish the sensor array.
lt'd mean the end of the rebellion.
l can't let her die.
Not again.
You're the only one who can save her.
And so are you.
Mr Garak said you wanted to see me.
Join us.
lf you're wondering when the sensor array will be finished, the answer is...
As soon as possible, l know.
Will that be all? l have to get back to work.
l have news of your husband.
Nothing you could tell me about Ben would interest me.
- l haven't even seen him in five years. - l know that.
And l hope that will make this easier for you.
You see...
Benjamin is dead.
Can l go now?
You must have loved him very much to be so angry with him.
To have become so cold.
- Were other Terrans killed with him? - A whole ship full.
All this killing has to stop.
And it will. As soon as you complete your transpectral sensors,
we'll be able to locate the rebel bases,
disarm them and put an end to all this bloodshed.
And l will be able to resume pressing the Alliance
to become more reasonable to its Terran population.
You do believe me, don't you?
l get Jennifer away from the Alliance, then you send me home.
You get us Jennifer and you can have anything you want.
Convince her to leave Terok Nor.
Why is she helping the Alliance?
Didn't she know Sisko was leading the rebellion?
She knew all right.
She and Captain Sisko didn't get along too well.
The captain didn't get along with anyone.
ln some ways, the rebellion's better off without him.
The captain knew how to fight, but that's about all he knew.
- Ready? - You don't look very confident, Chief.
Call me Smiley. That's what the Captain called me.
All right, Smiley.
l wish we had more time to get you ready.
l haven't told you half of what you need to know.
l hope you don't get too many surprises.
lf l do, l guess l'll just have to...
l told Sisko he'd never get close to Terok Nor, and l was right.
l say we teach the Alliance a lesson.
Throw all we have at Terok Nor and rip it to pieces.
l disagree.
Following your suggestion wouldn't help and would result in a loss of life.
Easy to say. Those Cardassian pigs didn't kill your brother.
We've all suffered losses.
Logic dictates caution in the face of a superior enemy.
Logic won't win us our freedom. We have to take action.
And we will.
- But this time we do it my way. - What do you propose we do?
We smuggle explosives on the station, plant them there and detonate them.
lt's unlikely that anyone assigned to such a mission would survive.
l say it's worth the risk.
Does that mean you're volunteering for the job?
- Captain, you're alive. - Of course.
You can't kill the Captain. He's too ornery.
l hope that doesn't disappoint anyone.
We're glad you're all right.
l'm sure you are.
We heard your fighter was destroyed. The Alliance said you were dead.
Just their propaganda machine working overtime.
But you know what all that tells me?
They're scared.
And we're going to give them plenty of reasons to stay scared.
Well, well, well, it's about time you came back.
That's to let you know l missed you.
And that's for letting me think you were dead.
- Glad to see you still care. - You coming or not?
- l thought you told me l was married. - You are...technically.
- She's your mistress. - l see what you meant by surprises.
l'm really glad you're alive.
And l'm going to make you glad you're alive.
We have a lot of planning to do.
lt can wait.
l suppose it can at that.
These reports are unacceptable.
Productivity in the Ore Processing Centre is down. You've got to do better.
Are you trying to make me look bad to Sector Command?
Not at all. l've done all l could to motivate the workers.
- Such as? - Bribes...torture...
l've authorised the overseers to execute those not meeting the quota.
l'm sure that pleases them, but it's not getting the job done. Follow me.
Let's start with... Him, him, and her.
- And do what? - Execute them.
Random and unprovoked executions will keep them alert and motivated.
l bow to your brilliance.
Go. You too.
Though l hope your mood improves before we run out of workers.
What does my mood have to do with anything?
lf you don't mind my saying, l have noticed your ill humour lately.
l don't know what you're talking about.
lt began about the time you learned of Captain Sisko's death.
Why would l be upset by such delightful news?
l was under the impression that you were rather fond of him.
- Then you were mistaken. - l will say this for him.
He did have spirit.
Too much spirit can be a dangerous thing.
lt tends to infect others.
That's something we won't have to worry about at least.
With Sisko's death and the completion of the sensor array,
the rebellion is certain to collapse.
- You seem very sure of yourself. - l am.
l'll remember that. lf the rebellion continues, l'll know who to blame.
Are you sure these patrol patterns are accurate?
You tell me. You gathered the information.
- That's right. - Are you OK? You seem distracted.
- Just thinking. - l've been thinking too.
We've been fighting against the Alliance for almost a year now.
And what has it gotten us?
We were better off collecting tributes for the lntendant.
- Those days are gone. - Maybe, but l'm tired of living like this.
The rebellion's a lost cause and we both know it.
Don't you want to free the Terrans?
Have you taken a look at your troops?
They're ex-slaves with delusions of grandeur.
They'll never overthrow the Alliance.
Let's get a ship and go. Forget all about the rebellion.
l'm not ready to give up just yet.
You won't have much choice.
Once that witch you married finishes the sensor array,
Alliance ships will be all over these Badlands. We'll have no place to hide.
Then l guess we have to make sure she doesn't finish.
Trying to reach Terok Nor using small fighters didn't work.
But we need to get Jennifer off that station and soon.
We've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Mr Bashir is not convinced that you can persuade her to join our cause.
l can be very persuasive.
l don't even know why we're bothering to discuss this.
Your ship was destroyed before you even got close to Terok Nor.
Hit him. That's what the Captain would do. Go on, hit him.
Let's face it, Captain, the woman hates you.
What my wife thinks of me is none of your concern.
Anyone else want to disagree with the Captain?
Put it away, Dax. Go on, put it away.
No one is questioning your authority, Captain.
But we have to stop her before she finishes the sensor array.
And there's only one way to do that.
- We have to kill her. - You've been saying that all along.
Well, maybe it's time he listened.
Killing her would be a lot easier than rescuing her.
Easier...but not smarter.
lf she's so important to the Alliance, think how important she'd be to us.
- We could use a scientist on our side. - You tell them, Smiley.
- At least someone is using his brain. - Think about it.
Who knows what other weapons the Alliance is developing?
Professor Sisko could counteract anything they come up with.
She's valuable. We need her.
All right.
Does anyone disagree?
Good. Now let's get to work.
Tell the lntendant what you told me.
- lt's about Captain Sisko. - Sisko?
He's alive. He got off his ship before it exploded.
- l suppose it's possible. - lt's more than possible. lt's true.
But l can tell you how to get your hands on him. lf you're interested.
Don't do that.
l can't help it. lt itches.
- l hope this works. - lt'll work. Just stop scratching.
You did pretty good back there.
l don't think anyone suspected you weren't Captain Sisko.
At least not once you hit Bashir.
We both know that was just a warm up.
- Jennifer's the one l have to convince. - Seeing her won't be easy for you.
- When did your wife die? - Five years ago.
Well just remember...
Jennifer may look like her, but she's not. She's a different person.
l'll try to remember that.
Do you know what went wrong between her and Sisko?
They never should have been together in the first place.
She came from one of the few privileged Terran families,
people who cooperated with the Alliance.
The captain fought his way up from the mines.
- What's she like, this Jennifer? - l don't know.
They had separated by the time l got to know the captain.
What was your Jennifer like?
She was the kindest, most caring person l ever knew.
l wouldn't get my hopes up.
Hold on.
l'm reading a slight energy distortion in subspace.
- What are the coordinates? - lt's coming from all around us.
Captain Sisko would try to fight his way out of this.
Be glad l'm not him.
Well, if it isn't the notorious Captain Sisko
and his friend the Tinkerer.
l'm glad to see you too, lntendant.
- Still the same old Benjamin. - You wouldn't have it any other way.
- Perhaps, but l'm still going to kill you. - Maybe, but not right away.
- You flatter yourself. - Not unjustly, l hope.
lntendant, let me teach him some manners.
All in good time.
But first...
Whatever shall we do about O'Brien?
l remember the first time l saw you. You were fixing something.
You were always fixing things, making things better.
And everyone loved you for it. Even me.
But that wasn't enough, was it?
You couldn't be happy here.
You had to lash out and betray everyone who was ever good to you.
- l wanted to be free. - Free?
You're a Terran. You were born a slave. You'll die a slave.
Take him to ore processing. Remind him where he belongs.
- What about Sisko? - Take me to the lntendant's quarters.
She'll decide what to do with me.
- Of all the impudent... - Do as he says.
lntendant, l demand that this man be...
You promised me he'd die.
And he will...
When l say, and not a moment before.
- Shall we? - After you.
l really don't know what to do with you.
l sympathise. lt's a difficult decision.
But l'm sure you'll come up with something.
My only reason to keep you alive is to infuriate Garak.
What better reason do you need?
Well, suppose...l let you live.
- What will l get in return? - What do you want?
Your loyalty.
That's all l've ever wanted.
For you to be at my side, my strong right arm.
But l'm afraid l can never trust you again.
Which means...
that l will have to dispose of you eventually.
The question is, should it be sooner, or later?
- Do l get a vote? - Of course you do.
lt just doesn't count.
No, l've got to think about this.
You will let me know what you decide?
l wouldn't dream of keeping it a secret.
- Jennifer. - Hello, Ben.
Please leave us.
- And miss this touching reunion? - You heard her.
lf you need anyone to beat him into submission,
don't hesitate to call me.
All right. l'm here.
- Why did you want to see me? - l was hoping we could talk.
You never seemed interested in talking to me while we were married.
- l made a lot of mistakes back then. - Save the apologies, Ben.
They're not going to work.
You are, without a doubt, the most insensitive, self-absorbed, egotistical...
- You've made your point. - l doubt it.
You never listened before.
You were too busy trying to impress every woman.
- Were there really that many? - There were enough.
And if it wasn't women, it was that ship of yours.
Sometimes l think it was the only thing you ever loved.
Maybe l loved you both.
Then why did you leave me to go run and play pirate for the lntendant?
That's a good question.
Now this rebellion of yours.
Do you know how many deaths you've caused? How much destruction?
l'm fighting to help free our people.
You're fighting because you like to fight.
You've given the Alliance an excuse to treat the Terrans worse than before.
l hope that with your capture, the rebellion can be ended peacefully.
- Who said l'd been captured? - l suppose you came just to see me?
Actually, l came here to rescue you.
Rescue me? l'm not going anywhere with you.
- You can't stay here. - l have a job to finish.
- The sensor array? - That's right.
lf you finish it, you'll destroy our hope for a better future.
- l don't think you want that. - l just want to end this fighting.
To force the rebels to seek a peaceful settlement.
lt's not that simple. The Alliance isn't interested in a peaceful settlement.
- lf we lay down arms, we'll be killed. - The rebellion kills people every day.
- lt has to stop. - Not this way.
Not while the Terrans are still at the mercy of the Alliance.
- They're your own people. - Don't talk to me like that.
Since when do you care about our people?
You've never cared about anyone but yourself.
Maybe l've changed in the past few years.
How many times have l heard you say that?
l guess l was a pretty lousy husband.
You guess?
- l know it's too late for an apology. - You're right.
But for what it's worth, l'm sorry.
What is it?
For a second, l almost believed you.
You know what l wish? l wish l'd never met you.
l wish things could have been better between us.
But this isn't about us. Or is it?
Why are you working for the Alliance?
Do you believe in it or is it something else?
l don't know what you're talking about.
l think the two of us have been fighting each other so long
that you've gotten used to us being on opposite sides.
But l'm not the enemy this time. The Alliance is.
The Alliance is your enemy, not mine.
That's where you're wrong. Don't you see?
You're no different than the slaves working here.
You may even be worse off. They know they're prisoners.
- What if l am a prisoner? - You don't have to be.
Fight back. Come with me.
You want me to join the rebellion?
The way l see it... Freedom is a lot better than slavery.
Think about it.
Took him long enough.
- What are you doing? - Sending a message.
- You've a subdermal communicator? - Courtesy of the Ferengi.
Jennifer, l need an answer. Are you coming with me or not?
- Do l have a choice? - Of course you do.
You can go back to your quarters and forget we ever spoke. lt's up to you.
- All right. But let's get one thing clear. - What's that?
- l still hate you. - l know.
Terran, what are you doing?
Re-routing the central ODN processor. The lntendant's orders.
l don't recall receiving clearance for any repairs.
You don't say?
Anyone who wants to get out of here, follow me. Come on.
- Where are we going? - Airlock 7. A ship should be there.
Providing we get there before the security systems reactivate.
Get back!
- Now what? - l'll think of something.
- Good work, Smiley. - There's 30 more of them behind us.
- We'd better get to the airlock. - Come on.
Something tells me that's not part of your plan.
We'd better find another way out of here.
Got any suggestions?
Fall back.
lt was very clever having one of yours betray you so you could get aboard.
l was completely fooled. Fortunately, Mr Garak is somewhat more cynical.
Your Ferengi friend informed us of your plan...with a little persuasion.
l'm afraid there's no escape.
Your ship's locked down, your pilot's dead.
There's no way out. You might as well surrender.
- lf we surrender, she'll kill us. - Maybe us...
but not Jennifer.
What if we offer her a trade?
l stay here and she lets you live.
Benjamin, you know how l hate to be kept waiting.
l came a long way to get you out. l'm not leaving without you.
- What is it? - Nothing.
- How far is Ore Processing? - Only a couple of levels.
Time's up, Benjamin.
- He always has to make things difficult. - lt's one of his least endearing qualities.
- Smiley, seal the doors. - Sure.
lt's easy for you to say.
- l will get you out of here, l promise. - l believe you.
There's no way out of this room except through that door.
Don't worry. l know what l'm doing.
l just hope your Terok Nor had the same Cardassian designer as mine.
Are you sure they're in there? Good. Then we've got them.
Use the manual override to open the doors.
This time, l trust you won't be so lenient with Mr Sisko.
Don't worry. He has disappointed me for the last time.
l was so worried about you.
But you're safe now.
ln fact, l can assure you...
that your husband will never annoy you again.
Actually, for the first time since l've met him, he's not annoying me.
ln fact, he's making a lot of sense.
He can be very persuasive when he wants to be.
l suppose this means you won't be finishing the sensor array.
l'm a Terran.
Keep her alive. Kill the others.
l wouldn't. You'd be making a mistake.
My only mistake was not executing you in the first place.
You don't know how right you are.
l've activated the self-destruct sequence.
Unless l disarm it, this whole place will blow up in nine minutes.
That's impossible.
There's no way you could know the command access code.
Alpha 91 75 Blue.
Computer, disengage self-destruct sequence.
Authorisation Kira. Alpha 91 75 Blue.
Authorisation denied.
l changed it.
You have 8 minutes and 30 seconds to let us go.
- Otherwise we all die. - Don't listen to him. He's bluffing.
- He's not. - How do you know?
l know.
Give me the new access code, and l'll let you go.
l will give you the access code once my friends and l are safely away.
Do we have a deal?
This isn't over, Benjamin. l'll hunt you down. l swear it.
You're welcome to try.
l'm glad to see you're getting along.
We have a lot in common.
He's all yours.
Dax tells me you're leaving.
l thought l'd pay the Romulans a visit. See if l can convince them to help us.
Then l guess this is goodbye.
There's so much l want to tell you, l just don't know where to start.
Why don't you start by telling me what happened to my husband?
- He's dead, isn't he? - l'm sorry.
Don't be.
Who are you?
lt's a long story.
But ask Smiley. He can fill you in on the details.
- He seems like a good man. - He does at that.
So what are you going to do now?
l'm sure Smiley will find something to keep me busy.
You're not really going to visit the Romulans, are you?
The deal was that l get you off the station, and then l go home.
- Will l see you again? - l don't know.
Thank you for rescuing me.
lt was my pleasure.
Ready, Captain?
You'd better go.
Take me home, Smiley.

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