l just don't see the value of this man's work.
Shakespeare is one of the giants of human literature.
l knew Brutus was going to kill Caesar in the first act.
Caesar didn't get it until the knife was in his back.
That's why it's a tragedy. Caesar's best friend plotted to kill him.
Tragedy is not the word l'd use. Farce would be more appropriate.
This man is supposed to be a leader of a great empire
yet he can't see what's going on under his own nose.
- Are you in a hurry? - l've got a lot of work to do.
You're fortunate. l have too much time on my hands.
You could finish those trousers l dropped off.
Tomorrow. You're going to give yourself indigestion.
lf you hadn't been late l could have enjoyed lunch.
You always rush through meals.
You never savour your food.
lt's a human characteristic. Look over there.
That Talarian's meal is half finished but his human companion's plate is empty.
He and l can have dessert while you and the Talarian wile away the day.
lt is a very interesting sociological phenomenon, don't you think?
For generations now, humankind has had more than enough food,
yet you go about your eating
as if you were afraid someone would snatch away your plate.
Garak, why don't you eat for a while and let me talk?
Fear of starvation amid plenty...
lt points to some dark secret hidden in the human soul,
a gnawing hunger.
Perhaps someone should do a study.
Why don't you? You have plenty of time on your hands.
lf you want to have your dessert, go ahead. l won't be offended.
l'm sorry to leave while you're still eating.
- No. l'm done. - You've hardly touched it.
l've been nibbling on Delavian chocolates all morning.
- How did you get them? - l said l wouldn't tell.
But since l deprived you of dessert, l'll bring some by this afternoon.
- l'd like that. - Until then...
- Julian. - Major.
About the specifications you requested for the Yalosian Ambassador...
60% nitrogen, 10% benzene and the rest hydrogen fluoride.
We ran a test in one of the guest quarters.
The mixture is so corrosive it dissolved the carpet.
- lt's what they breathe. - We'll just have to rip out the carpet.
- Don't replace it with red or orange. - Why not?
They don't see that part of the spectrum.
- ls there anything else l should know? - As a matter of fact...
Bashir to lnfirmary. Medical emergency on the Promenade.
lt's Garak's shop.
Are you all right?
As well as can be expected.
But l'm afraid your pants won't be ready tomorrow after all.
The explosion was caused by a rupture
in the power conduit behind that wall.
What caused the rupture?
- An overload in the ODN juncture. - Huh.
l take it you don't agree.
l find it odd that a conduit
running behind Garak's shop
should just happen to overload.
You think someone ruptured it deliberately?
lt stands to reason that a man
with Garak's past would have enemies.
l'm detecting traces of nitrilin.
Nitrilin is extremely unstable.
And very rare.
lt didn't come from the power conduit.
This could be the residue
from a micro-explosive device
planted on the conduit
and rigged to cause a rupture.
Making it look like an accident.
Sisko to ops.
Go ahead, Commander.
Delay the departure of all vessels.
l have reason to believe
that someone tried to kill Mr Garak.
Who would want to kill me, a simple tailor?
A simple tailor who used to be an agent of the Obsidian Order.
Constable, you shouldn't put too much stock
in the good doctor's flights of fancy.
Are you sure this explosion wasn't an accident?
l don't know who would wish me harm.
Someone tried to kill you. Whoever it was may try again.
Give the matter some serious thought.
Let me see...
There's the Nausicaan whose wedding suit l misplaced.
And the Yridian l owe money to.
And, of course, there's always Major Kira.
- This is serious, Garak. - l'm serious. l don't think she likes me.
She doesn't. But if she wanted you dead, you would be.
You do have a point.
Could this have anything to do with the reason you were exiled?
l doubt they'd have me killed for failure to pay my taxes.
You expect us to believe that's the reason you were exiled?
Do you think l'd lie about like that? lt's not something l'm proud of.
l don't like explosions going off on my station, Garak.
lnnocent people could've been hurt. You could've been killed.
lf there's anything you know l suggest you start talking.
l've told you everything l can think of.
All right, then. l'll investigate the leads you've given us.
lf there's anyone else l should talk to, let me know.
l certainly will.
We've assigned a security detail to you. Stay close to them.
- Someone should do a study. - A study?
To try and figure out why some people won't trust anyone,
even if it's in their own best interest.
Why is it no one ever believes me, even when l'm telling the truth?
Have you ever heard the story about the boy who cried wolf?
- No. - lt's a children's story
about a shepherd boy who gets lonely while tending his flock.
So he cries out that a wolf is attacking the sheep.
The people come running, but there's no wolf.
He claims that it's run away, and the villagers praise him.
Clever lad.
A charming story.
l'm not finished.
The next day the boy does it again, and the next.
On the fourth day, a wolf really comes.
The boy cries out but the villagers ignore him.
And the boy and his flock are gobbled up.
That's a little graphic for children, wouldn't you say?
But the point is if you lie all the time,
nobody's going to believe you,
even when you're telling the truth.
Are you sure that's the point?
Of course. What else could it be?
That you should never tell the same lie twice.
- You wanted to see me? - l have bad news.
Major Kira has an airtight alibi.
You should look over the passenger manifests of ships that recently arrived.
To see if l recognise anyone who might wish me harm?
Start with the most recent arrivals and work backwards.
Don't worry about me. l can manage on my own.
l won't leave you alone so you can look through my security files.
What makes you think l haven't already looked through them?
l'm joking, of course.
Of course.
No, l'm afraid l don't recognise any of these names.
The bomb could've been planted days or weeks ago.
Keep going back just to be sure.
This could take forever.
You should have plenty of time
now that your shop is no longer open for business.
Odo, l...
l finished running the biomolecular scan you asked for.
l found traces of living tissue on the bulkhead around the blast site.
lt looks like the remains of a pheromonic sensor.
lt's triggered when a person of a particular species gets within range.
ln this case a Cardassian. Me.
They're known to be favoured by Flaxian assassins.
lt just so happens a Flaxian came aboard the station this morning.
So Mr...Retaya. Your papers indicate that you're a merchant.
l deal in fine wares, mostly fabrics and fragrances.
According to my information,
you were a suspect in the murder of Dekora Assan on Japori ll.
l was cleared on those charges. lt was a case of mistaken identity.
This is your sample case, l take it.
How fortunate.
l'm looking for a gift for a friend.
A lady friend?
Unfortunately, l don't have a sense of smell.
Perhaps you could describe this fragrance for me?
lt has a somewhat...floral bouquet.
We have a Cardassian tailor here on the station named Garak.
There was an explosion in his shop not long after you arrived.
l felt the blast. Was he hurt?
Not seriously.
That one is more musky than the first.
Tell me. Where were you when the explosion occurred?
The bar. l went there as soon as l arrived this morning.
l suppose l would have to describe that one as...spicy.
Hm. l see.
How long were you at Quark's?
The rest of the day. Right up until your deputy came and brought me here.
So. Have you found something for your lady friend?
l think she would like something
both floral and musky.
Perhaps if we mixed these two?
Why not?
Very nice.
But on the other hand, she's also quite fond of spicy things.
Maybe we could add a drop of this as well.
- l don't think they go well together. - Let's find out.
l really don't think your lady friend will like the aroma.
Much less the fact that when these are combined
they produce a mixture that can trigger a heart attack when inhaled.
- l had no idea. - Why did you stop me mixing them?
As l said, l simply didn't think your friend would like the aroma.
Unless you have any more questions, l'd like to go now.
l have deliveries to make on Cardassia.
l'll let you know when you can leave the station.
Everything is set.
The transponder is on board the Flaxian ship.
- You're sure he won't find it? - Not a chance.
l hid it inside the ship's magneton relay.
You'll be able to track him. Who do you think he'll lead you to?
lf l knew that, l wouldn't have to follow him.
l was wondering when you'd get here.
The Flaxian left two minutes ago. We'd better follow him.
What makes you think l'm going to follow him?
You're too dogged an investigator
to allow the only witness in this case to disappear.
Congratulations. Your powers of deduction are truly astonishing.
Now if you'll kindly disembark, l will get on with my dogged investigation.
l intend to go with you.
Forgive me, but are you making a joke?
Cardassian humour escapes me.
When someone tries to kill you it's no laughing matter.
Perhaps. But l don't require your company on this trip.
My presence could be helpful,
especially if the Flaxian goes into Cardassian space.
l'm not interested in debating your usefulness to...
l hate to interrupt but the Flaxian is getting away.
l assume you've placed a tracking device on his ship,
but if we don't get started soon he's going to get out of range.
Rio Grande to ops. Request permission to depart.
Permission granted.
Trust me, Constable. l can be a most pleasant travelling companion.
And this promises to be an interesting trip.
The tracking device is working perfectly.
lf l'm reading this correctly, and l'm no expert,
the Flaxian ship is about to go into warp.
it seems that our interesting trip has just been cut short.
The Flaxian ship exploded the moment its warp drive was engaged.
Was there a malfunction?
l analysed the telemetry from the transponder l planted.
Just before the explosion,
there was interference in the transponder's signal.
lt could have been caused by a forced neutrino inversion.
The Romulans. They use neutrino inverters in their explosive devices.
Why would the Romulans destroy the Flaxian's ship?
One possibility is that the Romulans hired the Flaxian to kill Garak
and then killed him when he failed.
Do you have any evidence of that?
lt's only a supposition, but it fits the available facts.
All right, Mr Garak. Do you know why the Romulans might kill you?
- l have no idea. - l'm tired of hearing that.
- How long... - He's telling the truth.
- He doesn't know why. - What makes you so sure?
lf he knew, he'd be spinning out a web of lies to cover up the truth.
The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination.
lf you want to know what they have against me,
you'll have to ask them.
l intend to. But they won't be entirely forthcoming.
Yes, we destroyed the Flaxian's ship.
l'm surprised to hear you admit it.
Why? Retaya was wanted for crimes against the Romulan Empire.
His execution was legal.
We've been told that he may have worked as an assassin.
l have nothing to corroborate that, though it wouldn't surprise me.
Shortly after he arrived, someone tried to kill a Cardassian who lives here.
That would be Mr Garak. A cobbler, l believe.
A tailor, actually.
l'll correct our records.
- That is, if he's still alive. - He is.
- ls there anything else? - One more thing.
How long had the Tal Shiar been looking for Retaya?
Nearly a year. Why?
lsn't it curious that you caught up with him here,
just hours after he attempted to kill Mr Garak?
We're grateful to have found him at all.
Now if you're finished, Commander,
l have other matters to attend to.
- You don't believe her either? - No.
But why would the Romulans want to have Garak killed?
l don't know. Considering those uniforms of theirs,
you'd think they'd appreciate a decent tailor.
So where does this leave your investigation?
At a standstill. We don't know that the Romulans hired the Flaxian.
We don't know that it was Retaya who tried to kill Garak.
All we know is that a bomb went off in Garak's shop.
All right. Then let's start with him.
What do we know about Garak?
He was exiled from Cardassia. Why, we're not sure.
He never leaves the station.
He avoids contact with other Cardassians.
And it's possible he was once an agent of the Obsidian Order.
- A very strong possibility, Commander. - Agreed.
So the attempt on his life was about the Order?
Unfortunately, he's rather uncooperative
when it comes to answering questions about his past.
And the Obsidian Order is uncooperative
when it comes to answering questions about him.
- Ordinarily, yes. - What do you mean?
l have certain resources in the Cardassian government.
l take it you don't want to elaborate on that?
l'd rather not.
But l would like the use of a runabout.
- Granted. - Thank you, sir.
Stop there.
- Where are you? - Nearby.
l've changed my appearance since last we saw each other.
l don't want you to see me.
l need some information.
- ls this about the tailor's shop? - Yes.
- l didn't do it. - l know.
l think the Romulans tried to kill Garak.
Very good, Odo.
Working for the Bajorans hasn't entirely dulled your instincts.
My question is why.
You'd have to ask the Romulans.
But l do know that you are investigating
a very insignificant piece of a much larger puzzle.
What do you mean?
There's been a great deal of unusual Romulan activity these past weeks.
Cloaked ships believed to be warbirds
have been detected near the Cardassian border.
Troop movements. Communication activity.
Sounds like they're preparing for an invasion.
lt has occurred to us. And we're ready for it if it should happen.
But it doesn't make any sense.
Does war ever make sense?
Still the wry observer of humanoid folly?
Tell me, do you still do the Cardassian neck trick?
No, l don't.
Pity. You were so good at it.
Garak isn't the only former operative in the Order
who had an unfortunate incident yesterday.
But he's the luckiest. The other five didn't survive.
Five operatives were killed yesterday?
Killed? No.
Three died from natural causes.
The other two perished in accidents.
- Quite a coincidence. - lf you believe in coincidence.
So you think the Romulans had something to do with their deaths?
There were certain indications of their involvement.
That still leaves us with the question of why.
Those are the names of the five dead operatives.
l suggest you show that to Garak,
then ask him that question.
l'll do that.
l trust you'll agree that this information satisfies my debt to you.
However, if you do learn something from your tailor
and you wish to share it with me,
l would be indebted to you again.
l'll consider it.
They're all dead?
l take it you won't mourn their passing.
Quite the contrary. Under different circumstances l'd be celebrating.
- So you did know them? - Yes.
- We were well acquainted. - ln the Obsidian Order.
We've been down this road before...
l've had enough of your dissembling.
l am not Dr Bashir and we are not sparring over lunch.
You dragged me into this investigation and you are going to cooperate.
Dragged you in? l don't know what you're...
You blew up your own shop, Garak.
l don't think l've ever seen that particular expression on your face.
- ls it surprise? - Yes, Constable, it is.
l'm surprised that you could come to this unlikely conclusion.
Drop the pretence. l knew as soon as l spoke with the Flaxian.
Assassins don't like varying their methods. He planned to poison you.
You spotted him on the station
and blew up your shop so that l'd begin an investigation.
That seems like a very elaborate way to get you involved.
lf l needed your help l could have asked.
You couldn't be sure l'd take you seriously. Or that l'd help.
Besides, l think you secretly enjoyed destroying your own shop.
- l admit it wasn't exactly tragic. - Whether or not you want to admit it,
you pulled me into this case and you're stuck with me.
Who were those men and what was your connection to them?
We were all associates of Enabran Tain.
Enabran Tain. The former head of the Obsidian Order.
He retired some years ago. He was the only head of the agency
who ever lived long enough to do so.
For some time, we were his most trusted advisors.
Why would the Romulans want you all dead?
l don't know. But Tain might.
That is unless he suffered an unfortunate accident as well.
That is a distinct possibility.
May l use your communications system?
By all means.
That's an interesting way of scrambling a signal.
l thought you might appreciate it on an aesthetic level.
Here we are.
l never thought l'd see your face again.
l need to speak to Tain. lt's urgent.
You can't. He isn't here.
- Where is he? - l don't know.
He left yesterday in a hurry. He wouldn't tell me where.
Maybe he realised someone was after him.
He's in trouble, isn't he?
You have to help him, Elim.
l know you're still bitter about what happened between you,
but you must help him, Elim.
lf you speak to him, tell him to contact me.
Promise me you'll help him.
l promise.
l'll need a runabout, Constable.
We'll need a runabout. l'm coming with you.
- l hope you know what you're doing. - So do l.
- ls there anything l can do? - Like what?
l don't know. Any unfinished business?
Actually, Doctor, there is something.
lf you go into my quarters and examine the bulkhead,
you'll notice there's a false panel.
Behind that panel is a compartment containing an isolinear rod.
lf l'm not back within 78 hours,
l want you to take that rod and eat it.
Eat it?
- You're joking. - Yes, Doctor. l am.
- Very funny. - l thought so.
The answer to your question, Doctor, is no,
there's nothing you can do for me.
Then these are for you.
Delavian chocolates. But these were for you.
l thought you might need them more.
Thank you.
- Good luck. - Hm.
We've cleared the station.
lf you'll tell me where we're going, l'll set a course.
Head for the Cardassian border.
We're going to the third planet of the Unefra system.
- That's where Tain has gone? - He has a safe-house there.
No one's supposed to know about it. Especially me.
That woman, Mila. Who is she?
She's been Tain's housekeeper and confidant for over 30 years.
She seemed almost fond of you.
ls it so hard to believe
that there's one person in the galaxy who regards me with affection?
l believe there's one. But not someone who worked for Enabran Tain.
l understand the two of you didn't part on the best of terms.
You could say that.
Tain was directly responsible for my exile from Cardassia.
- Then l don't understand... - Why l'd risk my life to help him?
l can see how that would be puzzling.
All right. You owe him something.
A logical deduction. l see why you're the constable.
But it's more than that. He means something to you.
Something personal.
Now you've moved from deduction to supposition.
You would not go to such lengths to repay a debt.
Are you trying to say that l have no sense of honour?
- That remains to be seen. - Yes.
You wouldn't risk going into Cardassian space for just anyone.
lt would have to be someone important to you.
Someone you cared about.
l think you were more than Tain's advisor.
l think you were his protégé. And he was your mentor.
Until he sent you into exile.
And yet, despite all that,
you care enough about him to risk your life for him.
Or is all that just supposition?
A very interesting analysis. Very interesting.
Particularly coming from you.
lt's been my observation that you always act from a sense of justice,
or at least what you consider justice.
There's no feeling behind what you do,
no emotion beyond a distaste for loose ends and disorder.
You don't know what it means to care about someone, do you?
People are just interesting creatures to be studied and analysed.
ls there any point to this?
Only that l find it interesting
that you ascribe feelings and motivations to me
that you know nothing about.
Or am l wrong?
Tell me, is there one person in this universe you do care for?
One person who is more than just an interesting puzzle to be solved?
ls there, Odo? Anyone?
lf there were, l certainly wouldn't tell you.
And that would be a wise decision.
l'm taking us out of warp. We're approaching the Unefra system.
What's that?
l'm detecting a subspace energy surge directly above us.
A vessel of some kind is decloaking.
lt's a Romulan warbird.
ln Cardassian space?
They've locked on with a tractor beam. l'll send out a distress signal.
l can't pull away.
- They're jamming our transmission. - Did you get through?
l don't know. l'm going to see what they want.
l think we're about to find out.
Ah, Garak. lt's good of you to come.
lt spares me the trouble of having to send someone else to kill you.
Come in, come in.
lt's been a long time, Elim.
So you're a tailor now.
ls this one of your creations?
- A minor example, yes. - l don't like the neckline.
You've always had a keen sense of fashion.
But you seem to have let it go along with your once trim figure.
Constable Odo, l've always wanted to meet you.
- l can't say the same. - Come now.
Haven't you ever been curious about me?
About my relationship with Garak or our work in the Obsidian Order?
l seldom waste time speculating about spymasters and their associates.
He's good.
He hides his true feelings almost as well as you do, Elim.
He'd have made a good operative.
l had the same thought myself. But then, those days are long gone.
At least they are for me.
You, on the other hand, seem to have left your retirement far behind.
Unless you're simply on a pleasure cruise with your pointed-eared friends.
Cunning, isn't he?
He makes a racial slur within earshot of two Romulans,
putting me in the position of either defending them,
thus giving away my allegiance to them, or letting the comment pass,
in which case he's planted a seed of discord between us.
l don't find any of this interesting.
You go to such lengths to hide your meaning that you say nothing.
When l have something to say,
you won't have any trouble understanding it.
To answer your question, no, l'm not on a pleasure cruise.
This ship is part of a fleet of Romulan and Cardassian vessels,
which will soon be travelling through the wormhole
into the Gamma Quadrant.
You're not on a mission of peaceful exploration?
Not exactly.
You're going to attack the Dominion.
You're going to stage a strike against them
before they can come into the Alpha Quadrant.
A clear and precise analysis.
Commander Sisko must find you a valuable advisor.
A daring plan.
There's someone in Central Command bold enough to take on the Dominion?
Who said anything about Central Command?
This is a joint operation between the Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar.
We've been building a fleet in the Orias system for months.
lf you attack the Dominion they'll strike back.
You'll be taking Romulus and Cardassia into a war you may not win.
l don't think they'll be striking back.
We intend to wipe out the Dominion in one single blow,
by eliminating the Founders.
Without them, the Dominion will collapse.
You seem disturbed by this, changeling. Why?
After all, didn't you turn your back on your people?
You know a great deal about me and my people.
We know everything you know,
including the location of their homeworld.
Starfleet has shared its intelligence on the Dominion with the Romulans.
And the Romulans have shared it with me.
You'll forgive me if l reduce the scope of this conversation
to something more personal.
Why was it necessary to kill me and the rest of our former colleagues
in order to embark on this excursion into the Gamma Quadrant?
Because l don't plan on going back into retirement when this is over.
l plan on going back to my old job and my old life.
You were afraid we knew things that could be used against you
so you decided to have us eliminated.
Like l used to say... always burn your bridges behind you.
You never know who might follow.
You always used to say as well that the Tal Shiar was sloppy.
You never should have relied on them to burn your bridges.
True. They should never have hired the Flaxian to blow up your shop.
Actually, l blew up my shop.
lt was a way of piquing the interest of the good constable.
You blew up your own shop?
You, my friend, are a true original.
lf you hadn't betrayed me, things would have been different.
l never betrayed you!
At least...not in my heart.
Why do you think l'm here?
l came because l thought the Romulans were trying to kill you.
l came save you.
l never thought l'd hear myself say this, Garak...
but l believe you.
- You can go. - Excuse me?
The changeling will have to stay but you're free to go.
Your runabout is in launching bay 3.
- Just like that? - Just like that.
Aren't you concerned l'll warn Central Command and Starfleet of your plans?
lt's too late. Central Command will have a war on its hands
whether it wants one or not.
And as for Starfleet...
This isn't their fight. They won't interfere.
lt's a trick, Garak.
After all this, he won't let you just walk away.
lt's not a trick. lt's a choice.
You can walk out that door, or join me.
- Join you? - That is what you've been waiting for.
To end your exile, to come back into the fold.
l'm asking you to serve Cardassia again. By my side.
You'll pardon me if l appear a little startled.
Are you saying that all is forgiven?
l can't forgive what you did...
but l can try to forget, to put it aside as if it never happened.
Do you want to go back to your shop and hem pants...
or shall we pick up where we left off?
Garak, this is the man who put you into exile,
the man who two days ago tried to have you killed.
Yes, he is.
But it doesn't matter.
l'm back.

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